Reports from California: “Something is going badly wrong offshore” — Stranding centers inundated with animals (VIDEO)

Published: March 16th, 2013 at 11:19 am ET


KION, March 14, 2013: Rescue groups along the Central Coast are scrambling […] Biologists are still investigating why the malnourished sea lion pups are stranding. […] NOAA Researchers said more than 517 emaciated sea lions have been found in Southern California and 39 have been picked up along the Central Coast. […]

Marine Mammal Center Manager Sue Andrews: “This year they are for some reason coming out of the rookery underweight, underfed and emaciated, low energy some with already having infection.”

Wired Science, March 15, 2013 (Emphasis Added): […] In late January, scientists surveying Channel Island sea lion rookeries reported something worrying: Pups out there were in bad shape. […] Now, hundreds of these little animals have been admitted to rescue centers between Santa Barbara and San Diego. For a non-El Niño year, the numbers are much too high, too early. Something is going badly wrong offshore, and no one knows what it is yet. “We’re in the process of trying to understand what is actually causing this,” said Sharon Melin, a wildlife biologist with the National Fisheries Service. “The stranding centers in Southern California are being inundated with animals. It hasn’t hit the northern centers yet.” As of Mar. 13, 517 pups had been admitted to five Southern California rescue centers. That total is higher than the total for some entire years, said Sarah Wilkin, regional strandings coordinator with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. “And we’re only two months and a week in.” […] The pace of admissions is still accelerating, Wilkin said, noting that both Los Angeles County and Orange County admissions doubled last week. […] “We anticipate it will only get worse in the coming months,” Melin said. […]

From Thursday: [intlink id=”hidden-noaa-animation-shows-ocean-all-along-u-s-west-coast-wtih-fukushima-cesium-by-april-2011-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: March 16th, 2013 at 11:19 am ET


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72 comments to Reports from California: “Something is going badly wrong offshore” — Stranding centers inundated with animals (VIDEO)

  • weeman

    What ever the problem is it is in home waters, sea lions stay close to land and return to the beach, especially at cafen season. Let's hope it is El Neno.

    • majorrick

      THeres no El Nino this year

    • natano natano

      Gee wizz kids, do you think it might be the flush of spent fuel pools spillover and 2 years of constant leakage into the ocean? Dilution may be the solution to pollution with coal fired power plants but we don't have enuf ocean to properly dilute Fukushima radiation. This is the end of life in the pacific. There's not much we can do about it without the help of the main stream media who are in the pockets of GE and other short sighted vested interests.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    There are endless stories about how the tsunami debris was mostly going to get caught in the 'Garbage Patch'.
    Some will..making it BIGGER.
    Some won't.
    This is going to take a tremendous toll on the the continuing struggle to live in human filth.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    And if the Earth is Man's dominion?
    How was such a gift to be received and cared for?
    This is the problem… the failure..and perhaps our demise.


    I suspect this 'phenomena' is due to an accelerated Fuku-induced collapse of the ocean's biota. It's difficult to fathom that such conditions could've occurred within the last two years. Yet, discharging hundreds-of-millions of gallons of highly radioactive effluent into ocean, could conceivably tip an already stressed ecological region into a death spiral. It's time for the biologists to look into this. We need to know how this radioactive contamination is affecting the range of lifeforms in the ocean…

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Without going into detail, from purely non-confirmed sources, coastal biologists are SPECIFICALLY not looking into radiation poisoning as a possible cause.

      Here's something you can try on your own. The next time you visit a doctor, or your child's doctor, ask them if they have seen any strange symptoms showing up in the last two years. If they ask why you ask, tell them you are following the news about the radiation coming out of Japan. No long explanation, just that.

      You will get either cold silence, or a nervous response. Try it.
      Things are changing.


        well Time Is Short, I can only conjecture that those on high are putting pressure on the academic community. It won't last long. Everyone of them is quietly becoming aware of these stories. We're already seeing academics from around the world releasing independent reports. The suppression of knowledge within a military-police state is nothing new. They're only straining at the keeping the gates closed. Give it a few more years and they'll find themselves being trampled by their own intransigence. My only fear is that we're loosing valuable time in this ritual of denial…

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Time Is Short, or they brush you off turning their heads, as they can't look in your eyes.

        It really doesn't take a rocket scientist to know there is a problem.

        I do think we will see an increase of cancer rates.
        Five to ten years from now or maybe sooner, should be interesting (not).

        Maybe another reason why the White House is shut down to the public, security reasons for them, don't know?

      • moonshellblue moonshellblue

        I have tried talking to my doctor and he is focused on Fracking and continues to eat sushi which I think is foolish and chuckled about Fukushima saying it's a concern for Japan but not anywhere else.

  • pcjensen

    El Nino? pffft – my recall is (as a California coast kid) never in the history of El Nino has there been so many sick pups. We already know there's tons of radioactive material released and the most logical extension of that is – radiation is killing the critters. Science needs to prove me, and a bunch of others here, that this is not correct before we engage further on what this is all about as we continue to collect, share, and digest these reports.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      It's not just the West Coast, either:

      "Moose are dying in droves in Minnesota (as well as some Rocky Mountain states) and biologists are at a loss to say why…"

      “The adult moose are literally tipping over dead,” Steve Merchant of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources recently told the Wall Street Journal. In fact, their numbers have declined here by nearly 52% in just the past two years, leaving only about 2,760 here.”

      And not a word about radiation:

  • pcjensen

    prove us wrong before making your unfounded statements

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Well, for starters, the albinistic markings common on West Coast animals now are exactly similar to the albinistic markings on the most affected animal populations at Chernobyl.

      The fact that many of these animals display signs of radiation poisoning, unlike anything that has been previously seen by researchers, would lead one to a likely conclusion. And considering the lock the government has on all the research, accurate findings will not be forthcoming from those we would normally think would tell us the truth.

      So, we who are interested are between a rock and a hard spot until something changes.

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    No one knows what it is yet?? Really? Give me a break!

    All together now.. FUKUSHIMA! and Nuclear power in general, time to admit it! Radiation kills.

    Time to start using taxpayer resources for life not death and war! Our war now is to save life from the corporations, especially the energy industry and all tax dollars should be earmarked for that purpose.


      agree Cataclysmic. Time's arrived where we must review our priorities and how we're allocating precious resources towards them…

  • We Not They Finally

    They need to take the if/when dead seal pups and autopsy them for radionuclides and then TELL US.

    • pcjensen


    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Exactly, it sure sounds like radioactive illness to me as 98 billion bq's spew into the Pacific on a daily basis. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out the cause. IMHO

      • Mack Mack


        It's radiation sickness, imho, too.

        But I predict they'll blame it on a "bird flu" like Columbia University did when seal pups on the EAST coast were found sick and dying.

        It's all about protecting the nuclear industry, as we all know by now.

  • khoessel

    Why should the eco-biologists have waited this long, to begin with? This has been devolving for 2 years, and any biologist worth his salt would know that the effect of this much radioactive material being spewed into the North Pacific by Japan (Fukushima Daiichi) will poison, to some degree, every form of marine life. So why did these biologists hold off? Who might have given them orders to not investigate, test, with as close insight as possible, the poisoning? Surely, they have known this was happening. It is not high time, It's past time!

    There has been virtually no attempt by any bonafide international body to say to the Japanese Government, "enough of this polluting! You will be called to account for every gallon of this poison that you have been allowing to flow into the sea. Now stop it!" Meanwhile, every possible International bank of resources and expertise should be called for immediately. All other lesser eco-geo activities put to the back burner, and especially the Asian – Pacific nations should be demanding front line access to the immediate site/environment and facilities that the Japanese have mismanaged, and which have from the very beginning been kept under a cloak of secrecy. The USA has been grossly negligent of ITS responsibilities from the very beginning and this is now bearing fruit – in due time mutated fruit, at that!

  • Mack Mack

    —> NOAA tested for Cesium-134 and Cesium-137 and did find Cesium-137 in some seals. They're doing more testing, awaiting results.

    Note: NOAA tries to explain it away with background radiation, blah blah blah

    From NOAA's February 2013 update on the sick seals:

    "Public concern about the Fukushima nuclear plant accident in Japan has prompted tissue testing for radionuclides. Preliminary qualitative screening showed radiation levels within typical background levels for Alaska. As a follow up muscle tissue from control (n=11) and a few diseased seals (n=7) have been provided to the University of Alaska Fairbanks for gamma analysis. Gamma analysis of control and four diseased seal samples have been finalized in January ; preliminary results confirm cesium 137 levels in control and four diseased seals are similar to historical levels observed in seals sampled in the mid – 1990’s in Alaska. Testing for the remaining seal samples has not been completed and gamma analysis is ongoing. An interim report is being prepared on these preliminary findings, which will be made available."

    —> Here's NOAA's preliminary report February 17, 2013 where they claim:

    "No radiation levels were found in these samples that would directly cause the symptoms seen in the pinnipeds."

    • Mack Mack

      That last link got cut off. Here it is:

      Notice the word "directly" and some ambiguous reference to finding cesium-137 levels at "mid-1990" levels.

      No real data is given. No actual levels of radiation are given. And they make a conclusion before all the test results are in.

      They should be testing for Strontium.

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      How was the study done? Who did it? What is their connection to the nuclear industry, if any? Where is the university funding coming from for the study, or for nuclear programs in general?

      What was the 'control'?

      What are the actual levels of radiation found?

      What type of radiation detector did they use?

      How much experience did the person doing the test have?

      Once these answers are known, then one can judge at least in part whether the test was impartial, or set up to find nothing.

      • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

        So if they did not find a virus, and they found no bacteria, and they found no deficiency disorder, then how can it not be radiological?

  • SophieQ

    Who in his/her right mind would ever conclude that this is just the beginning of the great Pacific Ocean genocide. Thanks to a bunch of criminal psychopaths we are now witnessing how marine mammals and all of humankind's 'seafood' will disappear into history books. Living in the middle of the Pacific we have been told that there is no harm from Fukushima.
    Somehow I wish there would be a death penalty for those who lie to the public about how contaminated Japan/Pacific/US-West coast really are. First it is life in the Oceans, then it is us.


      agree with your outrage SophieQ. But I don't think there's any need for such judgement against one or another. Those that got us here are becoming aware of the consequences of their work. If we're to keep from burning what little may remain, we've got to learn to forgive those who've made these mistakes and offer them the means to make good. I, for one, desire that we go forward…and leave the death consciousness that got us here behind…

    • WorkerBee

      The death penalty would be a kindness. I would propose letting those responsible cook in the frying pan along with the rest of us. The day will come when the chemo rooms are full 24/7. Then let those responsible provide transportation to and from the cancer center, provide warm blankets, and attend to chemo patients as community service.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    I highly suspect that this has something to do with radiation. I also think there could be other things that are happening in our waters.

    On land we are having sinkholes that have toxins, I think the oceans are doing the same thing.

    I believe all this was started in motion by greed, ego, power, pride, and lack of care for the environment.

    There has even been dead mammals beached and many other animals who have died, what were the results of those tests?

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi melted reactors, unless proven otherwise. Easy to find out. We're waiting.

  • captndano captndano

    So, they say the pups are "malnourished". Could it be that the cow is not producing milk due to radiation poisoning and/or sickness? Or maybe the cow wont' feed it to her pups knowing she's contaminated? Or, maybe the pups can sense that the food supply is contaminated and won't eat it? I guess it's easiest to just blame the whole thing on El Nino and move on…. 🙁


      the cause for what we're witnessing is likely far more complex than simple ingestion of rad-poisons. It's likely we're witnessing the precursor signs of a complete collapse of the ocean's life cycle. Keep in mind, reducing or eliminating one link in the chain will trigger a death struggle within the other lifeforms that either depend directly and indirectly on the broken links. Like a superstructure, one support breaks and forces greater demand on the (currently) remaining supports. Any that are already overstressed will quickly succumb to this additional stress. It begins to cascade, ultimately resulting in the complete collapse of the structure itself. I think we're witnessing through this story (and others) the more obvious signs of Fuku's deleterious impact on what-was an already over-stressed ocean environment.

      The researchers may come out of the pathology lab and inform us that it's a virus or some such biological agent that's causing this condition. Keep in mind, without proper nutrition, opportunistic pathogens can bring down the healthiest of creatures. If this massive quantity of radioactive water that's being dumped has damaged the food-bio-cycle of the ocean, then what we're witnessing with these baby seals must be laid at the feet of the nuclear technologies industry…

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Very little makes sense with FUKU. Despite being many times worse in scope and scale, nobody was harmed, no animals suffered from radiation, and no one died (if one believes the mass media and nuke industry hacks)

    Do you believe in the tooth fairy that protects us all from radiation and allows us to live forever, despite all of the fallout and hot particles?

    Even if the answer is yes, animals have no such beliefs, and do not know any friendly tooth fairies. So animals never lie, and their bodies tell the truth..


    UK Established Animal Radiation 'Controls' Due To Chernobyl Cesium Contamination; via A Green Road

  • Articles documenting contamination from Fukushima in the ocean and presence of radio-iodine US west coast waters:

    P. Povinec, K. Hirose, and M. Aoyama (18 September 2012) ‘Radiostrontium in the Western North Pacific: Characteristics, Behavior, and the Fukushima Impact’, Environmental Science & Technology, 46.18, 10356–10363.

    S. Manley and C. Lowe (6 March 2012) ‘Canopy-Forming Kelps as California’s Coastal Dosimeter: 131I from Damaged Japanese Reactor Measured in Macrocystis Pyrifera’, Environmental Science & Technology,

    MEDIA ACCOUNT OF MANLEY & LOWE: ‘Study Finds Radioactive Fallout in California Kelp Beds’ (5 April 2012), Everything Long Beach,, date accessed 6 April 2012.

    E. Behrens, F. Schwarzkopf, J. Lübbecke, and C. Böning (2012) ‘Model Simulations on the Long-Term Dispersal of 137Cs Released into the Pacific Ocean off Fukushima’, Environ. Res. Lett., 7.3,

    • The researchers of the kelp study described their findings in a local Long Beach media interview:

      [excerpt]“Radioactivity is taken up by the kelp and anything that feeds on the kelp will be exposed to this also,” [California State University, Long Beach marine biology professors Steven L. Manley] continued. “Even though we detected low levels, it still got into the environment and we don’t know anything about the other radioisotopes like cesium 137, which stays around much longer than iodine.

      In fact, the values that we reported for iodine probably underestimate what was probably in there. It could be two to three times more because we were just sampling the surface tissue; the biomass estimates were based on canopy tissue and a lot of kelp biomass is underneath. So, probably two or three times more was in the tissue at its height.

      Then it enters the coastal food web and gets dispersed over a variety of organisms. I would assume it’s there. It’s not a good thing, but whether it actually has a measurable [sic] detrimental effect is beyond my expertise.” [end]

  • Jebus Jebus

    THE Ocean used as a garbage dump, for centuries.

    Corexit dumped into THE Ocean in massive and unknown quantities.

    Billions of tons of Tsunami debris, this time from a modern first world chemical country, washed into THE Ocean.

    Untold and unknown becquerels of nasty radionuclides, deposited, washed, burned, and thrown into THE Ocean.

    It's no wonder that THE Ocean, is at a tipping point.

    The result, always, equals the sum of the parts…

  • We, here at enenews, knew these days would be coming.

    The number of these kinds of reports have and will increase steadily as time marches on and radioactive contamination continues to spread.

    IMO – The reasons for animal and human suffering and death will be denied and covered up AT ALL COST by the nuclear industry. This will NEVER CHANGE.

    I try to listen closely to the birds that sing in the morning. It's a sound I cherish even more now. I know many of my ancestors have listened to these same songs throughout history. I hope and pray that these beautiful songs never cease. I worry that they will. 🙁

  • Sol Man

    I echo anne's concern about the plankton. We can probably set our watches to a few seconds before umm… midnight, when the evidence of that event is reported. Wonder if the folks that foisted this death technology upon everyone are concerned about what the people feel seeing life's incremental end.

  • dosdos dosdos

    I have a gut feeling that it's not the radiation that is causing this, but rather the debris. I have been reading articles about fish and sea mammals eating small plastic bits from the debris field, thinking it's food. If you think about fishing lures being so attractive to fish, this makes sense. There are many fish being caught in the Pacific with stomachs that are 80% or more filled with plastic bits from the tsunami. This obstruction can't be digested, it only sits in the stomach and blocks any real food from getting through. It causes malnourishment and starvation in the parents of the sea mammals, hence the pups have no source for nursing, and they are weak and malnourished in turn. And they turn to the beaches when they become stressed from a lack of food, hence the record numbers.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      But the debris is radioactive.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi dosdos

      That may very well enter into it also, I don't believe this debris is doing any good. There also has to be more going on than just the debris coming in, because birds are dropping and so on.

      Sea life, other animals, humans are in trouble, I believe it's due to human made contamination.

      Did we have these problems before Fukushima?

      • dosdos dosdos

        Birds are being found with stomachs full of plastic too. The whole ecosystem is suffering from mistaking the debris for food. Ocean life is very competitive, it's a bite first, ask questions later existence. Unfortunately, the plastic doesn't expel easily once swallowed. A few mistakes, and they can't eat efficiently enough to survive.

        I'm not trying to downplay the radioactive debris, but the scale of the problem tends to be larger than the radioactivity could account. Not all the debris is radioactive. And if it were the radiation, there would be ample other signs besides malnutrition.

        • hbjon hbjon

          A few observed facts tell me it is radiation. The plastic originated off the coast of Japan. The plastic floats on top of the water. The plastic has been exposed to the plumes and rainout for 2 years. Plastic has been found in stomachs of birds and fish. Damning evidence imho.

  • Mack Mack

    Wow, OT but read this:

    "Peter Dietrich, San Onofre Nuclear Plant Boss, Made $2M In 2012 Despite Plant Being Shut Down"

    "The top executive overseeing the troubled San Onofre nuclear power plant on the California coast received compensation valued at nearly $2 million last year, according to a regulatory filing released Friday."

  • Sol Man

    The radiation accelerates and destabilizes, the changes in all dna structure. We have never been here before.

    • We Not They Finally

      Its not impossible to be witnessing the demise of not only the food chain in the ocean but the contamination of the pacific ocean…Im sure the greedy idiots will setup a threat from the bird flu and other attempts to take the mind of the populace from radioactivity to some man made plague.

      The end of the matter will be the end of life on this planet….Obviously with trillions at risk.The idea of shutting down the nuclear reactors will never occur.

  • raasla

    Something is affecting the life in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf as well as we see mass animal die offs around Florida as well. One day ago:

  • many moons

    Whatever is causing the problem will take years and years of complicated research which will lose funding in the middle and nothing will be conclusive so that whatever has caused this biological disaster can continue to reap money without concern for their practices…..isn't that the point?

  • Indigo

    The only problem I have with assuming this is due to radiation,is,why just the Sea Lions?
    If it is radiation,then other sea life should be effected to some degree.I live on the Central Coast Calif and have contact with a lot of local fisherman.So far nothing unusual is being reported,other than the Sea Lions.

  • I have been reading the comments about the major strandings and seal pups etc offshore Southern CA. It reminds me of a similar event that took place in Oregon in 1981 near Newport Oregon. I had taken my childen to the beach to celebrate the birthday of my eldest child. The beach was littered with Vella Vella a blue jellyfish and there has been small off shore quakes. People said they beached from time to time but did not know why. Due to the temp of the water and the chatter on the CB * BCP * Before Cell Phones, told me that the fishermen were not getting the fish or filling their crab pots. They had moved further out and into deeper colder waters. They blamed the weather, I felt it was most likely a active ocean volcano causing the problem. Sea life were not getting the fish they usually had access to, they had moved out and it was impacting both fishermen and sea life who feed on the fish. So I reported my feelings on June 5th 1981 and in October NOAA announced the discovery of a active volcano off the Oregon Coast which made headlines with the new sea life they discoverd and they even sent the alvin submarine down to photograph the volcano. This was 3 months after I reported it to my contact in Washington DC, Dr Chris Dodge, Bilogist * deceased *

    Once again, there are reports of sea pups and other sea life beaching, stranding or having nutrition issues off the Southern CA Coast, Is another subterranean volcano, causing the fish to move further out and small quakes?

  • Mack Mack

    The food source for the sea lion pups is sardines and anchovies.

    I found this article saying sardine levels have dropped 33% from the previous year.

    Maybe the reason for the sea lion pups stranding themselves is due to lack of food.

    But the Alaskan ice seals with the sores, hair loss, etc. which NOAA is doing testing on…that's a different story.

    • We Not They Finally

      Yes, one of the most intelligent things to do is to see what has happened to the species next down on the food chain. Since the baby sea lions are starving, then their source of food is dying, contaminated, or both.