Report: Manure with 255 CPM bought in Southern California (VIDEO)

Published: September 8th, 2011 at 8:15 am ET


Fukushima Fallout 255 CPM Radioactive Manure Purchased In Southern California August 2011, geigercounter2011, August 15, 2011:

h/t Justme


Another recent report of radioactive manure in California:

UC Berkeley Food Chain Sampling – Dried manure sample, Collected at a farm in Sacramento, collection date 8/16:

Cs134 @ 5.18 Bq/kg (140.4 pCi/kg)
Cs137 @ 7.93 Bq/kg (214.9 pCi/kg)

Published: September 8th, 2011 at 8:15 am ET


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30 comments to Report: Manure with 255 CPM bought in Southern California (VIDEO)

  • Sky775

    You need to fix the title. Sacramento is Northern California. This is worrisome.

  • OT: Nearing the 100 Year Anniversary of the U.S. Federal Reserve.(controlled by TPTB)

    Since 1913, the World’s Banking Elite has churned our Planet into “Killing Fields”, all in the name of Profits.

    …It may now be too late for our Planet, but any first step to recovery would be the dismanteling of the Federal Reserve and pitchforks for the Worlds Banking elite.

    No doubt in my mind.

    red red wine

    • theypoisonus

      red red wind,

      1926 issue of The Dearborn Independent, published by Henry Ford.

      Behind the McFadden Bill

      interesting reading. I NEEDS to be done, but it won’t be done. 🙁

      on the manure
      Aug. 15. One has to ask, was the radiation already there in subsequent years, given that we know just S. of La was the Simi Valley Nuclear area and could that have come from the US and not from Japan. Along with the fact of all the junk they did in NV. just E. of Calif.

      Years ago I read an article where John Wayne and a couple of other older movie stars believed that they had gotten cancer from the Nuclear tests in NV where they used to shoot alot of western films.

      Before this “event”, people weren’t checking manure, let alone vegetables, etc.

      I’m far from saying that it isn’t Japan’s crapola, but given all we have read, and I’m sure that isn’t all the truth, how do we know anymore where ANY of this stuff is truly coming from now?

    • pg

      There are 7 heads to this beast, the the first head is the banksters. Drug cartels, gun cartels, oil cartels, big pharmacy, human/organ/child smugglers, vatican are the other heads that would would love to fill the gap after the banks were silenced. The fed. gov. is lost and out of control. EPA, CDC, FDA, NRC, NASA, ADA, USGS, DHS, TFA, house, senate, etc. littered with scum. There is much work to be done and it is far too late to fix it through the system. We need the dollar to crash. No dollar, no way to pay 21,000,000 federal employees. From there we can sort reverse the scales and flush the toilets.

      • pg…A simple logical solution is for all citizens to simply stop paying their taxes…Starve the Government.

        …How is the Govt gonna arrest 300 million citizens?

        Brings down any govt real quick…no protests, no loss of life either.

        No revenues, no Government.

        …Some group will figure it out sooner or later…

        red red wine

        • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

          @red red wine

          The problem is that most people who work have their taxes deducted BEFORE their paycheck is issued.

          If people could be persuaded to buy enough food and supplies to last 6-12 months (as the Mormons do), they could simultaneously stop going to work and not return until they agreed with what the remnants of government would do.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Rooks (in Japan) checked in @ HP. I’ll post his UPDATE MINUS his slam on Nuclear Cheerleaders:
    “The insiders outside of Japan have no idea what they are talking about. They base their analysis on what newspapers report in Japan. Ask them where they get the data. They have no evidence to support their view.

    Corium is lost and they turn this into a success. Of course if temps lowered to below 100 degrees that would be a good sign if they actually knew where the corium was. But, they do not. Lower temps in reactor 1 and 3 indictate the corium has left the buildings. #2 suggests it is still there somewhere in the facility.

    Long story short,radi­ation levels in Japan reported are results from atmosphere testing, not what has been absorbed where childen are most exposed”

  • TESTED BEER, seaweed, green tea… all purchased in Los Angeles, CA area.

    It will soon be coming at us from all directions. It already is! The ‘spreadation’ of these radioactive contaminants cannot be stopped.

    The ‘experts’ know that, but they would prefer that you don’t think about radiation or it’s destructive affects on ALL LIFE forms.

    • milk and cheese milk and cheese

      Even though I know this is the case, and has been for some time, the Geiger readings still have me sitting here with the tears running down my face.

  • pg

    That looks like a Anton Model 5. A good meter as long as it is calibrated correctly. The first place radiation shows up is in manure and milk but I would like to see this test confirmed with a digital and analog meter. This is important. Cows make milk, beef, cheese, leather, burgers, manure, steaks, etc.

  • StillJill StillJill

    pg said, “We need the dollar to crash. No dollar, no way to pay 21,000,000 federal employees. From there we can sort reverse the scales and flush the toilets.”
    +1,000–StillJill likes!

    (Glad you said it though pg, and not me). I’ll bet this idea will go over like the proverbial fart in the spacesuit!

    You’re winning friends and influencing people now pg,…(I’ve got your back!!!) 🙂

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear Still and pg: it’s not federal workers that are the problem, as is it rarely if ever the workers in a hierarchical system that are the problem. Of course, it’s the head of the beast and the system itself that is the problem. To target unionized government workers for criticism that is proportionately out of focus is very counterproductive to doing anything that would create transparency and direct democracy (everyone empowered and the government actually directly answerable to all of us who are NOT billionaires) to overcome the problems, and I shouldn’t have to remind anyone whose ever worked in a corporation, that are created from the top-down in all corporativist systems. Those in power really want you to target other workers and to never focus the appropriate amount of ire and action against those who are most responsible, which are those at the top: billionaires, multinational corporate heads/boards, military and covert leaderships (permanent government all). All modern systems based in capitalism, globalization (neoliberalism is not liberal, but intensified fascism) are corporativist, covert and martial. There aren’t any corporations that aren’t run as dictatorships, with the tiny percentage of worker-owned concerns proving the rule. Since they are hierarchical, logically and factually, those most responsible for things that occur in such systems are heads of those systems. We have a long and unfortunate history of cultural defects in the U.S., as elsewhere but not inevitable, of popular worshiping the most greedy, selfish, violent, and parasitic parts of our society (the wealthiest) and of eschewing community responses that would upset the unjust applecart of parasitism by the few feeding intensely on the rest of us, even of the ones who have deluded themselves into blaming other workers. It is not a post office clerk who is making decisions to lie to you about radiation, nuclear power plant accidents, Manhattan project and modern nuclear wastes, including Plutonium tainted materials kept in leaking, rusty steal drums in canyons in the open and open to the elements, when WE were lucky enough that THEY (decision) makers even made the effort to put them in drums and not dump these highly toxic wastes into nature.

      • A simple logical solution is for all citizens to simply stop paying their taxes…Starve the Government.

        …How is the Govt gonna arrest 300 million citizens?

        Brings down any govt real quick…no protests, no loss of life either.

        No revenues, no Government.

        …Some group will figure it out sooner or later…

        red red wine

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Actually, it is the plan of the NWO for the dollar to crash. Then we won’t have more freedom, but less freedom. The solution with be the NAFTA dollar and the NAFTA country:

  • lam335 lam335

    I have no doubt that fallout has been raining down on us since March, and I am sure that there are hot spots dotting the country as a result. Nevertheless, in the spirit of devil’s advocate, I want to raise a question. Every time I see one of these privately produced videos showing radiation spikes, I wonder how can we be sure that the video is legitimate, and that someone is not simply trying to raise alarm or gain notoriety or even (perversely) amuse themselves. The problem is that we don’t have any way to independently corroborate these private findings (especially when they are a month old, like this one). I do not doubt that people are finding hotspots, and I am not necessarily more suspicious of this one than of others, I just want to raise the concern that with ANY of these private readings, we can never be 100% certain that they are legitimate (I grant–we can’t be certain that the “official” readings of the EPA are undistorted either, but that’s a different sort of problem).

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi lam335,

      You have raised a very good question. I have been asked that same question from my family, and I have not been able to answer that question to their satisfaction.

      You are right, not everyone is honest. I have no doubt that some readings from people are inaccurate due to dishonesty and also by mistakes.

      We have to ask ourselves, why haven’t they disclosed “all” the official information, and why has the media backed off reporting on one of the worse continual disasters.

      There are legitimate reports out there, you just have to search, and they show an increase. It makes sense that, the jet stream would bring the radiation here.

      This is why there are people who keep asking for full disclosure.

      Thank goodness for the professionals who do speak out, letting the public know.

    • One would think that even with unofficial findings that it would send a message to the official officials in charge of testing to maybe take a closer look. However, that has not happened.

      Officials would include the EPA, Departments of Health (local to fed), Food industries (farming through grocery), Military, Academics and others. Yet, virtually nothing.

      There is only one reason I can think of that NOTHING is being stated. They do not want you to know or even think about radiation contamination because the political and economic fallout would be devastating. Yet, the REAL fallout continues.

      So the ‘official’ officials love it when independent people make a reading and then people can discuss the unreliability of such a test. This then creates further ‘deniable credibility’ which is what the Nuclear Industry thrives upon.

      So yes, who’s to say, what the credibility level of this reading is. On the other hand, I do not see any ads or links where this person is trying to sell anything. They spent the time to take a reading several weeks ago, film it and post it. That takes a bit of effort.

      I would put more ‘faith’ in a test or reading from someone who has nothing to gain and has done this sort of service out of kindness of their heart and concern for others.

      I would not return the product or let others use it. That would be criminal negligence now wouldn’t it. Of course whoever buys it won’t know that’s what caused their illness or their child’s illness in the years to come. No way to prove it. Again… deniable credibility. Dang! 🙁

      If I had a Rad Detector and I found food or manure or anything to be contaminated I would take it to the corporate office doors and dump it in their lap!!!

  • WindorSolarPlease

    I would not want any Country to collapse, it would be harder on the people.
    It would never hurt where you want it, they would be fine.

    I would not mind an improvement change where officials were honest, working for the Country and the public, instead of working for the corporations/bankers.

    Start with, stopping the extra funding/perks for the politicians, full disclosure. Corporations are not people, corporations are a place of business run by people. Limit funds that can be received by the people to the politicians.

    The way this is going with the radiation, it won’t matter.
    If this disaster isn’t stopped, we will all have bigger problems.

    Do I think there are Countries are on the verge of collapsing and changing: Yes, I believe things are going to change in many places. Changes have already happened, some just haven’t gotten the memo yet.

  • dpl dpl

    It has been decreed that nuclear power is the only green power available to achieve GW reductions targets. Solar wind and geo thermal are fine for backwater 3rd worlders but real men use nuke power. The hostages will just have to get use to that fact. Sure there is a risk associated with controlling atomic reactors but we are sure that you will still want your power well do you punk.

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    I just don’t feel well and you will please pardon me if I don’t visit too often.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Take care of yourself Milk and cheese.

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Still and pg: Sorry, if earlier in the day I misinterpreted your conversation. I wrote quickly and just reread my typo-filled mess. Best wishes to us all.

  • Blown Camaro

    I sure hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day BBQ because on the next one all the meat will be well done.