Gov’t admits water pouring in ocean at Fukushima is “highly” contaminated; Going on for last 2 years — NHK: Officials reveal it may have started “just after the nuclear accident” (VIDEO)

Published: August 8th, 2013 at 12:35 am ET


Reuters, August 7, 2013: Japan says Fukushima leak worse than thought […] Highly radioactive water from Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is pouring out at a rate of 300 tonnes a day [New York Times says 400 tons/day], officials said on Wednesday, as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ordered the government to step in and help in the clean-up. […] Tatsuya Shinkawa, a director in METI’s Nuclear Accident Response Office, told reporters the government believed water had been leaking for two years […] Shinkawa described the water as “highly” contaminated. […]

NHK, August 7, 2013: […] The ministry also says it cannot rule out the possibility that contaminated groundwater started leaking into the sea just after the nuclear accident at the plant.

Watch the NHK broadcast here

Published: August 8th, 2013 at 12:35 am ET


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41 comments to Gov’t admits water pouring in ocean at Fukushima is “highly” contaminated; Going on for last 2 years — NHK: Officials reveal it may have started “just after the nuclear accident” (VIDEO)

  • dopestone dopestone

    Witnessing an exponential curve here folks

  • Ourself Ourself

    Re-posting what I've said in another article:

    "[T]here's different possible reasons why they are becoming more truthful now. The corporate propaganda media, as I'm sure you know, is bought and paid for. If this message is getting out, it's because someone wants the public to know. Well, why do they now want the public to know? What changed?

    I personally don't think anything has changed. This is simply step two of a larger agenda.

    The first step is to completely deny that there is a problem. You've already seen this.

    The second step, which seems to be what we're in now, is when they slowly admit that there is a problem, in very small increments. They won't fix the problem, of course, they will simply put on a show to make people think it's under control.

    The Japanese government has already stated that they'll be involving themselves with Fukushima. This seems to be part of step 2. Many on here believe that they'll soon be scapegoating TEPCO. This seems to be step 3 – the blame game. These corrupt people and corporations will destroy each other if they have to – anything to survive.

    Step 4 will probably be a repeat of step 2, except with international efforts instead. The US government will say it is doing everything it can do, they will put on a great show, when in reality they're doing nothing to remedy the situation. This will be for their own protection. They don't want the public to see them as genocidal maniacs who do nothing while their…

    • Ourself Ourself

      (Cont) "If they don't create this facade, there would be large-scale insurrection.

      Step 5 is likely going to be a repeat of step 3, but again, internationally. It will be a big blame game. It will essentially be a big distraction away from the real issues. I forsee an attempt at installing Agenda 21 at this point, as well.

      It isn't easy to predict beyond this point, because it depends entirely on how the people respond. Also, keep in mind that it won't necessarily happen this way – it just seems to be the agenda. I also have a feeling that Fukushima will become unworkable at some point, probably between step 3-5.

      When the shit really hits the fan, the economy might collapse. The fishing industry will be gone for sure. The nuclear industry will be hated – they will be in damage control mode the entire time – however, people will still be dependent on it for their power.

      I imagine massive riots breaking out. The US might even declare martial law. It's quite a ways to predict, though, so who knows.

      Many of you probably think I'm crazy. Lets hope I am."

      • eatliesndie eatliesndie

        You may have nailed it….of course, a fuel pool fire or toppled buildings may initiate alternative program.

        • combomelt combomelt


          • combomelt combomelt

            "PRO NUCLEAR" sorry

            • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

              I would say that truth you have mentioned is GUSHING out, very similar to the gushing radionuclide encapsulated water that can only go into our ocean. Which, as we know, has been happening from the very beginning. How many billions of gallons is in a multi year nuclear GUSH?

          • Ourself Ourself

            Nuclear is great, man. It's so safe and efficient. This is why we put dancing butterflies and big smiling fluffy green trees on our advertizements – so you know just how clean and eco-friendly we really are!

            We care about the environment. We care about it so much that we want to give back. Those fish in the ocean, you know, sometimes they get cold. We can fix that. Think of it like a big blanket of love. That's how we like to envision it.

            There is no need for wind turbines. They're costly and dangerous, too. I think a bird flew into one once! And hydroelectric power? Don't even get me started on THAT!

            Why not just create miniature Suns? It's such a better idea. The Sun is the source of all life, afterall. How can anyone argue with that?

            • Slingerss Slingerss

              Did you get all that from a BP commercial? You know the one that says how they cleaned up the Gulf?
              "Dead Zone? What Dead Zone? We had nothing to do with That! We live in the Gulf Coast, we will stay until its cleaned up (because we poured so much corexent out there that the oil spill all sank to the bottom. Never mind that dead baby dolphins are washing up on shore in record numbers, and shrimps now have two or more heads. We had nothing to do with that!"

          • KDM KDM

            They're eating a big plate of crow.

      • dopestone dopestone

        What came first, the flooding groundwater or the sinking building? The chicken or the egg?

        Either way we're screwed! Step 3, 7, 9, or 16 these steps are only reactionary responses to an unprecedented crisis.

      • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

        Funny you mention martial law. One of the many links offered by Patty B (or maybe I branched out after she sent me somewhere) said it would be announced this week that the Tokyo acquifer had been compromised and after that they wouldn't allow anyone to leave. I guess I'm waiting to see if that actually happens.

        • Ourself Ourself

          I wouldn't be surprised at all. According to Kevin Blanch, there are riots going on over there, though the media won't report on it. Anyway, thanks for the info, Phil.

  • applepie

    "MAY have started just after the nuclear accident"

  • Paiute023 Paiute023

    i please urge all enenews folks to use the hashtag #OperationBrightFuture on twitter.Please let's get this trending! This mission calls for evacuations for Children and their families from #Fukushima prefecture and surrounding prefecture to areas less impacted by radiation,even further to places out side Japan. The Gov't has failed immeasurably! it's up to the people and the Private sector to assist in the monumental rescue effort. i've seen Marc Benioff /CEO of today for the second time on twitter post news of the crippled plant and dire situation there.i tweeted him several times to add news and mention #OperationBrightFuture.i tweeted Sean Stone and his Dad Movie mogul Olivier Stone,he's in Asia right now,Jeju,South Korea,i believe.anyone and everyone needs to be contacted for their assistance in the dire situation.As an America Indian it's our duty to defend the Future Generations at all costs,weather on our soil or abroad! :The 7th generation is dissolving by the way of Genomic aberrations ,at the hands of radioactive nuclides. Please share this message!!!! my twitter is onelove@paiute023 for contacting GOD BLESS

    • Sol Man

      Another poster within the past few days here had pointed out that people transplanted anywhere will have plutonium, uranium and such on their shoes, clothes, bodies and will be spreading it to wherever they may relocate to. How do you propose to handle that?

      • Paiute023 Paiute023

        i'm asking folks to find solutions ,not bring up more obstacles! But clearly Shoes and Clothing can be thrown away and new ones purchased or donated! you bring nothing useful to this crisis.You say poster:what are you talking about? Who made that poster?was it from Dr.Helen Caldicott? most like not!These's much bigger logistical works to over come than contaminated clothes.

        • Enlite2.0

          If this can come to pass, I will do what I can to assist. You are right, possessions are nothing in comparison to saving lives. Please keep on this. <3

          • Paiute023 Paiute023

            Roger that ,Enlite2.0 !!!! When one focuses on defending kids from needless cancers,Clothes and stuff has no place in the rescue efforts to help them.Thank you !!! Write and share this with anyone and everyone,Write famous folks, CEO's of companies.People with clout ; but above all folks willing to to RISK !! God Bless

  • There is something that we, the public, can do.

    We should begin by trying to change the media's and the public's mindsets regarding Fukushima. So far it's been treated as an accident, the result of a tragic sequence of natural events, something inevitable.

    Not at all.

    This was – and still is – a crime. Maybe international law regarding ECOCIDE is lagging behind. But what is happening in Fukushima is still a crime.


    Another important point to keep in mind is that governments and the nuclear industry are watching us.

    Because they know this is only the first major catastrophe after Chernobyl, and that there will be others.

    The combination of flawed nuclear power plant design and natural threats exist elsewhere. Earthquakes, EMP events, floods, tsunamis – they can all unleash the unthinkable.

    So they are watching us to see how well we tolerate the situation.

    Right now people of Japan are stoically coping.

    The rest of us are experiencing confusion, or quiet anger, or indifference.

    There hasn't been an organized attempt at summoning international organizations and governments to intervene. From the industry's point of view, so far so good, and they'll continue to MANAGE US by disclosing the ugly truth one little bit at the time. Works best that way.

    This has to change.


    • dopestone dopestone

      Trickle Down Medianomics?

      If only they could control the flow of radioactive water as well as they control the flow of information!

    • Slingerss Slingerss

      Its been treated as LESS than a minor malfunction in the media. I find it OUTRAGEOUS that this isn't front page news, and on every single channel. There has to be a media black out on this.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Hahaha, well you dont say, it could have been leaking since the beginning. I like Abe's idea though, put all the government officials to work there helping the clean-up. Actually, the poor guys in the military wont be too happy when they realize they were lied to then sacrificed. Without an army, these psychos will look pretty weak. Yes, around the world we will see them rat out their own to try and save their butts….fun…if only it werent for the unstoppable contamination of the planet. Who has the last laugh?

    • Even The Birds HATE Me Now DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      " the unstoppable contamination of the planet. Who has the last laugh? "


  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    300 tons of radioactive water per day have been seeping into the ocean, tainting it. They will use taxpayer money to build a huge refrigerator around the entire plant.

    Maybe the Japanese sleeping dragon is awakening, they have this new warship. When you got nothin to lose….

  • dosdos dosdos

    They won the election and own both houses in the Diet. Now they can be a s truthful as they like.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Ministry of Economy' Money Grab Using Fukushima I Nuke Plant Groundwater Contamination.
    Aug.6 2013

  • Maybe they can sink that new warship and block the whole Fukushima harbor with it, preventing that 400 tons of glowing water from getting out into the ocean?

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      They would have to sink one everyday..
      Perhaps…some war dogs could go down with the ships…

  • Ok, so now they admitted to a SMALL, teenie weenie 'leak' of 400 tons of highly radioactive water, that is within 'legal' limits of what they can release per year.

    Now, how about the plutonium? Is that 'legal' also?

    How Dangerous Is 400-6000 Pounds Of Plutonium Nano Particle Dust Liberated By Fukushima? Via @AGreenRoad

    Dr. Holger Strohm – Plutonium From Fukushima Will Kill Millions – Via Recycling Through Many Future Generations; via @AGreenRoad

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    googsearch: graphene radioactive

    Most of the contamination in the rad-water can be filtered with graphene.. the nanoparticle radio nucleides with long halflife are easily captured, but rad-gasses like tritium are not captured by graphene.

    Kalmykov & Tour recently demonstrated this graphene filtration process.

    The most readily accessible graphene in megaton quantities for this Fukushima project right now is in Alaska.

    Much of the Fukushima radwater can be filtered and resequestered using fracking technology.

    It'd good to see the government finally getting mobilized, can they succeed ?? ..the best way to stop crying over spilled milk is to not spill it in the first place.

    LENR will replace fission

  • SteveMT

    When governments openly admit to past lies, they continue to lie about the present situation. Governments don't disclose anything unless that are forced to do so; when such news is announced, it usually serves as a distraction to cover up even bigger lies. If governments are currently still minimizing the danger at Fukushima, then they are still lying.

    • 21stCentury 21stCentury

      Yes SteveMT, government lies & secrecy indicate criminal intent.. govt-secrecy for "national security" is pure BS from BigBrass.. I watched Eisenhower's Jan.17th-1961 speech live on the boobtube.. and as a little kid in the 1950's my grandpa opened my eyes to outerspace and UFO's because he experienced several dramatic incidents that are to this day considered "Top Secret".
      In 1959 I got to play with a little chunk of "magic memory metal", but this alloy wasn't invented by humans until 10 years later.
      Richard Dolan has as good an explanation as anybody about why governments keep secrets.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    "So they are watching us to see how well we tolerate the situation."

    What all 20 of us?

    The world has been mentally shut down on any real danger/coverage of this situation and when a Berkeley professor says no worries then all these people immediately go back to partying!

    Your entire world is designed to be "brain dead" on purpose and that is exactly what an effective well designed orchestrated Zeitgeist does.

    When the toleration then comes to each of them in the form of increased cancer/disease/pain deaths, then these same "brain dead" people will pull out their Bibles hoping that they somehow will be cured and/or will then believe this was God's given purposeful challenge for their soul to endure.

    Father forgive them for they know no what they do…

    How sick is it all.. (Our current Zeitgeist).. really?

    Very sick!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    oops..Father forgive them for they know "not" what they do…