Japan Journalist: Gov’t source says “I’ve heard about the steam coming out from the ground, and I am concerned” — “Some kind of reaction may be occurring underground” writes plant worker

Published: August 17th, 2011 at 4:32 pm ET


Fukushima I Nuke Plant Worker: No Steam Gushing From Cracks, But There Are Many 10-Plus Sieverts/Hr Locations, EX-SKF, August 17, 2011:

In [independent journalist Kota Kinoshita on blog on August 15]:

It was early August, around 9PM. A worker at Fukushima I Nuke Plant sent an email to his local contact, saying “Steam gushing out of cracks on the ground. The area is foggy with steam, and the workers evacuated temporarily. Some kind of reaction may be occurring underground. Watch out for radiation level depending on the wind direction”.

From the information source within the government, “I’ve heard about the steam coming out from the ground, and I am concerned”.

Fukushima worker’s tweet:

As I have said before, I have never seen, or heard about, such steam.

It’s possible that he doesn’t know but someone else may know. […]

Mr. Kinoshita’s blog has this bit of “rumor” from his worker at the plant:

There are several cracks on the ground near the Containment Vessel, and the steam is coming out from them, not on a regular basis but sporadically.

Published: August 17th, 2011 at 4:32 pm ET


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58 comments to Japan Journalist: Gov’t source says “I’ve heard about the steam coming out from the ground, and I am concerned” — “Some kind of reaction may be occurring underground” writes plant worker

  • Cindy

    Holy $hit !!

  • Discordian

    Tacoma, you said some time ago that you were about to post new theories or information, but I have missed it. (Getting behind, working too much.) But so far, your dire predictions from March or April appear to be on the way to occurring.

    Will you be so kind as to re-post or comment on your new research here? It would be much appreciated.

    • irradiated californian

      tacoma has been wrong, i don’t know where one of her theories have fallen through. she said there would be no workers at fukushima by mid july…well we are in mid august, and workers are still there. it seems this is just a bunch of hearsay, so it’s hard to know if something like this is really happening, since there are two conflicting stories.

      • Discordian

        Very true about the conflicting stories. I am rather out of the loop here. I don’t recall all of the details about her, but the rather obvious China Syndrome is a great cause for concern. And I do recall a poster who seemed quite certain to be a shill going to great lengths to discredit Tacoma, which is another red flag that perhaps she (?) was closer to the truth than TPTB would prefer.

        Any quick summary updates would be appreciated. My job managed to kill my soul last year, and it is working hard on the rest of me now. πŸ™‚

      • selfsovereign

        somebody flush the toilet……

        the shills are back

  • Well the cracking of the grounds say that pressure is there and possibly will build to a point where there may be an explosion from built up steam !

    • Newton

      Or the cracking is evidence that the pressure is being relieved and there will be no explosion.

      Take your pick. Both are equally likely.

      • All we need is a pocket for it to build in untill ….. !

      • selfsovereign



        Flippin’ outrageous!

        To be dissmissive of new information, and not investigate it yourself, is to exhibit the HIGHEST FORM OF IGNORANCE KNOWN TO MAN.

        The SHILL GATES are WIDE open and the tsunami of mindnumbing minimalization of data has begun anew.

        • Newton

          # selfsovereign

          irradiated californian and I are not shills. I have been reading this forum from its beginnings, directed here from Florida Oil Spill Law.

          This forum is an invaluable source for news about Fukushima Daiichi that the MSM doesn’t bother to cover. But, IMHO, it suffers from time to time from either “Chicken Little” syndrome, or from one-sided interpretation of very sketchy data to confirm the hypothesis that we are all doomed.

          I find your attitude that anyone who dares to disagree with your opinion is automatically a “shill” not only personally insulting, but also an indication that you have disengaged your rational faculties, and refuse to consider alternatives.

          Sorry, but I’m not going anywhere,

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            I sometimes wonder if the ELE promoters are working for a psy ops research project. It really is impossible to know anyone’s motivation. I look for scientific information in the comments.

          • selfsovereign

            Your self perceptions fail to define me.

            Wasnt my opinion/post that was disagreed with

            you two disreguard and dissmiss any new information that comes along.

            My critical thinking is just fine. Perhaps that is what insults you so deeply

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            Things are bit serious right now…
            Time wasters = trolls/shills

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            Ignorance of the sheeple going to be the real ELE.

          • Newton

            # selfsovereign

            “…disreguard (sic) and dismiss (sic) any new information…”?

            Hardly. What I may disagree with is the one-sided interpretation of this data or theories based on incomplete understanding of the underlying scientific principles.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            It is evident that a scientific consensus is being built here..so why bother disturbing us?
            Try another blog?

          • selfsovereign

            For being on this website for so long, you haven’t learned much , eh?

            Disreguard, as in DECLARING that finding new samples of I-131 is not indicitive of continued fissioning.

            Since I have a soul, I become DISAPPOINTED when gatekeeping shills minimalize pertenant, new data. When callous forces poisoning any possibility of transcendental symbiosis on this planet go unchecked (bad enough), and then you two SING out some baseless “Nothing to see here, move along” song, well,
            expect more o’ the same

            Dont mean to offend, its just that my bull$hit detector goes mad everytime you two minimalize any new data. Of which , your declarative statements on the topics of discussion, define your oxymoronical intellect on THIS subject.

          • dharmasyd dharmasyd

            @Newton. I’m glad you’re not going anywhere. I find your posts balanced and to have reasoned perspective. I may not agree with all you say, but I’m glad to hear you.

        • theypoisonus

          ROFLMAO ! @ selfsoverign

          Hay “NEWTON old boy, I’ve noticed a distinct ‘odor of mendacity’ about your posts

        • Very hard to predict when, when water and boron is being poured and cooling it !

        • selfsovereign
          Hay moron, go read the post, I presented both sides of videos, never said anything that was going to happen, only a sidebar of discussion to look at any possible links to any truths.
          When someone of authority says something it’s best to look into it, but the likelihood of a rock hitting us of a substantial size still exist ! Ask anyone ! Take your condescending statements and stick them where the sun don’t shine ! Tex, or all the other names you have used to insult people on these forums including me. KMA !

    • Water to steam flashpoint of 1700 times it’s size in a millisecond, I wouldn’t want to be working in the area !

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    hey..maybe u should pipe down..before someone tells you how bad it really is..and u get frightened.

  • SgtMAD

    the cracks could be from subsidence,the ground is now so saturated with water that the fine materials in the soils could be washing out leaving larger material behind.

    the problem with all this is the foundations of the reactors weren’t built with the idea that it would all become saturated with all the cooling water that is leaking all over the plant.

    if these runaway cores do make it to ground water levels a few cracks are the least of the worries, the flash explosion that results will blow all the soils into the atmosphere

    • Misitu

      Surely we already worked out that as the basement of the turbine hall is below sea level and that the reactor complex is only a few yards from the sea then contact with groundwater must have been made months ago ?

      Alternative hypothesis taking the above into account is that a zone of very hot subsoil/bedrock now exists around the coriums such that all the water in this zone is now gone and what is coming up in the cracks is steam, or superheated steam, from around this dry zone: the groundwater is flowing ROUND the corium zones but on contact with the hot dry zone is flashing to steam, instantly but not explosively.

      We have to interpret what we can see against the variety of physical scenarios that could now exist.

      Would be good to have this debated.

      Certainly, the foundations of the NPP are extremely dubious, but we covered that weeks ago.

  • dpl dpl

    I suggest they build a bigger tent for the nuclear geysers and turn it into a theme park
    like yellowstone.
    sell radioactive souvenirs to help pay for cleanup and get rid of waste disposal.
    call it the “11th wonder of the world”
    wonder how we could be sooo stupid
    then everyone will want to convert their worn out nuke plants to theme parks
    win-win for industry and fun for the whole family
    don’t forget to bring the kiddies.

  • So

    I specifically remember a commenter in april reporting this to happen at the end of july…

    Within a 20 day accuracy

    You thought they were crazy…anyone remember that?

    • selfsovereign

      Pay those SHILLCOATS no heed, you are miles above those trough feeders

    • Discordian

      There you are, Tacoma! I would like to know any further conclusions you have drawn since your first dire predictions in April. Those were bleak and frankly terrifying, but they had the ring of truth to them which I could not ignore.

      I distinctly recall you posting that you were going to deliver some more critical information, but I missed it. How can I get to it? I’m lost here! (Not “scientifically-minded” either, which sure doesn’t help.)

      • theypoisonus

        Here Here!! I totally agree.

        I always thought Tacoma had an air of divinity when he posted. We, on the other hand were more inclined to (want) to believe that some how this could be fixed.

        Time has proven Tacoma right and us as being overly hopeful. πŸ™

  • Cindy

    I think the corium IS in the ground. Comparing vast amounts of steam coming from the ground via fissures, and the Steam vents naturally on the Big Island, Suggests that there is an underground heat source , a big one …

    Not underground magma, but corium…

  • StillJill StillJill

    Hey theypoisonus, didn’t you know that Tacomagroove is a Sheila? πŸ™‚

  • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

    So do we have any ideas of what the potential consequences of this are?

    Tacoma has mentioned the workers being forced to evacuate…that would be the thing that could really cause things to spiral out of control. But so far it seems like they have been able to stay and accomplish at least a few things.

    Does anyone have any ideas about this?

    My geiger counter is on its way, just in time…

  • NeverAnyDanger

    Well maybe if we were getting some accurate information about what’s going on we wouldn’t feel like the sky might be falling. When all you have is very sketchy data not to mention conflicting data you do the best you can to interpret what it might mean. It’s been 5 1/2 months. When ARE they going to talk about what’s happening? As for one-sided interpretations Tepco has the monopoly on that.

    I’d like to hear what Tacoma has to say too. I haven’t been able to find anything about what may be happening to the blobs on the concrete. How hot are they likely to be? Are they eating thru the concrete? I’d love to hear some of the possibilities.
    From BBC news March 14 “A nightmare scenario for any nuclear plant is a total meltdown – where the molten core collapses in the bottom of the steel containment vessel and heats it so much that it falls through.”
    I always thought a meltdown was a real disaster. Now that there’ve been 3 meltdowns it seems like it’s not such a big deal – no one’s talking about it. “Long-term exposure to radiation makes steel and other metals turn brittle.” Is the concrete becoming brittle?

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Or has human consciousness become too brittle to repair?

      I don’t think so. No proof, but I just think this is our next evolutionary test.

    • lokay5 lokay5

      If you WERE getting some accurate information about what is going on you would be absolutely SURE the sky is falling! They’re so far over their head at Fukushima it’s pathetic.

    • Misitu

      Neverany: if it’s true as (allegedly) reported that we had a melt through – melt out then there is a hole in the concrete floor of one two or three containments. Vapour and cracks in ground suggest agreement with this.

  • Sickputer

    Commentary follows…make of it as you wish. Agree or disagree, it is what it is. At least for me.

    It’s apparent that the workers have been ordered to keep a fairly low profile around the reactors by Tepco supervisors since day 1 and the tweets tend to support that they have been staying away from dangerous radiation areas. Certainly with the plutonium factor it is enormously more dangerous on the grounds at Fukushima 1 in month 5 than at Chernobyl in the first 11 days.

    Yet…I bet if there had been a webcam at Chernobyl it would have looked like a scurrying army of hundreds of thousands of workers constantly on the move trying to centralize the debris into the bowels of the wrecked reactor 4. Miners worked like madmen to build a protective tunnel under the corium.

    How many workers have you seen on the hundreds and hundreds of the Tepco webcam clips of Fukushima 1? Probably as many as I have…less than 50.

    Doesn’t that strike you as so eerie as to make you wonder what the hell is going on? Is there any intelligent life directing this containment effort? Where is the great kamikaze spirit of the Japanese that led them to wave after wave of suicidal air attacks on the American ships in World War II? The suicide bayonet charges at Iwo Jima and Okinawa? 200 Japanese prisoners at Iwo Jima survived out of a force exceeding 20,000. The Japanese grandfathers of the Fukushima workers gave their life for their country without flinching.

    The Japanese leaders are so cautious in their actions that they have doomed this containment effort. Their failure to mobilize hundreds of thousands of workers is an indictment on themselves, the Japanese government and the world wide nuclear industry.

    They have proven there will be no Chernobyl-type sacrifices at Fukushima. In so doing not only have they created a death sentence for the island of Honshu, but quite possibly surrounding nations for thousands of miles.

    I think if there had been a call to arms the 2011 kamikaze patriots of Japan would have mobilized and answered the call. But the conflicting and confusing advice from outsiders and insiders alike has led to a dark comedy of errors. They have been more concerned with covering up issues instead of fixing them. They are more concerned with public panic than providing public awareness. They have more interest in the bottom line than the bottom of the reactors.

    Tepco and the Japanese government are digging a collective grave for the Japanese people and the end of this disaster is going to bring far more finger pointing than my words on this forum. The recriminations against this blasphemy of the Japanese customs of strength and fortitude will linger long after all the Tepco bigshots and bureacrats flee the island to save their own lives.


    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      What you express here, sp, has a profound deep influence on me. There is a sadness. The stoic strength of seppuku was a quality to be admired.

      Would that be appropriate today? I do not know? Perhaps we are working toward finding a new covenant of admittance and responsibility — one in which we recognize our fallibilities first, one where hubris is not the only value.

      I think a kamikazi/seppuku attitude first requires hubris, an arrogance which evolution requires us to give up. Perhaps we can claim a new attitude combining hubris, arrogance and humanity. Perhaps we could call it humigance — combining all the best elements: compassion, humanity, and those strong and stoic male values which, when left unbalanced, although still admirable, leave us only destitute and self destructive.

    • lokay5 lokay5

      10 stars ‘puter! Excellent!

    • Steven Steven

      Yep another winner SP +1

    • Misitu

      Yup, SP, the mitigation theatrics exactly, and also my puzzlement about the lack of honour in the honourable land of the rising sun;

      Musing about the Russian offer of assistance: one might suppose they said to the Japanese authorities: “this is how we did it at Chernobyl”

      after a long long indrawn breath, honourable Japanese elected authorities consulted their voter demographics and thanked the Russians with a “We’ll get back to you”

      How does that sound

  • Cindy

    In Hawaii on TV, there are these commercials about childrens health. Saying if you are pregnant or due soon to register so that childrens health can be monitored ..

    I’ll have to pay attn, to see what Ay is interrested. But if you follow your imagination, could it be from the threat of radiation ?

    Has anyone else seen these ads ?

  • Cindy

    OOPS , I mean which ‘Agency’ is interrested

  • NeverAnyDanger

    I just happened to come across a post by Tacoma from May 16 – I thought I’d re-post it here.

    Tacomagroove84 Collapse
    what this means: There is a tremendous amount of nuclear fuel and no way to control the temperature of it. Even if the fission process is totally arrested, the rods will continue to produce heat by decay. They can’t keep pouring water on damaged fuel rods, every time they do the rods become more and more brittle and damaged, by a process know as annealing. As the rods become more and more damaged, the water being pour in amd leaking out is becoming more and more contaminated. Eventually the integrity of the rods will be totally destroyed , the pellets will pool together and melt and a tremendous amount of heat will be produced in an uncontrollable fission reaction. it may already be to this point. At this point NOTHING will stop it, it will get so hot it will melt through concrete and steel as if it were warm butter.There have been many false alarms raised on the internet when it comes to ‘doom’ predictions. Do not be fooled. this is not one of them. This is the worst disaster ever, of any kind, in human history.If a consolidation of a large amount of molten fissionable material in the bottom of the fuel pools or reactor vessels, because at that point there is nothing that can be done to stop it and an explosion is inevitable. The water table is only a meter or so below ground level.

    The fuel in reactors one and three are making matters beyond approachable. I fear the worst is to come within a matter of weeks… (for japan). This situation is currently a level 28. please keep in mind: Tepco has been very private about reactors 5 and 6’s official status. They are in fact leaking amounts of ceasium and iodide, Iodide only has a (8day half life) meaning they are too reaching fission. I would keep my eyes on the temperatures and radiation levels near and aside of these facilities… The lack of information on the status of these fuel pools is an indicator that the fuel is certain to be a site for concern. Call it a hint, on the next batch of information to be released…

    This release is not localized. (meaning hot radioactive steam is sweeping the radiation deep into the planets jet stream and dispersing the plumes across the entire globe at a 13th the initial presence). Thus the radiation levels are very well indeed effecting national as well as international human health. Id expect that by next friday there will be roughly 1-3 more onsite deaths. (in the elderly and young). By the following week, with the data that I have secured: “I feel”, its very safe to say tepco will be forced to ask the japanese pm to abandon the site. I also feel they will be denied the option. And in roughly 3-8 weeks. the entire tepco force will be highly contaminated, and healths will deteriorate so dramatically, the japanese government will be forced to extend a plea for international intervention. The situation is quite alarming indeed.

    To make matters worse, a china syndrome is absolutely damaging to restoration efforts. Once the site is leaking radiation to the level of 5 sieverts. (which indeed it has the potential, and likely will). All BETS ARE OFF. that is instant death. gas mask or not… Jumpsuit ect. Game over…

    Its also worth noting that the recent admission of tepco sealing these facilities in any way is a myth, and a fluke. By creating any kind of a containment on these reactors, the radiation presently being released would accumulate past the point of human lifes integrity… The situation is truly out of control. There is no viable solution at this time…

    Read more: http://ecocentric.blogs.time.com/2011/05/16/was-fukushima-a-china-syndrome/#ixzz1VLeDqpo4