Report: NRC analysis indicated “elevated child thyroid” in Alaska, Pacific island… With only 1 of 3 reactor cores releasing radiation (PHOTO)

Published: October 7th, 2011 at 4:25 pm ET


SOURCE: Enformable

SOURCE: The NRC Knew Possibility of Elevated Thyroid Dose in Midway Island and Alaska By March 22nd – Worked to keep it away from FOIA, Enformable, October 7, 2011

From: Rogge, John
Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2011 7:49 AM
To: Baker, Pamela; [et al.]
Subject: Tues 0730 – Commissioners Assistants Briefing on Japanese Events

The following is a synopsis of the briefing with changes or noteworthy items: More at 2000 Tuesday from the RDO…. Mr. John Rogge…. […]

General Items of Interest […]

The Bounding Plausible Analysis, which needs peer review, would indicate elevated child thyroid to those in Midway Island and Alaska, [sic] This assumes 1 core and 2 SFPs released. (25% U2 Core, 50% U3 SFP, 100% U4 SFP)

It was later revealed that Reactors No. 1, 2, and 3 all suffered full meltdowns –CNN

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Engineering Branch 3 Chief: John Rogge Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Region 1, Division of Reactor Safety Engineering Branch 3 inspects reactor licensee activities in the area of fire protection; provides technical expertise and support in the electrical area; and performs Region-based baseline and supplemental fire protection inspections.

Published: October 7th, 2011 at 4:25 pm ET


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52 comments to Report: NRC analysis indicated “elevated child thyroid” in Alaska, Pacific island… With only 1 of 3 reactor cores releasing radiation (PHOTO)

  • Kevin Kevin

    What about the west coast of Canada? Oregon? Cali?

  • dpl dpl

    The LD50 for exposure to radiation has not yet been determined for children. Experiments on children are harder to publish we have xrayed them to death but no one has fed them nuke plant matter. 100 is the minimum number for sufficient statistical accuracy. Medical science is being furthered as we can see. Never let a disaster go to waste. Sickness is treatable just like nuke plant workers for PR sake alive is all that counts.

  • Damn. My sister and her three children under the age of eight live in Anchorage. She’s one of the happy thoughts rapture sheeple. Whose holding the ‘bang head here’ sign? I could use it right about now.

    • ocifferdave

      Hey, don’t let AKDave see this article…wait, actually, let him see it. Maybe he will move down from Alaska like I did to middle of nowhere USA.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Why’d you leave Alaska OD? Palin?
        Just kidding. NONE of this is funny. Terrible news everyday.

        • ocifferdave

          I happen to like Palin very much as a person. She laughed at my jokes even–that’s extremely kind of her…my jokes are terrible. Politically…I think she’s just in the spot light for money anymore. She used to be good. Sigh. Power currupts. Oh, well. Oh, and she was my neighbor (kind of) in Wasilla. Lived just across Lake Lucille she did. Soon she became my commander and chief of sorts…I was in the Alaska Army National Guard. I called her boss. That was my first joke. And my general didn’t kill me for that inpertinance. Fun times. Fun times. Expensive times. Too expensive. Moved down the lower 48’s to live with the common poor folk I did. And a good thing too. I avoided all that radiation!

          Now back to my show, The IT Crowd. Brilliant!

        • Thanks so much, Whoopie. Your stamina and big heart is rare.

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            Made an old woman blush.
            Guess what? The Bureau of Consular Affairs reduced the evacuation zone from 80km radius around Fukushima nuclear plant to 20km. Advisory was just issued. It’s criminal what’s going on here.

      • AkDave AkDave

        Dang! I did see it not sure what part of Alaska, it was Aleutian chain? most likely… been keeping a eye on the jet stream no snow yet here but I’m sure it will be hot just like most other places. Sad!!!

  • StillJill StillJill

    That would be me, Chemfood,…glad to share! 🙂

    • Thanks, SJ. Will give it back, swear. Now. How about a box to put broken hearts into. . .My sister is clueless up there.

      • midwestern midwestern

        Here is the box chemfood. It’s quite full and washed over with sweat drawn out by baking soda and epsom salts…Tears, none available, all washing down into the earth after the coriums. Please wash your hands after depositing your heart and pass along the box.

      • StillJill StillJill

        You cracked me up Chemfood,..”Happy thoughts, rapture sheeple,….” Dang,…you nailed it. Have been trying to ‘work with’ rapturists,……it’s gonna take more than a “Bang head here” sign! Sigh.

  • larry-andrew-nils

    this world is full of people who are not good.

    show me one who is good who is not good by virtue of being a child.

    we all deserve to die and to be reincarnated and also be killed again, and then have our bones come to life forever only to die more and more horribly each time.

    this is what is happening here.

    see you all next time around for something even more horrible.

    it’s called iniquity… that’s our collective sin.
    we’re just not good enough to be called good.

    we are a failure.
    we are better off dead which is why there is no intervention for our suicide.

    i’m pouring an extra-large glass of milk.

    fuck you.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      A Outnow HP Quote belongs here Larry:
      “It’s hard to trust those “grown ups” who have been so reckless in the past. I see a culture of death, not a culture of life here on Planet Earth. Whatever Eden it could have been, that’s all gone now”
      Sobering and prob true. 🙁

    • Steven Steven

      “show me one who is good who is not good by virtue of being a child.”

      Actually larry we’re supposed to start off amoral and get better as we grow older. The reason kids are cute is so we don’t murder the little beggars (ask any parent lol). Although there might be something in the old soul/new soul/reincarnation idea, some kids are definitely more angelic than others.

      Perhaps you are having a bad day. I know plenty of decent folk, and I’m sure you do too. The trouble with this situation is that we’re focussing on the negative aspects alot (for good reason) and that can get you down. Take a break. Hope you bounce back soon man.

      • larry-andrew-nils

        yeah, i know.

        you can’t remember good times in times of trouble.

        every time i look on this site, things seem to get worse and worse.

        now, even if the fukushima stops spewing, there are so many other plants which will also have to spew… because they were poorly planned.

        i can think of good and future good, but all the good i can conjure is smashed by radiation.

  • enemoe

    So, does anyone actually know what this means. I don’t think it means what you all think it means.

    “Bounding Plausible Analysis” I don’t find a lot of hits for this on google, but I take it that this is a worst case scenario analysis. Now, of course, we can argue whether their worst case is better than what happened, so let’s do that.

    “This assumes 1 core and 2 SFPs released. (25% U2 Core, 50% U3 SFP, 100% U4 SFP”

    What does this mean? Do we know? Do we know how much of the cores were released? What does “released” mean in this memo? How much, if any of the U4 SPF was “released?”

    I used to try to get real news from this place, but it is more and more these types of posts. The headline makes it seem like we know that there was “elevated child thyroid” in Alaska and Midway… was there? Was the “Bounding Plausible Analysis” condition met? I don’t know, and neither do any of you.

    • Jebus Jebus

      Yes we do know what it means, and so do you, enemoe.
      “Bounding Plausible Analysis” means that at that time, all their data points to the fact that radiation is everywhere and spreading as we breathe.
      Look through 76 pages of reports on this site, some good, most not so much, and even a blind, deaf man can tell what it means. Denying the obvious is not possible in this context. There is no previous event in this planet’s recorded history that compares to this manmade disaster. It threatens all life on earth. If you have any common sense at all, you know that fukushima, after all the other violations, by man, to his environment, is the game changer. It will be impossible to walk out the other end of this disaster without irreparable and permanent harm to most of life on this planet.
      But, not to worry, no one has died immediately as a consequence of nuclear power.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        SPOT ON JEBUS.

      • enemoe

        Can you please give me the respect of actually reading what I wrote and responding to it in a way that actually addresses my comment?

        “‘Bounding Plausible Analysis’ means that at that time, all their data points to the fact that radiation is everywhere and spreading as we breathe.” —
        When I looked up bounding plausible analysis it only lead me to think that this was a scenario which they considered on the boundaries of what was plausible… not the actual case at hand.

        I have read many of the reports on this site and was worried sick for several weeks, then I really started looking into things, like the fact that rain is normally radioactive (especially thunderstorms) and much of what I saw discredited the material I was seeing here. The headlines get more and more sensational.

        I never said this was not a problem. The Japanese are in dire straits. This is an atrocity. What we don’t need are a bunch of people thinking their sore throat in Alaska is radiation poisoning… that’s crazy. Sorry to say, but it is.

        • Jebus Jebus

          “Can you please give me the respect of actually reading what I wrote and responding to it in a way that actually addresses my comment?”

          I did…

          I’d say that if you go bounding through more of this sites data, analysing with great care as you go, that it’s plausible you will come to realize the truth of this event called, Fukushima.

        • Steven Steven

          Hi enemoe, as someone who has absolutely no problem with other points of view (I only get my dander up for severe cases of hostility) perhaps I can respond to your valid concerns, before some of the others try to tear you a new one lol.

          You are correct in suggesting that the parameters and intent of the report in question needs further research. But the fact that someone in authority even postulated that 100% of SFP 4 might have flown the coop should set off alarm bells. We need to find out more, and no doubt the best of our data miners here will do so in good time.

          As for rain having always been radioactive, well there’s alot of scope in that word ‘radioactive’ both in terms of quantity and type of radioactive material. Maybe a hundred years ago there was some light radon etc in the rain, I think we might find a little more than that these days though. In fact I don’t fancy drinking it, but then what else am I going to drink?

          And your statement about people getting sore throats in Alaska : Is it possible they are simply over reacting? Yes, but if not how else would we expect to find out? So any prejudice hinging on hysterical stereotypes is an invalid argument. Again, more information is needed.

          Hopefully you can renew your investigations and arrive at the truth. All I’m suggesting is to proceed without bias 🙂

          • enemoe


            Thank you very much for the response.

            I have been reading this site since April and I did learn a lot from it. Lately, however, with posts form Art Bell and discussions about whether this is responsible for the Arctic ozone hole… it’s harder to stomach the stories and filter the signal from noise.

            In a way is it not the slightest bit reassuring to consider that the NRC was looking at scenarios that may have been more serious (in amounts released into the atmosphere) than what actually occurred. I don’t think that anyone doing studies on extreme scenarios should set off alarm bells, if anything the Bounding Plausible Analysis should have been set high enough to elevate thyroid throughout the entire western US.

            Has that happened? I don’t know for sure, but everything I have read which is attached to methodological testing seems to indicate that the fresh radioactive load from Fukushima in the US is less than that which was accumulated with atmospheric testing in the 60s. Is that good? Of course not, but it’s not an extinction level event, I don’t think.

            In regard to the rain, I mostly speak to headlines on this site and others about high counts off of rain which are pointed at as some sort of doomsday scenario. I now firmly believe that the vast majority of the radiation detected in the videos posted here is the result of radon daughter products. I have yet to see anyone with a several day old sample which is emitting radiation at levels which would be considered harmful, even for long term exposure. Does that mean I think we should tolerate whatever new is in there from this, no. Should we stop using nuclear power now, yes.

            Thanks again!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Paradise Lost

  • many moons

    Well maybe now we don’t have to worry about the damn thing (reactor no. 4) tipping over and spilling fuel rods all over cause they are already everywhere-powder form (wonder if it might be pollen colored)

  • Mack Mack

    From a travel alert issued by U. S. Dept of State, October 7, 2011:

    […] In addition, pregnant women, children, and the elderly should avoid residing within 30 km of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant.[…]

  • Whoopie,
    It means they all have been had, FOOLED, contaminated, now go home and die !

  • Rosie

    Right. So Alaska is under a radiation cloud. What are Palin’s comments on this situation? Well? Well? I’m assuming she must be aware? Yes? No?

    • Joe Ebslap Joe Ebslap

      Sarah loves the smell of emissions, especially the odorless ones. At some point “it’s the economy stupid” is going to morph into “it’s the air and water stupid.” That it has taken so long is real stoopid.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Palin reportedly purchases a palatial estate in the Southern Hemi. I have not been able to confirm this. Yes,…she knows.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Thanks Jebus,….I thought it was Argentina,…Arizona was it huh? Thanks,…

    Yes,…looks like Perrys’ about out as soon as he opened his mouth much. They will dwindle. Here’s my prognostication,…the next one the GOP puts up,…isn’t even on the platform YET. Just a sneaky hunch is all.

  • beamofthewave

    I was watching the mainstream news and Ron Paul has one the straw poll for the Repubs and they wouldnt even talk about him, it was still Perry and Romney. That is going to be funny if Ron Paul wins the nomination and the mainstream media still wont say his name or discuss what he is saying that excites people enough to pull the lever for him. Maybe he is as hooked in as Bush but why wont the media talk about Paul when he is winning so for what ever reason the PTB dont like him and gave at least David Gregory his marching orders, dont mention him.

  • beamofthewave

    I miss my kid so much and when I read about the children with elevated thyroid in the bound plausible analysis I know I did the right thing sending her to Georgia.

  • beamofthewave

    Perry is so funny, opens his mouth and starts an international incident with Mexico! Poor Obama has to get the state department on it I guess cause Perry talks about invading them I think it was. Isnt he a govenor? WTF.