Report: There are no sparrows, says birdwatcher in Nagoya — “Downtown area was void of any form of birds”

Published: March 14th, 2012 at 2:37 am ET


Title: Day 367 Where are the sparrows?
Source: Uh Oh Japan
Date: March 13, 2012

[…] I wanted to mention something that happened on Sunday, 11 Mar, when I was at one of the events in Nagoya, specifically Angel Hiroba. I was listening to a speech being given on the stage and was talking with a woman next to me who happened to be an avid birdwatcher. She told me to listen carefully and look around.

There were no sparrows.

I thought that they’d probably flown off recently in which mewhere  [sic] nearby where there was less noise, but later as I was walking around downtown Sakae, I noticed that she was right. There was a small flock of pigeons, but not a sparrow to be seen — or heard. Actually, the downtown area was void of any form of birds. I heard one hiyodori in a tree somewhere, but I never did see any sparrows.

Where have they gone? Why? […]

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See also: [intlink id=”wsj-eerie-quietness-fukushima-top-biologist-bird-population-dropped-after-chernobyl-disturbing-development” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

More information about the effect of radiation on birds:

[intlink id=”radio-much-greater-frequency-of-visible-mutations-in-contaminated-areas-directly-proportional-to-radiation-levels-deformed-skin-and-feet-tumors-in-abodomen-and-around-eyes” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

[intlink id=”top-biology-professor-incredibly-high-frequency-very-very-large-abdominal-tumors-observed-latest-trip-chernobyl-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: March 14th, 2012 at 2:37 am ET


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33 comments to Report: There are no sparrows, says birdwatcher in Nagoya — “Downtown area was void of any form of birds”

  • First the plants, then insects, then birds and fish…. then ??

    Once released the spreading of radioactive contamination does not end until the Hazardous to Life Span of the radioactive substance decays to harmless. In the case Cesium that will be 300 years or more.

  • kintaman kintaman

    Canary….coal mine.

  • kintaman kintaman

    Off topic but has anyone noticed how Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki has said virtually nothing about the ongoing Fukushima Disaster? I find this rather curious seeing that this is the biggest industrial disaster in human history and will have a global impact and especially so to the oceans.

    Shouldn't this be something he would want to talk about? Yes, nary a peep.

    I came across this on facebook page:

    It would be great if ex-skf readers would raise a huff about this on his Facebook page as he should really be doing his duty as a committed environmentalist. My assumption is that he has either been paid hush money or threatened to stfu or realizes this is a game ender and so what is the point in saying anything at all. Can ex-skf make a dedicated post about this on the site? I think it is indeed noteworthy that such a big name has said so very little himself about this.

    • Yukihiro Kitaguni

      That's because for Dave, carbon dioxide is the Great Satan, not plutonium and those other nuclear power-related nasty isotopes.

      I haven't checked into carbon-hating Dave lately, but I imagine in uranium rich Canada, if you want to be a star, you can't question nuclear power too much (just like here in Japan).

      Earth's richest deposit of uranium is Cameco/Areva's McArthur River mine in Saskatchewan. The last I heard it provided Kansai Electric with much of its uranium.

      • ion jean ion jean

        And Uranco in New Mexico is chomping at its bit, waiting for the upsurge in US uranium mining…they took over this small oil town there, gave everyone slave jobs enriching yellowcake and for the moment, everyone is gung ho to have them around…

        They'll have to wait and see what medical mysteries befall thEm down the road…

      • fcuk_IT

        Also, according to the anti-carbon lobby, it's the radiation from coal we really need to worry about.

      • Exactly, there is no money in real issues that concern us. It's better to demonize CO2, so you can fool the sheeple into paying taxes for breathing.

        • Fall out man!

          A great point from Hobbleknee. Just to ram the point home, New Zealand has the dubious "honour" of being the first country in the world to implement a breathing tax on animals. Cows and Sheep breath out carbon dioxide and methane and the NZ govt has an 11m per annum tax on farmers to research how to stop cows breathing out methane. Of course what the animals breath out, the grass absorbs and locks into the soil. Its a cycle , plants and animals perfectly designed to grow together. But because pastoral farming is NZ's biggest industry (and dominated by family farms not large corporates), the government found a way to tax the animals for breathing despite the fact what they breath out is absorbed by grass anyway. They simply look at half the equation here. They tax stock for what they breath out and ignore the fact the grass absorbs it all back into the soil. What's more, the government is fully aware of this. I've asked industry experts at both a public meeting and bank research meeting and they are absolutely aware of this. Its a political decision to "get on the band wagon" with the carbon tax. Even if one believed in the C02 will kill the planet lie, by their own standards Pastoral farming is a consumer of C02, not an emitter. (thanks to soil absorption) The ignore that to tax the animals for political reasons.

          Note that the University of East Anglia climate science unit that was caught lying to promote global warming in "email gate" was originally set up by funding from the US Dept of Energy (Nuclear Power). I've also seen a testimony from some guy on the web who said that when he was a graduate engineer the Nuke industry first started pushing the CO2 causes catastrophic global warming paranoia. He said in those days the engineers he worked with laughed at it. Sadly, no one's laughing now. Lies about global warming are the Nuke Power industries last life line. If they can make their lies stick, then the world is in big trouble.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      David Suzuki's website makes it absolutely clear that he is opposed to nuclear energy:

      There have been several voices here lately saying "Arnie has sold out", "Enenews has sold out". Now it's Suzuki? Nah… I don't buy it. "Divide and conquer" won't help push back against the corporate/government machinery that controls nukes, coal, oil, finance, pharma… your life and mine.

      He has spent a lifetime fighting this machinery. He has more than paid his dues. From 2009:

      Do what you are willing to do. Let others do what they are willing to do.


      • He's talking about everything else but nuclear in that video. Nary a mention of the word "Fukushima".

        Is he simply covering different turf and leaving Fukey to others: Arnie, Michio Kaku, Helen Caldicott?

        The articles on his website are somewhat watered-down. For instance, they don't mention that Northern Japan is lost, or that Tokyo is highly radioactive, that the West Coast of N America is in trouble, birds are disappearing, the ocean poisoned, infant mortality up by thousands.

        So kintaman brings out an interesting point: why an internationally-recognized environmentalist is saying almost nothing about Fukushima.

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          The video is from 2009, as I said in the post. Were you talking about Fukushima in 2009?

          • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

            Excellent post, for all you conclusion jumpers!
            2009….Fukushima who?

          • kintaman kintaman

            Yes but my original point is that I find it odd that Suzuki has been pretty much silent aside from the one linked to youtube video about Fukushima and the fallout that is spreading across Japan, the Pacific ocean and the northern hemisphere.

    • StillJill StillJill

      Maybe he likes his dividend check too much.

      • This was one of the reasons the Occupy movement was structured (or, actually, not-structured) as it was: movements that become organisations like Greenpeace seem to get co-opted by "the enemy".

        Corporations and governments give them donations to make themselves look a little greener in the eye of the public.

        Then again, I know from studies in public relations that a two-way symmmetrical dialogue has been proven by 20 odd years of research (James Grunig et al) to lead to more of a win-win scenario, otherwise you're just a thorn-in-the-side ranting from outside while the enemy digs in its heels, nothing gets accomplished and the earth gets filthier.

        So, there is strategy involved, and some of those accused of collaboration might simply be playing a smart game.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      There is something odd going on at Suzuki's facebook page. This is a page with 173,000 "likes". The posts are a very mixed bag, with relatively few by Suzuki himself and tons of wall posts from who-knows-who. It certainly is not a place where he chats casually with anyone who drops by.

      Despite that, there is a steady drip of what I perceive to be "gotcha" posts. These posts take the form of someone asking an apparently sincere question of the form: "Hey, David, what do you think of the Alberta tar sands project?" and "Hey, David, what do you think of the Fukushima disaster?". The most recent one was 10 hours ago, if you're looking to verify what I'm saying.

      These posts always seem to go unanswered, which I do not find surprising, as they are just part of the general babble on a very busy site. The topics are also always items for which Suzuki's position is already well-established.

      Today, we may be seeing another consequence of these posts. People can point to them as a reason to pounce on Suzuki. Slick stuff, since perfectly innocent people might stumble on them and wonder innocently about them, and agenda-driven people can plant and exploit them.

      It's getting ugly out there, as Jack Cafferty likes to say.

      • Fall out man!

        Suzuki pushes the idea of catastrophic global warming caused by C02 emissions. In that sense, despite what he says, the Nuke industry might as well own him.

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          Hi Fall out man! I'm familiar with that argument. It is structurally flawed because, by the same line of reasoning, if he refuted the idea of catastrophic global warming caused by CO2 emissions, then the coal and/or oil industries might as well own him.

          All these giant industries nuke/coal/oil have taken positions on the climate change issues. Anyone who takes a position for or against climate change is inevitably accused of being in the pocket of one or another of the big industries, since the industries have differing positions.

          It is best to decouple the issues.

          I think that the business practices of all of these industries are disgusting, but nuke is the one that is most likely to do the most damage in the short term, and the one that should probably be dealt with first. If that happens, the other big energy interests will attempt to exploit the situation.

    • kintaman kintaman

      Thanks for that! Wish he had been more vocal this past year but good to see something from him. Great video.

      • Yukihiro Kitaguni

        Not about sparrows, but thanks for the Suzuki video. Unfortunately, Dave is muzzled.

        Did we see any way of dealing with Exxon Valdez and the BP Gulf of Mexico catastrophe, he asks. Well, yes we did, Dave: this little concoction will COREXIT! Does he mention biodegradable oil sponges that weren't used, or oil eating bacteria? Does he mention Canada's huge roll it plays at Theatre Nuclear, starring Cameco/Areva's McArthur River?

        When you become a prominent nationally and internationally recognized icon, you must comply with the wishes of your higher-ups.

        Peter Garret used to be great when he danced around the stage, sweat pouring off his body singing about disgusting US Forces. But now he's just another dog on a leash.

        Suzuki mentions "human error" several times at the start. If this has already been mentioned at ENE News, forgive me (I don't click the site EVERY day), but Frying Dutchman's "HUMAN ERROR" must be seen by all readers at this site. Here's the link

        English subtitles come equipped with this.

        This video features a group of musicians performing an anti-nuke rant/poem, with that brilliant front man, at the Sanjo Bridge, Kyoto, Japan, sometime recently. It's 20 minutes long and proves not everyone in Japan is asleep while Volcano Fukushima continues spewing DNA-destroying isotopes, while the national government, TEPCO, the UN's precious IAEA, etc, etc, pretend nothing is happening.

    • kintaman kintaman

      I would like to add though that there is NO talk in this video or anything else by him about the fallout in the Japan and abroad however. I should have phrased my initial post in a better way.

  • ion jean ion jean

    Are the sparrows DEAD or just STERILE now?? They do not migrate and are fairly sturdy little city birds from Europe. Did the multiple meltthroughs cause a combination of the two?

    Hmm…twice as bad for the birds as Chernobyl…truly they have become the canaries as all the measurements were off the charts, much of the monitors dysfunctional.

    SO WE NOW KNOW FOR A FACT THAT FUKUSHIMA WAS AT LEAST 2X WORSE THAN CHERNOBYL (and 1,000 miles closer to US and Canada with a strong easterly windflow at the time)

    • Misitu

      Birds get a double dose of air every breath, due to the structure of their lungs – not like mammals – which adds to the energy available for flight.

      They move around a lot. They feed generally low down, in the undergrowth, or else on worms and flying insects. Not having built-in detectors, they would not be able to select safe and unsafe areas.

      Dual vulnerability.

      Yes, exactly, a good warning to the other bipeds, the ones that do not have flight.


  • GreenParis

    That is very bad news. Nagoya is far from Fukushima, just a bit north of Osaka, where people usually think it is safe.
    I would like to know about the bird population in Tokyo now.

    • Misitu

      Exactly – check the maps. Right in the centre.

      Remember the firewood contaminated by Cs that the Buddhist Priests were going to use for their ceremony, then cancelled?

      Transport of contamination is not necessarily by wind or water.

      Wheels, for example, and the things that use wheels. Dust on lorries?
      Leaves on the Line?

      Overdue Diligence.

  • Daruma

    actually the first radioactive plumes from march and april last year covered a pretty wide area and it goes up to aichi prefecture, which is Nagoya's prefecture, so Nagoya is kinda contaminated zone, even prof. gundersen warned about a 400 km area. fact is Japan has been cut in two since the very beginning but didn't say a word about that. they even planned to evacuate his majesty to the west, but they finally didn't do it because it could "create panic" over population. Major companies from the east already left kantô area for Kansaï, and most of foreign trade corporation either flee abroad or go in the west in Ôsaka mainly. Governement speaks about creating a backup capital city in Ôsaka and another strange city in India (but everyone knows for what purpose). Eastern areas of Japan are the most wider for population, western areas are mountainous like hell and it's pretty narrow compared to east, the keihanshin (ôsaka kyôto kôbe area) is already full, it's a great tokyô area in a smaller scale..

  • patriot9878

    There is nothing to do at this point, but lock and load. Voting was finished when they put Wilson in office. Protesting was finished during Vietnam War. We went to Germany and destroyed the best country in Europe. Then let the Commies come here and our country has gone downhill ever since. It's time to lock and load. Blame the bastards in Europe the past 1,000 years could have taken care of the problem. Then when they moved here to get away from religious persecution. Who do you think was involved? Then when they made the laws here they told us what the problem was, but they did nothing.
    They could have elected citizens to office and replaced them each year, but they created a system where people stayed in office as long as they kissed the kosher arse. Now we have attacked so many other countrues and then on 9/11 they attacked us. If you got no reason to be here, then get out of this country.

  • Gregory Fegel

    The Anti-Nuclear Litmus Test is very simple: you are either for nuclear energy, or you are against it.

    If Suzuki is opposed to the (phony) threat of CO2, but he's soft on nuclear energy, his position on the former explains his position on the latter, and his position on the latter explains his position on the former.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    I don't know much about Suzuki, but about the great CO2 threat, if you do a search on 'Anthropogenic global warming' or 'anthropogenic global warming hoax,' you will find many links on that.

    Global warming has become a great cause celebre of the liberal/environmentalist movement, but from what I have read, it is yet another hoax, shibboleth, and rabbit trail to get us to waste our energy and 'reformers' zeal' upon. It also provides a 'plausible pretext' to tax us and regulate us and etc.

    I'm not a far right-winger in favor of unrestricted despoilation of the biosphere by big corporations, so that is not where I'm coming from.

    But as I mentioned before in the general discussion thread, the earth appears to go through warmer and cooler cycles (so does Mars) that seem to be a function of solar flare activity. There are other data now that bring into question the whole anthropogenic global warming 'threat'.

    Global warming has become a sort of 'sacred cow' to many reformer/dissidents, especially those who lean towards the left; it does amaze me that rather than checking it out, thinking about it, people who are 'attached' and 'ego-involved' in this and other issues don't bother to check it out before rushing to defend their belief system.

    At one point, I was totally taken in by the global warming – hoax – as I now believe it probably is.

    if you think about it for a moment, the REAL threats and problems, like nuclear power, and the central banking/funny money scam, and the 'cancer industry' and suppression of non-toxic, non-invasive treatment modalities for degenerative illnesses like cancer – just do not get very much press coverage. The very popularity of the global warming 'threat' and its extensive and ongoing coverage in the MSM, and that movie about it (An Inconvenient Truth) by insider Al Gore – all should be great big clues.

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    Bleep, did you just say "I don't know much about Suzuki"


    "it does amaze me that rather than checking it out, thinking about it, people who are 'attached' and 'ego-involved' in this and other issues don't bother to check it out before rushing to defend their belief system."?