Did Fukushima Daiichi Unit No. 4 catch on fire today? (VIDEO)

Published: May 4th, 2011 at 8:16 am ET


For the original report see: Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 4 On Fire

Unit No. 4 is on the far right


Live feed from May 4 at 9:00 pm in Japan shows smoke/steam rising from Unit No. 4

Still photo at 9:00 pm in Japan

Published: May 4th, 2011 at 8:16 am ET


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134 comments to Did Fukushima Daiichi Unit No. 4 catch on fire today? (VIDEO)

  • Deetu 3

    What the stone age high priests of energy don’t want the world to know:Cold Fusion


    • Bluetek 25

      Thank You Deetu, i am passing this along to others too. Really interesting…

      • Deetu 3

        you’re welcome Bluetek-have a look at the other Ytube posts about cold fusion-where’s that childish “nuke/fossil-or sit in the dark”
        mantra now?..

        • Bluetek 25


          • physicist

            Remember folks, if we are talking about cold fusion, then there must be neutrons. If your lab is producing cold fusion energy, then you better not be in the lab, or you will die. “Neutronless” cold fusion is not possible without violating basic, well-etablished nuclear physics.

            No one is suppressing anything – if we could do it, we would do it! And humanity would be so blessed if we could!

          • Deetu 3

            -And remember folks “they” crucified the original researchers and proclaimed that cold fusion simply was not possible as it violated the”laws of physics”
            The observable transmutation of elements in the reaction PROVES fusion has taken place,neutrons or not..
            AND it doesn’t take a “physicist” to observe that “they”, are working overtime in many areas to suppress ANY technology that would threaten their stranglehold on energy “production”.

          • physicist

            Yeah, I get lots of email from crackposts who just hate the idea that you can’t a) travel faster than light, b) travel in time (other than forward at the normal rate), and c) produce energy from cold fusion, vacuum fluctuations, some novel arrangement of magnets, or whatever. Or they have a theory that “everything is made of electrons” or the like.

            So, clearly, there must be a secret conspiracy of government, universities, and the oil/gas/coal/nuclear industry to suppress anything that threatens the cash cow! It’s of course all controlled by the Illuminati, the CIA, and the World Bank. And BCCI, of course. They want to kill 90% of the people on earth because then…what was the reason again?

            And/or this is all predicted in Revelation, or Nostradamus, or the Jewish Kabbala. Clearly Fukushima has 6 reactors, and the earthquake happened on 3/11/11. 3 times 11+11 = 66, and the 6 reactors makes it 666! The mark of the beast!


            Oh, and did unit 4 catch fire? No. But it could, if all the water drains out again. Like if there is another major aftershock.

          • Deetu 3

            I’m sure you do.

          • Deetu 3

            Spoken like a true “physicist”.

          • Percy

            @physicist – you can’t reason with people who don’t employ reason. The state of science education in America is such that many of our citizens do not require data or evidence to believe whatever they want to believe. If there is a lack of evidence, it only means that the evil government and scientists are keeping it from them. They do not share an interest in the scientific method by which human understanding of the world grows. Or do you have evidence Deetu3?

          • Decker

            Why would you want evidence or data when you can use a quote from the Old Testament taken out of context as a proof?

          • Deetu 3

            @Percy/”physicist”/harry”Phd”/homer et. al-
            You can’t reason with people if you don’t employ any yourself.There is not,and has never been lack of evidence.
            What there has been a lack of is a willingness to review the data. As I don’t claim to be a physicist I wouldn’t pretend to have any data on this -however there are many reputable researchers around the world who have duplicated the results of Fleischmann and Pons-work that has matured in the recent achievements of Rossi and Focardi,who are building a 1Megawatt research unit in Greece. Instead of coming on here and displaying you r spectacular hubris perhaps you should check THEIR data,unles of course you have any of your own you can point us to.? -Thought not . Dismissed.


            “You can lead a whore to culture but you can’t make her think” -Dorothy Parker.

          • Deetu 3

            @Decker-care to elaborate?

          • Deetu 3

            -or perhaps you were referring to “physicist/harry phd/percy/homer “einstien” simpsons’ psychobabble?

          • Decker

            Just wait until someone uses a quote of the Old Testament taken out of context as a meaningful “proof” of anything related to ongoing world events and you would understand. As a Christian I find that interpretation of the scriptures obscene cause they reduce the revelation to a Nostradamus-like nonsense.

          • Deetu 3

            @Decker. “Why would you want evidence or data when you can use a quote from the Old Testament taken out of context as a proof?”
            In the context of this thread(since we are discussing evidence and proof of concept) you seem to be implying that somebody has already employed such a quote.Have they?
            or perhaps you have advance knowledge that someone is GOING to:
            ” Just wait until someone uses a quote of the Old Testament taken out of context as a meaningful “proof”
            Or perhaps you meant something else altogether?

  • Heart of the Rose

    Shills and their candy-coated realities!

  • radegan

    For many weeks, millions of gallons of water have been poured on it. And it’s still smoking. Now that has to be pretty hot, so pardon me if I don’t believe it’s some smoldering office furniture.

  • Heart of the Rose

    DARPA wants to tell us a wonderful story..
    Dreamy and sweet.
    So they send in sock puppets..animated by filthy hands.

  • bobby

    Does anyone realize thats not fukashima? all the commenta think its fukishima. its not its a second plant

  • Heart of the Rose

    Someone is talking about Stuxnet.
    It’s alive and well.
    There is some indication that Stuxnet as involved with this diaster.
    It needs to be investigated.. but the sheeple still doubt it’s existance.

  • Decker

    I was watching the stream for some time, has anyone followed it before or is it the first time they stream directly a shot of the plant?

  • Heart of the Rose

    Seiman controls in Fukushima…

  • Couldn’t resist.

    And Dr. Josef Oehmen, a research scientist at MIT, said, “I repeat, there was and will *not* be any significant release of radioactivity from the damaged Japanese reactors.”

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/032147_nuclear_weather.html#ixzz1LOfobsk0

    • Bluetek 25

      Does anyone know the number and dollar amounts of government contracts which go to the Departments of Engineering at research facilities like MIT, Harvard, Univ. of Calif., etc.? It’s in the billions of dollars for research and development. Not the least bit surprised that government/university employed Nuclear scientists would talk the party line.

      • Deetu 3

        That’s what they’re there for.

      • Godzilla

        There’s no party line. What’s happening is the opposite of a conspiracy ….. there’s no one competent in charge. The world of human society is like a ship starting to founder on a reef with the captain and crew all drunk or passed out.

        Scientists in public research are generally honest (for example basic particle physics) unless it’s for the military/industrial complex (e.g. the safety of depleted uranium), if they make any intentional mistake it’s found out by their competitors and it becomes a big public humiliation. Scientists working for private corporations on the other hand, are of course beholden to their employers, and will do as they say (e.g. “steer” a research study that will indicate the safety and effectiveness of a new drug that might be neither).

        Dr Joseph Oeman, whoever he is, probably does not represent the consensus of MIT physics or engineering departments. He’s probably just some senile old geezer who hasn’t studied the problem in depth, or it may be that this is an old quote from back in the early days of the incident, when the Japanese were only claiming tiny amounts of radiation.

        That’s just my guess and uninformed opinion.

  • KT

    It’s All About Money

    Take a looky at where a billion dollars of your tax money is scheduled to go:


  • Don Ho

    I heard from a Japanese friend that if you talk negatively about the situation in Fukushima, they will investigate you via your Internet provider and take steps to make problems for you. Japanese people are now afraid to speak out because they don’t want “unnecessary trouble.” Whether these are rumors or not remains to be seen, but it seems to have worked either way. This is the problem with the Japanese society, no one is will to take a stand–it’s a real shame!

    • mark V

      nope, the problem is with the world society, else what you just said would be in msm now

    • Decker

      The are demonstrations every week against the nuclear energy (small for a city like Tokyo, but still), there are anti-nuclear groups organizing conferences and news reports about the situation almost daily, there are thousands of posts on 2ch every day about how fucked up the situation is (they have now their thread number 302 titled FUKUSHIMA AND THE END OF JAPAN, each thread is 1,000 posts), there are university professors informing the public about the risks of low dose radiation, the other day the ASAHI TV program in which Michio Ishikawa said meltdown was 100% in all the reactors reactor was posted here, and both big parties have already representatives saying that nuclear energy is not viable in Japan.

      And I don’t follow Twitter or a lot of japanese blogs, but I know some which are openly anti-nuclear.

      And don’t forget Iwakamiyasumi, the guy is streaming all the press conferences and interviewing anyone that has anything against Tepco, the government or the nuclear energy in general.

      • Lily

        I couldn’t find what you were referring to. Can you post links?

        • Decker

          I posted a reply with some links. Awaiting moderation at the moment. Too many links, I guess they have to check there’s no spam.

          • xdrfox

            Any more than 2 at a time, it will get flagged
            Post them by 2’s in future, it goes right in !

          • Decker

            Sorry, I didn’t know. Do they publish it later after reviewing?

            In the meanwhile, here’s the link for the 2ch thread:


          • xdrfox

            Decker, when Master come back to the site, they may miss it, You can break it up and redo post !

          • Decker

            Will do. Right now I’m a bit worried cause there are increased levels in Iitate mura, something bad may have happened.

            For the videos and press conferences, Iwakamiyasumi’s site:

            CNIC is an anti-nuclear group from Tokyo (some stuff on their English section):

          • xdrfox

            664 名前:名無しさん@お腹いっぱい。(東京都)[sage]
            投稿日:2011/05/04(水) 05:49:21.48 ID:VBqS4CVM0 [1/2]

            664 Name: Mr.名無shi @ full stomach. (Tokyo) [sage]
            Post date: May 4, 2011 (Wednesday) 05:49:21.48 ID:VBqS4CVM0 [1 / 2]
            Living in Miyagi Prefecture Sendai city
            Since March 13, the out of Office after Ali throat discomfort.
            Or rather learned from the mucous membranes of the throat something small but not foreign body sensation.
            Ailing thing no other.
            But I feel recently somehow heavy head, have high blood pressure.
            Said by the way at the same time also Uncle a sore throat.

          • xdrfox

            678 名前:名無しさん@お腹いっぱい。(長屋)[sage]
            投稿日:2011/05/04(水) 07:08:00.20 ID:V0LmYZuz0 [1/3]

            678 Name: Mr.名無shi @ full stomach. (Longhouse) [sage]
            Post date: May 4, 2011 (Wednesday) 07:08:00.20 ID:V0LmYZuz0 [1 / 3]
            Mie Prefecture, but after the explosion I had when I was feeling metallic taste after several days.
            You do not know whether or not it is a derived from Fukushima.
            Had the remaining thyroid gland around the throat was felt lightly dull pain and time.
            But I’m settled now worried.
            Even with it on the surface of the vehicle with a lot of yellow-green stain of was.
            It also deposits of sand was seen for a while. Well this is
            Remember that just in the Mie Prefecture after the explosion snowed.

          • Decker

            The one in Mie prefecture I would discount it as Hypochondria. The one in Miyagi is worrying because it was heavily affected by the tsunami and the radiation readings are very limited at the moment.

          • xdrfox

            723 名前:722(茨城県)[sage]
            投稿日:2011/05/04(水) 19:10:47.75 ID:+eKNbhrY0 [2/5]

            723 Name: 722 (Ibaraki Prefecture) [sage]
            Post date: May 4, 2011 (Wednesday) 19:10:47.75 ID: + eKNbhrY0 [2 / 5]
            Consecutive pitching sorry. 4 / 30, Today. Nosebleed. Neither Chari in 60-90 minute outdoor movement.
            Asian dust in radioactive substances bond and a template would be. いがらっぽい nod.

            705 名前:名無しさん@お腹いっぱい。(内モンゴル自治区)[]
            投稿日:2011/05/04(水) 14:28:51.87 ID:wQQ/CmloO [1/3]

            705 Name: Mr.名無shi @ full stomach. (In Mongolia) []
            Post date: May 4, 2011 (Wednesday) 14:28:51.87 ID:wQQ/CmloO [1 / 3]
            Indoors have meaning only in their robust buildings like Russia is heard.
            Japan House sukasuka in almost makes sense and does not.
            With it, most bioaccumulation prone, fish eats to the Japanese.
            Cows and pigs, feeding from one another have come, but what you eating seafood?
            Not saying the Russia tap water as drinking habits.
            There are a lot of people Japan the habits ever inadvertently drinking it.
            Time of the Chernobyl accident, Europe is still cold, was wearing a coat. Should little kids playing outside.
            Continued spread radioactivity in Japan is a season for cherry blossom viewing and leisure. Children also Pack outside are running around.
            Was told the amount of radioactive waste left at Chernobyl, but so much pointless.
            Will far exceed the Chernobyl harmful.

      • xdrfox

        @ Decker
        Got a link to this thread ?

        • Decker

          Sorry, had to sleep. Here’s the thread on 2ch (there are many more about Fukushima and people with geiger counters uploading results):

          You can check also Iwakamiyasumi for the videos:
          (he has some videos from the demonstrations apart from TEPCO/NISA press conferences)

          CNIC is an anti-nuclear group from Tokyo (some stuff on their English section):

          A couple of blogs that are openly anti-nuclear:

          Tumblr for the next demonstration in Shibuya:

        • xdrfox

          Nanashi wanted. : May 5, 2011 (Thursday) 05:41:32.71 0
          Not know surely die needlessly several 100000 people to let down because
          It is an organized crime a
          Other countries if absolutely Prime Minister were arrested and sentenced to the level of crime, but
          From what justice Japan is sweet and absolutely wouldn’t do

          • xdrfox

            Nanashi wanted. : May 5, 2011 (Thursday) 05:44:18.05 0
            Earthquake alone nearly 15,000 people died have
            And hundreds of thousands who die from this nuclear power plant
            A horrible

            These are the things the Japanese are saying !

          • Arizonan

            Thank you for posting on this site! I am using Google translate to translate the Japanese words. Thank you for participating in this site! We need all the voices from Japan that we can hear. The mainstream media in the US has stopped reporting anything about Fukushima. We want to hear what you are saying and thinking!!

            Did you know about the Physicians for Social Responsibility statement about the increased permissible levels for children in Japan? It was a good statement. There are many people trying to help.



      • xdrfox

        It is going to get Ugly there too !

        When the gov. tries to leave Tokyo, it will get hotter the the reactors !

    • xdrfox

      I have heard that the gov. has told the people not to talk about the plant or radiation !

      I need to go back to that chat room, see what more I can find out.

    • tony wilson

      so we all get to have a slow painful death..
      because these spineless japan bots do not want trouble.
      let us see if the anger will rise when the island swirling winds come.
      and people in tokyo start dropping down from Pneumonia.
      and the government and tepco move to osaka.


  • Heart of the Rose

    ..The plan is to occupy Libya for BP.

  • Heart of the Rose

    LOL..see the “War Room “pictures…
    Come right in folks ..see our shining faces as we look at “something”.

  • Ashen

    I am going to go out on a huge limb. (If it breaks I’ll just get up again. I’ve fallen before.) Could the new LASERS such as the U.S. Navy recently tested by setting a ship on fire from a distance possibly be a solution? What about MASERS with PLASMA technology? These are the only things I can think of that may exceed the temperatures inside the reactors. What about tons of sand and boric acid being bombarded with LASERS or MASERS thus turning it into glass? I’m grasping at straws here! It’s probably futile but something tells me there may be something worth looking into with the LASER / MASER PLASMA TECHNOLOGY. What about it???

    • xdrfox

      USAF X-37B


      Here is the newest, I believe it has HARRP, Crystals and lots more, It can Hover over and area, photos or video, and many things we don’t no, it is un-maned they say ! I saw it much of the gusher over the Horizon Site ! First time I saw it move across the sky I new it was this X-37B.

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    • Bluetek 25

      Last summer,on my son’s middle school summer reading list was a book entitled “Z for Zachariah”. It’s about a Canadian girl, a teen, who is the only survivor (she thinks) of a nuclear accident. She lives in a valley where she is spared the radiation. She is alone on her parents farm with her dog, her entire family gone. Her beloved dog dies, burnt from drinking highly radiated water. Someone comes walking down the road, a stranger wearing a gas mask and radiation suit. He turns out to be her nemisis, and although he is dying of radiation poisoning, he tries to kill her for her food and water. She ends up killing him and takes the gas mask, food and water and sets off on her own search for any sign of life. She decides she would rather venture out and die from radiation poisoning than be alone. As she walks down the road, she dreams of children playing, swinging on swings on a summer day and realizes that she will never see that scene again in reality. Everyone is gone.
      Even kids understand the realities of nuclear catastrophe, and Warloc, you are so right.

  • mikael

    Information that should be considered, and note the leves and the amount radiation.
    A resyme and a article that decribes Tjernobyl and its legacy.
    And comper it with what you hav in your suroundings.

    • Noah

      Excellent Article
      Hard Numbers and Referenced

      Mikael, My heartfelt thanks for your kindness in posting this link.

      The effects of the bio-accumulation of internal emitters are documented and sourced in this article published on CounterPunch.

      The brief article explodes into the main issue, the main catastrophic genetic holocaust that faces all of humankind. A tour de force of the deadly future we all now face.

      Read: “The Future Children of Fukushima”

      RATED: Two Geiger counters up

  • xdrfox

    A Comprehensive List of Japan and Japanese Chat Rooms


    Anypne that would like to see if you can get inside ibf, from the horse’s mouth.

  • The Hanford List

    This is smtg u didn know: Speculation on J-Parc Quake … Well, they themselves boast of their myon beams accelerated across Japan, from Tokai-J-Parc to Kamioka, 23 ports to steer the neutron beams wherever… But the what do I know; pls give your opinion.

    J-Parc: Ibaraki Quantum Beam Research Center – next to Tokai Nukeplant:

    See my page http://www.wp.me/pwIAV-19

    or pic just the illustration:

    • Deetu 3

      Wow. thanks for that,there’s alot to digest…not sure what it means but I find it…ah,terrifying..
      is the suggestion that this facility was responsible in some way for the quake,accidentaly or deliberately?

      • Deetu 3

        @Hanford list-do you have any ideas as to what this is about? cheers.

        • The Hanford List

          Cant say, I am an instant expert 🙂 … just crossed my mind as I was studying the Tokai tsunami reactor. Take care, I just dont know. I wanted to depict it for ppl to give out opinions… tin hat, pills, yes I know that MSM -sht.

          Btw. ALL nuke facilities abowe Onagawa have been ‘wiped out’ = muddy mess, now Onagawa is about ? to xplode. This ‘game is just beginning…

          J-Parc: However, the site itself indicates boldly that they are shooting myon particles THROUGH THE GROUND, 295km east to their collector into Super Kamiokande collector. Now digest that first… under taxpayers feet. (Slicing Japan in half?) Luckily Game Over, Tokai No More.

          Check out the site and its building process 2002 to 2007. Immense system, fed by Tokai Nuke plant… is this JAP DUGA10? (see Chernobyl DUGA3 youtube). If it is, HAARP is just bird song.

          B. I guess US has similar system? What, where?

          C. Europe has one.

          D. Is there smwhere one?

          This ABC-makes “it” a real 3-D system that can shoot through any point on this globe. Theses particles go through any material better than hot knife to butter.

          What can u do with it? Why have these been built? Hmm. Fast forward to vat-i-can Francis L0y0la…

        • The Hanford List

          J-PAC Ibaraki Quantum Beam Accelerator

          @Deetu part II

          Note these J-PAC issues:

          – the h e11-beam was ON up one week to the quake
          – “special project”, = others kicked out
          – they brag about shootin myons thru ground 295km 150 miles
          – 27 ‘shootin ports’, only few defined. Why the secrecy?
          – 0.3 hz pulsating pwr from Nuke plant. Like DUGA-3

          This frequency is the same with HAARP, meant to shake earth mantle, remember ICELAND: theses folks did not to follow IMF (=papa l jee§ uits). HAARP can be found already in 1999 EU ‘congressional’ library hearings – defined as a military danger.

          Nik0lai T e s 1 a – try find out what he did. Amazing … and this has a direct link to ass asins, F Bi – jee§uits.

          Fast forward to Cancun 2010. Three mths before 11.3.2011, the jap pm announced that Japan will resign from the Kyoto agreement. The jee §ui t clan would have none of that … wait, what happens 3 mths later … Now familirize with Francis L0y0la and find out what theses maniacs are.

          And btw, copy paste these things, anywhere this msg is ‘going to vanish’.

          I repeat the link:

          • psky

            harry is a mouthpiece for the co-inventors of the Higgs boson – god particle. They have to patch up failing “theories” by inventing dark energy and new particles. Official particle physics/cosmology is no longer a science based on objective observation of the natural world, it has degenerated into a pseudoscience for constructing a space-time prison on earth by the power that be. They have to build enormous accelerators in order to detect the newly invented particles and prove that they are in par with God.

        • Deetu 3

          2Hanford h are p is a worldwide network,not a single item.Used to be on wiki,now gone,but there is this:


          • Deetu 3

            (this in response to “is the one smwhere?”

          • The Hanford List

            Here’s EU official document on this H-issue. Wont help u much as it is in Finnish. But an official document is a valid point showin its not a tin hat story. Usually they must have all languages incl (no time to seek).

            Another ‘proof’ is that when you communicate about HAARP, you usually get at least “10 pill offerings from MSM-priests.”

            Maybe that H-system could not achieve thei goal, 5min. richter 9.0 quake? Whatever, definitely the quake was NOT natural. Cant say about J-Parc part in this quake, ‘lots stinky funny’ Mass (mrder) issues mostly mean r0me thus the red beam.

          • The Hanford List

            @ Deetu 3 I mean Quantum Beam Accelerators, where they are, how many?

            My guess is thet HAARP pwr fell short in this ‘project’.

            Btw, bedtime here.

          • Deetu 3

            Well let’s not forget the Large Hard-on Collider !-a cause for conCERN,to me at least.

            sleep well.

          • Deetu 3

            I’m aware of Tesla btw,and just as important (imho)Wilhelm Riech- apparently “physicist/harryphd/homer simpson” is not..

          • The Hanford List

            @Deetu3 “Well let’s not forget the Large Hard-on Collider !-a cause for conCERN,to me at least.

            These doomsday machines, whether used in this quake or not, are in full central control. If you happened to check out the DUGA-3 video, its possibilities were enormous – and globally combined. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqX6bXYnNFA

            They have ‘a license to buid’ these – based on fooling our nationalistic patriots (honor to them). While playing both sides: The list of papa L jee§ uits secret societies contain every thing from K-Marx, Stalin, FDR, Churchill, Adoplh+himmler – to maumau0ba etc +then plus some.

            The roots are deep, here’s just one peek. More in: vat-i-canassa sins.org
            “Karl Marx was a 33rd-degree Freemason, a worshipper of Lucifer, whose father wanted nothing to do with him, because his father was a Baptist preacher.
            Jewish Free masonry, controlled by the Je §uits, implemented Communism in Russia. Lenin, the half-Jew, was a Free mason. That civil war that took place from 1917-1922, for 5 years, was given the appearance that it was primarily Yiddish. I mean, they’re on the streets of Russia talking Yiddish; they had Yiddish signs; and it was wanted to give the impression to the world that this revolution was of Jewish origin.
            For 10 years after the revolution, the J ews faired very well, but in 1922, Joseph Stalin, that great J ew-hater, who was educated by Je §uits in Georgia—which was a country south of Russia and, therefore, the Emperor’s banning of the Je §uits from Russia, his Ukase, made him Secretary of the Communist Party in 1922, until he died in 1953.
            The Je §uits used Free masonry and, of course, Stalin was also a brother Freemason. They used Free masonry to implement Communism in Russia, and from there, China, and from there, throughout the world. www. bibliotecapleyades.net

            Nowadays theses have myriad societies from FCR, Bilderbergers to MSM alexjoneses programming entities…

  • Ashen

    @xdrfox, Dan, Deetu, Mothra, Anne, and all who realize the gravity of this catastrophe – We know the closing of the “window” to do anything is closing. Do you “see” in your heart/mind the darkness spreading? Do you sense death? In the book of Revelation, he who rides upon the Pale-Green Horse (Radiation?), the fourth, is DEATH and HELL (Nuclear Fission/Fire That Burns ‘Forever’?) follows with him. Could it be referring to Fukushima – the “star”, “lamp”, “torch” that falls into the sea making the waters bitter – poisonous to mankind? If anyone has read the main parts of Revelation it seems to be a truly written “script” and we are on the world stage. I believe we can have an effect on the outcome – for the better. I am not one who runs around screaming “The sky is falling!” nor am I a “doomsayer” – but one must admit SIGNS are everywhere, everyday. Please, those of you who KNOW this is why you are here at this specific time – you OLD SOULS who just KNOW and are wise beyond your years – let us come together and speak from our HEARTS with counsel from our SPIRIT. Something serious must be done or proposed soon or we will lose this battle just “laying down” before this Radioactive Monster and the Powers That Be. IF we go down – let us go down with a strategically fighting!!! I am willing to exchange emails with those who feel the way I do. Then we could brainstorm, calculate, and share our ideas with each other. I mentioned using the new U.S. Navy’s LASER technology that set a ship on fire from a distance. xdrfox talked about the X-37 Drone that can hover over a site. Would it be possible for it to hover over these reactors with Laser or MASER PLASMA technology? A MASER “welds” unimaginably massive stones and is the only thing I can think of at the moment that may surpass or equal the heat of nuclear fission. If stones, sand, boric acid, and lead could be MASERED/ LASERED and welded/melted over these reactors could it be a solution? I feel the options are becoming extremely low. There may be no options left at this point – but we can HOPE. Please let me know if you feel the way I do.

    • When you STOP the NWO then you can EFFECT change. Bang your Drum Slowly they do not care about you. When you remove the power of CORRUPTION then you can effect change. When you remove these EVIL BASTARDS from the face of the Earth then you can effect change. When you are armed with not only knowledge but a form of OFFENSE to do these things then you can effect change. To vote to plead to petition has no effect on these EVILS that we face. We have been on this road for a very long time. With every vote you cast you have perpetuated it and its existence!!! Only the complete over throw of the Power structure in place in this world will EFFECT CHANGE.

      • Welcome to the Resistance
        He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps
        to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really
        cooperating with it.
        We will not stop until our currency is backed by a Gold & Silver standard
        as the constitution requires. Our founding fathers added silver to the
        mix because it made it more difficult for anyone to control the money
        supply; we will not stop until we get our land back. We are pushing for
        the people to use the land, restore and become defenders of the Earth.
        We will not stand for tyrannical control, worthless currencies, food bans,
        laws making gardening illegal, or the New World Order to win.
        When will you wake up and realize that they can’t take our freedom if
        you chose to use it?
        You are the solution.
        You are the resistance.

        • Deetu 3

          @Warloc-Ace! …Resistance IS victory.

          • GLOBAL STRIKE! 2011

            There IS a way we can collectively fight back against environmentally destructive multinational corporations. A coordinated global general strike and boycott, combined with personal preparedness, in sufficient numbers, can cause a great deal of economic disruption. The best tactic? Non-participation. A multi pronged strategy will be most effective:

            1. BOYCOTT: All corporate products, beginning with Coke, McDonalds, ADM, and Monsanto. Reduce to eliminate your consumption of gasoline. You can start this now. Lawsuits: The more of their resources are devoted to circular legal action, which is expensive, the more is taken out of their budget without producing anything. File lawsuits of every kind (class action, environmental damage, labor rights).

            2. STRIKE: The first week of July 2011. Take your vacation time, sick leave, organize your union to strike at this time. Spend time with family at home! The main thing is: DON’T BUY ANYTHING FOR ONE WEEK. Continue as long as possible, buy the gasoline you will need for a week at least.

            3. PREPARE: Learn what wild foods are available to you, identify them, and eat them. Start a garden, organize within your community to become as food self sufficient as possible. Store durable food a little at a time so you have a large supply by July. Plan many crops that will begin to bear by the first week of July.

            A permanent boycott will cause price disruption and stock deflation. A coordinated strike will cause specific timed disruption of currency movement (ie it’s not coming out of your pocket, and you are not causing any more to be moved or produced), and preparedness to become independent permanently from key industries (industrial agriculture).

            The only way to level the playing field with ‘the powers that be’ is to take their money and make it valueless. Complete abundance causes a market economy to crash! When you have everything you need, what do you need money for? THEY HAVE AS MUCH POWER AS WE BELIEVE IN THEIR MONEY.

            Together we can take one more step to bringing the machine to it’s knees! Grow your own food! Stop giving them money!

    • TRex

      I like your idea…I also have a sense of grave foreboding, but a miracle could be coming! I feel certain that more can be done and there is some way to manage it. It is time to organize on our behalf and to not do so may be tantamount to suicide. I know I’ve got a lot more years on this planet (under normal conditions) and future generations (our children) have an extremely vested interest as well!!!

    • Heart of the Rose

      Thomas Jefferson said, ” To act against tyranny is obedience to God”.
      The principles the Patriots fought for were more than just political ideals.
      The principles were basic human values and freedoms therefore given.
      These rights and freedoms are ensured to us in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
      These rights are being destroyed by our corrupt government.
      We have allowed a corporate based “alternative governance”..to take control of this country.
      Our politicians either are complicit or “belly up” like the cowards they are.
      The New Patriots..the winter soldiers… will resist.

      • Heart of the Rose

        If we can raise the awareness of the people the “Winter Soldiers” are in the millions..
        This is power and that is what “they” are afraid of.
        Power to the People.

    • Deetu 3

      @Ashen- just my personal take…every night I visualize myself over the site seeing the radiation being forced back into the reactors. Sounds silly I know,but PERSONALLY,I feel everything that happens in this world happens first in MIND-thought forms precede physical forms,and super science to me at least, is the science of Being-not that this obviates the need for action-but there is in fact little that we concerned people can physically do to affect conditions on site
      If you want to change the product,you go to the design dept,not the shipping dept-wrong end of the conveyor belt. Just my 10c.
      That said, to quote DrFox”HIS will,not mine,be done”. Peace out.

      • xdrfox

        Deetu 3
        Think outside the box, Forces at work beyond this world too ! No one knows the mind as the one who created it, a thought or a given divine idea for His end works ? All is His inspiration, as you said to quote: “you go to the design dept,not the shipping dept-wrong end of the conveyor belt.”

        • Deetu 3

          xdrfox-“Forces at work beyond this world” so true,so true..
          my post not meant to sound defeatist,quite the opposite..

          • xdrfox

            I didn’t take your post in that way (defeatist)
            Faith has immeasurable strengths !

            Been in men all through time.
            It was in the men who create this Nation !

    • dan

      Ashen – This is my current thinking (and it could all change tomorrow).

      I don’t think the biggest problem is technological. If that’s all it was, there are plenty of people that are smart enough, and who would be highly motivated to fix this thing. And I think it could be done. And the mess could be cleaned up, if there was a real concerted effort.

      I think the real problem is what’s behind it all.

      I’ve only read small bits and pieces of the Bible and Revelations. But there’s one prophesy I seem to remember about “1000 years of peace” that’s supposed to follow all of this. Try focusing on that one, and see where it leads you. The darkness won’t want to follow you there. Or if it does, it may become enlightened:) Either way, it’s a good thing.

  • The Hanford List

    Read the Revelation Carefully: there the Author is telling us the future. He is not doing these insane things, but just telling where the 100% genetically corrupt human mind will eventually lead: total destruiction of the earth.

    Resist the devil and it will Flee. Pray to God, and if your prayer is acceptable to you, He will flatten the Snake under your feet. Command Satan: get thee hence!

    No to lasers masers etc human inventions … you dont grasp the pwr of the Prince of darkness. No heaven on Earth, never will be.

    Think about those ol folks with simple prayer living today in Chernobyl: they are free, no kgb harrasmet in the polluted land:) …But their food and gardens are abs. free of rad. This is what God of the Universe gives to those who humble emselves, and kneel before Him.

    Last book of Old Testament : Check my page for the hebrew content. The idea is this: God will rot the godless while they stand – and it clearly speaks of radiation … all who flee, will rot. But for His own… HERE is the point: it is the relationship between you and Your Creator, Acceptance of His only Son, His Death, Blood spent for you.

    There is and never will be any other escape but through Jesus Christ Our Savior. …After accepting this, do whatever you can for others using whatever you can.

    “1. For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the LORD of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch.
    2. But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.
    3. And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the LORD of hosts…” Malachi 4

    • dan

      Hanford – Can you expand on the “all who flee, will rot” statement? I mean, what about relocating? Like someplace safer. Really far south.

      • dan

        Ok, so I tried googling all sorts of different ways to find this. But no references to rotting people that flee. Are you sure you got this one right? Is it a typo maybe? Or a misremembered quote? There’s lots of radiation floating around, and no telling what it’s doing to our memories.

        • The Hanford List

          Translation is a very complicated process. I cant read hebrew and so rely on Strong’s. Go throught the last chapter 4 of Malachi, and you’ll find the words …one contains the possibility of using ‘rot’ (when one flees – fearful=godless need to flee).

          This is parallel to bible teachings that we have no fear but of the Almighty God, no need to flee nor backtarck from what we say, but wait for the Lord. Who is able. And by not fleeing we profess the faith in Him.

          This teaching can be seen through the Bible: “But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.” Rev. 21.

          • dan

            Thanks, I’ll check that out.

            So, what would you think about a person who’s not “godless”, but has felt for a long time that they really should think about relocating? Or maybe that they’re “supposed” to relocate. And this whole fallout thing is just one more reason. Not to mention, it also kinda narrows down the choices to the southern hemisphere. And I wouldn’t say that I’m fearful. It’s more like I’m not looking forward to dealing with radiation. And feeling that even the stuff I grow in my own garden, without any chemicals or pesticides, may not be very safe. Do you think if I relocate, that I’ll rot? I’ve always thought that if we do what we feel like we’re supposed to do, then we’ll be alright, because that’s what we’re somehow being “directed” to do. But if we ignore what we feel, that’s when stuff goes wrong.

          • dan

            In other words, I usually feel like I’ll be ok or “protected”, as long as I do what I feel I’m supposed to do. But relocating would be a big change, so I really want to make sure it’s what I’m supposed to do.

            So now I’m thinking that preparing to move is something I really need to do. But I won’t know for sure about actually moving until later. Maybe it’s just really important to be flexible in times like these.

          • The Hanford List

            @dan “Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart” … These verses give out – like whole Bible – general idea what God thinks, how He wants us to behave. The Bible is THE ‘person’, locked until Holy Spirit – its co-author – gives you the ‘key’: “And He was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God. Rev. 19” …e.g. Yeshua, the only begotten son of GOD.

            The Bible has so many layers in each sentence, that it is futile for a human to ‘understand’ it; it will give out the seeker the answer he is looking for. A liar finds and receives a lie, and His own will be given without hands touching. So this as any is general – until you are given an illumination. Neither this answer doesnt come easy by sitting in front of telly, but prayer and fasting.

            Generally: whenever there is hurry, pressure and panic – that comes from down below. When you ask, like now, you will be given the answer – rest in it. Be very careful with an answer if it comes through me or some other human sinner…

            After relocating, the issues around u will turn to be hellish: that is an indication you arrived on the spot God wants you … to fight for the lost souls – the only motive for His guidance. Rest in the rad etc. situation now and then, in the besieged city with famine and wailing dying ppl:

            “Blessed be the LORD: for he hath showed me his marvellous kindness in a strong city. [note: a translation error: the right word is the city under siege] .
            22. For I said in my haste, I am cut off from before thine eyes: nevertheless thou heardest the voice of my supplications when I cried unto thee. O love the LORD, all ye his saints: for the LORD preserveth the faithful, and plentifully rewardeth the proud doer.
            Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD.” Ps.31

            Btw. The radiation is already showing in Australia, see news only in this enenews… no way to ‘escape.’ And while our short visit on this planet, God has given us intelligence to think and shield ourselves, our brethren from all harm. Lets soundly work as hard as we can – while fearing only Our Lord and Savior!

            Ref. “Do you think if I relocate, that I’ll rot?”

          • dan

            That all makes sense. Thanks.

            “After relocating, the issues around u will turn to be hellish: that is an indication you arrived on the spot God wants you … to fight for the lost souls – the only motive for His guidance.”

            Somehow I knew it wasn’t going to be easy:)

            “Btw. The radiation is already showing in Australia, see news only in this enenews”

            I saw that, and I know it’ll probably end up everywhere. But I still think there’ll be less of it, the farther south you go. Besides, I think penguins are pretty cool.

  • The Hanford List

    Correction, alas, this peekhole editing expands my typo-err-pwr 10x …

    “Pray to God, and if your prayer is acceptable to Him, He will flatten the Snake under your feet.”

  • rami

    when the onshore summer winds & heat come, will the flow of particles change? Will it still get swept to north america? Do you guys think Southeast asia will be affected? Indonesia?

    • xdrfox

      Winds may vary and take elsewhere, precipitation ie rain/Snow/sleet still will carry particles to the ground at a higher rate !
      Levels were found in Vietnam 2 weeks ago !

  • xdrfox

    radioactivity now measured in the southern hemisphere –
    Radiation found in Australia



  • The Hanford List

    J-Parc myon beam accelerator -pic, errors corrected…

    J-PARC; Ibaraki Quantum Beam Research Center beside the Tsunami Diving Tokai Nuke plant…

  • micro

    first harry the phd
    now the physicist
    next it will be Homer wearing a mask
    and eating yellow cake

  • who wants to drink their own reprocessed piss to get anywhere in space? besides towing a huge semi full of food behind the capsule. otherwise astronauts would arrive missing arms and legs, because they ate them to stay alive.
    Earth would have been fine if we had not wrecked it.

  • Jack

    Today’s short-story reading list: Robert Heinlein: Lifeboat
    Today’s appropriate Book of the moment: Farnham’s Freehold.
    Movie to rent: -Silent Running- with Bruce Dern.
    Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

      • Jack

        Yeah Man, with Don Rickles as Crap Game!
        Hey how about
        A Boy and his Dog, with Don Johnson and Jason Robards?

      • Heart of the Rose

        On todays reading list.
        President George Washingtons Farewell Address.
        “Interwoven as is the love of liberty with every ligament of your hearts,no recommendation of mine is necessary to fortify or confirm the attachment.
        The unity of government which constitutes you one people, is also now dear to you. It is justly so,for it is a main pillar in the edifice of your real independence,the support of your tranquility at home,your peace abroad; of your safety; of your prosperity; of the very liberty which you so highly prize”.

  • The Hanford List

    EU-parliament records on HAARP now updated here, plus details of the more powerful J-PARC Ibaraki Quantum Beam – next to Tokai Nukeplant – Hadron Collider + Super Kamiokande collector. What glorious magnificient possibilities for the papa L illuminati:


    What u didn know, was that Chernobyl had six reactors coming online – to feed the DUGA3