Report: Hoax? Irresponsible rumors claim Fukushima spent fuel pools exploded

Published: October 22nd, 2012 at 4:06 pm ET


Paul Joseph Watson, October 22, 2012:

Hoax? Researcher Claims “Explosions” Witnessed at Fukushima Reactor

Irresponsible rumors disguise real danger of unit 4 meltdown

Conspiracy websites are buzzing with claims that spent fuel pools at the Fukushima nuclear reactor have exploded, with radiation levels off the charts, although the story appears almost certainly to be a hoax.


“THIS IS THE WORST-CASE SCENARIO BECAUSE OF THE THOUSANDS OF TONS OF PLUTONIUM CONTAINED IN THESE SPENT FUEL POOLS. This is now vapourizing into the atmosphere and being disseminated with the winds. Major cloud and radiation spike estimated to hit west coast of USA in two weeks or less.”

[According to the information, a researcher] claims that he was set to do an interview with CNN today about the story, but that has yet to materialize, again suggesting the claims are not legitimate.

[…] if a deluge of people in Japan were panic buying food and rushing to airports, it would be all over Twitter and other social networks, which it isn’t.

Spreading false rumors about such a dangerous situation is highly irresponsible – precisely because of the very real threat […]

It has now been confirmed that the ground beneath reactor number 4 is sinking unevenly, causing the entire building which houses the fuel pool to tilt. […]

Watch nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen discuss recent reports that Unit 4 is sinking unevenly here

Published: October 22nd, 2012 at 4:06 pm ET


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170 comments to Report: Hoax? Irresponsible rumors claim Fukushima spent fuel pools exploded

  • Sickputer

    We will know very quickly if/when Fukushima Daiichi goes ballistic and the plant is abandoned by ground workers.

    Escaping workers will tell relatives and Japanese Internet users will flood the Net with scary reports.

    Most significantly… the cameras at Fukushima will go dark forever for public viewing.

    If that day happens there will be a lull period of a week and then public chaos in Japan and North America. The sheep will awaken from their Soma. Big Brother will try to soothe their fears, but it will be too little, too late.

    Maybe the Mayans were spot on.

    Got your water yet? 😉

    Chin up… We ain't dead yet.


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    At 1:09 ..emissions can be seen coming in from the left..above and low behind Unit 1.
    Unit 5 and 6 involvement..blow out Unit 1.
    Unit 4 ..alight with emissions.
    Heavy emissions all reactors and surroundings.
    Large glowing..from the'pit'….the fissure between Unit 2 and 3/ rare gas building area.

  • kalidances

    @Sickputer I have the music, snacks, water, and sticky green 🙂 I am ready.
    @HOTR At this point we have to just keep alerting more people and preparing to take in whoever arrives. We're ready and the government, emergency services, and media are not.
    We just have to make our peace with mortality and keep pushing on.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Presently..I am watching how this story pans out on the internet.
    It would be nice to think that..interest in this story might lead..some to look further and harder for the truth.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    “UPDATE: 10/22/12: 13:30pm Monday Japan time: “The Oct 18th explosion was due to an earthquake with a 3.9 mag. This quake breached the walls containment system, therefore causing further meltdown of the fuel rods down to their plutonium cores. There is no steam effect when Plutonium hits the air, so do not expect to see any steam like the before materials, its a ‘ vapor ‘ that cannot be seen.” – Michael Eckstein”

    12:29 JST 17 Oct 2012 37.0N 141.4E 20 km 3.8 Fukushima-ken Oki

    04:35 JST 17 Oct 2012 37.1N 140.7E very shallow 3.5 Fukushima-ken Hamadori

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Of course, there is the possibility that pro-nukars want to paint every legitimate story and complaint about nuclear power as a hoax.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Well there is also the TEPCO version of what is going on

    Tepco is going to stop coolant system of SFP reactor4 for 56 hours

    They stop the cooling..and the stuff stays cool on it's

  • Question certainty. I have always felt that the focus on the spent fuel pool of #4 was wrong. It's a diversion, in my opinion. The sinking phenomenon, on the other hand, seems to be real and of great concern. What happens when the fuel reaches the water table?

    But my concern is that every minute we spend thinking about what MIGHT happen is a wasted minute. We should be focused on the HEALTH OF THE PEOPLE right now. Yes, I'm talking about the Japanese people but not only them. The radioactivity is in the air, water and food for all of us, some more affected than others. We should be reporting on infant deaths, children having heart attacks and women having abortions because of nuclear power.

    Let's get the right focus. HEALTH is the right focus, not projected disasters at some future date or the immense cost of cleanup and restoration of the Earth. First things first: let's focus on the health of the people now. ALL of the people on planet Earth.

    Nuclear was a mistake. We will see that when we focus on the health of the people.

  • omniversling

    I picked this up after following the 'hoax' story most of the day. It's based on an 'interview' between 'Jeff Goober Wefferson' and 'Micheal Eckstein'.

    Jeff Wefferson has a face book page, and was linked to a post of one of the best collections of Fuku pix and diagrams that I've found on the net.

    Following some of those links, I ended up at this blog page, apparently authored by Jeff Wefferson. Personally, I think it's quite an extraordinary text. Very passionate, seems to be very well researched and linked, and has compelling original content.

    Midway it contains the following lines:


    Hey there! I’m not apologizing for disseminating what appears to be an inaccurate report about spent fuel pools at Fukushima. And anyone criticizing me is totally missing the point about the whole thing: few people are able even to grasp the real nature of what has already been happening since the whole Fukushima thing started last year, and what the existence of ‘all things nuclear’ actually means for life on this planet."


    Activist Mike Leonardi questioned me about this being a ‘hoax’ and my reply was that “it really doesn't matter if this recent thing is a 'hoax' or not…it's really totally insane because of WHAT'S ALREADY HAPPENED AND HAPPENING IS SO FAR BEYOND ANYONE'S COMPREHENSION and almost no one wants to think about it.

  • omniversling

    " I am sending a third follow-up posting on all this now…did you not read the second posting in which I say that I don't know if it's a hoax or not…but that it really doesn't matter? ALL THE NUCLEAR POISON IS STILL THERE and NOTHING ANY ANTI-NUCLEAR ACTIVIST CAN DO…INCLUDING YOU…CAN DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT."

    The post finishes with this:

    "OK, enough said. Relax, it was all just a silly hoax…go back to your television and video games, your fluoride and microwaves, your GE potatos, GM meat and MSG junk-food. No worries, mate!

    And be sure to vote for Mitrack Obamney because THIS REALLY MATTERS.
    Posted by Jeff Wefferson at 7:30 PM "

    The blog page is:

    A number of other pages are also authored by Weffersen, so I assume it's his blog. I've not tried to make contact yet.

    Links to Troy Livingstone's incredible collection of pics on FB:

    Link to Jeff Wefferson's FB page:

    There are some posts regarding the 'interview' with 'Michael Eckstein'.

    This out-take:

    "What I am talking about in this posting is INFINITELY MORE IMPORTANT than any specific recent micro-event.

    READ THIS and pay no attention to Michael Eckstein, Alex Jones, or Jeff Rense.


    • omniversling

      In a way all this confusion of late has served several purposes: 1) to show us how much we do rely on information that is orders of magnitude removed from our own first-hand experience 2) to get the whole Fukushima and global nuclear scenario things back onto the public radar 3) to show us how numb we have become to what is really happening in the world, and how little we in general actually know or care to know about issues affecting the very nature and survival of life as we know her on this planet.



      I'll respond to him later, and criticise and thank him. His 'pot stirring reminded me of Orson Welles' 'War of the Worlds' drama <http: //>, but may have been largely counter-productive. Those of us who are watching, are already watching, and dont need our nerves jangled. Those who are not watching, probably wont even see the commotion in the 'indy media' coverage, and if it leaks across could easily be counter-productive (crying wolf).

      My take for what it's worth? This is a genuine watcher and contributor, with good intentions who's clearly put the hours in to research, and has a voice. The blog page is very informative, and well worth a read.

      As always, filter your trust…</http:>

  • omniversling

    cut off again…always those last 25 characters are a roll of the dice…and no idea what generated the </http:>


    As always, filter your trust and curiosity….peace..

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Thoughtful posts, omniversling. I also was reminded of the Welles broadcast. Anything we do tends to have unintended side-effects, and Wefferson was lucky he didn't start a panic stampede to airports and so forth.

      Whether he did more good than harm will take a long time to crystallize. For now, I wish he had not done it.

      It was interesting watching how various people handled the situation. However, even that may not be a good predictor of what they will do "next time". Lessons learned, apathy, embarrassment, whatever.

      Life is soooo complicated.


  • kez

    Yes thank you for your research Omni.

    I also spent some time today looking but came up with a mess of different alt sites pointing the blame on a completely different alt news source I'll not name. It's easy to google.

    Your explanation is very interesting and seems more credible to cause here.

    MSM frequently highlights viral videos. So there is the fact that this hoax was squashed by its own here on the alt net community. There is something to be said for that. . . Even the tin foil hat clubs as someone mentioned last night did the right thing squashing it.

    But I do agree there was an albeit small chance this might have created some positive exposure to cause with fair investigative exposure. . . Such as yours.

    Good job.

  • kalidances

    @Omni and friends I think the worst thing one could do right now is try to paint a broad on this. On every popular blog on the internet there is at least one person who should not be there. Add MSM money and pay for post global businesses and there is bound to be drama.

    The bottom line is to stay focused. If you keep this sort of hoax stuff as solely American-made you are already behind.

    You must also remember the reverse, for every big media organization there is at least one lurking whistleblower. That's why you always let the MSM that you are paying attention, within reason, to any hoaxes. Every solved fake story is one more indictment in a court of law.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    My take on this hoax: The day might come (some believe that day is sure to come) that workers will be driven from Fuku because of SFP fires, skyshine, underground coriums, collapsing buildings, etc. It was easy to research this Hoax Event in real time, with just the resources available to the ENEnews community, and to arrive fairly quickly at the conclusion that this was a Hoax Event. Good job, as always, Admin!

    If and when that ELE Event comes to pass in reality, it will be just as easy for the ENEnews community to research, verify, and pass along the facts, and to express clearly the worldwide implications, of the Event. This will allow ENEnewsers to be at the bank before the crowd, be at the store before the shelves are bare, to be at the airport before all flights have been fully booked, and to pack the car and get out of town before the SHTF. So continue to make ENEnews the information part of your survival plan. Best of luck to us all as the FukuELE continues to unfold.