Report: New images of Reactor 4 show point where structure begins to angle off — Breaks indicated in outer building frame (PHOTOS)

Published: January 17th, 2012 at 12:00 am ET


Title: New Photos From Inside Fukushima Daiichi
Source: SimplyInfo
Date: Jan 16, 2012

  • These images appear to be from late 2011.
  • The upper side corners remain. Those were eventually removed.
  • All images appear to be from a video from NHK broadcasting. (Many thanks to Mary W for finding them).
  • North East corner of unit 4 circles [Photo 1 below] indicate breaks in the outer building frame.
  • The green vertical line [Photo 1 below] shows where the building begins to angle off vertical.

h/t Fukushima Diary, Mary W

Published: January 17th, 2012 at 12:00 am ET


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21 comments to Report: New images of Reactor 4 show point where structure begins to angle off — Breaks indicated in outer building frame (PHOTOS)

  • maaa

    Sapporo is safe. Please stay calm.

    Also please consider how your actions look from the outside. The Japanese government and Japanese people do so many wonderful things for many of you, including paying your study expenses, your stipend, and many other things. In is impolite in the least to panic and run, even though there is no real danger. So please stay calm, do not panic, and listen to the news only from reliable sources such as the ISC website, which has much information on the disasters. Stay calm and well informed. Don’t let you relatives or friends back from your country cloud your judgment

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    The date on the “huisa” link above is March 17, 2011, not today.

  • Tanuki San

    I would like to know how much worse off we’re going to be in N. America if this thing collapses.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      @Tanuki San: We’d all like to know that. That’s what all our speculating is about, just trying to get a guess-work. With the lack of honest, accurate information. guessings and feelings are about the best we have. The search for information becomes the basis.

  • tomb1

    It seems that they have built a box on top of the SFP. What is it for?

    I can imagine they are going to put that box into the SPF so they can create additional stability by a new inner concrete structure afterwards.

  • tomb1

    The cracks in the buiding do not directly matter for the SFP. They are in the topmost frame structure 2 levels above the SFP.

    They have already cut off the fragile construction above the SFP so it can not collapse into it.

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    Finally, some clear pics. Thanks to whomever got them.

  • ZombiePlanet ZombiePlanet

    Gee, another leak in the dike of info.

    Guess I will copy/paste best as I can, from other leak in the dike of info.
    Please jump from your seat as more vomit/post from small idiot brains contribute.

  • Human0815

    I really doubt that a “break” is possible,
    there is tooooo much Rebar inside!

    In fact we, my old Lady and i, never saw
    a building “breaking”!

    Sliding yes but never breaking!

  • jackassrig

    The important thing is how those columns and beams are connected. How good is the connection between the beams and column after all the abuse?

  • James2

    As tomb1 points out, the cracks are not really important.

    But what is important about these pictures is that they give a very good indication of what exactly we are looking at in the JNN view

    The “box” is not really a box at all. It’s a stairway up to the overhead crane above. It looks like a box, because they’ve used some kind of fabric type material to protect the stairway from whatever radiation comes out of the pool, which is behind it.

    The top of the pool itself is behind the box.

    So this gives me some information. In the “run for your lives” video a few days ago, the men were running around on the platform level and climbing the stairway up to the overhead crane and working up there – the fabric looks to have been replaced with something pitch black, and there was definitely flames coming from behind the curtain for several days after that.

    I imagine they were setting up heave cooling hoses spraying water down on the pool from the crane level.

    I was thinking that we would know when the building is going to collapse when we saw that crane beam bend or buckle – however I’m pretty certain that it’s not going to buckle very easily.

  • James2

    P.S. I don’t think this photo is from May.

    It wasn’t until the fall that they took out the upper south wall – which is clearly gone in this picture.

    There also was a bunch of refueling crane material over the SFP – which it looks like they’ve removed here. I think the picture is relatively recent

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    The steel framework of the former roof in the 2nd picture looks awfully rusty already. Sea climate + steel structure = no no

  • Wish there was a photo from overhead !

  • Gaffney

    I’m a civil Engineer, the steel is there to help provide tensile support, the compression forces are handled by the concrete. I would say some of these buildings will only be able to stand for another 5 years unless worked on.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I don’t know when this photo was taken either..
    but i do believe… it clearly shows…reactor 3 and 4 and stack leaning to the right…