Reporter: Many experts now believe Fukushima’s melted fuel burned through the concrete floors and has gone down into the groundwater — “No one yet knows how deeply those 3 cores melted into the ground… No one knows where the cores are” (AUDIO)

Published: May 12th, 2016 at 1:44 pm ET


Coast to Coast AM – ‘Fukushima & Nuclear Issues, Mar 31, 2016 (emphasis added):

At 42:00 in — Linda Moulton Howe, Regional Emmy Award-winning reporter: “Five years later now in March 2015, no one yet knows how deeply those three cores melted into the Fukushima ground.”

At 44:30 — Howe: “In the first days of the March 2011 catastrophe, [nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen] told media that Fukushima was ‘Chernobyl on Steroids’. Arnie meant that the Fukushima disaster would turn out to be much worse than the April 1986 core explosion at the Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Many experts believe now that the three missing Fukushima cores have melted right through the concrete floors, and are contaminating any water that reaches them — going down, perhaps touching, the groundwater.”

At 45:30 in — Arnie Gundersen, nuclear engineer: “Scientists and engineers knew exactly where the nuclear core was at Chernobyl a year later, but at Fuksuhima we’ve got three nuclear cores that are in direct contact with groundwater. Now that mean the containment broke and water is coming in and is contaminating the groundwater — so clearly the liquid releases from Fukushima are way, way more severe than Chernobyl.”

At 57:30 in — Howe: “The concept is… when water from mountain run-off reaches the ice wall, it will freeze or flow around the frozen ground out to the Pacific Ocean without passing by the highly radioactive melted cores. But everybody says, ‘How do you know that’s going to work because no one knows where the cores are, or how deep they are in the ground right now?'”

At 1:16:45 in — Howe: “[Fukushima] is a cleanup challenge that is now expected to take decades more, into the end of the 21st century — re-enforcing what Arnie Gundersen said five years ago in that very first week, that ‘Fukushima is Chernobyl on steroids’. And so far over these five years, it appears that he has been right.”

From March 2016: [intlink id=”tepco-official-admits-melted-fuel-flowed-like-volcanic-lava-nuclear-expert-melt-containment-vessel-fuel-scattered-all-place-reuters-fuel-melted-containment-spewing-radiation-guardian-fuel-be” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Full broadcast available here

Published: May 12th, 2016 at 1:44 pm ET


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624 comments to Reporter: Many experts now believe Fukushima’s melted fuel burned through the concrete floors and has gone down into the groundwater — “No one yet knows how deeply those 3 cores melted into the ground… No one knows where the cores are” (AUDIO)

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    The nuclear era brought new advancements in protection against background radiation

    fully protected in the latest modern gear!

    police officers keep people safe

    Modern workers have left the savage era of unprotected breathing behind us forever

    A far cry from the uncivilized days before nuclear when people had to endure direct contact with nature and its background radiation

  • In a fresh round of absurdity, TEPCO stops work on Fukushima to focus on a G7 meeting in Japan to push the globalist energy control scheme via the Paris climate conference, so called agreement, and pushing to the next steps.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Or the TPP/TIPP treaties:

      'TTIP Leaked Documents Show Obama Demands Killing Paris Accord Against Climate Change'

      "248 pages of leaked Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiating texts” show that the American negotiating position, as Greenpeace put the matter, allows "No place for climate protection in TTIP,” and, though "We have known that the EU position was bad, now we see the US position is even worse.”

      Jorgo Riss, Director of Greenpeace EU, said, "The effects of TTIP would be initially subtle but ultimately devastating. It would lead to European laws being judged … disregarding environmental protection and public health concerns.”

      A 70-year-old EU rule, which allows nations to restrict trade in order “to protect human, animal and plant life or health," or for "the conservation of exhaustible natural resources,” would end, if U.S. President Barack Obama gets what he wants."

  • Sol Man

    Some thought they would be told when their time is up.
    We can't see the forest; there are trees.
    Too many words.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Unusual number of whales
    The whales are back.
    Blah, blah, blah..

    AGAIN we are talking about 2 whales.
    Unusual Number of Whales Seen in San Francisco B

      • 4truth

        Actually, that's a very significant article. It says that though "it's normal for gray whales to wander into the bay…humpbacks generally feed farther offshore."

        They're looking for food, and coming into the bay to do it — not a normal occurrence. Except that there is so little food in the ocean.

        "As many as four humpbacks at a time have been spotted flapping their tails and breaching in bay waters."

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          Some people say they are smarter than we are. Maybe they're coming to ask us for help.

          What a shame if Star Trek IV is accurate. Time to watch it again.

    • papacares papacares

      yes the egg heads are coming up with some strange stuff – visited the OSU marine science center yesterday and they have now put up posters showing how safe sea food is to eat and yes you guessed it right there on the chart/banner that is about 10 feet by 4 feet is a comparison showing how much more dangerous bananas are than Fukushima contamination – staff and volunteers are instructed to tell visitors the center only lost about 20% of the sea stars in the displays and although the sea stars have disappeared from the shoreline tide-pools the scientists are discovering the sea stars are plenteous about 15 miles out in deeper water where there are great numbers of young sea stars and these young will be making a significant return to the shores soon.
      Sadly the public eats up this crap, and sadly when a curious person does question the official story-line version presented by the paid off shill deceivers they are poo pooed, ridiculed and laughed at by these so-called scientists. More same old same old – nothing to see here move along now, nothing to harm you or worry about – so that is it folks the most dangerous nuclear threat to mankind is not Hanford or the numerous NPGS around the world or even the nuke bombs – it is bananas – go figure

      • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

        Don't want to alarm the children. I doubt they will be as forgiving of nuclear as we have been… They're already inherently distrusting of TPTB and big business… and when they find out what "we" have done… well, whatever they do… I hope it ends this mess so that they can continue on their journey of trying to deal with it… forever.
        Adult content.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        That is awful, PC.

      • ISHI ISHI

        Papacares my friend. If corporations know that their technology is faulty and do not declare such on sale of a reactor; are they committing murder by moral scripture when their devices fail due to negligence and cause morbidity?


        If corporations know that sea products are contaminated with ionised radiation and or heavy metals like mercury are they guilty of murder by moral scripture when the sea products cause morbidity due to above?

        Since a corporation is not a living entity (alien) but is treated as such, does the guillotine (pun, play on words) rest with the bloated slug economic vampire, aka director whom claims as head of the corporation and overall overseer of such?

        Commandment six “YOU SHALL MURDER NOT” 😉

        The pun a reference to judgement and warning about past historical events.

        Thank you for the clarification in a past topic …

        • ISHI ISHI

          Ps: If I were a director (which I Am not) I would be looking to my energy does not die, it simply changes form future; than a useless silver and gold past. 🙂

        • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

          GE Scientists Quit In Protest Of Faulty GE Mark 1 Reactor Design
          "Thirty-five years ago, Dale G. Bridenbaugh and two of his colleagues at General Electric resigned from their jobs after becoming increasingly convinced that the nuclear reactor design they were reviewing — the Mark 1 — was so flawed it could lead to a devastating accident."

          FDNPP was built because using GE Mark 1 Reactirs because GE considered it too expensive and time-consuming to redesign safer reactors, and then go through the Government approval process again.

          Pick up the gun.
          Take careful aim at your foot.
          Pull the trigger. 😉

  • 4truth

    Connecting the dots
    West Coast sardine crash could radiate throughout ecosystem, January 2014

    “In recent years scientists have gained a deeper understanding of sardines' value as "forage fish," small but nutrition-packed species such as herring and market squid that form the core of the ocean food web, funneling energy upward by eating tiny plankton and being preyed on by big fish, seabirds, seals and whales.”
    As Pacific sardine collapse worsens, scientists worry about ecosystem ripple

    “No sign of a comeback…’I would think we’ll be shut down until 2030’…Even with fishing pressures lifted, sardines could struggle to bounce back in an ocean devoid of their main food source. The lipid-rich coldwater plankton that sardines like to eat have become scarcer in West Coast waters…”
    Monterey Bay squid season basically a bust

    “’There’s no squid,’ said Tringali. ‘No anchovies either…’

    … A fisherman himself, Mercurio relies on his relationship with his comrades to supply his restaurant with seafood.

    ‘We know exactly where to source everything,’ he said.

    But these days that’s a challenge.

    • 4truth

      It hasn’t been a good run for the entire Monterey Bay fishing industry. Once known as the Sardine Capital of the World, that fishery is currently closed due to low numbers…And the commercial California king salmon season started slowly May 1, with Monterey Bay boats reporting meager results.

      But it’s the elusive squid that has everyone the most concerned.”

      Finally, the above article on humpback whales in SF Bay
      Unusual number of whales seen in San Francisco Bay

      “Humpbacks normally feed farther offshore.”
      These are humpback whales looking for food where they usually don’t go.

      What happens when the food runs out?

      You don’t have to have a crystal ball to know what’s coming.
      This is truly nauseating to watch the horror of this train wreck destroying lives.

      And all the while, the human public mostly doesn’t want to know about it.

      • theworldisalie theworldisalie

        I could not agree more. By the way what is with the different tone in peoples regards to how serious this tragedy is?

        We have several AWOL reactors, big ones. They have, had lots of plutonium in them. They keep saying they don't know where those molten cores of never ending death even are.

        The fuel pools burned, blew up, leaked out, who knows? but they are also a tragedy.

        It's all spewing into the atmosphere and ocean 24/7 365 forever currently according to the morons running the show.

        People were breathing in 1000+ rem per year hot particles on the west coast and likely just everywhere on the northern hemisphere.

        Look at the maps! They are based on nothing. It's everywhere, in everything and everyone and still has not stopped adding to it.

        This is already dumped on top of the previous 70 years of man made horror shows migrating through the life web.

        Where is the corium? Just admit it, it's both deep and high.

        • theworldisalie theworldisalie

          I would just like to state that some of the storage pools look to be completely gone according to photos from dana and on the net.

          If that does not just put it into perspective and scare the schit out of you, you need to wake up.

          • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

            It's hard to not be cynical or sarcastic when you knew the absolute worst situation possible just happened when you saw two nuclear reactors explode on T.V. and you know damn well lots of fuel rods got blown sky-high and it's about to melt down..who knows how far? Now they are still stalling..I mean wondering if a melt down occurred? It hurts to laugh!

            • theworldisalie theworldisalie

              yeah, I know right? Look at what was reported, what happened! Put it together. It's a damn never ending nightmare. Just admit it already,.

            • unincredulous unincredulous

              Unit #1 looks incinerated. Literally. Burnt toast. Unit two looks the best. They say it is the worst. Unit #3 Blew sky high. Common sense screams that the fuel pools there are spread out all over the country. #4 was not even operating and blew up just to go along . Hold on a think I took some bad LSD or something, who spiked the punch this is a bad trip

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        A can of Chili beans is $1.79 at Wally's World. It ain't no big can either. Minimum wage is three cans of beans after taxes. Congress apologized for slavery. They're sorry, but they bringing it back. Fish loss is gonna show up in the price of beans. 1 can see three bucks on a can of beans soon. on it's way.

        Maybe Luke Rudkowski's right. The Panama Papers may be the elite of the elites throwing the less elite to the dogs as a distraction

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          The super-wealthy have the French Revolution seared into their DNA. They will do everything in their power to prevent that from happening again – including nuking every last square inch of planet, while they hide underground.

          • Time Is Short Time Is Short

            'The City of London Has Turned Britain Into a “Civilized Mafia State”

            "The City is a semi-offshore state, a bit like the UK’s crown dependencies and overseas territories, tax havens legitimised by the Privy Council. Britain’s financial secrecy undermines the tax base while providing a conduit into the legal economy for gangsters, kleptocrats and drug barons.

            Even the more orthodox financial institutions deploy a succession of scandalous practices: pension mis-selling, endowment mortgage fraud, the payment protection insurance con, Libor rigging. A former minister in the last government, Lord Green, ran HSBC while it engaged in money laundering for drug gangs, systematic tax evasion and the provision of services to Saudi and Bangladeshi banks linked to the financing of terrorists. Sometimes the UK looks to me like an ever so civilised mafia state."

            "To an extent unknown since before the first world war, economic relations in this country are becoming set in stone. It is not just that the very rich no longer fall while the very poor no longer rise. It’s that the system itself is protected from risk. Through bailouts, quantitative easing and delays in interest-rate rises, speculative investment has been so well cushioned that – as the Guardian economics editor, Larry Elliott, puts it – financial markets are “one of the last bastions of socialism left on Earth”."

  • TY, yes I lived in Illinois, I know how incredibly corrupt it is. No coincidence with all the race bating and the emergence of Obama from that area.

    Illinois exports equivalent of 3 nuke plants to other states. Illinois considering handing citizen money to bolster corporate profits to "bailout" three nuke plants.


    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      'Incompetence Personified: Illinois Has Devolved To One-Off Funding Bills As It Still Can't Pass A Budget'

      "As Illinois struggles to get its fiscal house in order (good luck with that), it has devolved into funding key programs with one-off stopgap measures rather than approving an overall comprehensive budget. The state remains the only remaining state without a 2016 plan."

      "Legislators are haggling over a budget that under its current proposal would increase tax revenues by $5.4 billion by raising personal income tax rates from 3.75% to as much as 4.85%, cut spending by $2.5 billion, and borrow $5 billion in order to pay an expected $10 billion deficit by the time the fiscal year ends July 1.

      All of this is just another example of the state of complete disarray that municipalities, cities, and states are in all across the U.S. Between pension funds going insolvent, states missing budget projections by a billion dollars, and in Illinois' case, flat out inability to even know where to begin to solve the massive amount of accumulated debt, the pressure is building on Congress to start talking up bailout programs – because right now, helicopter money is literally the only thing that can save everyone from defaulting all at once."

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      'So much corruption, stuffed into one Chicago tour'

      "While designing a walking tour of Chicago focused on corruption and political shenanigans, journalist Paul Dailing watched new scandals pop up at a rate that only reinforced the city's reputation for rackets and rough politics.

      Just in the past year, the chief executive of the city's schools pleaded guilty to wire fraud and the police chief lost his job in a scandal over police shootings of black men. Then, last month, former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was convicted of a financial crime and admitted to sexually abusing high school wrestlers in Chicago's suburbs decades ago.

      There was no way Dailing could stuff all the new cases into the three-hour weekly downtown tour he launched in April. After all, he had to cover two centuries of graft, embezzlement, blackmail, patronage, vote-buying, gerrymandering and scams."

  • Hillary Clinton's Emails About Fukushima — And Then A Black Out As She Goes to Japan to Support US Nuke Cartel
    I only have a few takeaways from the review of several thousand emails to and from Hilary Clinton in 2011 Spring.

    But first the skeleton in the closet. Clinton had almost daily email communications on Fukushima, then 2 aids or handlers implored her to go to Japan even though she was really tired from so much travel. After that second email imploring her to go to Japan, ALL HER FUKUSHIMA EMAIL STOPPED—well at least it was not disclosed in the email disclosure.

    Of course setting up a trip to Japan to discuss Fukushima would need lots of logistics, talking points, points of contacts, meetings. She did make that infamous trip. So basically Clinton did not supply these!!! 60 top secret email were released to the FBI, BUT the coverup of the Fukushima story was so important that Clinton and her group committed a felony but removing these from the record. It is the only story that makes sense.
    – See more at:

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      "espionage — the removal of state secrets from a secure place to a non-secure place"

      "While all of this has been going on, intelligence community sources have reported about a below the radar screen, yet largely known debate in the Kremlin between the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Russian Intelligence Services. They are trying to come to a meeting of the minds to determine whether the Russian government should release some 20,000 of Mrs. Clinton’s emails that it obtained either by hacking her directly or by hacking into the email of her confidante, Sid Blumenthal.

      As if all this wasn’t enough bad news for Mrs. Clinton in one week, the FBI learned last week from the convicted international hacker, who calls himself Guccifer, that he knows how the Russians came to possess Mrs. Clinton’s emails; and it is because she stored, received and sent them from her personal, secret, non-secure server."

      Not to worry about Hillary's Fukushima emails. The Russians have them – and who else???

    • ISeePinkClouds

      Yes. stock. Ty. It is clear by Hillary's missing e-mails that Nothing Happened At Fukushima. (That she didn't know about.) Peace

  • Anyone read "All the President's Bankers" by Nomi Prins?

    Its a well documented history, I recommend it, also this too:

    "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" By John Perkins

    stock out

    • oldster

      Perkins' book is somewhat unusual in that it was a powerful critique of the System and revelatory about actual vs mythological or nominal intentions, and at the same time became a best seller. Many revelatory offerings are in effect blacklisted etc.

      The corrupt development model he describes – which is to gain geo-political and financial leverage via placing countries into debt quicksand – would see nuclear power plants as useful means of achieving that. Also, development models that would foster independent, local, decentralized development, including means of generating electricity, are anathema to the System.

      • Yep, you nailed it, Perkins exactly describes and defines why the nuke cartel is so large, so successful at corrupting the whole process.

        Solar PV works exactly against the globalist asshats that want unquestioned control over everything, forever.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Yeah and also the establishment is dumb as a box of rocks. Even using the word "establishment" gets the user a label. It's like if you mention the elephant in the room they are like, "What are YOU lookin at?"

        Nothin but your big inbred ass hangin out Mr. ElE

  • Eartquake Alert Issued by Nukepro for Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Possibly Northern Russia, esp Inland
    Bristol Island and the Atlantic Ridge are fairly unusual places for large earthquakes. The whole North AND South American plates have slide over to the east. This fact AND the 22 EQ/D1.5 are now very quiet and now a bigger move on the Pacific Plate is now expected.

    Following the VERY unusual monster earthquake in Kumamoto Japan last month, my intuition tell me some 7.5 to 8.5 is expected in Japan, Taiwan, or Indonesia
    – See more at:

  • On a lighter note….this year I seem to have an infinite supply of high quality asparagus, trying new dishes until I am sick of it.

    You know you got a boatload when even the dogs get a good portion every meal….lol

    Life is good at the moment.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Work place fails video.

    You will not see the nuclear explosions at Fukushima on this type of video because the world thinks 311 was normal operating procedure.

    Unless youz guy get any bright ideas… 😉

  • Jebus Jebus

    It's a start.

    Learning to Fly

    Nice bubble…

    Published on Feb 19, 2012


  • Jebus Jebus

    The Implications of The Massive Contamination of Japan With Radioactive Cesium

    Long-lived radionuclides such as Cesium-137 are something new to us as a species. They did not exist on Earth in any appreciable quantities during the entire evolution of complex life. Although they are invisible to our senses they are millions of times more poisonous than most of the common poisons we are familiar with. They cause cancer, leukemia, genetic mutations, birth defects, malformations, and abortions at concentrations almost below human recognition and comprehension. They are lethal at the atomic or molecular level.

    They emit radiation, invisible forms of matter and energy that we might compare to fire, because radiation burns and destroys human tissue. But unlike the fire of fossil fuels, the nuclear fire that issues forth from radioactive elements cannot be extinguished. It is not a fire that can be scattered or suffocated because it burns at the atomic level—it comes from the disintegration of single atoms.

  • Jebus Jebus

    And up pops days of future past, again…

    USA Today: Radiation tripled in some albacore tuna off West Coast after Fukushima — Bioaccumulating in bones, not only flesh — “Additional exposures to plume could further increase radiation levels” — NOAA-funded study to expand after ‘significant’ findings (AUDIO)

    Published: April 29th, 2014 at 9:58 pm ET

  • Gasser Gasser

    Todays Top Ten You're Nuclear F–ked

    You ate food
    You showered
    You drank water
    You breathed air
    You walked barefoot
    you went to the Doctor
    you touched something
    You swam in the Ocean
    You bought a Japanese car
    You bought an item from Japan

  • Sorry – posted previous one in wrong thread

    Brand new; thanks to help from A Team

    How And Why Hydrogen Gas Explosions Could Not Have Caused The Extreme Amounts Of Damage Caused To 2-4 Meters, or 6-13 Feet Thick Concrete Rebar Reinforced Walls At Fukushima Daichi

    • oldster

      Good to see you challenging the absurd and misleading hydrogen 'explanation' for the explosions at the Fukushima reactors but disappointed that you asserted that "the only possible explanation" for the explosions was MOX fuel melt downs and melt outs, followed by hitting water, or some manner of "criticality explosion", or [cryptically] "other mechanisms".

      For one thing, this precludes discussion of other possible explanations.

      And your "only possible explanation" is not an explanation, it's several vague and questionable assertions.

      Your "explanation" begs the question, was there MOX fuel in reactor one?

      And the reactor 4 explosion remains as mysterious as ever.

      Noteworthy is your attention to the massive amount of explosive power it takes to destroy thick reinforced concrete walls and structures. The mangled metal of reactor 3 is also noteworthy.

      I think truth is served by taking a questioning approach to the events at Fukushima. After all, the cauldron of hell that is Fukushima is unexplored territory in terms of previous experience. In searching for explanation, apart from weird possible physics, one might interview experts in explosives, and consider Jim Stone's thesis of sabotage and mini nukes.


    Nuclear Whore of Babylon..

    Clinton Foundation took massive payoffs, promised Hammond Ranch and other publicly owned lands to Russians along with one-fifth of our uranium ore

    Whore of Babylon shreds Constitution, exposed as ultimate backer of massive U.S. land grab.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      John McCain is right there with her:

      'John McCain Fought For Native Religious Freedom, Then Sold Sacred Oak Flat'

      "Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has been the subject of intense criticism from Native activists and their supporters over the past year for his role in orchestrating the sale of Oak Flat, an Apache holy site located in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest, to foreign mining conglomerates Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton. In December 2014, McCain and Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) added a rider onto the must-pass National Defense Authorization Act, allowing the Oak Flat deal to slide through."

      Sooo, who controls Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton?

      'The British Head of State Queen Elizabeth II'

      More nuclear corruption at the highest levels explained.

      • DUDe DUD

        Watch Native American Activists Literally Chase John McCain Off Navajo Land

      • PlowboyGrownUp

        from the Queen B link " Her Majesty The Queen held a state banquet at Buckingham Palace for the Chinese President, Xi Jinping. The pair stitched-up a deal in which the brutal Beijing Regime will invest £30 Billion in the Queen's new nuclear waste stations. The first, Hinkley C, is scheduled to open around 2025.
        The Queen's French collaborators EDF say Beijing will cover one third of the cost of Hinkley C. EDF already has the Queen's permission to dump French nuclear waste in England. The brutal Beijing Regime "disappear" anyone who complains about nuclear waste.

        History proves no nuclear waste station has ever opened on its scheduled opening date. They are always years late and they always cost at least twice as much as the estimated cost."


    Smoke From Canadian Wildfires Trapped in Clouds

    NASA's Aqua satellite captured this image of the clouds over Canada. Entwined within the clouds is the smoke billowing up from the wildfires that are currently burning across a large expanse of the country. The smoke has become entrained within the clouds causing it to twist within the circular motion of the clouds and wind. This image was taken by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) instrument on the Aqua satellite on May 9, 2016.

  • DeadAhead

    All natural and good for you! “The US Environmental Protection Agency and the Washington State Department of Health agree that radiation from naturally occurring radon was measured on an EPA monitor,” the EPA statement reads.

    “The scientists determined that the cause was a temporary elevation of radon levels from the natural decay of certain types of elements found in nearly all rocks and soil.”

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

    3 days of mass animal deaths:

    11th May 2016 – Thousands of dead tuna crabs wash ashore on Imperial Beach, California, America.
    11th May 2016 – Thousands of dead fish surface at a lake in Bengaluru, India.
    10th May 2016 – Hundreds of snow geese found dead in Idaho, America.
    9th May 2016 – 9,000 birds killed by huge hailstorm in Utah, America.
    9th May 2016 – Masses of dead prawns wash up on the coast of Arica, Chile.
    9th May 2016 – 100 dead sea birds found washed up on beaches in El Tabito and Matanzas, Chile.
    9th May 2016 – 130,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Karnataka, India.
    9th May 2016 – Thousands of dead fish found in the waters of Saint Petersburg, Russia.


    You got to check out this data set – wowza:

    Rambling Along a Decade of Gamma Radiation Data from Lamia, Greece


    • oldster

      Thanks Michael! commenting as a farmer, Holy Shit! Check it out folks.

      Bit of a comment on your comment re the media not covering this: "The most disturbing part is the absence of media coverage, imo."

      That's like being disturbed that the sun shines, mosquitos seek blood, and rivers run. It's the nature of the beast. Conventional media and much of the so called alternative media are – as you have previously in effect noted – a formal system of public perception management. That's what they do. Truth, faithfully describing reality, may occur in the case of a local incident – 'man bits dog; humane society insists on rabies shots for dog' sort of thing – but anything remotely capable of exposing in a realistic and unfavourable light the powers that should not be is anathema to media. Journalism is now a journalism free zone. So that's where you and we come in: Assemble the bullhorns! Trumpet forth reality, from our many little stages!

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        On the contrary, we must realize that the nuclear industry and their government accomplices can not ne held to the same level of competence. They cannot handle reality and lies are their main tool. Don't back them into a corner and make them cry. Well, if you must just be warned and be prepared to give them a hanky

    • Sol Man

      Thanks for the evidence that you report. I have read this site since the Bayou Corne sinkhole news and must admit that I do not have words to describe what I feel. It gets overwhelming.

      The last several lines that you wrote, Michael, to them I say that we must hope!

      Do we see that the water has flowed flowed-out heralding a great tsunami?

    • ISeePinkClouds

      Yes. MVB. Ty. Clearly, there were significant releases of radiation from somewhere in 2010. Interesting. I think you are on to something big.

      It could be that these spikes that you have noted recently, are from the very same source as the spikes seen in June and July of 2010.

      Great rad work, MVB.


  • OK, 3 cores melted through the bottom of containment into the groundwater, this has been established for years, nothing new.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      They just slow drip the info out there to "ease them (us) into the harshness of the reality" but it's them protecting themselves from the harshness of rope burns and snapped neck bones

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

    M 4.7 – 18km E of Otsuchi, Japan

    2016-05-15 01:10:45 UTC
    39.337°N 142.106°E
    53.4 km

  • Sickputer

    H. G. Brack advanced the idea that there were SEVEN meltdown events at Fukushima NPP:

    Page 11: "All seven nuclear accidents in progress at the Fukushima Daiichi reactor complex involved fuel assembly melting events…The first indications of major problems at the reactor complex were the rapid drop in water levels in reactor vessels 1 – 3 and in the spent fuel pools of Reactors 1 – 4. This was followed by fires, which both preceded and followed three hydrogen gas explosions that resulted from the continued generation of heat in the reactor vessels of Units 1 – 3. These explosions, graphically depicted by electronic and print media, discharged large quantities of volatile fission products (Cs- 137 and I-131) into the atmosphere where they were dispersed in the immediate vicinity of the reactor complex, eastward over the Pacific Ocean, and to many inland locations.
    The hydrogen explosion in the spent fuel pool of Reactor 4 on March 15th, 2011 released a substantial percentage of the content of its 1,479 fuel assemblies, each of which contained at least 10,000 curies of Cs-137. Another 2,889 fuel assemblies were involved in meltdown events in Reactors 1 – 3 and their spent fuel pools

  • rogerthat

    'Go home!' N.W.T. residents tell Ontario nuclear power advocate

    Presentation met with hostile responses Thursday night in Yellowknife
    By Mitch Wiles, CBC News Posted: May 13, 2016

  • rogerthat


    Nuclear energy workshop offered to teachers
    From Staff Reports
    Friday, May 13, 2016

    Area middle- and high-school teachers have the chance to get on-the-scene education about all things related to nuclear energy during a three-day June workshop sponsored by Citizens for Nuclear Technology Aware­ness.

    The goal is to provide educators with real-world examples of how their graduates can one day apply lessons in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

    Participating teachers will tour Plant Vogtle, Savannah River Site and Augusta University’s nuclear medicine and imaging department, and they will hear experts explain atomic fundamentals.
    They will be provided with educational materials, including teacher guides from the American Nuclear Society.

    The program includes housing at the University of South Carolina Aiken and meals.

    Helping put this on, besides those mentioned, are AECOM, Areva, Energy Solutions, Georgia Power, the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center, SCANA, the SRS Community Reuse Organization, SUNRISE Universities and the Aiken Rotary Club.

  • rogerthat

    Georgian expert: Armenia's 'Metsamor' nuclear plant must be closed
    Sat 14 May 2016

    Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant in Armenia is a major source of danger not only for the South Caucasus, but also all over the world.

  • rogerthat


    PLYMOUTH — One of the panels designed to absorb neutrons and prevent a nuclear reaction called fission from occurring in the spent fuel rods stored in the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station’s spent fuel pool has deteriorated, according to a report submitted by Entergy Corp. to federal regulators yesterday.

    Fission would cause the rods to heat up the same way they do in a nuclear reactor. The heat would cause the water in the pool to boil and evaporate. If exposed, the rods could start a fire and release radiation.

    Neil Sheehan, spokesman for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said degradation of the panels has been a known problem for decades and one experienced by a number of nuclear plants.

    “There haven’t been any related incidents but it’s recognized if you lose the ability to keep spent fuel in sub-critical conditions, it’s a problem you want to get out in front of,” Sheehan said.

    It takes as little as four fuel assemblies to begin a nuclear chain reaction. Currently the racks in Pilgrim’s pool hold 3,300 spent fuel assemblies.

    “The fuel located adjacent to the degraded panel has been moved to an alternate location in the pool,” Sheehan said.

    Typical of many reactors, Pilgrim’s racks have attached Boraflex panels, which contain the neutron-absorbing compound boron.

    “Degradation of Boraflex over time is a known issue in the industry, which is why Pilgrim has procedures…

    • freebywill

      Entergys Pilgrim Follies Act 1 [The link to EN reporting this is here ]

      [ According to the NRC spokesweasel ]
      “There haven’t been any related incidents but it’s recognized if you lose the ability to keep spent fuel in sub-critical conditions, it’s a problem you want to get out in front of,” Sheehan said.

      [and Entergy's spokeweasel says]
      “Degradation of Boraflex over time is a known issue in the industry, which is why Pilgrim has procedures in place to conduct regular testing,”

      [ so if they know its a problem and they have testing in place, how did it degrade to a point of concern where they had to take action to move fuel assemblies ? ]

      " Pilgrim’s pool was designed to hold 880 assemblies. The NRC allowed Pilgrim to amend their license to hold 3,859 assemblies in the same place by packing the assemblies closer together. "

      • freebywill

        Entergys Pilgrim Follies Act 2 [ Pilgrim is scheduled for shutdown in 2019, yet they plan on refueling in Spring 2017. Since a typical refueling replaces one third of the assemblies and Pilgrim has approx 580 assemblies in the core that means they will add another 193 to an already over stuffed pool.
        IF Pilgrim is shutdown in 2019, there will be 193 totally SFA,s, 193 FA's that are at a mid point and 193 "hot" FA's that will have been in the core for roughly one and a half years.
        Could it be that Entergy's announcement to close Pilgrim in 2019 was just a ruse to get opponents off their backs ? ]

        [ Pilgrim is a disaster thats been avoided so far, it's a GE Mark 1 containment, its so old that the original design drawings are on papyrus, the evac plan is unworkable due to population density in the area. ]

        [ If shutdown TODAY they will need over 100 drycasks to store the current spent fuel. Where they gonna put it ? ]

        [ here's Entergys plans for drycask implementation, notice on the map how close it is to shoreline ]
        [ 25 feet above mean sea level, can only hold 40 casks ]

        aerial view of the pad, theres 3 casks on it.

        [ The planned refueling needs to be stopped. ]

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Monumental failure at Fukushima #1 NPP.

    They laugh and call it their finest hour because they are still here and breathing

    I'm supposed to love even those who don't love me.

    So I really love those in the nuclear power industry.

  • rogerthat

    in place to conduct regular testing,” wrote Entergy spokesman Patrick O’Brien in an email. “After conducting over 200 tests in many areas of the pool, this one fuel assembly is the only area of degradation found.”

    O’Brien said the panels in the pool are tested regularly. “Testing is conducted with sensors inside the pool to scan the assemblies,” he wrote.

    The storage pools at nuclear plants, particularly older ones like the 43-year-old Pilgrim, were designed to hold spent fuel rods short term. Pilgrim’s pool was designed for about 800 assemblies. Assemblies were on large racks that relied on large spacing, about 20 inches between the spent fuel assemblies to maintain sub-critical conditions.

    But as the solution to long-term storage continued to be elusive, the pools had to accommodate many more rods than anticipated. When the pools were reracked, spacing between assemblies was reduced.

    To avoid a nuclear reaction with the tighter spacing, neutron absorbing panels were introduced into the racks.

    Boraflex is a light, flexible, easy to install combination of neutron absorbing boron carbide and silicone rubber.

    Unfortunately, it has since been found to degrade under the wet storage conditions.

    The worst case is fissioning occurs, and the water in the spent fuel pool boils. The pools are 40-feet deep and the spent fuel rods are at the bottom of the pools.

    “It could take days for radioactivity to escape,” Sheehan said. “You would be able to replace the…

    • rogerthat

      water. Post 9/11, we have portable pumps.”

      “Our resident inspectors assigned to Pilgrim and our spent fuel storage experts are aware of the issue and will be closely following Entergy’s actions to address the problem,” Sheehan said. “We would note that unlike an event involving the reactor, a problem involving the spent fuel pool would be slow to develop and would allow ample time for response actions.”

      "Because of the federal government's problem to provide a disposal site for irradiated fuel, tens of thousands of tons of irradiated fuel remains where it was produced," said David Lochbaum, director of nuclear safety for the Union of Concerned Scientists.

      "Spent fuel pools have been re-racked with storage racks holding irradiated fuel very close together, often closer than when it is in the reactor core. In the core, there are control rods to prevent criticality. In the spent fuel pools, other methods must be used to protect against criticality.

      Solutions to the problem include the use of borated water or the insertion of sleeves containing boron over defective panels.

      At this point, there is no time frame for a solution at Pilgrim.

      — Follow Christine Legere on Twitter: @ChrisLegereCCT.

  • rogerthat

    kentucky fried chicken:

    Ky. found 'hot' fracking waste at W.Va. source
    James Bruggers, @jbruggers May 13, 2016

    Follow-up tests at a West Virginia company that prepared radioactive fracking waste to be sent to Kentucky revealed material so "hot" that it would need to go to a special landfill for disposal …

    Kentucky has 50,000 well sites and just 15 Kentucky Division of Oil and Gas inspectors to make sure the industry is following what basic rules that are on the books …

    "The problem of having not enough bodies to enforce (regulations) make them illusory, …''

  • rogerthat

    School to close in Fukushima as too few children able to attend
    By TAKESHI SUZUKI/ Staff Writer
    May 14, 2016

  • rogerthat

    Origin of white phosphorus munitions in Armenia or ordinary fascism in action

    Baku, Azerbaijan, May 11

    By Elmira Tariverdiyeva – Trend:

  • rogerthat

    Residents of Alexander heated up over radioactive waste proposal
    By Lauren Donavan / Bismarck Tribune on May 12, 2016

    … Gene Omstead, will live south of the landfill, said he’s worried about the dust that would blow off the special waste landfill — like it already does without the addition of radioactive waste — and cover the surfaces in his and his neighbors’ homes.

    “Most homes are not dust-tight; it’ll get on the countertops, food. I don’t have health issues, but what will it do to longevity? The man-made pit liners will leak someday and the waste will get into groundwater, migrate to the river and everybody will get a dose of it,” Omstead said.

    The new rules would require the material to be covered daily and contained in lined and deeply covered permanent pits.

    Paula Mrachek said she was at the meeting because her three grandchildren who will live a few miles from the proposed site. “I’m worried about their safety,” Mrachek said. “I’m trying to figure it out, but I hope to stop it.”

    Darrell Dorgan, who organized a North Daktoa Energy Industry Waste Coalition, said the oil boom has been beneficial in many ways, but the introduction of radioactive oil field waste disposal is a very bad idea.

    “You’re being asked to double down,” he told the audience, describing tonnage projections that would have thousands of trucks loaded …

    • rogerthat

      with radioactive waste traveling down the highway annually, leaving a trail of radioactive dust behind them.

      He urged folks to get organized against the disposal site. “It’s your call…but the health department is supposed to protect the citizens of North Dakota, not the oil industry.”

      Larry Heilmann, a molecular biologist, gave a college-level short course on radioactive materials and how they harm the body and take thousands of years to break down.

      “It can be handled safely, but they’ve got to have the will. Somebody has to take the job to force the state government and the oil companies to do it right,” Heilmann said. “We’re not against radioactive waste disposal, we want it to be done properly and safely.”

      He said citizens should ask how many radioactive waste inspectors the health department has, how many will permanently be assigned to each disposal site and the details on their training and instrumentation.

      Russ Timmreck, of Alexander, had some strong words after listening to the discussion. “What are we going to do as a group? Can our county commission close this thing and throw ‘em out of here? The wolves are here…there’s people who are going to die over there,” he said.

      County commissioner Doug Nordby said the county doesn’t have a radiation limit in its industrial zoning. He explained some issues the county’s trying to resolve, like local inspection and a requirement that trucks hauling radioactive material have to be tarped and covered. …

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Harmful rumors.
    Oh, my.
    Is it something in the mentality of the corrupt but otherwise evidently boring lives of the Japanese government and TEPCO officials, that they think one's life is to be spent in the propagate so called harmful rumors.

    Here we have a major fish producers ..saying it's all good.

    Fukushima river fish business plots revival after spotless tests

    Oh, his beloved hometown.. Miyakoji.,_Fukushima

    "Although billions of yen were spent in an effort to decontaminate some areas around the troubled nuclear plant. The effort was described as futile, and radioactive waste was not collected properly[citation needed] [1][2][3] and disposed off, and sometimes dumped into rivers. Tomohiko Hideta, an official of the Reconstruction Agency, said that it would be impossible to reach the official targets, and confirmed the offer of the dosimeters. However, spokesmen of the Japan Environment Ministry denied all, even when they were confronted with the existence of audio recordings of the meeting, that proved otherwise.[4]"

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Spotless results…?
    It's always overkill.
    A sign of lies poorly told.

    yoshida suisan kk


    A. You will make sure:

    1. that my clothes and laundry are kept in good order;
    2. that I will receive my three meals regularly in my room;
    3. that my bedroom and study are kept neat, and especially that my desk is left for my use only.

    B. You will renounce all personal relations with me insofar as they are not completely necessary for social reasons. Specifically, You will forego:

    1. my sitting at home with you;
    2. my going out or travelling with you.

    C. You will obey the following points in your relations with me:

    1. you will not expect any intimacy from me, nor will you reproach me in any way;
    2. you will stop talking to me if I request it;
    3. you will leave my bedroom or study immediately without protest if I request it.

    D. You will undertake not to belittle me in front of our children, either through words or behavior.

    • Any doubt that a man who wrote this, could be persuaded to invent a bomb that could kill millions?

      • Einstein prized his solitude greatly. Another remark shows his difficulty with personal relationships. While he eventually fell in love with his cousin Elsa and finally divorced Mavic to marry her in 1919, that marriage too was troubled. Elsa died in 1936 soon after the couple moved to the U.S. Not long after her death, Einstein would write, “I have gotten used extremely well to life here. I live like a bear in my den…. This bearishness has been further enhanced by the death of my woman comrade, who was better with other people than I am.”

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    "No one knows where the cores are”. Very telling. Maybe they can't find what isn't there. Maybe it all burned up…..

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Kaku thinks they did..who knows..all secret don't you know..they passed laws to keep it all a secret too.

    Just pay your taken by force taxes and then go shopping 24/7 is what I hear is the best course of action and many call this human retail therapy.

    Romans used this therapy extensively with the creation of Santa Clause.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      The Romans did not invent Santa Claus
      Saint Nicholas was a Bishop in Myra, Turkey.

      A nice man, from what I hear.
      Reportedly he is anti-nuke.

      Runs a solar farm

      Member of Greenpeace.

      Rumored to be in Anonymous.

      Top-rated Hacker.

      Julian Assange's driver.

      As long as we're making shit up…

      Santa is lobbying for a new holiday. Once a year, Assange will climb down factory chimneys, gather evidence of immediate health threats and mysteriously leave gift wrapped executives in local prisons, with evidence of corruption. Walmart is working on angles for marketing. Assange Claus…

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        When varied minds are trying to go from a multiple God belief system towards a monotheistic type belief system.. there will be many meetings of the minds currently in control whom are promoting such thoughts, since everyone at the time was on varied different belief system pages..basically insane…bonkers.

        All of them (those in overseer slave controllers) were attempting to get their populations/herds under tighter control..whether religious or state control. It was a win, win.

        Both religious and state benefited nicely through varied forms of forced taxation and/or some say tithings/ gifts to their respective rich when compared to other's coffers.

        I understand the thinking and the reasons for what occurred in the past and why it is happening now..thus the Earth was lost.

        One must blend thoughts in order to come out the other side in a form that meets your combined group's wanton desires.. 🙂

        Control over the existing population is always the end goal. Thus how a civilization is created..

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          That article itself says maybe Saturnalia was replaced by Christmas. Maybe another festival was replaced by Christmas, The Saturnalia festival had become a shadow of itself by that time. It says modern scholars would not put much weight on it, and that Mary's pregnancey would put Jesus' birthday at about the date of December 25th.

          You are making a mistake by trying to make any puff piece fit the Zeitgeist movie.

          It's an agenda, like any other to claim we have all been duped by a soup of religious agenda and turning it into a control system.

          I watched the Zeitgeist movie, yes it is a noteworthy suppositional theory. There are just as many geological and historical evidence to back up the events outlined in the bible as there is evidence for a blending and "copyright infringing" god story

          Using that article as a proof is weak. It's about like holding up the story that nuclear fuel rods are no more dangerous than bananas.

          And I probably am about as open minded as a believer can be. So much so I walk on the edge or probably over the edge. Don't be a hell stomper signs are everywhere, now.

          I'm saying I'm as much a doubter as anyone, and struggle with it daily, but I still would not claim that article as even endorsing it's own spurious claim.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            I am not sure why you think that I am here to steer you in the wrong direction..I am not.

            I understand why things happened in antiquity and understand the spell the world is currently under right now. i see it play out every Sunday and then all over the world in various violent forms.

            I could care less what mankind thinks..mankind is the species currently destroying this Earth.

            You mentioned the Zeitgeist Movie and that is very good, so I assume you watched the entire movie and then you seem to think there is an agenda.

            So please share the agenda you think this movie projects.

            I am not sure you have researched these topics thoroughly enough to reach the conclusions that I have reached concerning why they existed in the first place.

            Most minds are the sum of the pieces and parts shoved into them within very tight controlled boxes that were created and then sold to those minds at large by many others.

            Understand Santa Clause is make believe..Children all over the world look for the sleigh.

            Myths and make believe make up a huge part of this world that controls many of our behaviors today…control of all our minds and our money is the desired result.

            Animals like humans needed guidance, since they do not now fit into the natural progression of Mother Nature. We humans were tweaked by something at some point in the past.

            Being genetically tweaked by something may not at all have anything to with any God.

  • radiophobia

    Good News?- TEPCO uses Keshe's GANS technology to purify radioactively contaminated water. Whistleblower.
    Have you noticed this before? Pardon if repost.
    s. also:

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    Keshe: "I don't want you to show how things are done because at this moment, we are not ready for it." In the video linked from the article.

    No offense, but there is no proof of these claims, either Keshe, or any "whistleblower" that Tepco is using any of Keshe's work, in the article.

    Where is the proof?

    Really, no offense, but there has been a lot of bad publicity for Keshe, so it will take more than speculation and wild claims for anyone here to take it seriously.

    Doc and PJ, please take it OT before it gets out of hand. Purdy please.

    • HillBilly? Huh? Don't understand your request…

      Please illuminate…

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

      HBHD,my last comment was 6 hours ago. Emmanuel Truthseeker must be your friend, the one who starts all the arguments. Your friend, because you are just starting another one. Please stop with the accusations and complain about the one who started the off topic, ugly, racist comments: Emmanuel Truthseeker. Did your setup backfire on you. Next time I see Emmenuel Truthseeker or someone else making such comments, I will call you for it. So the problem is that your are working for the nuclear fusion company, Keshe?

      Nuclear fusion and its nuclear radiation promoting deaths is very much on topic.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    Press Release (Apr 22,2016)
    Financial Assistance from the Nuclear Damage Compensation and Decommissioning Facilitation Corporation
    On April 22, we received a funding grant of 50.2 billion yen from the Nuclear Damage Compensation and Decommissioning Facilitation Corporation (hereinafter referred to as NDF) based on the revision of the Special Business Plan which was approved on March 31, 2016.
    This financial assistance was given in response to the 51st request we made in order to cover the compensation payouts due by the end of May 2016. The amount of the payouts to be paid by that time had been estimated to exceed the sum of the compensation we had received in accordance with the "Act on Contract for Indemnification of Nuclear Damage Compensation" (188.9 billion yen) and the financial assistance that the NDF has provided (5,944 billion yen).
    With financial assistance from the NDF, we are determined to continue to pay the compensation with courtesy and compassion to all of those who have been afflicted by the nuclear damage. Ordinary Income increased 56.7% from the same period of the previous fiscal year to 325.9 billion yen (up 95.7% to 327.5 billion yen on a non-consolidated basis). The PDF is five pages of… not much.

    • Isn't it nice when you are paid to fail, and then fail again, and again?

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        I keep succeeding, then getting bitched out for it. And quitting. Keep learning to live with less. No car, no cigarettes, no food. Less work. It is not any more stressful. In my mind reading about how these idiots and psychopaths get paid all that money for failing at building lasting value, but succeeding at destruction of all value. Hey, I can do that by just doing nothing. I need to start a gofundme site. I am sure that the .o1 percent elites will be mighty impressed. It's economical too. Very little waste. OOps just lost my funding… damn

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    "…leaving melted nuclear fuel debris on the floor of their containment vessels…"

    Japan to start Fukushima fuel debris retrieval in 2021 — World Nuclear News

    June 7, 2015 by Melanie

    ” Japan expects to start the retrieval of fuel debris from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in 2021, the executive director of the Nuclear Damage Compensation and Decommissioning Facilitation Corporation (NDF) said yesterday. Three of the plant’s six reactors suffered core meltdowns in the March 2011 accident, leaving melted nuclear fuel debris on the floor of their containment vessels.

    NDF was established in September 2011 by the Japanese government and the country’s nuclear power plant operators to manage a fund to support operators in providing compensation to victims of nuclear accidents. Although established following the Fukushima Daiichi accident, NDF will continue to be maintained in the future as part of the Japanese nuclear liability regime.

    “We expect to select the retrieval method within the next few years, after which detailed design and mock-up tests will follow,” NDF executive director Yasuharu Igarashi told delegates at the VII Atomexpo conference in Moscow. The event was hosted by Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom. “For the start of retrieval of fuel debris, we are now thinking 2021,” Igarashi said.


    • PlowboyGrownUp

      Hmm, 'we don't know where the corium is, but it left debris behind which we may start to pick up in 2021, 10 years after the disaster…but this may or may not happen in that timeframe due to no technology to do it…' 'we are just putting PR stuff out from time to time…'

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    "However, for the wastes caused by severe accident, there is no particular regulatory standard for their segmentation and disposal. In addition, the national system for their final disposal, has not been decided yet."

    They required "5,944 billion yen" to tell you that.

    The issue I have at the moment is: "NDF was established in September 2011 by the Japanese government and the country’s nuclear power plant operators to manage a fund to support operators in providing compensation to victims of nuclear accidents." But what I am seeing is nothing to do with compensation to victims. I will try to make the connection, however, in fairness…

    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

      Containment examination & repair technology
      Get information on developments in a series of research and development projects on decommissioning in an integrated manner; review the developments; and conduct activities to develop a plan for the following year.
      Spent fuel pool management
      Development of remote-controlled Reactor Building decontamination technology
      Development of a comprehensive dose reduction program
      Development of technology to identify containment leak locations
      Development of technology to repair containment leak locations/stop leakage
      Full-scale testing of technology to repair containment leak locations /stop leakage
      Development of technology to examine the inside of the containment vessel
      Development of technology to examine the inside of the reactor pressure vessel
      Development of techniques and systems to retrieve fuel debris and core internals
      Development of technology to contain, retrieve and store fuel debris in the reactor
      Development of fuel debris criticality control technology
      Getting information on reactor by improving accident development analysis technology
      Development of reactor fuel debris detection technology (MUON)
      Development of technology to determine the physical state of fuel debris and to treat fuel debris
      Development of technology to evaluate the integrity of the reactor pressure vessel & the containment vessel
      Research and development on solid waste treatment and disposal

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    I guess if they are going to pay compensation to refugees, they expect the refugees to decommission their plant for them (from scratch) sarc

    would not be surprised , they already asked for some compensation back…

    If I was a shareholder in TEPCO I would feel guilty as hell, especially since profits went so high. It doesn't even make sense. I'd call for a corruption investigation


    Nuclear Plant Decommissioning

    Three options exist for decommissioning nuclear reactors: safe storage, decontamination, and entombment.

    Safe Storage. Safe storage is more deferral than decommissioning. The approach is to contain the parts of the plant that have radioactive materials, and then wait, up to 60 YEARS as the radioactive components decay and decontaminate naturally. [not really an option]

    Decontamination. A process that can take up to 10 years, decontamination involves surveying plant structures and grounds to identify radioactively contaminated items, which fall into two categories: those that can be decontaminated and handled like non-radioactive parts and those that must be packaged and shipped to disposal sites licensed to accept radioactive materials.

    Entombment. Whereas decontamination involves transporting radioactive materials from a plant site to a licensed nuclear waste dump, entombment brings the nuclear waste dump to the site. While entombment is an option, its election is confined to a few special cases. The Hallam (Nebraska) and Piqua (Ohio) reactors have been entombed, but they were relatively small reactors (generating 256 and 46 megawatts of electricity, respectively) that operated for less than five years. Entombment is essentially not an option for larger nuclear reactors that operated for decades and made larger messes.

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