Reuters: Fukushima Unit 4 is “buckled and tilted and could collapse” — Bloomberg: “Engineers have been examining stability” of building, checking for “new vulnerabilities”

Published: November 13th, 2013 at 12:20 am ET


Reuters, Nov. 12, 2013: The urgency to clear Reactor No. 4 of the fuel assemblies is because of the risk in having spent fuel stored at such a height – some 18 meters above ground level – in a building that has buckled and tilted and could collapse if another quake strikes. Also, if the pool housing the fuel assemblies is punctured and the water drains away, there could be a fire […] threatening Tokyo […] As the water used to cool the rods has had to be pumped in from the ocean, there is a risk that some may have corroded from the seawater. […] [The fuel rods] contain plutonium, one of the most toxic substances known […]

Bloomberg, Nov. 8, 2013: Engineers have been examining the stability of the reactor building to make sure no new vulnerabilities have developed that could lead to accidents during removal. Quarterly tests have also been conducted to ensure the building isn’t sinking because of soil subsidence, [Akira Ono, head of the Fukushima Daiichi plant] said.

Independent (UK), Nov. 8, 2013: Engineers must remove the fuel assemblies one by one, without incident, and each time deal with the risk of fire or the cooling water boiling dry. The building lists slightly but Tepco says it has been reinforced […] Tepco had built an alarm system that would warn workers to evacuate if radiation climbed dangerously high. […]

Takashi Hara, head of the spent fuel removal operation at Unit 4, Nov. 12, 2013: “A lot of debris fell into the fuel pool as a result of the March 2011 hydrogen explosion. The large pieces of debris have been removed […] If, for some reason, the water levels drop, the fuel would quickly heat up.”

Ichiro Kazawa, 61, a former real estate manager from Hirono, nearby the plant, Nov. 12, 2013: “We are all worried … Every day we read news about the plant, and we are aware of their plans to remove the spent fuel rods […] Everybody’s concerned and just hoping there will be no major accidents. No one here trusts Tokyo Electric.”

See also: [intlink id=”theyre-rushing-start-unit-4-expert-2010-megathrust-quake-hit-fukushima-nov-2013-recurrence-interval-75-years-last-rupture-nov-1938-planets-powerful-type-seismic-event-wsj-top-official-concern” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: November 13th, 2013 at 12:20 am ET


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72 comments to Reuters: Fukushima Unit 4 is “buckled and tilted and could collapse” — Bloomberg: “Engineers have been examining stability” of building, checking for “new vulnerabilities”

  • This is proof design flaws abound and the industry can't be trusted.
    Doubt Tokyo can be evacuated and even more doubtful nuke industry could pay for it. Nuke industry really screwed up. This ain't no conspiracy, the nuke military USJap gov private enterprise banksters are just plain poor managers trying to hide behind spin.
    We deserve better.

    • We Not They Finally

      About the evacuation of Tokyo, there is a huge gap between "doubt Tokyo can be evacuated" and having NO contingency plans after nuking them for 2-1/2 years now. But there has already been so much criminal irresponsibility, that I doubt that they even have any kind of secret contingency plans.

      • Gradius

        As today is 2 years and 8 months since those Plutonium explosions.

        • I said the same thing a few days ago.

          How hard is to reinforce the structure? Not only has it been 2 years and 8 months, but they've also been warning about the precarious pools the entire time. WHAT ARE THEY WAITING FOR? They don't have to repair it to mint condition; just put up some steel columns to hold the pools in place.

    • eatliesndie eatliesndie

      @mark, you said it.

    • Gradius

      Well, in reality, is just impossible to evacuate 36 MILLION people and have NO place to go (far too many people to go anywhere).

      Japan is done for, the worst is the Ocean will done too, and soon after all humans (and life) on this planet.

    • babbo dorian babbo dorian

      Well mark, at least a better stage.
      It is so poor….. but the worst…. people like the "in charge" Takashi Hara ….. do they believe in something besides their own short term benefit?… do they know what they are really doing making the show go on?…. sure no.
      Good luck for all of us….

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes we deserve better and all these people and all their Nuclear Technology need to be shown out to the door!

    Shut this industry down before it shuts down the Earth!

  • Mack Mack

    The Reuters article mentioned Arnie Gundersen. Is this the first time a mainstream media source mentioned him? If so, that's a good sign.

    There's also this quote in the article from a former GE engineer:

    "I agree with doing Unit 4 first as it may give them some experience as to how to approach the more difficult jobs at Units 1-3"

    Repeat: The more difficult jobs of Units 1-3.

    Good gravy, we'll be dealing with whiteknuckle news from Japan for years.

    • We Not They Finally

      Arnie Gundersen says the same thing. On Coast to Coast with Art Bell this past Saturday night. While in no way downplaying unit 4, saying that it is easy compared to reactors 1-3, so radioactive that no one can go NEAR them.

      • razzz razzz

        Coast-to-Coast – Fukushima Special – 09 November 2013

        Host: John B. Wells
        Guests: Arnie Gundersen, David Blume, Dr. John Apsley, Steven Starr

        • Socrates

          Cs 134 and 137 may arrive on West Coast early next year….

          Arnie Gundersen bought some salmon that tested clean. Small sample for sure.

          One thing is clear, TEPCO cannot stop the leaks.

          Icewall will take until 2015, and may not achieve a good seal.

          Removing rods from sfp 4 is another dangerous situation – despite FOIA documents which contain perhaps premature concludions that all rods already burned – plenty of danger for decades.

          Credible information is unavailable.

          Mother Nature plus Man's natural stupidity plus dangerous technology.

          TEPCO is not an engineering company that lacks funds, Japan wants another 50 nuke plants while blaming TEPCO.

          Unit 4 is the easiest. The other three reactors are going to be worse, accorfing to Arnie Gundersen. This is a political kabuki show. No boron is left between bundles because of heat and saltwater exposure to the plates.

          • Socrates

            Hard to measure radiation in food since food is self-shielding, I.e., the meat itself blocks alpha and beta. One needs a 20,000 follar detector.

            Children breathing dust from dirt is biggest risk. Unit 3 is much worse than 3.

            This will be episode after episode, each worse than the last one.

            Japanese government is NOT releasing information and not doing studies as they usually do.

            If the

    • andagi andagi

      Dear Mack,
      I believe there are GE engineers worldwide reading ENENews 🙂

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    N U C L E A R . P O I S O N I N G . E A R T H

    Storing spent fuel near reactors is insane. And every nuclear plant has them.

  • Sam

    There is no SFP4.

    Ask yourself where did the hydrogen for the explosion come from?

    • SS4U SS4U

      perhaps the hydrogen is coming from the super heated water under the reactors H2O

    • Gradius

      It was a NUCLEAR explosion (Plutonium)… NOT an hydrogen explosion. Hydrogen explosions are always followed with WHITE SMOKE, not BLACK! The fires were ORANGE (*NOT* red), the same color of Plutonium. It was CONFIRMED days ago it was indeed a NUCLEAR (Plutonium) explosion on 3rd reactor. "Hydrogen explosion" was just a fool's excuse from TEPCO president itself.

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        It looks like Sam is speaking of the reactor 4 spent fuel pool, there is not film of those explosions as there is of reactor 3. Rumor has it that it was very funky, the building warped in a strange way. Heart of the Rose posts a clip that shows white smoke out of reactor 4, it is not the "warped" film though, that is completely censored. I have always wondered why they have so completely censored video of reactor 4. There are over a hundred cameras on site. It is kind of amazing that video hasn't slipped out by this point. I would never have believed that censorship could be so total, too bad that nothing else they do is so effective.

        • Sam

          Lucky for Japan (& China & Korea) the wind was blowing
          into the pacific the week of March 11th – 18th.

          NoNukes, we are in an age where the media-govt-corporate nexus is unbreakable, therefore, censorship is the rule not the exception. An ELE must never be revealed to the public, else you'll have a revolution overnight.

          The massive blow up of Reactor 3 sent up a mushroom cloud that looked really scary. Gradius if you meant R 3 was a nuclear explosion I agree with you but R 4 SFP collapse soon after the quake (not the tsunami) caused the hydrogen build up leading to an explosion.

    • pattersonp

      Yeah the rods are probably already gone and they're playing with us.

      There's no way to know for sure about anything and i wouldnt put it past tepco.

      took them 3 years to admit by floating a boat that containments are leaking water. rods prob burned up months ago and they are just using this cover story so they can screw this up further and then say it happened now.

      I saw the explosions of 4, no idea how the pool didn't drain. It was already boiling the first week as well. 2 years later and its still 'hot'? Time for a beer

  • crystalwind crystalwind

    "…buckled and tilted and could collapse…the large pieces (of debris) have been removed…" (but not the small) But…but…that doesn't sound like the pictures they just showed us…you know–that perfect "rebuilt" interior?…faultless perfect pool? Gosh, dang, this is confusing…

    • Sam

      They are basically covering up facts. The SFP4 collapse was potentially an ELE event.

    • Naha Johari

      The way ENE is heading will seriously damage its anti-nuclear credentials. Like others here I also made the mistake of taking the NRA FOIA SFP4 "already gone ELE" hypothesis as fact, with X-files type believer trolls not helping any sort of objective analysis by bandying about doctrine & photos of Building 4 from 2011 (but being careful not to encourage analysis of what was built on site since).

      Ask the people here who have been watching TEPCO webcams: is it true that in the last 2.5 years snail-paced work was indeed done to trim the sheared edges of Building 4, then to overclad it with prefabricated panels, then to build over it with the L-shaped cantilevered steel structure that carry the heavy crane gear etc?

      Launch a slide viewer by clicking on the picture of the green crane here:–finance.html. Go to photo 3. The floor next to the SFP is clearly temporary and looks to be held up by scaffolding. There are no walls or ceiling. It's all structure covered with a stretched fabric material. The SFP is clearly tilted, consistent with various reports about the building having tilted. The inclination is clearer in photo 6. The fuel assemblies are clearer albeit distorted by water in photo 7.

      Granted it is mad to add a huge tonnage of steel on alluvial plain jelly, but waiting for the next 7+ quake whilst doing nothing is not an option either. They still risk catastrophic failure.

      • mungo mungo

        naha johari, i tried to open the link, it brings up a blank page….

      • jec jec

        GADS. Picture shows BENT fuel rod housing on top..lots of them in slide 7 of 13 at the 'green crane' slide show link, @Naha. I hope..someone like Arne..has looked at this particular slide and can suggest how feasible it is to try and pull the rods out.

      • babbo dorian babbo dorian

        Naha Johari, of course everything about the so shining structure of sfp4 is a depictable stage….
        More than ever, it was destroyed…. this false flag operation is planned since the very first notice of "alarming sfp4" a year ago or so.
        We must stay alert and connected with others like us because for sure they are going to do something really bad in November—- we will se.
        Good luck for you, yours and us.

      • sunpower

        To Naha Johari, I have tried to find a single picture of Tepco installing the new crane. Do you know of any? If you have no proof of such an installation, you operate from blind faitn in Tepco's veracity, not evidence as you claim from the Tepco pictures of a box beam structure and big cranes proves all is as they say.
        I see Tepco has lots of big cranes capable of constructing the annex they built with box beams. They finished the annex by June 2013 and put sheet metal roofing on it. Supposedly in a few months they not only cleaned up the deck (which they said went fast), but removed the old crane and installed the new one. Do you have a single photo of this work inside? Why would Tepco not provide such documentation?
        The finished interior job would be in just a few months. How many workers were there? Do you have a single photo of this crew at work in there?
        If you want to convince me of anything, tell me why Tepco installed a roof over the heavy lift area first? How did they hang the heavy cranes through a roof? Got one single picture of this operation for us?

        • sunpower

          NJ, why would news sources at the time of the disaster report SFP4 leaking water, dry, burning, generating too much radiation to approach, releasing radiation into the atmosphere, etc? Why would IAEA and NRC be so wrong?
          It is not like we critics of the lie machine do not have evidence of major inconsistencies in the media story being spun. If it wasn't for all the secrecy, maybe Tepco could have provided us with irrefutable proof, but the media tour could not provide much, there will be no observers, and now they admit training amateurs on a mockup. They will not use experienced, genuine workers? Why? Something is fishy with these nuklar people, always has been, please wake up.
          You talk about serious damage to the anti nuke movement but funny I have never heard damage talk about NIRS pushing the phony carbon free future meme on everyone, the same meme as pushed by the nuke industry. Who do you follow- Arnie is not even anti nuke. Clearly in the FOIA documents there is censorship they acknowledge. Get real. How about the damage from the headline grabbers hyping the crap out of the danger of this fuel removal (instead of criticizing the entire premise or the water pumping) who are setting up Tepco to operate a little drama on us implying they are actually in control of the situation there? Hypers get everyone scared so that Tepco can stroke em with a successful skit achieving less than nothing and prolonging the release of radiation.

          • sunpower

            You know folks, whenever someone starts with an ad hominem attack on the Enenews family at the beginning of their spiel, it makes my ears perk up. There are people on Enenews pushing and pushing the ad hominem against NRC that they were confused, but really it is clear who is sewing the confusion. Anyone who has read the FOIA knows the overriding dynamic was official censorship. HP pointed that out with the references to email FOIA, unrecorded lines, and blacked out paragraphs. Not confusion at all, but crystal clear fear and censorship.
            Then there is that video of the water sloshing out of unit four. I am curious about that…free to question.
            I challenged one of the other ad hominists here to say why Tepco would use amateurs? Got no response. The word used in the report was amateurs, not inexperienced professionals. Amateur indicates the people are not paid as regular nuklar workers.
            Unit four shell shocked. Not enough black soot? But zirc fires burn white-
            Unit four shown in July 2012 without superstructure, demoltion debris on east side, demo excavator on top and the old crane. But they soon claim to pull rods out of SFP4. Just which crane in your estimation did this delicate lift?
            Tepco insists the old crane could not have been used to lift out fuel requiring a brand new one. They insist that only a high tech crane would be safe. How did they lift out the rods then in 2012? Got pix?

      • pattersonp

        One of the workers last name in the website is "Sanchez"

        lol that another is "legendre" obviously french.

        are any of these workers japanese anymore? Those photos look pre-3/11 i still dont believe its that clean after the roof and explosions caved in.

  • Alpha1

    Lets make something clear the pool they are showing people is not SFP4 since I have been investigating it is very clear that it is the collections pool behind unit 4 they are showing. As for the building and tarp laden system they show there are a few things to point out, SPF4 on march 15th had a hydrogen explosion which would have melted the concrete show me one heat burned piece of concrete, show me one bent piece of I beam steel, show me one smoke burned piece of equipment.

    You can not as they are not showing the truth, pay attention to detail. Since I was out there on the retrofit years ago with GE Alsthom I can tell you they are lying and showing smoke and mirrors. I am sick of people that think because they see something it is all on the level. Smoke and mirrors and if anybody else has ever been to this breeder plant they would say the same thing accept most of us are dead already.

    No argument just plain true old fashion unless you are there which you could not be for more than 20 minutes and live then shut your mouth and stop speculating on Hollywood type magic before your eyes…

    • jec jec

      @alpha look at slide 7 in the slide show from Nahas link. Looks pretty damaged on the top. PU, darn it, already in the EPA .75! .75 when there should be NONE! And uranium at the same levels..west coast usa report/pdf found yesterday.

    • mairs mairs

      Thank you for putting that to rest. It was so obviously not the real SFP 4.

    • mairs mairs

      Alpha, I found this site with a picture of TEPCO moving a fuel assembly crane, apparently into 4.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        +10000000 mairs. TY for the link to this article.

      • sunpower

        Thanks for posting proof of crane activity, Mairs. So if the annex was done in May and the crane was put in in September, how did they finish out the space with the HVAC and wiring etc so spic and span in one month? And what did they lift out the first rods with in 2012? Musta been an army of workers in there at the end of the work to bust out that job. Any pix of that?

      • Naha Johari

        Thanks mairs. Been looking high & low for such documentary evidence. I cannot see any sign though of 'ten steel columns' to prop up SFP4 that NHK aired way back when. Maybe they scrapped that plan, too many tons coming down as point loading on an alluvial plain, compared to less weight per cask handling. The 'defuelling building' skeleton has prefab HVAC? if any of those rickety assemblies get dropped there is nothing save tarpaulin to stop radioactive vapour from joining the jet stream. Madness… Mind you if a big bad quake brings the old structure down, any kind of enveloping sealed environment would be moot. The disagreement between (a) NRA FOIA docs = ELE done deal vs (b) the stuff is still up in the air will be settled if:

        (1) an announcement of failure by Japan which the proponents of (a) predict will happen will indeed happen but without any evidence of a major atmospheric radiation fallout, while many kids Stateside develops thyroid cancer. So all in that camp can say 'see we told you so' as we all prepare to die with painful cancer tumours;

        (2) the thing they are doing but is claimed to be kabuki by proponents of (a) fails with spectacular evidence of atmospheric radiation fallout. So all in camp (b) can say 'see we told you so' as we all prepare to die either quickly from radiation sickness or slowly with painful cancer tumours;

        In either show of conclusive evidence nobody wins. However if Japan claims success, then the disagreement will continue…

    • babbo dorian babbo dorian

      Alpha1….. never stop saying this please.
      Of course everything on this is a stage., poor, by the way… as all stages this people do all around.
      They are the war lords…. owners of GE, Monsanto, Bank of America, and the more profitable businesses of Fortune 500….. The 10 more profitable companies that alone make more money that the rest of other 490 are ……….. lab´s ….
      Nice game ….. more cancer and radiation related deceases for the benefit of the same people…. Rotschild, Baruch, Rockefeller, … and their slaves.
      I am with you Alpha1……

  • Alpha1

    Then you can tell me about the collective background radiation and ambient build up over the last 3 years and why you have 7565 CPM radiation in the background everywhere in the US.

    You should not talk about something you never learned while you had the time in school. Or maybe you are not old enough to remember the days of the cold war and the danger. This is war the radiation is higher than if they dropped the Abomb on top of us and is leaking at 10 times that an hour from Fuk U Shima. Our Civil Defense mechanism has been doused and our commander and cheif is just like the PM in Japan killing his own children over energy for power..

    Evil disgusting horrific, he was right when he said he knows how to kill people. Tell me something new so I can learn from you speculating masters of beliefs in propaganda and Hollywood smoke and mirrors.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      I've been checking background with an inspection Geiger counter and only once did it reah levels over 60 CPM and I live in Pa which is always in the sixty range but usually the reading in my area is 40 CPM seven thousand sounds like a bad reading but to each their own some think the pool is gone while others including myself think the pool albeit severely damaged exists. Apples and oranges I grow weary of this inane debate.

      • mairs mairs

        *sigh*. The over 7,000 reading is not a background reading and not from a geiger counter reading the ambient air. These are readings from filters that filtered the air over a period of time. It is a concentrated reading of captured particles.

        It's explained on the page of data that is being quoted.

  • jec jec

    Virgina is getting high background right now..steady high background from the Jet Stream coming in with NE winds..

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Concerning the debate over SFP 4 it would still be burning and the entire faculty would have been evacuated.JMHO

  • weeman

    Since we are not privy to radiation levels when removal starts, the web camera maybe our only source and a watch should be enacted and if you see people flee the scene, that will be our only indication of a problem, or have they already started, over a year ago they stated they would not be informing when fuel is removed, sighting security reasons?
    Ps. if SFP burned up, everyone with a radiation detector would know, my average in Toronto is 14cpm and the highest level I have recorded in a year and a half is 33 Cpm. Please note it is on a upward trend.

  • Shaker1

    One has to have some kind of head concerning this topic. While I won't defend Japan or Tepco for what they've done or, more importantly, what they haven't done, it is unfortunately logical to begin anykind of real physical cleanup at SP4. The point of the article should be well-taken, although I do wonder if 'engineers' are given full access to information about the building itself. There have been posts saying that Bldg 4 was more than just a nuke plant…But leaving it where it is, even if covered, doesn't seem an option. Allowing it to degrade while one complains or scrathes their ass over what's to be done might actually be worse and a waste. I know there's no trust of those in charge doing everything they can. That's obvious and it will damns them to even nuclear proponents. But they are doing something. I'm uncomfortable with it and afraid, with what I see is more withholding of resourses and skilled manpower, with a 'plan' in which I'm making assumptions that they'll go about this in a manner I can imagine would be insanely cautious and considered, then considered again, at each and every moment. I'm much more afraid of the building degrading. Honestly, I have the same doubts about the cantilevered structure they've build over it if there is a water/quake event. I know this sounds like Tepco, but we have to put our heart into their success. Is there an alternative?

  • Dismantling #4 spent fuel storage pool is needed and typical of the nuke industry, the danger is underplayed with government and media colusion. Alpha 1 claiming cpm of over 7000 is misleading if not properly explained. Click my name to see iMetry spectometer technology so sensitive you can calculate energy levels to identify isotopes. While showing a very low .0485 mcSv/hr that equals 485 cpm. The average home detector would be at ballpark 10 cpm to equal .0485 mcSv/hr. Vancouver bc avg. background is .110 mcSv/hr which could be around 20 or 30 cpm using similar equipment to what Weeman has. Credibility needs to be earned and radiation measurement is very technical. See and watch rising level warnings not actual cpm as different equipment measurements vary and some stations measure beta only gamma only or both. Few if any measure alpha, what plutonium radiation rays energy is.

    • weeman

      Thank Mark for the explanation, it is very confusing and have been unable to to correlate data from around nation? I was beginning to believe that the high readings were from sources near reading?
      I commend you on your knowledge and sharp mind and look forward to being educated and enlightened, gold star is in order, my highest award for your service to the nations of the world.

    • sunpower

      Thanks for that technical explanation, Mark. I live far downwind of Fukushima, by choice. I have been running a Gammascout for about six years. But we have no way to know about trace element fallout or what kind of particle. At least we know our gross count is low and our rainwater is OK in that gross sense.

  • Igmz Igmz

    All I know to be true is that pretty much everything we are being told about fuku is a lie wrapped up in more lies…these professional turd polishers apparently don't know that attempting to polish a turd is an exercise in futility..we do know the truth though, which is we will never be told it, so why the bother expecting anyone to define it for us? Our energy and anger are deliberately being misdirected in this vain pursuit of the "truth". We are left to come unto it ourselves..May our struggles be blessed.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    "If, for some reason, the water levels drop, the fuel would quickly heat up.” This statement contradicts itself because it was not a hydrogen explosion as the heating reached nuclear fission levels over 5000c.

    "We and I and Grampybone know when you be makin a fool of us."

    Water levels did drop. Some burned. Truth.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    ” Unit 4 remains problematic. A new fire has broken out. Doses are stable in the area of Unit 4 around 30R/hr. Fire fighting and pool cooling strategy still being worked out."

    ” Chairman joined the bridge late asking for status on new fire for Unit 4. ET will give him an update before tomorrow am."

    March 15 2011

    • jec jec

      @heart of the rose..uhh..hummmm…is 30R/hr dangerous? Just curious….is the R standing for REM? What is the lethal dose of REM/hr for a human? Thank you for any information you can provide!

      • jec jec

        @heart of the rose, thanks to Mark. 30R/hr = 300,000 microsievers/hr. I think, Mark, you are correct..its a "high" and deadly dose. Wonder what the plan is to protect the specially trained..36 workers..who will remove the fuel cells???

      • Sickputer

        Query: How bad is 30 rem per hour?

        "Radiation dosage is a measure of the risk of biological harm that the tissues receive in the body.
        The unit of absorbed radiation dose is the sievert (Sv). Since one sievert is a large quantity, radiation doses normally encountered are expressed in milliSievert (mSv) or microSievert (µSv) which are one-thousandth or one millionth of a sievert. For example, one chest X-ray will give about 0.2 mSv of radiation dose.

        On average, our annual radiation exposure due to all natural sources is about 300 milliRem, which is equivalent to 3 milliSieverts (3 mSv). Adding man-made sources (medical procedures, and others) the average annual U.S. radiation dose is about 600 milliRem, which is equivalent to 6 milliSieverts (6 mSv).

        Average annual human exposure to radiation (U.S.)
        600 milliRem (mRem)
        6 milliSievert (mSv)

        Radiation dose for increase cancer risk of 1 in a 1,000
        1,250 milliRem (mRem)
        12.5 milliSievert (mSv)

        Earliest onset of radiation sickness
        75,000 milliRem (mRem)
        750 milliSievert (mSv)

        Onset of radiation poisoning
        300,000 milliRem (mRem)
        3,000 milliSievert (mSv)

        Expected 50% death from radiation
        400,000 milliRem (mRem)
        4,000 milliSievert (mSv)


  • razzz razzz

    It is my understanding that they are going to use U4's reactor to hold the casks and transfer any bundles from the pool to the reactor and place the bundles in the awaiting cask there in the reactor then pull a loaded cask out to lower it to the ground.

    At Unit 3, they haven't shown any new pics of the ongoing work there so you don't know if they cut up and removed the crane support beams that were laying across and on top of the reactor core area. It would be interesting to see what happens with all that weight removed from on top. The U3 reactor was still venting steam as far as I know which TEPCO says is from rainwater collecting in the area. Unit 3 pool walls were badly damaged during the explosion and bent the stainless steel walls inward in some places. TEPCO injected foam like material in the newly created voids between the bent in stainless steel walls and supporting concrete walls to re-support and to prevent any leakage of pool water.

    Unit 1&2 are highly contaminated making pool fuel removal dangerous. Unit 3's pool is an absolute nightmare. Unit 4, workers walk around freely with low localized contamination.

  • Fury Fury

    No one seems to be thinking about all nthe different reasons why some people wrongly think that building 4 is sinking when it isn't and can't. One reason I have already given is that whoever took the picture was not standing straight. Was probably standing on a slope and had the camera tilted some from vertical. Another reason is that all the water forced into the ground by the Tsunami and the later efforts to block the underground flow of water to the ocean have caused the ground to swell up around the building, falsely indicating sinkage when that is not possible.

  • Fury Fury

    In addition to that, there is a very strong indicator showing that the building is perfectly safe from collapse. The reactors 5 and 6 suffered minimal to no damage to their buildings or reactors from the quake. This indicates that most if not all of the damage to reactors was initiated by the Tsunami solely and finished by the gas (Hydrogen) explosions. The Hydrogen that had been liberated by using seawater for cooling after the Tsunami wrecked the pumps and piping system. The building itself was primarily undamaged but was gutted inside by the high velocity waterflow. Then the Hydrogen explosions destroyed the weaker upper parts of the building, while leaving the main supporting structure perfectly sound.

    • razzz razzz

      That is some great hindsight Fury, must be wearing your rose colored glasses.

      Units 5&6 weren't running at the time of the quake and eventually 6 needed saltwater added for emergency cooling (reactor 4 was empty but connected via the fuel pool gate). The pools are a separate matter as there is no drain plug/pipe to fail, either you can get makeup water into them or they begin heating up and boiling off their water.

      The reactor buildings are connected with common tunnels and passageways which are separate from the reactor building foundations, that is a weak point where those connecting points fail because each mass can move in different directions during quakes.

      Also the suppression chambers in each unit (doughnuts) have flex points (sections of pipes look a bit like a round accordion) built in at each down pipe between containment and suppression pool. Quakes shake the buildings and the plumbing is free the rattle around on its own besides turbine buildings and their plumbing being on separate runs to and back again from the reactors.

      Blown roof tops were never meant to be along with the debris falling back on itself. Unit 2 is an example of what happens when a blowout panel is not welded shut, still Unit 2 leaks like a sieve from failed concrete trenches cracking and releasing radioactive water from day one into the Pacific.

      Reactors at Diani didn't fair as well either, never to run again, not counting 50 or so other affected units.

  • Fury Fury

    Since these reactor buildings and structures survived an earthquake many magnitudes larger than expected design, I am not the least bit worried about their ability to survive that same size Quake again. Especially since very few earthquakes and none of them in that area can produce the necessary sideways G-forces that it would take to damage them. Steel reinforced concrete structures are designed to flex without breaking. It would probably take a 10.1 or greater and I don't believe the Earth has had one of those in several 100 million years if not billion years.!

    • Sickputer

      Maybe so. but the collateral issues from a huge quake would make the island uninhabitable for workers. Knock over the flimsy water tanks and sludge canisters, wash away their Rube Goldberg heat exchanger pipelines, or compromise anything left in the ground level CSFP or Unit 1-4 elevated pools and it will be bad news in old Tokyo.

      A large 7.5 earthquake close enough to Fukushima Daiichi would be more than enough to send Japan into the Stone Age.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      That would be a scientific fallacy. since 3 buildings constructed of concrete along with massive reinforced steel beams and rebar collapsed at free fall speed just 10 years ago… 🙁

      All these Nuclear Buildings must be "Rattle Traps" too, just waiting to collapse in on themselves .. 🙂

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