Report: Radiation level spiking around Tokyo as typhoon nears Fukushima plant (CHART)

Published: September 21st, 2011 at 8:15 am ET


Breaking News: Typhoon’s hitting Fukushima, Fukushima Diary by Mochizuki, September 21, 2011:

Radiation level is spiking up around in Tokyo and Fukushima. […]

9PM of Today, they expect typhoon 15th is right hitting the Fukushima plants.

Even the cover of reactor 1 is not completed yet. Some people assume Fukushima plants may sink in water today.

There are 2 hours left for us. Only God knows. One thing I’m sure is, I should have evacuated way before.

Photos from typhoon here.


Published: September 21st, 2011 at 8:15 am ET


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84 comments to Report: Radiation level spiking around Tokyo as typhoon nears Fukushima plant (CHART)

  • Anthony Anthony

    Fukushima radiation coming to USA, massive cover-up under way


    ****(Natural News) There has been a lot of disinformation regarding the Fukushima Nuclear disaster. It appears the government agencies of other nations cooperated with Japan while the international nuclear industry sided with TEPCO’s (Tokyo Electric Power Company) disinformation and denial campaign.

    As Mike Adams noted in his April 5th, 2011 Natural News article on Fukushima, “The government is going to turn off the radiation detectors, raise the official EPA limits of radioactive exposure, urge Americans to avoid preparing for fallout, and then pretend absolutely nothing is wrong.”

    Understanding the Millisievert****

  • If this spike is from the typhoon, then why is it dropping already?

    Perhaps it is not from the weather…

  • Typhoon is almost right above this PC,in Yokohama.

    Typhoon 15th, 960hPa hit Hamamatsu on 2PM and is heading to north east,straight to Fukushima. (50km/h)

    As far as reported,most of the metropolitan …

  • No difference…Tokyo, Paris or Buenos Aires.

    …Our Planet is dying.

    Party like its 1999 friends….really…honest injun.

    shit happens

    red red wine

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Sadly good one, you may be exactly right.

      As the world turns…greater things can affect us more than the more immediate things seem to that are right here in front of our faces. And what is in front of our face is not always seen.

      Like the radiations that are killing off every human on the planet and all according to some dark agenda that every one can find out more about. Just search the term, Population Control Agenda.

      What if you were one of those elitists and knew of this giant incoming thing and it’s group of satellites that were coming into our system as this is being written now? Would you care to help people with little details like radiation leakages knowing they all will shake rattle and roll eventually and there is no way to stop it all from completely irradiating the planet anyways? ON THE BEACH.

      If you knew you had days, weeks, maybe months left until something great could happen to the planet, what would you be DOING right NOW? Babylon has given up plenty of seeds to ponder as far as what the possible mechanics of change could be like. Say, take the movie 2012 for instance. There are so many more.

      But what is being said here, you simply put it so nice and easy red wine. Live well indeed and as long as you walk on the path of purity, you are doing all you can to save that eternal flame of yours. No magic man on a flying carpet is coming to Save the day. You and YOU alone SAVE you by your own words, deeds, and actions. It has always been that…

    • James Tekton James Tekton


      It has always been that simple.

      Here is something for you all to study and take as a comic book. Share it and prepare in your heart and in your immediate world around you. The slow poisoning from all the radiations being let loose is nothing compared to what will happen if the world of people realize that maybe this is possible.

      Here comes the Lord!

      • Steven Steven

        Intriguing stuff James, quite alot of technical material there, way too much for an intro piece. As an amateur astronomer I still find it difficult to digest, so possibly most would be overwhelmed. You need a ‘basics’ page with links to the in-depth material.

        Time will tell I guess.

  • Bobby1 

    Under the influence of the typhoon, even if it sees a number of monitoring posts in Tokyo, a big part 0.06 ⇒ 0.08μGy / h. Dried-up late tonight through tomorrow Looking at the weather forecast for the Swiss company, metropolitan area, east of Tokyo and the northern wind is pretty bad, especially. Low height. Higher height. Α-nuclide dangerous to assume the possibility of winding up a flurry of beta-ray nuclide. Tonight, people outside the mask is to. The rain, getting wet it as possible. Especially today, such as Once on N95 masks, just in case, please alert. Although numbers are still rising early is still some level. I think up more possibilities now. Please alert just in case it.

    Average / minimum / maximum / Date (μGy / h (microgray per hour))
    2011/09/21 18:00 to 18:59 0.0868 0.0753 0.0818
    2011/09/21 17:00 to 17:59 0.0817 0.0699 0.0755
    2011/09/21 16:00 to 16:59 0.0736 0.0647 0.0691
    2011/09/21 15:00 to 15:59 0.0699 0.0600 0.0656
    2011/09/21 14:00 to 14:59 0.0646 0.0581 0.0608
    2011/09/21 13:00 to 13:59 0.0632 0.0576 0.0604
    2011/09/21 12:00 to 12:59 0.0626 0.0545 0.0587
    2011/09/21 11:00 to 11:59 0.0591 0.0539 0.0564

  • pg

    People must not count out the possibility that Daini and Oganawa are leaking radiation. They both were delivered heavy damage to their structures and electrical grids. While everyone if focusing on Diatchi, the hammer could be dropping at the other 7 reactors. Besides, they both keep getting bombed with EQs. Check this out….

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      It is honoring to know that people like you are paying attention. Thank you for your great contributions and the light you share so well. That goes for everyone who positively and constructively brings their light to the table here also. Big ginormous blessings and gratitude for you!

      Yes, forgotten tidbits of the slow kill off from radiation contaminations world wide. Those other places that no one talks about that we knew were leaking in March and another small detail, what and how much and where was all the rest of the radiation that was really bad coming from BEFORE the Japan catastrophy? The EPA map at the beginning of the Japan Event gave up a lot of prior readings and my, were they really high months before compared to the newer readings after the March 11th disaster hit. Hummm….

      No words about those reactors Oganawa and Daini and maybe a few others much lately. Why? Because the radiation poisoning in Tokyo is worse than they want to admit to and babylonia does not want the light to shine on these other locations that are leaking also. Perhaps we can send queries to ask for people to input info about the ongoing situation there.

      As the world turns…this will connect with the next post to red red wine above. All we can all do is take comfort in Knowing and Seeing for knowledge is power only in the sense that it can be used to it’s maximizations. No one really cares in america and most don’t know world wide. Ignorance will be their bliss until fear wakes…

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Come on Boss ADMin–>Barely getting a rant going here before it is cut…please consider giving us more runway to take off with the words…Oui!

      Ignorance will be their bliss until fear wakes them up and then…well…what brings people together real fast?

      Truly, what we all should be really doing is living the life path in the best quality we can provide for ourselves and those we love…one day at a time until the stars fall.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Iran reports release of 2 U.S. hikers jailed as spies since 2009

    Typhoon leaves 6 dead or missing, buffets Tokyo, then heads into Japan’s tsunami zone
    The Canadian Press By Yuri Kageyama, The Associated Press | The Canadian Press – 21 minutes ago

    • Anthony Anthony

      I don’t know where the Iran thing came from….

      ***Officials at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant, where engineers are still struggling with small radiation leaks due to tsunami damage, expressed relief that the heavy rains and driving winds from Typhoon Roke caused no immediate problems there other than a broken security camera.

      “The worst seems to be over,” said Takeo Iwamoto, spokesman for plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co., after the storm passed just west of the plant and then headed north.****

  • The Tepco live cam site i use is showing a black screen.

    Does anyone else have a working link?

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    “Currently, the video streaming is in trouble and suspended.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience.
    We are now finding out the reason of this trouble.”

    From Tep-cam. This is a big UHOH.

  • suzie-Q

    This is the only live cam view I can find.

  • kx kx

    what can I say, left tokyo on 20….

  • the soon to crash satelite will land on Fukushima and destroy all the bad nuclear thingy’s in that neighbourhood and then all will be well.

    …Seriously, what difference does it make….the majority of world nuclear facilities are way past their primes plus the huge builup of spent fuel rods will haunt this planet on a daily basis.

    Its over for us humanoids.

    Party like its 1999

    red red wine

  • suzie-Q

    This is the site I use to find live web cams, some links work and some don’t.

  • Contingent From Japan Brings Their Message To The US “End Nuclear Power”
    Sept 21st, 2011

    A pair of organic farmers, their families and a contingent of anti-nuclear activists arrived in Washington DC to share the real experiences of people in Japan dealing with the Fukushima Daiichi disaster. The group was able to meet with the US NRC commisioners and staff, they also held a press conference. They describe the ongoing struggles of families to leave the contaminated areas as family, jobs, lack of government aid and …

  • Clocka

    The table says “Kanagawa Environmental Radiation Graph”.

    The graphs don’t represent Tokyo ; they actually report Kawashima and Yokosuka (where the US forces are).

  • Citizen Finds 63,000 bq/kg On Roof In Yokohama

    Sept 20th, 2011

    A citizen found these extremely high levels of radiation on the roof of his apartment building. After finding high air readings he sent in a soil sample at his own cost.
    An Asahi TV morning show did a spot on his findings then asked the concerning question …

  • “Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.”
    Lord Farquaad

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    You Only Live Twice-
    Or So it Seems-
    One time for your Life,
    and One for Your Dreams!
    My favorite Bond-
    First scene-
    “Permission to come Aboard, Sir?”
    Aye Aye!

  • Anthony Anthony

    Sea radiation from Fukushima seen triple that of Tepco estimate
    10-Sep-11, 6:40 AM | Yuko Takeo, Reuters

    ****TOKYO – Radioactive material released into the sea in the Fukushima nuclear power plant crisis is more than triple the amount estimated by plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co., Japanese researchers say.

    Japan’s biggest utility estimated around 4,720 trillion becquerels of cesium-137 and iodine-131 was released into the Pacific Ocean between March 21 and April 30, but researchers at the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) put the amount 15,000 trillion becquerels, or terabecquerels.

    Government regulations ban shipment of foodstuff containing over 500 becquerels of radioactive material per kg.****

  • Sickputer

    Fox News delivers their asinine spin on the typhoon:

    “Officials at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant, where engineers are still struggling with small radiation leaks due to tsunami damage, expressed relief that Typhoon Roke’s driving winds and rain caused no immediate problems there other than a broken security camera.”

    Credit: (Sorry…their URL is as ugly as their news)

  • good afternoon nuke buddies…

    I tried to tell you all

    The radiation is in the atmosphere…

    It attaches to the rain (see chart above)…

    Its coming this winter… See post below…
    Fukushima radiation coming to USA, massive cover-up under way


    ****(Natural News) There has been a lot of disinformation regarding the Fukushima Nuclear disaster. It appears the government agencies of other nations cooperated with Japan while the international nuclear industry sided with TEPCO’s (Tokyo Electric Power Company) disinformation and denial campaign.

    So I just want to point out, if ‘you’ do not and did not believe me. Maybe now that other sources have jumped into the rat trap, you might have your attentions caught as well…

    it just sucks because I told you first, and I doubt I will ever get any credit:(

    • My sources in japan are telling me about rolling blackouts-

    • Grace Grace

      Tacomagroove, what did Cassandra do?
      ………’her combination of deep understanding and powerlessness exemplify the ironic condition of mankind’.
      Powerful Negative Forces.
      Do not lose awareness of beautiful miracle of manifestation and know that you guide your own destiny, this event horizon.
      The Universe tells me to ask you to focus on Love.

      I’m off to source a geiger counter
      good luck .

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      You get full credit from me. Keep up the good work. Many of us are very appreciative of your effort.

    • Steven Steven

      sigh… poor Tacoma. This is embarrassing sweetie but someone has to say it. Pretty much all of anything you have said from the outset that was correct, was already known to those of us here with basic investigative skills (even those with no nuclear engineering knowledge). Admittedly there are significant issues involved which defy prediction or interpretation, by novice and expert alike.

      Factor in that you have also been way off the mark, not only with predictions but with the basic science itself, although you have come along in leaps and bounds recently, kudos for that btw.

      I also applaud your anti nuclear passion. So keep trying sweetie, but careful with those predictions, they might come back to haunt you.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        I wish we would all be nicer to each other. The world is falling apart.

        I was fired from my substitute teaching job today from that school because the principal got mad at me because I wasn’t mean to the students. I just can’t be mean to the children when I know how much alpha particles they are being exposed to. And the milk is radioactive and no one cares. And, of course, the principal has already been exposed to too much radiation herself or she would have a better disposition. The students said she had cancelled fun day for the 3-5 graders on Friday if they had got all their work done.

        I had worked their for 12 years. The pay is less than working for McDonald’s. We haven’t had a pay raise in 11 years. I’ve been trained to teach them very well and I do. But what they learn doesn’t seem to be the most important part of the job for some principals. Other principals are really wonderful. Mostly I teach the migrant farm worker children and the illegal immigrant children.

        If we are all slowly dying we should at least be kind to each other. It seems the pro-nuclear industry can only belittle the anti-nuclear people, and visa versa. If we were realistic we would all be feeling sorry for everyone for only our kindness is lasting. The rest will come to nought.

        • Grace Grace

          Anne, so beautiful, lovely
          That is very shocking news.
          You will find a way to live to your highest potential.
          Best of luck.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            I’m still substituting at other schools in the same district and in two other school districts. I always have more jobs than I can possibly fill. This has nothing to do with my spiritual life. Maybe I should be sending my book off to my publisher instead of putting it off.

        • Steven Steven

          I was trying to be nice (rather than reciprocate the insulting comments which often come my way). I could say nothing, but it pains me to see someone repeatedly embarrassing themselves, especially if they are unaware of the problem. Worse still, new visitors here are being inclined not to post, or even not return, due to a perception of immaturity and psuedo science in the discussions.

          This was just a friendly ‘heads up’, like asking a child to remove it’s finger from it’s nose. Unacceptable behaviour, if you see what I mean, for this troubled gathering of concerned and generally astute minds.

  • acid Lab
    September 21, 2011 at 1:36 pm · Reply
    have i ever heard of the jet stream? you mean that thing the united states air force discovered in wwii as B-29 bombers attempted to hit the japanese home islands? that jet stream?

    never heard of it.

    next you’re going to tell us that the jet stream “concentrates” radiation.


    btw, i’m a shill… not a troll.

    About time someone said it…


      TOKYO (AP) – A powerful typhoon slammed into Japan Wednesday, halting trains and leaving 13 people dead or missing in south-central regions before grazing a crippled nuclear plant and heaping rain on the tsunami-ravaged northeast.

      Officials at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant, where engineers are still struggling with small radiation leaks due to tsunami damage, expressed relief that Typhoon Roke’s driving winds and rain caused no immediate problems there other than a broken security camera.
      “The worst seems to be over,” said Takeo Iwamoto, spokesman for plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co., after the storm passed just west of the plant on its way north.
      PHOTOS: Typhoon Roke slams Japan
      But the typhoon brought new misery to the northeastern region already slammed by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, dumping up to 17 inches of rain in some areas.
      Authorities warned of a high risk of mudslides in that region. Hundreds of tsunami survivors in government shelters in the Miyagi state town of Onagawa were forced to evacuate for fear of flooding.
      More than 200,000 households in central Japan were without electricity late Wednesday. Police and local media reported 13 people dead or missing in southern and central regions, many of them believed swept away by…

    • Grace Grace

      teeny tiny spiders ride the current of the winds, all manner of dust, pant forms, spores, all manner of particles . lalala……. happy thoughts………

  • bfly…. Im fairly surprised that this web came is coming through.The weather looks decent?very strange.

    • CB CB

      I’ve been through a few hurricanes, 30 miles out from the the wall of the eye gets the wind. Well I mean the worst of the wind. Tornados are frequent in them to. While it passes over the wing shifts from n to w to e to s through the passing of it. Not in that order, depending on your position from the eyes as it passes. Convient the web cam cut out, there screwed.

    • Steven Steven

      Yeah I keep saying that (to no avail lol). So where’s the bad weather? Most days you can barely make out the buildings for fog/cloud/smog? That’s a loooong lens on the JNN camera, shooting over quite a distance. Major typhoon comes through and the view is as clear as crystal?

  • bfly

    this is the JNN feed through Lucass site.


    “Children In Japan Purposely Killed by Japanese Govt- Nuclear Radiation Fallout Fukushima Chernobyl” ?

    Professor Busby has a foundation for children oh Fukushima, please stand with him as he is being attacked well organized blogs in Japan that are strangely pro industry and Gov over children-Japans Future-.

  • jec jec

    If a tyhoon passes the seas should have waves and white caps..rough seas. If not, then no storm or typhoon..or its a Public Relations or PR fake webcam video. Should take a day or so for waves to lie down after a Cat 1 -3 storm. Just a comment.

  • Typhoon Roke triggers floods across Japan Nagoya
    Typhoon Roke is on course to hit Fukushima, where engineers are still struggling to bring a nuclear plant under control after the March tsunami. There are concerns that rain could force radioactive water into the sea.


    “The typhoon was expected to reach Fukushima Prefecture, severely hit by the March 11 earthquake, tsunami and ensuing nuclear crisis, at around 9 p.m., according to the agency.

    Tokyo Electric Power Co., however, denied that coolant water contaminated with radioactive materials could escape into the environment as a result of expected heavy rain….

    …Tepco said there was still some space to hold rainwater thanks to the recent smooth operations of the water-decontamination systems.”


  • CB CB

    This is the best spaghetti model site for America for Hurracains.

    Anyone have one similar for Japan?

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    Yes, the mainstream Network Newsies this mornin’
    were saying this, apparently getting ready to reveal
    more of the sad truth….couching in terms of:
    “…concerns that rain could force radioactive water into the sea.”
    As If this hasn’t happened before.
    The Newsie Woman spoke as if they had all of this huge amount of
    sequestered radioactive water, which ONLY NOW is going to
    LEAK because of this evil Tar-Phoon!
    Too Bad that we-all know this is BO-shipp!
    Of all the Political Activist Motions around here,
    how about a Demand that Ten More High-Quality CAMS
    be positioned for full-disclosure of Fuku Plant Activities??
    WHO Says we are limited to only the view provided by
    The Wizard of OZ? Behind The Curtains?
    I demand Made-in-Fukushima Canon Cameras be
    placed for Full-Coverage of all 24-hr. a day activities.
    And while we’re at it, I’ll take an Italian Roast Beef Sandwich.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Coming right up Jack! 🙂