Researchers: Skin ulcers on Alaska wildlife after Fukushima were never observed before — Also reported in seals from Japan — We couldn’t document fallout pattern when plumes hit and animals were on the ice (AUDIO)

Published: November 16th, 2013 at 1:17 am ET


Doug Dasher, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Nov. 6, 2013 (at 10:00 in): We also worked with the North Slope Borough on the Unusual Mortality Event with the ringed seals. […] We didn’t see any radiation levels in the seal tissues that would indicate levels of radiation that should have caused the lesions and illnesses that they saw on the seals, but we couldn’t document what the fallout pattern would have been at this time the seals were on the ice when the Fukushima plumes were passing that area. Nor to my knowledge has there been any definitive virus or otherwise defined as to what exactly affected the seals at that time.

Listen to the full briefing here

The 2011 Alaska Northern Pinniped Unusual Mortality Event, 2012: Ulcerative dermatitis is an emerging disease of unknown etiology in ice seals, not observed prior to 2011. Reports of a similar condition in ringed seals have come from Chukotka (Russia), NWT Canada, and northern Japan.

Bering Strait: Ice seal UME, 2012: When this occurred people were describing the seals as without new hair and tired. […] You can see the little orange bumps which have never been previously reported in seals. The red raised bumps were reported through November. […] So you can see the bumps that are also on seal flippers […] red and white sores that hunters have been reporting. […] Other things that people have reported are that they can hear the seal breathing and rasping breath. Seal may be breathing very hard. Also that the seals are making shorter dive duration. The lungs may be congested. There were about twenty seal carcasses sent to specialists […] Animals were choosing to be on shore, rather than in the water. Also an odd smell during butchering. […] Also testing for other possible environmental causes including […] radiation. This has been a big scare because of the power plant disaster in Japan and other sources of radiation in the environment. NSB [North Slope Borough] have pushed to have testing done. All of the seals sampled are being tested at UAF for radiation.

See also: [intlink id=”us-govt-headline-alaska-island-appears-to-show-impacts-from-fukushima-significant-cesium-isotope-signature-detected-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: November 16th, 2013 at 1:17 am ET


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151 comments to Researchers: Skin ulcers on Alaska wildlife after Fukushima were never observed before — Also reported in seals from Japan — We couldn’t document fallout pattern when plumes hit and animals were on the ice (AUDIO)

  • lickerface lickerface

    Wow finally. . But some of that news is a year old or more. I just hear about it now though? What other important news exists which is not released?

  • Bones Bones

    Have they done little to zero testing since??? This makes it seem as if this is a first; The testing of these animals for radiation poisoning of some type. Poor animals. So helpless and absolutely no blame. So they go, we go. Remember that. It's really making me point to Fukushima radiation isotopic poisoning, in my opinion, since every report contains phrases like, "Never before seen," or "Never in my entire career have I seen…" Fukushima is a never before seen event continually unfolding.

  • Alpha1

    Wow Bones can I get a shot after that, these arses know not what they talk about if this accrued in Alaska in 2011 then that would mean the radiation has been here in the ocean since then. They are debugging their own lying ass bs…. Let them tell you they are lying to your face and answer really????

    • Bones Bones

      Not sure about the tone of your reply because I agree with you, maybe you misinterpreted what I meant. I don't understand what message you are trying to convey. I am saying that these tests from ABC's have been done and continue to be done in absolute secrecy with most likely the military having a large part. Perhaps, that is one major reason for the gov't wanting drones over America. You can measure radiation from the plane and even satellites so they can have real-time data along with radnet that is probably running on a gov't network 24/7. There will never be an official or even the president (No capitalization is earned atm.) saying anything close to, "All these bad things happening are because of Fukushima and a large number of you Americans will die prematurely because of it and your food is contaminated as well as water too, sorry." We also know that these "experts" are usually paid shills, ignorant shills, or just trying to keep their job in the nuke industry, or keep that investment profit flowing. You think I am so naive? For how many years have fish been caught that are contaminated here…since late 2011? (That does not mean the main water plume spread with the fish either. Multiple delivery pathways hence the debris coming in large numbers now, compared to early on a couple years ago just some weird trash showing up.) Some parts of CA were contaminated higher than in some parts of Japan. I don't get the critique your post, sorry.

  • pattersonp

    How about we petition this place: UDA ( to release the results of the rad study?

    it was in 2012, it doesn't take 1+ years to analyze samples for isotopes… or even basic radiation measures…

    Why arent they releasing?

    Lets petition maybe it will work?

    • jec jec

      Should be able to just submit a FOIA request to US government for the UAF report, EPA I believe. Unless its considered classified.. $25.00 bucks if any cost.Of takes time..months..a year.or longer sometime. I have a FOIA outstanding from the BP Oil spill when I asked for the documentation that EPA allowed Corexit to be used/anitfreeze to be used a the underwater site. Wanted the exact wording, not the press releases of the persmission. I bet permission was not given until after the fact…

      • When did you file the FOIA, jec? It's been some years since I filed one, but if I recall correctly, they had 30 days for initial response, and another 30 days for material response. Did they respond at all, and if so, what did they say? Thanks…

  • Jebus Jebus

    "We didn’t see any radiation levels in the seal tissues that would indicate levels of radiation that should have caused the lesions"

    This tells me that they did find some radionuclides in the tissue.

    "and illnesses that they saw on the seals, but we couldn’t document what the fallout pattern would have been at this time the seals were on the ice when the Fukushima plumes were passing that area."

    This also tells me that the seals were externally exposed as opposed to internally. This supports the skin lesions and lung exposure.

    Doug Dashers Website

    • Jebus Jebus

      You have to remember that the Fukushima fallout is not only radioactive, but these radionuclides are heavy metal toxins of the worst kind. Some are soluble neurotoxins.

      • Mack Mack

        I agree completely with Jebus' comment that the seals must have been exposed externally, too.

        Again, this Fukushima plume map shows Fukushima radiation hitting the Aleutian islands/Alaska first:

        Ringed seals, for example, give birth in Alaska usually in April, so they certainly could have been exposed to Fukushima's radiation while they were preparing for birth.

        • And the newborn pups too.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Good morning, Mack. Can't get the link to work. Can you re-post or provide the title, please?

        • pattersonp

          These are computer models designed by Humans. They are rough estimates at best.

          There is no way to model 5000 miles of oceanic interchange with radioactive particles that we know nothing about. They do their best with all the super computers and scientists, etc and they are getting better at it every year. But take with grain of salt.

          I love to watch the cool colours as well but really this isn't to be taken as literal truth as much as the Bible is.

      • We Not They Finally

        Jebus, I'm sure you are correct about selective testing. There are SO MANY contaminants that might have done this. The number of radionuclides alone is dizzying.

      • mscir mscir

        I haven't seen this discussed anywhere. I would like to understand what is being released, in what levels, and what the effects of short, medium, or long term exposure are. I don't see any way to understand how dangerous this situation is. For example, what if removing what's left of the rods goes wrong and rods touch or burn, how serious is that and how many countries can be effected? How much radioactivity has been released into the ocean, what isotopes were released, and what real damage can they do, to the life there, and to animals or people who eat the larger fish that may be collecting radioactive elements in their bodies? There's lots of concern and some hysteria, I don't know how to understand it. Can you recommend any reading or speak to this yourself?

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          There is a huge amount of information on Read all the headline articles. Read the blogs. Read all the citations of scientific literature on the forum on the Effects of Low Dose Radiation.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Fukushima Daiichi Site: Cesium-137 is 85 times greater than at Chernobyl Accident

          Chernobyl has already cuased more than a million people to die.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Dr. Paolo Scampa Reports 429 Lethal Fukushima Radiation Doses Chasing Each Person on the Planet

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          mscir, plutonium from Fukushima 1000 times worse than Chernobyl:

          Das Wunder des Seins und seine Zerstörung [The Miracle of Being and its destruction]
          Holger Strohm

          Dr. Holger Strohm – Plutonium From Fukushima Will Kill Millions – Via Recycling Through Many Future Generations

          Quietly into disaster


          “During the 70s Holger Strohm published "Quietly into disaster" which was to become the ‘bible of the anti-nuclear movement’(newspaper ‘Der Stern’).

          “Since then, this 1.360 page strong book has been reissued and reprinted several times.

          “Now, 40 years later, the author and a team of young film makers joined forces to bring this critical examination onto screens.

          “Similar to the book, the movie convinces the viewer through well-researched facts about the consequences of nuclear fission: damages done to health and environment, nuclear waste and politics, renewable energy, reactor safety, the serious implications of a nuclear accident and the public resistance.

          “Leading experts from science, politics and activist groups shed light onto issues which are often gladly left in the dark.

          “After watching this movie you simply can't support nuclear energy any longer.”

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Radiation: How Bad is the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima? (What they d
          Jul 10, 2013

          many links.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          FUKUSHIMA E.L.E. Model Simulation Of Long Term Dispersal PACIF
          Aug 30, 2013

          “Full Text PDF:…
          Erik Behrens et al 2012 Environ. Res. Lett. 7 034004
          “Our study deals with one of the consequences of the disastrous earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan in March 2011.
          “Caused by the explosions and meltdowns in the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plants, large amounts of radioactive material, including long-living isotopes such as caesium-137, were released into the environment. Contaminated waters entered the Pacific Ocean by atmospheric deposition and direct discharge of coolant in the weeks after the catastrophe.
          In this study we investigate the long-term fate of these waters in the Pacific Ocean, using numerical model experiments. The model simulates the ocean currents with very high resolution; it thus captures much of the intense eddying flows along the Kuroshio.
          To simulate the dispersal of the contaminated water by the ocean currents, we use an idealized tracer, behaving like a dye with a half live of 30 years, which we injected into the coastal waters off Fukushima. We want to emphasize that our approach is restricted to the physical spreading, and does not account for possible biological effects, for example, adhesion of isotopes to sinking organic matter.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            • [cont.]
            "Neither does our model assimilate any ocean data, therefore we do not account for the actual state of the local currents at the time of the release. However the initial state turned out to be of minor importance for the tracer spreading after two to three years.
            "The following animation shows the spreading of our dye at the Ocean's surface. The color represents the concentration of the tracer, relative to the initial concentration in the coastal area off Fukushima at the end of the injection period.
            "The tracer invades the highly energetic Kuroshio regime within the first weeks after the release and starts spreading meridionaly due to the eddies dominating the flow field in this area.
            "After one year, maximum concentrations are diluted by two orders of magnitude and already crossed the dateline, further heading east.
            “The southern edge of the tracer cloud reaches the Hawaiian islands after about two years, while the northern edge has begun to enter the Bering Sea.
            Meanwhile, concentrations near Japan have been dropping significantly due to replacement by less contaminated waters through the Kuroshio, separating the main cloud into a northern and a southern part.
            "After four years, the maximum concentration has dropped by three orders of magnitude, and the entire northern Pacific is filled with a certain amount of tracer.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            “When the peak concentration reaches the North American coast after about five to six years, it has been diluted by four orders of magnitude.
            “The concentration levels from now on tend to homogenize over the entire basin.”

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            1 month ago
            in reply to trukkstop1
            “It's only one type of isotope's 10000X worse. They won't release the weather patterns or materials etc. that effect everyone everywhere….search "China has seized 1800 TONS of Radioactive metal coming from Japan in one port alone, this year. " It's a total ONGOING Extinction Level Event. I live on the west coast too, FEMA REGION 10…I'm living in a twilight zone meets Hell scenario. Godspeed.”

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Updated Fukushima Decommissioning Schedule
          November 17th, 2013

          • zardoz2012 zardoz2012

            Anne, I find it very funny how the decommissioning schedule is to be complete by 2020, exactly when the Tokyo Summer Olympics is supposed to start. Also based on the YouTube video you provided a link to regarding the long term radionuclide dispersal across The Pacific, it looks like that by the time decommissioning ends in 2020 the entire Pacific Ocean will be deeply polluted by radioactive materials.

            So we have six to seven years max before The Pacific Ocean is completely destroyed and the West Coast of USA is completely uninhabitable.

            Obviously the decommissioning timeline provided by TEPCO and the Japanese government is a lie created to appease concerns until it is too late; by the time 2020 comes the world will not be in a state to lay the blame on Japan for this.

            Prepare to hear a lot of half truths, lies and coverups from TEPCO for the next six years, if we live that long. I really believe government services and internet will slowly come to a halt before then.

            I have six years to learn how to live in the wild. This is just like the book/movie "The Road".

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          New Fukushima Radiation Release Estimates Compiled
          November 4th, 2013

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Unit 4 Fuel Removal May Start Monday
          November 14th, 2013

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Unit 4 Fuel Removal; What You Need To Know
          November 12th, 2013

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          March 19 Fukushima Update – No. 4 Pool Fission?
          March 19, 2011

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Fukushima Is Falling Apart: Are You Ready … For A Mass Extinction Event?
          “If they are MOX fuel, containing 6% plutonium, one fuel rod has the potential to kill 2.89 billion people. If this pool collapses, as Senator Wyden is now saying too, we would face a mass extinction event from the release of radiation in those rods….”

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Fukushima: a disaster nightmare rapidly spiraling out of control
          Posted on May 27, 2012 by The Extinction Protocol
          “May 27, 2012 – JAPAN – According to the simulation of Disaster Prevention Research Institute Kyoto University, cesium will be accumulated in Tokyo bay for the following 3 years and it will reach 4,000 Bq/Kg at some spots in March of 2014. This is the same level of cesium measured at 16 km from Fukushima plants this January. They estimate cesium level will decrease to spread around after April of 2014, but the peak may come sooner than March of 2014 depending of the precipitation. Also, in North Tokyo bay, where is estimated to be the most contaminated, the average contamination of sea ground soil will be 300 ~ 500 Bq/kg. According to Fukushima Diary, a TEPCO worker at the distressed plant said: “If another major aftershock hits Fukushima, they can’t even get close to the reactors and the risk is not only SFP4, it would be all the reactors. I tweeted this before but in case of another major aftershock or Tsunami, it won’t be only reactor4. I think all the reactors will be in crisis. TEPCO says they have prepared multiple coolant means, but if the radiation level goes too high, we cannot even get close. Also even if the reactor buildings remain safe, roads won’t be safe to approach the reactors. Actually 311 caused a lot of cracks on the ground; there were a lot of places where you cannot drive by car.

        • Jebus Jebus


          lol, You asked for reading material Mike…

          All that anne posted shows the gravity and magnitude of this megadisaster called Fukushima…

          • Naha Johari

            Anne, Jebus, check out this amazing claim by a TEPCO suit in a press conference on Friday, as blogged by Iori Mochizuki. My Japanese is rudimentary so I depend on his translation. Video link included:


            "According to Tepco, the maximum output of the spent fuel stored in reactor4 pool is only 1 kw, which can only work a hair dryer. They stated even if they drop a fuel out of the cask, it wouldn’t cause the further radioactive release. "

            I'm scratching my head. Obviously these people are career liars.

            • bo bo

              I just watched through the whole 90 min press conference

              Lake Barrett starts talking at 21:38
              At 60:00 he explains to a newsreporter who grills him on his position why radioactive water should /could be ultimately released into the ocean – Barrett answers : because the ALPS system would have cleaned radiation in water to levels of petmitted in drinking water in most countries.
              Then reporter asks him again, 'so you're saying water could be cleaned – then released into the ocean… what about Tritium? Tritium can be cleaned too ?
              Barrett 'oh no, Tritium can't be cleaned, there's no way to remove Tritium (his face says : We ALL know THAT, you dummy.)

              • bo bo

                Lake Barrett part is in English so everyone can watch it from 21:38

                The funny thing about these Tepco press conferences is that amazingly they manage without EVER using the word:radiation or radioactive throughout the whole thing.

                In japanese they simply use the term 'dirty water' and sometimes 'dirty water' with 'high measurements'.

                Radiation must be a really horrible thing if they feel like they can't even mention the it.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            When I read his word "hysteria" I figured it was most likely an industry shill and not some naive, innocent. Sigh.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          I'm sure all isotopes were released. All almost 2,000 of them, especially the dreaded plutonium

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Fukushima's Secret Radionuclides

            “*The Human race is choosing to defile & desecrate the Earth with radioactive waste & radiation exposure to humans, animals, ecosystems & the Earth. Some of these radioactive isotopes & their radioactivity & toxic effects are severe, long-term & widespread. For example, U-238 or Depleted uranium (DU) has a half-life of 4.5 billion years – which is about the age of the Solar system. (31) (32) (33) Reported Health effects of DU include: Chemical toxicity to the brain, DNA , kidneys & immune system and DU's Radiologic effects if inhaled or ingested or if there is embedded shrapnel containing Depleted uranium. (34) Also, weather & geographic conditions including air & ocean currents can disperse these radionuclides in fallout patterns long distances throughout the world. The Homo Sapien masses have given their consent to governments, the corporate world & the military industrial complex: To mutate & deform children with radiation, to cause radiation-induced cancers such as leukemia & thyroid cancer, to cause acute radiation sickness to humans and to poison animals & the environment. May the human race in it's wisdom ban all nuclear technology. “
            “Mary Hamer is a medical doctor by profession….”

            • Angela_R

              "The Homo Sapien masses have given their consent….." thanks Anne, that statement by Mary Hamer should be repeated time and again. Yes, we are all guilty even if we were ignorant, we saw protests from time to time! mind you there are those that did it knowingly…..

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    More testing is needed from independent sources .. maybe a new emerging field for people to get into.

    • Bones Bones

      Now, that is how we need to think! Awesome, TheBigPicture, We all know by now the gov't and its ABC agencies will do nothing for us. We, not TPTB or whatever plutocrats, are the gatekeepers to public knowledge and harm-reduction at the very least and eventually an unstoppable force taking nuclear fission to the grave it deserves quite literally.

  • bo bo

    Hi, this is repost and an old article but seems to me shimatsu is the only journalist or scientist that so far have done radiation testing on the sea lions (this is not on Alaska but California)

    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      Hi bo! This is the only one who has spoken of it. I suspect many autopsies have been done. I suspect the science community is holding out for absolutes, which we probably won't have for another year or so.. Now, they speak in a way as to confuse us, and they rely on the "scientific method" to obfuscate. Many of these science minded people can clearly add, but choose not to. I suspect most understand something has happened, and unless they are just plain stupid, they have made the connection. They just do not have the definitive peer reviewed crap fest to offer the public. The public is too stupid to manage this without a panic, and they are going to die anyway, so why bother them from the idiot box and it's stars? It would serve no purpose. Meanwhile those in power are sourcing their food and are taking therapies that will keep them safer than the rest of us. ..oh, and how can they afford to do this? Using free tax dollars to run insidious industrial ponzi schemes. I suspect if we could total up all of the free tax dollars this industry gobble up in a year, it would be at least a trillion. All nuclear power companies sue the Federal Government every year to recover the cost of spent fuel storage, as the Government aka Joe Public has not solved the storage issue.. these funds come from the Treasury litigation fund.. and are not accounted for in the same way. The flow of tax dollars to nuke is astonishing.

      • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

        oh, and if you take a look at the above report, remember to multiply all the dollar amounts by 1000 unless otherwise noted.

        • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

          What the attorneys cost. Again most numbers are in thousands unless otherwise specified.

          • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

            There are tons of these typses of reports, I have added just a few, google gao and a key word, if you want more.

                • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

                  lol.. as I read these it amazes me that we are so silent on the use of our tax dollars, we say out of one side of our mouths we no longer need nuke tests, and then, we have a nuke test.. oh, wait, only sub-critical nuclear test, cause we blasted plutonium with high explosives, but, hey, didn't the government justify using all these tax dollars so we didn't have to do that anymore? So tax payer money and tax payers all sacrificed for this monster. I will stop looking know, as the more I look the more I find.. UGH! ok, sorry one last one..

                  "“Your administration seeks non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. But your position of urging most others to renounce nuclear weapons, while continuing your own nuclear tests, does not stand by reason nor is it supported by the world public."" "…According to its website, NNSA has about 3,000 employees and more than 30,000 contractors. NNSA has asked for a 4.9 percent budget increase, to a total of $11.5 billion for fiscal year 2013. Although the agency’s mission is primarily military, its expenditures are not counted as part of the defense budget:

                  “Established by Congress in 2000, NNSA is a semi-autonomous agency within the U.S. Department of Energy responsible for enhancing national security through the military application of nuclear science.""

                  • We Not They Finally

                    Congress is not exactly "silent" on the use of tax dollars. More like stupid, callous, and corrupt. They would rather take away a hungry child's food stamps than a dollar from the nuke industry.

                    Lobbying seems to allocate much of the tax dollars. But by now it's gotten so institutionalized that maybe the only thing to change it would be collapse of the monetary system. But people should be very careful what they wish for there. Lots of "unintended consequences."

  • markww markww

    Some Truth from Japan people can't go home for ever


  • OldFool

    It would take a very special test (not a Geiger counter) to find the beta emitters (like seals eating Strontium 90 from crunching and eating fish bones) and the alpha emitters (like Plutonium 239). Gamma emitters (like Cesium 137) would only be detected if there was a large amount. But if you read the Chernobyl Consequences book, it takes very little radionuclide to damage the immune system. Then every bacteria, virus and fungus on the skin or in the lungs becomes lethally dangerous. They apparently did not find any particular standard pathogen or toxin, or they would have blamed it immediately and loudly to minimize public panic. The tiny info actually released so far points to immune system damage as a probable cause of the seals' symptoms.

  • weeman

    A odd smell during butchering, this is important, any doctors to put this into prospective, I know during a autopsy smell is sometimes a clue, poisons can leave a odor that is detectable, you are what you eat.

  • Sol Man did gamma ray test on my furnace and car filters in about 10 days, both came up w/o radiation detected- so far.

    They use a BNC-940 multi channel spectrometer.
    Cost to this service is just the postage to get your filters to them.
    KI4U, Inc.
    212 Oil Patch Ln.
    Gonzales, TX 78629

  • Mack Mack

    Could it be from exposure to these types of levels of Cesium-137:

    * Cesium-137 — 377.705 ± 30.833 pCi/kg in Dolly Varden fish
    * Cesium-137 — 31.873 ± 5.312 pCi/kg in goose Egg no shell
    * Cesium-137 — 7.495 ± 1.874 pCi/kg Chiton
    * Cesium-137 — 21.347 ± 4.269 pCi/kg Dragon Kelp
    * Cesium-137 — 26.393 ± 2.73 pCi/kg Rockweed
    * Cesium-137 — 27.472 ± 4.906 pCi/kg Greenling
    * Cesium-137 — 3.839 ± 0.768 pCi/kg Halibut
    * Cesium-137 — 92.276 ± 46.138 pCi/kg Horse Mussel soft tissue
    * Cesium-137 — 27.266 ± 5.193 pCi/kg Irish Lord
    * Cesium-137 — 1.639 ± 0.428 pCi/kg Octopus
    * Cesium-137 — 10.45 ± 0.995 pCi/kg Pacific Cod
    * Cesium-137 — 20.916 ± 3.946 pCi/kg Rockfish
    * Cesium-137 — 38.562 ± 10.517 pCi/kg Sea Urchin
    * Cesium-137 — 1224.835 ± 42.445 pCi/kg Reindeer Lichen

    "Dry Result +/- Uncertainty" – 2011

  • MochiMadness

    I understand the frustration here–but you're all asking the wrong question, and you're trying to get an answer that isn't relevant. The wording of the researcher's answers are as clear as mud. "We didn’t see any radiation levels in the seal tissues that would indicate levels of radiation that should have caused the lesions and illnesses that they saw on the seals…" This is TRUE. If the lesions were caused DIRECTLY by radiation, as in ARS, they MAY have found high levels.

    Now. That said. I am in Radiology, so I know intimately what I am about to say is true and verifiable to anyone here.

    What these animals and the victims of Fukushima are suffering from, and will most likely die from, is called Neutropenia. We induce it in all cases of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It can also be induced with diseases such as AIDS.

    Neutropenia eliminates your body's ability to defend itself. Against ANYTHING. If you had any idea of how effective your body really is at defending you, you would have a lot more respect for it 🙂 The physician in Japan who said, "strange things are happening." Neutrophil counts are on the floor. These people and these animals are being subjected to CONSTANT, LOW DOSE RADIATION THERAPY (as well as chemo, but I won't confuse the issue here).

    In rad therapy, the ONLY way to reverse neutropenia? Stop the rad therapy, get the patient into intensive hydration/electrolyte replacement, constant surveillance. Some die of it.


    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Mochimadness, neutropenia is inability of the body to produce neutropils, correct? White blood cells? So lowered white blood cells (the bone marrow unable to produce the neutrophils) and the body can't fight off infection.

      • MochiMadness

        HoTaters–that is correct. Neutropenia can turn into Leukopenia, the longer the damage is allowed to continue.

        Neutrophils are first responders to any type of problem–be it inflammation or an infection–and they literally engulf and eat the problem (phagocytize).

        The thing with radiation–it causes immediate inflammatory response in any tissue (this is long before any type of DNA damage occurs)–skin reddening, lesions, edema. That is the acute ARS phase of radiation exposure.

        The chronic phase comes when you've effectively destroyed the red marrow's ability to produce immune cells. Your body simply cannot recognize pathogens, and therefore mounts absolutely no defense.

        The thing about the destruction of the thyroid–particularly in kids and fetuses–is that T3 and T4 (which the thyroid produces) is essential in brain development and function. This is the connection between mental abnormalities (not just birth defects, but the occurrences of mental illnesses later in life after exposure).

        Now we've already got endocrine disruptors (1000's, but one is glyphosate) BATHING the environment, both land and sea. Radioisotopes only exacerbate an already weakened immune system of any living creature that has been beaten down with chemicals that are designed to disrupt the way their immune/endocrine systems work.

        This, sadly, culminates in one thing—you pretty much get run into the ground. Chronic inflammation has been directly linked to cancer formation.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      'Neutropenia' explained (might be slow):

      Clinical neutropenia information (might be personally useful):

      "In Fukushima, epidemic of neutropenia is occurring now. 3-4% of children have under 1500 neutrophils per microliter in Fukushima."

      PDF has since been removed. Hmm.

      And more on childhood cancer rates in the greater Fukushima area from Bobby1:

      "Fukushima Voice has a report of the Tenth Report of Fukushima Prefecture Health Management Survey, which has just been released. These are outcomes of ultrasound examinations of 94,975 children residing in Fukushima prefecture, from April 1, 2012 through January 21, 2013 (fiscal year FYH24). These outcomes included the existence and size measurements of thyroid nodules and cysts in these children. A previous set of examinations of 38,114 children, from the previous fiscal year (FYH23), October 2011 through March 2012, also measured these outcomes. It was found that in the previous fiscal year, 3 children had already undergone surgery for thyroid cancer. 7 more were found to have an 80% chance of having thyroid cancer, based on biopsy results."

    • We Not They Finally

      MochiMadness, thank you for this INVALUABLE information. Non-medical people don't always know what to look for. We all need to get more educated. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

  • MochiMadness

    …you guys are looking for is a smoking gun. The researchers cannot give you that, they never will. What they can do is test the immune systems of these animals and say–with certainty–what the blood levels of the immune cells are/were and whether or not their thyroids and bone marrow are destroyed.

    The bottom line is–the radiation did kill them–but not directly, and it does not matter whether we "test" or "measure" it–it's there, they've admitted it—and the ONLY way to protect or prevent immune system breakdown (neutropenia)—is to remove the source of the problem.

    Since we cannot filter the ocean, these animals will die. All of them. They have immune systems almost identical to ours (starfish in particular).

    Basically, we've given them all the marine version of AIDS. Without direct intervention in all cases–polar bears, seals, walruses, penguins, fish, whales, dolphins, birds, dogs, horses, cows—-and people—-their immune systems will continue to be bombarded with low dose radiation therapy until they die of it.

    Sorry to be such a downer on my very first post at enenews.

    • Mack Mack

      Great first post, MochiMadness.

      NEUTROPINIA is a word we're going to hear a lot of from now on.

      Even in the U.S., there's a lot of discussions about it on blogs; with people discussing the results of their blood tests showing low neutrophils, etc.

    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      Thank you for your knowledge and input MochiMadness! Welcome…

    • JMR

      Awesome first post. What you say makes so much sense. This is my first post as well. These levels of low dose radiation – can they be detected in the air with a geiger counter? If so, how many microsieverts/hour would that be? And how can one protect oneself from this low level radiation?

      • MochiMadness

        Well, if you had a counter that count be calibrated to something completely "clean"–and the counter was of the correct type, meaning, can detect low dosage, then yes.

        Can the counter differentiate between types of radiation? Not any counter that you would have access to. Also—this idea of detecting radiation in food (not on the surface, mind you)–is nonsense. It takes spectroscopy to do that.

        The problem with open air detection is that radiation contamination is just like air. It moves, it's concentration can be different every single time you wave the wand. It's inexact and frustrating. Besides, if you detect something high enough to harm you, you should not be standing there.

        There are great charts on dosage–we use massive doses in rad therapy–but our beams are attenuated and controlled–and still we are only slowly killing the patient. At times, we cause more problems than we solve. 🙁

        Here is where you (and everyone, including me) want a chart that says—"JMR, you can receive this dose and you will be able to live 50 more years cancer free."

        No one can do that. Radiation had a different effect on everything. Dosage/time/distance/type. I can even stand the same time, the same distance, and get the same dose of the same isotope as you–and I may live where you die.

        Protection. It sounds simplistic, but since the entire external environment is contaminated–know your surroundings (use your nifty geiger counter), wash your food (and know…

        • MochiMadness

          , wear protective clothing (long sleeves, pants, a hat), don't eat foods that you suspect are contaminated (pacific ANYTHING)–we know milk and most meat is contaminated–consider either cutting drastically your intake or vegetarianism. Filter your water (reverse osmosis).

          This is all stuff that is pretty well known. What I think I want to say is that even if the measurements are known, there is not a lot that can be done about them.

          There are ways to boost your immune system–sleep, hydration, fresh fruits and vegetables. Try not to take pharmaceuticals if you can help it. Eat as well as you can.

          Stress also breaks down your immune system. Worrying about what's already happened–is not going to help you. Note that I did not say "don't worry, be happy" 🙂 I said–these things have already happened and we need to deal with them as effectively as we can.

          • Jebus Jebus

            Thank you for your dose of sanity and reality.
            I might add that worring about and broadcasting what you know to others unaware are two entirely different emotions.
            Worrying is detrimental.
            Broadcasting is empowering…

            • MochiMadness

              Absolutely. It's why I decided to quit lurking and say something.

              You all are fabulous–well informed and dedicated. Don't stop telling anyone and everyone who will listen. Each of us needs to take steps to protect ourselves–no one is going to do it for you–they've already proven without a shadow of a doubt that they will not even tell you when these plumes occur (let alone when they detonate bombs in the high atmosphere, mine uranium in your backyard, etc).

              Take control of your own life and the lives of those you care about–do it consistently and constantly. It will get through.

              • KindredspiritBC

                @MochiMadness, have you posted any youtube vids pertaining to your invaluable knowledge on this "issue"?…if not you DEFINITELY NEED TO!!!! (if you do have vids pls share links)..and also wondering if you would be willing to be a phone-in-guest on a daily 3hr. livestream show that focuses on world events of concern…pls let me know since this is such an important 'life-issue' topic.

                I am totally in sync with your theory re: Fukushima radiation contamination…I live on the west coast of Canada (southern BC)& am extremely concerned about exposure…I've personally gone thru chemo & radiation & am familiar with nutrophelia (…I ended up being hospitalized for 2 weeks on IV antibiotics after my nutrophils 'disappeared' while undergoing chemo treatment)…

                • MochiMadness

                  Kindred, I appreciate the kind words. As I mentioned, I am not what anyone would consider an expert in medicine. I simply have worked in this field for a long time, and have my BS in Radiology. I am not sure what I could contribute.

                  I'm really sorry to hear that you had to endure chemo/radiation. It's a tough choice. I hope you are recovering and taking good care of yourself.

                  Someone posted an article linking the radium girls and their "mystery ailments", which is what lead up to "The Corporation" having "so much trouble".

                  This is plausible deniability. If you can't show direct causal links, then there is room for doubt. Unfortunately, we've allowed this attitude to prevail–and even intelligent, logical people demand to see "the smoking gun" before believing anything.

                  Biology and Physics are not as difficult as some would like you to believe. I encourage–no, I URGE–everyone here to take a night class at your local in BIO or PHYS—learn the basics of what is happening to you and to this planet. It's not difficult–there are wonderful teachers who will spend the time to give you the information you need to understand.

                  • KindredspiritBC

                    Thankyou, Mochi, for responding…I understand your confessed (albeit modest) stance on your expertice in the field of radiology, but, at the very least, you have way more insight to the evolution & affects of the Fukushima disaster than many others who are concerned…would still love to try to get you involved with this live radio/livestream show I mentioned (over 1000 listeners/day)…can you please private message me on FB @ Debra J. Coe (hopefully I'm the only one by this name on FB…my profile pic has several border collies in it) so I can supply you with more info…or let me know how I may contact you thru this site…

                    …&, I, too, have an "understanding" of biology (minimal physics) & agree that everyone needs to become more enlightened!

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Glad you're here and providing your expert opinions.

    • byron byron

      How does count of 500+ cpm in Montana of Gamma relate to millisieverts per hour? displays them this way. Most of the US readings are measuring Gamma. Some Beta and some not listed, but guessing Alpha. How does 50 CPM Alpha compare with 200 Beta and with 500 CPM Gamma? Japan readings on do not specify the kind of radiation measured.
      Thanks for joining the discussion.

      • Jebus Jebus

        Alpha would have to "land" on a pancake detector, mica window tube detector or filter to be detected. It is a particle of high mass, low energy, high longevity.

        Beta is a particle too, but can be detected in volume by a standard geiger mueller tube, as it's neutron is smaller and more penetrating.

        Gamma is electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency and therefore high energy per photon. It is not a particle per say. It goes right through you. A geiger mueller tube picks this up very well.

        The reason you get the gamma readings from .gov is because the source is disputable. We get most of this ionizing radiation from space. A high beta reading is more indicative of local contamination. You are being distracted by the gamma readings.

        A geiger counter is suited best for detecting beta radiation in the immediate vicinity or on the surface of an object.

        Study these topics, you will get more out of your geiger mueller tube detector, if you do.

      • MochiMadness

        Jebus, 🙂 I'm no expert. I've only been in Radiology for 24 years–there are folks around me that have forgotten more than I'll ever know. I can speak to certain aspects of this disaster, i.e. the illnesses that are being recorded, the animals deaths, etc. It does seem to me that these scientists being constantly "puzzled" is beginning to be more than a tad suspect. We're really not that dumb as a group. 😉

        Byron– This is a really good explanation of your question.

        Like I mentioned–there is no guarantee that a photon will interact with a cell, there is no guarantee that the cell will sustain damage even if it does interact with a photon (depends on the energy of that photon, too), there is no guarantee that a damaged cell will grow into cancer—

        and there are cumulative effects from our entire environment. I stated a few–endocrine disruptors from insecticides (Jebus–they changed that too! from killing ALL insects–booo! bad!–to killing just PESTS—yay! good!) to mercury and arsenic dumping from coal fired plants.

        It all works synergistically.

        • Jebus Jebus

          Agreed. Collectively we are one.

          Of note, Insect pests are only pests because Man says they are…

          Nature treats them as life…

        • I thank you for your expertise. To your observation that constantly "puzzled" researchers are by now highly suspect, right as rain. Problem is that 'science' – and scientists – are always at war with their own basis of knowledge and community of colleagues. Whenever one of 'em says "It's Probably This," a dozen others chime in with "No, It's Probably That." No matter what the subject of moment may be. To complicate things further, there are some causes of notable health effects that are simply verboten to acknowledge. Radiation is one of them. There are others…

          Back in the mid-80s we were caretaking a shrimp dock on the St. Johns River in Jax Florida. Hub went out occasionally as crew, we got some of the by-catch (menhaden, flounder, bass) and shrimp. Noticed increasingly sick fish and weirdly rotting-alive shrimp, nobody had any answers. So we took some samples to the university down the road, enviro-chem dept prof. Told him a range of pollutants that would cause the open sores, so he tested. Then we took the tests to Greenpeace, which had the Rainbow Warrior at the dock next door getting sails. They decided to do an 'action', asked us what they were looking for and where to sample, we told 'em. The paper mill discharges, looking for dioxin.

          The rest, of course, is history…

          • MochiMadness

            Jebus–<sigh> I wish you lived in my neighborhood. I raise honeybees and each spring have to watch them suffer horrifically when the insecticides are sprayed over fields they are foraging.

            There is nothing on this Earth that has "no purpose".

            JoyB–I only hope that some of what I have to offer helps people see things from a medical standpoint. I agree with you regarding the ego driven academic community. I work at a very large, world renowned SE teaching hospital/university–and it is just rampant. Add to that the $$$ to either come out in favor/against something or to just shut up altogether. It's the best known secret here. You go along to get along, particularly if you ever want to work again. I've watched people speak up and be destroyed, simply for going against someone who has a vested interest in "the opposite".

            I applaud you and "Hub" (husband?)–for doing what you did. Many would be overcome by fear of reprisal.

            • Heh. "Reprisals" from the paper mills? Not all that scary. They were "grandfathered" industry at a time when the local economic situation was transitioning from southern industrial (lots of turpentine extraction back in the day too) and modern upscale tech/touristy kitch. The paper mills were in the way of cruise shit and major shipping planned terminals anyway.

              They stunk to high heaven, turned the air yellow. In the morning mist it stuck to everything, ate the paint right off of houses and cars. And the city gub'ment kept right on saying whenever citizens would complain that "there is no evidence of harm to human lungs." Despite boasting the highest emphysema, asthma and lung cancer rates in the nation for decades.

              I kept wishing GP would let us plan the agenda. I had great dreams of flying a helicopter in at night with a pouch-net chock full of diseased fish, and dumping it right into the CEO's mansion swimming pool…

              Alas, they didn't go for it. I'm just evil like that, I guess. §;o)

    • +1

      The smoking gun without the smoke.

      • It's a blue light saber. You know, the ones used by the Sith, not the Jedi. Cauterizes as it slices and dices, no big bloody mess to clean up after! …and without the big bloody mess, the 'authorities' claim they can't tell if a light saber caused the wounds…

    • vicky13 vicky13

      Welcome to the group MochiM!!

    • Kassandra

      What about evidence of exposure through increase in de novo point mutations in offspring.

      There has been a lot of testing in this area with children with autism and congenital heart disease.

    • bo bo

      Hi mochimadness, welcome.
      And thank you for the analysis.
      I think it was bones here who coined the term : RAIDS … For Neutropenia

    • babbo dorian babbo dorian

      Thanks a lot for your info/posts …. we all need such kind of info…..
      Thanks again,

    • Nigwil

      Thanks Mochi! Your matter-of=fact post should be the sub-heading on the front page of ENENEWS. I've posted it on Facebook to spread the word a bit more.

  • Mack Mack

    Remember —>

    “The very lowest levels of radiation are harmful to life” — We have to rethink exposure levels from nuclear plants"

  • eternal tao eternal tao

    Hello everyone, this is my first comment on ENE. I am an 18 year old male residing in Texas, i have no formal education on Nuclear energy. I do not know much about the half-life's and formulas and the mathematical expertise involved with such a huge contamination of the Biosphere. But, i do know that this is happening, all these posts from people such as Flatsville about writing checks to law firms and whatnot are rather.. ignorant. One can infer that this, along with everything else happening in the world today is the beginning of the end for most mankind. I do not mean to sound as a doomsayer, but i know that the change is coming, because it has to. The Earth will not continue if we dont change, and so humans will be for the most part eliminated, this is one of the very preliminary phases of that. In my lifetime it's really going to hit the fan. The NWO has done well in it's breeding of sheep, my own family a good example. Whenever i try to bring up Fuk, or the collapse of the dollar, the overpopulation, the overdue poleshift, overdue supervolcanoes,etc. They agree but cannot fathom the true extent. In the words of my mother "I'm just worried about paying bills" and that's most of the populace. Groomed from birth to be in a box of ignorant apathy, so that the NWO can create order from the chaos that will ensue when these long foreseen problems come about. We are only organisms in an ecosystem, why people think otherwise is beyond me. Find your center and spread…

    • eternal tao eternal tao

      Spread love. My life-goal is to make it to a self-sufficient environment, until then i know i am as guilty as those coordinating this play. Guilty, because every dollar i earn or spend, contributes to the system which has been created by the Powers That Be.

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        Hi eternal tao,
        welcome. Reading this from an 18-year-old gives me hope 🙂
        Choose wisely how to spend your dollars, maybe take part in shared economy….there are likeminded people out there – even in Texas 😉

        *take care

      • Another good comment.

        "The Earth will not continue [as we know it] if we dont change,…"
        – eternal tao

      • bo bo

        Welcome eternal tao !!! If only I had your wisdom at 18 !!!

    • Greetings, eternal tao. Spreading love is a fine way to live. As for the culling of humanity now ongoing, it does have an "on the other hand" side… Humanity isn't going to need more nukes in the future, is it?

      Hang in there, and stay on top of things that matter. If there is a future, it'll be those aware of who and what's doing the culling that manage to survive.

    • vicky13 vicky13

      Welcome to the group eternal tao,,

      Nice to see such a enlightened 18 year old.


    • Socrates

      Welcome, eternal tao!

      I am very happy to see young people becoming interested and educated about saving the ecosystem that supports life on this planet.

      We are all captives of a system that forces us to trade the future of the planet for electricity. The question becomes how to stop this process.

      Social change came about by bloody protests. I can recall seeing separate but equal policies in Texas. Women's rights, workers' rights, environmental protection, the ant-war movement – all of these advances came at a price. Good vibes alone will not do the trick. The generation before yours became consumers and eagerly joined the TV and fast food generation that sat in front of television sets and allowed Wall Street types to raise your tuition so that they could lend you more money.

      now the world is under the control of corporations who sell you energy. Oil, gas, coal, and nuvlear energy and bankers are destroying what is left. You must organize to bring effective opposition to these policies. Blogging is not a cosmic connection whrre all at once consciousness shifts and change suddenly happens. Unfortunately, you will have to stand up and fight, and you still might lose. I do not see much fight in the past two generations.

      • flatsville

        >>>Blogging is not a cosmic connection whrre all at once consciousness shifts and change suddenly happens. Unfortunately, you will have to stand up and fight, and you still might lose. I do not see much fight in the past two generations.<<<

        I had youngster call me and ask for help with a coal plant. He was hired to fight the plant expansion and the utility was dragging their feet and not filing the app everyone knew they'd file. He was about to lose his job.

        I told him to go pick a fight with them. He couldn't figure out how. I explained how. He still didn't get it. I had to do it for him.

        It took three phone calls and a public meeting and they filed the app befoer COB the day of the public meeting. They fled the most screwed up app I had seen in years. The state PSC slaughtered them on the original and the re-file.

        This kid had been to college and meant well.

        All I could think is no retirement for me. We're screwed.

        • Socrates

          We had a community meeting Thursday night where residents are opposing high density development with no public transportation and high rise.

          The residents all pussy-foot around, apologizing to the developer. They all acknowledge that emergency services will be delayed in response time so that they will not receive paramedic services in time for cardiac resuscitation, nor fire-fighting services in time to save their million dollar plus homes.

          The former City attorney came into the meeting and told them to hhire a lawyer and get serious or else they would sit in traffic jams and not have emergency services. What a bunch of tight wad wimps!

          They all wimpered about how the developer was running rough shod all over them. The developer spent over a million lobbying and has lawyers and public relations people for three years.

          It was in the newspapers this morning. The same lawyer stopped two other developments. He is running for mayor without any financial backing.

          I stood up and said my piece. The community is "looking for a cheap lawyer." They would rather die from a coronary event than to pay a lawyer!

      • eternal tao eternal tao

        Yes i agree Socrates many times the only way is a violent one, one book i am currently reading is the Under-miners by Keith Farnish, it's a good guideline for organized transition out of this consumer society, it also explains well the means that the populace is disconnected from the continuum of life with. I agree that keyboarding isn't helping a cosmic connection that's why i try my best everyday to awaken those around me and share knowledge, we are one and the same after-all. Thank you for your reply yours and others truly inspire me I've been seeing your comments for some time now and it's so cool to finally interact with you

    • We Not They Finally

      eternaltao, you are one brave 18-year-old! Your voice is welcomed. Stick around.

    • flatsville

      >>>But, i do know that this is happening, all these posts from people such as Flatsville about writing checks to law firms and whatnot are rather.. ignorant.<<<

      Hey kid, it was write a chsck to an evnviro legal fund. And no privately owned NPP that operates as a public utility ever shuttered a plant because someone "blogged" something.

      This is Fight Club…and we're fighting for our planet.

      Now, go hit somebody..or write checks to the groups who will.

      • Socrates

        All the environmental groups come to me for free legal advice. I advise several groups pro bono. I have never been paid single penny in 36 years of advising environmental groups.

        Opposing the same.

        Yet consumers their utility bills to those companies that.operate the gid.

        Change the Price Anderson Act and unleash the trial lawyers who will work on a contingency. Too bad that they never heard of that piece of legislation.

        Hating lawyers does not help. The enemy is ignorance.

        • flatsville

          Yep. You said it. PAA must go. Have the Trial Lawyers ever tried to take it apart? I recall nothing in regards to a challenge.

          Ratepayers fund the lawyers for the Utility that runs the toxic plant, but won't write a check to the enviros who are on "their side" to close it down.

          Go figure.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      You are very wise at a young age and you will make an excellent Jedi!

      Always spread the love, energy and your growing strength and knowledge to other young interested Jedi in this ongoing battle with the Dark Force.. 🙂


      I must apologize for our lack of success in these matters… 🙁

    • eternal tao eternal tao

      Thank you everyone for the reply. It is so refreshing to hear from other like-minded people. I've been keeping up with the comment pages for a while now and it's surreal for me to have people reply to my comment when i've been reading theirs for a while now. Again many thanks everyone i'm going to be posting often, blessings to all of you, we are one.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Prior to the medical community's embrace of nuclear "cures",
    Neutropenia was called Radiation Sickness…

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Yes, and I think that was during the time when women who painted watch dials with radium were dying of radiation poisoning. Someone posted a link to a really great video on that subject here, sometime in 2012. I think it was called, "The Radium Girls."

      Not surprisingly, U.S. Radium supplied defense contractors, and the studies of the effects of radium on the workers became part of the bases of the new field of "health physics."

      Wish I could find the video link. It's amazing.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        The movie is called, "Radium City." It can be found on YouTube, but you'll have to play it in a pop-up window. Do a browser search under the term "Radium City," and the information should appear below, along with a link to the movie.

        Hello everyone- We have just been invited to partner commercially with YouTube, and are hoping to make many of our complete full length documentaries … – Cached
        .Play Video
        More results from »

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          the http:// link above will not work. You must launch the movie from the popup window saying "play movie."

        • MochiMadness

          HoTaters, the radium watch dial story was the first one we learned in Rad Physics. On the first page of my physics book, (Fuchs)–it stated clearly "There is no safe threshold."

          It doesn't get clearer than that in my mind.

          And yes, Jebus, we did change names to prettier sounding things. Just as we changed NMRI to MRI to take the "nuclear" out of it.

          As I said, we induce radiation sickness as a by product of an attempt to cure a patient of certain cancers. Yes, this is called Neutropenia and Leukopenia.

          We (in the radiology world) know very, very well what it does, why it happens and how it all ends. 🙁

          • lickerface lickerface


            "A New York dentist, Theodore Blum, was one of the first to note the biological effects of radium when he observed what he termed “radium jaw” in a woman who had worked at a New Jersey dial painting plant. Such early cases exhibited “acute necrosis of the jaw, usually involving infection and severe leukopenia and anemia.”

            There's that leukopenia word again. Before that I read this part:

            "However, a major setback for the Corporation occurred when a number of dial painters died from what appeared to be a variety of unrelated health causes. It was later learned that the deaths were due to radiation contamination associated with exposure to radium, one of the prime ingredients of the luminescent paint."

            So…. unrelated causes turned out to be causes by rad contamination. Like this marine life, eh?

  • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

    The thing that bothers me most about the fallout from Fukushima-Daiichi is that the US for half a century has had a truly amazing global radiation tracking system. It consists of everything from ocean bouys to satellites to ground stations. It's able to locate individual sources, just in case any of our non-allies decide to start playing with radioactive isotopes. Judging by the media reports during and since 3/11 regarding North Korea, Iran, and of course Russia.

    The system is obviously up and running just fine, yet civilian scientists are reduced to having to make fairly random guesses as to where the air and water fallout has gone.

    And I assume anything having to do with radiation detection is completely safe from FOIA requests.

    • National Security, y'know.

    • vicky13 vicky13

      Hiya Crash2Parties,,

      Well, what we gotta do as informed, concerned individuals is setup our own monitoring stations on NETC.

      If we all spend a bit of cash to setup stations we would have real time data.

      We don't need to depend on a government,, to do this for us. And should we even TRUST any government to give us reliable data?

      Knowledge is power, especially when applied in a focus group like we have here at ENENEWS and NETC.

      I bet ya,, we could have a global network,, if we got enough people to buy the equipment and get on the NETC map.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    If they keep fooling around with this lack of information/excessive control under the terms of National Security they will have no Nation left to secure, since it (This Nation) will continue dying in ever growing massive Nuclear Radiation affected cancer numbers.

    No one will avoid this upcoming Nuclear Induced Cancer Plague and we are "all" really on the same team and I hope wiser smarter people take us out of this growing Nuclear problem.

    Between chemo, slices and cutoffs we can all cut checks in between each treatment regime.. 🙂

    Flats will love it! Mo Money, show me the money!

    Mo money for everybody as blood spurts sporadically from each of their eyes.. 🙁

  • mscir mscir

    Jebus, you said,
    "You have to remember that the Fukushima fallout is not only radioactive, but these radionuclides are heavy metal toxins of the worst kind. Some are soluble neurotoxins."
    I haven't seen this discussed anywhere. I would like to understand what is being released, in what levels, and what the effects of short, medium, or long term exposure are. I don't see any way to understand how dangerous this situation is. For example, what if removing what's left of the rods goes wrong and rods touch or burn, how serious is that and how many countries can be effected? Also how much radioactive substances have been released into the ocean and what real damage can they do, to the life there, and to animals or people who eat the larger fish that may be collecting radioactive elements in their fat? There's lots of concern and some hysteria, I don't know how to understand it. Can you recommend any reading or speak to this yourself?

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      You could start by reading all the citations on the Forum for Low Dose RAdiation.

      Then go back and read all the citations on There is a huge amount of material and it is already archived on

    • Jebus Jebus

      Specifically, in reference to heavy metal and actnides, start here:

      Heavy metal (chemistry)

      Also, follow annes advice.

      All the information to understand the lies, the threat, and the damage from nuclear power is at your fingertips.

      Critical thinking skills required…

    • Jebus Jebus



      Radioactive substances can harm human health via (i) local skin contamination, (ii) internal exposure due to ingestion of radioactive isotopes, and (iii) external overexposure by β-activity and γ-radiation.

  • Nicolasin Nicolasin

    Hey ho ;o) I thought Gundersen worked for marvel comics?