Residents worried about radioactive smoke plume if fire reaches radioactive waste: “If it gets to this contamination, it’s over — not just for Los Alamos, but for Santa Fe”

Published: June 29th, 2011 at 8:30 am ET


Towns near NM fire, nuclear lab wary of smoke, AP, June 29, 2011:

Residents downwind of a wildfire that is threatening the nation’s premier nuclear-weapons laboratory are worried about the potential of a radioactive smoke plume if the flames reach thousands of barrels of waste stored in above-ground tents.

“If it gets to this contamination, it’s over — not just for Los Alamos, but for Santa Fe and all of us in between,” said Mai Ting, a resident who lives in the valley below the desert mesas that are home to the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Los Alamos Fire: EPA Testing for Radiation, ABC news. June 28, 2011:

wildfire that surrounds the nuclear lab in Los Alamos, New Mexico, has
grown to at least 61,000 acres amid mounting concerns about what might
be in the smoke that’s visible from space. […]

Published: June 29th, 2011 at 8:30 am ET


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21 comments to Residents worried about radioactive smoke plume if fire reaches radioactive waste: “If it gets to this contamination, it’s over — not just for Los Alamos, but for Santa Fe”

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    Bless the beautiful city of Santa Fe and the lovely country nearby. I fear for my friends. Why they built that Hell in one of the most gorgeous places on Earth is anyone’s guess.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      And Bless this beautiful Planet that the Nuclear Industry is hell bent on destroying. If ONLY I would of known how dangerous and deadly this source of energy was many years ago – but alas, I obviously did not care, did not educate myself about it’s danger. Lord help us…this will be the end of life as we know it I’m afraid. Nothing will ever be the same again.

  • radegan

    10-20 mph winds today, blowing from the south to the nne.
    If there is a large pickup of materials, not only Santa Fe will be in danger, but Colorado Springs and Denver – about 160 miles in the direction of the prevailing wind. Lord of the Universe, we ask you to calm these winds and send a cloud of rain to quench this fire.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Like someone said yesterday – why in the hell aren’t they using HAARP right now to bring the rains needed. Why aren’t they using hundreds of Copters to bring water from the floods up North? (altho that doesn’t seem possible) I really feel for the firefighters battling these fires, when it could be solved by manipulating the weather like they do all the time with HAARP and Chemtrails, no?

      • BetaFlare

        Chemtrails r used to ‘neutralize’ BetaFlares – caused by nuke plant neutron flow …

      • They’ve been using HAARP for bringing the rains down with masses of radiation ever since March 11th. And it is not part of their “game plan” to put this fire out, in my opinion. They WANT the fire to burn.

    • Looking at the map of the area around Los Alamos last night I also noted that Denver is well within reach of significant radiation. Remember the darkly disturbing “murals” at the Denver airport including the one with an armed figure wearing a gas mask they show radiation masks on some figures? Connecting some dots.

      “This big and aggressive militaristic figure is dressed in a Nazi uniform (notice the symbol on the hat) with a face shaped like a gas mask.”

      “Look closely at the people on the left and the dead children sleeping on bricks. There is no traces of violence on them. They’re simply devoid of life, as if they were poisoned by the deadly gas [or radioactive air!] emanating from the rainbow above them.”

      • => Error in sentence above.. should’ve been:

        Remember the darkly disturbing “murals” at the Denver airport including the one with an armed figure wearing a gas mask?

    • lokay5 lokay5

      Here’s another appropriate little ditty;

  • neminis

    The sky is falling.

  • dark_horizon

    I heard that like 5hrs ago the fire was 50ft from the plutonium. It is no doubt engulfed and spewing a radioactive cloud of death that will spread throughout America. Factor in meltdown at ft. calhoun… Obama likely to give press conference calling for calm over soon to be mass rioting across several parts of the USA.

    • radegan

      They haven’t deployed the foam yet, so it can’t be that bad and there’s been no meltdown at Ft. Calhoun…yet. I think that Calhoun Lagoon will more likely result in a large release of radioactive water to the river and flushed to the Gulf. I don’t see any atmospheric release yet, but then I try and be hopeful, there’s plenty of doomsayers. But if a dam gives way upstream, your scenario may come about. As to the weapons lab – today is the crunch day. If they get through today, most of the fuel near the lab will be burned up.

  • Stacy

    Just wanted to share that I am in PA and I just tried three (THREE!)different national news station and all I got was the Casey Anthony trial. WTH is going on? Are people really this easily led to stupidity? Really frustrated…I can’t even see what is going on in my own country. Thank God for alternative news venues and people posting relevant links.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Stacy, isn’t it sad? For me, all these cover-ups were a real eye-opener; i can’t see the world as i did before. All they want us is to work, pay taxes and consume consume consume.
      I’m really fed up.

      • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

        And it doesn’t matter what pol party…all owned by big $…twin towers fall, Dubya says “go shopping”…Fuku spews for months, Barrack says ONE TIME “Nothing to worry about, no radiation”.
        That feeling of being used is sure ugly.

  • brydie

    What if ALL of this is being engineered? – thus the reason no one is responding appropriately. Just as there was no appropriate response for katrina, the gulf, fukushima, we are seeing no appropriate response for this new crop of crises. In the case of the Katrina, the Gulf and now with Fukushima the virulence of the events was and continues to be actively promoted by official actions (or inaction). All these events have and are still killing varying pieces of our earth and varying numbers, still to be tallied, of people and animals(probably in the trillions in the Gulf if you count the fish, the invertebrates, and trillions more if you count the dying, mutating microbes that once fueled the world’s richest most diverse marine nursery). All these events could have been averted or managed to avert complete destruction of the environment and human and animal life . So perhaps the better question would be what would be the reason for all that? Who would stand to gain from letting those events spiral out into a death scenario, and what would they gain? Clearly, the us govt took action to ensure that the entire Gulf of Mexico would be destroyed – mission accomplished.( To read about that see One area where there is no question, however, is that the people of the earth need to rise up now to save our planet and ourselves.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      “…that the people of the earth need to rise up now to save our planet and ourselves”
      very true. unfortunately, Wal Mart opens its gates again tomorrow morning. Going there with the SUV, buying stuff, preparing 4th of July. Me me me, buy buy buy, more more more.

      We will see riots in the street when Wal Mart closes down, not one single day earlier.

    • James Tekton James Tekton


      Very well said Brydie.

      Thank you for putting this into the simple expression like you have.

      What is amazing and exemplary of the mass conscious awakening is that you are not alone in saying this. Even Alex Jones mentioned something along this same line today. Everyone Knows!

      Many KNOW what these agendas are by the early signs we see. Thank the Most High for the awareness that is running rampant among the tribes of man. What many forget or do not realize is that WE ARE ALL ONE and this FACT is the baseline of the grand awakening.

      It is true. The elitist/bankster/govt/etc lackeys are killing us all off and this is the population control agenda hard at work. Put “population control agenda” into your search engine and read all about it. You will easily see this agenda in front of your face all over the world. The kill off of the human peoples is happening now and still as a whole not much is being done to stop it. The sheeple set for slaughter do nothing to save themselves or their families.

      What is interesting is we have seen the build up of body bags and preparations for some kind of EVENT in that south-eastern bible belt region for years now. It is looking like a nuklear nightmare for everything east of the Rocky Mountains.

      Fire, radiation, flooding, high solar activity and UV levels are all off the hook. Shake, rattle, and roll. Flash! Throw in the earth changes equation and maybe a false flag Event and you have it, chaos AS PLANNED. (4TH OF JULY?) More??

      We are getting lots of smoke here in the four corners region which means the smoke has gone west and north and east. It is a combination from the Arizona and Los Alamos regions and IT IS RADIOACTIVE.

      A look at the EPA map shows two things. Rises of radiation measurements in the area, and the fact that many of the detection sites EAST of Los Alamos are not working or recording information. More COVER UP by the EPA/NRC/FDA and all the rest of the USELESS GOVT EATERS AND BREATHERS sucking fat federal pay checks for doing absolutely NOTHING to protect America or the world’s people. They earn those fat pay checks for doing exactly opposite of what they are supposed to be doing and are perfectly kow-towing to the population control (kill off) agenda.

      One place that is working and directly downwind of Los Alamos is Amarillo, TX. The readings have been high:

      Beta Gross Count Rate (CPM)

      Location Names: TX: AMARILLO,

      Date: 06/29/2011

      (Last 24 hrs)

      2011-06-28 17:26:30 324
      2011-06-28 18:26:43 313
      2011-06-28 19:26:56 306
      2011-06-28 20:27:09 302
      2011-06-28 21:27:23 305
      2011-06-28 22:27:36 303
      2011-06-28 23:27:49 289
      2011-06-29 00:28:02 282
      2011-06-29 01:28:15 254
      2011-06-29 02:28:29 257
      2011-06-29 03:28:42 305
      2011-06-29 04:28:55 360
      2011-06-29 06:29:21 382
      2011-06-29 07:29:34 390
      2011-06-29 05:29:08 373
      2011-06-29 17:31:47 399
      2011-06-29 18:32:00 377

      Location Names: CO: DENVER,

      Date: 06/29/2011

      (Last 24 hrs)

      2011-06-28 10:55:05 72
      2011-06-28 11:55:17 81
      2011-06-28 12:55:29 95
      2011-06-28 13:55:41 133
      2011-06-28 14:55:54 144
      2011-06-28 15:56:07 152
      2011-06-28 16:56:19 139
      2011-06-28 17:56:31 122
      2011-06-28 18:56:44 99
      2011-06-28 19:56:56 81
      2011-06-28 20:57:08 63
      2011-06-28 21:57:20 64
      2011-06-28 22:57:33 60
      2011-06-28 23:57:45 71
      2011-06-29 00:57:58 79
      2011-06-29 01:58:10 120
      2011-06-29 02:58:22 139
      2011-06-29 03:58:35 115
      2011-06-29 04:58:47 115
      2011-06-29 05:58:59 117
      2011-06-29 06:59:11 122
      2011-06-29 07:59:23 130
      2011-06-29 08:59:35 133
      2011-06-29 09:59:48 150
      2011-06-29 11:00:00 195

      They talk about creating chaos. Take all this together and what is shaping up is not looking good. So many people know, but the question is what are they doing about it?

      What can we all do? KEEP BANGING ON THE WALLS AND MAKING AS MUCH NOISE AS YOU CAN WHILE YOU CAN!!! Get aggressive NOW people and fight before we are all to weakened down to raise a finger to these evil things that are killing us all off. This is a WORLD WIDE life or death/EMERGENCY situation. Call everyone you know, write as much as you can, and get the facts out there. PREPARE. HELP OTHER PEOPLE PREPARE.

      KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Use it while you can. You have a right to be angry! Post blogs, write newspapers, the congress critters and senate toads, UN, EPA, FDA, ALL GOVT OFFICES. Make flyer’s & DVD’s for your neighborhood, call TV and radio stations, be as creative as your higher power will inspire you to be. The truth will set you free!

      Today, let us begin the INFORMATION REVOLUTION. We are in the final wind-up people and at this point our days are indeed numbered. The horrific sad truth is, they are less then what we can imagine if the people do not rise up and actually DO SOMETHING to stop all this total insanity. What are YOU doing about your purposely planned demise?

  • markww markww

    DOES ANYONE know if EVERGREEN the 747 firefighting aircraft was called in to drop miles of retardant on the fire in New Mexico ????

  • Novamind

    There is no reason for this fire to consume the Barrels or the Lab at Los Alamos. If it does this means that resources needed as far as Equipment and personal were not supplied in the usual fashion as per normal request procedures.
    In other words a deliberate stand down.
    This seems to be happening at Fort Calhoun and at Los Alamos.