Report: Meltdown confirmation led Japan officials to begin evacuating on Tuesday — As U.S. nuclear agency stops monitoring Fukushima ‘because the situation had improved’

Published: May 17th, 2011 at 12:29 pm ET


TEPCO officials confirm meltdown in Fukushima reactor No 1 while water levels uncontrollably rise and thousands more evacuate, Bellona (Norway), May 17, 2011:

[…] The fuel melted through the bottom of the reactor core, something that can cause a dangerous and uncontrolled chain reaction. A highly placed TEPCO official also said he expected that because the fuel in Fukushima Daiichi’s reactor Nos 2 and 3 is in similar condition, meltdowns likely occurred at those power blocks as well.

Officials with TEPCO, which owns the Fukushima Daiichi plant, said that it took them over two months to reveal the incendiary news of the meltdown because they had only begun to start obtaining detailed data on the temperatures and pressure in the reactor and analyze it in early May – though many nuclear and environmental experts had long concluded that the fuel melt had taken place.

The confirmation of the meltdown TEPCO led Japanese officials Tuesday to begin evacuating people from outside the 20 kilometer radius exclusion zone […]

Japan: U.S. Agency to Stop Monitoring Nuclear Plant
, New York Times, May 16, 2011:

The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission said on Monday that its 24-hour operations center had stopped monitoring the nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant because the situation there had improved. “The conditions at the Japanese reactors are slowly stabilizing,” said William Borchardt, the agency’s chief staff official. “[…] conditions have continued to improve […]”

Published: May 17th, 2011 at 12:29 pm ET


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  • anne

    Thanks for all your input.

    • Ramaswami Kumar
    May 17, 2011 at 8:12 am • Reply
    Unfortunately I foresaw scientifically with the help of the great Web Fire Mapper(University of Maryland, Geography and NASA)the Honshu 9 MM great earthquake and immediately cried out to the world Genpatsu Shinsai Genpatsu Shinsai-Chernobyl Syndrome through the URL:

    See from February 2011 onwards at this site. I sent e mails to contacts worldwide-Fukushima caused by the World’s dams! They heat up the earth, the rocks and melt the rocks and presto you have quakes…How the specialists missed the point for years- while I was crying hoarse. See

    Its time people heeded people, got together, pressed for conservation(America can do with 30 percent less and nuclear is 20 percent and similarly many of the rest like India). If you look at history of the scientific explanation for the man made quakes—ha ha it is far from tectonic setting and quakes… So modern civilisation with its “specialisations only” is doomed. This has been seen a century ago by Mahatma Gandhi and in the US by many like Gofman, Wendell Berry and many many common aware citizens and traditional societies like ours and American Indians. Why should we suffer involuntarily for the specialist sins of a specialist society(modern civilisation)?
    This is only to make it easier for the earthlings see the truth that I am so outspoken-hope it will help to go far far away from nuclear and we practice a lot of conservation…

  • Franky

    Thanks U.S. government for carrying so much about your citizens!

  • Cuica

    The Govermant spends money research thousands of seemingly stupid things but radiation from a 3 way meltdown is not particularly interesting/relevant to the USA goverment…….yeah right….things improving cause there are only 3 reators left to meltdown…..time to march…..

  • I found it INTERESTING yesterday while flipping channels,…FOX had a lovely 60 second infomercial on South America. Not just the typical, “Chamber of Commerce–‘Please come visit’,..No, “Come discover South America,…”. Never saw THAT before!

  • hawkeye

    on the beach

  • Atlantis

    Japan: U.S. Agency to Stop Monitoring Nuclear Plant
    => evacuation of the area in prevision of an vapor explosion or really stabilizing melted corium ?
    (yeah, we dont believe a single of your words now)

  • Discordian

    The doublespeak on the part of the US Government must be calculated to overload the minds of all thinking individuals, rupture their brains, and accomplish in a few short weeks what it took 20th century tyrants months or years to complete – the total intellectual decapitation of a nation.

    If your ears are bleeding, you are the resistance.

  • “the total intellectual decapitation of a nation.

    If your ears are bleeding, you are the resistance”
    Thanks Discordian! This is my *Quote of the week*

  • Jean

    I haven’t seen anything on or about the meltdown, but we can read all about Arnold’s love child, the IMF rapist, and Osama’s porn. Distract the sheeple with sex, so they’ll never wake up to what’s really happening.

  • Dr.Stranglelove

    TEPCO officials today announced plans to evacuate the people in a 300 mile radius from Fukushima. Speaking from an office in the Southern Andes,TEPCO said that the move was temporary until the reactors could be stabilized again.

  • I think Dr. Strangelove was just pulling our chemtrails,…..

  • Heart of the Rose

    Do you feineth doom, Dr Stranglelove?
    I thinketh not.

  • Deetu 3

    lol. the “lady” protesteth too much methinks..

  • Barney

    I feel like a herded sheep. Food bad, air bad, rain bad, dust bad, outside bad, inside bad,