Report reveals highest level of radioactive xenon-133 to hit Canada after Fukushima over 6,000% more than gov’t website claims

Published: December 8th, 2013 at 7:10 pm ET


Health Canada website’s highest concentration of xenon-133 (Xe-133) detected at a Canadian CTBTO monitoring station after Fukushima disaster (SOURCE):

Health Canada’s radiation monitoring network highest concentration of Xe-133 (SOURCE):

Also note Health Canada’s website shows that Xe-133 was never detected after Fukushima at the Sydney, BC monitoring station (SOURCE).

See also: [intlink id=”study-uninformed-people-thought-fukushima-plume-would-dilute-before-hitting-west-coast-in-reality-sharp-features-were-detected-even-after-several-days-travel-photo” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: December 8th, 2013 at 7:10 pm ET


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107 comments to Report reveals highest level of radioactive xenon-133 to hit Canada after Fukushima over 6,000% more than gov’t website claims

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "Aircraft borne combined measurements of the Fukushima radionuclide Xe-133 and fossil fuel combustion generated pollutants in the TIL – Implications for Cyclone induced lift and TIL physical-chemical processes

    "The radionuclide Xe-133, released by the March 2011 nuclear disaster at Fukushima/Daiichi (hereafter FD), represents an ideal tracer for atmospheric transport. We report the, to our best knowledge, only aircraft borne measurements of FD Xe-133 in the Tropopause Inversion Layer (TIL), indicating rapid lift of Xe-133 rich planetary boundary layer air to the TIL. On the same research aircraft (FALCON), we have also conducted on-line measurements of fossil fuel combustion generated pollutant gases (SO2, NOx, HNO3,NOy), which were found to have increased concentrations in the TIL. In addition, we have conducted supporting model simulations of transport, chemical processes, and aerosol processes. Our investigations reveal a potentially important influence of East-Asian cyclone induced pollutants transport to the TIL, particularly influencing aerosol formation in the TIL. "

    • We Not They Finally

      Don't remember any cyclone around that time. But does "an ideal tracer for atmospheric transport" means that it transported numerous OTHER radionuclides along with it? It's good to be able to read this, but layman's terms would also help.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Discovery of cyclone induced East-Asian pollution transport to the lower stratosphere by airborne measurements of Fukushima Xe-133 and SO2: Potential implications for aerosol and climate

    "We report on a novel and decisive experiment to investigate cyclone induced transport of East-Asian polluted planetary boundary layer air to the lower stratosphere. After the Fukushima nuclear power plant complex accident (12-16 March 2011) we have carried out airborne measurements of Fukushima Xe-133, SO2, and other anthropogenic pollutants. The measurements took place over Europe at altitudes up to 12 km. Xe-133 served as an ideal tracer with a well defined lifetime (half-live: 5.25 days) and a well defined release point. In addition we have conducted detailed air mass transport model simulations. Shortly after the accident, the Fukushima plume was lifted by a warm conveyor belt associated with cyclone. Already on 23 March, our first airborne mission detected the Fukushima plume in the lower stratosphere und upper troposphere above Central-Europe. On 14 April our second airborne mission still detected the substantially aged and diluted plume, which now covered most of the Northern-Hemisphere. Since mid-latitude East-Asia represents an important and still growing source of fossil fuel combustion generated SO2, our findings have potentially important implications for UTLS aerosol formation and eventually even for climate and the climate-engineering controversy. "


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Serious implications..

    • Grampybone Grampybone

      Methane levels are up beyond imaginable levels according to Google news/Greenland. All that dead biomass in the oceans from catastrophic ecosystem failure is making greater levels of everything. A huge amplifier for an already messy Pacific.

      • We Not They Finally

        Yes, and one "scientific" suggestion in a recent article had someone saying that the thousands of tons of contaminated water ongoing should just be pumped 4000 meters under the sea because "it is unlikely to surface form that far down."

        But apparently, what DOES surface is huge amounts of methane from dead decaying sea life.

        It seems like one "scientific" suggestion after another is appalling.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      The first typhoon marked..was april 1 2011..
      But there must have been a storm..closer in date. more about how the system is built..

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        But of course they lie…

        We explore the main dispersion and deposition patterns of the radioactive cloud, both regionally for Japan as well as for the entire Northern Hemisphere. While at first sight it seemed fortunate that westerly winds prevailed most of the time during the accident, a different picture emerges from our detailed analysis. Exactly during and following the period of the strongest 137Cs emissions on 14 and 15 March as well as after another period with strong emissions on 19 March, the radioactive plume was advected over Eastern Honshu Island, where precipitation deposited a large fraction of 137Cs […]"

        Worst radiation plume from Fukushima was blown over Tokyo on March 14-15 — “This was the main deposition event over Japan for the entire disaster” — Large fractions of cesium fell on land

        March 1 2012

  • Ontological Ontological

    I remember early on someone hacked some Norwegian data for Xe 133. The Noble gas Xenon 133 was so bad over the N Hemi, even I was scared. Xenon 131/133 becomes Cesium after a certain short half life, and then persists at least 30 years.

    Hiding safety data like from tax payers show us how stupid our governments actually think we are. Many in office have NO IDEA just how stupid THEY really are! Education has taken a back burner for kids these days to play with their cell phones. We were taught propaganda in schools, not allowed to learn any real science and told everything that may be dangerous and is a waste disposal problem for industry is safe, and that the levels for brain poison like fluoride in our water, or petrochemicals in cosmetics is perfectly safe. So why would they think anyone out here could understand this complex radiological data (sarcasm). I doubt many govt. officials could even pass a SAT test. So darkness and stupidity rage over the lands now, and the evil is growing quickly.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      NILU private forecast data:

      And see this:

      Forecasted radiation levels were so high they couldn't even be measured with existing models.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      BTW, there is more than XE 133 in those forecasts. They also included Cesium 137 and Iodine 131.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Getting my verb tenses mixed up. But you get my drift.

        • We Not They Finally

          It's all right. We all suspect that the future is crashing into the present because of the relatively recent past [sarc]

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        <A HREF="""><133Xe from Wikipedia""></A>
        133Xe, 133mXe, and 135Xe are some of the fission products of both 235U and 239Pu, and therefore used as indicators of nuclear explosions.

        The artificial isotope 135Xe is of considerable significance in the operation of nuclear fission reactors. 135Xe has a huge cross section for thermal neutrons, 2.65×106 barns, so it acts as a neutron absorber or "poison" that can slow or stop the chain reaction after a period of operation. This was discovered in the earliest nuclear reactors built by the American Manhattan Project for plutonium production. Fortunately the designers had made provisions in the design to increase the reactor's reactivity (the number of neutrons per fission that go on to fission other atoms of nuclear fuel).

        Relatively high concentrations of radioactive xenon isotopes are also found emanating from nuclear reactors due to the release of this fission gas from cracked fuel rods or fissioning of uranium in cooling water. The concentrations of these isotopes are still usually low compared to the naturally occurring radioactive noble gas 222Rn.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Jet stream archives shows it went to southern California in the first weeks following explosions. Most concentrated radiation went there.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Unreleased Model of Potential Cesium-137, I-131, Xe-133 Dispersion Over North America
    April 18 2011

    • jec jec

      Does anyone think this might have hurt the seals and sealions? Or the starfish. You know, the ones that died? Does anyone think, the parents of premature babies, like the one born at 22 weeks! in Seattle, that radiation might have affected the mom? Does anyone think?? Did anyone tell my family member who was farming outside in WA state about the danger? He died this past year of a very fast and deadly cancer.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        So sorry, jec. I, too, spent a lot of time outside once April came around. I mistakenly thought the worst was over. Keep wondering if I'm going to get slammed with some bizarre terminal illness, one of these days.

        • xochitloco

          We tore our house down the fall before the tsunami and have been living partly outside on Vancouver Island, while building a new house ever since. It's almost finished but…it has me wondering for sure. The timing couldn't have been in worse.

          I would keep the kids out of the rain then see them get off the school bus, soaked to the skin, water running down their faces into their mouths. I'm so tired of nagging. And worrying.

          Thanks for listening.

          • xochitloco

            I thought the worst was over too, as in the products of the explosion, but never got the immense scope of ongoing contamination till I came on here.

          • bo bo

            Xochitloco – The negative image of 'the hysterical, nagging tinfoil hat helicoptor mom' will soon be manipulated to stigmatize any effort to educate kids or people here about radiation fallout dangers – they did this in japan. Parents who were concerned were made to feel small, and could not publicly admit to their concerns, sometimes from fear of social persecution.

      • We Not They Finally

        So sorry for your loss. We just had a dear friend (who does not even live on the West Coast) diagnosed with TWO separate cancers, seemingly out of the clear blue. One thyroid, which is still a rarer form of cancer, and one in the lung, for a non-smoker.

        People really need to figure out some blanket protections against cancer. Like baking soda keeps the system alkaline so cancer cannot flourish Also get a good water filtration system. And lots of anti-oxidants. We like the recommendations because it's patient-oriented with much people can do at home at little cost.

    • Ontological Ontological

      @HOTR Thanks for following up with this Xe133 data, you really are on top of the radio nucleoid issues. Noble gas Xe133 in lingering amounts due to ongoing corium critically, persisting in our atmosphere is not a good thing since it becomes Ce137 in time. The cesium inclusion in stable pink beryllium is the same bright pink now seen in our skies at sunrise/set. This color is a visible indication of the Ce137 forming from noble gas Xe133 in the air. So some of the enemy is not entirely invisible, one needs to know what to observe, when to look for it and where in the sky concentrations of Ce137 refract sunlight into the hot pink color seen along the Pacific rim at eventide.

  • Mack Mack

    Just to remind everyone that the East coast got a lot of Fukushima radiation, too:

    " SURFACE forecast shows radioactive Xenon-133 lingering over Florida, Eastern Gulf "

    Xenon lingered over Florida, etc., for 4-5 days.

    • We Not They Finally

      For some reason, Florida gets heavy hits. Has something to do with the wind currents, one that hugs the U.S.-Canada border, the other the U.S- Mexico border.

  • razzz razzz

    Yeah, a couple reactors automatically shut themselves down on the East Coast, one was in Florida. Obviously, sensors around the plants picked up Daiichi fallout because operators could not find any leaks onsite to cause the SCRAMs. At the time operators claimed they didn't know why the reactors shut themselves down.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Fukushima, the largest civilian release of Xenon-133 noble gas in history, exceeding the release at Chernobyl by a factor of 2.5.

    It is important to note that Xenon-133 decays eventually to caesium-133 upon deposition, turns from gas to solid, which is the only stable, no decay, isotope of the toxic heavy metal caesium.

    Scroll down and you will find them…

    • Jebus Jebus

      A little correction on the heavy metal part…

      Frequently Asked Questions about Cesium

      Cesium is an alkali metal, in the same group as lithium, sodium, potassium, and rubidium, and is similarly reactive, but to a much higher degree due to its extreme electropositivity. It reacts explosively with water, and with ice down to -116 C. In air, it catches fire spontaneously and burns with a brilliant sky-blue flame. (To the uninitiated, the flame appears purplish rather than blue; however, after sufficient meditation, study of the holy writs, and blissful hours spent in reverence before Cesium burning in her naked glory, the true blue nature of her flame is revealed.) Its hydroxide is the most powerful aqueous base known, and will eat through glass, flesh, bone, and numerous other substances. Its spectrum contains the two signature blue lines mentioned above, at 455.528 and 459.317 nm, and a number of others in the red, yellow and green. There are also two powerful lines in the near infrared at 852.113 and 894.347 nm. The existence of these lines has resulted in the experimental use of Cesium in IR decoy flares used in aerial combat.

      Think about that paragraph as it applies to the starfish…

      I wonder what irhologram would think of that paragraph and that it might revise his methane theory…

    • Jebus Jebus

      Caesium hydroxide can be obtained by the following chemical reaction:

      2 Cs + 2 H2O → 2 CsOH + H2

      The above reaction occurs explosively with enough force to shatter a Pyrex beaker. Caesium metal will react with ice above −116 °C

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    Just in case your nearest & dearest, neighbours & generally anybody else ( inc. pet goldfish ), that you try to explain Fukushima too calls you a "Conspiracy Nut". Just show them this…

    "Conspiracy theorists sane and government dupes crazy, hostile according to recent studies"

    then step back & watch them explode.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      source is Veterans Today, which admits to at least 50% false reporting.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Conspiracy theorists sane and government dupes crazy, hostile according to recent studies
        Kevin Barrett
        Veterans Today
        Sat, 13 Jul 2013 00:00 CDT

      • davidh7426 davidh7426

        Possibly true Anne, but you don't have to tell the other person that do you.

        If they can't find that out for themselves then that's their problem.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          There are so many conspiracy theories about so many different events, making a blanket statement to include all of them is kind of prejudicial, IMHO.

          And one of the studies considers if a poll shows 2/3 of the people believe a particular conspiracy theory about a event, this makes them sane.

          So how about the more than 2/3 of the people who believe that everything is OK at Fukushima? Or about the 2/3 of the people who believe the ads on TV for whatever?

          Consensus doesn't make for sanity. And one of the reports is written by someone in the UK who really doesn't understand the American people.

          We also know from recent polls that they are completely inaccurate when it comes to predicting who will win an election. Since the arrival of the cell phone, polling is no longer accurate.

          I, for one, refuse to answer any poll, and just hang up. I don't give out my opinions to strangers who phone me up.

          Many polls in the US are just advertisements.

          And we also know that polls are slanted by the way a question is phrased. And many of the questions are completely misleading.

          • flatsville

            >>>Consensus doesn't make for sanity.<<<

            You said a mouthful.

            Governments themselves regularly create elaborate conspiracies to garner support from the populace for draconian policy implementation.

            Goebbles would be proud.

            • jump-ball jump-ball

              'People go mad quickly in groups, and only regain their senses slowly, one at a time'. Tragically, the Japanese will probably only regain their senses as they realize they are losing a battle with cancer.

          • flatsville

            In the politcal trade, that kind of poll is called a "push poll."

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Makes perfect sense that we here are the sane ones and the ones running things are not sane… 🙁

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        I have to chuckle as I have stated before that everything that happens in this world today is a none. Now, from a legal stance the use of the word is suppose to mean illegal behaviors? Really and that narrow glass definition is absolute bullshit in my estimation.

        I can make up any definition I want to suit any manner and means I want and to conspire does not have to be an illegal act. Two people trying to out sell a competitor then work together or conspire to put that person out of business. Wallmart does this behavior everyday in most of the small towns in/across America. Congressman conspired behind closed doors to write 2700 pages of Health Care Law in secrecy and then allowed other congressman to vote on that same bill with out reading it or understanding it..that was a conspiracy rated at #1.

        We live in a world built on compounding conspiracy/lies and the only objection is the manner at which the laws have been written via legal word craft to allow the bending 24/7 of the above definition proffered. 🙁

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Are you talking the science that shows that Fukushima is horrible in terms of radiation that is going around the world and contaminating the whole world? That is not a conspiracy.

      Are you talking about the conspiracy theory that says that everything at nuclear power plants are wonderful and nothing goes wrong unless someone sabotages the plant? That is a conspiracy theory advanced by TEPCO or the Japanese government or the nuclear industry that doesn't want to admit that no nuclear power plant is safe, that nuclear technology is failed and is destroying the world. In particular, it doesn't want to admit that there were falsified safety checks and mismanagement going on for decades.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Fukushima spent fuel has 85 times more cesium than released at Chernobyl — “It would destroy the world environment and our civilization… an issue of human survival” -Former UN adviser\Sept 23 2013

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    140,000 times more Iodine-131 released at Fukushima than Three Mile Island… Using March 22 estimates
    March 25 2011

    • Jebus Jebus

      Thanks HOTR,

      These facts are so important to understand the effects on our ecosystem from the Fukushima disaster. The lies have been put into place to obfuscate the truth of what this chemical soup is doing once released. These facts go a long ways towards understanding the chemical reactions that are currently taking place in our air, water and food. The creatures of our one Ocean are getting a voice with these facts. Our future on this planet, and all life may very well depend upon a gross understanding of these complex chemical reactions. This science is the only science that has a chance at exposing the nuclear terror that has been forced upon all life on this Earth. I suspect that the results are already known to the purchased scientists. Rocket science it is not. It is standard chemistry. You just have to know the parts to sum up the result…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    You're welcome..Jebus.

    From the story:

    "Also note Health Canada’s website shows that Xe-133 was never detected after Fukushima at the Sydney, BC monitoring station (SOURCE)."

    Government research shows Fukushima radiation spike over southwestern British Columbia in 2011

    Detection on Health Canada's Radiation Monitoring Network In BC
    Dec 4 2011

    Figure 2 ..shows the results from Sidney.. 3/18/2011-3/22/2011.

  • name999 name999

    we are not talking about conspiracy theories here, we are talking about history…history and fact…

  • SwimsWithGators

    Nitrogen is one of the main gasses in our atmosphere. They use nitrogen on the reactors to keep them cool. Well, what does that now radioactive nitrogen do? It enters the atmosphere. And spreads.

    Radioactive hydrogen becomes tritium, right? What does radioactive nitrogen become? Anybody know?

    Above there was a reference to the pink in the clouds these days. I will confirm that report. Did not used to be that way, but now every partly cloudy sunset has pink all across the skies.

    Thanks ENEnewsers for being where you are and then being here. This place is an impressive display of knowledge.

    Again my question… what happens to nitrogen as it contacts the cores' radiation?

    • Jebus Jebus

      The reason for nitrogen gas is to displace any oxygen so as to not allow the hydrogen gas, that all reactors produce, to explode.

      • Jebus Jebus

        It has nothing to do with keeping the reactors cool, except where they use liquid nitrogen to help keep bearing blocks cool in pumps and motors and displace oxygen in the generator housings…

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      I've been noticing a lot of heavy low clouds that seem to have a yellowish tint in them and not just at sunset, but at different times of the day… but they seem out-of-the-ordinary. The rest of the sky can be a beautiful clear blue and normal white fluffy clouds seem very high up in the atmosphere as opposed to these real low-seeming yellowish-tinted sometimes grayish ones. I hope this doesn't sound silly, but am curious if anyone else has noticed this too?

  • name999 name999

    …does this have anything to do with the ice wall? Are they doing anything they can think of now in Fukushima? History would show that when these ill conceived pompous asses get their way they make a very big mess. Over and over again…

    • We Not They Finally

      The ice wall idea sounded crazy in the first place. That site is not just radioactively hot, but thermally hot. I believe about 7000 degrees (someone can re-check that). And they say they will build a permanent ice wall?

  • Jebus Jebus

    History and Fact…

    These posts above show and prove that unless something more horrific happens at Fukushima, the damage from a failed, make that four, nuclear power plants was tremendous and unprecedented with dire consequences for future generations. All the jibber jabber about the successes or falures at the plant are the after effects and are put into place to hoodwink, again, the general public about the safety, or lack thereof, the insanity of the location and the risks posed from nuclear power on this planet. This does not even take into account the ever increasing, 200 tons a year from each, of the spent nuclear fuel or the nuclear weapons issue.

    We have to shut these radiation machines down or we will perish as a viable species on this planet along with most of the life in this solar system, period.

    • SwimsWithGators

      Hey, it has been nice knowing everyone. Well, not everyone. The pro-nuke people have been a real problem.

      I asked the gators what they thought and their only answer was that they only wondered if eating nukulur (sic) radiated humans would be good or bad for them.

      Then they firmly stated that they have been habitating this planet for millions of years before even human food became available and so when all the humans are eaten, they figure they will still be around.

      Oh, if you are ever swimming with gators and one of them bites you, reach down and gouge out their eyeball. They will let go. They told me that once upon a time.

    • +1

      A lot of jibber jabber and hoodwinking, that's pretty much all we're going to get.

      Shut these DNA destroying Death Machines down now! 😉

  • name999 name999

    …the very bad question is have we already died and now are just in the death throes?
    Now it would be all about values and just plain old right and wrong…just telling the truth for the sake of truth. But maybe that would create some unforeseen benefit…worth trying…

  • Socrates

    I remember that the xenon ratios were withheld because the ratios are used to detect possible meltdowns, which were being denied following 3-11. Now we see how high those ratios were. Didn't Obama go to South America on an unscheduled trip? Am I missing something?

    • We Not They Finally

      Yeah, he took his own precious family to South America to escape the incoming initial plume, without even warning pregnant women to stay indoors during the radioactive rain-outs. Then he sent iconic First Daughter Caroline Kennedy as Ambassador to Japan.

      What about other peoples' precious families?

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Yes. That is exactly why Tepco wouldn't give the Xe133 data. They didn't want the magnitude of the crisis revealed.


      "Relatively high concentrations of radioactive xenon isotopes are also found emanating from nuclear reactors due to the release of this fission gas from cracked fuel rods or fissioning of uranium in cooling water."
      They…"133Xe, 133mXe, and 135Xe are some of the fission products of both 235U and 239Pu, and therefore used as indicators of nuclear explosions."

  • Yeah we all got lied to by a bunch of talking head suit types who really only know how to do what they do and they do. I can only imagine how nice it must be for them to operate without the slightest notion of honesty or integrity. Maybe is a necessary talent for the job? Having the ability to think its ok to not own up to your mistakes? Not much of a man but I'm beating your ass is that what they think? You know, I don't mind being fucked but at least buy me dinner. These weasels don't even buy you dinner and thats what really pisses me off. Well God Bless all those who partake in the ugly truth ENEnews provides. Its a roll of the dice who gets the cancer and who doesn't. BunchofFuckingGoofs are they not?

    • bo bo

      I have an aquaintance who was a writer for CNN and it seemed, from her facebook updates, that she truly believed that the U.S. 'needs to' go to war with Syria.

      • bo bo

        Her reason was because of the human rights abuses going on in Syria that must be stopped.

        • bo bo

          My point is I think they are fed information from the top, and they actually believe what they are fed, they are that dumb.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          War itself is a human rights abuse. And the rebels are themselves committing human rights abuses.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            And depleted uranium and uranium armaments and weapons are themselves weapons of mass destruction that spontaneously ignite into fire and spread radiation around the globe destroying the lives of every person on the planet and destroys the natural resources of the planet for millions of years making the earth uninhabitable for any life whatsoever.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

              They also destroy the lives of the soldiers who are wielding these weapons and driving these vehicles and the land and people where these weapons and armaments are produced and stored. Nuclear technology is a grossly failed technology. Nuclear radiation doesn't discriminate between its victims. All life on earth is the victim of nuclear radiation.

          • bo bo

            Exactly anne. How stupid can these CNN reporters / writers be ?
            I followed the thread on this woman's facebook with other CNN people chiming in, and almost puked. So shocking, the reality that most journalists really are simply that dumb and unaware – not at all that they are deceiving us!


  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    It sounds like lots of conspiring is now a daily ongoing event….everywhere! 🙁

    • Socrates

      Especially in the government where they persecute whistleblowers and call others conspiracy theorists. If you don't like globalization you are an isolationist. Boy, that really hurts. Not!

      We live in the final days of Rome. Everything is for sale.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Certainly a repeat of Rome.. 🙁

        • jump-ball jump-ball

          Geneticists claim that DNA patterns demonstrate a 'bottleneck' in which the world population was once reduced to a miniscule 2000 to 5000 survivors, and perhaps the politically uncontained Fuku ELE will once more find a small cohort in some uniquely favored geographic and atmospheric location from which the fascist extinction can be defeated, with the responsible 1% in their bunkers, retreats and islands not so fortunate.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Who is the geneticist or geneticists? Do you have a link? The last I heard, DNA damage caused by ionizing nuclear radiation causes double strand breakage and destroys the genome unfavorably destroying IQ, and there is no place to hide from man-made nuclear ionizing radiation.

  • Socrates

    We also see how high the levels were. Nice to see how Governments lie us into war and dump radiation on our families. Then they talk of family values and patriotism. Politicians are worse than used car salespersons.

    • jump-ball jump-ball

      Politicians are car salespersons, from Chrysler to Government Motors-GM, to O'Zero's campaign supporter who was given some 22 million EX-IM Bank money to open foreign car dealerships in asia , to Tesla maybe. Nuclear should never have been allowed government sponsorship to enter the corporate dash-for-the-cash race.

  • fonzie3b fonzie3b

    In the 50 years before the JFK assassination the term conspiracy theory appeared in the NY Times, Washington Post and another major paper i cant remember right now, on average about once per year. In the proceeding 50 years it has appeared on average about once a week.

    The use of that term is a coordinated effort by the CIA and the media to discredit anyone who doesn't blindly obey and play ball. I refuse to use the term, they can have it and stick it where the truth don't shine.

    • Socrates

      Now people might believe Joseph Mangano and Jeanette Sherman's studies when they published results from Centers for Disease Control and other public health care agencies that showed increases in mortality and morbidity in the US.following 3-11.

      Chris Busby is owed an apology.

      The nuke industry has trillions of dollars and makes the biggest weapons. They are "protecting" us like a typical protection racket. The carbon racket is another. Then the chemical and GMO corporations. Don't forget the banksters, too.

      They have us in a fatal death grip. But we do get professional sports and television.

      I realized this in the 50s. Most people believe that it doesn't exist, or that it cannot be changed. I see a better world being possible; the powers that be want it to remain exactly the same. They make sure that nothing can change. Radiation will mutate their granchildren, too. They will get the same cancers we will.

  • We are supposed to accept their conspiracy of lies and ineptitude.
    Fukushima is a world class monument of the short sighted greedy ineptitude of our business and political leaders. We deserve better.
    There is no well thought out evil plan, just a string of ridiculously stupid mistakes.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    The Current President of the United States is a BOLD FACE LIAR PERIOD. Refuses to tell us the truth, and still today wants to build more of these death factories. Guess what BIG BOY? You are flying through the same radiation right now that is killing the rest of us. Hope you get you fair share dose while your in those friendly skies. Not even air force one can block some of those rays :)Oh yeah , that gourmet food you are digging into right now, there's a little something in there for you as well. Its in everyone's food now.

    • Socrates

      They sprayed a nuclear form of Raid and Black Flag Ant and Roach Killer on the entire biosphere and remain silent about their crimes against humanity. They will all be killed by their own greed and control trips because nuclear death is democratic and treats everyone equally. All their money will not buy them another day. Dust in the wind. All we are is dust in the wind…. Same 'olé song…

      They need enemies to justify all this. The weapons justified the expenditures for the peaceful atom which is more of a threat than the enemies. We cannot get off the merry go round. Will they tell the children to duck and cover? With school shootings, they already duck.

  • tsfw tsfw

    Sorry to be off topic-I've been telling my husbands for a couple of years, that the sun is no longer yellow like it used to be, it has a much whiter hue to it now. I wonder if this could be linked with Fuku or am I only now just noticing it. Question: I've read that the radiation from the sun can cause storms on earth. Well then wouldn't it be rational to assume that radiation being emitted right in our atmosphere could have effects on weather as well? Could radiation even be partially responsible for climate change? Last question- is there a place on this site where annoying people like me can go to ask stupid questions so we don't have to interrupt? Thanks all.

    • Socrates

      Radionuclide do affect the ozone lawyer. The activity of the sun and it's. Yes affect out weather. More than a century ago, scientists were able to correlate sun spot activity with wheat yields.

      Mankind's activities other than carbon affect weather indeed. The subject is very complex. There are many cycles as well as both unintended and intended changes. You can measure UV. Also UV is published. Some say another cover up. Good luck!

    • There is no such thing as a stupid question.

      The best place for non article related general questions are the forums located on the right column.

      Such as…
      FORUM: General Discussion Thread (Nuclear Issues)

      IMO – Fukushima's triple meltdowns are obviously having a CONTINUOUS affect on our atmosphere and climate. The initial fallout(s) were a trigger. Now, nonstop emissions are clearly going to continue and accelerate the process.

      This 'Fukushima Climate Affect' will not be a topic of mainstream media. Actually, the opposite is true. Media will claim that Nuclear Power will reduce climate change. Don't beLIEve that one.

      Some other things affected by Fuku:

      The Fukushima Ocean Affect.
      The Fukushima Food Chain Affect.
      The Fukushima Ecosystem Affect.
      The Fukushima Birth Rate Affect.
      The Fukushima Death Rate Affect.
      The Fukushima Suffering Affect.
      The Fukushima Psychological Affect.
      The Fukushima Economic Affect.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Krypton-85 affects the weather. Huge amounts were and are being emitted from Fukushima Daiichi and other damaged nuclear facilities in Japan and elsewhere. The other most huge emitters of Krypton-85 are the nuclear fuel and weapons processing plants and reprocessing plants where plutonium is reprocessed and enriched into MOX fuel or weapons grade plutonium is converted into MOX fuel.

      When you consider the whole fuel cycle (for example, milling uranium and shipping it many thousands of miles from Australia to Europe) there are huge amounts of fossil fuels used and CO2 is emitted). Then dumping radioactive waste into the ocean also heats up the ocean for millions of years and melts the polar ice caps. The nuclear industry seems to be totally uneducated when it comes to the biosphere or the ecosphere or economics or even how to run nuclear power plants.

      Nuclear technology is unsafe and uncontainable under any circumstances.

    • deedles deedles

      Chemtrails contributes to that whitish color of the sky. It's hard to know which is causing what anymore…

      • deedles deedles


        • Gasser Gasser

          ROD STEWART
          "Blue Skies"

          It was blue, just as blue as I could be

          Ev'ry day was an unclouded day for me

          Then no luck came a-knocking at my door

          Skies turned gray, they're not blue anymore

          Chemtrail skies
Threatening me

          Nothing but ugly skies
Do I see

          Chemtrail birds

          Flying a long

          Nothing but Chemtrail birds

          All day long

          Never saw the Sun not shining so bright
Never saw things going so not right

          Noticing the days not hurrying by

          When you're sick, how slow they fly

          Blue days

          All of them gone

Nothing but grey skies
From now on

          I should care if the wind blows east or west

          I should fret if the worst looks like the best

          I should mind if they say it can't be true

          I should smile, that's exactly what I do

          Radioactive sky's, just as poisonous as it could be

          Ev'ry day is a scary radioactive day for me


          • Gasser Gasser


            Then the Reaper came a-knocking at my door

            Skies were toxic gray, they're not blue anymore

            No more blue skies, smiling at me
Nothing but witches brew Chemtrail skies do I see

            Dead Sea birds, from an Ocean gone wrong
Nothing but dead Sea birds all shoreline long

            Never saw the Sun not shining so bright
Never saw things going so 'not’ right

Noticing the days hurrying by
When you're fucked, my how they don't fly

            Blue days, all of them gone

            Nothing but radioactive chemtrail skies from now on

            I should care if Fukushima wind blows East to West
I should fret if the worst looks like it's got to be the best

I should mind if they say Nuclide's can't hurt you
I should smile, that's exactly what sheepel do

            ~Gasser Classic~

  • tsfw tsfw

    Um that will be husband singular! One is quite enough really!

  • tsfw tsfw

    Always a trickle affect to anything and it's usually to a greater, not a lesser degree than we initially think. I imagine that there are variables that even the greatest scientific minds have yet to consider. Not like this has happened before. So sad. Don't suppose I can convince anyone in here to buy our house on the pacific coast of Mexico, so we can move to Uruguay. Yea I didn't think so.

  • name999 name999

    It does cross my mind that this deep freeze across America and abroad is another impact of the radioactive storm coming from Fukushima. The notion of creating an ice wall, I mentioned earlier in this thread, sounds ludicrous, a bandaid on a broken leg…but that has not stopped these people before. I just wonder what kind of materials are being used in great volume to cool down the heat that are now also contributing to the assault on the natural world. It seems that when something gets floated in the media as a possibility its just getting people used to the idea because they are already doing it or trying it. This freezing weather is very weird. And yes, I do also notice big changes in the sky, the feel and look of the sun and definitely the plants and trees along with the absence of insects, birds and wildlife…unusual coloring in the cloud cover…

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    Can anyone tell me: Where is the information which says the Xe-133 to hit Canada after Fukushima was 6,000% < originally reported? I've checked out all the sources cited here and cannot find anything about this.

    Can someone please help me find this? Thanks.