Reports: Fukushima decontamination proving futile — “The truth is, scientifically, they will never clean it up… It’s impossible” (VIDEO)

Published: November 20th, 2012 at 2:11 pm ET


Enformable, Nov. 20, 2012:

Decontamination efforts often insufficient as contaminated materials continue to accumulate

Steven Starr, senior scientist for Physicians for Social Responsibility, Nov. 19, 2012:

Decontamination in the exclusion zones is proving futile. Efforts to clean up highly contaminated areas are generally failing because melting snow and rainwater run off the contaminated hills and return to recontaminate homes and land. Diversion ditches have failed to stop the process.

Dr. Helen Caldicott in Japan, Nov. 20, 2012:

The truth is, scientifically, they will never clean it up. It’s impossible.

Watch the video here

Published: November 20th, 2012 at 2:11 pm ET


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64 comments to Reports: Fukushima decontamination proving futile — “The truth is, scientifically, they will never clean it up… It’s impossible” (VIDEO)

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    yes. Impossible. Much like trying to put our genes back together.

  • dka

    Every day that goes by, Fukushima ruined reactors continue to emit radionuclides in the air. These radionuclides continue to fall and adds up. They would need to catch and collect the radionuclides that are falling. sounds stupid to do. At least they should wait until the ruined reactors are sealed and stop emitting before trying to decontaminate. Even if they succeed in doing that, they still will not be able to decontaminate for the given known reasons.

  • Greenpeace needs to invent a flouorescent dye that glows in the prescence of 100cpm+, then rent a few crop dusters..
    It's a pity no-ones invented a nano-particle that munches radio-nucleides.

    • These are atoms….you can't get rid of them, there is no simple fix, no even complex technology short of "burning" them in yet another nuclear reaction, bombard with neutrons, and then get them another forms of radioactive particle, and sometimes ten steps further they end up being "stable" normal atoms.

      Cant burn em, cant eat em, cant do nothing but wait for a long time…..or process in yet another nuclear reaction….to fix the nuclear reaction….hmmmmmm

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      Is there a substance that would glow when ionized? Like a flourescent light bulb?

      Maybe just a more sensitive material, needing much less 'power'.

      This sounds highly possible.. given some research bucks..

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        hello AGR, there actually is a type of plastic "scintillation" material as it's called on ebay where it's marketed in different shapes & sizes for use with sensitive test equipment and I remember a mention made about a "Japanese Invention" of a plastic that reacts to the presence of ionizing radiation,even aplha by glowing and/or turning a specific color that was matched against a provided chart to give approximate readings. I forget how much the prices were for the material though…I always thought it would be very useful stuff if it's all it's cracked up to be?!! Have a great night ENEewser's!~(my better half is back in the hospital & I'm looking at another long day,gonna crash now…take care

      • PavewayIII PavewayIII

        Phosphors will light up when exposed to a stream of electrons no matter where they come from.

        Low-energy beta decay produces electrons for always-on tritium exit signs. They are like a small fluorescent tube made of borosilicate glass. They are filled with tritium (radioactive hydrogen) to provide beta radiation (electrons) that strike the phosphors and make them glow. Tritium's half-life is 12.4 years, so the sign loses half of its illumination by then.

        The beta particles have such low energy that they can't penetrate the glass tube. Unfortunately, they also don't light up the phosphors too much. You can't really see them glow too much unless you're in complete darkness.

        The low-end models have four tubes – each one with 2 curies of tritium. 8 Curies ~ 315 MBq. or 315 Million disintegrations per second. Better signs can have up to 15 tritium tubes or just use more tritium fewer tubes. They can use over 25 Curies of tritium, or 1.2 GBq/sec

        There may be some way to powder a relatively flat surface with thin layers of phosphors to find any ground deposits emitting radiation, but you would need something like nightvision classes or a night-shot video camera to pick out the specs. Alpha particles also should show up well. They produce a trail of disturbed electrons in their wake and might be seen as streaks or lines.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Yes, instead of spending everything on manufacturing lies and propaganda, all manner of items on the *solution* side of the equation should be vigorously pursued.

  • or-well

    Decontaminate mountains!
    It's cleaning up on deceit –
    profit fountains, all corporate neat.
    Don't get in a tizzy!
    We'll scrub an area
    as big as New Jersey!
    Easy-peasey neat-as-a-pin –
    counting on help from J-Gov spin.
    So it's a myth, a Big Lie, a fake –
    along with dead leaves there's money to rake!

  • omniversling

    "profit fountains"….
    another disgusting gem Orwell…thnx!

    • or-well

      stock, omni,Thanks…I think…
      I have been happy with some that are longer
      knowing, of course, boredom`s a danger –
      or using imagery somewhat stranger –
      but then I can always be ignored
      as I`m just a small o on a chat board.

      • omniversling

        Orwell, I'm sure I speak for many enenewsers when I say "thankyou" from the bottom of my heart that you bring such dazzling creativity to this board, which is mostly revealing and mapping the destruction of our living lifeboat..that you present such a response (so often and with such insight and clever reference) in the face of despair is testimony to the best of humankind…an absolutely essential quality in these challenging times…hope and creativity will (IMHO) be the foundation for any chance of remediation…

        you are so very far above '0' in my estimation!

        (ps. I hope you are 'cut and pasting' your poems into a folio of your own…and would consider publishing/blogging them as an anthology of sorts)

        • or-well

          omniversling, long ago I had to confront living without hope.
          Or so it seemed then. More than once I`ve faced the other option. I learned it`s not my way. It`s not Humanitys way.
          When I first came here, I was just glad to find actual news and discusion. When I started posting, with little to offer…
          I don`t know why I started rhyming, its not something I ever did.
          Hence, the amusing (to me) scenario of Fingers the bodyhost and or-well the independent voice.
          I dismissed approval as motivation, acknowledging its nice but not necessary. All I wanted was to offer a sideways door to thinking about things. Perhaps a tickle or fleabite to perception, mostly to those out there who never comment.
          I am so often surprised at what comes off the keyboard. Sometimes rage, sometimes bleakness, sometimes quite other than what I loosely have in mind to start with.
          I still strive for spontaneous, impromptu rhymation. Most of what is here is that, but not all, and lately, I`ve been recycling more often…
          As for the future, I am terribly challenged by a dung-powered computer and my own vast techno-illiteracy, but yes, I have collected my stuff and, well, there`s a lot no one has seen, so ….
          I wonder sometimes if the process of contribution isn`t more selfish than anything else…perhaps healing, in a way…then I see posts directed to me (!), like yours, and I think Fingers and or-well have some slight value.
          Thank you!

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            or-well my friend , you are a beautifull wild flower , keep rhyming those colors ad-rem with pride pls

            Here is a litle story that maybe can pick you up a litle.

            The other day i went to a hardware store for something they had to make on the spot , small talk started from the price to inflation , to

            insustainability of the capitalistic system based on forever expanding profit and grow and infinite inflation of value on a limited, living space.
            From there to pollution to atomic bomb testing to global warming to untamed forever fukushima polluting the pacific ocean and therefore our main oxigen provider . Finishing with the global "insult all

            intelligence to death" nuclear PR campaign to keep him happy and s(m)ilent while being murdered. I told him about this site , spelled its name

            I went to the front of the store to pay, then headed exit . I heard the clerks voice slightly raised and intensified , loud , but not yelling ;
            Keep Fighting !!!

            • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

              In my barfly day's , playing poker i alway's listen to the intonation of voice to detect a lie , not so much the body language .
              Something struck me , he's voice was almost commanding, i turned around and staired at him , he staired , quit intense, back . The hair on my spine raised , because he was dead serious , ..he was not mocking me , he was asking me to keep fighting for "them" too , the enslaved shackledraggers kept in the dark….
              A strong smile of grattitude commanded my face open , and i nodded a few times to assure him , both still staring .
              I left , but that really put my day in a different light..

              • or-well

                DID, wow, great story!
                Isn't it amazing, when one hears something in anothers voice, that quality of deeper content than whats gone before…
                Your story DOES pick me up!
                I often wonder how many are "out there", reading here, never posting, feeling isolated and alone in their awareness of events, or struggling to find info.
                You know of course, or-well is going to steal some of your phrases – like "happy and s(m)ilent" :)…

          • moonshellblue moonshellblue

            Or-well, I do think this board is cathartic but it's not selfish as we all contribute and receive in our unique individual processes. And yes you are an important enenewser as everyone tosses lines which some catch and others wade on but eventually latch on to words of recognition.

            • JHewes76 JHewes76

              Okay, I had to look that word up – I wasn't sure to clap, or boo. (I still don't) 😀

            • or-well

              Hi moonshellblue, yes, I agree, cathartic at times, and depressing at times too, and I have to admit some of my stuff must be in the depressing category.
              Its hard to balance confronting hard reality with optimism that isn't simple "happy bubble" stuff.
              I know "happy bubblers". They don't know. Or don't want to. Sometimes I envy them.
              I try and remember how many are struggling with all that's going on quite apart from Fuku and nukes.
              Remember James2? Passionate! He was once a pro-nuker. But, like you say, he latched on, and thats hopeful.

              • amberlight amberlight

                or-well, I hear you loud and clear. I know that my own comments must seem sarcastic and ironic at times, but it's a way of letting off some steam without committing a felony offense! LOL!

                "happy bubblers" Yep, I know a few. A family member once commented (after we dropped some 9/11 truth bombshells on her) that there just wasn't any time in her life to think about that stuff! Lovely person, but living in a media-moderated cocoon and committing slow suicide with Diet Coke…

              • richard richard

                Ignorance is bliss.

                Awareness is a lode stone.

                • or-well

                  richard, yes, awareness as lodestone, with the power of attraction.
                  (I had to look it up! I always thought it was a reference to something magical. Hmm, maybe awareness does have a magic to it…)

              • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

                Hi or-well, the anti-nuke bunny poem of yours is still pinned to the wall at my desk. I don't think I'll take it off before I retire 🙂
                Probably not even then, as we still have "to give that plant a lickin'" in 2043…


                • or-well

                  Hi BandB, that reminds me that, what we may not be receptive to one day, we may be the next.
                  Or what works for one may not work for another.
                  Enenews offers anti-nukers a lot of approaches.
                  I hope we maintain that diversity.

            • Maggie123

              ENE in my experience is a very real, and vibrant, mutually supporting community for a place to discuss it's focus (Fukushima and related nuclear), related (Sinkhole, etc) and wider world views and concerns. I'm truly impressed at information shared, opinions respected, problems discussed, new understanding reached, honest passionate disagreement allowed and the community holds! Kudos to Admin and all participants!

              • amberlight amberlight

                Right on, Maggie! I appreciate all your insights. Although I read many of the articles on sites like Alex Jones, every time I make the mistake of perusing the posted comments I wonder why I just wasted time reading through so much obscenity-laced, racist, sexist, anti-Muslim/Jewish/Christian/Mormon/Catholic/etc. drivel just to find the occasional intelligent observation!

                We don't have to agree on everything (except for the folly of nuclear proliferation), but civility is always the best policy. Hooray for ENE!

        • PurpleRain PurpleRain

          I hope Or-well is doing that too. at the very least you should be putting together an ebook of prose/poetry and I'm sure many would offer to help with any graphic images to go along with it. Your writing is very good and deserves to be shared even further.

          • or-well

            Oh! PurpleRain! How I wish there was a forum here for graphic artists to share anti-nuke imagery!
            Here, or somewhere.
            The power of one simple image can be so tremendous,
            especially for very visually oriented folks.
            Me? Ha! I can't draw stick people.
            I come late to the 'puter party, but more and more I am coming to see the "e" format ahead for me.
            Thank you for the compliment.

  • JHewes76 JHewes76

    or… Greenpeace needs to invent a fluorescent dye that glows in the presence of B*llsh!t. Evidently it's running rampant in Japan 😉

  • JHewes76 JHewes76

    Let's see Synthetic Genomics make a life-form to eat THIS crap.

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      Be careful what you wish for.. If they do develop a GMO slug that eats radiation, it might just go after us, after it devolves into a GMO virus with no cure.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Not just exclusion zone. All over. And impossible to clean up. This is what a broken reactor does, folks.

    • JHewes76 JHewes76

      Absolutely. I think the big question is how long do we have. How long will the water supply remain drinkable, and the soil usable for crops. I believe Tepco, and the World's Leadership (if you can call it that) are not saying anything – because their is nothing to say that won't cause mass panic and chaos. I hope I'm wrong.

      • amberlight amberlight

        Not to worry, JHewes. I'm sure Monsatan is tweaking plant genes right now to grow in soil that is glowing with radioactivity. And who needs potable water when there are plenty of soft drinks sweetened with HFCS or aspartame available? Big Pharma is sure to come up with a drug or vaccine to neutralize radiation poisoning, so relax!

        • JHewes76 JHewes76

          According to this you and I, and most others here are what you call "Realists"

          • amberlight amberlight

            Great find! I've already forwarded the "cartoon of the day" to family & friends!

          • Songie Songie

            I am one of the silent ones. Reading the ENE article gives me information, but reading the blog comments give me hope. A thin hope by knowing that at least other folks out there realize what is going on. My friends think I am whacked. Thanks to all for sharing your humanity. Love the cartoon!!

            • or-well

              Hi Songie and Welcome! I think there's more than a few reading here that share your experience.

            • JHewes76 JHewes76

              Yeah, I know what you mean… I tried to explain to my neighbor how George W. and Obama had/have been "ruling by decree" – bypassing Congress – taking away our liberties .. like they were monarchs.

              He looked at me like I was an escaped mental patient.

              So I just told hime to go back to sleep 🙂

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        I've been wondering the same things… and wondering when the you know what will hit the fan regarding the health of the larger population in Tokyo and when that will become even more evident. (It's NOT that I want anyone at all to get sick or to suffer or parents and friends and family to shed soo many tears…but sadly, I think it will require all of their pain and all of their breath to be able to go up against these powerful nuke-people and plants…. And by the way, I don't always agree with people here, but I do agree with amberlight and with Maggie that it is good to have this spot on Enenews to talk and share on these very important topics. Thanks eveyone for letting me chime in with my own 2-cents in the wee -hours usually. And thanks for educating me some too.

      • Anthony Anthony

        I think you are exactly correct.

  • help the NRC assess itself….well I did, they were spewing propaganda worse than tritium, pretending that nuke helps the "security of the US"

    here is my response
    "security of this nation", hmmmm, how so?

    When the spent fuel pools are obvious terrorist targets, and a 82 Year Old nun can sneak in.

    Visit and leave a comment to help them "assess themselves"

    Also if we place some simple and true comments and force them to censor the comments, we can then document their existence as a dangerous promotional agency.

  • I could never figure why they were attempting a 'cleanup' in the first place and taking the risk of further exposure while three meltdowns continue emitting radiation.

    It's like trying to mop the floor with a hose flowing or perhaps bailing water from a sinking ship with a used styrofoam cup.

    And to top it all off, the concept of burning the 'contaminated' items really 'boggles' my mind.

    Seriously, I just don't get it. (?)

  • ftlt

    Especially, when you are burning the contaminated debris over and over and there is an open oozing meltdown in the neighborhood…


    Really, some of these headline staements are over the top

  • pcjensen

    finally, it has been said and published as fact.

    • amberlight amberlight

      Wellll, I can't read the Japanese sources, but I don't believe any of these published statements came from Tepco or Japanese government officials. Dr. Helen Caldicott has been raising the alarm for many years. We have yet to hear truth from the lips of those responsible for this mess.

  • Sol Man

    This proves the unlimited human stupidity, much like the re-hypothecated dollars to infinity, and the fed's balance to the same. But, there very definitely are limits, like how much radiation that we can take before we are no longer.

  • tasteslikedaniel

    I live in eastern washington and all my sinks have readings of over 100 cpm, which according to radiation network is an alert level. Just figured Id alert you guys, this shit kinds sucks

    instead of buying the next iphone buy a geiger counter fools!

    • vital1 vital1

      Here in Australia, at my location, average background levels are increasing compared to the 4 year recorded average. As we come into summer, more Northern Hemisphere air, breaks through the equatorial barrier into the Southern air flows.

      The background level increases are significant, and can be clearly seen from analysis of the long term data. There are lots of coloured coded charts at this monitoring site that make it clear what is happening over time at our location.

      You really need long term data recording and analysis, to clearly determine what is happening in any location. Spot peak observations and alerts are helpful, but not good enough to fully understand what is happening.

      Here is a page with information on setting up charting for long term recorded data analysis for those who have a Geiger counter and are Interested.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    This might help to determine the best time to stay indoors for those living in Washington and Australia as well as the rest of us.

    The jet streams just like the oceans are carrying this radiation contamination around the globe daily, but it will fall and bio-accumulate especially were the eddies occur much more rapidly.

    Soon we may all have to live our lives indoors or even underground as the new background radiation levels continue to rise worldwide.

    • asuperdry asuperdry

      I tell you what Obewan, the next time one of those reactors blow, say good bye to the northern hemisphere of this planet.