Reports: “Experts agree many species of wildlife and fisheries are endangered globally due to large release of radioactivity into ocean” at Fukushima — “Has Fukushima radiation entered New Zealand ecosystem?”

Published: March 27th, 2014 at 2:09 pm ET


New Zealand Herald, Mar. 27, 2014: Has Fukushima radiation entered NZ’s ecosystem? — Scientists are to check whether New Zealand muttonbirds that spend the winter off the coast of Japan have been exposed to radiation from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant. In a new pilot study, University of Auckland scientists will investigate whether radioactive cesium has entered the New Zealand ecosystem or food chain via the birds. […] researchers will test the birds’ feathers for gamma rays that indicate the presence of the radioactive isotope cesium-134.

Voice of Russia, Mar. 27, 2014: Researchers from the University of Auckland will conduct a pilot study to establish whether radiation has entered the New Zealand ecosystem or food chain via the birds. The research aims to determine the degree to which the mutton bird population of the country was exposed to radiation from Fukushima. […] Experts agree that many species of wildlife and fisheries are endangered globally due to the large release of radioactivity into the ocean in the wake of the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami that resulted in a meltdown of three nuclear reactors of the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Moreover, radioactive water continues to leak into the Pacific Ocean to this day.

Yahoo! New Zealand, University of Auckland, Mar. 27, 2014: Scientists from the University of Auckland will undertake research to test whether New Zealand muttonbirds that spend the winter off the coast of Japan may have been exposed to radiation from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant. […] funded by the Lottery Health Research fund with $26,028 for a pilot study to investigate whether radioactive cesium has entered the New Zealand ecosystem or food chain via the birds. Researchers will test the birds’ feathers for gamma rays that indicate the presence of the radioactive isotope cesium-134. […] “detection of gamma rays would tell us whether the birds spend sufficient time near Fukushima to accumulate cesium-134 from nuclear fission. Obviously the issue would then become whether that radioactivity is being absorbed into local ecosystems or the food chain” [said Dr David Krofcheck of the University of Auckland.]

See also: [intlink id=”unusual-event-birds-returning-fukushima-area-troubling-symptoms-ive-never-birds-poor-condition-new-zealand-appear-able-find-food-north-pacific” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: March 27th, 2014 at 2:09 pm ET


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195 comments to Reports: “Experts agree many species of wildlife and fisheries are endangered globally due to large release of radioactivity into ocean” at Fukushima — “Has Fukushima radiation entered New Zealand ecosystem?”

  • Socrates

    The canaries in the coal mine, as far as Fukushima's effect on the environment is concerned, are the birds that migrate to New Zealand. The children of Fukushima are also proof of the terrible damage caused by meltdowns.

    This isn't all; in normal operation, NPP give off vast amounts of harmful radionuclides. As nuke plants age, discharges increase.

    I am waiting to see if the birds return to my backyard. The butterflies and bees are greatly diminished in the past decade. I photograph the birds. Hummingbirds are fewer in number. A rapid wildlife decline is in progress. All rabbits disappeared. There were too many to even have a vegetable garden even a few years ago. Now, there are none. I cannot say what is causing such a decline.

    I did photograph some porpoises at Torrey Pines State Beach. I wonder if starving seal and sea lion pups will be seen on the beaches this summer.

  • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

    James Cameron is going to be Furious!

  • Nick

    NZ in the future:

    Muttonbird Research Results:

    Scientists discovered plutonium, uranium, americium, polonium, cesium 137, and more in bird feathers.

    Since the study was designed to FIND cesium 134 and none was found, it was determined that everyone can relax.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Hi Nick, am assuming the info. you gave above is from the study. Hmmn. Guess I need to read the study.

      About as reassuring as watching the woman giving the presentation on the HEPA filters during the meeting re: WIPP last week.

      "If you don't see it, it just isn't there." Or so they say or imply.

  • from the NZ herald article:

    "Radiation has declined to acceptable levels"

    acceptable to who exactly?

  • GQR2

    Look they are testing at reasonable cost. How do they do that,its remarkable not even 30,000 dollars and they have a testing program.

    Tells you something about the negligent greedy nonsense going on this country. It doesn't cost that much to test for radiation.

    • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

      Couldn't we buy a scintillation counter for about 1,300$?
      As I type this I am listening to children playing on the playground on the rain :l

  • I just received an email from the CDC, US invasive cancer rates are DOWN, from 2009 to 2010. And they are also promoting ACA in this email.

    Hmmmm, so this begs the question, what about 2011, 2012, 2013. Now I can understand if 2013 is not completed yet. But 2011 and 2012 should be duck soup to put together the stats. Surely hospitals report this kind of information, especially since every cancer is either going to be an insurance claim, or a 'business writeoff' when the hospital has to provide care to someone with no means.

    So, I called media relations and spoke with Brittany, who promised to get an answer to when the 2011,12,13 would be out.

    Press Release

    Embargoed until: Thursday, March 27, 2014, 1:00pm ET
    Contact: CDC Media Relations
    (404) 639-3286

    U.S. invasive cancer rates slightly down from 2009 to 2010

    Preventive services like HPV vaccination and colorectal cancer screening are important tools in reducing cancer rates

    New Cancer cases per 100,000
    Entire Graphic

    Rates of invasive cancer cases among U.S. men and women dropped slightly from 459 per 100,000 persons in 2009 to 446 per 100,000 persons in 2010, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The highest rates were for prostate, female breast, lung and bronchus, and colon and rectum cancers, which together accounted for half of all cancer cases in the United…

    • Hot and Bothered Hot and Bothered

      "cancer rates are DOWN, from 2009 to 2010"
      Such amazing news! Those were the golden years I'm sure.

    • KidIcarus KidIcarus

      Great work, stock (as per usual – I'm a big fan). But I'm not holding my breath for the release of that data. 😉

      I ran into a similar problem when trying to research mortality rates. No recent data available post-2011.

      Hmmm…… enough to make a paranoid person think they have something to hide. But that's just crazy talk – must be the iPhone charger I've been licking.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Hi stock, noticed same. It seems to be taking an awfully long time for the post-2010 stats to come out.

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        Maybe that's why they wanted the government shut-down…so they wouldn't be able to work on the stats…and no one would be at the EPA when they moved some more poison around the country either.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Stock, pls. check blog site for topic you & I were discussing. You posted your article on 3/18. Check conments there, please.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      @stock; If you haven't already sent your inquiry yet,please ask them "why" has the standard "5 yr. treatment plan" for cancer(s) just been changed to 10 years now according to our faqvorite oncology nurse??!! It disgusts me to no end that they'd dare to cite statistics from anything earlier than 2011 to add to the bullshit being fed their victims! I've been equally pissed off whenever I see nature shows on TV from earlier than 2011-12 that implies the species we KNOW have been decimated SINCE 311 are "thriving" as they probably WERE before the nuke-pukes got through with them[?]!! EVERYTHING has changed since then and the species that have been lost will never be likely to return with the exception of lab experimentation into cloning,etc. which is NOT the work of Mother Nature!! I'm far from a "socialite",in fact I was about as much of a recluse & hater of my own species as one can be via available methods of removing oneself from society & unnecessary human interaction,but the onset of my wife's cancer & the things I've seen during my "forced" involvement with other people allowed me a reeducation & different perspective after witnessing the sickness,suffering & death in addition to the innocence & good-hearted people I've met that also allowed me to see the differences between the "elite" nuke-puke mindset & the majority of their victims and it's both deeply humbled & HURTS me more than I can ever find the words to describe! 🙁 My heart goes out to ALL…

    • Jebus Jebus

      😯 Nobody died after 3/11/11…

    • Jebus Jebus

      1112 days of ecocidal murder.

      Pathologically, of course…

    • Nuclear-Free-Zone

      Don't expect a miracle…. It seems like World History 101 was terminated in Feb. of 2011…especially for anyone in the official release of information arenas…
      I contacted people in OSU Marine Science careers on the Oregon coast thinking I'd get an objective overview… MAYBE I did… They say the last testing they know of was done EIGHTEEN MONTHS AGO! and that was on a few Albacore tuna… I guess we're safe then. If you push these folks too hard for answers they experience anxiety disorders and have to take mental-health days…
      Those really throw my golf game off… soooo upsetting.

    • name999 name999

      ….and soaring rates of autism…

    • Fall out man!

      Brilliant Nick! Diabetes (all diseases actually) was one of the things that emerged from Chernobyl as being a sign of low level fallout exposure. Low level radiation increases its likelihood. The powers that be are so focused on focusing public attention on cancer, that they forgot to bury the diabetes stats.

      The other big one of course is heart disease and stroke. That is what tends to kill off the victims of fallout long before cancer gets them. In that sense, I think the focus on cancer is a deliberate side track. By (permanently) damaging the genome, radiation weakens the whole organism, and all subsequent generations.

      • Fall out man!

        hmmm…. CDC heart disease stats appear to stop in 2010. Found a graph by year… stopped in 2010
        Check out this page, the first item is heart disease stats… stops in 2010.

        The liers know exactly what they are doing…

        Maybe someone can prove me wrong. They must have the stats by now. But likely just don't want to put them on the same chart. Likely also don't like putting them on a public web site.

        • Fall out man!

          Had a quick look around. Both CDC and American Heart Association appear to have nothing after 2010. 4 years on, that surprises me. But then, they do have a lot to hide. The powers that be talk about an epidemic of heart disease and diabetes, and quite rightly can blame it on bad diet etc. But then, we've had bad diets and lifestyles long before the heart disease "epidemic". Chernobyl showed that low level radiation exposure causes heart disease and diabetes. I do wonder if the focus on diet alone (often demonising things like butter and animal fat that have now been shown not to be the problem) are in fact a cover up for the nuke industry.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Turned on Coast to Coast and they are covering the Fukushima disaster. 🙂

            Maybe they do get it and will lead the way in helping to get this Nuclear Technology shut down worldwide! 🙂

        • wildandfree wildandfree

          Fall Out Man, was doing my own research as well, only attempting to find details in Canada instead of the US, thought I could extrapolate a bit of info to the west coast anyway. Found most stop in 2011 or earlier in the CN stats as well. Check

          40,000 cardiact arrest deaths in CN in 2012 I imagine that will be climbing.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      When one is forced to eat and drink and breath manmade ionizing radiation that is not suppose to be here, I guess many diseases will flourish from the radiation contamination ingestation.. 🙁

  • Mozer

    Has anybody else seen the marvelous technology CNN (you know, the jackass who stated fuku radiation was no different than radiation from the sun- hint: Chad Meyer) has for us today regarding the missing jet? Just wondering where all the technology is when we need to track, say, atmospheric and water releases from a triple meltdown.

    I feel horrible about the missing persons on that flight, don't misinterpret, but I am damn tired of this bullshit where we cannot get facts and data regarding releases of radiation…be it Fukushima, Hanford, WIPP – hell, too many to list! Just Saying………


      and you're correct, Mozer. It's unbelievable…

    • Helena Handbasket Helena Handbasket

      I was at a Zen meditation session (zazen) the other night, and the leader actually interrupted the silent sitting period with an update on the missing plane! The media has certainly plugged into a raw nerve with this story.


        diversion, Helena Handbasket, barely touches upon the forces at play and how we find ourselves in this current situation. It's a magic show, unlike any seen before. I'm just waiting on the lions and sacrificial 'lambs' to complete the ritual…

        • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

          Yes it's a diversion, theater, and magic, complete with "Elvis sightings" now and then.

          My guess is the slow news cycle combined with the fact that the MSM narrative for the other major news events in the Ukraine doesn't stand up to much scrutiny. Looks less like a revolution and more like a nation tricked into decapitating itself followed by a tag team of East and West picking clean the corpse.

          Problem is Russia looks to be getting everything it could want: Crimea, all the LNG in the East of Ukraine (after Russia "rescues" the Eastern half of ethnic Russians from oppression and austerity) along with half of the "bread basket" of Europe to lease to the Chinese at sweetheart rates.

          The west gets to beat its chest by pushing NATO one "nation" closer to Moscow, at the expense of taking on another beggar state, a western Ukrainian "rump state" that can't heat itself in the winter run by Nazi thugs to boot.

          And why Nazis? It wasn't bad enough we're supporting Al Qaeda in Syria even though we're still at "war" with Al Qaeda by Congressional decree? (ahem, isn't that technically treason then).

          As far as the plane goes, the MSM reporting is obviously a joke. Who knows what happened to it.

          • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

            My guess is the plane was hijacked by the pilot who took it to its operational ceiling of 45K ft in order to more quickly incapacitate the passengers and crew suddenly by surprise. After slowly going dark to avoid as much tracking as possible, he went west over the Maldives.

            And then after not responding to civilian and military challenges, the plane was shot down, shot down without authorities being sure whether the passengers were alive or dead or whether the pilot intended to land in, say, Pakistan, or try for a Mumbai II by crashing it into a city. No one wants the decision to be second guessed so no one will say.

      • GQR2

        wow i would leave that Zendo quick!

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Makes me want to move to Madagascar. If that's even safe. But they don't accept immigrants, as a rule.

  • weeman

    Let's be serious if every living thing on earth was checked for radioactive elements, depending on the sensitivity of the equipment, they would all come back positive from the accidental realeased, accidents, above ground nuclear explosions, natural occurring isotopes, etc, etc, etc.
    Background radiation levels are on the rise and have been rising since the first a-bomb was detonated, this is not sustainable, we need coralation, not exasperation and annilation.
    Not the democracy we signed up for, we the people, for the people, by the people, words to live and die by.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Secrecy and deflection along with gobs of tax/rate payer monies spent in the right places seems to have a way of changing a republic's definition of democracy… 🙁

  • Absorbed into ecosystems.

    "Obviously the issue would then become whether that radioactivity is being absorbed into local ecosystems or the food chain” – said Dr David Krofcheck

    Obviously… Of course it is, and the radioactive contamination will continue to accumulate. Pandora's Box is spewing and will continue to spew longer than anybody ever dreamed!

    It does not require a degree to figure this out.

    Here's my recent BIRD COMMENT:

    >>> March 27, 2014 at 12:45 am · Web Cam Forum.

    Observed several BIRDS landing near the base of the central tower.

    Mar 27, 13:20 jst approximate

    I can't help but think that these INNOCENT CREATURES do not have protective suits or shoes.

    When they preen their feathers or land on something they ARE CONTAMINATED.

    If the eat something radioactively contaminated they are further contaminated. Then, wherever they poop or die or whatever eats them, becomes contaminated.

    The spot where their contaminated body dies on could be near a child's playground miles away or in a rice field far away. We'll never know.

    This cycle of CONTINUOUS SPREAD does not stop until such time as the decay rate of the isotope is no longer HAZARDOUS TO LIFE.

    Everything that MOVES SPREADS it around.

    Some birds travel tremendous distances.
    Many are never coming back. Ever!

    We are witnessing the primary GROUND ZERO of the spread of death and suffering.
    _ 🙁 _


      and they still haven't told us, ChasAha, what's killing the Eagles. Sadness marks my days…

    • melting mermaid melting mermaid

      We knocked on the Devil's door and he swung it wide open for us. God help us. I sure hope they spent those lost trillions on some kind of Wall-e like living quarters in outer space for us, but I doubt it.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    This would be a correct summary of varied biological dispersion events and long term ecosystem impacts.. 🙂

  • For We Not They Finally, in support of your meeting

    Very important, many hours put into this effort, anyone who can contact WNTF directly should advise them immediately.

    stock out

    Link to download in on the blog below

  • 4Warnd 4Warnd

    Am planning a trout fishing trip to Colorado end of April.

    Question: to eat the fish, or not? That is the question.

    any rad reports? informed replies, appreciated.

    • name999 name999

      4warnd, and that is now how we have to think about going into the natural world…a loss too great to comprehend…

    • Cisco Cisco

      Colorado is one of the worst radiologically polluted regions in the USA, not to mention the lead pollution and associated other heavy metals that pollute some of its streams/rivers…like the Arkansas River.

      If you're going there for fresh air and clean waters, you should to consider other trout fishing regions because of the known risks associated with being in Colorado. FYI…Denver's daily background counts, from my observations over the last 3 years, has been consistently 7 to 10 times higher than high/average background at 32-35 CPM's. See Denver at

      If you must go there and fish, I suggest a catch and release approach.

      • Cisco Cisco

        4Warnd…Colorado is one of the worst radiologically polluted regions in the USA, not to mention the lead pollution and associated other heavy metals that pollute some of its streams/rivers…like the Arkansas River.

        If you're going there for fresh air and clean waters, you should to consider other trout fishing regions because of the known risks associated with being in Colorado. FYI…Denver's daily background counts, from my observations over the last 3 years, have been consistently 7 to 10 times higher than high/average background at 32-35 CPM's. See Denver at

        If you must go there and fish, I suggest a catch and release approach. Good luck…better wear some form of filtration on the plane!

      • 4Warnd 4Warnd

        Well, now I am suddenly saddened….

        on the other hand, I have olden flies tied in youth and there are fish to be fought!

        Cheers, Cisco!

    • jimbob jimbob

      Go fishing, eat the fish.

      Do not feed it to your grandchildren, they have longer to live.

      Many years ago I also tied my own flies.

      My favorite was a marabou (sp?) leach, it worked in all lakes.

      Not a dry fly fisherman I preferred the wet flies.

      I live on Vancouver Island and know the fish in areas around me have been radiated but I still eat them.

      We are all going to die one day and if you let fear stop you from doing the things you love you are already dead.

      By the way if using a graphite rod be very wary of electrical storms, it is like waving around a lightning rod. I know this from first hand experience.

      As to the topic at hand I live in Brentwood Bay on the outskirts of Victoria and bird populations seemed to decrease sharply after Fukushima happily they seem to be recovering this year.

      I have been watching a flock of doves in the field beside my house for weeks now, a very pretty sight.

      Another strange thing after 3/11 our Sweet William carnations that would typically only grow to 6 to 8 inches tall suddenly started to grow to 12 to 18 inches or more, all our neighbors were asking for seeds. Was it a result of radiation I'll never know but I have my suspicions.

      • Ontological Ontological

        Interesting report about the roses TY. The term pissing on the roses never had such an evil ring before.

      • Gasser Gasser

        Tomorrows Fukushima Diichi Fish Recipe

        1. Add 2 qt of Tritium water in a Recycled radioactive stainless steel pot.

        2. Add 1 tea spoon of concentrated Bucky Balls.

        3. Peel the Zirconium cladding from an imported Fukushima Plutonium pellet.

        4. In a China lead laced ceramic bowl, MOX marinate the Plutonium pellet with 2 table spoons of Berkeley Pico fine ground Uranium 235 in 5 oz of Joe's North Dakota Flamable Fracked Well Water.

        5. When you see Cherenkov cobalt blue kitchen shine haze emitting from the bowl, add a pinch of Americium and Flerovium to enhance taste.

        6. When the Tritium water comes to a hard boil, add 1 cup full of Bayou Corn brackish oil slick water, continue to boil it to a high Radon fume level for it to become a thick zesty Actinide hot sauce.

        7. When the Teflon Geiger counting frying pan handle reads 5.3 sievert's add 1/4 cup of Louisiana fresh off the slick BP Cortex.

        8. When the BP Cortex begins to snap, crackle and pop, and before it explodes, lay your imported filleted organic Antarctica Cod in the rad hot pan and fry to a golden Isotopes brown.

        9. Pour the zesty Actinide/Bucky Ball sauce over the high CPM Cod for the annual Nuclear IAEA Bonus Banquet and serve it with Boron coated tongs in a clean white Hell's Kitchen lead lined Hazmatt suit…Bon Appetite!

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        There are different varieties of sweet william som are tall and some small hybrids . Nursery could have mistagged .

  • Nick


    You can't have fun fishing if you don't eat them over a campfire after a long day of hiking. Yeah, there may be some rads in the fish but you are getting dosed from other directions as well.

    My general advice is, carry on, no reason to live in fear since we are getting hosed anyway.

    Example: A strict vegan who eats only soybeans for protein might not realize that the beans are imported from Japan, and as a consequence get MORE cesium 134/137, strontium-90, plutonium, etc than a meat eater from the east coast eating grass fed beef from Vermont.

    Besides, the air gets breathed. Particles go in. The fish ain't gonna kill ya….yet.

    • atomicistheword


      One must also ponder are those soybeans of genuine nature or imposter clones containing poisons as well as atomic radiations?

      GMO = Genetic Monster Organisation

      their motto "we replace nutrition for a quick buck and the rights to nature"

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      I'm a vegan who eats neither rice nor soybeans for 40 years. And I am very much alive. Christie Brinkley is also vegan. As are many, many other people.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        Radiation poisoning can kill in 1 hour or less, or in one or two years. It just depends on what you want. Today's pleasures or helping others tomorrow.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        I have to eat vegan and 100% raw or I have terrible digestive problems. To be happy today I have to eat vegan and raw. I follow the daylight diet of Paul Nison.

        • i know i know

          Does it surprise anyone that nuclear supporters also support GMOs ??

          google and read:

          “John Tjostem – GMOs & Atomic Fission Enable a Sustainable Future” – Rod Adams

        • razzz razzz

          VanneV: Might try apple cider vinegar (red) either contained in capsules or taking a swig or two immediately chased by water esp. after a meal.

          There is a host of different supplements and herbs (gentle or aggressive) you can try while finding something that might relieve problems (Myrrh Gum capsules would be one that is gentle).

          If fresh slices of common fruits cause discomfort then stew them (lightly heat them up) before eating to see if they settle any better in your stomach. If you can not handle simple sugars from ripe fruits you might have serious problems. I'd try (activated) charcoal in capsules to absorb and neutralize unwanted acids or elements, pretty much harmless in loss dose in any other respects. Sometimes Boron tabs will knockoff unwanted bacteria and make you feel better but only use occasionally.

          Bulk is still important to 'wipe' the innards out and get things moving along i.e. fresh made sauerkraut (stewed cabbage) but can be somewhat potent.

          Other than that, make sure to lightly steam or stew or cook meals as that helps breakdown proteins (like pre-digestion).

  • 4Warnd 4Warnd

    alright then!

    carry on with my flies – tied years ago!

    and, eat up.

  • Crickets Crickets

    One of the big news stories in the U.S. these days is about abortion and "religious freedom." Do the people not see the absurdity of it all? All of these nuclear waste/Fuku fukups that threaten the health and lives of babies being born, and we're expected to take some interest in a debate about birth control? I'm quickly losing hope in the future of mankind.

  • Nick

    I have withheld telling this story about DNA…..

    In my youth, I had a lady friend who was a pioneer in yeast DNA recombination at Harvard. She was one smart cookie, and I admired her research immensely. We lost touch but I am certain that her efforts helped humans to map the human genome.

    I know a bit about DNA and the cellular processes. It is my belief that we are going to see a spike in birth defects everywhere.

    I even doubt that I can count on genetically "normal" grandchildren.

    When you mess with DNA, it is game over.

  • 4Warnd 4Warnd

    Then there is this: Miguel de Unamuno….

    "This thought that I must die and the enigma of what will come after death is the very palpitation of my consciousness. When I contemplate the green serenity of the fields or look into the depths of clear eyes through which shines a fellow-soul, my consciousness dilates, I feel the diastole of the soul and am bathed in the flood of the life that flows about me, and I believe in my future; but instantly the voice of mystery whispers to me, “Thou shalt cease to be!” the angel of Death touches me with his wing, and the systole of the soul floods the depths of my spirit with the blood of divinity."

    Miguel de Unamuno, The Tragic Sense of Life, pg. 45

  • Southbound Southbound

    My heart sank when I read this headline. I plan on moving to NZ for a while to experience the country and get out of the northern hemisphere for a while and see if I can move there permanently. Our future is more uncertain than ever.

    Shut them down. Shut them all down!

    • ShutItAllDown

      Fukushima is going to ruin the entire planet, eventually. It's just a matter of deciding if you want to be in the early deaths or the last ones to go, as to where you move to.

    • atomicistheword


      I'm a new Zealand citizen, my GOD told me to move to the Gold Coast in Queensland where my little parrot friends are. Now I feed them Aldi rasin bread, I get the Australian rasins, they get the bread. I don't eat sandwich bread, my bread comes from heaven.

      I do miss NZ, but my life is here now. New Zealand told America to stick there atomic bomb ships and won. See you can defeat leviathan if you have the balls to say no. Unfortunately Australia was nuted with leather deficiency syndrome. Preffering to sell yellow cake to monsters.

      • Angela_R


        We were born as part of the natural world, but some have lost that way. In your new home you may have heard this story which could teach us all a lesson:

        here is the love that man forgets to show his fellow man

        and they say that they can only 'parrot'

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Hi ..atomicistheword ..are you hearing reports of toxic algae blooms off the coastline there?.
        The RV PolarStern ferrous dumping project ..doesn't seem to have gone well.

        Fertilizing The Ocean With Iron

        Large-scale experiments will determine whether plankton can battle climate change

        The ferrous dumping is leading to increases in toxic algae blooms ..IMHO
        There was a report about dogs dying along the coast.

        Dos Dying On NZ Coast As A Result of Algae Bloom, Geo-engineering to Blame?
        Dec 12 2014

        ""We are already geoengineering the world by doing nothing," says Ken Buesseler, a biogeochemist at WHOI who supports large-scale experiments."

        Buesseler …the man with the plan.

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          20 tons..increasing the natural factor 24 times.

          Geo-Engineering in the Southern Ocean

          Paull, John (2009) Geo-Engineering in the Southern Ocean. Journal of Bio-Dynamics Tasmania (93), pp. 16-20.

          "Yes we can bloom the ocean, but because we can is not an argument that we ought. "

          Rather the problem across the board..isn't it.
          It can be done ..but is well done?

          Sorry..OT know me .. I get worked up ..about ABUSE OF THE OCEAN.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            Typo..let me fix this..
            It can be done ..but is it well done?
            I fail to understand it is Humans ..think they can repair ..physical damage oo our environment further damaging the delicate balance of nature.

            Duh..duh…mental flatline.

            • atomicistheword

              Ken would be well aware of the workings of an atomic radiation power (military weapons nucliod) manufacturing plant. The huge amounts of water required to cool the containment vessel. Life in, death out. Then increases in algal blooms caused by bio death. More reactors, more bio death. The heat let alone any radioactivity is killing our planet.

              I have heard about issues with the great barrier reef and pollution dumping.

              Something I just found out is that tomatoes and capsicums (bell peppers) are now being irradiated with cobalt 60 in Australia. The cat scandal with Canadian cat food should have warned them of the risks of irradiation. The link was a direct result of irradiated cat food. Ken would probably correlate it to eating a banana, tell that to the dead cats. Humans must be immune to cobalt 60 irradiated food???? In USA they can zap almost anything, although zapping GMO would have no nutritional damage, it never had nutrition to start with, looks pretty.

  • ShutItAllDown

    'Pacific Bluefin tuna caught off the west coast of the United States showed only a minute trace of cesium-134 from Fukushima, 100 times less than normal radioactive elements found in fish."

    So they're saying consuming radioactive caesium is as safe as consuming radioactive potassium?

  • ShutItAllDown

    "Obviously what we are hoping to find in this latest research is that cesium levels in muttonbirds do not exceed exposure levels you would expect from natural sources."

    Are there any natural sources of radioactive Caesium?

  • How many of you watched that WIPP town hall? Cant wait for the expected you tube video.

    Some questions were very pointed and they completely dodged those questions…they had no choice. But pointing out how they dodged those questions should be very powerful, in showing how dangerous the WIPP is. Some guy name Fresh was talking about 1 Billion Chickens

  • rogerthat

    A suggestion for new zealand: testing for cesium only will leave a lot of questions unanswered. buy the best equipment and be thorough; think about doing a check on people for whom mutton bird is a staple; ask neighbouring countries if anyone has tested any of the dead mutton birds that have been washing up on thousands of kilometres of coastline. there's a US scientist who was interviewed at length about a study of birds he and others were doing that happened to coincide with chernobyl. worth a look. and so on. that's if the study is designed to find out something, as opposed to the usual scientific study of radiation these days that is designed to find nothing, by looking for what's not there, or by looking in the wrong place.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Northern Hemisphere is fried. New Zealand is fine.

    Main Stream news is diverting attention away from the problem, as usual.

    • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

      New Zealand is not fine, judging fallout figures from the above ground testing years. It just took a couple more years for fallout to get there but it was nearly just as bad as the Northern Hemisphere.

      What New Zealand has going for it is that, as a "Nuke-Free" zone, it is less likely to get nuked (or have NPP plants targeted) in a hypothetical WWIII.

      On the other hand, it's possible another nuclear power might target New Zealand anyhow, as a spoiled sport, just because it's part of England and Anglophiles are using it as a friendly retreat.

  • Shaker1

    Look at they want, and I think that it's too bad there's even the need to look, but what they find will only be the crown of the mountain seen on the horizon if anything's found at all. Finding something related to Fukushima should be a given and about all that can be proved is whether the mountain has snow on the peak or doesn't. Below that peak is all the arguements and discussions and attitudes which we here have been supporting/resisting from the beginning.

    I did my weekly check of physicsforums to find another discussion of the harmfulness of radioactivity, a basic misunderstanding of the differences of energies involved and relationships in what might be mechanically represented ideas. What does one truly see in an electron microscope but a moment in a dynamic system? Again, that Newtonian world-view in a complicated world that might find more example in the metaphor of mythical cosomologies and philosophy than their imaginations and/or underlying feelings of powerlessness in its face might allow with 2-dimensional representations. What might be obvious is that at this point in the our world concentrations of what they claim as harmless has been generally sequestered and hidden, and it's irresponsible to claim that creating such concentrations are 'natural' or that life is armed in some manner to deal with such concentrations. I've no doubt that life is so armed, but see no responsible speculation or care of what that life may be. Just who has fear? They do.

  • jimbob jimbob

    When I go to my local co-op grocery to purchase fresh fish there is a sign that says all our fish products are from local waters.

  • Mack Mack

    Look at the photo of workers packaging fish in Myagi Prefecture.

    Is it normal to wear so much "protection" to package fish?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yummy, no need to cook those fish.. 🙁 Obviously very hot!

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    We are very hot and being cooked. We will be eaten by the micro organisms and bacteria that evolve through the mutations. I love the truth but sometimes reality just plain sucks.

  • Mack Mack

    "…all life is sensitive to nuclear radiation exposure, including plants, fungi, insects spiders, birds, fish, and other animals."

    "The best-studied group near Chernobyl" [BIRDS] "shows a 50 percent decrease in species richness and a 66 percent drop in abundance in the most contaminated areas, compared with normal background in the same neighborhood."

  • SadieDog

    Fukushima groundwater dumping plan accepted, to begin in May…

    • SadieDog

      – In a shift from its earlier opposition, the federation last week gave basic approval to a plan to pump up groundwater before it mixes with highly radioactive water from buildings at the plant.

  • ftlt

    Cloud seeding is done throughout the western USA. Esp. now given the drought. Every jet vapor trail is now a HARRP attack?

    This HARRP thingy on here coupled with the denial of climate change makes my head spin. And makes me wonder, who is contributing here.

    We had the earthquake in Japan that caused FUFU blamed on HARRP on here. YIKES!!!

    The loss of specie's habitat is the issue through multiple means – adding nuclear and other pollution toxins to that = the plants, animals and we humans don't stand a chance.

    HARRP SCHMARRP! While HARRP is arrogant and more of the same bad that has got us where we are quickly headed. It is NOT a major issue IMO. What's next UFOs???

    It is almost always found linked to denial of climate change with other weird strange with questionable agendas websites.

    • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

      HARRP is a mind poison meme.

      Without discussing the merits of anthropogenic global warming theory. . . assuming it's true for the purposes of argument. . . there are other more catastrophic dangers facing mankind in the next century than a few degrees and few more Venetian cities.

      Carrying capacity
      1.1% population growth per year means population doubles to 14 billion people in 63 years.

      Soil Erosion
      All of central Asia could become a "dust bowl Oaklahoma" scenario as all those residents continue burning all dung and bushes to stay warm (nothing goes back into the topsoil)

      Peak Oil
      As a practical matter global warming is "Elite" code for peak oil. It's an ideological way to reduce demand for fossil fuels, so they can keep oil prices jiggered down without causing shortages.

      Otherwise, on the backside of the Hubert curve, oil producers get rich and banking nations get poor as oil prices rise.

      • ftlt

        Alaskan: Carrying Capacity is all tied to industrialized carbon based agriculture and industry, carbon world, resource depletion and a stable climate – none of which are sustainable.

        Agreed, there must be immediate steps taken to reduce population – short of retroactive birth control. The most stringent means must be found. China was on the right track with the one baby policy.

        Water depletion is way up there. This has much to do with soil erosion – as does climate change too.

        Modern industrial groundwater dependent farming does not work over anything than the very short term. FACT!

        Peak Oil has been proven to have been ignored. Drill baby drill and fracking away anywhere. Throw deforestation in here too.

        Herbert was a guest lecturer of mine once – a brilliant man.

        The major agreed upon CC models all experience a political dumbing down – showing slower change.

        I, for one, am not willing to bet that CC is not the huge issue – the vast majority in the scientific community believe it is.

        And it is not something that is far away. 2 degrees by 2050 (with much higher at the temps at the poles) is deadly for much plant and animal life (our food). 4 degrees by 2100 is the end of the world as we know it. The social impacts will be even worse before we experience the worst CC impacts = CLIMATE NUCLEAR WARS.

        • ftlt

          The tipping points (some past?), the massive northern and tropical methane releases, ocean acidification (mass releases of H2S is a real threat here and soon), rapidly warming and dying oceans, the albedo impact effect in the polar regions, Iceland and Antarctic melts and glacier failures, the collapse of the polar oscillation, mega weather events (that kill Nukes and crops), etc. and on and on, are not things that can be stopped.

          Today's totals airborne CO2 will last for almost 100 years if we stopped all activity today – But, our rate of putting it up there continues to rise dramatically. We are now over 400 PPM regularly and screaming upwards with no slow down in sight. 550 PPM is the dead end point. We are on track for over 1000 PPM by 2100 and remember, it stays there.

          Methane though shorter lived is a massive threat whose release cannot not be controlled once the mechanism for its storage is tripped (has it been already?) (see the current totals for Tropical region peat bog releases – They are mind boggling and are just a minor % of the captured methane – Methane also breaks down into CO2 before it goes away.

          Remember, serious Climate Change will insure there is almost NO, if any, population around to worry about it. Rest assured, Climate Change will solve the population problem for us.

          Sea level rise of a few feet is a rather minor issue compared to the rest of the above. Excepting for the few 100 new FUFUs created because of it.

          • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

            My point was not to quibble about details and disputes like geologists that point out there have been colder times in the geological record with higher CO2 concentrations, or even the little ice age that is ignored by global warming researchers. . . or the "climate gate" scientific fraud revealed at Copenhagen a few years back. . . See also,


            I don't know what the truth is and neither do you.

            What I can say is that the single minded hysteria that you have agreed to surrounding the issue is driven by politics, the politics of economics, economics driven by a need to convince people to consume less because less will be produced after peak oil. . .

            • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

              Consider that the energy returned on energy invested (EROEI) of oil is about 20:1. That means if it costs one hundred dollars to get a barrel of oil out of the ground, then that oil can do two thousand dollars worth or work.

              When oil production was increasing, supply and demand favored the consumer/banking nations, who could ensure that they paid a price closer to $100 (due to competition) and then reap the full riches of the other $1900 through credit expansion.

              Once supply meets demand and then starts falling, a true arms length market price would probably be closer to somewhere in the range of $500 to $1500, depending on alternative energy availability.

              That would represent not just a shrinking world pie, but a considerable change in the proportions of the slices each nation gets–a massive wealth transfer out of the developed world.

              The only way to fix prices without shortages and lines is to lower demand, and those prices have been fixed, I guess, since before diesel became more expensive than gasoline.

              What's happened in places like Greece is one example of reducing demand.

              But global warming ideology is another method of reducing demand that the elites have latched onto pretty hard core.

              Elites can't be taken seriously until the MSM and the "scientists" they cover advocate banning private jets.

              A few private jet rides equals your lifetime carbon footprint. . .

              • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

                Of course, the billionaires flogging this all have private jets, so that won't happen.

                • ftlt

                  Alaskan: Economics and politics of greed and carbon are sadly disconnected by the false myth of a short lived flickering prosperity from the reality of what we are doing to the planet.

                  In Alaska, you don't feel and see the impacts of what is being done to the planet on a daily basis. I have lived and worked there in the past.

                  Now California, where I was born right after WW2, the growth here has been a microcosm of what has gone on all over the world in the last 70 years – the insane growth, expliotation of resources and the abuse of open space.

                  Climate Change not some dog and pony conjured trick. One that is certainly not being bought paid for by powerful interests. It is tangible – the very clouds in the sky are changed, the air stinks, there is hardly a place on earth on land where true darkness is achieved at night any longer, the land/waters are now toxic and on and on.

                  We are in a pot on a stove at boil and it cannot last.

                  Gore nailed it, when he called the truth inconvenient. People by nature, don't admit to their actions have impacts on their lives – (not talking Karma here – there is no such thing as Karma in this sense). We simply choose ignore our actions and impacts and global industrial capitalism is an extreme example of this behavior. Our planet's current biosphere's configuration is being made horribly ill by our behavior.

                  If this configuration changes dramatically, which I believe has already happened – we are doomed.

                  • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

                    I agree with you about the pollution and the consumption of natural resources within one generation.

                    You lost me with Gore, though; do you know how he became a billionaire doing this road show? Part of it was that someone paid him $500 million dollars for a defunct TV station worth a couple million at best, and then they closed it down. What do you suppose was the motivation for such a giveaway?

                    I don't even know what the wishy-washy term "climate change" means within the context of anthropogenic global warming.

                    Look people have been worshipping weather for 15,000 years. Rulers have been using astrologers, witch-doctors, high-priests, etc. to control their people by imputing their actions cause weather events, since the beginning of time. Somehow that idea strikes a resonant cord within the human psyche.

                    Remember "nuclear winter" by Carl Sagan? Big volcanos like Mt. St. Helens can put a million times more ash into the atmosphere than all the nukes on ground burst, and bring temperatures down a couple degrees for a year or two. Even bigger eruptions have been known to cause snow in summertime. But nuclear winter. . . for years? It was a well intentioned propaganda meme designed to help people respond to the danger of radioactive fallout they couldn't see or smell or touch but would kill them and their descendants. The powers that be chose weather (nuclear winter) again for a reason.

                    We agree the earth is dying for many reasons, but CO2 isn't one…

                    • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

                      Controlling CO2 emissions is the equivalent of controlling demand for oil, which then allows seamless price controls without shortages.

                    • 4Warnd 4Warnd


                      OK, so you have an opinion about Al Gore. That must, somehow be comforting, albeit also a minor irrelevancy.

                      Take a look at this link from Think Progress, if you care to.


                      Things climate are in acceleration (a cube function, mathematically).

                    • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice


                      Even if manmade global warming is a problem, it's not a bigger problem than overpopulation, soil erosion, pollution, radiation, deforestation, etc.

                      Point is that, From the perspective of billionaires and governments, manmade global warming, true or not, is just a way to make money by rigging oil prices and directing the losses wherever the carbon derivatives fall.

                      None of those other "green" concerns makes that kind of money for billionaires or gives that kind of control to governments.

                      What's more, billionaires and governments have never been too happy about pesky "green" protestors. Ask Greenpeace.

                      So, of all the issues, they get 'em psyched about the weather issue, the one that makes lots of money. The masses will go for it like they've always fallen for weather worshipping ideology. What's more the "green" masses will be distracted from the other pesky issues:

                      overpopulation, pollution, soil erosion, etc.

                      I heard a rumor that China's leader, Hu, would have signed onto the global warming madness treaty at Copenhagen if the west had instituted a one child policy. . . but he was rebuffed.

  • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

    Seems like television and cable company producers are making an awful lot of cooking shows featuring fish lately. . .

  • ftlt

    Alaskan: The average shopper and diner has no clue about FUFU.

    It is simply not on their alert radar.

    • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

      It only takes a small percentage to affect pricing or cause a glut.

    • humptydumpty humptydumpty

      The vast majority of people don't have a clue about Fufu, in my experience. That includes a large contingent of well-educated people. It's not just because of the media black-out. The same ignorance, apathy, and consensual denial exist for the whole range of issues that reveal how industrial civilization is destroying our earth habitat.

      People are too busy, don't want to know, don't want to change, leave it up to the "experts" and government authorities, have "faith" that everything will be OK. "It's a beautiful day and I feel fine." It's an epidemic of MIND LOCK, heads in the sand.

      Due to the many factors that delay the dire consequences, this portends great misery when they finally realize there is no remediation and no escape.

      Those of us who are cognizant of the death and destruction that lie ahead, knowing full well the immediate causes, will be better prepared to cope even though we will not escape this fate either. For now, at least, we take comfort in our communal presence of like minds.

  • 4Warnd 4Warnd

    A/I wrote:

    "Even if manmade global warming is a problem, it's not a bigger problem than overpopulation, soil erosion, pollution, radiation, deforestation, etc."

    When it comes to surmising the horizon of catastrophic events coming upon this Earth, it behooves one to practice both walking and chewing gum simultaneously. And more.

    And, bye the way, don't get the skepticism re: climate change. Unless, of course you have no grounding in science but have an excellent footing upon the sand of rumors, vapors and fuzzy suspicions.

    Climate change / crisis is not new news. One of the earliest articles circa 1979

    please not the 4th paragraph. the research predates '79 by years, of course. that debunks you "theories" re: financial motivations pushing this f$#king story.

    I trust that you will not go apoplectic due to the NYTimes reference!

    • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

      Of course the climate has been changing as has geography been changing, quite radically, for the last two billion years. For example can look at satellite imagery of alluvial planes dried up in deserts with long abandoned cities and fallow farmlands from 10,000 years ago.

      Using the NYT to support anthropogenic global warming is a bit self referential.

      But look, all the media outlets, and everyone else for that matter, has one agenda or another, it just happens that these days the only policy that matters is economic. . . mostly that means oil these days.

      Its really not hard to connect the dots from peak oil concerns to those with the most to lose pushing anthropogenic global warming as the "hottest" environmental topic.

      By the way, the actors pushing AGW are the same actors downplaying Fukushima and promoting Nuclear Power as a fix to AGW.

      As for chewing gum and excellent footings, I'm approaching this discussion from a Socratic method, but I have the advantage that I am not guessing.

      • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

        The oil will be gone in a generation: CO2 fossil fuel emissions problem solved! as long as we don't cut down the rest of all the C02 sipping forests.

        Unfortunately, energy will be much, much less cheap and abundant to run tractors and irrigation and make fertilizers, the topsoil will be ruined, and we'll have 14 billion people to feed. We should be worrying about issues things more than a few more degrees and a few more Venetian cities.

        Sadly the global-warming banksters are Pro-Nuke as well.

  • I really agree with New Zealand's view on it. Very curious of what the results of the research will tell us.

  • Click on link to 45 tipping points article above.

    It is not a natural cycle that we are going through.

    Nuclear is part of the global warming problem, not the solution.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Two can play at this..

    May 24, 2014 at 1:41 am ·
    Did you notice his mail

    05.22.14 UPDATE
    Subject: Fw: URGENT: Is Fukushima Burning?
    Date: 10:25 PM EDT, 05/21/14
    “mitsuhei murata”
    To: “Rima Laibow”
    Cc: “Ralph Fucetola JD”
    Dear Dr. Rima and Counsel Ralph,
    The responsible division at the METI has confirmed that
    Fukushima is not burning at present.
    They are looking into the cause of the fire
    shown in the video.
    I will stay in contact for further development.
    Best wishes,
    Mitsuhei Murata

    METI are looking into the cause of the fire.
    Tacit admission there was a fire?

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