Atlantic: Mafia ties behind some lawmakers’ push to nationalize Tepco — 3 of Fukushima 50 were local bosses or soldiers says journalist

Published: December 30th, 2011 at 12:31 pm ET


The Yakuza and the Nuclear Mafia: Nationalization Looms for TEPCO, The Atlantic Wire by Jake Adelstein, Dec. 30, 2011:

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), the monolithic corporation that controls all electric power in Greater Tokyo, and runs the Fukushima Daichii nuclear plant that experienced a triple meltdown following the March 11 earthquake, is on the brink of nationalization according to Japanese government sources. The official reason is that the firm may not be able to handle the massive compensation payments it owes to victims of the meltdown without going bankrupt. Unofficially, the firm has such long-standing ties to anti-social forces, including the yakuza—that some members of the Diet, Japan’s national legislature, feel the firm is beyond salvation and needs to be taken over and cleaned up. […]

The Fukushima plant is located in the turf of the Sumiyoshi-kai, which is the second largest yakuza group in Japan with roughly 12,000 members; it has a well-known office in Tokyo’s Ginza District and operates under the banner Hama Enterprise. One mid-level executive in the organization even defends the role of his members in the Fukushima disaster. “The accident isn’t our fault,” he said. “It’s TEPCO’s fault. We’ve always been a necessary evil in the work process. In fact, if some of our men hadn’t stayed to fight the meltdown, the situation would have been much worse. TEPCO employees and the Nuclear Industry Safety Agency inspectors mostly fled; we stood our ground.” […]

Over 140 workers have been found to have used fake names when getting jobs doing reconstruction work and are presently unaccounted for. In reporting for Yakuza and the Nuclear Industry Tomohiko Suzuki was able to get into the reactor as a cleanup worker under false pretenses partly by using organized crime connections. According to Suzuki, three of the fabled “Fukushima Fifty” who stayed behind during the most dangerous days of high-level radiation leaks were local yakuza bosses and soldiers. […]

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Published: December 30th, 2011 at 12:31 pm ET


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23 comments to Atlantic: Mafia ties behind some lawmakers’ push to nationalize Tepco — 3 of Fukushima 50 were local bosses or soldiers says journalist

  • The paper suggests that a real final report need to be done, as the 500 page report fails to wraps up the overall perspective including how NISA has become so incompetent and why radiation modeling was not released to public.

    • lokay5 lokay5

      On my comp, right above the “mafia” headline, there is an ad for the new

      “The Godfather Five Families”


      The Fuku story gets wierder by the day!

      Sounds like the clean-up workers got an offer they couldn’t refuse…

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    The mafia as heroes – that’s a tale you don’t hear often. This saga just gets weirder by the day.

  • or-well

    Haha! This story is astonishing for the blatant ordinariness of organised crime in Japan it portrays!

    “The primary difference between TEPCO and the yakuza is they have different corporate logos.”

    And what is a yakuza fan magazine ?

  • Mack Mack

    Key points from the article:

    “In the Japanese underworld, the nuclear industry is the last refuge for those who have nowhere to go.”

    “Many of the workers are homeless people, debtors to yakuza loan sharks, or former yakuza who have been expelled from their group.”

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    I am really confused now.

    I usually like the Atlantic as an msm source. I would normally have found this story fascinating. Here’s what baffles me:

    1. We Enenewsers seem to believe for the most part that the Fukushima disaster is huge. It’s a nuclear-gone-mad story that may have devastating planet-wide consequences. This article generally ignores that huge issue and instead tells a somewhat mundane “crime and corruption” story, a story that seems to have been common knowledge (or common rumor) all along. How can one do a detailed piece on Fukushima without telling the big story? How can one come so close, so tantalizingly close, to doing “the real story”, and then stop short?

    2. The piece tells us (breathlessly?) that the inside scoop on why the government wants to take over Tepco is not the nuclear disaster, or Tepco’s bankruptcy, but rather that Tepco is infiltrated by Yakuza. Within the self-same story we learn that the government is itself under the influence of Yakuza (doh). “…The same firm also allegedly paid over a million dollars in under the table political donations to Ichiro Ozawa, former “kingpin” of Japan’s ruling party, the Democratic Party of Japan.” So we are to believe that the bad guys will clean up the bad guys while we all ignore the ongoing nuclear maelstrom.

    I don’t get it. Why write it? Why write it this way? What comes next?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    ..what comes next?… the Yakuza preying upon the people… many ways typical of their kind…

  • lokay5 lokay5

    Mafia, huh. Maybe THAT explains the lack of media coverage.


    “You print anything negative about Fukushima and we’ll break your kneecaps”, right Vito?

    “Duh, yeah boss”

  • americancommntr

    Crime ruins nations.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Yeah, just let THE BIG CREATOR take care of it. HE will fix it, right??

      /sarc off

      • lokay5 lokay5

        Right on B&B. Right freakin’ ON!

        I got your “Big Creator” right here!

      • americancommntr

        He might if people cared enough to earnestly ask. Or, it might be that Japan and the world are going to have to live (and die) with the consequences of their inaction against crime and decisions to use nuclear power and ignore all the suppressed technologies that could have made it unnecessary to begin with.

        Seems like somebody is sensitive about the very idea there might be a Creator God. Yet the very genetic information in your bodies, was written by Him. It’s one of the reasons I’d bet God hates nuclear power, it’s damaging all the information in all the life He made, piling up generation upon generation, accelerating mutation and decay and death.

        “Those who destroy the earth” are specifically mentioned as destined for judgment in end times. Who fits that bill better than those who destroy the information of life upon the earth, and those who are responsible for us still using dirtier carbon source energies when we could be getting energy from out of thin air, not to mention superefficient use of the sun, sonoltyic or catalytic hydrogen from water, etc. We could be running our cars, generators, and furnaces on water. Several times over the technology has been discovered.

        I think its really stupid and sad when people criticize a God they don’t even know. They expect Him to do everything for them, but don’t believe they should have to do anything He says. “Leave me alone” is how most people live, until there’s a crisis, then they call for help or blame God for the crisis. Actions have consequences. Sin can be forgiven, but consequences, from sometimes to often, have to be lived with.

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          I don’t criticize a God, whether he/she/it exists or not, whatever his/her/its name might be.
          I don’t expect him/her/it do do anything for me.
          I respect anyone’s feeling towards religion or their personal beliefs, be it in a religious or spiritual way.
          I do have a problem though with folks openly promoting creationism and blaming Darwin for things going wrong, as you’ve done in earlier posts.
          This, to me, is stupid and sad.

          But: to each their own. I wish you a very happy new year!


          • lokay5 lokay5

            And I have a problem with the idea that “God” will make everything better, if we simply ask. Appparently, therefore, mankind can screw up everything on the planet, including the planet itself, with total disregard, and “God” will fix all of our fuckups if we just ask “Him”.
            If I were “God” I’d tell mankind, “I didn’t screw it up. YOU did! YOU fix it!”
            I think people are WAAAAY too dependent on “God” to fix the mistakes we make.

  • Hmmmm… The links between criminals, corruption and government as well as industry seem to be really blurred in Japan. I wonder if it is any different in the USA, or other countries for that matter?

    Read ‘Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man’, a book detailing the mafia gangland style of government that the US used to take over foreign countries using economic pressure. This is from the guy who actually got hired to DO this, over and over again, using the IMF and other tools (like threats of invasion) as a way to take over governments, without having to fire a shot.

    Some accuse the ‘terrorists’ of being extreme. Some use the excuse of ‘exporting freedom and democracy’ to invade other countries. Have you ever wondered why the only countries we seem to invade/occupy have huge natural resources, mines and other ‘treasure’?

    I read an article recently that showed how the US government and nuclear industry pressured Japan to ‘accept’ nuclear power, over their objections, as part of the after World War II plan and post occupation ‘influence’. I wonder how big that influence was and still is? How much influence and pressure is the US and allied nuclear agencies applying in terms of this Fukushima crisis?

  • It’s not different in this country. That nuclear power is a criminal enterprise with heavy connections to organized crime is something as important to make generally known as the horrors of Daiichi. Daiichi is motivation for people to get off their duffs and do something about the very existence of these monstrosities sitting within 50 miles of more than 116 million Americans, just waiting for the opportunity to melt and/or explode. The Mafia connection inures the newly-awakened to any and all pleas that sound a lot like…

    “Who could have foreseen?”

    Here’s my contribution, thanks to enenews for bringing the article to our attention…

  • or-well

    Light A.M. starter-
    Yakuza Paloosa
    crime-riddled tsunami
    all official Japan
    a bigtime crime-family,
    hands in the pockets
    thru rackets, protection,
    handouts from
    thru business connections,
    gangsters & tattoos & nuke expertise –
    the cops are in handcuffs
    so they do as they please.
    Someone yelled “Hands Up-
    all those who are Hostage” –
    The Gov’t arms were a forest of sausage.
    No help from them
    they’re no better than garbage,
    nut the citizens swollen with
    Samurai courage
    said we’re getting ready
    to give you a message.

  • lokay5 lokay5

    Nice work, or-well. Thanks.