Report: Officials backtrack on threat to public from WIPP leak — Now only “pretty sure” population centers are safe — Group calling for outside help, independent scientists to collect radiation samples — TV: Fears in Texas Panhandle; “Material could’ve been pushed up this direction” (VIDEO)

Published: March 1st, 2014 at 3:30 pm ET


Carlsbad Current-Argus, Feb. 28, 2014: […] Thirteen employees at WIPP, located 26 miles east of Carlsbad, tested positive for americium-241 […] only a handful of workers submitted to a full-body scan […] The Carlsbad chapter of the United Steelworkers is baffled as to why [officials] have not required the scans for employees and are calling for outside help. […] independent scientists will soon travel to Carlsbad to collect radiation samples […] DOE has consistently claimed that the radiation leak presents no threat to the environmental or humans. However at a Thursday news conference, Carlsbad Field Office Manager Joe Franco admitted that the department is not “100 percent certain,” but is “pretty sure” the surrounding population centers are safe. […] According [to the EPA] Americium-241 poses a significant health risk if ingested or inhaled and increases a person’s risk of developing cancer. […]

Common Dreams, Feb. 25, 2014: [DOE] compared this to the typical chest x-ray […] Arnie Gundersen, Chief Engineer and nuclear safety advocate at Fairewinds Associates and former nuclear industry executive turned whistleblower, told Common Dreams that this comparison doesn’t work. “The difference is that the x-ray is broadly distributed externally over a large piece of mass. On the other hand, the radioactivity in the air is in a particular form that can deposit in your lung. Radioactive material is attracted to your lung tissue. What you breathe in does not come out. This comparison does not take into account the internal exposure these people receive.” […]

Arnie Gundersen, Chief Engineer and nuclear safety advocate at Fairewinds Associates
: “It happens routinely when workers are contaminated that they bring that radiation home. The families of the workers need to have their homes tested as soon as possible.”

FOX 14, Feb. 26, 2014: Radiation leak in Carlsbad, New Mexico leads to fear of the High Plains skies. […] John Harris, Chief Meteorologist: “The Texas panhandle is northeast of Carlsbad, so if we had had a southwest wind some of that material could have been pushed up this direction.”

Watch the FOX 14 broadcast here

Published: March 1st, 2014 at 3:30 pm ET


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143 comments to Report: Officials backtrack on threat to public from WIPP leak — Now only “pretty sure” population centers are safe — Group calling for outside help, independent scientists to collect radiation samples — TV: Fears in Texas Panhandle; “Material could’ve been pushed up this direction” (VIDEO)

  • norbu norbu

    Are you kidding me? Why don't they look at there monitors and see the numbers. "Not 100% certain but pretty sure the population centers are safe? Geez's that's Like saying I am pretty sure the water is deep enough go ahead and jump off that cliff! What a joke. Try telling the truth. This is getting worse. They are probably taking it home to, the gift that keeps on giving. Just Terrible. Stop Nuclear Power Now!


  • Cisco Cisco

    It's a good thing for these bastards that you can't see it, smell it, or feel it, once dispersed into the wind. Almost the the basis for the perfect crime; no body, no evidence.

    That can and will obfuscate and distort any of the real data they have; and, it will always be underscored. Hey, who's going to check?

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      "Hey, who's going to check?"

      We were thinking of driving down there, but with the uncertainty of the situation, lack of any real care, possible danger, we're not going to spend the money on gas, or take the time to do it.

      This evil release in Carlsbad, NM is reminiscent of the time when the fires were going all over by Los Alamos,NM. The historical radiation was going up into the smoke cloud all over the place, but it mostly blew east. When it did blow west, the darkness of smoke caused us to shelter in place from the HIGH RADS. We were ONLY concerned about our HOME environment, and what was going on outside. Everyone downwind got dosed and will wonder why they got cancer or leukaemia in about three years. Like all those downwind from the horrid WIPP, the people in Albuq are being dosed also.

      The winds have taken what ever has blown out of WIPP, and continues to blow out into very suspicious directions. Mostly into those places of the most population. The people in Texas really took a hit and may be under the direct gun of this ongoing situation. No truth seems to be forthcoming. Same old carp. Distractions, and retractions. No one wants to really speak the truth. Those people that took in the first part of this simmering cloud are already dead. Sad as it is, no one will say this is true.

      What next? A world war to distract everyone away from this evil event and the one in fuckuyshima? An economic crash and depression? Why not. No one really cares.


      • earthsmith earthsmith

        Well summarized James and Cisco….plus they will hide their invisible buddies in the guise of cancer and diabetes. The CDC has been speaking of their projected enormous increases. Stay ahead of the pack on the feverish curve and you can release your slippery sickness with wanton abandon and watch the masses crash and burn. Those multi people coffins will come in handy. I am grateful for the brilliant minds here who take personal time to to keep track of the maddening obfuscation of numbers and math and can translate it in to understandable and useful data.As I, The world will forever thankyou.

      • We Not They Finally

        Why are you saying that ALBUQUERQUE is getting it? The wind models do NOT show that. Though a hundred mile margin hardly makes one feel "safe," no! We were already trying to move, and are now trying harder. The beta readings have been crazy here for a long time, and now it's like Carlsbad is the last insult.

        • Sam Sam

          the current wind map does not show Wipp winds passing over Albuquerque. It
          shows all the winds going over New Mexico heading into the Panhandle of Texas
          and Oaklahoma and then perhaps moving up into Colorado. check the wind maps
          as they can be quite detailed.

        • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

          the wind blew up to colorado at least once. i live in taos. where is there to move to that is safe these days?

      • whatamessa

        Then I think it is up to people to DEMAND the truth and stop allowing them to continue with their B.S. JEEZ enough!!!!!

      • whatamessa

        THE EXTENT OF Government and Corporate corruption is mind blowing.

        • SadieDog

          "Large parts of the world are faced with starvation, while others are living in abundance. The nations were promised liberation and justice, but we have witnessed and are witnessing, even now, the sad spectacle of liberating armies firing into populations who want their independence and social equality, and supporting in those countries by force of arms, such parties and personalities as appear to be most suited to serve vested interests. Territorial questions and arguments of power, obsolete though they are, still prevail over the essential demands of common welfare and justice."
          – Albert Einstein , 1945


          • Jacklab

            The difference between those countries living in starvation and others in abundance comes down to several factors, yet the most telling sign – electrification. If countries had electrical grids that were reliable and wide scale, there would be a very good step in reducing poverty. Mass electrification is the difference. It always has been that way.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

              Populations are now dying off in the nuclear powered countries. Electricity can be supplied to 4 times the present day needs worldwide with solar alone.

              Local solar is much more reliable. And doesn't destroy the water with tritium and other radionuclides, and doesn't destroy the air with radioactive gases and doesn't destroy the land with radioactive fallout, and doesn't destroy the weather with Krypton-85 and destruction of the ozone layer. When an EMP or Carrington Event occurs, no one will be hurt.

              Planting a dirty bomb which is extremely poor country that can't possibly afford a nuclear power plant is extremely immoral. All the nuclear countries have economies that are going bankrupt.

              Those who turn away from nuclear, such as Germany, have booming economies. As usual, Germany leads the way.

          • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

            + 1
            Thanks for the wonderful quote SadieDog! =]

  • Ontological Ontological

    "If Anything Can Explode, Leak, Contaminate… It Will"!
    A agree with whoever said this in a report I read somewhere. So confusing keeping up with this stuff has become.

  • This is from last Monday, the limited information they gave out indicated possible death to 32000 people, later information indicated that it could be far worse.

    Hopefully they have contained the release underground or caught in the filters at ground level. But at the townhall meeting they went on video lying through their teeth, so you can't trust anything they say.

  • The latest tactic from the pro-nukers is now to pretend that "Plutonium ain't that bad".

    I have heard stats, repeatedly, that 1 microgram Pu can kill. In theory, that is correct, it MIGHT kill. Any start of cancer might kill, but the odds that 1 microgram alone would do you in is fairly small.

    However, per the numerous Beagle studies (poor Beagles!) it looks like 140 to 400 microgram range into lungs will cause numerous Lung tumors and death. We need to fight the nukers with facts (they hate those!)

    The latest kick they are on is, TM, "Plutonium Apologists", they are now pretending that Plutonium has not been proven to be dangerous at all, and that you "can't prove" that one human has ever been killed by Plutonium, a hem…..

    Drop by. Be professional. Educate, if you can hold you nose long enough.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Next report they will tell us that the truck fire from a couple weeks ago had damaged the ventilation system and now there are more contamination releases than previously estimated. Also this incident will be used to cover for fuku fallout as well. How many black eyes are we going to put up with before we defend ourselves? Reminds me of the bully that used to pick on me as a kid every day on the bus ride to and from school until one day I sttod up and knocked his ass out. never bothered me again. Even the bus driver smiled…… Gotta be a big time hollywood producer that can make a movie about all the nuclear accidents, cover ups, messes and the waste scenario that will wake the masses. Our only chance.

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    The important fact here is that the DOE is far more concerned about the health of the nuclear power industry than a few unlucky people in NM–even if the few amounted to several thousands over the coming years. This is simply the nature of gov departments, corporations and institutions. They look after each other, not really concerned about people.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Puff, puff, atomic insights…

    With a giant slab of salt falling into the open space of a hollowed out football field sized room, a half mile down, the confined volume displacement, had to have created pressures, that blew out the filters, effectively eliminating any chance of extropolating the amounts of radionuclides released…

    • norbu norbu

      Jebus, how convenient for them…

    • Angela_R

      Jebus, but can they get access to the filters without entry? How many exit vents are there? Do they have filters?

      • Jebus Jebus

        Pretty sure the truth is blowin in the wind…

        Looks like one intake shaft and one exhaust shaft. They certainly move a ton of air at many CFM's.
        I think adding an instantaneous (approx. 300 ft x 150 x 10 ft) 150,000 cubic ft "puff", would blow out any filter mechanism.

        The WIPP Facility

        "There are 4 shafts from the surface into the repository underground. The Construction and Salt Handling Shaft, the Waste Shaft, the Air Intake Shaft and the Exhaust Shaft. Since all the air in the repository exits to the surface through the Exhaust Shaft, this shaft is a major potential pathway for airborn radioactive and hazardous waste to reach the surface during the 35 year operational phase of the project."

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          What a Nuclear mess.. 🙁

          • Jebus Jebus

            I feel like it is a nuclear waste of time in dealing with all of the nuclear waste of time…

            • Angela_R

              Jebus, it's the Plutonium, to me, that is of most concern.
              "Special precautions are necessary to store or handle plutonium in any form, generally a dry inert gas atmosphere is required."
              of particular note is the flammability. I gather this differs, dependent on the form. However,
              "metallic plutonium is a fire hazard, especially if the material is finely divided. In a moist environment, plutonium forms hydrides on its surface, which are pyrophoric and may ignite in air at room temperature."

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Jebus, good one.. 🙂

  • lam335 lam335

    Professor Chesser on the Fox video says "there was no explosion so material is not just flowing out of this facility."

    Does he really KNOW that yet? (as opposed to believing/trusting it).

    He also says "they shut down the ventilation to reduce the probability that any of the material would be then pumped to the outside atmosphere …"

    But the WIPP people were at first saying that the ventilation system was filtering whatever was released … but then of course they admitted that the ventilation system had actually been damaged by whatever happened. What are the odds that a damaged ventilation system will allow air to leak out?

    True science requires drawing a clear line between what you truly know and what you only believe (or hope). No one has gone down into the shaft, so any theories about what happened –roof collapse, explosion from gas build-up, etc.–are simply speculation at this point.

    Giving absolute reassurance to neighboring populations when the true details–and the true magnitude of the release–are not yet truly known is irresponsible.

  • Sam Sam

    Looking at real time wind maps, now showing winds
    sweeping through the entire southwest over Carlsbad and
    meeting up with an oncoming wind of an enormous front
    blowing down from Canada. This wind is then vortexed into a
    path from the panhandle of Texas through Denver and deep into
    Wyoming to the Jackson Hole Teton range. If there are still
    leaks of plutonium from Wipp ,then it is being spread quite far right now.

    • Sam Sam

      In the above posting I cannot make any claim of Plutonium
      being spread by the winds. It all depends on the concentration
      in the air. How many hot particles
      per cu' of air are people breathing in along its dispersal
      Where are the mobile labs moving around testing the air for
      plutonium. So in the absence of knowing, best to employ
      the precautionary principle. For some it may Orex suits and
      N-100 masks, others N-100 masks and staying out of the
      winds . I think the wind map in real time should be on all peoples smart
      phones etc…. No one know the extent of the damage and
      release down there. Perhaps no one will be able to go down
      there as the air will be too radioactive. Perhaps Venting
      it out is impossible as the source is still radiating?
      Or maybe we will never know as they will never tell us
      what is going on.

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    Could New Mexico radiation leak affect us here in Lubbock?

    "No one is going to try and hide the truth from the public and anyone that does that would have severe repercussions in their jobs for doing so," he said." Expert and professor in Texas. Actually the reverse might be much truer. Worth reading to see what passes for honesty in America and the important role played by academia in deceiving the public.

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    Professor Chesser may actually manage to function as a scientist on occasion; but in the media he is being a politician. The truth is that he does not know. So he is also an unlicensed mass psycho-therapist saying the things he believes will soothe the potential mob–i.e. mass man at large. And he clearly believes a white lie here and a pious fraud there are acceptable.
    Consider the following. These are unknowns: amount of materials released? Destination of released materials? You would have to know these two things to be able to make certain statements. Chesser has the bad habit many scientists have of presenting hypotheses as facts. And that is bad science.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Brilliant! 🙂 You are very wise..

      "unlicensed mass psycho-therapist saying the things he believes will soothe the potential mob–i.e. mass man at large."

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      or "….unlicensed mass psycho-The Rapist…"

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    280 CPM
    NETC.COM © 2014
    Station ID 5:618 Lubbock, TX, US
    Average is 179

    No doubt a big shipment of bananas came in and being Sat. there are lots of dental and chest x-rays happening?

  • lam335 lam335

    The official story the WIPP people are putting out seems to be that a large section of the roof probably collapsed, crushing the drums and breaking them open.

    The alternative theory is that the contaminated materials in the drums were chemically broken down by explosion the alpha energy from the Pu, thus generating gases that built up and caused an explosion.

    In a way, it is interesting that they seem to prefer to tell the public the former story, rather than the latter. If the latter scenario were the cause, they might be able to make changes in the way the materials are stored/sealed to diminish the pressure that builds up, plus being more careful about precisely what quantities of each type of material can be placed into a given drum.

    BUT if the former story is correct, it seems to mean that there are serious questions regarding the structural integrity of the facility as a whole . If one section of roof can collapses after fifteen years in a structure that was supposedly designed to last 10,000 years, what are the odds that more such structural failures will occur during the lifetime of the facility (and, more likely than not, during our own much briefer lifetimes)?

    • Homo Insapiens Homo Insapiens

      Um. A 1 in 1 chance.

    • lam335 lam335

      Am I missing something, or isn't the roof-collapse explanation ultimately more damning (radically damning) for the facility as a whole than the gas build-up explanation. Even if they had been cutting corners in determining the precise contents of the drums (in order to save money), correcting that problem might still ultimately be fixable by changing their procedures (or enforcing procedures that they had been disregarding).

      But if the soundness of the structure as a whole is called into question, the facility as a whole would need to be re-evaluated and reinforced or, if found to be unsound in some fundamental way, perhaps abandoned.

      I would think they would therefore prefer the explosion theory over the structural collapse theory. But why haven't they?

      Or are they just being honest? (though I find that explanation the most difficult to believe of all) …

    • lam335 lam335

      typo: own by explosion the alpha energy from the Pu

      should have said: own by exposure to the alpha energy from the Pu

    • Socrates

      Just as the pro-nukes insist that it was the tsunami and not the 9.0 earthquake that caused the triple core meltdowns in Fukushima, they insist that it was totally unforeseeable that their containers would leak in a tiny fraction of their necessary lifetime.

    • It has already happened more than once, plus a leak, plus a brine lake underneath, plus about 8 other bad things..

      None of that stopped them…

      Full speed ahead, dam the torpedoes and the up to 15,000 high level waste containers that they had no permission to put in there.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Taking too long to abolish nuclear.

    Needs to outlawed.

    Politicians are useless, helpless. We need a solution.

    • I'm more confused about the number of events they had.. after checking things.. seems they had one back before the one spoken of so far…?

      Night of 2nd-morning of the 3rd.. shows an event happened as well..?

      • I'm looking at a total-to-date of 6 "Venting-Events" of significant radiological hazard to the public… and as these all contained Plutonium..! This is a serious problem… far beyond what they have spoken of!!!

        • These are IN TOWN readings, not out on the site folks !

        • Wouldn't be greatly surprised if the whole site is constantly off gassing high radioactive gases from the containers..

          Just a good airflow and venting takes care of that..

          There is a MASSIVE AMOUNT of waste down there..

          How much radioactive gas is coming off those containers on a daily basis, in a closed up, non ventilated environment now..

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Ron Chesser an operative.

    Texas Tech Researchers train Iraqi Scientists to Dismantle Nuclear Facilities

    "The researchers act as a stimulus, as Chesser said they will help point out complications in the Iraqis procedures.

    "We're not really advising the Iraqi government," he said. "Most of it is really following in the wake of performing science and letting them realize where the deficiencies are."

    Carl Phillips, professor of biology, said that through this program, they are implementing U.S. policy.

    The U.S. government wants the Iraqi government to become functional and rejoin the national community since they were ostracized in the early 1990s, which Phillips said is a reason why the researchers are there.

    "I think ultimately, the role Ron and I have is through this project, to try to make those things happen," Phillips said. "We try to guide the Iraqi government so it becomes functional. We try to help Iraqis to gain their international credibility as part of the world community."

    Phillips said they try to work directly with the Iraqis and give them guidelines and ideas.

    This project is mainly about science diplomacy, as Phillips said it involves American scientists from university settings helping to achieve diplomatic goals.

    "Another thing that helps us a lot is that we're academic based and we're not traditional diplomats," he said. "We can work outside of the typical diplomatic channels."

  • What could the best case scenario be at WIPP and how can we "create it"?

    1. WIPP is declared too hot for human entry
    2. All shipments stop and backlog, some sitting on trucks
    3. Local lawsuits are brought on company now illegally storing shipments meant for WIPP
    4. Scientists and Managers from private companies doing testing have lawsuits brought against themselves personally, and their companies. Universities are included.
    5. Robots go into WIPP and try to mop up the radiation pools and fail for the most part
    6. FOIA causes pictures from robots to be released, showing all the predicted failure modes actually happened and that WIPP had proceeded directly against new knowledge increasing the risk.
    7. Attempts at cleanup prove costly and futile
    8. Decision to close WIPP for 200,000 years is announced
    9. A massive push to open Yucca Mountain ensues, but citizens have had enough and make their voices heard
    10. New "Cask It No Rack It" ruling on and by NRC makes storing of spent fuel in pools by the reactors illegal for more than 5 years AND they cannot use the fuel racks that were used in the reactor because those are not certified nor safe for storage
    11. The Cask It No Rack It Ruling (CINRI) creates a logistical problem for many running nuclear plants in the USA. Many plants that can barely compete with nat gas, solar, wind, have their directors decide to close the plant in hopes they can legislate higher kWH sales prices for nuke because it is…

    • “Base Load Useable Power” (BLUF).
      12. Anti-nuclear activism stalls the BLUF excessive pricing, and after several quarters of high costs and no profits, many nuclear plants start preparing their decommissioning plans and announce shutdowns.
      13. Demand for Dry Casks is high and many industrial type cities with good steel and aggregate resources develop a thriving cask production segment. These former rustbelt locations jump on the opportunity and using good management and right to work attitudes, develop an industry with a best in class cost production, allowing them to also export to Europe and other places.
      14. Casking proceeds, using many of the workers idled from the nuke plant shutdowns. Training for ex nuke workers who want to participate in the “new paradigm” of renewable energy with energy storage occurs right at the old nuke plants, i.e. the casking sites.
      15. Because of the energy infrastructure at the nuke plants, solar farms spring up around the nuke plants.
      16. All of the GE Mark 1 plants are shut down by 2019, and casking is underway at all plants, catching up on the backlog by 2022. As casking demand declines, those industrial resources are targeted toward more hydro-power, including pumped hydro which smooths out the peaks and valleys of renewable energy.
      17. A handful of nuke plants are kept online to provide backup power, until power storage technologies, including use of old electric car battery farms as massive storage, can develop into mature in

      • in place technologies. However, nuke accidents of any magnitude are punished severely, include plant shutdown for infractions, only the best survive the longest.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Stock, did you see figure 4 in this document?

          A juicy methane explosion window somewhere within 10 years. Somehow that plant needs to be secured from further damage. Such a massive project would underscore the futility of nuclear.

          • Indeed, If you write enough technical jargon, one can prove how a corrosive and collapsing salt mine with nearby water resources can be the best possible place to put the dangerous toxic radioactive substances on earth — ya der eh, also put in some of dem der ventilation shafts, maybe tree or four of dem.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              uh, right….but something about the unequivocal prediction of explosive levels of gas within a few years, along with the knowledge that ALL the panels will be caving in soon, thus the 35 year plant life (see DOE creep rate prediction) sort makes the plant look like a doozy all on its own. But I guess thats just me…
              I mean, they block off each panel with this huge plug because of this explosion risk, but is each panel atmospherically pressure controlled? Wont pressures reach geostatic pressure, nearly 3000 psi methane- radioactive and VOC pressure vessel…as the walls close? How does one excavate that if something goes wrong?

              • My thoughts are that the doors are temporary, until all the placement is done, then they let all the roadways fill in. If this goes OKLO on us, there is no way to get back down there are do anything….it will be what it will be…..

                A lousy stinking amazing bad plan. Reaching levels of insanity, and I have done A LOT of engineering and real world building. New Mexico are the whores of nuke, and DOE is the pimp.

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  stock, its a detail I guess, but the doors are one thing, and the concrete/salt plugs are another. They are supposed to put them in place within some months of each panel closure. The magnitude of forces way down there…what a scary place to work and make nuclear salt rockets…. ka-RAAy-zeeeee

                  • Agreed, you wouldn't catch me down there even a day for $1M

                    They had one roof caollpase and 100 ton of salt came down.

          • What kind of forces build up with gas release from 400,000 barrels of waste, some of it high level, and SCREAMING HOT, in those 'sealed' 6 'rooms'?

            With lots of air moving around, maybe no big worry, but now they shut down the ventilation, maybe a big worry..

            The Fallacy Of High Level Nuclear Waste Geological Storage; via A Green Road Blog

    • lam335 lam335

      re: "Robots go into WIPP and try to mop up the radiation pools and fail for the most part"

      I'm guessing, but I don't think the radiation in WIPP would cause robots to fail because it is mostly alpha. It is deadly to our cells (and those of all living things), but I'm not so sure that it could fry computer circuits the way the high gamma inside Fuku's reactor building can (and has).

      • Now speaking like a nuker "we didn't actually say they would fail because of the radiation damaging the 'bots, what we said that per the procedure specified by the safety and hazard analysis reaction plan that we would send robots down to investigate and perform mitigative and remedial actions and assess results."

        "So if fact we carried out the specified plan with complete success of carrying out the plan, and now we are assessing the results, and figuring out sources of funds for the next activity."


  • danger kitty danger kitty

    Hey boys and girls, l had an alarming thought so I need a reality check.
    All those high NETC readings in Texas are gamma, right? Plutonium is alpha but travels with Americium which is mostly alpha but weak gamma. So….could it be those high gamma netc numbers are from a HELL OF A LOT of Americium? Would mean a lot of Plutonium sneaking by, too?
    Greedy Murder Frackers.

    • You are correct. The beauty of the ENENEWS is that we can all work together to get up to speed on these things fast, and bring facts to light in real time fashion.

      Bingo! in a sick way!

      But as a cross check the Gamma coming off of Am is weak, I think 60kEv and 140kEV from memory.

      CS137 is in the 600 to 800kEV range

      • Here's the full report on what came out of it.. and it started before they say..

        • Patti, it is of no beenfit to throw together a bunch a charts, or scheen caps and post them up and point to them. I can't track anything you are doing.

          None of the pictures have good file names, nor are they annotated. No one will try to follow down that rabbit hole unless it is more clear.

          • In the multi-range gamma reading-record every line is a color.. the char matches the colored line with contents of the Gamma reading.

            The other pics all say right on them where, and dates on bottom.

            But you can do a view of all pictures as slide-show so I don't see what the complaint is.?

          • or-well

            see stock? You're not getting it…
            really, dude, you should know by now
            that's the way it gets done
            by our always well-informed one,
            who had her own brief day in the sun
            on the extreme alternative fringe
            and is now back, bearing her gifts.

            It astonishes me that you and other seemingly intelligent people here still assign any credibility to her.

            All plutonium breeder rods, reactor 5 starting up all by itself with the lid off, secret nuke plants all over Japan,
            jumbles of screen-caps purporting to prove things, magnitude 15+ quakes, reptilloids, Obama on Mars, "gate tech", pictures of oil refineries afire alleged to be nuke plants, coriums causing quakes deep underground and being moved inland at astonishing speeds, a long, sad history of nonsense here.

            PattieB is
            a)seriously disturbed
            b)desperate for attention
            c)a dis-info agent
            d)all of the above

            Time to call or-well a shill, a troll, even pro-nuke for not being in the PattieB fan club? Go ahead. Frankly, I don't give a fuck.

            • razzz razzz

              Nice post or-well, I consider her to be Mrs. Hyperbole. Other than that, it takes all kinds. Many different personalities to deal with throughout life. Best to have good mental filters to differentiate the bad info from the good.

              • jump-ball jump-ball

                My college prof stopped lotsa BS by asking for "Light, not Heat", and then "Where Is the Knowledge In All This Information, and Where Is The Wisdom In All This Knowledge?".

                My G.E.D. partner stops it right away with "OK, T.M.I."…

      • jump-ball jump-ball

        Vigilante citizens could reveal any upcoming Pu-239 WIPP disaster the feds are hiding: The cold war surplus 1960 AN/PDR-56 military Radiac detector uses a 'scintillator/photomultiplier, single channel discriminator/analyzer' (hard to say while eating a banana) to detect the more penetrating, longer range 14-21 keV GAMMA RAYS emitted by Pu-239.

        The evidence is right out there HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT, and not limited to Americium:

        • Jacklab

          You need a spectrographic instrument like a HP GeLi or NaI scintillator to discriminate the energies. Some isotope decay will overlap and mask as Pu.

          • jump-ball jump-ball

            The need for emission spectrum sensitivity such as an Nal(TI) crystal is old news, recognized years ago by Prutchi and others, and in any case is surely NO REASON TO AVOID FINDING AND REVEALING the possible extent of an impending, government-hidden Pu-239 disaster…

  • Max Sievert Max Sievert

    DOE preps for re-entry underground at WIPP
    Joe Franco, Carlsbad field office manager with the Department of Defense, said the partnership has provided an integrated recovery plan, currently being reviewed by the DOD team to re-enter the mine. The plan consists of re-entry and recovery phases, communications and outreach leading to a resumption of operations.

    "I expect our review to be completed in a timely manner," Franco said. He expects, following the review, that the next steps will proceed quickly.

    "First step is to stabilize the mine ventilation system," Franco said. Following that, probes will be used to enter the mine.

    ""What we will do before sending any individual down into the underground, we will send two probes down the salt handling shaft to get airborne radiation readings and air quality readings," said Farok Sharif, project manager at WIPP. "Based on the readings we find using probes…we will actually then send persons with appropriate personal protection equipment (underground)."

    That operation's goal, according to Sharif, is to check for contamination from salt and air intake shafts — stabilizing two critical exits from the underground area in case of emergency, allowing for further operations in recovery.

    "The next step is to identify the source of contamination and devise a plant to mitigate it," said Sharif.

  • chevvvy chev

    the sun machine is comin down, and were gonna have a party 😉

  • dosdos dosdos

    There is one major backlash to this incident. Thousands of barrels of nuclear waste that were destined to be shipped to WIPP are now in an indefinite holding pattern. Hanford, Los Alamos, and many hospitals and medical centers are trying to figure out what to do with the nuclear waste if WIPP is shut down because of this incident.

    • lam335 lam335

      "Hanford, Los Alamos, and many hospitals and medical centers are trying to figure out what to do with the nuclear waste if WIPP is shut down because of this incident."

      The scary thing is that that probably means WIPP will not get shut down, regardless what they find out about the cause of the accident (and even if they find that severe structural problems caused the roof to collapse). They'll just keep it open and keep shoving stuff into it, and let the Plutonium chips fall where they may.

      Just as the industry was determined to start using Yucca Mountain regardless of what environmental problems that site might have had. They don't care as long as they get the "hot" stuff off of their hands.

  • rogerthat

    The survivors of Hiroshima have known for a very long time that radiation is bad for you. The Marshall Islanders know it is bad for you. The people of Ukraine and Belarus know it is bad for you. Now, suddenly, thanks to the magic of hormesis, it is good for you? Now, thanks to all these experts, we know that it's not the bombs and the nuclear plants, it's the bananas?
    Does that mean invasions of banana republics are now off the agenda? Be still, my beating heart.

  • WIPP proclaimed unsafe in 1999.

    proclaiming themselves immune from science is a specialty of nuclear scientists it appears. Physics be dammed and geological faults matter not when a dollar can be made.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      good find alreadyconsidereddead. Phillilps shoots so many holes in DOE they end up looking like a cartoon character. Suprise, WIPP is WET and connected to the environment! kiss the Pecos river goodbye, the precious potable wells, and now every thing down wind

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      From link:

      "The DOE states that surface collapse features are characteristic of karst. To the contrary, Dr. Phillips testified that karst need not involve surface collapse. There can be sinkholes involving subsurface solution and surface subsidence without collapse at the surface"

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    “It is important not only for the community, but it’s also extraordinarily important for the country,” said John Heaton, a former state senator and chairman of the Carlsbad Nuclear Task Force. “Being able to clean up the complex is important for all of us. It is a defense program. All of us in the country have an obligation to deal with the defense issues, whether it’s clean up, whether it’s fighting wars or preparing for fighting wars.”

    ….poisoning ourselves to protect ourselves, yahh.. real signs of genius there !!


    Dr. David Snow's analysis of the karst situation at WIPP

    The full version of Unsafe Radwaste Disposal at WIPP can also be found under Karst Analysis or under Dr. Snow in the Technical Section. The short version can be found under Karst Analysis in the Non-Technical section.

    So, this was a planned and insured failure, the deliberate act of degenerates and psychopaths. they knew it was doomed and yet again, left it like a forgotten land mine in hundreds of countries across the planet. like a mine, this wipp cripples and kills generations of the people whether targeted or not, it is a indiscriminate tool. a pathogen to kill us off. we are not desired in their vision of a utopia. how many weapons are deployed against us now? can anyone count them?


    this is who runs wipp..

    URS Corporation is a leading provider of engineering, construction and technical services for public agencies and private sector companies worldwide. We offer a full range of program management; planning, design and engineering; systems engineering and technical assistance; information technology; construction and construction management; operations and maintenance; and decommissioning and closure services for federal, oil and gas, infrastructure, power and industrial projects.

    Established: 1951
    Number of Employees: More than 50,000
    FY2012 Revenues: $10.97 Billion
    NYSE Symbol: URS
    Locations: Offices in nearly 50 countries

    600 Montgomery Street, 26th Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94111-2728 USA
    © 2014 URS Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

    URS seems to be another large corporate owner of US INC.
    In 2012, Mr. Martin M. Koffel made $9,992,143 at Urs as a CEO, Chairman of the Board and President. His compensation changed 56.1% from the previous year. With this compensation, Mr. Martin M. Koffel made significantly more than the average public executive and significantly more than his executive colleagues at Urs.

    pharoahs still rule.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Maybe something to do with this?

      "All the double-shell tanks contain waste that continuously generates some flammable gas," the board said in a letter received by Wyden on Monday. "This gas will eventually reach flammable conditions if adequate ventilation is not provided."

      gas systems have three process functions in common. First, hydrogen and
      oxygen which represent about 80 percent of the non
      condensable exhaust flow from the SJAE gas stripper
      must be removed from the process stream to reduce the size of the required process
      equipment. This is accomplished by passing these gases through a catalytic recombiner,
      followed by the removal of the dilution steam. Next, any residual water vapor is then
      removed by a desiccant dryer or freeze
      out heat exchanger. The last major process function is to remove
      fission product gases from the effluent by decay or separation. At this point, the fission pro
      duct gases remaining can be released to the environment.

  • Nick

    WIPP will not solve the nuclear waste conundrum.

    I suggest we join an international effort and ship ALL nuclear anything waste straight to Fukushima NPP.

    There the material can be safely stored on site and blend nicely into the ambient gamma/beta/alpha energies zapping and fizzing all over the site.

    The liquid wast can just go into the trenches.

    Problem solved.

    Why bother with any other scenario?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    How much more contamination?
    Look at the Las Alamos fire..
    Can you tell me how so much smoke can derive from a non- moving forest fire?

    June 26 2011 Las Conchas Fire near Los Alamos

    Here is another clip..dumb title..
    Look at 2:15

    Speculation of a "Human Alien War" in a D.U.M.B. near Los Alamos N.M.

    Look like a forest fire?
    No does not.

    Tell the people the amount of radiation released ?…absolutely not.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    SC Left Holding the Nuclear Waste..
    March 3 2014

    You do that… Lindsay Graham..
    Hold it up against your testicles.

  • jec jec

    Interesting read..not the article but is okay..but the TROLLS and SHILLS ..AlterJoe with over 3K (3000) comments plus others. Easy to find.look for the lovefest comments. The Trolls and Shills are not just here…

  • jec jec

    Arnie mentioned finding a radioactive particle in a vacume cleaner filter giving off 200 CPS. He said it was like 200 Xrays a second from the ONE vacume filter. ONE PARTICLE. How many similar particles came out of WIPP to pollute the atmosphere? That is a public health threat.

    People in the area(300 mile or more radius or in plume air field) should send in home vacume filters and car air filters to Just go on the site, fill out the info,print off the shipping label and send to the lab address.I would be worried about sending in US mail..but since the government says all is safe..its got to be fine!! DOE, EPA..I hope you know what you are doing by NOT testing!

    • jec jec

      This is one way for concerned parents to see if they and their children have been air filters pick up a lot!!