Report: Massive radiation leak at Fukushima plant — Extremely high levels being detected outside reactor — Officials can’t explain why — Expert warns of global threat: “It’s a disaster of unseen proportions” (VIDEO)

Published: February 6th, 2018 at 7:23 am ET


The Independent, Feb 2, 2018 (emphasis added): Fukushima nuclear disaster: Lethal levels of radiation detected in leakExpert warns of ‘global’ consequences unless the plant is treated properly… [Tepco] found eight sieverts per hour of radiation, while 42 [sieverts] were also detected outside its foundations… It came as Tepco said the problem of contaminated water pooled around the plants three reactors that is seeping into the ground has caused a major headache in its efforts to decommission the plant… Mycle Schneider, an independent energy consultant and lead author of the World Nuclear Industry Status Report, said that Tepco “hasn’t a clue what it is doing” in its job to decommission the plant. He added that the contaminated water that is leaking at the site could end up in the ocean if the ongoing treatment project fails and cause a “global” disaster, he told The Independent… “I find it symptomatic of the past seven years, in that they don’t know what they’re doing, Tepco, these energy companies haven’t a clue what they’re doing, so to me it’s been going wrong from the beginning. It’s a disaster of unseen proportions.” Mr Schneider added that the radiation leaks coupled with the waste from the plant stored in an “inappropriate” way in tanks could have global consequences… “This can get problematic anytime, if it contaminates the ocean there is no local contamination, the ocean is global, so anything that goes into the ocean goes to everyone.” He added: “It needs to be clear that this problem is not gone, this is not just a local problem. It’s a very major thing.”

NHK, Feb 1, 2018: High radiation detected at Fukushima plant… A remote-controlled inspection of the Unit 2 reactor containment vessel last month detected a maximum of 8 sieverts per hour of radiation… [Tepco] said the radiation reading was taken near what appeared to be fuel debris, the term used to describe a mixture of molten fuel and broken interior parts… radiation levels remain so high that they present a major challenge to decommissioning work. During the probe, 42 sieverts per hour of radiation was also detected outside the foundations of the reactor. But officials said they have doubts about the accuracy of the reading because a cover had not been removed from the measuring instrument at the time. They added that they don’t know why radiation levels were lower near the suspected fuel debris than around the foundations. They gave a number of possible reasons, such as that cooling water may have washed radioactive materials off the debris…

RT, Feb 2, 2018: An inspection of the Fukushima nuclear plant has detected extremely high amounts of radiation, says operator TEPCO… Experts can’t explain why radiation levels in fuel debris were lower than outside the reactor’s foundations

Sputnik, Feb 4, 2018: ‘Global Consequences’ of Lethal Radiation Leak at Destroyed Japan Nuclear Plant… While 8 Sv/h is deadly, outside of Fukushima’s Reactor Number 2 foundations… a much higher level of 42 Sv/h was detected. A strange occurrence, and experts are still arguing what caused the discrepancy. One possible explanation is that cooling water washed radioactive material off debris, taking it somewhere else. But here’s a truly terrifying catch: according to the report, Tepco highly doubts the new readings, because, as was discovered later, a cover was not removed from the robot-mounted measurement device at the time of the inspection, NHK World reports… While that radiation dosimeter cover negligence prevents precise calculations, the actual picture inside Unit 2 is thought to be much worse

Watch NHK’s broadcast here

Published: February 6th, 2018 at 7:23 am ET


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1,290 comments to Report: Massive radiation leak at Fukushima plant — Extremely high levels being detected outside reactor — Officials can’t explain why — Expert warns of global threat: “It’s a disaster of unseen proportions” (VIDEO)

  • from the Bigthink

    The article makes maddening reading for anyone aware of what science has learned about the biological effects of nuclear radiation. As the article reports, study of the survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki has established with great certainty that the risk from nuclear (ionizing) radiation is exceptionally low, far lower than most of us realize. Those studies have found that the levels to which Fukushima area residents were exposed is likely to produce so few cancers that they will be undetectable in any analysis of normal cancer rates.

    no comments allowed of course

  • LOL

    UK Home Secretary Ruud, forced to resign after writing a memo that she intends to follow the law better than before.

    UK Home Secretary and Theresa May ally Amber Rudd has resigned following the Sunday publication by The Guardian of a private letter to May, in which Rudd sets an "ambitious but deliverable" target to deport 10% more illegal immigrants over the "next few years" – a goal she set personally.

  • laconic93 laconic93

    Possible Nuclear Strike in Syria.

    Look at the pixalation and compare to this Yemen tactical strike.

    And for all you numb nutz who say the Yemen explosion isnt nuclear unless you got better credentials than this guy shut your pie hole.

    Analysis by Jeff Smith who is a nuclear physicist and former IAEA inspector:

    A video received from Yemen, believed to be taken May 20, 2015, of an explosion, when analyzed by nuclear weapons experts is, by very high probability, a neutron bomb that could only have been an Israeli attack.

    The analysis:


    • The residual "fission products" i.e. the bad radiation that we speak of in Fukushima, is about half in a neutron bomb than a conventional bomb.

      So the detection of such radiation should be simplistic.

  • youse guys so blow headed by Trump, you missing the nuclear issues…..

    Due to an increased level of radiation in the given block, maintenance works in the reactor have been most recently handicapped, but the maintenance company says there is no need to worry.

    The reactor cooling system at the Doel nuclear power station has suffered a leak, although no danger is posed to the personnel or to the environment, the operating company Engie-Electrabel reported Saturday.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    This may be a repost "Radiation to atmosphere from Fukushima now estimated to be up to 8 times more than from Chernobyl nuclear accident"

    • Jebus Jebus

      The original is from John Laforge on the 27th…

      To determine its estimate of the cesium-137 that was released into the environment from Fukushima, the Cesium-137 release fraction (4% to the atmosphere, 16% to the ocean) was multiplied by the cesium-137 inventory in the uranium fuel inside the three melted reactors (760 to 820 quadrillion Becquerel, or Bq), with these results:

      Ocean release of cesium-137 from Fukushima (the worst ever recorded): 121.6 to 131.2 quadrillion Becquerel (16% x 760 to 820 quadrillion Bq). Atmospheric release of Cesium-137 from Fukushima: 30.4 to 32.8 quadrillion Becquerel (4% x 760 to 820 quadrillion Bq).

      Total release of Cesium-137 to the environment from Fukushima: 152 to 164 quadrillion Becquerel. Total release of Cesium-137 into the environment from Chernobyl: between 70 and 110 quadrillion Bq.

      The Fukushima-Daiichi reactors’ estimated inventory of 760 to 820 quadrillion Bq (petabecquerels) of Cesium-137 used by the KAER Institute is significantly lower than the US Department of Energy’s estimate of 1,300 quadrillion Bq. It is possible the Korean institute’s estimates of radioactive releases are low.


  • WaPo counts this 26 times as a "lie", methinks that is intentionally deceptive on WaPos account.

    Their purpose is simply to attack Trump

    “Since the election, we've created more than three million jobs including 300,000 new jobs in manufacturing.”
    Repeated 26 times
    Apr 28, 2018Apr 16Apr 12Apr 9Mar 20Mar 14Mar 10Mar 8Mar 7Feb 26Feb 23Feb 5Feb 1Jan 30Jan 26Jan 24Jan 18Jan 8Dec 30, 2017Dec 20Dec 18Dec 13Dec 8Dec 6Nov 29Nov 5

    Topic: Jobs

    Source: Prepared speech

    Trump is counting jobs from Election Day, even though he did not take office until almost three months later. At the time, about 2.5 million jobs had been created during his presidency. The number of manufacturing jobs created in his presidency is about 260,000.

  • curenado

    I heard about that old book "skunk em off with radiation, there's nothing they can do" but it was too hard to imagine they would sterilize the whole planet, just to knock back the non-billionaires. I still can't get how ruining the food and water they drink too would seem like a good idea…but this whole fukushima thing has been a joke from the start and I suppose could be more "floppy and disjointed", if they really tried…..the news we get tho only gets worse and no sign so far of any effort to contain it.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    The won't let good radioactive dirt go to waste -"(Natural News) When nuclear disaster struck at Japan’s Fukushima-Daiichi power plant, it was clear that the environmental impact of such extreme amounts of radiation would be immeasurable. Reports on just how bad the situation at the plant is have continued to reveal a devastating truth: Even in 2017, the amount of radiation being produced by the damaged reactors was lethal. In spite of the obvious risk, Japanese government officials are now looking to make use of the radioactive Fukushima — by using dirt from the site to build new roads."

  • Innovating Health CEO Tipping the Establishment On It's Greedy Head, Found Dead at 28 YO

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      killing your business opposition is considered good business and results in necessary, beneficial outcomes via social Darwinism. The general idea is this; rule of law provides a universal substitute for personal morality, and social Darwinism produces the fittest and strongest, therefor breaking the law and killing, if you can get away with it, is somewhat more than acceptable.

      I have personally talked with the familial owner of a huge food giant. He stated the above, in different words.

      People dont generally realize what a pervasive effect Darwin and social Darwinism has on their subconsciously held belief systems. Its positively huge, and quite amazing how this belief and bias could filter down through history and around the world without direct explanations from the source.

      I think its fair to say that political conservatives embrace social Darwinism…even while not realizing it…than liberal thinkers.

      Its interesting that Jews in the U.S. vote predominantly liberal democrat. Here again, its not plausible that U.S. jews are reading the varied philosophies of rabbis on the question of social Darwinism. Instead, the floating memes with psychological buttons go far to mold the ideology of ape-man. In this case, the powerful embrace and promotion of the holocaust, widely assumed to be used as political leverage in the current world stage.

      In conclusion, we can thank the social Darwinist ideas (even Karl Marx was a social Darwinist) for the current…

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        the strange case of social Darwinism and the political divide

        John Sides writes

        "When the Republican party reached out to white Protestant evangelicals, who eventually came to constitute the party’s base, Jews reacted negatively because they perceived a threat to the liberal regime. Evangelicals, with their “God talk,” insistence on a “Christian America,” and general willingness to deny fundamental liberties to some minorities on religious grounds, struck many American Jews as a fundamental danger to core values of the polity. Accordingly, Jewish support for Democratic presidential nominees rose from roughly two-thirds to three-fourths in the 1990s and thereafter.

        I dont think this quite captures the core motive. Its a given that financial gain is at the base of U.S. jewish socio-political motive. The economy has done better under Democratic presidents

        and 'economy' in the capitalist tradition is all about maximizing transfer of wealth from the working class to the business class.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        hey, whats the word limit around here anyway? I was saying it may be that more political conservatives embrace social Darwinism…..even while not realizing it….than liberal thinkers, exemplified by their belief that social strength and fiber comes from self reliance, and is eroded by social welfare.

        But economically speaking, capitalism is the force that benefits both the elite conservative and liberal, and that we can thank the social Darwinist ideas (even Karl Marx was a social Darwinist) for the current economic utopia, enjoyed by the few who own the wealth of the many

        • Code, your attempt to equate modern day liberal with self reliance and lack of social welfare is just beyond baffling to me.

          I think you are trying to win a point and losing your basis in what is really going on.

          See how well "they" have divided us? LOL

          • danger kitty danger kitty

            stock, I think you are misreading this sentence of Code's–>
            "…exemplified by their belief that social strength and fiber comes from self reliance, and is eroded by social welfare."
            If I read the word "their" as referring to conservatives, it makes the most sense.
            Note that the sentence refers to a "belief" in self-reliance. My take is that none of the financial, political or business players at the top level are self-reliant, unless you count parasiteism. That usery adds up.
            Not going to stay and chat, especially this subject; you and Code are covering it pretty well, and I'm off to bed.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              stock, danger has it right. I was referring to the conservative republican who believes welfare weakens the public, and thus implicitly invokes the philosophy of social Darwinism.

              One must be extremely precise and explicit because misunderstanding seems to rule the day.

              Both stock and razzz have said my views on economics and politics are radically untenable, or to quote razzz, fucked up in the head. But an unbiased observer would admit I have delivered in nearly every case. I brought the studies, the numbers, the quotes.

              Frankly, my stance does not seem to be so very controversial; i.e. the economic system is based on wealth extraction, not fair trade. The consequence could hardly be more decisive; the masses have lost some 80% of their wealth to the investment class capitalist. The numbers are not really debated, as far as Ive seen

              Therefor, Im inclined to view their incredulity as a sign of cognitive dissonance stemming from long standing beliefs which are threatened. Does anybody else see it that way?

              The subject is pivotal; we cant hope to change the diseases of civilization unless we address the root causes. Social Darwinism is a case in point. I havent focused on this until now, but it was evident that so many presumptions of our now global economics and a considerable bit of politics is alluding to social Darwinism… The tangible results suggest this subliminal meme has failed

              • Jebus Jebus

                Hell yes I see it.

                Look all over the world the social activism pushing back against the bankers system that has not only failed them, it is now just blatantly raping everyone…

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  Jebus, I like your blatant phraseology

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    Yes, refreshing!

                    The world is being raped by the few to the detriment of the planet as a whole that we all share and live on..this will not end well.

                • And that is your NWO Rothschilds and buddies. The same people who have co-opted a liberal meme, and using it to create chaos and division in order for them, they think, to extract ultimate control, exp. over the USA which used to have a strong working class with high moral principals and the financial wherewithal to choose the high road even in the face of adversity. Said moral principals were often based in Christian religions (which some people hate due to their "evolved" but misguided sense that atheism is "better"). Said morals also decimate the argument that the "rule of law" is bad, we need some rules, especially with the presence of insane hairless monkeys that need some reigning in occasionally. However, that said, the strong moral values would be the steering force for those with the wherewithal, even going against the laws created by men, or even just laws being applies unjustly.

                  It should be quite obvious to anyone paying attention that a decades long agenda of destroying the strength and power base of those with fortitude and wherewithal has been undertaken and fairly successful.

                  Seeing those battle lines drawn, which "side" do you stand on. I am afraid that even if you don't want to pick a side, your non-participation is in fact a vote for the evil NWO / continued rape by the bankers/<sic> elite. That group is anything but "elite", as opposed to being lecherous sociopaths. Red pill or blue pill? Blue pill is a continued…</sic>

                  • Blue pill is a continued belief in what seems like a self declared virtuous path of "co-opted liberal" beliefs, even though those methods are shown in reality not to work well, and by simple thought experiments can be shown to have nearly no chance of working well.

                    A failure of the system, under extreme corruption and manipulation force fed by the concentration of power and wealth and then amplified by more effective propaganda enabled by the internet and social media and immediate feedback systems (Google analytics for one, Twitter, etc) the help fine tune the effectiveness of the propaganda…..a failure of the system is then grabbed by some and twisted into a belief that every element of "the system" is at fault and needs to be torn down and replaced with SOMETHING. And that "Something" is never clearly defined, or at least can fairly easily be shown to be innefective and just not workable in the reality of a society formed by human beings.

                    A fucking plan that doesn't work, and has no chance of working. Like socialism, no matter how you twist the definition.

                    The fucking plan that doesn't work, is the "virtuous" knee jerk reaction to replacing the maligned:

                    1) Capitalism

                    2) Rule of Law

                    3) Democratic voting system

                    4) Free Enterprise.

                    And the irony of it all in seen in the hypocrisy of the co-opted liberal ideals that play directly into the hands of the NWO Globalists.

                    • DUDe DUDe

                      Just to be sure , those 4 points..are these ment to be understood as good or You ? Aka to be "reinstalled to some further glory" ?

                      "The fucking plan that doesn't work, is the "virtuous" knee jerk reaction to replacing the maligned:

                      1) Capitalism

                      2) Rule of Law

                      3) Democratic voting system

                      4) Free Enterprise."

                    • DUDe DUDe

                      If so..still shilling to trap humanity in a disconnected sub-bubble..that only leads us further down the same path or as you so eloquently put it..

                      "The fucking plan doessent work.."

                      Actually its a self-culling plan..

                      How come you are not capable of inventing something new , or at least not fighting a tooth and a bone standing in the way..

                      Something that fits in as above so below , with the lessons learned , or should be by now..

                    • DUDe DUDe

                      Me "communisme in its current form needs a surrounding dictatorship to function , capitalisme installs the dictatorship within the individual "


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      To understand how the world is run by wealthy elites and corporations, we have to understand where they got their funding…where did they get their money. It hardly needs to be pointed out; they got their wealth from exploiting the people and resources of the world.

                      Putting a label on this action and attitude is always insufficient. Capitalism is as close as any 5 syllable word. But for sure its not inclusive. The roots go way back…monarchies and further into the mists of pre history.

                      Contemporary international business can be understood by looking at the East India Company where many of the current capitalist ideas were forged and implemented.

                      Darwin came over 200 years later, but many of the ideas that transfer ethics to market forces relate to social Darwinism

                      above, stock was arguing the downfall as a NWO scheme and that capitalism is not to blame;

                      "A failure of the system, under extreme corruption and manipulation force fed by the concentration of power and wealth …."

                    • DUDe DUDe

                      Capitalism is unfolding exactly as Karl Marx predicted

                      One hundred and sixty years ago, at a time when the light bulb was not yet invented, Karl Marx predicted that robots would replace humans in the workplace.

                      “[O]nce adopted into the production process of capital, the means of labor passes through different metamorphoses, whose culmination is the machine, or rather, an automatic system of machinery,” he wrote in his then-unpublished manuscript Fundamentals of Political Economy Criticism. “The workers themselves are cast merely as its conscious linkages.”

                      Gradually, in the century and a half since Marx wrote those words, machines have taken on more and more jobs previously done by humans. The 20th century political movements that attempted to make Karl Marx’s ideas reality may have failed but, 200 years since the philosopher’s birth on May 5, 1818, his analysis and foresights have repeatedly proven true. We are, in many ways, living in the world Marx predicted.


                    • iddqd

                      "The 20th century political movements that attempted to make Karl Marx’s ideas reality may have failed but…"

                      But what? They failed. Okay so, why did it fail? Was it perhaps because shifting a for profit "destruction/production" mechanism which required the exploitation of labour and resources from say, county to national level, or local corporate to national or global level is basically still shit, or perhaps worse?

                      Maybe that's what he meant with:
                      “The workers themselves are cast merely as its conscious linkages.”

                      Was Marx highly critical of state?

  • HonestMechanic HonestMechanic

    I moved to Oceanside, CA ten days ago to find out for myself if the Pacific is radioactive.
    I nearly died from Cancer 10 years ago from long term exposure to Radon Gas.
    I remember getting sores along wrinkles of hands and feet that, would not heal.
    I waded around in the pacific last few nights, i have those same sores now that dont heal.
    I can taste the heavy metals in the moisture kicked up from the surf, hands smell of gasoline (Heavy Metal) after being in the water.
    My lungs, liver, brain, neck, bones, throat hurt reminding me of the Radon Gas exposure.
    Psychologically, Ive been angry, confused and generally a bad spirit in the last few days.
    Lord God already taught me that He turned the water to blood, but like a curious idiot….i had to find out.

  • HonestMechanic HonestMechanic

    i know that doesn't mean much to anyone, to me it does. Ive had multiple exposures to heavy metals and am semsitive to exposure. I could taste it in the Colorado rain. Tough to know whether from 24/7 Chemtrails or Fukushima (in Colorado), definitely its Fukushima. and…of course it is! The Ocean is the perect medium for depopulation, it kicks up wave after wave 24/7, releasing whatever happens to be in the water (into the air).
    We all remember how delicously refreshing the Sea's air was 20 years ago, go take in a lung full today! Tastes like f*cking poison!

  • HonestMechanic HonestMechanic

    Does anybody (except Blabber Trolls of course) know whether the far south Pacific is also radioactive?
    "For Death has come up into our windows to CUT OFF the children from without and the young men from the streets" Jeremiah 9:21
    Lord God is good, probably wouldnt CUT OFF anyone unless they were genetically damaged to the point they couldnt make HIM children, ya know?
    Go find Fukushima in your Bible, the references are endless.
    Even so HE can say surely, we were warned.

  • HonestMechanic HonestMechanic

    "Behold, I will feed this people with Wormwood and give them water of poison to drink because they have not hearkened unto My Law"

    "For Death has come up into our windows to CUT OFF (as in, no longer carrying good seed) the children from without and young men from the streets"

    "Speak, Thus saith the LORD, Even the carcases of men shall fall as dung upon the open field, and as the handful after the harvestman, and none shall gather them."

  • HonestMechanic HonestMechanic

    "Ye have turned judgement into WORMWOOD"
    Chernobyl means Wormwood, remember God created all things including every language, your toaster oven and Fukushima.
    The God of Judgement likewise turned WORMWOOD into The Judgement.

  • HonestMechanic HonestMechanic

    "Flee from the midst of Babylon and deliver every man his soul, be not CUT OFF in her (HIS wife, The House of Israel) iniquity, her sins have reached up to heaven"

    "I will feed them, with judgement"

    Interesting how The Kazar Jew came from the Caucus Mountains, Kazaria (East Russia) was the home of the Babylonian remnant, Babylon originally was in Iraq which is highly radioactive, so is Kazaria.

    God refers to America as Egypt referring to a specific time period ("Know of a surety thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that IS NOT THEIRS and shall serve them and they shall afflict them 400 years) (1620-????, Hebrew year perfect 360 days like a circle).
    Obviously technology plays a huge symbolic role in the shift from Egypt to Babylon (See: Book of Genesis, Tower of Babel).

    Iraq the original Babylon,…………. radioactive.
    Kazaria, the home of The Jews,….radioactive.
    The US, also home of The Jews…..Yea.
    "Babylon has been a golden cup in The Lords hand that made all the earth drunken: the nations have drunken of her wine; therefore the nations are MAD"

    Her judgment reacheth unto heaven, and is lifted up even to the skies.

  • HonestMechanic HonestMechanic

    "How has Babylon become a desolation among the nations? I have LAID A SNARE FOR THEE and thou art also taken….AND THOU WAS NOT AWARE"
    Not aware of what?
    Because It is, The Vengence of The Lord.
    "Oh Babylon that ought to be destroyed, happy shall HE be that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stone"

    • Jebus Jebus

      Hey, see this?

      Before clicking 'Submit Comment', please make sure it's: 1) On-Topic – This includes off-topic political, religious, or other such comments; 2) Relevant; 3) Not repetitive; 4) Not insulting, rude or hateful – No personal attacks; 5) A maximum of four short paragraphs (or ~25%, whichever is less) if copy and pasted from an external news source due to copyright reasons; 6) Links to personal websites will still be allowed, but limited to no more than two links per post. If not, it may get deleted.

  • HonestMechanic HonestMechanic

    Rational people who repetitively attack each other constantly.
    Nothing could be more on topic than your God who pronounced evil against your nation.
    1/10 of the comments here are about Nuclear, the rest is shilltown blabber

  • Razzz, your jousting on "fundamentally flawed in your foundational thinking" meme is commemorated here.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    The Health Ranger on Fukushima
    "The Fukushima legacy: More than just cancer, diabetes diagnoses have increased six-fold"

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    Good pictures here
    "INSIDE the heart of Fukushima's deadly reactor: New footage shows melted nuclear fuel still clinging to the walls where radiation levels are so high even robots cannot enter"

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      that should help answer the question 'wheres the damn corium TEPCO?"

      • Code: you noted they made the incredulous claim of 16 to 27 inches of supposedly corium debris on the floor.

        TEPCO's analogous incredulous claim was in millimeters.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          stock, I had calculated the surface area of the bulb containment and from there how thick the corium would be if splattered evenly on it. I did this because I could intuit a ferocious explosive situation as the melted fuel hit water splashing up from the torus, that is, steam explosions, plus any number of other explosive actions. It was explained that the torus was a design failure with some kind of water hammer like pumping action.

          This was a while ago, and I forget the exact figure, but the layer was interestingly thin. I talked about it several times here and could perhaps find a link with effort. Everyone was convinced the corium was on the way to China, and I offered a different view…but there was no interest…

  • iddqd

    Good one. I won't say anything. But luckily my vision is still okay.

  • Venezuela–What is it's political system?
    ———————— stock out
    Not far from the US, a desperate leader is steering a once-prosperous democracy toward dictatorship.

    Nicolás Maduro, the president of Venezuela, is scrambling to cling to power as his country is battered by an unprecedented economic crisis. And in the process, he’s becoming an autocrat.

    Maduro is tossing political opponents in prison. He is cracking down on growing street protests with lethal force, with government security forces killing at least 46 demonstrators in recent months. He has repeatedly postponed regional government elections in order to stave off threats to his party’s power. And in July he held a rigged election for a special legislative body that supplanted the country’s parliament — the one branch of government that was controlled by his political opposition. The new superbody has carte blanche to rewrite the country’s constitution and expand his executive powers.

    Maduro and his supporters now have total control of the government, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    what is the political system of Venezuela; first answer this; what was the political system preceding and during the collapsing economy?

    Answer this; are you in agreement with razzz that the economic woes of Venezuela, like hyperinflation and fleeing investors and business is due to communism or a dictatorship, or marxism as implied?

    Im suggesting you two reconsider your views because there is quite a lot of literature explaining what kind of government Venezuela has and why they are having economic disasters,

    There is little if any doubt about it; Venezuela is not communist, marxist, socialist, or a dictatorship in any of the normal meanings of those terms. They are 'capitalist' and 'democratic'!

    'Venezuela is a federal presidential democratic state where the President is head of state and government as well. The president exercises executive powers while the national assembly controls legislative powers. The Supreme Tribunal of Justice heads the judiciary. The Citizen branch comprises of the general fiscal defender of the people, and comptroller private. The National Electoral Council organizes the state elections. The National Assembly of Venezuela has 165 representatives elected through a mixed member majoritarian system. Elections take place both at the state and local level. The country has a multi-party system, which allows for many parties to form and vie for any seat they wish

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Paul Craig Roberts explains a little bit about Venezuela

    They have oil, the U.S. wants puppet leaders

    Chomsky weighs in

    and video

    The U.S. has long been in the business of destabilizing south america and other countries around the world. Its been a capitalist success story

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    April 2011
    "Nuclear radiation: There is no safe dose
    After initially saying that radioactivity from Japan will not reach the Philippines, government officials now admit that radioactive fallout has in fact reached the country but say that levels detected are low and do not pose any health risk. "

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      This puts the Russia meme in perspective

      Why Is There No “Saudi-Gate”?

      Trump made millions in business deals with Saudi Arabia and Bin Laden family. Osama BinLadens half brother Shafiq, had lived in Trump Tower.

      Before being in public office, Trump decides to write a book saying we should preemptively kill one of the BinLadens just in case he decides to do a WTC type terrorism act

      Saudi Arabia, like every other country where Trump has business interests, was exempted when the president signed an executive order suspending entry to the United States for citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries—Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen—as a means to thwart terrorist attacks. Notably, Saudi Arabia was not included—despite the fact that 15 of the 19 terrorists who carried out the 9/11 attacks and Osama bin Laden himself were all Saudis and despite the fact that Saudi Arabia has frequently funded extremism and has been a large source of foreign fighters for the Islamic State.

  • Let's cut to the chase now— Mass Stream Media is running multiple day headlines on the "Russian Troll Farm That Swayed The Election"

    In the worst case scenario, said troll farm bought $100,000 of "ads" on Facebook over a period of three years. Many of these ads were never seen a single person, of those seen, only a handful clicked on the ads.

    Alternatively, the globalists spent over 1 Billion USD on trying to install Hillary Clinton.

    Got it? Really, that is about all you need to know

    • slandermen Deadboy

      Is this OT. Hey, Trump ripped off americans for what, $4-5+ billion dollars? THat's okay though, let's ignore that.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      lets cut to the chase

      Why is there no Saudi Gate?

      The 'Russia did it' theme is so stale and banal by now

      so lets cut to the chase and get down to it

      The U.S. interferes in many countries elections, economy and politics. Thus the Russian argument is uber hypcritical

      Trump is interfering in Venezuela and many countries. Again uber hypocrite

      Capitalism interferes in almost all countries and people who live there. This is one of the biggest hypocrocies of all. Slavery and wealth extraction in the name of peace, freedom and equality

      Stock, I think people are bored with the russian meme

      Why is there no military industrial tax scam gate? Look where the tax money goes. It goes to anti-product. Man woman and child carries killers on his back. Trump loves them

      Americans Are Only Now Beginning to Learn that We Live in a Dictatorship

      How America Became an Oligarchy

      • Russia did it is stale, but being pimped out all the time month after month. That is why exposing it is important.

        The banality of the Russia meme and how insignificant it is was only just exposed by my analysis (and others of course)

        ——————————————— stock out

        I have denounced capitalism, socialism, free enterprise, the 2A, pretty girls, the holy spirit, and even spiderman.

        Code convinced me through endless arguments, lol

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          stock, dont get me wrong, exposing the russia-did-it idiocy is good, even fun. But if one does not put it into perspective, its just another petty fight of the two party nonsense.

          You should say your own words of course…on your website;

          BOTH parties, presidents past and present (yes Trump) have spend billions and billions on regime change around the globe. Thus hypocrisy reigns supreme for the two party imperialist!

          and what ABOUT Saudi Arabia? Everything people complain about russia only real and 100x worse. Really, is there zero cognitive dissonance that the U.S. foments and fights 'the war on terror' at the expense of billions and trillions with millions of lives impacted or killed in misery, all the while the Islamic fundamentalist Saudis who still cut off heads and stone women (well now that torture is back in vogue its no big deal, thanks Trump) remain totally off the terrorism radar, despite having provided the majority of terrorists in the WTC demolition plot to kick of the middle east invasion and steal untold millions in the gold heist and insurance scam…

          I think your readership numbers would go up if you would catch the big stories. Could even raise the monetary value $$

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      globalists spend a billion to elect Hillary? Fail. Good thing they got Trump to open up the entire U.S. to multinational corporations for exploitation! Whew!

      How much does the U.S. spend on regime change? OK, lets see…Total Cost of Wars Since 2001


      now THAT is a capitalist success story. $4,520,923,949,683 spent by taxpayers is $4,520,923,949,683 'made' by the MIC

      • Fuck, look at all that GDP! outstanding.

        I agree, bring them all home, like 90% at least.

        I could exploit them as solar installers, very capitalistic of me, lol

        just kidding DUDe

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          GDP…is the military industry included in the GDP? I give you close to a third of my taxes so you can have fun killing the neighborhood kids with advanced military weapons… and this money is included in PRODUCT of the neighborhood …which is used to justify paying you money to kill the neighborhood and to sell your guns for huge profit to Saudi Arabia and other kids in the neighborhood. Thats a capitalist success story!

      • The tax rate will have the opposite effect and discouraging raping of american wealth as shown by the prior system

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Trump lowering taxes for corporations is lauded as a great move which will discourage raping of american wealth. …you know…you just might be right…on the other hand you might be in a state of incredible denial

          Latest Estimate: Financial Cost of Wars Nearly $5 Trillion. Thats 10 million dollars a day for 1365 years. Our taxes pay for this war outright, carrying the military directly on our shoulders, and on top of it they get a tax break. It is widely hoped that this tax break will discourage raping the american tax paying citizen…

          • companies offshore to avoid higher taxes, what part of basic hatred of Trump are you having trouble getting past?

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              So companies that have been offshoring and now get a tax break are not going to offshore?

              Weve been over this before…parts for a Boeing airplane are made in five different countries. Regardless of tax, the entire game is maximization of profits. Hiding taxes in island states or outsourcing will not change with a tax cut.

              Did you pad some of your business expense write offs or do you have any money in offshore accounts? If you get a tax break are you going to change?

              what part of denial are you having trouble grasping?

              • slandermen Deadboy

                CS, is the more salient point perhaps? Who makes up for that newly introduced tax deficit?

                • slandermen Deadboy

                  It's not like there's sudden huge drop in expenditure. Somebody's gotta pay for that, and clearly, not so much the corporations.

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  thats right Deadboy…either the public en mass will make up the deficit or government spending would have to decrease. Theres no decrease in military spending…a large part of the big corporations who are getting the tax benefit btw.

                  conservatives may have a noble idea of reducing federal spending but it seems to always be at the expense of really important things like education and social aid.

                  People PAY for that social aid. What would you rather do, work 3/4 of your day to carry capitalists and bankers on your shoulders or work a half hour to carry the destitute on your shoulders?

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  Did Armstrong catch this
                  US weapons manufacturers' stock price soars as Trump pulls out of Iran deal

                  thats good for jobs creation and the condom market

  • If you could block everyone who was a waste of time, what would be left? Right?

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    America’s Word Is Worthless
    Indeed the entire Trump regime are such dedicated grovelers at Israel’s feet that the Trump regime comes across as a barbaric tribe groveling before the King of Kings.

    The Caliphate of Trump And a Planet in Ruins
    he U.S. has had a major hand in destroying not just tower after tower, but city after city — Fallujah, Ramadi, and Mosul in Iraq, Raqqa in Syria, Sirte in Libya. One after another, parts or all of them were turned into literal rubble. A reported 20,000 munitions were dropped on Raqqa, the “capital” of the brief Islamic State, by U.S. and allied air power, leaving at least 1,400 civilians dead, and barely a building untouched or even standing (with the Trump administration intent on not providing funds for any kind of reconstruction). In these years, in response to the destruction in whole or part of a handful of buildings, the U.S. has destroyed (often with a helping hand from the Islamic State) whole cities, while filling the equivalent of tower after tower with dead and wounded civilians. Is there nothing extreme about that?

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      "Millions of people have provable descents from medieval monarchs,"
      Some experts estimate that 80 percent of England's present population descends from Edward III

      Like different dog breeds…those descendants should be good for economic growth, rape and pillage

      Both the scorpion and capitalism can be said to exist due to Darwinian forces…only capitalism stings most of the people and gathers their wealth

  • Jebus Jebus

    Sudden Surge of Sick and Dying Brown Pelicans along the Coast of California

    Concern for Brown Pelicans that live along the coast of Southern California has been mounting as the reported number of sick and dying birds suddenly increased over the past week. Some of these cases, such as the two pelicans that crash-landed in the middle of a Pepperdine University graduation ceremony, have garnered media attention. Many more sick birds have been found grounded on LAX airport runways, on city streets, and in people’s yards.

    After being stabilized and fed, rescued Brown Pelicans recuperate in the flight aviary at Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles Wildlife Center. Photo by Angie Trumbo-International Bird Rescue

    More than 30 pelicans have been brought to International Bird Rescue’s Los Angeles wildlife center in San Pedro. The numbers have doubled in just a few days. The Brown Pelicans admitted show signs of emaciation, hypothermia, and anemia.

    While it is not unusual to see an uptick in hospitalized pelicans at this time of year, those birds are usually new fledglings coming to shore, hungry. The current situation is of particular concern because the birds affected are older, primarily in their second year.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    I wouldn't bank on this "It may take 40 years for the site to appear like "a normal reactor at the end of its life." Well, maybe just 'appearances'

  • curly

    It's generally accepted that the earth's circumference is a little under 25,000 miles. Using trigonometry you can calculate the the curvature of the earth. I never made it past algebra, but others tell me that there are 8 inches of curvature per every mile squared. That is

    1 mile squared x 8 inches = 8 inches of curvature
    2 miles squared x 8 inches = 4 x 8 = 32 inches of curvature
    3 miles squared x 8 inches = 9 x 8 = 72 inches of curvature
    4 miles squared x 8 inches = 16 x 8 = 128 inches of curvature = 10.666 feet

    Using google earth I measured 17 miles from the south jetty at the mouth (or anus) of the Columbia River to the south end of the beach in Seaside Oregon. Using the formula: 17 squared = 289 x 8 = 2312 inches of curvature or 192.666 feet of curvature. The beach at the the south end of Seaside should have been around 192 feet below the horizon or hidden behind the curvature. When I look through binoculars, I can clearly see the beach at the south end of Seaside. Either the formula for calculating earth's curvature is wrong or the earth is flat.

    There must be someone with powers of trigonometry at ene(old)news that can help preserve my heliocentric, big bang, Darwinian concept of the universe.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Curly, how high above sea level were you standing with your binocs? Just curious

    • Jebus Jebus

      lol, skewed data by omission, you beat me to it.

      Curly, put your face down in the surf so your eyes are a half inch above the water level at the south jetty and see if you can see that dead hermit crab laying there at the waters edge down in seaside…

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        flat earth….the jetty is only about 25 feet high…not enough to allow Curly to see the beach in Seaside. Looming is an optical effect that could account for it

        btw, google earth depicts the earth as spherical. This is radically different than flat, so anyone not trusting this sphere should also question the distance and other measurements. For example, flat earthers think the north or south pole in fact encircles the continents, entirely changing everything from existing maps

        Its strange how many times the flat earth thing comes up. Why not the 2d universe? Holographic universe, or the multiverse? or why cold water sometimes feels hot, or perhaps debate on whether Kardashians butt is in reality flat? See what Im saying…its scewed, were all scewed…and its dshitstainful

        • slandermen Deadboy

          In a discussion revolving around Tailism, a remarkably relevant comment was shared:

          "we could also look at Tunisia or Egypt …


          everyone follows the latest government directive

          Can the Egyptologists down the hall position their work on 2nd dynasty wall-rubbings into the ARC heading ‘Defending Australia’s Future’ now?"

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Her butt is huge..gigantic..not attractive at all. Shame others think it is..

    • slandermen Deadboy

      I'm pretty bad at math and I've never had to use that.

      1 mile squared x 8 inches = 8 inches of curvature
      2 miles squared x 8 inches = 4 x 8 = 32 inches of curvature
      3 miles squared x 8 inches = 9 x 8 = 72 inches of curvature
      4 miles squared x 8 inches = 16 x 8 = 128 inches of curvature = 10.666 feet"

      You're telling me, 1 mile of circumference (let's from point A to B roughly line of on the surface of the earth somewhere) has 8 inches of curvature. And somehow, double that, already normalized distance, has…32 inches of curvature. Wait a minute, 8 + 8 != 32.

      But then again, I don't really know math.

      • slandermen Deadboy

        You're telling me, 1 mile of circumference (let's say from point A to B roughly line of sight on the surface of the earth somewhere) has 8 inches of curvature. And somehow, double that, already normalized distance, has…32 inches of curvature. Wait a minute, 8 + 8 != 32.

        Sorry, I'm illiterate too.

        • curly

          The formula is mile(s) squared times 8 equals curvature in inches of a sphere with a circumference of 25,000 miles. Oddly enough if you go to wikipedia and type "formula for calculating the earth's curvature" you get nothing. If you watch forbidden flat earth videos they show a trigonometric formula which yields the formula I've sighted. But I'm incapable of understanding the math. I figured with all the brilliant posters at enenews there'd be someone capable of refuting this formula and laying to rest this flat earth nonsense. But maybe not! I'll go to the math department at Astoria Junior College and ask a trig teacher.

          • slandermen Deadboy

            Problem is what you initially stated is ambiguous, and basically under-defined (from what you've stated), something is missing. That squared term is probably the problem.

            Think about it…

            "The formula is mile(s) squared times 8 equals curvature in inches of a sphere with a circumference of 25,000 miles"

            1 inch curvature = miles*miles*8

          • slandermen Deadboy

            I'm not you know, a conventional math guy. But let's look at it more geometrically, you know, from an idiot's perspective. Curvature itself is a vague term too, btw.

            40000km circumference. 360 degrees. So let's say 111.111… km per degree. Reckon you're gonna notice that, typically?

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            Curly the formula is some kind of approximation. But it is perhaps close enough

            A nice calculator here, and you can follow the link to see the Pythagorean source equations

            What is sufficient evidence to put the flat earth theory to rest?

            You saw a beach that should be obscured by the horizon…is that sufficient? You relied on distance info from a map and measurement system that already assumes earth is spherical with mainstream measurements. This invalidates your experiment.

            If atmospheric effects bend the image around the horizon, then the experiment is not valid.

            how far could you see if the earth was flat? There are SO MANY ways to figure it out. How could a satellite stay in orbit if it wasnt in a curved trajectory?

            This flat earth thing is a bad sign. I can imagine its a conspiracy to make the public look stupid or confound with trolling action, or, the public really is crackers. Either way…

            • slandermen Deadboy

              That formula is fucked. Whoever said that shit forgot to include mentioning the individual vector components along with the dot product and the square root, division etc.

              I'm sorry but, think about it, 1 mile has 8 inches curvature (whatever the fuck that means), yet, "estimating" the curvature, based on that initial post would mean….wait, let's check. 40000*40000*8 inches of curvature. At exactly the same place.

              • slandermen Deadboy

                40000*40000*20cm of curvature. At… 0 km difference.

                Sorry I forgot to convert inches to cm, just to make it even simpler to understand.

                • slandermen Deadboy

                  That's a fun excersize. If you walk around the earth once, you'd have experienced 40000*40000*20cm of curvature. If you walk around it twice, you'd have experienced 80000*80000*20cm of curvature, that's 4 times more. That sounds like effort.

                  • slandermen Deadboy

                    Amazingly, if you don't believe in the metric system, after you convert the curvature from imperialist shit, you only have

                    50000000000 cm of curvature
                    128000000000 cm of curvature.

                    Sure, it may seem like you're outnumbered, but at least you don't have to walk as far and you don't need math.

            • curly

              According to the curvature calculator Code sited, the beach I see that is seventeen miles away should be a little over 130 feet below the horizon or obscured by the curvature. That's if I'm 6 feet tall and standing at the edge of the water next to the jetty. That still puts the beach way out of sight.

              It's hard to invalidate the whole thing by calling into question the validity of the 17 mile measurement. Do you mean it might actually be a little more or less. Would I have to use a 17 mile long tape measure to validate what I see? Or how about using GPS coordinates at the jetty and the beach in seaside. Don't you think the measurement would be fairly close to 17 miles.

              It's also hard to argue that the beach I am seeing is light that has bent 130 feet around a curved surface. So everything we see past the 3 mile horizon, if your six feet tall, is a mirage? That doesn't sound right.

          • slandermen Deadboy

            Just in case you didn't want to read my trolling there. Sorry, it was mostly well-intentioned.

            d being horizon distance, R radius and h viewer hight (assuming the earth is perfectly spherical).

            That would be, if you have a height/viewer offset of 10 meters, earth radius about 6350km.

            d = sqrt((10*10 + 2*6350*10) / 1000).


  • Jebus Jebus

    I just use logic. Because I have been in an aeroplane.

    But here is a mathimatical theory…

    How does one calculate a visual line of sight for objects at a given height that are distant enough that the Earth's curvature needs to be considered?

  • Jebus Jebus

    I wonder if we should just change it to the 'pancake of life'…

  • Jebus Jebus


    If I still stand still

    No matter which way I walk

    It is all down hill

  • Code, consider the article "cleanup"
    It doesnt have to be perfect, or complete

    Above sentiment often keeps people from even starting a project or a writing.


  • from Flying Cuttlefish, which ought to be on your daily "check it" list

    Hawaii braces for worse lava flows from erupting volcano

    “As a lava lake at Kilauea’s summit drains inside the volcano, magma is running underground. It could burst to the surface as large, fast-moving and intensely hot lava flows and produce higher levels of toxic gases, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory scientist-in-charge Tina Neal said.“

    As events move faster than we can post them here’s

    HVO Live Cams –

    LIVE CAM (split screen view) –

    CNN‘s Live Updates page

    The USGS channel has science updates

    KHON2 News has breaking news

    Hawaii 27/7 has daily updates

  • DUDe DUDe

    House approves bill to revive Nevada nuclear waste dump

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The House on Thursday approved an election-year bill to revive the mothballed nuclear waste dump at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain despite opposition from home-state lawmakers.

    Supporters say the bill would help solve a nuclear-waste storage problem that has festered for more than three decades. More than 80,000 metric tons of spent fuel from commercial nuclear power plants sit idle in 121 communities across 39 states.

    The bill would direct the Energy Department to continue a licensing process for Yucca Mountain while also moving forward with a separate plan for a temporary storage site in New Mexico or Texas.

    The House approved the bill, 340-72, sending the measure to the Senate, where Nevada’s two senators have vowed to block it.

    “The House can vote all they want to revive #YuccaMountain, but let’s be clear – any bill that would turn Nevadans’ backyards into a nuclear waste dump is dead on arrival,” Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto tweeted. “Yucca will never be anything more than a hole in the ground.”

    But House members from both parties outside Nevada said it was past time for the federal government to fulfill its obligation to permanently dispose of spent nuclear fuel now sitting in dozens of states, near lakes, rivers and communities.

    “People are ready to do something rather than nothing,” said Rep. John Shimkus, R-Ill., the bill’s chief sponsor.


  • curly

    So after consulting with the longhairs at ene(old)news, the flat earthers were right—earth's curvature can calculated by the formula 8 x mile squared = curvature in inches. Code even sited a curvature calculator that basically agreed except being based on starting at six feet high rather than ground level.

    So, if the earth is a globe, I shouldn't be able to see the beach because it's over 130 feet below the horizon. But we have the looming effect, which states that light can be bent around a curve due atmospheric conditions. I'm going to see what the flattards say about the looming effect. Thanks for the help sorting this all out.

    The curvature of any sphere can be calculated using trig. The earth is a sphere with close to a 25,000 mile circumference and it's formula is (more or less) 8 x miles squared = curvature in inches. Until someone shows me it's wrong, I'll use it. The beach at the end of Seaside should be 130 feet below the curvature if I'm six feet tall and standing at water level seventeen miles away looking through my binoculars, unless light can be bent by atmospherics condition which causes a looming effect.

    I guess the next logical question to ask would be—What atmospheric conditions would have to be present to bend light 130 feet around a sphere that's 25,000 miles in circumference? I'll bet there's a formula for calculating the looming effect.

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