Tester finds radioactivity levels up to 50 times maximum limit on container from Japan at Dutch port — “Could be dangerous”

Published: May 6th, 2011 at 12:06 pm ET


Dutch find radioactivity in container from Japan, AFP, May 6, 2011:

‘Traces of radioactivity were detected on the exterior of the container, but none in the cargo itself,’ [Dutch] customs spokesman Gera van Weenum told AFP, adding the levels exceeded the maximum authorised of four becquerel, but were not dangerous.

‘There were spots of radioactivity of up to 33 becquerel, but the average was six becquerel,’ said the spokesman. […]

The container was cleaned on its arrival there, after which the importer sent it to First Safety, a Dutch company that specialises in tracing dangerous substances, for a further check. […]

First Safety head Hans Jansen told AFP an average level of 40 becquerel was measured, and spots of up to 200 becquerel, which ‘could be dangerous’.

Notice that the private sector specialists found about 6 times more radioactivity than the Dutch customs officials on both the peak and average measurements.

Published: May 6th, 2011 at 12:06 pm ET


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28 comments to Tester finds radioactivity levels up to 50 times maximum limit on container from Japan at Dutch port — “Could be dangerous”

  • xdrfox

    “The container was cleaned on its arrival there”

    And where did the waste go ? Overboard ??

  • aware

    does anyone know anything about how international mail is shipped? will packages and mail sent from asia be routed through japan like connecting flights on airlines?

    • xdrfox

      To go or come from Mainland China it takes about 30 days, mail or package regular mail, Not sure about Taiwan not mainland China ! Maybe boat/ship, save cost.

      Mailed and received many to/from regular mail.
      Can be done much quicker $$

    • CiaW

      I used to work in shipping a few years ago and dealt with imports (including mail), and I suspect things in that respect haven’t changed a lot since then. Generally mail from one country isn’t going to be mingled with mail from another country, I don’t believe there would be consolidators in say Taiwan also consolidating mail from Japan.

      However, if there is a shipping container (or part of a container) with mail from one location on a ship that calls at a Japanese port, the container may pick up radiation / fallout depending on where it’s loaded on the ship. Coming inbound from Asia to the U.S., Japan is or was the last port of call, so anything loaded at other ports would already be on the ship. But not all shipping companies would have Japan on their port rotation. In general, yes mail does get put into shipping containers and loaded on ships.

      • terraohio

        All of our manufacturing jobs have been sent to China or Mexico. Do you know anything that’s made in the U.S.? Eastland shoes is all the comes to mind. So that the Warren Buffets, Bill Gates, Donald Trumps and every other highly invested rich person in the U.S. can make a killing in the stock markets because of cheap labor in China, our goods are made in China and shipped back to the U.S. Good for them! I hope all of them get irradiated by their despicable trade policies that hurt U.S. workers and bring down U.S. wages. Let’s see the U.S. government try to squeeze blood our of a turnip with our $8.00 per hour jobs and respective taxes paying the politicians’ $150,000+ salaries. It can’t be done.

        Ross Perot was right. Kudos to the man! When Perot told the truth, the media blasted him as a kook, crazy, and deranged.

        Now do you believe this disgusting, dishonest, sycophantic U.S. media? I don’t believe anything they say or write.

        • terraohio

          Don’t forget that G.W. Bush and Obama cut and extended taxes on these extremely wealthy individuals. Bush and Obama also bailed out the bankers and crooks who abused the system and enacted zero changes to safeguard taxpayers.

  • Gov’t checking if mail from Japan a potential radiation ‘danger’


    Labour Canada is looking into whether mail from Japan is a “danger” to Canada Post employees, after a Ontario postal officer refused to handle incoming mail from the earthquake-torn country.

    The refusal took place about 1 1/2 weeks ago at Mississauga’s Gateway Postal Facility outside of Toronto, after the quake and subsequent tsunami crippled the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in northeastern Japan.

    At that time, the U.S. postal service issued a media release saying that small amounts of radiation had been detected at several of their postal plants with mail arriving from Japan, said the national vice-president of the Customs and Immigration Union, Jason McMichael.

    Labour Canada has been investigating for over a week “to decide if examining this mail constitutes a danger,” McMichael said.

    The officer, whose name McMichael said he cannot reveal, asked the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) if he could use the radiation detection equipment that he is trained to use and is available on site at the facility, but the CBSA declined his request. As a result, the officer invoked his right under the labour codes to refuse dangerous work.

    “The equipment is there, they’re just not being able to use it because the CBSA is counting on Health Canada’s determination that the mail is arriving is safe and that there’s no danger to Canadians who might be handling it,” said McMichael.

    “We’re asking the CBSA (to) err on the side of caution and allow us to scan them for radiation,” said McMichael.

    He said it is extremely rare for Labour Canada to wait this long, though he said he suspects a decision from Labour Canada will be announced shortly.


    • xdrfox

      So when will our U.S. Postal men and women get wise ?

      Neither snow or sleet…..Stop… Radiation will ??

  • Jack

    Canadian Bank Chairman was talking on CNBC this morning
    about Japan supply-chain disruption affecting the Economy–
    vital parts made, in some cases, only in Japan, up til now.
    Just now at this moment,
    Commodities experts on Bartiromo’s show say “If we move away
    from Nuclear, then Crude goes to 200 a barrel, in my opinion”
    So, especially the ports of Vancouver and LA are going to be
    hot….in this day and age, stevedores can be AWARE of toxic shit
    and possibly refuse to handle cargoes based on News or RUMORS.
    Remember at the start of MAD MAX: Beyond Thunderdome,
    Old Mel Gibson pulls out a radiation detector when a guy tries to
    sell him a jug of water. Everybody is going to raise hell about
    whether any RADS are on the Cargo Containers, even the

  • xdrfox

    Dept. Of Labor

    Regulations (Standards – 29 CFR) – Table of Contents

    • Part Number: 1910
    • Part Title: Occupational Safety and Health Standards
    • Subpart: Z
    • Subpart Title: Toxic and Hazardous Substances
    • Standard Number: 1910.1096
    • Title: Ionizing radiation.


    Radiation may be defined as energy traveling through space. Non-ionizing radiation is essential to life, but excessive exposures will cause tissue damage. All forms of ionizing radiation have sufficient energy to ionize atoms that may destabilize molecules within cells and lead to tissue damage.

    Radiation sources are found in a wide range of occupational settings. If radiation is not properly controlled it can be potentially hazardous to the health of workers.

    The following link to information about non-ionizing and ionizing radiation in the workplace.

  • xdrfox

    OSHA Radiation Regulations

    According to OSHA regulations, no employer can allow an employee to be exposed to sources of ionizing radiation in any way that will cause them to be exposed to 1.4 rems per calendar quarter to their head and trunk, active blood-forming organs, lens of eyes or gonads. For exposure to strictly the hands and forearms or feet and ankles, the limit is 18.75 rems per quarter. Exposure to the skin of the whole body is limited to 7.5 rems per


    Radiation Information Network’s Radiation Related Rules, Regulations and Laws

    US Federal Codes, laws, regulations
    US Federal Agencies
    Nuclear Regulatory Commission
    Department of Energy
    Environmental Protection Agency
    Food and Drug Administration
    Occupational Safety and Health Agency
    Department of Transportation
    Department of Agriculture
    States’ Laws
    Standards and other Documents
    International Organizations and Foreign Government
    Also See the US EPA web site on Laws and Regulations.

  • Jack

    Excellent work, as usual Dr. Fox….
    I hope folks are leading their young extended family members
    to save down these LINKS such as you and others have provided,
    and make hard-copy paper notebooks full of all this Info,
    because they could nuke out the Internet any day they choose.
    A Mind is a terrible thing to waste.
    Notice how easy it was for the bastids to close down libraries,
    fire good competent teachers, run off the best music programs,
    emphasize crude, rude combat sports instead of Math-Inspiring
    Music programs for all students.
    Music teaches math like nothing else for young kids.
    Damn the Devil!

    • xdrfox

      @ Jack
      Under existing guides, people who are aware or ask the areas to be checked for radiation prior to going in or handling are within their rights to protest/not put them selfs at risk to contamination of areas they are working in and have right for these containers or any thing that come from Japan or HAS CROSSED the Pacific possible receiving contamination via fallout or rain concentrations above safe limits ! It only takes one breath in to receive a bad dose from a mild breeze blowing over something you are around or handling !
      People don’t be afraid to demand your Rights to a safe work environment !

      • xdrfox

        This may also bring attention to American consumers as to the problems coming from Japan and not want radioactive products in their home, They also have the right to know and refuse products that are contaminated !

        It may bring unwanted illness to them or family members !

  • HERE HERE Jack! (“Damn the Devil)

    I, personally,….can’t WAIT to ‘run it up into his grill’!

    Anyone else on or near the west coast feeling VERY sore muscles? Almost crippling pain as tho there was a storm approaching?
    Just wondering,…after that story xdrfox posted about the cows getting sore legs and muscles,…..my tin-foil hat and all,….


    • xdrfox

      Casting a wide net for future references, any and all things related !

      We just don’t know as much as others in the field and many of them don’t know the depth of what they are doing !

      Got a pic of you in that tin-foil hat ?

      : )

  • Novamind

    Japans Economy has only begun to stumble,soon the volume of trade reduction will be unquestionable, and the ripple of such will spread far beyond japans border.

    • xdrfox

      Wait when the stack dividends are not there in July, stocks are going to be dumped and some angry people for not seeing the obvious and the brokers not given them heads up as many in the know are getting and dumping quietly now in anticipation to the vacuum that will come out of Japan for lack of production of goods and goods turned away for contaminations of radioactivity !

  • No pictures YET,…I’m still ‘craftin’ her!
    Think I’ll go for that BIG Kentucky Derby/Royal pain-in-the-butt-wedding TYPE hat. What do you think? Makes me think of that old Dr. S. book, “Do you like my hat”?

  • And,…while I’m wearing my Crown (tin-foil hat),…my roommates say they are going to call the Producers of “Horders” on me. 🙂 Seems my floor-to-ceiling survival supplies are getting me ‘attention’ above and beyond just my Veterinarian! 🙂 They are joking, I think,…..but we all know that behind every joke, is a dash of the truth,…or else it wouldn’t be funny. I laughed with them and told them to go ahead,….maybe I’ll be discovered, or at least TRY to get the word out! 🙂

  • Jack

    it is not Unwise to think in terms of “caches” or stashes of supplies.
    You have become noteworthy, therefore a target, first, of friends,
    neighbors asking nicely, “since you have so much, ‘n’all…”,
    Then, if you haven’t already had a RAID, it will turn into
    “You Got It, I NEED It fer mah kids….”
    Wise it is, Jill to have an Evac plan, where, if there is any kind of
    place for you to run, you have CACHES of food, water, TP, Babywipes,
    etc, pre-placed along the way.
    If Your Place is THE Place,
    time to look around town or rural surroundings for some
    secret stashes in case you get pillaged.

  • Oh Crud,….you’re right Jack!
    Was just thinkin’ the other day how I’d NOT want to be ‘the only one using a solar generator’ up on a dark hill, huh?
    Great. You’re REALLY stretching my comfort levels Sir Jack!!!

    • xdrfox

      No, we shouldn’t play Motel 8, leave the light on forya !
      Buy Blackout curtains, prune collar, they filter 90% of light, Big lots have about 10$ each, 56″x82″.

  • Dear Jack,

    I have now gone from feeling like a minnow in a shark tank,…..to a guppy in a blender (And there are FAR too many people with access to the ‘on/off’ switch!)

    I guess the truth isn’t pretty, but it’s still the truth.

  • Jack

    Bless your Heart, Jill
    You are prob’ly a hunnerd times the busy workin’ Person than I.
    I’ve been the sourpuss, doomer gloomer who saw back in school days that I wasn’t going to be able to protect any kids. Knew too much at too young an age.
    But you may already be a community center kind of housemother.
    Some folks have that energy. I suggest maybe distributing canned
    food and supplies among multiple friends/relatives basements (?)
    wish I had a basement, but glad i’m not Flooded.
    You may be able to multiply the local community awareness and effort. Maybe buy-in together on storable needs. Old folks may be
    wasting some old canned goods which could be added to
    use-it-or-lose-it menu rotation.
    It is no time to WASTE anything which could prove useful when
    the Schist hits the Fan.
    You’re much more together than I. On the Road soon…
    I saw that the consensus from last years’ Rainbow Council was
    to Gather the big Rainbow Gathering in Washington this summer.
    I wonder if anybody is talking up the Fukushima Fallout Blues?
    Part of me ( strongest part) is fatalistic, like ok, eff it, I’m not
    even normal American now, no money, no job, student loan,
    not much to expect in employment, maybe too lazy.
    I guess I need to Pray and then Move my butt.

  • 🙂 Perhaps I have given off the wrong impression–I am none of those things, unfortunately,…not anymore anyway. I was disabled by an uninsured motorist in 1999. I live on disability Social security. I was ‘going somewhere’ when the accident occurred, professionally speaking. Also, my 3 kids are either grown, or have died. Then came the rally bad stuff. I am just a renter/loner/lost and confused, kind-hearted soul,….like many of you.