More Fukushima nuclear pollution to hit U.S. starting in 2015 — Study: Impact strength of Cesium-137 on West Coast to be as high as 4 PERCENT

Published: December 20th, 2012 at 11:18 am ET


Follow-up to: Ocean Absorbed 79 Percent Of Fukushima Fallout

Title: An ensemble estimation of impact times and strength of Fukushima nuclear pollution to the east coast of China and the west coast of America
Source: Science China Earth Sciences
Authors: GuiJun Han, Wei Li, HongLi Fu, XueFeng Zhang, XiDong Wang, XinRong Wu, LianXin Zhang
Date: November 2012
Emphasis Added

An ensemble estimation of impact times and strength of Fukushima nuclear pollution to the east coast of China and the west coast of America


Based on the statistics of all surface drifting buoys of 1978–2011 and Lagrangian tracers simulated from high quality ocean reanalysis currents, the impact times and strength of Fukushima nuclear pollution to the east coast of China and the west coast of America have been estimated. Under the circumstances of the radioactive pollutants drifting in the ocean surface, preliminary research results show that while the tracers took about 4 years to reach the west coast of USA, there are two types of tracers to carry out Fukushima nuclear pollutants to reach the east coast of China, corresponding to 1.5-year recirculation gyre transport and 3.5-year subtropical circulation transport. The distributions of the impact strength at these time scales are given according to the variation of relative number concentration with time combined with the decaying rate of radioactive matter. For example, starting from 1% at 1.5-year, of the initial level at the originating area of Fukushima nuclear pollution, the impact strength of Cesium-137 in the South China Sea continuously increases up to 3% by 4 years, while the impact strength of Cesium-137 in the west coast of America is as high as 4% due to the role of strong Kuroshio-extension currents as a major transport mechanism of nuclear pollutants for that area.

See also: [intlink id=”study-contaminated-water-from-fukushima-reactors-could-double-radioactivity-levels-along-us-west-coast-in-5-years-we-were-surprised-at-how-quickly-the-tracer-spread-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: December 20th, 2012 at 11:18 am ET


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51 comments to More Fukushima nuclear pollution to hit U.S. starting in 2015 — Study: Impact strength of Cesium-137 on West Coast to be as high as 4 PERCENT

  • I'm wondering what a 4% impact strength for Cesium-137 is.

    I think they need to draw another 250 graphs – for Cesium-134, Strontium-89, Strontium-90, Cobalt-60, Iodine-131, tritium and other known effluents.

    Would be nice to see separate graphs for rainfall and atmospheric fallout – or for each transport vector, like pollen.

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      Excellent points! And they are being rather vague about water salinity-levels and how that might effect reading in different areas, but I guess those-type studies require even more research funding dollars and … well…. so much is just unknown. So sad… (not to even mention sea-life aspects either).

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    The pier washed up in Oregon long ago, but it will take 4 years for Cesium 137 to get here?

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Is that 4% of the total radioactive release into the ocean? This should include the airborne stuff that dropped in as well.

    Someone please make a calculation of the total radioactive fallout in terms of atomic bombs, lethal doses or something an average person can relate to, then take 4%….probably the equivalent of several Hiroshima- Nagasaki bombs.

    what goes around, comes around.
    Man; the ape that poisoned the planet….without apparent remorse.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      “A recent study was prepared for Greenpeace Germany by international nuclear safety expert Dr. Helmut Hirsch. Dr. Hirsch’s assessment, based on data published by the French government’s radiation protection agency (IRSN) and the Austrian government’s Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) found that the total amount of unstable radionuclides Iodine-131 and Caesium-137 released between March 11 and March 23 has been so high that the Fukushima crisis already equates to three INES 7 incidents.

      Release of radiation from the stricken reactors has reached 10,000 teraBequerels (10,000 trillion Bequerels) per hour, measured for radioactive Iodine-131.”

      “The uranium bomb which the United States dropped on Hiroshima at the end of World War II released 89 tera becquerels. It killed 140,000 people – many instantly, others within weeks of the blast as they succumbed to severe radiation burns.”

      So, a rough estimate is that Fukushima is spewing the equivalent of 112 Hiroshima-type nuclear bombs worth of radiation every hour, of every day.

      That’s 981,120 atomic bombs a year going off worth of radiation into our biosphere.

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        Thanks, TimeIsShort, you have been missed!

        Fukushima Diary's column on the on-going, uncontained nuclear reactions:

        [Column] 3 facts to support the hypothesis that fractured nuclear fuel is in individual stages of nuclear reaction

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Thanks Time Is Short.
        I guess it should be noted that the Greenpeace study comes from April of 2011. So there was probably a major peak of release at that time. But if we take the 981,000 bombs worth of fallout per year at face value, then 4 percent would be 39,000 bombs on California's doorstep. But maybe it only means that the nearly undetectable ocean radiation will go up 4%. Would it be nice to have the estimate of total radiation released by fukushima posted permanently on ENEnews?

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          The radioactive release from Fukushima is additive – and exponential. So the initial release estimates are simply a baseline. The radiation emitted from Fukushima will only increase for the next 250,000 years, before it starts to diminish, so any total would be an X factor greater than the initial release.

          100 bombs worth of radiation per hour the first year, 200 bombs worth per hour the second year, etc., all layering on top of the radiation previously released. I'll bet the US government has run the numbers – along with really pretty full color charts – but they aren't telling us.

          h/t NoNukes

  • Somehow, this number sounds low . Sort of like the effects of I?ow levels of radiation is not bad at all. Maybe smiling will make it all better ..sarc off /

    I am curious what will happen when the mysterious black substance starts showing up on rooftops, sidewalks, and automobiles . My guess is that is when this 4% figure will hit home and be remembered .
    And nobody will be smiling anymore .
    Please excuse me . This ongoing disaster is so serious to so many .

  • My generalized abstract of the abstract.

    Based on statistics,
    …it's unimaginably catastrophic!!!
    (re: strength of Fukushima nuclear pollution)

    The DISTRIBUTIONS of the impact strength…
    …CONCENTRATION with time combined with,
    …RADIOACTIVE matter.

    The impact strength,
    …CONTINUOUSLY increases.

    [the sea]
    A major TRANSPORT mechanism of nuclear pollutants.

    There are many transport vectors/mechanisms yet to come.
    Some we haven't thought of I'm sure.

    When people realize the severity of all of this they may be just a little bit upset. …or they may just drink the Kool-aid. (?)

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      That's why my first reaction was: Holy shit! (Don't mean to offend anyone). Thank you for that Global Research article… I chopped it up into different bit-sized morsels and put it out to all my Facebook friends. It's really all I can do to hopefully get more word out to a larger audience and hope to educate others and maybe even get them to click on a link back to Enenews to help them to learn the situation. People keep lamenting the silly Maya-calendar thing, but I think our global-calendar event WAS Fukushima. The real work or new reality is all about changing people's thinking.

  • Mack Mack

    Researchers recently discovered a way to detect the movement of radiation in the ocean, using uranium-236 as a marker.

    [ Maybe it can help to get a more accurate picture of how the radiation is moving in the ocean. ]

  • Mack Mack

    Run a 'query' in EPA's database and you'll see what radiation you could be exposed to (even before Fukuswampy, but in most cases higher since Fukuswampy)

    Let's try California from 2010-2012, for example:

    >> Uranium-238 in air filters in California:

    How did Uranium-238 get into the air?

    Wikipedia says this about Uranium-238 —>

    >> "Depleted uranium has an even higher concentration of the 238U isotope…"

    >> "In a fission nuclear reactor, uranium-238 can be used to breed Pu-239…"

    >> Uranium-234 in air filters

    "The increased percentage of U-234 in enriched natural uranium is acceptable in current nuclear reactors…"

    >> Strontium 89 and 90 in California milk

  • ftlt

    To the first poster: What is different about Chinese govt lies vs Japanese and USA govt lies???.. Or the globalists border less lies for that matter…

    It was clear, they were speaking to the ongoing drainage of radioactive waters and airborne particles into the ocean from Fukushima over the past 3 year … That is where most of the release has gone… We just tend to focus on people – the poor Japanese – when it is clearly a global issue…

    Not that it matters if this report is true or not… We are getting it from all sides …

    Read about the frigging the End – Doom… It all but guarantees more nuclear failures as the climate continues to deteriorate…

    Added to this, the report, this week, on estimated coal usage outstripping oil usage worldwide by the end of the decade.. It was great news for those who embrace "The Madness" too…

    Insanity… I'm glad my child is grown to adulthood and I don't have grand children… It will be truly ugly sooner than later… And War comes first… Always!!!… And any modern war is an environmental disaster..

    I'm so sad… There is nothing positive to look forward to… Other than our day to day existence now… The future has been destroyed… Bummer!!!!

    • Dear fttt: I expect there will always be human survivors, but even if we or (say) an asteroid produced and "extinction event", it's become apparent that the very elemental matter we're made of is somehow designed to produce life forms –which develop into sentient beings.

      I think it would be a good coping strategy for us, and that this would be a good time, to bridge what we can of ourselves to a however distant and uncertain future. Even our simple warm greetings and supportive best wishes for their own struggles might one day be appreciated and renewing of their spirituality. The doing of this work would be renewing of our own spirituality –our sense of connectivity with and service to –life everlasting.


      • ftlt

        Craig: Thanks… I have lead a full life… No time capsules for me… Read "Ode To Rot" by Updike a wonderful 2 page poem.

        Climate Change that is even 4 degrees is sure to destroy this planet for most living animal life as we know it.. We are all but certain to achieve that now and perhaps more… And every 5 years the models are telling us we are wrong in our time frame… It is onsetting far faster than it had been anticipated
        it would..

        Water world wide is being mined at an amazing rate… It is being made toxic too… We may only have 20 years left before it impacts global food supply in the most dramatic of ways…. Check out global aquifer reports – totally grim stuff… This is not alarmist… It is just alarming… Look at the depletion rates from American aquifers that have only been used for only the past 50 years – gone!!! They can take 100,000s of years to recharge… Next time you are in a plane over the western US – look for the shadow ghosts of irrigated fields that are not planted now.

        No one is listening… They think some techno magic bullet will solve our self inflicted dilemmas. FFFF'n hubris..

        I realize, there are those on here who would deny Climate Change… But, it is real… You can see it in the clouds… You can feel it at night here in California in the Sierras – where it is so warm at night for long periods of the year – it was like that never before..

        There is no movement – no public will to change the way we live

        • Good to know that your life has been satisfyingly full, fttt. While my (now happily married) life has certainly been "full" of projects, social adventures and misadventures, I failed at trying to realize intentional community, which is surely a factor in my time capsule tile "outreach" efforts.

          For more perspective on global warming, the presentation at:


          –with particular reference to:


          –indicates that we're in for a helluva ride, and one that's unprecedented. However, between 25 and 50 million years ago the Earth's ice caps formed, melted and refroze a couple times. Somehow life persisted.

          The several hundred million year "rock cycle":


          –through which the Earth will slowly bury all the clutter and contamination we've generated, is yet another process which life forms have survived. (The relatively shallow burial of living soils is far more rapid, of course.)

          These are vexing factors when looking for spots to place really long term "time capsules" (which in our case are actually small sets of high fire ceramic tiles).

          • ftlt

            ****–indicates that we're in for a helluva ride, and one that's unprecedented. However, between 25 and 50 million years ago the Earth's ice caps formed, melted and refroze a couple times. Somehow life persisted.

            The several hundred million year "rock cycle":***** ….HAHAHAHAHAHA

            It almost a certainty, Mammy, Pappy, Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae Yokum missed that one, Craig…

            For your time capsule idea, you need to read – science fiction – "The Mote in God's Eye" by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle 1974.. Great read, that…

            The "Moties" are always set up for their forthcoming collapse – only not in "rock cycle" time… You have come up with a new one there… Great stuff!!!

            A link at bottom to "Dansgaard Oeschger Events" from your link to OSS.. Really gets me going … They use this to understand or prove historical collaspe events all the time… Only the dates don't add up to their own 1500 year cycle – so they move it around – hahaha!!!

            • * Thanks for suggesting that sci-fi novel, fttt –one I missed, but it's now on order. (I see that it got rave reviews at the time.)

              * While this old news item:


              –is very suspect, I'm ever alert for "historical anomalies" (like water erosion to the Sphinx) –which might point us toward the possibility of a forgotten cultural heritage.

              Wouldn't it be a delight to find that some ancient being left us "notes in a bottle, cast upon the sea of time"?

              "I had monuments made of bronze, lapis, lazuli, albaster…and white limestone…and inscriptions of baked clay…I desposited them in the foundations and left for future times" _ Esarhaddon, king of Assyria, Seventh century B.C.

              * Admittedly, this thread has wondered "off-topic" now –even becoming spiritual (oh: perish forbid! 🙂

              But maybe it's not at all OT.

              Our Energy News threads are all about survival, right? So exactly who/what is it that we're trying to keep alive?

              I think we can all agree that this isn't about individual survival, since we're each going to die at some point. What depresses us is that the "thread" of our humanity and culture might terminate –that what we shared, enjoyed and contributed to in life would not be conserved.


              • So I think this is really about the spiritual survival of our shared thoughts, "memes", values –those delicate feelings that our words attempt to connote in poetry –among which is that felt cultural need to be remembered.

                There's a good case to be made that our bodies and brains are merely lumbering robots, benignly "possessed" and animated by a tumult of myriad cultural memories which contend to become the very next words we speak or sing. But 99+ percent of who we are is simply inherited. We adopt that stuff as our own and use it to proclaim: "this is I".

                Should our tiles be found, should some distant alien eyes and ears comprehend Voyager's golden disk:


                –that might be our salvation.


    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      Thanks for the heavy reading! (warm smile)

  • Masterofmanythings

    If you want info withheld from the public legal access to all NRC documents are in this video please share far and wide to wake people to our nuclear nightmare!

  • Be my guess they meant 4% higher (total Bq per whatever) than it already is, but the only numbers which count would be honest sampling and gamma spectrometry along our beaches: sand, sea water, sea food. I do not trust the ("the air is safe to breath") EPA to do that work. The State of Oregon is allegedly sampling, but the last time I checked they claimed to be reading sand by the liter (instead of by the kilogram) and finding nothing detectable at all –ever– even though normal beach sand is mildly radioactive (everywhere, and you can read it with a Geiger counter –but bring the sand to the counter, not the counter to the beach). The private gamma spectrometry I've requested showed the peaks of many isotopes: all of them expected, with only a hint of legacy Cs-137 (so far).

    It's good that we try to measure contamination as citizens and in organized groups, but we can't do this work privately with our Geiger counters in any substantial fashion. Most of us haven't much of a clue as to what's going on when our CPMs do go up or when news items like this break. Our first priority should be to support and to vote for a 3rd political party movement –such that regulatory agencies regulate and environmental protection agencies actually protect. (continued)

    • The big picture here is that by continuing to say "YES" to the deployment of technological advances, we'll end up being subjects of an inherently unaccountable technocracy –because no one really understands the entirety of it, not even the technocrats.


      * We're all behind subsidizing the manufacture of solar panels, right? Did you know they're being made with nanoparticles. Is that a problem?


      * We've nearly outlawed incandescent lightbulbs –with CFLs being the viable replacement. Wadja think?


      • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


        Our government is and has been totally irresponsible with regard to nano-particles. Who knows how much we breath in every day and how much is in the air? Nobody! Nano-particles definitely affect our lungs. But the technological society will annihilate itself because the development of technology moves at a furious pace and nobody is in charge.

        Regardless of which front you examine, we are being killed by our technology.

        Thank you for the post.

        • ftlt

          NoPre: Thought the nano-particle solar panels have turned out to be an over hyped bust???

          "Solyndra" being the poster child for the failure.. Or was this just a market issue and not a technical one???

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      Craig, your right of course that we can't do much at all as individuals with or without geiger counters, but it might take more years (time) that we don't have to wait around for a new political party to form. What we need to do ASAP is get the funding approved to allow the EPA and other agencies to do what they are supposed to have been doing all along, but Republicans keep stripping down their budgets to next to they get blamed for not doing the job, but are not given the money to do it — loose, loose situation. All these get government out of the way people … are just preventing Government from protecting us! (I just wish that people would be able to see this)!

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "impact strength of Cesium-137 in the west coast of America is as high as 4% due". OK, somebody here will figure out what 4% means. But here is what is certain:


    Here is what this means:
    California produce will go first. Fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and (sadly) wines.
    Even California and Hawaiian pot will be shunned.
    Oregon wheat.
    Washington fruit, including apples.
    My grocer, Meijer, has started putting on their labels where products are from. Good for you, Meijer! Major cudos. Thanks for informing your customers where the "Brazil" nuts are actually from (Mexico)! Informed customers can make informed decisions about what they eat.
    So sorry, Red Lobster: "Crab Fest" from the Pacific Ocean? Only fools will buy that in 2012, even fewer in 2013 and beyond. Label where your seafood comes from, and try to source safer seafood elsewhere, or else loose informed customers in droves.
    The American people aren't so dumb. They will soon figure out what to buy, and what to let rot on the shelf.

    But add West Coast Produce to the industries already killed by Fukushima:
    Pacific Ocean Seafood, including the gigantic Japanese seafood industry.
    Anybody want to buy a fishing boat?
    Japanese cars, food, and other products, which now contain radiation.
    Hot house or Flordia tomatoes, anyone?

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      Unfortunately, in Florida, they are putting only "USA" on apples, fruit, etc. You must personally ask the clerks exactly WHERE in the US they were grown. They do know. I feel terrible for the growers in California. What can they do? Today I bought a box of Clementines from Spain. There was a time when I would not have purchased imported food. I gave up seafood long ago. And don't forget, BP destroyed the Gulf of Mexico.

      And speaking of radiated goods from Japan, what about the autos of American service people who return from there? They bring their cars which have been in Okinawa for a long time and they go all over the US.

      Remember also the US dumping of radioactive waste into the oceans and GOM during the 1960s by the Army.

      • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

        Not just Florida, everywhere now.. we are not allowed to know where our food comes from..

        How is this freedom? We eat what they say we can eat, we can no longer choose what we wish to buy as a consumer.

        How do we know our rice is not from Fukushima.. or is it hidden in the processed foodstuff.. made by Kraft or other similar companies?

        They all have international divisions now..

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        I try to avoid all California produce that is in the grocery stores here in Florida… now I actually try to purchase veggies from South America.

  • ForwardAssist ForwardAssist

    I love how the world works….

    A human being's heart is cooked inside their own body by beta and gamma radiation from particles they have ingested and people have the balls to call it a heart attack death……and the medical community goes right along with it.

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    Tepco President,does not care about Fukushima petition to idle reactors "Hirose also indicated he would continue to press for restarts of idle reactors at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant in Niigata Prefecture.

    "We will provide careful explanations, on the basis of lessons from the Fukushima disaster, so that people come to believe we can be safely entrusted with the operation of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant," he said.

    "We know the Fukushima prefectural assembly adopted a petition to have all reactors in the prefecture decommissioned, but all we can say about the Fukushima No. 2 nuclear plant is: We haven't decided on anything yet."

    Isn't it interesting the new tone coming from Tepco..? no longer the sorry, humble posture, now that they have newly elected support, the old, bully do what ever they want for a dime, regardless of who gets hurt, mentality surfaces..

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    Somebody posted this link here on ENE sometime in the last month and suggested the "scientist's chat" held answers to the issue being discussed in the thread it was posted under. I found that it held more answers to much more than the question at the moment which also contradicts everything our leaders and protective agencies & the nuke puke industries that "bought & paid" for a free hand to cause as much harm as their activities and lax safety policies can while their "official" paycheck and taxable income comes directly from the taxpayer public they were "supposed" to be keeping safe no matter how much money & resources the offending industries have to dig into their profits to maintain acceptable levels of safety established by NON-BIASED scientific research & findings. When you read this link below and add the findings and content of their conversations & interviews with science magazines reporters,etc. it answers MANY questions and raises MORE that we deserve and should DEMAND they answer before they conceive another pack of lies to respond with! If lying and contradicting themselves or clamming up about things so important to our well-being & safety and QUALITY of our lives is the only thing they're willing to put so much manpower & $$ resources into instead of upgrading safety systems or replacing fatally-flawed,obsolete technology-then we need to take them out of the positions that allow their filthy agenda to continue~PERIOD!~ 🙁 https://www2.ucar

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade


      • Mack Mack

        Thanks, JB – good link

        Look how their hypothetical dust plume here:

        Matches the radiation plume from Japan here:

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          @Mack; Thanks Mack,I'm just glad I was able to find it again since it lends itself well to our related news & discussions and I hope serves as a reminder for people to see the differences between how govt. protective agencies & researcher's handled things "differently",almost credibly enough to explain why so many still won't accept the harsh reality that IS Fukushima?!! The vast majority of the public has to see people and/or creatures die writhing in agony almost immediately in the rain that has to be discolored or caustic before they accept anything NOT announced via the EAS and/or MSM "officially" telling them they can start worrying NOW"(?)!According to this casual but nonetheless interesting archive that missed the mammoth censorship operation (for now)even though it contradicts TPTB assertions that "it isn't a problem in the US" and even "friendly" submissions that suggest the plumes were somehow "stopped"by & limited to the Cascade & Rocky Mountains!(?) Somehow I have a (strong)"hunch" that I wouldn't be having to brave a ("hot"?)snowstorm tomorrow a.m. in Chi-Town rush hour traffic with a broken heat/def blower motor to get my wife to her Chemotherapy follow-up IV infusion appointment amongst "other things" if that were the case??!!(lol,honestly-I'm even less thrilled at the prospects of being on the west side,ghetto neighborhood at her hospital on 12/21/12,just in case? & HoTaters MOX expose` is awesome!+1000 🙂

    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      So glad someone else picked up this dot, and looked a little closer.. again, this stuff is just hiding out in the open..

      I was somewhat stunned when I dug around the first time, then all I could think, for the 400 millionth time, is, those assholes, they knew, and they know and I bet tax dollars are involved, and they are not even hiding the education corporation affiliation.. it is the University Corporation.. Had a bit of a snarl fest..

      I am sure they don't really mean University for the Corporation, like my subjective self suspected at first look, but, they still have incredible data, and certainly the tools to see, and report to the rest of the citizenry what is really going on..

      Keep digging, this is the hub on planetary science, I am sure they know about the gulf floor, too.. at least I would be more surprised if they didn't than if they did..

      Awesome job with the correlation, dot connection Mack 😉 you rock.. again!

      @JB, sorry about your wife, I feel your outrage, and I too feel it.. why worry about dirty bombs, nuclear Iran, terrorists, when the industry itself is guilty of over burdening the species with radiation already, and if it was so dangerous, and needing policing with giant war machine, then wouldn't this fallout be treated with a bigger sense of urgency? Hypocrytical, to say the very least.. why not take the armies, and shut down the nuke plants, if governments were really concerned about health and safety..

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    Japanese dock washes up on Washington beach near "Twighlight" town.. "between La Push and the Hoh River on the northwest tip of Washington. The nearest town is Forks"

  • razzz razzz

    If you are an adult, traveling fallout in the oceans is not the main concern and neither is ingesting fallout if the body has no need to absorb a carbon based mineral or mistaking its (radioactive) analog. It's the airborne particulates that are most damaging (i.e. aerosol plutonium) because inhaling them allows direct pathways through the body. Lodged anywhere, the decay rays begin their damage even if it is extremely localized.

    The crucial time of the fallout clouds after the explosions esp. from Unit 3 has past and now remains as higher background levels eventually washing out of the atmosphere timed in centuries.

    Locally in Japan they are still getting fallout daily around the plant site depending on the wind patterns. Even a steady hourly flow of fallout from the melted fuel into the Pacific and beyond lacks potency by the time it arrives on the US west coast. If they figure 4 years for fallout to travel the sea currents, the fallout is decaying the whole time, heavy elements settling out and whatever dilution occurs while thinning a fallout plume in seawater.

    It is kids that will be the most effected during their growing stages. If cancers incubates from 5 years to 70 years then you can apply the timeline to others.

    Bad enough plant life bio-accumulates fallout but then animals concentrate fallout even more with their consuming of plant life.