Reuters: Head of Tepco ‘shocked’ people are concerned about No. 4 fuel pool — ‘Baffled’ by criticism of company’s role in Fukushima disaster

Published: July 19th, 2012 at 4:39 pm ET


Title: Japan’s Tepco baffled by criticism of its role in nuclear disaster
Source: Reuters
Author: Aaron Sheldrick and Linda Sieg
Date: Jul 19, 2012

The new head of the company at the centre of Japan’s nuclear disaster said on Thursday he was baffled by fierce criticism of the firm where he has worked nearly 40 years and hoped to rebuild public trust but offered no clear idea how to do so.


At one of the meetings, a moderate earthquake struck and he was quickly peppered with questions about the safety of a badly damaged building at Fukushima full of spent fuel rods.

That was “quite a shock for us,” [President of Tepco Naomi Hirose] said, because the company assumed its reinforcement work has been sufficient.

Fukushima’s spent fuel pool No. 4 has been a source of international concern because they are exposed to the atmosphere after one of the explosions that hit the station tore the reactor building roof off and caused its walls to tilt.


Published: July 19th, 2012 at 4:39 pm ET


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33 comments to Reuters: Head of Tepco ‘shocked’ people are concerned about No. 4 fuel pool — ‘Baffled’ by criticism of company’s role in Fukushima disaster

  • I'm shocked… SHOCKED, I tell you…

    Pffphttt. This is like the CEO of Monsanto claiming he had no idea, and had never encountered such a thing in all his life, that people actually take their cultural and religious food strictures seriously. Or that Jews might not want pig genes in their tomatoes or spider genes in their paschal lamb…

    • richard richard

      Thanks joy. I just don't want abomination genes in any of my veges. Besides stopping the nuke industry we have to stop monsta-santo and all GMOs must be stopped.

      Nukers & monsanto are mongrels.

      Renewable energy and fresh uncontaminated food for everyone. We can't stop till that's done.

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      JoyB, you got it! Act innocent, then you must be innocent. Sadly, it often works since so many people have such a hard time believing that authority figures can and do lie. I quit smoking when i watched the CEO's of the tobacco industry raise their hands and swear to the American public in front of Congress that they totally believed that tobacco was not addictive. I just couldn't support these guys anymore and i realized that was what i was doing with each pack i bought. Putting money into the pockets of lying death merchants. Many in congress loved them, and…er… the campaign contributions.


    "…hoped to rebuild public trust but offered no clear idea how to do so." Might I suggest the dissolution of TEPGOV? Perhaps we can put it to a vote…

  • arclight arclight

    a man with a plan! 🙁

    "..TEPCO President Naomi Hirose said July 5 the firm hasn’t made up its mind whether to repair or close the four reactors at Dia-ni. The stakes are high since all four are 1,067 MW units whereas five of the six reactors at Dai-ichi are 760 MW units. Also, the Dia-ni units are newer having been built five to ten years later than the smaller units at Dai-ichi.

    It would be difficult for TEPCO to walk away from 4 Gwe of nuclear power especially with the huge burden on the economy of costs associated with fossil fuel replacement power.

    TEPCO is working on repairs to Dia-ni and expects to complete them in early 2013. However, TEPCO won’t say, at least for now, whether or when it will seek to restart the units…"

    "..The problem TEPCO faces at Fukushima-Dia-ni is that the 40 year mark comes up fast for the first two reactors (see table below). Even if the utility completes repairs by 2013 as scheduled, it may have to combine safety checks and assurances to the general population with a contentious 20-year license renewal process. .."

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Danger, Warning Will Robinson. Tepco has just 'fessed up to damage at Fuku-Daini.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        A limited hangout?

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          Strange combination:

          1. "the firm hasn’t made up its mind whether to repair or close the four reactors at Dia-ni."

          2. "TEPCO is working on repairs to Dia-ni and expects to complete them in early 2013."

          3. "TEPCO won’t say, at least for now, whether or when it will seek to restart the units…"

          They haven't decided whether to repair them, but they are repairing them and they haven't decided what to do after the repairs are completed.

          Maybe it's a translation thing.

      • Great find, HoTaters. I'd lay odds at least one of them melted. May not have blown up…

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Pro-nuke shill spotted! Hey arclight, in the blog entry you cited there was an odd comment by a pro-nuker. Did you notice it?

      "I have to tip my hat to Noda for overriding mob fear and permitting the nukes to light up. Such is the case where the virtues of a democracy breaks down, where you have sheer blind fear rather than a calm and enlightened electorate deciding complex issues. This is when dispassionate and collected heads must rise above the fright and turmoil and do the logical right thing to set the course right.

      James Greenidge
      Queens NY"

      I looked him up and found him pumping out pro-nuke stuff all over the Net, such as (of course) Atomic Insights. These guys are pathetic, but anyway there's a name to watch for.

  • jec jec

    HELLO out there TEPCO–all FOUR of your reactors are "exposed" , you just put a TENT around to hide them..You may want to revise with the following:
    "Fukushima’s spent fuel pools No. 1,2,3,and 4 are a source of international concern because they are exposed to the atmosphere after one of many explosions, both nuclear and hydrogen,which tore off top floors, walls and major structures. Melt downs of the four reactors occurred immediately AFTER the explosions. Nuclear fission continues."

    Oh and add "Reactors 5 and 6, are also damaged, but the ocean floor around the subsiding/failing structures are being re-enforced with layer and tons of concrete…. "

  • jec jec

    And, "TEPCO continues to observe and study the situation for the next 50 years. A plan will be developed to decontaminate at a much later date. Health of study subjects (Fukushima and Tokyo residents) will be observed, but health care not provided as 'no proof of damage' by TEPCO is available."

    NOTE: TEPCO did not record or delayed testing of health data, and government helped in the cover up.

  • GeoHarvey

    These people are so out of touch with reality.

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      I agree GeoHarvey. They may be greedy or think they are noble or what have you, but in the final analysis, they really are simply out of touch with reality, which is why it is important that we stop letting them lead and setting the standards. I learned a new word today – cultural cognition. It means that people literally believe something is true based upon their political group affiliation rather than upon the facts. It was being applied in a study of people's perceptions of how hot it was getting in the US, a very easily measurable increase in temperature. Nearly the entire US has been in a heat wave and drought for months now. Crops are withering on the vines, cattle are falling over and dying from thirst. People are dying from heat exhaustion, too. Now, according to the study,if you are a liberal, the study says you tend to believed things are, in fact, hotter, but, if you are a conservative, you said there was no change in temperature despite the fact that the thermometer showed an increase, the crops failing, no rain insight, record breaking temps state after state after state. Belief can be very blinding indeed.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Hey, man, get off of our case; we ain't got no problem…

    We poison the Japanese people…

    We compensate no one for damages; them suckers are just SOL …

    We poison the Pacific Ocean…

    We pollute the world's food supply…

    We falsify records, safety checks, and earthquake risk tests…

    We do a Chernobyl on Tokyo but keep people living there, and withhold information about the danger they and their children are in…

    The problem is not fixed, is not fixable, and the world is at risk from further disastrous deterioration of the plants and SFPs…


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Baffled?… Baffled to find that amount of people that know the truth.
    Baffled…to find that there are many that are willing to give it all they have to tell the truth to the people.
    Baffled that their lies don't hold.'m the one baffled..baffled at the blatant lies told by TEPCO in trying to cover up the largest nuclear disaster known to mankind.
    I am baffled …I wonder.. what kind of beings are willing to suffer the all forms…man, plant, radiation from Fukushima…while at the time offering pathetic and dangerous lies.

  • pierre

    taking a leaf out of SouthPark eposide where there's a late night (slave labor made) jewellry advertisement rip off scam and callers start coming in telling him to kill himself, "hahhaha" he jokes – "no really, I meant it, do it now, kill yourself"

    "hoped to rebuild public trust but offered no clear idea how to do so."

    kill yourselves, with remorse, and in public , and leave documents telling the truth. I am not kidding.

  • CB CB

    I wonder if he knows there's possibly 14 reactors in peril, radiation dose near Tokyo higher than some locations inside 30 km evacuation zone, 40,000 microsievert thyroid dose for California infants from Fukushima, and alarming amounts of radiation that were reported near the border of Indiana and Michigan and later censored by the EPA online.
    Obviously not aware of his surroundings, the large rallies outside the gates of hell probably don't get his attention either.
    Baffled by fierce criticism, another obstruction.

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      Just a thought, CB, those high rates in California, Indiana, and Michigan might not be all Fukushima caused. I wonder about Florida, too. I still think that there are some leaks going on in the US, just like when Chernobyl blew and the US gov't let our own massive leak going on at the same time in Arizona be blamed on Chernobyl. Do you happen to know if the radiation signatures matched up for Fukushima alone? I'm not sure if that is always being tested for when testing is actually done.

  • Max1 Max1

    I'm shocked the operators aren't arrested for crimes against humanity…

    • richard richard

      I may get boring on this, but crimes against humanity is not enough, there's ecocide and futurecide.

      The destruction and suffering toward the fauna and flora is surely a crime. And stealing the birth right of future beings of any type is beyond theft.

      Pan dimensional destruction.

      • Radio VicFromOregon

        "Pan dimensional destruction". Richard, that sums it up. What a concept, what a frightening but very real concept.

    • JustmeAlso

      Not only humanity but crimes against the whole planet and all life on it. Plus future generations to come.

      This is what ''justice'' looks like..

  • ML

    TEPCO is taking cues from PR people. Also practicing his lines in case he lands up in court someday.
    How could we be so insensitive towards him and his company? Really!! We must take our concern as rudeness by his attitude.
    It's rather funny… but too ironic to be comical.
    What does he say to the Prime Minister?

  • weeman

    He is not the man for the job, if I was a board member I would be calling for a vote of non confidence, the man speaks without thinking and quite possibly is not right in the head.

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      weeman, in fact, didn't some of the stockholders recently ask for an investigation into TEPCO executive's truth avoiding tendencies. That gives him even more reason to feign surprise, but, you are very right that in this case, it may very likely backfire on him. He is playing down a crisis that the rest of the world, including the shareholders have come to accept as one bad situation. And, i agree, with your assessment – "quite possibly is not right in the head". People who go too deep into denial can have a complete break with reality. Maybe that has happened to him.