Researcher: Japan accepting 20 millisieverts of radiation as safe “could lead to a public health disaster”

Published: May 10th, 2012 at 2:04 am ET


The Dangers of Low Dose Radiation
Asia-Pacific Journal
May 6, 2012

Independent researcher Ian Goddard has carried out a survey of published research on the potential health effects of rates of radiation exposure that the Japanese government has declared safe (up to 20 mSv per year). While few in Japan have been exposed to this level to this point, officials are on record saying that 20 mSv areas are safe for habitation. In addition, there are those in the Japanese scientific establishment who have argued that zones up to 100 mSv per year should be deemed safe. Currently evacuated towns closest to Fukushima Daiichi are likely to see radiation levels at or in excess of the 20 mSv exposure level for a decade or more. If the Japanese government holds to its current policies and interpretations, it is possible that evacuees, including children who are particularly vulnerable to the effects of radiation, may be moved back to “safe” 20 mSv areas. In a video presentation on his website Goddard argues that accepting 20 mSv as safe could lead to a public health disaster. […] 

It is also notable that these studies are concerned with external exposure. Internal exposure (caused by consumption of contaminated food or inhalation of hot particles) likely poses significantly higher risks because it can deliver radiation effectively to small groups of cells, increasing cancer risk.

View Goddard’s research here: Cancer Risk Underestimated To Young Children

Published: May 10th, 2012 at 2:04 am ET


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34 comments to Researcher: Japan accepting 20 millisieverts of radiation as safe “could lead to a public health disaster”

  • Max1 Max1

    The notion that 20mSV/y is acceptable for civilians…
    … Flies in the face of the rest of the world.

    This is how the sins of the fathers are foisted upon their children.

  • Replacant Replacant

    Its a weird/irrational attitude to take, essentially they are saying 'since not everyone will get cancer the area is safe'. My brain kind of explodes at these moments.

    • andii

      'The ABCC did not actually treat the survivors they studied, they just studied them over periods of time.'
      They need to collect a human experiment data that's why children are given the glass badge. They don't get treated, in fact, if they asks for test, they get refused…right!?
      So same thing is happening again except this time, it's on a bigger scale.

  • TerraHertz TerraHertz

    A whole bunch of politicians, TEPCO CEOs and pro-nuke experts in Japan and the USA are currently setting themselves up for leading roles in the next big international prosecution for crimes against humanity.

    If someone can come up with robotic jail guards, I propose that the prison for these people be located somewhere severely contaminated. And let them grow their own food, out in the open.

    • I'm with you. The way I feel right now, they can move the entire TEPCO corporate offices (if they have not already been moved to Paraguay) to SFP-4. That way they would have a heated pool anytime they wanted a swim.

  • Reactor 1 is a full on china syndrome. The fuel had lost all containment in June 2011. Melting its way through the bottom of the reactor, it currently sits unmoderated by Boron. Producing googles of radionuclide decay products every hour.
    This is the real problem…
    It is leaking directly into the pacific ocean via ground water channeling… The amount of fuel located within the unit is capable of contaminating all aquatic life within the entire pacific ocean species for species.

    We are all now in talking head modes. But you heads are only repeating the If's and whens of main stream media.

    Senator wydel said…

    You should and could easily see that the Reactor 1 has been the primary concern of the japanese and Tepco since march 2011.

    Hence the tent that was erected in 2011; which merely hides the reactor unit 1.. (If unit 4 were the primary concern Tepco would have built a concrete housing around the reactor to support the unit). (Week one). However the tent does have a secondary purpose which is trapping open air fission products which undoutbly hamper the use of robotic cranes. Which cannot operate within the vicinity of high gamma radiation environments.

    so you are right to address reactor 4 as a concern to humanity. But your focus is off beat.

    Reactor 1 is a runaway train. Its containment is so far lost, no human has entered Nor can enter the facility for a time period of 2.5 minutes without succombing to sudden acute radiation poisoning.

    • that being said. What can you do?

      Think about that. In full radioactive protection. You will die within only a few short minutes.

      Meanwhile you see that tepco plans to build a 100ft wall (barrier) to contain the oceanic radiation releases on site. (WHY IS THIS MORE IMPORTANT THAN A CONCRETE / STEEL FRAME FOR REACTOR 4 SFP)

      Put 2 and 2 together.

      If reactor 4 was the primary threat, why would tepco be building an oceanic barrier, instead of a cement housing surrounding the reactor 4 sfp?

      Its not a matter of budget. Its a matter of need.

      The oceanic contamination is obviously out of hand.

      Senator wydel was not allowed near reactor 1. Hence he has no comments or knowledge of the situation.

      Although I thank him for attempting to wake the masses.

      So please continue with all the work that you all do.
      You are all heros in my eyes. But dont follow the MSM.


      Information is posted for two reasons…
      1. To inform
      2. To misdirect.

      With that knowledge alone you will be ok.

      • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

        Then it is only a matter of time…the whole mess can blow up, right square in our faces. We knew #1 was bad, reason for a cover, but how bad has it gotten. Before the tent was erected there were incredible amounts of radionuclides flowing from the number 1 structure. I remember reading numbers on amounts before and after the erection…of the tent. Why then all the hoopla about #4 if it's not the real concern. Just wanting to be informed not misdirected. Thank you Tacomagroove.

        • rooks rooks

          Thank you for your support! I am the one being slandered by that japan probe site!

          • NoNukes NoNukes

            I'm so sorry, rooks! I don't know the entire story, but I hope that your family can leave as soon as possible. Please keep us posted, you are in my thoughts and I am optimistic for you all!

          • Anthony Anthony

            You must have hit a bitter truth.

      • rooks rooks

        The idiots that post everything is fine as there are no immediate acute radiation deaths do not understand that the site is unmanned.

      • Anthony Anthony

        That was awesome Tacoma. Thanks.

        • StillJill StillJill

          Yes, thank you Tacomagrove! Your reasonings and knowledge help us all wade through the disinfo! 🙂

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        Thanks Tacoma, I have felt that the hoopla about R4 is screen/code/etc (the NRC transcripts are fairly convincing that it is already gone), and that R1 may be the source of much of the increases, too, although the CSFP, and all the other reactors in Japan are in questionale shape, too…

        Nuckelchen's latest films of reactor 1 are especially compelling…

        May 9, 2012 at 9:47 pm · Reply
        Yes, paint, pottery, or maybe it is a gift from reactor 1?

      • Information is 'withheld' or not even mentioned!

        Data has been withheld/covered-up since day 1 and will continue until day ???.

        Sometimes, saying nothing, says a lot.

  • It is my opinion that the USA is making a fuss about reactor 4. Due to the need for international intervention. It's. The best way to go about aiding tepco without causing panic.

    • Sharp2197 Sharp2197

      Tacoma, you make a convincing argument. But building a dam to keep water from #1 from entering the pacific is about all they can do. Any ideas what they are going to do with the water once the dam is full? As to #4 just because there is a worse problem doesn't mean that you forget about smaller problems, that have the potential of becoming equally disasterous. I feel the "fuss" about #4 is warranted, as left unattended it can potentially be worse.

      • americancommntr

        Why can't they build a freeze wall? Directional drilling and coiled tubing could create the lattice of piping, through which refrigerant could be circulated to freeze a barrier against groundwater movement. How thermally hot could the radioactive seepage be from fission products? It surely could be overcome with greater flow of refrigerant.

        And why not drill down to corium and flame it with Brown's Gas flame? And begin reducing it's radioactivity?

        And why can't the same EM weapons which are used for geophysical attacks and tornado generation also be used for affecting the radioactivity of the corium where it sits?

        • The Blue Light.

          I'm only going to say this one more time "Browns flame is total bullshit". I honestly dont know why people keep bring it up.
          None of these pseudo scientific radiation reduction methods work. The Quantum theory says it wont work. The particle accelerator method system has shown a minute reduction. But that reduction was barely discernable. The problem is that the radioisotopes need to be extremely pure which means you would have to reprocess the fuel first in order to make your targets for the accelerator. The second problem is that the radiation does not go away it just all decays at once which would then vaporize your target turning solid waste into gaseous waste.
          Sorry about the rant my hayfever is giving me a kicking at the moment, but it just doesn't work.

  • mungo mungo

    @taco… you are so right, we have seen no one anywhere near #1, no cranes, nothing….

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Minami Soma: "5.57 Million Bq/kg Cesium from Soil, and People Are Cleaning Out Their Homes"

    The new post on Ex-SKF is perfectly on-topic here:

    "Minami Soma Assemblyman Koichi Ooyama says he went and collected soil samples (what he calls "black dust") in locations in Minami Soma, including several in Odaka District after the no-entry zone designation was lifted. He had them tested by the city's laboratory for radioactive cesium, and the result, as posted on his blog (5/10/2012) is shocking. The maximum is 5,570,000 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium in soil in Odaka District. In the same district, half a million becquerels/kg of cesium in cow dung was also found. (…)

    Even if these samples are from areas where radioactive cesium is getting highly concentrated, I haven't seen numbers like this anywhere else in Fukushima outside the immediate vicinity of Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.

  • rooks rooks

    Here is what I have learned – they just considered externally expose and internal exposure due to JA mixing the good and bad is never considered. This is a point I have never seen addressd. Huge difference. I have never seen radiologists eating food grown where they conduct CT/PET scans.

  • glowfus

    if fuku #1 is full on through the basement, what about the over-fueled #3 that vaporized its reactor building? or #3's sfp. gone with the wind? useless speculation unless/until the day they actually find/release the facts. well, ok, entertaining speculation until they find/release the facts. and since the ones with the facts seem to be allowing unthinkable radiation doses to its citizens, those facts aint never being released unless or until a old faithfull geyser of uranium steam becomes a tourist attraction.

    • el

      we can use critical thinking an come up with loads more info than is given at face value.

      It does all seem so hopeless, but I can see the worth of humanity ditching the yoke of belief of authority and ignorance to enter into a time of great knowledge and great responsibility. Whos to say it wont????

      Probably will get worse before it gets better….

      This does seem to be the time for growth and learning. I know Im ready for my share of peace (of mind).

  • howardtlewisiii

    My street sense, and the strength of ideas from this comments group and other sources have convinced me that the US is way overdue in sending in materials and talent to get this puppy contained. We all had to sit back and watch as president B.O. ordered an entire fleet of the world's skimmer boats to stay back to allow BP and the Blackstone Investment cabal to destroy the biology of the entire gulf of Mexico and beyond with GMO bacteria laden Corexit.
    The same destructive delay tactics are happening here, as most of you seem to be suspicious of. Never doubt your gut instincts, but reason with as much education and as little gut as possible. There are far more brain cells in your brain than in your gut. It looks like you have that down. We are being snowed yet again, after 9-11, The DH oil well blowout, HAARP weather manipulations and resultant carpetbagging and 'weather futures' gaming. Look up world history at other megalomaniacs who had their troops murder millions for self-aggrandizement. Here we go again.
    I sense Bush41 and the other old farts from the Bilderberger group, Bohemia Grove, and the Order of the Garter desiring to go out in a big blaze of self-indulgent destruction after Bush41 picked the top military officers who would be most inclined to let this happen, or even help like Meyers. The amount of pedophilic pornography found on Pentagon computers was astounding.

  • arclight arclight

    【日本語字幕付】「放射能と子どもたち」/"Children and Radiation"
    By tokyobrowntabb