Revealed: The deeper they check underneath Fukushima plant, the higher contamination levels get — Now sampling over 40 feet below surface

Published: August 1st, 2013 at 12:24 pm ET


Title: Cesium levels in water under Fukushima No. 1 plant soar the deeper it gets, Tepco reveals
Source: JIJI, Kyodo
Date: Aug 1, 2013

Cesium levels in water under Fukushima No. 1 plant soar the deeper it gets, Tepco reveals […]

Tepco found 950 million becquerels of cesium and 520 million becquerels of beta ray-emitting radioactive substances, including strontium, in the water from 13 meters [~43 feet] underground.

Water from 1 meter down contained 340 million becquerels, and a sample from 7 meters down contained 350 million becquerels.

[…] Cesium, a metallic element, is subject to gravity. […]

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Published: August 1st, 2013 at 12:24 pm ET


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59 comments to Revealed: The deeper they check underneath Fukushima plant, the higher contamination levels get — Now sampling over 40 feet below surface

  • patb2009

    Drill 200 Meters down, it's glowing down there.

    Hey is anyone still willing to claim the reactors are still in the building?

    • Jay

      What else is there below that the Japanese Gov is hiding ?

      Being nuked twice before you would think they run out of cheeks to turn , instead they should be preping their own nukes as a MAD deterance , it worked with NorthKorea and others so why not adheer to the 'standard' .

      Remember the first explosion at Fukushima where the up-going shock wave carries zero debris … OK , so someone didn't like the Japanese to be part of MAD .

  • ftlt

    Didn't Gunderson say once, that the amount of radioactive material at FUKU is greater than all the nuclear bombs ever exploded – Believe that included the (storage tanks)..

    Nuclear testing was a secret catastrophe for animal and human health…

    We are insane… We deserve extinction… The planet surely would be better off for it…

    • Ourself Ourself

      I don't think we all deserve it. The so-called elite definitely deserves it, and I would argue that the willfully ignorant do as well. Children, animals, the people who actually stand up for the good of humanity, etc, are innocent and deserve only the best. This is who I live for.

      • norbu norbu

        With all do respect, anyone who drives a car, heats there house with natural gas is apart of the problem. Not many left, maybe amish? Do you have a horse and buggy? Wood heat? We are all contributing. sorry.

        • Ourself Ourself

          And yet the Amish are doing nothing to stop them, either. They may live off of the grid, but they are basically in their own little bubble. How are they helping?
          Anyway, we were born into this system at no choice of our own. I'm sure many of us would like to get off of the grid, but we were born into a system of slavery in which it's not easy to escape. Ofcourse, even if everyone on enenews who wanted to do that, did that, we'd still be in this situation.
          Also, children and animals are definitely innocent. Even if you don't consider us to be, how can you not consider them to be?

          • norbu norbu

            We are all trapped in this mess. You do have a choice, stop everything today. But know one will. It's to hard. What is more hard living rough or dying rough. Peace

            • Ourself Ourself

              One person isn't going to make much difference, firstly. If we did pursue this, we would need to build entire communities devoted to natural living. I'd love to work on a project like this; in fact, I believe people will want to do so once the truth about our grave situation becomes evident for all to see. At that time, it may just be too late. It may already be.

              What choice do we have now? Lets say I take your advice. What good would it do me now? The damage has been done. What is going to keep us from dying rough, Norbu?

              • norbu norbu

                All that matters is what you are doing. Make a effort.

              • ftlt

                In your mediations, Ourself, a brilliant friend of mine once coined this in a discussion about the environment once, "People need trees – Trees don't need people" mediate on that… I believe it puts things into perspective..

                We are not that special and We are a passing phase should be our mantra…

                Nature is not threatened by anything we do – know that.. Only, we are threatened by what we do

                Man is a scourge on the planet..

                Man has attempted to live outside nature's boundaries since the dawn of civilization..

                And we have destroyed our living space since ancient times… Deforestation destroyed empires as did pollution even in ties of yore… The only thing different now is we are destroying the whole living sphere at once this time and at a accelerating rate..

                As to the comment of living off the grid, that is pure romantic hogwash..

                The grid will find you… We are the grid…

                We need to live well not better within the boundaries nature provides… A grid will be required for that concept to succeed

          • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

            The answer, friend Ourself, is in your own words. Get thyself off the grid, and refuse the help of fossil fuels. Grow your own food, as the main work of your life. Buy only a few, plain, manufactured goods. Pump water with wind and hand power. Feed hay to the horse, which will gladly take you into town. Have a bike to ride. No wires run to your house, because you live off-the-grid. No utility power to pay for, certainly no nuclear power needed. Read your Bible by lamplight, and get thee to bed early, the better to tend to the chores on the 'morrow.

            I so love the Amish! Love you guys!

            • norbu norbu

              Hi PhilipUpNorth, thank you

            • Ourself Ourself

              I am doing this in steps, actually. I already don't drive. I grow food and therapeutic herbs. I am not materialistic by any means. I am attempting to use my art as an avenue to not only to be able to afford land to live off of, but also to help change the world; otherwise, I would have to get a job to raise enough money for land – that would be feeding the machine, wouldn't it?

              • norbu norbu

                Ourself "I am doing this in steps, actually. I already don't drive. I grow food and therapeutic herbs." I am clapping for you. keep it up. spread the word.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              man lived off the grid for 100,000 years or more. All other species except dogs and cats live off the grid. GRID is a paper thin slice in time of insanity. We COULD have had a fairly good time of it if there werent so many people, and those billions herded around by a few greedy crazies. Im talking about using the best of technology with reverence for nature

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                I mean to say its not about the Amish, the Do-gooders or the wishful but complacent. Thats a small window on the problem. Psychology of man has been morphing this way since ancient history. "fault" is some major thesis that wont be written before the apocalypse. In a limited sense, the masses were victims of the elite, without their knowledge. As such most are free of "guilt" since everyone would have happily lived on Tesla electric distribution, solar and whatever instead of mega death machines. We built a civilization…due to our collaborative nature…that is beyond the scope of individuals

                • Ourself Ourself

                  Well said.

                • Ourself Ourself

                  I will add that I don't think there is necessarily too many people for this planet. If we had managed our resources differently than it could be possible; if our technology was clean and helped support life instead of being so focused on destruction and control, then maybe. Ofcourse, if we had evolved in that route instead, we probably wouldn't have had as much rise in population, either. With the environment in its current state, there is no way to support this many people.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    have you visited the nice places recently? Theyre great if you like throngs of people. Why do people love this idea of more and more people….never too many people. Even before the explosion they had cut down all the trees around them. People are everywhere…cant have enough people people people people ourselveselveselveselvs

            • Actually, it is not that difficult. You do not have to get an Amish family to adopt you.

              If one plants a garden in the yard, that will help a lot.

              Switch to 100% carbon free renewable energy, (wind or solar) if your state is energy deregulated (California is not). It may cost .01 cent more per kilowatt hour. No need to get off the grid. Just modify where you get your power from.

              Then recycle, re-use and buy only what you absolutely need, hopefully second hand or via barter.

              Buy local when you can. Drive less, bike and walk more. Get an electric bike or car, charge it with 100% renewable energy.

              Buy fair trade when possible if imported.

              Do not buy nuclear fallout zone food or other items; Japan, TMI, or Chernobyl areas.

              Just a couple of things like this can have huge impacts.

          • Anthony Anthony

            Arguably the Amish did little to nothing to CREATE this mess. Right?

            • Ourself Ourself

              While I agree with you, my point was that they aren't doing anything to stop it, either. If I was to become Amish tomorrow, how would that help?
              The nuclear industry will be business as usual. I will still die from radiation. What is the difference?
              I'm not saying to be apathetic. That's one of the things that brought us here. The only way to end this madness is with massive boycotts, and the only way that'll happen is after the general public is persuaded against nuclear… Which will only happen after a great upheaval… Such as the dire situation of Fukushima coming to light. But it might already be too late by the time the general populace is aware of it.
              If the powers that be were defeated, they would probably just release biological weapons or something to that effect. If they can't win, noone does. I think this is how they see it. I hope I'm wrong about that, but something tells me I'm not.

              • Ourself Ourself

                When I say powers that be, I mean much more than the nuclear industry. Not only do people have to stand against nuclear, also against tyrannical governments. Unfortunately, they are both conspiring against us, it seems.

                • Anthony Anthony

                  Its all one interbred intertwined nepotistic mess.

                  As pissed off as this easily makes me, I remind myself I never intended my electrical impact to take away from the nature around me. With that I see how this mess will be always accountable to its own chain of events and cast of characters. Where you and I stand the faces are blurred in the crowd… we are certainly not alone at the 11th hour of a natural disaster.

                  Despite these distractions from a happy life, I have come to believe the universe loves our planet and will always put her first. Life on the planet can always be replicated if necessary. This (Earth) IS the Garden of Eden. It always was.

              • Anthony Anthony

                I see your point too. I guess that they, remote indigenous peoples and oppressed peoples are still mostly unaware of the Fuku disaster. Other than the week and a half of initial TV coverage, the odd spattering of other TV spots, if people aren't on the internet and knowing by now then they just don't know!

                They are just going on living their lives. Hearing no calls or warnings. Peaceful kind of living….

          • Au Au

            Yeah, the poor Amish. They are getting nuked just like the rest of us. All of that roughing it just to get equally showered with rads. I'd be saying, "Oh, if I am going to get nuked anyway then get me a gosh dang electric butter maker!"

    • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

      I lately spoke to one of the most competent persons in Germany on the phone about the inventory of Fukushima compared to that of Chernobyl. He said a german scientist elaborated that number as to be 12.000 fold. I could not ask who this scientist was, unfortunately, I simply was glad to speak to him personaly.

      But I do not think that he just said that to frighten me, as I do not want to frighten you.

      We simply must face the fact, that the numbers stated officialy could be "deadly" wrong.

      I will soon recommend a DVD, that's also available in english, when I got the german edition. I know he is financially under pressure (at least with this DVD, cause it's so surpressed).

      • Ourself Ourself

        As in, twelve thousand? The inventory is twelve thousand times larger?

        Do you know if this is including all of the reactors? #5 and #6 as well? Does anyone know what condition these two reactors are in? I never hear about them.

        Not to mention, Daiini and other damaged facilities are adding to this mess.

        I don't usually drink, but it seems like a good time for a shot or three. Cheers.

        • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

          I believe it includes reactors 5 & 6. But I really cannot tell you more as he stated, the 12.000 fold inventory.
          I just got into this subject round about 2 weeks ago, when I read the new figures abot radiation in the water around the site. I am by no means an insider or specialist.

          Just because I was waiting for the DVD and the email-address didn't work I got connected to him.

          As I said before, I do not want to frighten anybody, but that is what he said. And drinking is what I do repeatedly, since 2 weeks.

          I believe and appreciate what Pattie writes about the nuclear explosions, because i connect the dots to what i read before from a german scientist (believe on enenews) "let us pray that it ( the corium) doesn't reach the groundwater. Well, that's what happened now.

          • Ourself Ourself

            It's all good, Cologne. I appreciate the info. Even if the information is frightening, it is better to be informed than ignorant. I have expected an extinction level event to happen, anyway; if not from the current state of affairs, then in the near future. It is inevitable considering the psychopaths in charge of this broken system – they seem to have their heart set on apocalypse, and that's exactly what they're going to get.

        • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

          But i could ask him another question:

          If they could do anything about it.

          Guess the answer. They can't.
          He said, if they would dig below the mess, it would simply collapse.

          I think we must not dare to think all the people at TEPCO are to stupid or else. Perhaps they simply cannot do anything about it.

          And if that would be the truth and you had the responsibility to decide to tell the public or not to tell them.

          What would you do?

          • Ourself Ourself

            I would dare to say that they are too stupid. This entire disaster could have been avoided to begin with. It's obviously too late for that now. We can only hope for a miracle.

            If I was somehow responsible for this, I would have done everything differently from the beginning. If, somehow, I was in their current position, I would take responsibility. The truth is going to come out regardless of how much anyone tries to cover it up. It simply isn't possible to hide an elephant under a rug.

        • the number 5 reactor lost control rods… self-started with lid off it.. is why they called manufacture in to get lid on expanded top.. and it has MASSIVE FISSURE right UNDER IT !!

          not much word on 6… semi-stable..?

          • Ourself Ourself

            Just another ticking time bomb, I guess. Just like everything else in that area. I'm not sure how the situation could get any worse.

          • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

            Unit5 "self-started"??
            Yet another breaking news report from our intrepid correspondent PattieB!
            First, isn't this yet another humongous design flaw, to build control rods that fall out of the reactor when the power goes out? Control Rods should fall into place when the power goes out, in order to stop the chain reaction pronto, don't you think?
            Second, I don't ever remember hearing about a reactor self-starting with the lid and plug opened. Is this a first for the nuke industry?
            Third, the reactor was near to fully fueled on 311? The reactor head and the containment lid was off? And the power goes out, and the control rods just fall out of the bottom of the reactor? And then the reactor just self-starts?
            My God, what did they do about this? Weren't the workers driven out of Unit5 by the rads? When was the situation resolved? How did they get a cover on the reactor?
            Geeze oh Pete, Pattie. How long have you been keeping this to yourself? 😉

            • NoNukes NoNukes

              Units 5 and 6 are now involved in strontium-90 release:

              Strontium first detection Daiichi Units 5 and 6 at the port outside

               The 31st, TEPCO announced strontium has been detected 5.8 becquerels per liter of seawater from the harbor outside the Fukushima Daiichi Units 5 and 6 the discharge canal. The presence of underground water pollution of the sea side campus is found in June, and later to strengthen the monitoring of seawater, strontium be detected from seawater of the nuclear power plant outside the harbor for the first time.


              Reply ↓

              on August 2, 2013 at 11:36 am said:
              A meltdown at Unit 5 would explain the cobalt-60 readings found a while ago. Co-60 is generated from the interaction of neutrons with building materials. It would not be expected to be generated from the underground coriums. It would also explain the iodine-131 activity.


    • We Not They Finally

      But unfortunately, the humans are taking the plants, animals, breathable air and drinkable water with them….

  • Wooster

    It could be caused by gravity, or it could be caused by reactor fuel melting through the subsoil under the reactors and sitting on the bedrock under the plant.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Down, down, down..the corium rabbit hole…

  • domjox domjox

    Ah, a small bit of truth….very small considering the vast consequences

  • Sol Man

    People will pay the price for putting soulless corporations with their mandate for fiat profits above fellow humans. Who was created in each couple's image? Your children; the ones you left behind in your pursuit.

  • Cisco Cisco

    It won't be long until the site is so radiated that no one will tread. In the meantime as the water is rising, I suggest TEPCO order a container load of lead boots from Joey Bagadonuts in Brooklyn. They're going to need 'em

  • Cisco Cisco

    And BP said while they were measuring the flow, it was 1000 BPD, then admitted to 5000 BPD; and, you know the rest of the story, turned out to be 60M-100M BPD.

    So, here we have TEPCO conducting the tests and providing their readings/counts. What are the true and accurate readings? The fox is still guarding the hen house.

  • razzz razzz

    Cesium is considered a heavy element for a reason.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Tepco is merely setting the stage for the relavation that Corium1,2,&3 are deep below ground level, and are now beyond human control forever. There is nothing the human race can do now to remedy the situation.

    PattieB says the corium has passed into the Pacific Plate subduction rock, which is 150 miles deep below the plant, and are now causing corium earthquake explosions West of the FDNPP. Seawater and groundwater will travel down the corium lava tubes to keep the corium surrounded by water. Eventually, as the subduction continues to push the Pacific Plate under Japan, the corium lava tube connection between the corium and the surface will be broken.

    The good news here is that as the corium moves westward with the Pacific Subduction rock, much of the 218 tons of corium lava will have moved to a position where it can no longer be of harm to the human race. (Unless, of course, corium is burped out of one of Japan's many volcanos.).

    TEPCO may one day announce this good news to the world. "It's just gone!"

    • norbu norbu

      Hi PhilipUpNorth, I read PB said "that she thought the coriums where moving 60 to 70 miles under japan." maybe I am wrong.
      Here it is…..
      July 25, 2013 at 5:33 pm · Reply
      like I stated before.. it doesn't move out to sea.. it moves inland.. follows the subduction zone.. that's under the ocean.. and slants down under the main continent. This is why the quakes and venting is now about 60-70 WEST of the Fuku site… and rad-view shows 4 separated zones of elevated rads in a half-circle-outwards inland around the lost coriums.

      Here's a look..:

      As you can see.. is one "Path of least resistance" for it to go, then the shelf-break will push it inland… and that's the direction of the subduction zone slant.. this is standing south, and looking north.

      • the VENTS are that far away.. fissures to prior quake epicenters

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Exactly norbu.
        I should have included links for PattieB's post.
        Many thanks to norbu for the proper link.
        And many thanks to PattieB for her clarification.
        Either way, Coriums1,2,&3 are going, going, gone!
        (No thanks to the inaction of TEPCO, who can't even manage to contain the little bit of residue left behind.)
        Maybe, just maybe, the Impermeable Wall and Extraction Wells will reduce the lethal contamination load on the Pacific Ocean.

        • norbu norbu

          PhilipUpNorth you are spot on. Have A great day!

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          this is the choice they had to make once they calculated how far and fast the corium would melt down; they could either try to remedy the situation at once and risk losing the entire industry and time behind bars, or they could attempt a media clamp and think that much of the corium would go deep and that collateral damage (they like tidy terms) would be limited based on the scientists that have been feeding them lowball numbers. Hitting the subduction zone would be their dream come true. One way or the other, I cant imagine the earth isnt a major heat sink and diluent, stopping the downward progress at some point

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            you can bet they monitor the progress, and will cheer and high five if they get to the subduction zone, despite ecocide up above, thats the kind of people they are

  • @getting yourself off the grid..
    I did a post on my Holyday blogsite about Getting Away From It All. Just had my electric bill £25 for 3 months. Had my supper heated on a lamp..

  • gmathol

    So what radioactivity found its way into the ground and into the sea.

    What a surprise?! In Chernobyl they had to build a huge concrete sarcophagus, obviously for very good reason.

    Japan a beacon of technology? That is a joke!

  • #2 didn't melt out the bottom.. it flowed out the busted torus leg with the water.. so left a great deal behind in the building… that is what now causes the worst rads for workers on site. I gets wet.. steams.. fogs site so they can't work due the rads.

    #3 is becoming pressurized due the cover they put on it.

    #3 is the neutron-beam source.. that's why they covered it. what it blasted is not easy cleanup.. it's fused to concrete and melted metal…. the PCV walls… and the top remaining RPV.

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    I don't think what is going on is the fault of anyone, except for the greedy and lazy who chose the easiest way to become billionaires. There has been free and safe energy around for many years, but there is no profit in that. This accident has destroyed Japan, and it will eventually destroy the West coast of North America. The mortality rate along the West Coast of North america has already increased since the accident. We are dying, children are being born with radiation exposure diseases. Don't forget the Pacific gyre full of plastic waste where sea bird young are dying before maturity with guts full of plastic, the great lakes are dying from plastic, The gulf is dying from oil, the midwest is dying from fracking, and then there are the GMO foods… As long as there are greedy jerks, this will continue. I hope the earth can recover, and we will become united and live a way that is in harmony with the planet. I am just not sure this will happen anytime soon. peace, and blessings to all…..