Reporter in Japan: I’m stunned by brazen cover-up and lies over effects of Fukushima radiation; An epic, unfolding tragedy — Physician: Response has been ‘unthinkable’ (VIDEO)

Published: November 5th, 2013 at 5:56 pm ET


Title: Japan – The Next Wave
Source: ABC’s Foreign Correspondent
Date: Nov. 5, 2013

Transcript Excerpts

At 1:45 in

Mark Willacy, reporter: I’ve been stunned by the brazen and often clumsy efforts to cover-up and lie about the effects and extent of the radiation damage. […] It’s abundantly clear many aspects of this epic, unfolding tragedy are yet to be written — the nuclear fallout will see to that.

At 9:00 in

Tomoko Koike. mother of 2 and 4 year old in Fukushima Prefecture: We do not know the real situation. We don’t know whats going on. I can’t trust them. […] My children had never contracted influenza before, even without vaccination. But they contracted it last year. Their vulnerability to illness has increased. […]

Willacy: Her children have already been screened and cleared in tests run by the Fukushima local government. But a follow up screening here at the private Hirata hospital revealed cysts on the thyroid gland of 4 year old Saki.

Koike: A couple of cysts were found. I was very shocked. I don’t know whether the examination by the prefecture was sloppy, or that she wasn’t examined properly.

At 17:15 in

Dr. Minoru Kamata: It was disclosed that the Fuksuhima health investigation committee was having several secret meetings. I feel the response to this issue has been unthinkable for a democratic nation.

Watch the broadcast here

Published: November 5th, 2013 at 5:56 pm ET


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32 comments to Reporter in Japan: I’m stunned by brazen cover-up and lies over effects of Fukushima radiation; An epic, unfolding tragedy — Physician: Response has been ‘unthinkable’ (VIDEO)

  • Seeker

    This boggled my mind and broke my heart even further.
    It covers so many of the details talked about here, and gives some I've never seen here.

    If someone has time to summarize it I'd beyond grateful–my internet is at dial up speed / I have tocut my usage.


  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    The very first thing to go is our immune systems. After that, we're wide open.

    All the tens of thousands of cattle that died up North during the early snow? They've been through snow before.

    All the bighorn sheep dying in the Southwest? The 'flu'?

    They are all at the 'top' of the food chain. And vegetarians, too. Our produce is no different, other than it's GMO and covered in pesticides, in addition to the radiation.

    All the children getting sick earlier in the season, and worse than normal?

    It isn't AIDS that kills people. AIDS suppresses the immune system, and the bugs take over. Same with the radiation – in the beginning.

    And if GMO foods cause cancerous tumors (and hogs and cattle stomachs to melt) what will it do to us with reduced/non-existent immune systems?

    And nowhere to hide – for us or them.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Don't read this after eating:

      'GMO feed turns pig stomachs to mush! Shocking photos reveal severe damage caused by GM soy and corn'

    • freespirit1620

      Cattle that haven't grown their winter coat will die in a blizzard. You make it sound as if all the cattle in Dakota died. Natural news is part of the disinformation problem. Take your aids and gmo to the other forum. Off topic for this story.

      • We Not They Finally

        Weakened immunities really is NOT off-topic. Radiation causes MANY diseases and will attack whatever parts of the body are not fortified. That's part of how-come there is a thyroid cancer epidemic in Japan now. It would have been so easy to at least have distributed potassium iodide pills in the early days, but they didn't.

        • freespirit1620

          How can you fortify your body against radiation poisoning? Iodine? The GMO comments and aids are off topic or did the article reference those? Her kids getting influenza has nothing to do with pig stomachs melting, and I could care less about GMOs and aids at this point. Fucking radiation is gonna kill all of us. Post the bs in the off topic forum. That's one forum I have never visited. The reason its there is so we don't fill the story comments discussing bs just like this. Sorry I got long winded and sorry if I unintentionally offended anyone. I enjoy reading these forums, thanks enenewsers

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    It isn't like TPTB haven't brazenly told the masses how it goes..

    Nuclear power plant spent fuel rods overheating and meltdown
    March 16 2011

  • weeman

    You are looking at the tip of the iceberg.
    We must somehow find out what is left of the fuel in the SFP for one I don't know how?, has the majority vapiourized?
    The way they are acting, yes acting cause it is all a big story and the story line is becoming more and more fictitious and unbelievable. Tongue and cheek.
    The cancers they are talking about are the first to show up as time passes you would expect the next to be lung and bone cancers, let see and since it appears to be showing its present in a very short period of time, what was the initial release, did the government tell the inhabitants of Tokyo to at least stay indoors, I can't remember or was high ho high ho it's off to work you go?

    • We Not They Finally

      In America, we weren't told to stay indoors during that first huge rain-out either. And yes, epidemics will follow in some general order of how long the various diseases take to develop.

      Lung cancer (and in people with no usual risk factors, like smoking) will be one of the scariest. Because plutonium was spread SO widely through the atmosphere through the blown-up MOX fuel. And the plutonium "hot particles" tend to lodge in the lungs, where they become a permanent "internal emitter." The body can expel them (if we're lucky) but Arnie Gundersen said that in Seattle alone, inhabitants breathe in five or six or them a day. And it only takes ONE.

      • many moons

        I remember when Chernobyl blew, in America we were told "if it looks like rain, don't go outside."

        The media and powers that be were a bit more honest and perhaps caring back in the mid-eighties.

      • many moons

        When Chernobyl blew, in America, we were told by the media, "if it looks like rain, don't go outside" I remember because the thought that rain could be so dangerous horrified me.

        That was the mid-eighties…times have changed

        • bo bo

          'We still play in the rain'

          So life affirming and cute…gives me goosebumps…

        • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

          Ugh….I'm a runner. An outdoor runner. I was out there every day after 3/11 never realizing the dangers until July 2012. I must've been out there in at least one of those rain outs. Gheesh. The sad part is everyone I ran with is still out there on a regular basis. Hmmm. Several runners I know like myself have injuries that never quite seem to heal. Then again that's inconclusive with runners. Something always hurts. LOL

          Wish I knew ene was here sooner. Too late now.

        • Ana Ana

          It is not just times have changed. It is all about who built the plant. GE is American so we need to lie to Americans (and Japanese) about what is going on. It is ok to tell Americans to shelter from radioactive Chernobyl rain because *that* reactor was built by our evil enemy Russia. Our clean safe reactors clean are built by wonderful American companies so we have no problems with radioactive rain from them. /sarcasm

    • jec jec

      I think everyone just acted like a normal work day…except for the helicopters flying over testing the air. A hint? do you think?

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        Does anyone know when the chemtrailing started? I know the Russians started chemtrailing because they said it would bind with the radiation and bring it to earth before it spread in the atmosphere to Moscow.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Doctors around the world can spend a few minutes a day communicating on the internet, and tell the world what's happening regarding suspect illnesses, etc.

    That alone will trump any cover ups.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      I can only imagine what gets discussed at pediatric oncologist conventions . . .

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        And for a preview of what healthcare will look like in the US soon:

        "Doctors at the hospital sent home 300 cancer patients last month when supply shortages and overtaxed equipment made it impossible for them to perform non-emergency surgeries."

        "Doctors say it's impossible to know how many have died, and the government doesn't keep such numbers, just as it hasn't published health statistics since 2010.

        Almost everything needed to mend and heal is in critically short supply: needles, syringes and paraffin used in biopsies to diagnose cancer; drugs to treat it; operating room equipment; X-ray film and imaging paper; blood and the reagents needed so it can be used for transfusions.

        Last month, the government suspended organ donations and transplants. At least 70 percent of radiotherapy machines, precisely what Gonzalez will need once her tumor is removed, are now inoperable in a country with 19,000 cancer patients – meaning fewer than 5,000 can be treated…"

        "Two months ago we asked the government to declare an emergency," said Natera, whose doctors group is the country's largest. "We got no response."

        Any of this sound familiar?

  • harengus_acidophilus

    Well said!

    "I feel the response to this issue has been
    unthinkable for a democratic nation."

    And what is YOUR conclusion about "democratic"?


    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      The last of republican democracy – anywhere on this planet – died on November 22, 1963. In 18 days it will be 50 years.

      What's coming will be far worse than anything seen previously in history.

  • American Phoenix57

    "A year earlier, in September of ’61, after the Soviets had disregarded a voluntary moratorium and detonated the largest ground-based ‘atmospheric’ nuke ever designed “in meetings with scientists, he asked..about radioactive fallout. ‘Where would we be if testing had continued at the 1958 rate?’ he asked Dr. Charles Dunham, director of the Atomic Energy Commission’s Division of Biology and Medicine. ‘Civilized man would have been in trouble,’ Dunham said. ‘How does the radioactive fallout get to the earth?’ he asked his science advisor, Jerome Wiesner. ‘The clouds are washed out by rain,’ answered Wiesner. Kennedy looked out..into the garden. It was a rainy day and he asked: ‘You mean it’s in the rain out there?’ ‘Yes’ Wiesner said… Kennedy did not speak for a long time."
    – President Kennedy, [pp226-227] President Kennedy, Profile of Power, R.Reeves.

    They have always known rain causes cancer.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Thank you for that.


    • flatsville

      I was stunned to learn that the size of the Tsar Bomb was pared back…by half…to only 50 megatons by Sakarov.

      Life on Earth would be different had they gone for the full 100 megatons.

      >>>A one hour episode of the PBS documentary series Secrets of the Dead – "World's Biggest Bomb" (2011; Blink Films & WNET) – chronicles the events leading to the detonations of Castle Bravo and the Tsar Bomba, which is viewable online (not in all countries due to copyright).<<<

      I saw it a few months ago. It was not bad for minus a hour long.

  • Mack Mack

    The video posted above by Enenews is worth watching:
    (The Next Wave)

    One important item from the video is that the children's thyroids were tested by the government, and the government said the children's thyroids were fine. Then the mother had her children's thyroids tested independently and cysts were found.

    • voltscommissar

      LOTS OF GUT-WRENCHING MOMENTS in ABC report (ABC Australia, Foreign Correspondent)

      Is ABC streaming video visible outside Australia? If not, there are two options

      1. "Foreign Correspondent stories are re-broadcast by more than 20 international networks, including CNN International, NHK Japan, Australia Network and TV NZ." (quoted from their web site); or

      2. I could put a low-res version on YouTube.

      Willacy's farewell story at the end of his Japan posting was moving and poignant. e.g. about the guy looking for his "missing" daughter, scouring the beach for bones. And the farmer feeling guilty about selling contaminated food that he and his family will not eat. Lots of gut-wrenching moments like that.

      Driving just any-old-where inside the 20km exclusion zone, his gamma-only reading inside the car was 7 uSv/hr!!! SEVEN MICRO-SIEVERTS PER HOUR is seventy times normal background levels.

  • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

    Hospital faces claim of cancer care cover-up (The Guardian)

    "A criminal investigation could be launched into allegations that staff at a general hospital were bullied and pressured into falsifying information about patients' cancer care, potentially putting lives at risk, it emerged on Tuesday."

    Sir Mike Richards, the Care Quality Commission(CQC) chief inspector of hospitals, is so worried by findings from his investigation into Colchester General hospital in Essex that he has referred the matter to police. Nurses' leaders said they had already warned of bullying by senior managers at the trust that runs the hospital.

    In what threatens to emerge as another major scandal for the NHS, already bruised by failings such as those at Stafford hospital and Furness General hospital, Essex police said they were reviewing the information from Richards to see whether a criminal investigation was necessary."

    As a cancer "survior" (pre 3/11) I'm nervous this may also be happening in the US.