Report: Tepco reveals damage to Unit 4 near ‘photoshopped’ area (PHOTO)

Published: September 5th, 2012 at 4:37 am ET


Title: TEPCO Soundness Report On Unit 4 Admits Larger Failures
Source: SimplyInfo
Date: Sept 5, 2012

TEPCO released two reports in Japanese last week on order of NISA to explain the soundness of unit 4.


The new reports make some key admissions. The west and south walls are degrading and also may have been worse than TEPCO had previously admitted. Floor damage is also expanded from what was previously reported. Cracks on the inside of the west wall was also reported for the first time. It appears some of this is building degradation and some is new findings as they gain access to more areas of the building for closer inspections.


The August 2012 report in Japanese shows the west wall […] 4th floor as failed with the entire 3rd floor now failed with half of the 2nd floor now partially failed. In May 2011 the 2nd floor was assumed sound. This newly declared partially damaged area is above the garage door opening TEPCO has attempted to photoshop out of recent images.


See also: [intlink id=”tepco-admits-we-replaced-photo-for-physical-protection-of-nuclear-materials” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: September 5th, 2012 at 4:37 am ET


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38 comments to Report: Tepco reveals damage to Unit 4 near ‘photoshopped’ area (PHOTO)

  • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

    The bottom of the wall does not look very stable to me.

    • aSpadeisaSpade aSpadeisaSpade

      Note to self (Memo to Mankind): If we do somehow manage to survive the Fukushima disaster, never again let yourself be beguiled by the promises of all-knowing, all-caring government. Governments exist solely for the aggrandizement of those in power – nothing else. Promises are made to the populace in order to keep them docile and asleep at the feeding trough – nothing more. Government is simply the ultimate manifestation of organized crime – nothing more.

      • jump-ball jump-ball

        Organized crime would have sent in the muscle to do the 'heavy lifting' around #4 and handled the problem far better than have their corrupt government brethren.

  • lam335 lam335

    Does anybody know which walls (i.e., north, south, east, west) are closest to the spent fuel pool?

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Since it seems that the company is running out of manpower due to radiation overdosing of workers, maybe they are thinking about starting to hire angels to do the dirty cleanup or building support work around Building 4?

    I think the secret is out. Angels work for free, never get sick and demand no vacation pay or sick leave time. They also do not get pregnant.

    Fukushima Reactor 4; Global Life Extinction Event If It Collapses; via A Green Road

    12 reasons why all nuclear power plants must be shut down; via A Green Road

  • patb2009

    The building is obviously in structural failure.

    The failure over that garage door is the failure of a transom beam. That's a pretty important piece of load bearing structure.

    I'm guessing one of the recent shakes failed it finally.

    This also likely bodes that Units 1-3 are also failing.

    I'm surprised TEPCO isn't racing to strip failed structure off unit 4 like they did in unit 3, this must mean the rad levels in unit 4 are too high for workers.

    It was a nice island, I'm glad i got to see it before it went radioactive.

  • fittietucker

    If the floors 2,3,4 have failed what does that mean for the fuel pool?

  • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

    To Review: We now have 3 Rogue Nuclear Reactors located somewhere in the mudstone under Buildings1,2,&3. TEPCO won't admit that Coriums1,2,&3 have left the buildings, and has no plan for bringing any of the 3 Rogue Nuclear Reactors under control.

    TEPCO can't work on Buildings1,2,&3 because even the residual melted fuel coating the reactors, containments, and basements are just too hot for workers to go into.

    SFP1,2,&3 contain about 1,400 spent fuel assemblies, which TEPCO has no plan for removing. How will TEPCO ever maintain and repair the rusted out pipes and pumps that are necessary to keep SFP1,2,&3 cool?

    And now Building4 seems to be falling down around their ears. TEPCO has been clearing debris out of the way so they can begin construction on the crane support structure, but no construction work so far. SFP4 is a race against time, which TEPCO seems to be losing. Concrete at Fuku is fast turning into powder.

    Can someone please tell me why TEPCO is still in control of the Fukumess? Time to send in the Marines!

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      good analysis, great comment!

      • moonshellblue moonshellblue

        Agreed, I also wonder about the other spent fuel pools, no. 3 in particular, as it has so much debris and the crane swimming in that mess I just don't understand why this was not attacked by thousands of workers in 2011 but in their defense it was a horrendous catastrophe, a triple punch and after hearing from Arnie that there could have been a total of 14 meltdowns they really had their hands full and still do but I digress, again well stated Philipupnorth and AGreenRoad your research is amazing and I highly recommend your site for any new posters here at Enenews.

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      The fuel assemblies have either (in part or whole) left the buildings in at least #3, and possibly #1 and #2 as well, due to meltdowns, explosions, fires, etc.

      Melted coriums have to secrecy.. They do what they do no matter who tries to cover them up.

    • +1

      I agree on sending in marines or whoever, but I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon because that means they could no longer IGNORE the worst catastrophe in history. It would be an admission of their own IGNORance.

      It would also be an admission of a lot of other things too.

      • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

        "IGNORance". 🙂 Our pro-nuke government is just trying to buy some more time for the nuke-utilities to soak up more of the people's money for their pro-nuke stockholders. But the S will definitely HTF, when the American people realize that they have been eating cesium and other Fukugoodies, and their health begins to fail. And their kids are being born with rubber tongues, so to speak. Finding a repository for the nuke fuel from 400+ decommissioned nuke plants on the surface of an unstable planet will also prove to be a challenge for those of us mutants who are still alive several years from now.

        Why am I so gloomy about our prospects? Isn't Arnie reassuring us that Fuku will "only" cause a million excess deaths? Here is why:

        Mystery gunk is clogging pipes and pumps.
        Buildings are saging and sinking into the ground.
        Concrete is crumbling and turning to dust.
        Coriums in the ground are steaming and sputtering.
        Contaminated water into the ocean is flowing.
        TEPCO has lost its opportunity for action,
        Falling further and further behind day by day.
        TEPCO has lost.
        Japan is lost.
        Soon we all will be lost.

  • kalidances

    Philupup north I think the American government knows exactly what it's doing. They are going to let Japan fail, claim ignorance, and try to look the other way.

    What the American government forgot to was evacuate the American soldiers from the bases. When the overseas family members of these soldiers find out that Obama deliberately left them to die of Fukushima radiation poisoning things are going to become extremely unpleasant in the United States.

    From wiki (I know it's Wiki but it's early and I haven't had tea yet) so the numbers can give you an estimate 🙂
    "As of December 2009, there are 35,688 U.S. military personnel stationed in Japan and another 5,500 American civilians employed there by the United States Department of Defense. The United States Seventh Fleet is based in Yokosuka. The 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force (III MEF) is based in Okinawa. 130 USAF fighters are stationed in the Misawa Air Base and Kadena Air Base".[2]

    • patb2009

      those troops were left to get irradiated for "Diplomatic reasons".

      That will really piss them off.

      Of course a lot more were stuck in Iraq for "Diplomatic Reasons", and that really sucked,
      so maybe it just sucks to be in the miitary

    • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

      Remember that the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Regan got dosed with the heaviest Fukuplume while in port near Tokyo. "USS Ronald Reagan measured 0.6 mR/hr direct gamma shine from clouds 130 miles from Fukushima Daiichi". Links here:
      Many thanks, kalidances, for this. Americans haven't even begun to get mad about Fuku. Wait until it becomes widely known that Hawaii is hopelessly contaminated, that Pacific seafood has been poisoned forever, that Washington apples and California produce are contaminated. The wines! I loved California wines. Time to hoard pre-311 vintages from my favorite wineries. (New vintages, with cesium, not so much.)
      Not to diminish the human toll. But the dying will be well underway in 20 years, and will hardly be noticed, as they will be part of the general dieoff to come as Fuku nukes crumble to powder, and pipes and pumps break.

  • jackassrig

    Zerohedge reporting fire at Fessenheim Nuc in France.

  • jedi jedi

    Tepco still have not release the photo!
    what are there hiding?show us that pic.
    that was crop out ?

  • Sickputer

    Onsen…+311 for the nuclear lava flow… It would have only been funnier if Yamashita was riding the slag in a kayak with a shit-eating grin…Or Noda in a life preserver.

    Excellent job… URL doubled here for posterity:

  • ocpaul20

    I just dont understand how the report can say(as I understand it) that there are no subsidence problems. They say that the fuel pools are level, but how can this be possible if there are large cracks at the base of the building and smaller cracks around the walls?

    They mention cracks of 0.2mm or 0.3mm (2 or 3 tenths of a millimetre) but this is what I would call a hairline crack you may get in your house as it settles.

    I dont believe that they only have these small cracks and I dont believe that the SPF is level without them adjusting the jacks they have placed underneath to MAKE it level. Or else they have "made a mistake" by quoting the wrong units of measurement.

  • omniversling

    no choice demo…there's only hope or despair left, and I intend to meet my maker with a smile on my dial…one way or another…I had a man die in my arms after a shark mauling a few years ago. It was nature at it's rawest. Since then I've been practicing living moment to moment in the space of gratitude and thankfulness for what I have, not dwelling on what I think is missing or investing any energy in disappointment…life goes on, and then it doesn't.

    The big wild card is occasional waves of grief for my beautiful planet (we're mates, mate)…but I've surrendered to the notion that there's an even grander plan than the human race can comprehend, and the wiley old planet has her reasons for the incomprehensible…either that, or random is what it is…we caused and are the 6th extinction. We failed the intelligence test, and earth will have another go when we're no longer around wrecking things…