Report: Japanese rice “allegedly caused diarrhea” — Officials told not to send any more donated rice — Locals say gov’t is playing with public’s health

Published: June 5th, 2013 at 9:52 am ET


Title: Japan-donated rice unsold in Jumla
Source: Republica
Author: DB Budha
Date: June 4, 2013
h/t Anonymous tip

[…] According to Rana Bahadur Budhathoki, head of NFC [Nepal Food Corporation] in Jumla, Japanese rice is not selling well since the last two months. […]

According to the locals, the main cause of aversion toward the new rice received as donation from Japan is that it doesn’t taste good and it allegedly caused diarrhea in some cases. […]

The locals of Malikathata VDC-5 even alleged that the govenrment has been playing with the public’s health by selling sub-standard rice.

[…] Around 4,600 quintals of Japanese-donated rice was already at NFC’s Jumla depot but the government this year dispatched another 1,500 quintals. […]

The depot also said it had asked the NFC head office not to send Japanese donated rice anymore but the request fell on deaf ears. […]

See also: [intlink id=”nhk-documentary-very-serious-contamination-near-niigata-border-rice-leaf-concentrates-radioactivity-at-600-times-greater-than-water-used-for-its-cultivation-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: June 5th, 2013 at 9:52 am ET


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26 comments to Report: Japanese rice “allegedly caused diarrhea” — Officials told not to send any more donated rice — Locals say gov’t is playing with public’s health

  • jec jec

    Radiation caused illness from the rice? Criminal to spread this radiation like a virus. A virus without cure, to third world countries who do not even have a chance of health care/treatment for cancers from this junk from Japan.

  • Sol Man

    Anywhere in the world it is criminal to foist this disaster upon the People. Having the food distributed brings it right into each humans home and person. All are at risk!

  • Sickputer

    Well the bureaucrats and astute city folks in Tokyo certainly aren't going to eat rice from central Japan. Hell no!

    They buy sea bass and apples from Chile, rice from anywhere but Japan if possible. But they sure won't risk Fukushima's Revenge (the radiation squirts) from eating highly contaminated radioactive rice.

    You think they trust those government assembly line inspections of rice? Hah! They know Diogenes went looking for an honest politician in Japan and he died of myeloma before he could complete his quest.

    I suspect there's a lot more free food aid coming out of Japan than just donated hot rice. Lots of east coast canned fish being shipped to poor folks in third world countries. And Toshiba follows right behind pushing their nuclear plant designs for those power-starved countries.

  • weeman

    Even when asked not to send rice they did, why it would cost money to dispose of rice as radioactive waste, so let us give it to the poor, even if they get sick they do not have the means to prosecute the parties involved,
    That is how the mind of a socialpath works. No one wants your rice or any other food from Japan,
    I suggest that you dispose of rice by force feeding the executive officers and families of tepco and use them as the test subjects,

  • irhologram

    The problem is, we do not KNOW if U.S. sold rice is from Japan or not, thanks to Hillary. So add rice to mushrooms, fish, and meat to things you cannot eat.

    • weeman

      Say no more, we can never be sure where grown, you have been feed contaminated foods in the USA since the Nevada test, napa valley etc in close proximity and I believe that if the true stastistics were known you would be shocked and find the food was highly contaminated and still is and that is what they are using to monitor Fukushima and declare safe, since we have been forced feed for years and in their sick minds that is the price of progress and a exceptible cost, how do they justify that in what feeble mind they have, I don't know.

  • irhologram

    Then, add GMO wheat products, corn, beans, tomatoes, and potatoes…also not labeled.

    • Jay

      irhologram , 'Eat right for your blood type' puts your lists under the 'Avoid' section . You must have a high IQ to be aware of this , Best Regards !

      The principle behind Lectin avoidance ( eating according to the blood type ) is applyed DAILY , Millions of times a day around the world to find one's blood type … yet those doctors didn't made the connection in decades , well , with the exception of Dr. Peter D'Adamo , the author of the book .

      If most people would eat according to their blood type the reduction in medicare costs would be around 60 % or more !

      But did anyone measured the rice for radioactivity ? …

  • Myme

    I hope the Nepalese officials get the rice tested for trace radiation and other contaminants. If they cannot, they can send the samples to the labs in other countries. This would be a good chance.

    Diarrhea can have many causes and in many parts of the world, food and water are the top suspect. But since rice must be cooked for a long time (Japanese rice would take a good 20-40 minutes of cooking) before you can eat it, most of the typical diarrhea causing pathogens, if any, would have been killed in the boiling process.

    This makes the Nepalese claim more important to investigate. Find out what the Japanese government is doing. They did not ban farming near the Fukushima plant completely. They have been allowing the farmers to grow rice and sell for "Fukushima Recovery." Not all are consumed within Japan.

    • RichardPerry

      I do not believe the problem is radiation, they would have mixed it with good rice as they did with wheat after Chernobyl. Is it possible they are scrutinizing more now and did not know the rice in the past had the same results but not informed about it. Years ago when oranges came from Japan, had caused diarrhea with a % of the public and was reported that we were sensitive to the human fertilizer used. Surely they checked for radiation, as said under cooking is not wise with any long stored food. Japan would be careful with exports because they know they are watched closely and bad press at this time will hurt down the road.

  • mungo mungo

    i also see that they don't actually like japanese rice anyway,….

    KATMANDU – A whopping 460,000 kg of Japan-donated rice is languishing in the warehouse of government-run Nepal Food Corp. in a district in far-western Nepal because the grain has failed to find takers, officials said Wednesday.

    Villagers in Jumla, a district located 350 km northwest of Katmandu, prefer the more expensive Nepali rice sold locally to the subsidized Japanese rice for reasons ranging from the latter’s different taste to the fact that it becomes sticky and does not increase in volume in the course of cooking, said Rana Bahadur Budhathoki, NFC chief for the district.

    “Though the Japanese rice is far better in quality than Nepali rice sold in the district, people are not buying Japanese rice because of their food habit,” Budhathoki said.

    The subsidized Japanese rice is priced at 39 rupees (¥43.3) per kg. However, villagers are buying Nepali rice priced between 40 and 100 rupees a kilo.

    According to Budhathoki, the main concern among villagers is that the Japanese rice does not swell in the course of cooking.

    “Nepali rice, on the other hand, swells up in the course of cooking. Villagers say they prefer rice that swells as it feeds more people,” Budhathoki said.

    “Villagers also complain that they don’t know how to cook Japanese rice. They don’t like sticky rice. They have even nicknamed the Japanese rice as chewing-gum rice,” he added.

  • Replacant Replacant

    So if Al Qaeda send radiation laced rice around the world wouldnt there be a call to stop this cruel attack? But if the Japanese government and businesses are doing the same it is ok? WTF? How can this not be a criminal conspiracy?

    • many moons

      Replacant….you really nailed that one.
      This is going on all to much….terrorist are who we say they are..

    • combomelt combomelt

      just replace the words "japan" or "tepco" with "alqaeda" in any news report and it makes anyone wonder WTF is going on!

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Is it possible to have all food and all other goods tested for radiation? Isn't the health of the public important?

    Also, crops that are free of GMO are in danger of having cross contamination by nature.
    GMO Free might not be GMO Free for long.

    Stop contaminating our environment, water, and foods just for profit.

    • We Not They Finally

      Thank you, windorsolarplease, for the incredibly well-meaning, incredibly naïve statement. The EPA shut down nearly all radiation monitors following the Fukushima disaster. Then they outright announced that they would NOT test Pacific Coast fish because the chance of contamination from Japan was "negligible." Nothing is tested, nothing is labeled, nothing has changed. And what about those dead sea lions? Did anyone test them for radiation EVER? If they did, they won't say.

      GMO is with us to stay and the only labeling is by companies who do NOT do it. The big ogre there is Monsanto. Except that they have all the patents for aluminum-resistant seeds and we are being showered with aluminum from chemtrails. So we will be forced to eat bad foods. And (God forbid) whatever else they put in the seeds but don't tell anyone.

      Someone who does conscientious radiation testing however (of both air and food) is Michael Collins of if you want to check that out.

      Oh, I'm sure you want us to "win." We want us to win, too! It's just more and more daunting, especially with the public so dumbed-down.

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    There is a youtube video, back in the early days, of locals meeting with company officials that talked about selling the contaminated food to the poor. They are hungry so they will eat it. The locals were pleading with them to not do such a thing.. If I have time later, I will look for it.

  • Quite a lively discussion, nukers don't stand a chance. Their lies ring hollow.

    Check out this new Farcebook page and let them know what you think, really.

  • We Not They Finally

    I'm sure most or many ENE-newsers saw a previous article how areas in Fukushima areas are so contaminated, that people are not allowed back to their homes at night. But they can plant and harvest rice there during the day! And once it is sent to market, I doubt that there are special labels marking the food as poison…

  • m a x l i

    The article has little information and leaves a many questions. Why is Japan donating rice to Nepal? Are there people starving in Nepal without donations? Where in Japan exactly does the rice come from? Does it have an elevated radiation level (above pre-Fukushima)? If no, then this news is (in my unimportant opinion) not very relevant in the usual context of ENENEWS. If yes: how high is the radioactivity; is the mentioned diarrhea being caused by the radiation/contaminants; who is responsible for the delivery; is this part of a plan to intentionally distribute radiation around the world to get rid of the control group?

  • Passivity, Complacency, And Plausible Deniability – On Fukushima Beach 2: The Lights of Fukushima; via @AGreenRoad

    Low Level Nuclear Radiation In Food And Water