Report: Nuclear companies infiltrated universities

Published: November 3rd, 2011 at 11:30 am ET


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Paper: Frankfurter Rundschau

Date: November 2, 2011

Headline: The nuclear lobby infiltrated universities

Report (emphasis added):

German nuclear companies finance about 30 professors – and thus largely determine, what is being discussed at universities. […]

D ie finance four largest German energy companies for information on this newspaper at universities nationwide about 30 endowed professorships. The universities are funded in part known for studies on the debate about nuclear energy, the nuclear phase and the cost of renewable energy. […]

[T]he energy group EnBW holds eleven endowed professorships at German universities. […]

[I]n the past year, as the EMI [a university?] was given together with other institutions of the federal government commissioned to examine the future of Germany’s energy supply – a report of vital importance. […]

“The EMI looks like a stealth subcontractors of [nuclear companies] Eon and RWE,” says the vice group leader of the Greens in the Bundestag, Baerbel Hoehn. […]

“With the funding of more than 30 endowed professorships tried the utilities to influence public debate. […]”

You have to do it
so well reinforced with covert PR activities and spin, because the nuclear companies would hardly be perceived as credible, said Hohn.

At least the University of Clausthal-Zellerfeld has no problem to be assisted by the Society for Nuclear Service. The business segment of society: Disposal of radioactive waste. The theme of the Chair: disposal.

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Published: November 3rd, 2011 at 11:30 am ET


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20 comments to Report: Nuclear companies infiltrated universities

  • thelili

    Of course they did. They need to check what people are thinking about in order to spin the lies.

    It isn’t working. Not in the universities and not on Enenews.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    I think industry sponsorship for universities is common today – quite sad, actually.
    There goes independent research (out the window).

    Our governments prefer to invest in Hedgefonds, military, who-knows-what instead in education. Serves their purposes, I guess.

    • Erin

      “Sponsorship” is common, but I’d like to believe that some of it is philanthropic, rather than manipulative.

      Part of my skepticism comes from the history of cannabis. Please forgive me if I’m not remembering all of the details correctly, but the gist of it I recall is that cannabis was a common medicine in every doctor’s pharmacoepia for a long time. However, it was also seen as competition by some who effectively had it removed from medical school texts and discussions. Within a few generations, it was as if marijuana had always been the “devil’s weed,” “smoked by dirty mexicans who want to steal our white women,” and according to the man placed in charge of drugs in America for decades, smoking cannabis would turn you into a bat!

      Sooooo … if the truth about therapeutic cannabis could be so well hidden for so long … if it could be perverted into some twisted political tool … if reasonable, rational human beings could even be convinced marijuana can turn you into a bat, fer cripes sake …

      I think we should watch this infiltration of universities by the nuclear industry very carefully, to say the least!

      • Erin

        Check this out!

        “Lotus Cars U.K. have gone for a different type of ‘green’ by announcing an ‘Eco Elise’ made largely out of hemp.

        Yes Hemp! That “weed” that America so deeply and viserally fears.
        The theory behind this radical new approach is that Lotus feels too much “green” car technology is simply concentrating on CO2 emissions at the tailpipe, where the manufacturing processes and materials in many cars are just as environmentally damaging.

        To that end, the company is presenting a more holistic environmental focus giving the unintentional yet well deserved one-finger-up salute to the U.S. Federal Government and their half a century old fake war on drugs.”

  • Why UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering will debunk all information or data that might shed a dim light on anything nuclear.

    Whether it’s bananas or riding on an airplane comparisons, their arrogant ‘ego-speak’ is usually a big pile of chit.

    Conflict of Interest discussion:

  • pure water

    They have forgotten the advices of Bertrand Russell
    enenews seems much more devoted to searching the facts and maintaining tolerance, even when it becomes too hot here.

  • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

    There is a pro nuke ex nuke industry, ex professor from UC Berkeley that was raised in the rural Pac Northwest. His Dad had a small logging business, so he speaks “blue collar” well and successfully communicates with the “average Joe”. He has been a talk radio host for a couple decades at least on KGO 810 talk radio. This guys name is Bill Wattenburg. He has been shilling for nuke power and railing against any kind of regulation as long as I’ve ever heard him. He also worked at Lawrence Livermore labs. The silly bastard is still singin the praises of splitting atoms, and from the response of his loyal followers, he has been very effective. He’s also a giant fan of MOX fuel, and pissed that the US doesn’t use it or make it or whatever you do with it like France does.
    He also spent alot of time down playing the nightmare in the Gulf. His nightly rants were how oil seeps through earth crust all the time, and dillution is the answer. Anyone who disagreed with him was an “environut”.
    Just an example of this topic.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Yes PoorDaddy,…he’s a perfect PROTOTYPE!

  • arclight arclight

    University complicity with the nuclear industry

    heres somw links weve had here on enenews that began to uncover world wise duplicity bot in the west and east

    i think some of the investigations on these two links and other linked posts/articles in the thread are worth reading to gain an understanding of the processes within the universities and there interactions with the outside world (generally lying to the outside world, as well as themselves! my opinion!)..

    it cant be stressed the way educational establishments have power within society…and market forces on these establishments over the past decades have weakened the teaching standard creating factories churning out corporate “cogs” for the machine!

    corporate funding is a powerful incentive for universities to “tow the line”. in japan we are seeing the mobilisation of the whole educational system to furthering corporate greed…

    one word….oncology…how much money is invested in that!
    two words actually research and development of nuclear connected fields….look closely and you will see nuclear has seeped its way in to all fields!! especially education, but all the sciences now rely on nuclear in some way or other….who has the guts to move against such an institutional tidal wave?? very few!

    nuclear has debased our political sytems our financial systems our health services our armed forces our industry our food!! etc… proving nuclear is a social cancer, worse than any biological cancer, it is the cause of biological and mental cancer…. it destroys families, individuals,,,it strips rights away from victims and causes genocidal acts stirring up eugenics debates!! ive run out…

    • Jebus Jebus

      It’s happening here in the US…Cross/Repost…

      Facts Trump Rhetoric
      James Walther

      “Get to Know Nuclear 2012″ will be in science classrooms in January. That is our aim as we work with valued partners like the National Science Teachers Association as part of our national coalition of partners. The week will affect an estimated 20,000 students in communities across the country.

      Send them to school with the articles from here..
      Have them show the teachers this and other sites…
      Don’t let this happen….

      • Jebus Jebus


        Nuclear Science Week

        National Nuclear Science Week is a national, broadly observed week-long celebration to focus local, regional and national interest on all aspects of nuclear science. Each day will provide for learning about the contributions, innovations and opportunities that can be found by exploring nuclear science.

        Now for a glimpse of one of our big moments from National Nuclear Science Week 2011:…..

  • arclight arclight

    err /rant 🙂 somebody else can carry this one on im sure!

  • thelili

    @erin just because a person is a philanthropist does not make them a good person. I used to work for a guy that invested in Philip Morris and thought that anyone stupid enough to smoke deserved to die. He turned right around and donated substantial amounts to the American Cancer Society not only for the write off, but for access to all incoming medical research so that he could give it to his friends at Philip Morris.

    It’s just the way the game is played for some.

    Bill Gates is one of the top philanthropists in the world and has been involved in a number of shady dealings. Those that control education control the population.

    This may help understand why people would get info from a university

    It’s sensational but you can research whatever portions upset you for your own edification.

    • Fall out man!

      I think Pallast is ignoring (deliberately?) some of the main problems with Bill’s “philanthropy”.

      Some years ago the US Congress witheld funding for the UNFPA (through USAID) because it was caught funding forced sterilization and abortion in both Peru and China. When there was a change of government in Peru, the Peruvians sent witnesses to testify before the US Congress. Guess who picked up funding the UNFPA (through USAID) when Congress quite rightly refused? The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

      If you look at the Gates Foundation “charities” they ultimately all go back to population control or population control associated groups. It speaks volumes about Pallast that he ignores that.

      I just tried to find some detailed info on the web, and can find all sorts of related stuff, but nothing about that now. It got surprisingly little press coverage at the time. Down here in New Zealand we had one of our politicians speak in favour of the UNFPA and its forced sterilization and abortion program in Peru as “helping the poor”. She was serious! Helping the poor by eliminating their very existence! (That was Marion Hobbs). The funding was no small deal, it was along the lines of 100m USD from memory.

      This wikipedia article at least gives you an idea of some of the links between Gates and forced sterilization and abortion.

      As for AIDS in Africa. Well, if the reports of 20% of South Africans having AIDS were true, then South Africa would have died out a long time ago. People have all kinds of health problems in Africa and they are blamed on AIDs. It may bring in donations, and may be an excuse to sell toxic drugs, but simply following the news over the years should tell you its a big lie.

      So how does that tie in with Nuclear? Well, there’s no surer way to reduce the population than to dust the people and their…

      • Fall out man!

        Dusting people and their food with nuclear fallout will certainly reduce the population of those targeted. Horrible diseases, lower fertility, and shorter life spans. Its evil. Satanic infact. Biblically, Satan (or Lucifer as his worshippers like to call him) has three goals. To steal, to kill, and to destroy. The nuke industry does all three.

        I read some of the testimonies of the poor women who were forcibly sterilized. Doctors were paid bonuses for each woman they did. A woman would go to hospital for some minor problem, then be anesthetized and sterilized. In poor countries a women’s children look after her in her old age. Without kids, she will be destitute. The horror of not being able to have a family. Its just so cruel. But that is what Bill and Melinda Gates are all about.

        • Fall out man!

          Obviously I botched up that first link, but the last one from was right. Here is one specifically about the Gates foundation. Population control nuts love nuclear power. Its constant radioactive contamination (even when working properly) destroys the genome, thus reducing the population.

          According to a published book on population control, Bill Gates puts more money towards that cause than anyone else in the world.

          How damaging is this activity to the third world? Terribly

          So would men like Gates push nuclear power when they knew it would wipe out populations? Of course, that’s their goal!

  • Au Au

    Yes, and we must make sure that their little 12 hour baby offspring get vaccinated for Hepatitis B because you know how babies are! Crawling around having risky sex and shooting up. And please, I hope the Population Reduction Nuts have plenty of safe genetically modified soy milk for their babies to suck down. It really is better than breast milk. Promise. The FDA fully approves of it so you can trust that.

    Gates is big on vaccines, as you know.
    Ever wonder why the govt is so keen to vaccinate the elderly with the flu vaccine?
    Ever wonder why they want to vaccinate third world countries? Is it because they caaare so much?
    If they caaare SO much where were they when the Hutus were chopping up the Tutsis and visa versa. No, they let that just carry on day after day.
    Ever wonder why they could not get water to the people in New Orleans when we have the biggest military in the world that is loaded with helicopters.

    I have wondered about these things.

    • Fall out man!

      Fair point about care for the elderly and the young. Given we have unofficial euthanasia for the elderly (being pushed for official legalization in NZ) and free on demand abortion for the young in NZ, are vaccines really being provided to help those people? Obviously there are other reasons.

      Nuke power is the same. Its the most expensive way to generate power there is. More expensive even than solar (though some would try to debate that by ignoring decommissioning costs, health costs, govt insurance, and waste storage costs). Economically it makes no sense. There are other hidden reasons for pushing nuke power. Some people make a fortune out of it, the ordinary guy pays for it, and of course it reduces the population through ill health. Its evil.

      Note it was the Nuke industry that was first to push global warming paranoia. The Uni of East Anglia’s climate section that got caught out lying in “email gate” was first funded and set up by the US Dept of Energy. (the nuke industry) They realize that the lie of man made global warming is their last chance to survive. If people buy into that lie, the nuke industry might as well own them.