Report: Fukushima reactor water may be 144 times as radioactive as anticipated — Would be almost 20 times total Chernobyl release

Published: June 20th, 2011 at 5:17 am ET


Contaminated Water Processing at #Fukushima: The Water Was Simply Too “Hot”, EX-SKF, June 19, 2011:

[…] Well, over 100,000 tonnes of highly contaminated water at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant are estimated to contain 720,000 terabecquerels of radioactive materials.

If Kurion’s vessel absorbed enough radioactive materials in 5 hours and it should have taken 30 days, as I wrote in my previous post, the water was 144 times as radioactive as the system had anticipated.

If the water actually turns out to be 144 times as radioactive, the Fukushima accident would need a new INES category and should not be placed in the same category (Level 7) as the Chernobyl accident which released only 5.6 million terabecquerels of radioactive materials. Maybe it should be simply called “Level Fukushima”.

[144 x 720,000 / 5,600,000 = 18.5]

Test of decontamination system continues, NHK, June 20, 2011:

[…] TEPCO engineers suspect that the density of radioactive substances in the contaminated water was greater than had been predicted.

They initially thought that the device had absorbed large volumes of oil and sludge containing radioactive material. But in a test conducted on Sunday, high radiation levels were registered for equipment set to the lowest of 3 absorption levels. […]

Dow Jones: “[T]he high levels of radiation were due to the radioactivity of the water the system was treating,” Tepco spokesman Junichi Matsumoto said.”

See also: Water decontamination system halted after rapid rise in radiation β€” Reached radiation limit in 5 hours, wasn’t supposed to happen for a month

Published: June 20th, 2011 at 5:17 am ET


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40 comments to Report: Fukushima reactor water may be 144 times as radioactive as anticipated — Would be almost 20 times total Chernobyl release

  • This is just getting stupid isnt it…

    Weather in washington was very precululliar.Very strange clouds. Like extremely overcast, all day… As white as winter… You couldnt even see the sun.

    (there was a huge radioactive release then too…
    This is out of hand. There needs to be international intervention, before its impossible to go near the reactors. (which it practically is). There is no more time left for “We thoughts”…

    You thought…
    you though…
    Tepco… Your fired.

    Japan cover that pile of junk, in 8 days… Not 8 months…
    This is just getting stupid…
    Do you know how long it took to fix chernobyl…
    Your fired.

    This has to end today;

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Good to see you around, btw.

    • milk and cheese milk and cheese

      The international intervention should have come much earlier.
      I think the jig was up when the RONALD REAGAN abruptly changed course to avoid the radiation. The situation went out of control, has remained out of control, and all the pronouncements are just attempts to reassure the populace, despite the clearly increasing severity of the situation. The only thing that still amazes me is that they leave the live camera on at all.

      • Thats a live feed?


        If you want to be really shocked… We should petition it so that They should be required to put a geiger counter next to it… I am quite sure that would shock us all.

    • Toadmac

      Dont know if you would be interested but I will post this link anyway.

      Now move along!

    • sorry charlie

      No one has the power to fire TEPCO or it would have happened….more likely they will fire us….that sweetie is the reality and you and me let it happen. We are just as much to blame…did you ever protest nuclear energy? Have you done anything since the disaster began? There ya go, enjoy those strange clouds.

      • CaliMom

        I too, am complicit in this. I have never protested against nuclear energy, not really being aware of the true dangers. Chernobyl seemed so far away, and so far from something that could happen here. And a Chernobyl event could certainly never come to pass in the U.S., let alone Japan. Afterall, our governments would take care of these things if they were to be damaged, right? The Japanese are SMART! So highly proficient in science and mathematics. (We’ve so often been told of their high scores in these subjects…drooled over their intelligence.) Their reactors couldn’t possibly break. And they too, would take care of their people if something went wrong. They have too much respect for human life to allow injury there.

        At least that’s what we all thought. Fast forward to today, and now those who are paying attention are forced to take a stand. But this grievous situation is so far out of hand that where do we even begin to remedy it? What will our protests do, when we are stunned by the bald-faced lies that the Japanese and the U.S. are feeding us? How do we help those who are suffering through this hellish nightmare? What can we do???

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter


  • retali8 retali8

    truth is getting out, slowly, amongst the lies and covering up…

    reactor 4 is rooted and it contains mox fuel and plutonium, more than enough to cause an Extinction Level Event;;

    Radioactive water is seeping from the reactors via melt -thru and its heading right for all the major underground drinking water supplies if not already there.

    we need to get a heap of cement trucks and fill under the reactors then submerse them with lead, atleast we could have a slight chance of survival that way, unless u look up comet elenin thats a real ELE threat πŸ™

  • Yes. One Chernb cost 662000 infant mortalities plus still births(IMSB) in India alone and 40 chernbs( 20 for reactors and 20 for spentfuelpools) means some 25 million IMSB in India alone not counting effects of great quakes further. Nuclear power shut it down now everywhere and forget about constructing more forever and take care of the wastes so far created from generation to generation.See

    Notice the meter is broken…

    Washington weather was completely retarded yesterday… There is likely too much chlorine in it, or something to make it appear like major overcast…

    I am not joking. What process would have that effect?, create an extreme level of smog? odor less, and tasteless.
    Reactor 4 is doing major damage to the usa west coast.

    • I was thinking this was something like sodium iodide, turning into a light, chlorine vapor. I feel like the release was very tremendous this last weekend. Its not the typical yellowcake, uranium cloud, that we were typically expieriencing… I was wondering if this was volcanic vapors? but I have the impression that it was the release from the r4 sfp. Anybody else see that in washington (the western wa / not the capital)… ?

      The dense smog… It was without bounds… I wonder if portland, and california got it too? So SO so so so so dense… I Literally couldn’t even see the sun.

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      Could be from the numerous volcanoes that have gone off recently. They put out a lot of small particulates.

  • carbonflow


    I am in Bellevue and agree that weather has been very strange…

    My skeptical side says that we had an epic rain/snow year thanks to La Nina and what we are seeing is somewhat of a hangover..

    anyway, strange indeed

    • I concur, with being near the mountain, But i am sea side city tacoma… Smog in june is unpractical, and we dont get over cast here, were the bay not the ocean… The weather, the last three days, friday to be specific, was a gas. probably chlorine, hence why it was so white… During late march through april, we got the yellow cake clouds. That was all straight, uranium oxide… These clouds are different, because they aren’t the same substances…

      The reactors blew up in march, so the uranium was scattered as a material… Which don’t get me wrong is horrible. There were nose bleeds and hot particles, roaming the jetstream, Along with dirty clouds polluting the skies, creating phenomenal sunsets might I add…

      But there is a big difference in what we are experiencing now;

      My humble opinion is radio toxic gasses, (possibly chlorine?) Have now been released in large quantity; from active fission (during periods) that water inside the fuel pool is not effectively moderating (cooling) the nuclear fuel in the sfp4 reactor unit…

      The reported loss of coolant may be an indication that the nuclear fuel was exposed long enough to release a massive amount of steam, with some oxide that is milky in color…

      This would in my mind explain the recent changes in the weather…

      Its june lets be real… Something is going on with the weather… Were both from washington… This isn’t normal.

      • I have a feeling that the previous large releases from the initial explosions in march had some hand in the super storm /and, or tornado activity in the usa midwest…

        This specific release floating by overhead, could also explain why they put out storm / tornado warnings recently…

        there might even be some insight in explaining how the popping / lightning that occurs during these storms. is created through a process of nuclear gamma beam reflectance… Its really just an idea I was playing around with… Idk.

        • not really limited to gamma beams… but really: Just a type of nuclear reflectance, that reacts erratically when within the storms cell systems….

          • Toadmac

            The weather you mention is not just usa isolated, it is here in australia as well? They are reporting volcano’s as being the cause? Weather all over the world is wild yet not many reports of outside your own area?

      • Early on the people in Japan filmed the clouds:

        Uploaded by KariWatts on Mar 15, 2011

        I live in Kashiwa, Chiba and wanted to show the plume of smoke or dust that is heading our way.
        One of my friends works as a translator in the medical & scientific community, some of her co-workers said that there is more radiation in the air than the news media/ government is admitting and to stay indoors with all windows/doors closed.

        • charlie3

          Early after the eartquake, I read the comments of a survivor in Japan saying “Even the clouds don’t look right anymore.”
          I remembered this when the clouds started looking odd here in North America…they are likely seeded with radioactive particles.

  • Great new TBS / JNN footage recorded sunday 19.6.2011. Followup on TEPCO webcam scam showing cranes on TBS / JNN while they not seen on TEPCO webcam

  • + much more great footage. Must see!

  • maaa


    • I have always thoroughly enjoyed your comments even though these are grave times. ele beats them all. But civilisation doth change in and at play.
      Hope earthlings here will change the way we all live it up!

  • Please listen what this man said in year 1995 about Japan !

  • moonkai

    well … one catastrophe at a time shall we ? I ll deal with Nukushima for now !! πŸ˜‰

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      It’s definetely becoming too much to handle for us human small-brainers. I fell completely overwhelmed and find myself being at work, staring quite blankly at the screen from time to time…

  • AustralianCannonball

    My latest video:

    Fukushima(Crime against humanity)

  • Dont you do that unless it is impossible(in your genes I mean). Try and change the official policies! That would be worth a trial. It will stop you from being blank. Advise offered in cooperative spirit pl.

  • retali8 retali8

    watch a documentary about Fukushima, although is doesnt expose the full truth, its worth seeing,,

    (right hand side of the page and watch online option)

  • Hot Tuna Hot Tuna

    Perfect beach weather in San Francisco today – mid70’s-mid 80’s F. Interesting, on the local news, recommended staying indoors today! They didn’t say why or mention duct tape.

  • byron byron

    Want to second the info posted above about strange weather. Every Fathers day we have a Pride parade and festival in Portland (Oregon) so I tend to remember weather from past years. Normal weather in June has been hot a few years, cold and rainy some years with those bundle up against the wind years. I can remember watching short rain showers with sunshine causing steam to evaporate from the roads, etc.
    Back in April there was rain, then recently more gentle drizzle and cooler than normal. We have had only a few days with warm-hot weather, the kind where the car is hot when parked for shopping. Have been getting more white fuzzy not quite overcast days like yesterday.

  • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl


    I have been following the news and posts on this site for weeks now, but just this is the first time I’ve commented.

    I live in the bay area, and I too have noticed bizarre weather, especially a hazy polluted air, and even noticed that my filtered water tasted strange for a while recently.

    I also wanted to mention that I am especially impressed with tacomagroove and australian cannonball’s posts and videos/blogs.

    I have become pretty much convinced that if Fukushima doesn’t become the disaster to end all life on earth, it’s only a matter of time before some other nuclear incident will…it’s just too dangerous! And the corruption of the people managing it are the problem, much more than the technology itself.

    Anyway,I just wanted to post a hopeful link I found recently…I am a pretty cynical, unspiritual person myself, but I kind of wonder if something supernatural like this is the only real solution to being able to protect ourselves form the massively polluted environment we are forced to live in…

    I haven’t studied it fully yet, but it seems hopeful…any thoughts?

    Gotta run to work now…

  • 60 Minutes ☒ fallout ☒
    Reporter: Liz Hayes
    Producer: Phil Goyen
    When Japan was rocked by a massive earthquake and tsunami back in March, we told ourselves the worst was behind us.
    Tens of thousands dead, an economy shattered, whole communities razed.
    Surely the Japanese had suffered enough.
    But all these weeks later, the crisis is far from over.
    The crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is still leaking and, judging from the experience at Chernobyl, Japan’s recovery won’t be measured in years, but centuries.