Report: NHK starting to broadcast truth — Large increase in brain tumors and cancers near nuke plant — “Everyone died. Just I’m alive. It’s killing me.” says 18 year old — Gov’t kept telling them ICRP says safe

Published: December 31st, 2011 at 3:21 pm ET


ICRP underestimated the low dose symptom risk by 85%, Fukushima Diary, Dec. 30, 2011:

NHK is starting to change its attitude to the truth. It’s finally starting to broadcast what is actually true.

On 12/28/2011, NHK reported ICRP’s [International Commission on Radiological Protection] manipulation in late 80s.

In this TV show, NHK reported that ICRP manipulated the actual data for the political reason. […]

ICRP standard has been known as a false “science” […]

Cancer risk is increased even if it’s only 10mSv unlike ICRP states […]

Statements by ICRP Officials

  • “Nobody would know the actual risk of low dose”
  • “Even if you underestimated it to be half as actual, it wouldn’t matter anyway”
  • “There was no scientific basis — We just decided for our own good”

Cancer Increase in Parts of Sweden affected by Chernobyl

  • After Chernobyl, the cancer rate in Sweden has gone beyond the estimation of ICRP
  • Area of Sweden, where is affected by Chernobyl, cancer rate is increasing
  • Annual dose is only 0.2 mSv, which is one in fifth of ICRP standard
  • Cancer risk increased by 34% annually

Living Near Nuclear Plant (Appears to be in Dresden, Germany)

  • A girl who got a brain tumor at 14 years old
  • Now she’s 18 but stopped growing [body size or tumor?] since them
  • She lives near a nuc[lear] plant
  • She used to use the water underground
  • “Everyone died. Just I’m alive. It’s killing me.”
  • Government kept telling them it’s safe based on ICRP standard
  • Brain tumor and leukemia increased by 30%
  • Childhood cancer increased by 200%

SOURCE: NHK via Fukushima Diary

SOURCE: NHK via Fukushima Diary

The report also notes that the ICRP is supported by

  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission USA: 250,000 USD
  • Commission of the European Communities : 130,455 USD
  • Department of Nuclear Safety Germany : 115,021 USD
  • Japan Atomic Energy Agency : 45,000 USD
  • The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission : 40,000 USD
  • etc..
  • Total : 617,168 US
Published: December 31st, 2011 at 3:21 pm ET


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108 comments to Report: NHK starting to broadcast truth — Large increase in brain tumors and cancers near nuke plant — “Everyone died. Just I’m alive. It’s killing me.” says 18 year old — Gov’t kept telling them ICRP says safe

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Been offline a couple of hours = posting to HP and LOOKEE HERE A new Main there!!

  • pure water

    Reality will force the media to tell what is really going on. I wish we were wrong.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi pure water

      I don’t believe the reality of things will force the media to tell what is really going on.

      They won’t allow the total truth about the Fukushima Disaster to be given out, we are lucky that we hear bits and pieces.

      They will just blame the public problems on other things. Blaming everyone else, and it will be another circus.

      We don’t even know the complete truth about the Gulf and why people there are still sick.

      They would be in to much trouble if the public knew all and had the proof.
      They know how much and what they can say.

      Their policy is: Make a high profit no matter what, and admit to nothing.
      The public is not a concern to them.

      If you really look back, there has been many unanswered questions, even with President Kennedy’s death, and so on..and so on..

      I also wish we were wrong about this disaster, it doesn’t look good..

    • Toadmac

      Reality is……
      Magnitude Mw 7.0
      Date time 2012-01-01 05:27:56.0 UTC
      Location 31.48 N ; 138.12 E
      Depth 365 km
      Distances 362 km S Hamamatsu (pop 605,098 ; local time 14:27:56.2 2012-01-01)
      314 km SE Nachikatsuura (pop 18,712 ; local time 14:27:56.2 2012-01-01)
      I know its topic….sorry admin.

    • It is all Japanese… no English.

      Can you post in English here?

      • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

        Sorry posted a translated link, didn’t work. On the left sidebar on the Japanese page has the english translation button.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        To share accurate information about the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident, stood up to protect the future from radioactivity!

        “The world’s largest nuclear accident” spreading radioactive materials by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident, air, earth, rivers, lakes, groundwater, pollution of the sea, is continuing to spread the contamination of food.
        Hide information, raise the threshold of “safe” in the declaration, that we do to prevent health damage caused to expand the activities started.
        The right to disseminate information, and citizen groups to conduct activities aimed at specific proposals and to protect this country from the radioactivity.
        Japan, including Tokyo metropolitan area, as well as from around the world, “to know the truth of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident” Facebook group with 5,000 members linked by a desire to “consider the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power” http: making it the maternal / /

  • I wonder why the change? Is it because TEPCO is broke and can no longer afford to pay the huge mass media advertising fees, so it has less control over what is reported about it?

    Or is it something else?

    • I’d suspect it’s the health effects piling up all over the place, combined with serious and increasing public distrust of not just TEPCO and the government, but the complicit press as well.

      Kind of like the actual unemployment situation in this country, where about 2/3 of those unemployed don’t qualify for unemployment compensation. Eventually, when the level gets upwards of 25% (over 30% in my neighborhood), everybody knows someone close and personal who is having a very difficult time of it. At that point, no amount of rosy propaganda from the mainstream media inspires confidence.

      If the press wants to be relevant, it’s going to have to tell some truths.

    • alexa

      Could be that they cannot hide the truth anymore – lots of people sick or dying . They want to be able to say in the future that they told the truth before everyone knew the truth.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Again I say it Japan. One can deny reality, but ONE CAN NOT deny the CONSEQUENCES of a denied reality!

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Hi StillJill. I disagree (slightly). I think people can and do deny the consequences of a denied reality (and the consequences of the consequences of a denied reality… ad nauseam), but they cannot escape the EFFECTS of a denied reality.

      • midwestern midwestern

        They can’t escape the reality they are denying either. Not for long anyway. It starts to seep through the cracks of the containment vessel and cannot be contained or puctures a hole in the big rubber berm they are using to protect their castle of horrors from the floods of truth bearing down and exposing them…

      • many moons

        I think what happens often is reality is acknowledged but twisted…yes there is an increase in sickness but it is recorded as a TB epidemic (something contagious instead of something due to contamination) BP has been busy re-writing reality for the poor folks of the gulf who have fallen sick. When researchers go over the public health stats they are not looking at a true picture of reality. Reality is what it is at a given moment but it can quickly be manipulated in the record keeping.

  • Mack Mack

    Dr. Caldicott has been talking about the German study showing an increase in leukemia in children living around nuclear power plants.

    Dr. Busby has been talking about the increase in cancer in Sweden due to Chernobyl.

    Dr. Gorfman said for years that there is no safe dose of radiation.

    Dr. Sternglass concluded an increase in leukemia and cancer in infants and children due to nuclear fallout, and a significant increase in infant mortality.

    Maybe everyone should listen to these good doctors instead of the paid “experts” who admit:

    “There was no scientific basis — we just decided for our own good.”

    • WindorSolarPlease

      AGREE!!! +100

    • Bobby1

      I’m glad a major Japanese network has exposed the ICRP radiation risk model for the scientific fraud that it is.

      It is used by nuclear power companies, hospitals, doctors, government, it’s all over the place.

      That is why Chris Busby and his colleagues developed the ECRR risk model, as a useful alternative to the pseudoscience ICRAP model.

      Busby et al discovered that internal radiation was up to 1000 times worse than external radiation. That is, eating radioactive substances is worse than having a clump of it in front of you. Common sense. But common sense is uncommon these days.

  • Stephengn

    I know in my heart that Japanese mothers are already having to bury their young children, recover from miscarriages, and giving birth to babies that they euthanize. This even as they feel themselves growing ill.

    Do not underestimate the strength and resolve of Japanese women – They are a significant force in Japanese culture and as a rule i believe are pretty tenacious. I believe that it will be the voices of women, grieving mothers mostly, but also women who will be forever denied the ability to even consider children, who will bring the male dominated nuclear industry behemoth to its knees. In view of the growing scope of this atrocity, I only wish I knew how much their efforts will mean now.

    Radiation sickness does not allow for civil disobedience. Those afflicted are just too exhausted to make much of a fuss. In this way it provides the perfect cover for those who seek to avoid culpability for their horrible mismanagement and arrogance.

    Once upon a time I dated a Japanese girl. And can testify to such tenacity. This was before the earthquake in Chiba where she was from. I don’t know if she is alive or dead now and can only silently wish her well. I’d take her in in a heartbeat if only I knew where she was

    These are the strangest of times and I am close to despair. Our dog eat dog nature is finally consuming us. I wish everyone everywhere happiness or at the very least the diminishing hope of happiness

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Yes. Japanese women, the ones I have known, have great tenacity, great strength. I think it results from the situation where they occupy a place of little respect in their society, so the only sense of self they can develop is just that, the strength of the individual self.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Different set of rules:

    Corporation was allowed to put toxic polluting corexit into our ocean, only so oil would not be visible.
    They cut corners, to make a bigger profit.
    They now can drill for oil again in the Gulf.

    Nuclear Plants can be built, even knowing they cannot control them and there is extremely hazard waste that has effected many.
    They also can build more.

    You try to do any of this, and (rightfully so) look where you would be.

    Supreme court has ruled Corporations are people, so they can put money into the pockets.
    However, they are not treated as a person in the courts.

    The environment that we need to live, is being terrorized by the energy corporations. We should all be fearful that they will destroy this earth as we know it.

    We cannot live healthy with these types of pollutants, they are killing people for a profit. If that is not a terrorist move, than what is?

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      It is TERRORISM — Environmental Terrorism!

      Killing life on earth.

      • I agree.

        Here’s the link discussing ICRP versus ECRR model.

        [cut and paste – part of first page]
        On the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl catastrophe ECRR (European Committee on Radiation Risk) published calculations of cancer resulting from the fallout.

        As with its forecasts for cancer in Japan after Fukushima, the Committee has used two separate methods: the “Tondel” method and the “ECRR Absolute” method.

        The “Tondel” Method is based on a conservative study by Martin Tondel which examined cancer incidence in northern Sweden during 10 years after Chernobyl. Tondel differentiated the varying levels of land contamination and found that the disease increased by 11% for each 100 kiloBecquerels of fallout per square metre of land surface.

        The “ECRR Absolute” method employs weighting factors developed by the ECRR to correct for the inadequacy of “absorbed dose” quantities on which the ICRP risk estimates are based. The ECRR weightings take account of the different ways in which different radionuclides behave in biological systems. See ECRR Recommendations (a free download) for detail.
        ECRR has applied these methods to UNSCEAR and UNESCO data for fallout in 39 countries with a combined population of 2,342 million people.

        The “Tondel” Method forecasts approximately 492,000 incident cancers in the 10 years following exposure over and above the numbers expected in the absence of radioactive fallout. The “ECRR Absolute” method forecasts 1.4 million additional cancer cases in the 50 years to 2036.

        • WindorSolarPlease

          Hi Pu239

          Thank you for the link.

          They knew long ago how dangerous this is, they could have cared less, as long as the profits rolled in.

          Profit verses the world..Guess who won..”Greed”..One of the deadliest sins.

          • many moons

            As a dear friend said to me…it had to happen. The scene was perfectly constructed for what had happen.

        • Bobby1

          The Lesvos Declaration

          We the undersigned, in our individual capacities

          1. assert that the ICRP risk coefficients are out of date and that use of these coefficients leads to radiation risks being significantly underestimated,

          2. assert that employing the ICRP risk model to predict the health effects of radiation leads to errors which are at minimum 10 fold while we are aware of studies relating to certain types of exposure that suggest that the error is even greater,

          3. assert that the yield of non-cancer illnesses from radiation exposure, in particular damage to the cardio-vascular, immune, central nervous and reproductive systems, is significant but as yet unquantified,

          4. urge the responsible authorities, as well as all of those responsible for causing radiation exposures, to rely no longer upon the existing ICRP model in determining radiation protection standards and managing risks,

          5. urge the responsible authorities and all those responsible for causing exposures, to adopt a generally precautionary approach, and in the absence of another workable and sufficiently precautionary risk model, to apply without undue delay the provisional ECRR 2003 risk model, which more accurately bounds the risks reflected by current observations,

          6. demand immediate research into the health effects of incorporated radionuclides, particularly by revisiting the many historical epidemiological studies of exposed populations, including re-examination of the data from Japanese A-bomb survivors, Chernobyl and other affected territories and independent monitoring of incorporated radioactive substances in exposed populations,

          7. consider it to be a human right for individuals to know the level of radiation to which they are exposed, and also to be correctly informed as to the potential consequences of that exposure…

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Hi dharmasyd

        If we did what the Corporations have done to our environment, we would be in big trouble (rightfully so), yet they can keep building nuclear plants and deep drilling for oil.

        Killing the environment/people with their pollutants for a profit. Knowing they are doing something that is a destruction to people or property, sounds like terrorism to me.

        They have, extensive damaged and endangered our environment, that we need to live in.

        Different set of rules for corporations. It was ruled that corporation’s are people, shouldn’t they have to abide by the same rules as we do? They are killing our environment, sea life, and our health/lives.

        They know they can’t control them, they know how dangerous this is.
        Yet, they can keep running them and building them.

        • dharmasyd dharmasyd

          Yes! The hypocrisy. One set of rules for them. One set for us, even though they have named them human! Absolute corruption writes it’s own rules to further it’s absolute corruption.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Posted a couple of your comments here without credit. I’m in and out so much today, I just did it. Forgive me.
    Everyone, please know I’m not a plagiarizer, & could give a shit less about “fans” at HP. JUST BUSY TODAY and I liked them.
    Bye Bye! 🙂

  • pacific

    Confused… from headline I thought tumors and 18 yr old were in Fukushima. Horrible no matter where though.

    IRCP reporting is huge, fact that _NHK_ is reporting it is huge too.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Hi pacific. You’re right – it looks like it might be a breakthrough (finally).

      Anecdotal stuff is all over the map and easily dismissed or explained away, but quotations like “There was no scientific basis — We just decided for our own good” tend to linger and resonate.

      I’m left with the awkward question: “Suppose everyone on the planet suddenly realizes the precise details of the situation (whatever they might be)… what happens next?”

      Where do we go from here? (with or without msm, governments, Tepco, Yakuza/Gokudo, “Fukushima 50”, GE, Areva, villains, heroes, and so forth).

      I don’t know the answer of course, but I’m sure part of it is “Shut them all down – the risks are unacceptable”.

      • Have been watching old movies from the 40’s. The scenes showing rain fill me with sadness.

        We can no longer enjoy rain.

        Thank you very much General Electric, NRC, IAEA, Tepco.

        You too EPA and Health Canada.

        Your lies will come back to haunt you, before they kill us, and you.

        • many moons

          Well said, I too have felt that same sadness of the simple pleasures in life lost……what have we done to ourselves!

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Anyone live in Pennsylvania!?!?
    12/31/2011 — Allentown Pennsylvania — center of town is SINKING
    Get this to anyone you know in Pennsylvania — specifically in Allentown PA — THEY DESERVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH !

  • arclight arclight

    interesting article… and if the ICRP bag o water model is wrong then that makes the pulling of the public EURDEP map verywrong too!

    only hours after b and b discovered this

    December 31, 2011 at 12:57 pm · Reply
    Update on I-131 in Europe:
    I just checked the EURDEP map again, to finish off 2011…still, the Krsko NPP in Slovenia is breathing up to 8 Bq/m3 Iodine-131 into the atmosphere. They check the levels every 30 minutes. This has been going on since August.

    What annoys me most is the fact that the main map page only shows “detection limit” levels, instead of using a bright orange spot which usually marks levels over 1 Bq/m3.

    For anyone interested:

    so, its good to know someone at the IAEA is being paid to watch the blogs on new years eve!!

    when you try to access the map, you can no longer get to the accept button.. no eurdep

    html changed!! glad we kept copies? hell yeah!

    oh and no more pre warning from the azores either!! those forcasts are now in the realms of the rich and famous only!!

    fuck U NILU 2 !!

    at least we know the diy gieger set/forum up is more accurate than their system! BUY GEIGERS NOW! BEAT THE RUSH!!!!

    bring back EURDEP!!

    • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

      I’m sure this has been asked before, where do you suggest I puchase a G counter? I live in northern california, about 80 miles from Sacramento.

      Thank you in advance.

      Let us be kind, one to another, for we are each of us together in our pain!

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        This mirrors so identically what I am feeling that I must repeat:

        Let us be kind, one to another, for we are each of us together in our pain!

        shalom, amen. pace, paz ~~~

  • arclight arclight

    617,168 US
    small price to pay to get the science on your side! and make your nuclear activities viable!!


    lets tell it like it is…. to stop annoying NGO`S like Save The Children, unicef etc in line with the program!! but its not working because theres to many leaks…. and japanese journalists dont like being treated like dirt by tepcoguv!!

    now they are stopping EURDEP as it has been reported here on enenews that it is inaccurate except for slip ups and monitors switched off when contamination looms!

    first NILU now EURDEP! transparency my arse!!

  • arclight arclight

    “The agent of change was a British physicist, Herbert Parker, head of radiation protection at the Manhattan Project. His earlier career in British hospitals had made him familiar with X-rays and a kind of therapy that used Radium as an external source, confining it in tubes and placing it carefully to irradiate cancerous tissues. (This medical application had been tried as early as 1904, only six years after Radium was discovered. In marked contrast to the dial painters’ problems, did not involve Radium becoming inextricably mingled with a patient’s bones.) Parker had a physics-based view; radiation was a single phenomenon, whether it came from an X-ray machine or a speck of Plutonium.”

    “But after 1945 the surviving inhabitants of Hiroshima and Nagasaki provided the authorities with a fresh opportunity. Funded and controlled by America, data on the survivors’ health was gathered (as it still is) in what have become known as the Life Span Studies or LSS.”

    “Impatient with the delays, NCRP’s Executive closed down the internal committee in 1951, and stretched the report of the external committee to cover internal radiation. Karl Z. Morgan, chair of the internal radioactivity sub-committee, refused to agree that internal could be dealt with like external. For the rest of his life he was a critic of the NCRP and its successor the International Commission on Radiological Protection – I feel like a father who is ashamed of his children. ”

    ” In 1953, American influence revived the international radiation protection community from its wartime dormancy to be reborn as the International Commission on Radiological Protection. We must suppose that an international body was meant to be more credible than a unilateral American one. ICRP’s first act was to adopt the NCRP report. ”


    • arclight arclight

      “They’re quite shocking, which may indicate why Mr Pattinson’s employers were so interested. His liver contained 673 times as much Plutonium as the average for a sample of Cumbrians who had not worked in the nuclear industry and his lungs had well over 7000 times as much. His liver had 53 times the amount of Plutonium found in the most contaminated of the nuclear workers in other reports and his lungs had 42 times as much.”

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        Dose amount is meaningless…

        …where hot or warm particles or Plutonium or Uranium are located in body tissue or where sequentially decaying radionuclides like Strontium 90 are organically bound (e.g. to DNA) “dose” means nothing. This is massively significant.

        …from Arc’s link above. In other words, internal emitters defy the numbers of external dose readings, or maybe even all numerical readings — not sure. It’s just plain BAD!

  • dosdos dosdos

    “For how much longer will Japan’s fate remain in the hands of amateurs?”

    More truth coming out.

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Thanks DosDos: This report by Robert Pulvers entitled “For how much longer will Japan’s fate remain in the hands of amateurs?” wonders aloud on how the Japanese will regain a sense of “confidence” or “accomplishment” had for the 45 years post WWII that appears to have been nearly obliterated by the devastating events of 3/11 and thereafter.

      I can answer this question, if this question truly burns in the hearts of the public in Japan. It’s time to put away capitalism. Be the first nation to live without hierarchy of the corporatist sort. Be the first nation on the planet where citizen truly run the show with direct democracy. Japan equals transformation. Be the first nation to fully realize and live by the fact that nothing comes before the primacy of the ecosystem. This focus is somewhat part of old Shinto culture, and this Goddess given seed must be fully re-embraced, watered and energized by the whole Japanese community the way that fighting the European West was embraced during WWII. The primacy of materialism must be fully rejected. Be the first nation to banish exploitation of other humans. Be the first nation to banish and quicken the collapse of the current status quo clique of several thousand quite fascist billionaires. These billionaires must be undermined. The ecosystem cannot be dominated. Their swan song is now. There will be no transparency as your children are sickened by bowing to authority and corporate status quos. There is no getting around rejection of exploitation and hoarding and embrace of sharing-based, ecologically sustainable biomimicry science based technology and lifestyles–half-assing it in capitalism will never again function from here on out. What better nation than a Scorpionic nation where death and rebirth are so powerfully poised and periodically demonstrated both by people and by Goddess in the land with no less than four convergent tectonic plate boundaries. If you ask for help in this, it will come.

      • Kevin Kevin

        Interesting comments.

        One often thinks what its gonna take to break the chains, what level of havoc must a society reach in order for people to reach down deep and begin such a transformation. If the litmus test is this experience for Japan, and as we are experiencing, they too have not yet hit the threshold of realization required to move on such a transformation it is truly an ominous sign for the rest of the world. For without a doubt Japan is a beacon and what comes of it will be a lesson for us all. If after this the transformation does not take hold, then I fear no less than apocalyptic conditions are required, worse than that of Japans experience. We are tip toing down this path as the “meltdown” of finance creeps the world over and uprisings turn more and more violent, as the war machine ratchets up the drum beat to world war. Welcome to 2012, we indeed live in interesting times.

      • You’re inspired Pallas89juno.

        Nothing comes before the primacy of the ecosystem.

        The natives took it further: they considered it sacred.

        They also knew about interconnectedness and the web of life.

        Jesus expressed it in the Golden Rule.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      This article concludes that all nuclear PP in Japan must be decommissioned.

      “All the talk last year about rediscovering a sense of hope and accomplishment will amount to nothing but bluster and hot air unless — and until — Japan is made safe from the unacceptable risks and the known certain hazards of nuclear power.”

      • Kevin Kevin

        Its remarkable that only 7 are left operating and there is no significant impact or use restrictions. Nuclear power provides approximately 30 percent of the power consumed surely a disciplined and organized societty such as Japans could accomodate its complete shutdown. I mean just turn off the corporate signs downtown tokyo that light up the streets and you would probably be half way there.

        See this video with “god only knows” playing the background

        • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

          Dear Kevin: You’re right. They can and DID work through a full shutdown of all their nuclear reactors for months. Time to do this immediately. The same must be demanded everywhere on the planet. It will call the militaries of the planet out and will piss off all the billionaires. I don’t know about you; but, I could give a shit in hell what they think. Earth First!

          • Kevin Kevin

            People should encourage anonymous hackers, who have been rather effective as of late, to set their sites on shutting down extravagant and useless power consumption like corporate signage, lit up skycrapers at all hours of the night etc. The list is long I am sure and switching them off cant be that difficult. IT would be an effective campaign which would send a strong message.

            • dharmasyd dharmasyd

              Good idea. To see the illuminated destructive self display of ego, especially at this time of year, is, I be prone to say…disgusting!

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    Alas, even this report is minimization disinformation though the reporter is, maybe, not aware of this fact.

    • “The surreal sight of a do-it-yourself radiation testing facility standing next to a hardware store and an Internet cafe raises a question for Japan: Is this the new normal?”

  • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

    I’m gonna post this one more time…..the truth is starting to leak out, little by little.
    Fukushima Song

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Happy New Year Japan!!
    May your new year be filled with hope, love and the strong desire of ending the reign Nuclear Power has over you.
    YOU need to shout it from your rooftops
    YOU need to take control and let Tepco and the Japanese Gov know…
    “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!!!”
    Our love to you…
    Japan Irregulars @ H P, Enenews, Paul Langley and the rest of the world!

    Signing off for the night.

  • Looks like the Japan Times is jumping in as well:

    [their headline]
    For how much longer will Japan’s fate remain in the hands of amateurs?

  • nonuke nonuke

    7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Eastern Japan, Reportedly No Danger of a Tsunami

    Published January 01, 2012

    | Associated Press

    TOKYO – A strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.0 earthquake hit off the shores of Japan’s southern Pacific island.

    The Meteorological Agency says the offshore quake Sunday struck about 230 miles below the sea surface. The agency said there was no danger of a tsunami. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Someone posted this: Yuma has extremely high levels of radiation

    I can’t find the original posting of this.

    Maybe this has something to do with those high readings??:


    Aerial weapons training for the Atlantic and Pacific Fleet Marine Forces and Navy, and to serve as a base of operations for Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics.

    Yuma proving ground (YPG) is part of the U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command and is a multiple purpose test facility.

  • tomb1

    It has been scientifically proven (at least in Germany 🙂 ) that there is an increase of leukemia rate in children living near to NPPs.

    You can find these studies with Google, they are public.

    Even though at least on of these studies has been dressed by the industry, the result is clear.

    • or-well

      First a Whappy New Year
      Then a Trappy New Year
      How about a
      Scrappy Nuke Year

    • Bobby1

      “Obama Signs Bill Allowing Indefinite Detention Of Americans”

      Can we finally please, dispense with the fiction that the US government, in any way, shape, or form, has anything to do with the Constitution or what the Founding Fathers built? Can we forget about petitioning an illegal entity that has usurped the legitimate US government?

      If you want change, get rid of it, abolish it, scrap it, secede from it.

  • or-well

    Detain this !
    O warrior of drones
    O bomber of homes –
    There’s plutonium particles
    seeking YOUR bones !
    Try and disappear that
    with Wall Street ass-kissing
    And war-machine funding !
    Go huddle in red white and blue
    Empire bunting
    And wonder why your
    Bankster mentors went missing
    When your dying daughters
    for the last time you’re kissing !

    • or-well

      Too mild or too subtle
      for slick Yes We Can ?
      How ’bout Nuclear Death
      Is stalking your land !
      And it doesn’t care
      If you’re rich
      Or you’re POTUS !
      But you don’t care either
      ’cause that’s out of focus
      And spin hocus-pocus
      For election year
      Is all that you notice
      And what you most fear.
      Keep donations coming,
      And cops protesters stunning,
      Keep Media dumbing
      The populace meek.
      Keep nuke issues hidden
      When power and influence
      Is what you seek.
      Wrap your head around this
      O Nobel prize-winner
      When those that you care for
      Just keep getting thinner –
      Nuke industry profit
      Won’t help those who sicken
      Or DU munitions
      The bloody-orifice stricken.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Rooks is at HP this morning He lives in Japan. I asked him if he felt it:
    “Not only did we feel it, it stopped everyone in their tracks. At least I wasn’t in Tokyo – nothing like feeling trapped when one of these occurs. Today there was news in Japanese that the Yakuza are buying rice and selling it under another prefecture­’s name (Niigata). Therefore, evacuation plans still in place. All of this is criminal.


    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Most “western countries” do not use the death penalty on their own people, Japan and the USA being the only two exceptions. On the other hand, most western countries apply the death penalty freely to strangers on the other side of the world.

      In any case, here’s a Japanese cultural snippet that I find chilling: “Inmates on death row are not told when they will be executed until the last minute — a procedure Japanese officials say prevents panic among inmates — and their family members and lawyers are informed only afterward, as are the news media.”

      Does that government behavior sound familiar in the context of Fukushima?

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        OMG…that is CRIMINAL! WEll like I posted above, Obama can now hold any one of us indefinitely. NO VOTE HERE. What a complete and utter TOOL he is.

      • jec jec

        Death penalty Japan. So all convicted to execution spend every day thinking its their last..dont know what is worse..every day fearing death, or a set date. I think everyday fear would be extremely difficult for convicts. Might be part of the sentence to spend the remainder of with fear of death anytime. Just like the rest of us…

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          Hi jec. One might argue that each of us should be aware of our own mortality at all times – any day might be our last. Self-help books sometimes urge that sort of thing, arguing that people might behave more reasonably with that awareness. I like the argument, but I can also imagine some people being more willing to take risks, with “what the heck – gotta go some time” thinking.

          For me the big WOW! moment in the piece was the bit about government routinely withholding information “to prevent panic”, and the practice of not informing media and key figures until after the point of no return.

          It seemed to be exactly how the Fukushima crisis is handled.

          Apparently that government feels it can and should withhold vital information “to prevent panic”. This contrasts strongly with the long-standing Western notion (myth, perhaps) that media can and should peer under every rock, and tell all the news.

          Put another way, the lack of information from them is not some anomaly reflecting off-the-scale severity at Fukushima, rather it is business as usual for that style of government.

          Having said all that… I have no idea why countries with a more “open” government/media tradition have been silent about Fukushima. Perhaps information is so well stifled at the source “to prevent panic” that nobody can get effective access yet.

          Mortality sucks. Mortality imposed by someone else sucks more. Mortality imposed as an unintended side-effect of somebody grubbing for money sucks most of all.

          Shut down the nukes.

  • jackassrig

    Another 7.01 earthquake around Japan. Starting the year off right.

  • many moons

    I’m wondering what is Japan’s economic future. If their exports are radioactive who will want to purchase them. Can their economy survive without exports? And if they go under what will happen to other economies? People are saying what a relief to have 2011 over with, it may look like an easier year with what we have facing all of us….

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Good questions, moons. Many people do not realize that the Japanese economy has been in a death spiral for about 20 years. It peaked in the late 1980s. They also have an aging, shrinking population. Add in the devastating earthquake and tsunami damage and they are in huge difficulty, even without the nuclear crisis.

      Recent economic news tends to feature the PIIGS nations of Europe, but the actual data (things like debt/GDP ratios) spell economic doom for many nations not usually in the headlines.

      Very big changes are inevitable on the economic scene. What form they will take remains to be seen.

      This kind of thing is widely documented in financial circles, but here’s a quick starting point:

  • I am dáccord with the fact that radiation is bad.
    but given headline is a typical MSM construct.
    to choose Dresden in former East Germany is a bad idea as East Germany has a long and ongoing industrial polluting history in all areas.
    and then to connect : all children are starving (from there)
    with fuku is a made up with not the slightest scientic/facts
    as a proper grounding
    simply nonsense
    radiation is bad.
    but in dresden not all children are condemned to death.

  • and better and shorter:
    the article says exactly what the preview jpg states:
    look, Dresden grew 30,2 %