Report: Now over 44% of Fukushima children have thyroid abnormalities in latest tests

Published: February 14th, 2013 at 2:15 pm ET


Title: Fukushima Thyroid Examination Part 4
Source: FukushimaVoice
Date: Feb. 13, 2013

The Tenth Report of Fukushima Prefecture Health Management Survey was released on February 13, 2013. [...]

The results compiled up to January 21, 2013 revealed that 41,947 (44.2%) of 94,975 children had thyroid ultrasound abnormalities. Together with 38,114 children (13,645 or 35.8% had thyroid ultrasound abnormalities) tested in the last half of Fiscal Year Heisei 23 (FYH23) from October 2011 through March 2012, a total of 55,592 (41.8%) of 133,089 Fukushima children have been found to have ultrasound abnormalities.

FY2012: 55.8% with no thyroid nodules or cysts, 44.2% with thyroid nodules or cysts

The Fukushima Prefecture Health Management Survey Planning Committee revealed that 10 of 186 eligible for the secondary examination from FYH23 were suspected of having thyroid cancer as a result of the examination. They reported that three of them were confirmed to have papillary carcinoma of thyroid gland and already had surgery. The remaining seven have 80% chance of having cancer based on their biopsy results. [...]

The percentage of abnormalities from FYH24 at 44.2% is higher than previous results of 42.7% and 43.1%, and the overall abnormality rate, for FYH23 and FYH24 combined, of 41.8% is higher than the last result of 40%.  The proportion of children with nodules equal to and larger than 5.1 mm and any size cysts have increased. [...]

See also: Kyodo: 10 Fukushima children believed to have cancer -- 70% female -- Several already had surgery for thyroid

Published: February 14th, 2013 at 2:15 pm ET


29 comments to Report: Now over 44% of Fukushima children have thyroid abnormalities in latest tests

  • dka

    all the children who had the thyroid surgery "are doing well".
    They now have a much higher risk to have on and off thyroid problems for the rest of their life, with all the colateral problems that come with it. Some will be okay. But given that they also are still breathing old and fresh Fukushima cesium and iodine, it could look like a smoker who start smoking just after he had lungs cancer treatment.

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  • Myme

    The data in this report bundle the number of kids having cysts less than 3 mm with the kids with no cysts/abnormality. They reason they cite is "it is the normal medical practice.." Is it?

    If you look closely, for year H24 (2012), the number of kids having cysts equal or smaller than 3 mm is 23,833 (boys and girls combined) out of the total subjects 94,975. That yields to about 25% (an increase of 1% from the previous year). And these kids are not given follow-up exams.

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    • Good catch, Myme. I wish I could answer your Q about the 'normal medical practice' but I think there is no more normal.

      Another point: The population of tested kids did NOT stay the same, as the number of kids tested more than doubled from last year. This makes making comparisons between the years kind of sketchy, as it would be too easy to skew the numbers… and there are quite a few people that want to 'avoid panic' and to 'stop harmful rumor.'

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  • Jay

    Surgery/Biopsy = 99.99 % chance of metastase

    SolutionS for cancer regardless if or no surgery/biopsy done :

    1) enzimatically ( no heat ) extracted shark cartilage , SC .
    - Take it One hour before meals , four doses a day spread evenly .
    - One dose = SC powder in Grams that also is the same number of the patient's body weight in Kilos . He weights 60 Kg therefore one dose is 60 grams ( mixed with Blood Type correct diet juice ) .

    And/Or but I like AND more :

    2) Inositol Hexa Phospate IP-6 only made by Dr. Michael Murray with Natural Factors Co. ( I am not affiliate with neither ) .
    The way to take the IP-6 is identical with the Shark Cartilage .

    If you take both , take the IP-6 first , than after one hour take the SC , than after one hour have a Blood Type correct meal .

    Take Vitamic ESTER – C throught out the day and night ( have it in the glass by the bedside ) . Collagen doesn't happened if besides 'complete' Protein there is no vitamin Ester C !! Wrinkles ? You just read a good part of the solution , besides quiting smoking .

    There are NO side effects from either IP-6 or the Shark Cartilage .
    Oh , BTW , I did see an HD documentary about how sharks get rid of induced cancers …

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  • J.

    MYME SAID If you look closely, for year H24 (2012), the number of kids having cysts equal or smaller than 3 mm is 23,833 (boys and girls combined) out of the total subjects 94,975. That yields to about 25% (an increase of 1% from the previous year). And these kids are not given follow-up exams.

    This seems to mean that almost 70% of the children have some abnormality. That's horrifying.

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    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      If the 70% is accurate, after just under two years since 3/11, we are very close to 100%. I would call that a vastly exponential rate of increase, and what happens in a year or two.

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      • PhilipUpNorth

        100% is the correct number, Time Is Short. Also correct for millions of kids in Tokyo. Should have had much larger evacuation, both in area and duration. Should be gone even now, and stay away for 150,000 years or longer. So sad.

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  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Heart wrenching as the kids who had surgery will have to take meds the rest of their lives. NO NUKES

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  • voltscommissar

    Ever since Chernobyl, the thyroid has been a great diversionary tactic for "health physicists". In Europe they have set up the "Chernobyl Tissue Bank" and its founding principle seems to be that the thyroid gland is the only health issue that citizens of polluted Europe need to be concerned about after Chernobyl.

    Their chief scientist Dr Geraldine Thomas was prominent in the Australian media after 3/11, making platitudinous noises about the negligible health impact of FUKU: gratuitously insulting the intelligence of all thinking listeners in the radio audience.

    Global health authorities — under the invisible hand of the IAEA — love the thyroid gland because when it gets a nuclear cancer it is treatable and has a reasonable cure rate. Once again progress and technology are triumphant, so "everybody back to their own beds, nothing to see here, we are in control and we have the welfare of the citizenry as our top priority" — yeah right!

    The much bigger, hidden problem is the killing of many more Japanese foetuses, infants, toddlers, teenagers and adults from the long term cumulative effects of all the other longer-lived radioactive pollutants like caesium, plutonium, strontium, etc.

    Chernobly Tissue Bank collects _only_ throid tissue samples, and is funded by EURATOM and other nuclear players. I-131 has a half life of eight days, the disease it causes is curable with surgery, and the surgical complcations are treatable with thyroid hormone. Perfect…

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  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    The need for thyroid removal is caused by creepy man-made radiation. Tokyo, United States, and beyond, the accumulative effects of radiation is at work, thanks to nuclear.

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  • gottagetoffthegrid

    Pre-fuku rate was 0.8% now it's 70%? Fuck me.

    This whole article made me sick. It read so clean, so neutral, so SCIENTIFIC.

    These arent rats or mice. These are little, beautiful kids. They didn't make this deal with the devil, but they pay. Boy do they pay; no discount.

    Fuk u TEPCo, fuk u GE.

    sorry admin, but it's just… This makes me so angry.

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    • vital1 vital1

      Most of these thyroid issues could have been prevented by informing the populace to take iodine tables. The government choose to protect the nuclear industry!

      The fact that government did not act in the interest of the population, and that the populace has not reacted to the mass murder of their children is mind boggling.

      Criminal that any government east, or west would allow this to happen to its
      children. What is particularly tragic, is that these governments could have, and should have, prevented this from happening!

      Informed parents, would have made the correct choices to keep their children
      safe, and healthy.

      Officials responsible for this outrage should be held accountable, and

      A responsible leadership would have acted decisively, and not allowed this to happen.

      The only conclusion that can be drawn is we have a seriously ill
      leadership that lacks compassion. Their gods are power and money, their actions speak louder than words.


      Get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is
      quickly, and efficiently. You don’t need to explain anything just distribute the lifesaver.pdf or create your own, hand it out, mailbox it, or email it.

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  • J.

    I have read that iodide tablets were available only in hospitals, to be distributed only through hospitals. In the aftermath of the quake/tsunami/meltdowns and coverup, there was no chance of an orderly distribution of prophylaxis. The tablets SHOULD have been in each and every household. There has been some discussion of this only recently. It's far too late for the children of Fukushima and surrounding areas. But as others have noted, there is no prophylaxis for the other radiation-induced maladies such as Cherobyl heart.

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  • HoTaters HoTaters

    I now have many sm. thyroid nodules — based on ultrasound. Live in San Francisco Bay Area, ~ 40-45 miles northeast of San Francisco. Just inland from the Suisun Bay. The Bay sucks the air in from the coast & it travels through the Delta here. Like a giant wind tunnel.

    Not clear what all this means yet. Have multiple kidney cysts, told benign, and multiple left breast abnormalities. Thyroid and breast issues not present in 2010. Just one very small nodule on my thyroid.

    Two CT scans were done of upper body in 2010.

    Some of this is probably normal, due to aging. Still, I have to wonder if CT scan exposure and/or the radiation from Fukushima have caused issues.

    Hmmn … I lived less than two miles from the infamous Chicago Piles, for the first five years of my life (about Jan. 1956 to the end of 1959). Maybe my body is just saying, Enough!

    Am just presuming we've had massive radiation exposure in the Northern Hemisphere, and will take all possible preventive measures against cancer. Many people say diet, visualization, exercise, detoxification, and other natural methods are helpful.

    The thyroid "complex cysts" are most worrisome at this point. Breast cancer risk increases with age. So does the risk of complex kidney cysts. Urologist says kidney cysts are benign.

    Both men and women get breast cancer. ~ 10% of all breast cancers are found in men. Men, be kind to yourselves and learn to do breast self exams. Everyone, take care. We all need to take care,…

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    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Wishing everyone good health. My heart goes out to the people in Japan. And to XDrFox, StillJill, others who are missed here. Johnny Blade and his wife. Anne, and thinking of her family. We likely won't know what all of this means for several years.

      Just re-read captions below the article. Dr. Helen Caldicott is right, it's disturbing to know so many children already have thyroid abnormalities. And already the thyroid cancer rate in Fukushima children is about 5%.

      My family and I took Potassium Iodide between about March 12 and March 16. Then we took iodine for at least six months. Am now wondering if it did us any good.

      We are just deluding ourselves if we think we can get off "scot free." We can take some counter measures to try to help ourselves and our families, but we just can't wish away the impacts of worldwide releases of man-made radiation.

      I choose to not dwell in the darkness of my own morbid thoughts. It's a grim situation, there's no getting around it w/o being in denial. But we're likely not doing ourselves any good by being depressed about it. Or should I say, not keeping a balanced view, and realizing there is eternal order and goodness which is even greater than ourselves. As the 1960's song, Turn, Turn, Turn said,

      "A time to build up, a time to break down
      A time to dance, a time to mourn
      A time to cast away stones
      A time to gather stones together"

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      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Just grateful for the realization there IS some order to the universe. Otherwise this would all seem pointless. I don't know how people can go on w/o something bigger than themselves (or more solid?) to believe in. If anyone has some humor to inject here, it would be most welcome.

        Some of you know my spiritual inclinations, nonetheless, I still think this is hilarious. Yeah, crucifixion was a real downer!

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  • J.

    We are just deluding ourselves if we think we can get off "scot free."


    This is where controlling language comes into play. If we promote an acronym such as PiiiP (persistent inhalable/ingestable ionizing particles), people get into their minds an image that, I think, accurately reflects the reality: the more PiiPs, the worse for all of us. Uranium dioxide from DU weapons may be blown all around the planet, and each PiiiP of DU is dangerous. DU munitions, I have read, are fired in Hawaii, and Okinawa, and DU bombs were used in Yugoslavia, and one could go on an on. There are PiiiPs from Chernobyl throughout Europe. We can say that "some parts of the UK remain contaminated by cesium," but it's not as vivid as thinking of particles that we can inhale or ingest, particles that persist outside the body, and then inside the body.

    There may be major flaws with this particular acronym, but I think the anti-nuclear power effort will be advanced by helping people to visualize the risk. I read that a popular mountain view in Tennessee was tested for Fukushima cesium 134/7 mix, and sure enough it was found. I don't recall the reading offhand, but that's quite a long way for isotopes to travel. Folks in Tennessee probably don't know, by and large, and if they think of their kids playing around in the grass and picking up some PiiiPs, they'll perhaps be more inclined to oppose nuclear power (of which there's plenty in Tennessee, of…

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  • pure water

    Something is wrong with humans. If you see a small child on a road, you just take it by the hand and take it out of there! You do not speculate how many cars will miss it, or monitor the road, or monitor the child.

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    • gottagetoffthegrid

      No no no. There is something wrong with the greed-driven sociopaths that we allow to run our economy governments and society at large. There are CEOs that should be in an asylum but we elect them to the boardroom.

      Wait. Maybe there IS something wrong with humans ;)

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