Revered California Physician: The problem we face at Fukushima is absolutely huge — I may leave West Coast during attempt to remove nuclear fuel (VIDEO)

Published: November 24th, 2013 at 7:07 pm ET


The Santa Barbara Independent, Nov. 7, 2013: Doctor Talks Dangers of Fukushima Fallout; Stephen Hosea Expounds on the Problems with Nuclear Power […] The Santa Barbara physician discussed the dangers of nuclear power plants at a lunchtime conference packed with health-care professionals at Cottage Hospital […]

Dr. Hosea’s background is discussed in this Santa Barbara News-Press article: “He is just a phenomenal doctor, as well as just a wonderful guy,” said Dr. Elliot Schulman, health officer and Santa Barbara County Public Health director. “Everyone concurs,” said Peter MacDougall, past president of the Cottage Hospital board of directors. “Not only does he have tremendously strong technical competencies, but his personal modalities with patients, his caring, the deep sensitivity he shows represent just a terrific model for new doctors.” “He’s as close to a model physician as you could ask for,” Mr. MacDougall said. “We are, frankly, blessed to have a man of his talents.” […] Government officials consider him a go-to guy, regularly seeking his advice […]

“The Perils of Fukushima: What You Don’t Know Really Could Kill You”, Dr. Stephen Hosea, Published Nov. 23, 2013:

At 30:45 in

Should an event occur [during attempt to remove fuel from Unit 4], all of the radioactivity is going to go straight up into the air. We saw where it went the last time that that occurred. This is happening in the next two weeks. This is a possibility that could happen to each and every one of us. And I can tell you, it wasn’t until I started looking into this that I realized this was a possibility to happen. I certainly haven’t taken any preparations for this. I’m not exactly sure what the preparations are, but I think we ought to know so we can at least take whatever preparations we want to take. I may have to make a visit back to Boston during this period of time to protect myself from this.

At 37:15 in

In summary, radioactive water continues to leak into the Pacific Ocean. Radioactive materials at Fukushima are in an unstable, potentially explosive situation. The potential effect on the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the food we eat are at best speculative. Immediate information and action are necessary as soon as possible. […] The problem we face at Fukushima is absolutely huge.

Watch the presentation here

Published: November 24th, 2013 at 7:07 pm ET


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55 comments to Revered California Physician: The problem we face at Fukushima is absolutely huge — I may leave West Coast during attempt to remove nuclear fuel (VIDEO)

  • Socrates

    There you have it – we are in mortal danger. I am sure it is worse that Dr. Hosea realizes. But don't tell either the Democrats nor the Republicans. The Greens will listen.

    • We Not They Finally

      Where ARE The Greens in America? We don't even seem to be hearing from the Sierra Club.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        🙂 Great question!

      • We just attended the Green Party annual meeting for elections of new candidates in California.

        A Fukushima Is Here table was set up at that conference.

        Fuku was a subject for discussion. The Greens know.

        All they need is votes. Then change will happen, just like it did in Germany, when people voted for Greens. Why did that not happen in the US, in the last elections? Why did people keep voting for the same people who keep us imprisoned in this nuclear Gulag?

        Fear is the real enemy. Most people fear even positive change worse than death.

        Many people would rather stay with a murdering psychopath, than divorce him/her and/or vote for someone else. Fear… denial….

      • California Sierra Club helped to close San Onofre down. There is an anti nuclear Sierra Club group on Youtube. Join in and vote to have them put more attention on this. Members of these environmental groups determine what happens. Where are all of the anti nuclear members?

      • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

        Join the Sierra Club Nuclear Free National Campaign

        This group is underway but just got going in a more organized way recently, within the last year. If you belong to Sierra Club get some of the information from this site at the link above and bring it to your local meeting, ask for some time to speak about this issue at the meeting. Go to the bottom of the page of the link I provided above and join the grassroots group and facebook page.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        I get emails all the time from both the Green Party and Sierra Club. Just give $5. if you want emails, or Google them and go to their websites all the time. Of course, the MSM is not going to publicizing their activities except before an election to try get rid of any thorn in their side.

  • dka

    Honestly, considering the immense magnitude of an explosion caused by the removal in SP4, West coast or East coast will not make any difference, even Europe will have far more than human can survive from.

    • We Not They Finally

      It's still a big world, with some patches of it safer than others. Doesn't mean that it won't get like Russian roulette. It might.

      • dka

        Listen, if SFP4 blows, the site becomes immediately out of access, the site will be an horrible disaster much much worst than Chernobyl.
        SFP1, SFP2, SFP3 and whatever remain will blow up as a result. The whole site will blow up. What do you think will happen to Fukushima 2?
        Forget Japan, forget US, forget Europe and forget Asia.
        The only place that could last longer might be New Zealand.

        • NoNukes NoNukes

          Everything that I have read from the nuclear "testing" era suggests that the Southern Hemisphere got a fraction of the fallout of the Northern Hemisphere. The region around the equator gets even less, Ecuador had some of the very lowest levels anywhere.

          What I find striking is how much of the fallout appears to go up and come down in the same latitude. So much of it seems to stay around the latitude of its origin, at least for a couple of decades.

          37.4000° N, 140.4667° E
          Fukushima Prefecture, Coordinates

          34.4258° N, 119.7142° W
          Santa Barbara, Coordinates

          42.3581° N, 71.0636° W
          Boston, Coordinates

          Boston got clobbered during the nuclear "testing" era and Chernobyl. The radioactive contamination comes down in the rain and snow. A vacation to the Galapagos Islands would be a safer bet.

          0.6667° S, 90.5500° W
          Galápagos Islands, Coordinates

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            I hate to disagree but here are two videos I have posted before. Remember the Jet Streams are congregators of all we see in the air and any tests will be pulled up into these air currents and move with these streams. So look at all the tests and watch the Jet Stream.

            The entire world got hammered and that was the plan to begin with.. 🙁
            The tests..:(
            The streams..:(

            The equator got hammered.. 🙁

            • NoNukes NoNukes

              Those are great videos, and the whole world is affected. Vital1's measurements suggest that Fukushima is making a big impact on Australia, so also likely New Zealand and the rest of the Southern Hemisphere.

              However, from what I have read, there was a striking difference in the measurements of nuclear "testing" fallout in the Southern Hemisphere and Equatorial latitudes, there much less than in the Northern Hemisphere. I would be interested in reading anything you have that shows otherwise. As common practice, scientists measure against the expectations based on latitude.

              This graph is from back in 1958, but mirrors the same pattern in other data. I imagine that the Southern Hemisphere looks even better after Chernobyl and Fukushima. The difference must be far larger now.


              "the fallout in the Southern Hemisphere is only one-fourth that in the Northern Hemisphere"

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                The beauty of the fallout results published are that the cancer rates in the equator regions are pretty high and there is no reason for them to be that high unless for the jet streams and the radioactive fallout that has occurred in/over the past 60 years. The northern has had its share of Nuclear Plant meltdown also that attributed to increased recent background radiation findings but that won't change the 2053 bomb blasts damage that was already initially done worldwide.

                Looking at the eddies of air flow patterns worldwide you will see where the radioactive isotopes will drop naturally and India has outrageous cancer rates as does Australia. Cancer rates are hard to find for the equator countries due to their third world status, but it is still very bad. Its all a crap shoot and it will be the Manmade Radiation Contamination Bioaccumulation that will eventually make the entire world very/extremely toxic with some spots of less toxic!

                I can not find any positives with the use of Nuclear Technologies and have asked for some one to specifically point them out to me, but alas not one response since they (Nuclear Positives) must not exist anywhere on this planet.. 🙁

    • We Not They Finally

      Of course its true that survival is about to become a euphemism for its reverse…That is as the contamination spreads everywhere we will surely be a perfect example of the time after an all out nuclear war.So what is the point?Is this the ultimate victory for those who have hearts that are frozen in stone.Is this what we will call survival?Do we have another DR Strangelove without the dramatics.Gradually at first and later with enormous movement off the abyss the human race goes and takes all of nature with them.There is no end to the sadness of watching this all occur.

  • rakingmuck

    Has this video stopped playing for anyone else?

  • "If not now, then when?" – Dr. Hosea

    …the water we drink,
    …the air we breathe,
    …and the food we eat

    Educate yourself. Be aware.

    😉 Stop nukes NOW!

    Don't become a shadow.
    (from Aug 6th 1945)

  • KingofthePaupers

    I may leave West Coast during attempt to remove nuclear fuel
    Jct: Does he really think there's somewhere to leave to? Only the funding the clean-up with the Argentine Solution can save us. Otherwise, without paychecks, men will sit idle in front of their materials and tools and not be able to do anything.


    I simply love the echoes from the past. This newbie still thinks it's a matter of running…

    • +10000000

      there is no where left to run to…not even underground rabbit holes will work…

      The Carrington Event is coming soon…

      • Shut them all down and get ready for an EMP pulse.. we can make it through this.

        Only electronics inside of a Faraday Cage will survive.

        • flatsville

          >>>Only electronics inside of a Faraday Cage will survive.<<<

          So, shutting them down now won't make any difference if a massive CME stikes NA.

          Of course you could organize a million man bucket brigade to circulate water through each NPP and their various CSFPs.

          Last I looked, there was a multi-year lead time on orders for largr grid capacitors for replacement.

          If one of the three main grids in the US fries due to massive CME it won't be back up by the time NPPs run out of reserve power.

          • Cisco Cisco

            "Large Power Transformers for the US Electric Grid"
            Lead time for large power transformers from that report:

            "In 2010, the average lead time between a customer’s
            LPT order and the date of delivery ranged from five to 12 months for domestic producers and six to 16 months for producers outside the United States.

            However, this lead time could extend beyond 20 months
            and up to five years in extreme cases if the manufacturer has difficulties obtaining any key inputs, such as bushings and “Large Power Transformers from Korea,”

            By the time of the fix, people will be eating their neighbors.

            • flatsville

              Ooops…Well, at least lead times have shortened since last I looked. Thanks.

              Re: that million man bucket brigade…I am available Thursdays from 5-7 PM. Might run late if traffic is bad as people flee the city.

    • jump-ball jump-ball

      I appreciate the echoes of the past revealing how history's knowledgeable, for one example among many, demonstrated that running did clearly lead to survival; history will later reveal how realistic Japanese, Hawaiian, Alaskan, left coasters and other Canadians and Americans, would have benefited from doing the same following the 3-11-11 FDNPP contamination disaster:

      "By September 1939, approximately 282,000 Jews had left Germany and 117,000 from annexed Austria. Of these, some 95,000 emigrated to the United States, 60,000 to Palestine, 40,000 to Great Britain, and about 75,000 to Central and South America, with the largest numbers entering Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Bolivia. More than 18,000 Jews from the German Reich were also able to find refuge in Shanghai, in Japanese-occupied China.

      At the end of 1939, about 202,000 Jews remained in Germany and 57,000 in annexed Austria, many of them elderly. By October 1941, when Jewish emigration was officially forbidden, the number of Jews in Germany had declined to 163,000. The vast majority of those Jews still in Germany were murdered in Nazi camps and ghettos during the Holocaust."

  • eternal tao eternal tao

    People don't seem to consider that if a criticality would occur, it would undoubtedly lead to another NPP being unmonitored and having a similar event, and so on like dominos. It will be too much radiation for most life to survive

    • +100000 now multiply that times 800 nuclear plants and their spent fuel pools after a Carrington Event.

    • pattersonp

      too much radiation where n the air? water? food? are you eating it, drinking it, what?

      you can't just use 'radiation' and pretend 'its' going to kill you if you have no idea how its going to kill you. That is called paranoia.

      an asteroid could also kill us but i can't tell u when, or how but it will… that would be crazy to wake up waiting for a giatn ball of rock in an infinite universe to hit my house… Likewise you're hoping atoms don't kill you… *sigh*

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        pattersonp, could you clarify? There is too much radiation in the air, water and food in large areas. Anyone can figure this out by the evacuation zones, maps etc. The health effects of low and high dose have been studied, so now if anyone is interested, they know how much and how its going to kill, in broad terms.

        But the point from eternal tao, as I got it, is that if more emergencies occur, more power plants will be unattended and melt down, increasing the radioactive toxins beyond the level that already has killed millions. Where was that reference to 60 million deaths attributable to nuclear testing?

        At some point the infrastructure required to deal with multiple plants melting down would be weakened to the point that a domino effect would occur. As the Dr GoodHeart points out, this is not at all unlikely even from natural disasters. Nuclear is a planet destroying problem without a solution, this much should be clear to any rational thinking person, simply based on the quantity of toxin that cant be dealt with, and which is vulnerable to man and nature. Fukushima and Chernobyl prove this beyond doubt.

        So whats your point? That people are disgustingly stupid for being concerned about mans inability to control nuclear accidents that threaten to destroy the ecosphere? If you want > anyone < to take your posts seriously, provide numbers and links that refute the many already provided concerning the seriousness of this event.

        • pattersonp

          my point is that people throw up the radiation card here like a italian soccer game fakes injuries. Yes nuclear was ahuge mistake yadda yadda …, prob mandkinds' biggest folly ever considering 100% waste is generated 100% of the time and it doesnt break down in nature for thousands of yers, only dillutes or bioaccumulates, OK I get it.

          rad this, rad that. people get a cough on here, "OH NO ITS A HOT PARTICLE". I have tritium in my water for the last 25 yrs, we have 3 nuke plants here I dn't wake up everyday shaking because I have some particle in an organ that will develop cancer.

          Seriously dude there are lines between education and information sharing and outright paranoia and delusions. And just 'citing' radiation is going to kill a person with NO known transport vectors whatsoever is complete ignorance and paranoia. THis is especially important since THERE ARE NO KNOWN TECHNOLOGIES TO REMOVE RADIATION EVER. So get over it, no one can do anything about anything. Testing and rad stations will only let the nutheads spew their apocalyptic messages more freely.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            pattersonp, this chart will give you some idea of how much higher the rate of cancer is near your 3 nuke plants


            I didnt understand why you said there are NO known transport vectors. Did you consider wind, water, and food?

            Its true, there probably is little that can be done about the released radionuclides, yet there are still plants to be shut down.

            Nutheads is a term that does not correlate with the 1500% increase in incidence of testicular and ovarian cancer in children on Navaho reservation in a uranium mining area, for example.

            Also, you didnt address the point, which was that a domino effect of out of control reactors may occur. The fact that some millions of unnecessary deaths from nuclear have already occurred is apocalyptic enough to raise the alarm, dont you think?

            • pattersonp

              You quoting stats and graphs does nothing for your case. I can quote cancer linkages all day as well to non non-ionizing radiation/isotopes/etc. I can give you stats and graphs for pro-nuclear as well all day. To each argument there is a counter-argument, sadly. Citing examples of curves in death rates is useless considering the environmental stressors are probably up 1500% as well from many, many other external sources.

              Howver I don't doubt that living near uranium will cause cancer. Another textbook conclusion already known since ww2. Also I don't know what control reators you mean, in north america, in Japan?

              Again, another hypothetical doomsday scenario… like sunspots bursting all the electrical poles in the entire Northern hemisphere and no parts to replace them. Sitting behind a computer screen on the internet (how lucky are we) dreaming up possibilities only creates more minions to spread fear.

              Also, 'shutting down' is a very bad way to put it. You don't turn the lights off, locks the doors and leave.
              It is DE-COMISSIONING which takes 40+ years, even then the waste is still 100% there. So that's not a solution either. Gives piece of mind to anti-nuclear persons sure but doesn't do anything to provide any sort of solution except avoiding more 'meltdowns' and leaks which will come from somewhere else anyways – industrial, oil, aluminum in a beer can, your febreeze spray can.

  • rakingmuck

    I felt myself feeling sorry for him. The rest of us have had nearly 3 years to go through most of the stages of death including the most important one – acceptance.

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    Good presentation…thanks Enenews…

  • Shaker1

    What really bothers me about this, and any discussion concering everything from prescription drugs to the literal crimes of an organization like Monsanto, is that they keep their mouths shut as long as all is somewhat well. People decry those who believe in conspiracies, but isn't tacit silent approval no less a part in a conspiracy than overt participation? For all our emphasis on the individual, we've lost our place in society, and therefore give that place to anyone who will claim it. Society is where one exhibits their wisdom, their courage, and the strength of their reason. It's where true heroes reside, like MLK or Gandhi or even Socrates, despite and maybe because of their faults. I'm not knocking this particular man. Because I'm human and raised in this culture, I understand. But one who is silent in the face of the tyranny that is fostered and accepted by our societies can't possibly expect to be guiltless. I also include myself. Believe me, I'm fiercely independent to the point, at times, that it's assumed to be stupid self-denial, or just reinforcement of another's judgement of emotional disturbance. Ask my ex-wife. And, no, I'm not into self-flaggelation. But I'm a firm believer in the idea of non-participation in actions that are overty offensive, and don't accept what might appear expedient as an excuse for continuing offense. His idea is to scream a warning and run from it? It's a poor path to reconciliation and justice.

    Sorry for the rant.


      @Shaker1: dude, you need to unfurl those wings, more often. This was a truly brilliant exploration into our collective self-destruction…

  • homeenergyexpert homeenergyexpert

    You can run, but you can't hide, unless you cross the Equator. I spent quite a few hours with AU, NZ and finally Chile. The cheapest of the bunch, but 100% more expensive for everything you buy, than in Las Vegas, NV. USA. As one US female expat called her purchases, !–! expensive. If you go, check out La Serena, Chile. That is where I was headed, or Vina del Mar, Chile. Ask yourself this question! If you can't get anything imported, and Chile depends for all power upon foreign coal, NG, and gasoline 100%. Same for NZ & Australia, do you want to be back in the 1700's style. Plus, they won't be too friendly to you. They will have plenty of Patagonia farm raised salmon, which they sell to Costco & Sam's Clubs.

    Do your bucket list, things to do before you die? If you are a party animal, and need great volumes of ladies for that last fling, fly to Curacao, for El Campo Grande, and go out in style. The Dutch do it right there. 150 ladies can fulfill that bucket list dream before you die. Been there done that, and let her rip!

    Just watch the video of the first person to die of radiation poisoning~23-Days to Die on There Health Page & then decide on a better way to check out. Dr's in the UK like barbiturates.

    If the Earthquake experts are right, Fukushima will go in the next year or two anyway! PARTY, PARTY, PARTY!!!

  • razzz razzz

    3 reactors building blowup from meltdowns and a 4th burns in the fuel pool but the expert is worried about Unit 4's pool now? I don't get it.

    • pattersonp

      he MAKES MONEY OFF scaring people.

      normal people dont understand this because we dont aim to make dollars off fear and un-truths and mysteries like Fukushima.

      they just point, label and scare those who cant think for themselves.

      • Some topics are scary.

        DR. Hosea clearly states in the video he is NOT making any money for this speech.

        3 melted out of control cores. Spewing of radioactive contamination into the atmosphere and the sea for nearly 1000 days nonstop and with no end in sight does seem a tad bit scary.

        Pattersonp should probably do some real research and get grip on reality. Learning about things like, particle ingestion and mitigation might be a good first step.

        The comparison of the BG radiation in Iran and Fukushima is an uninformed attempt at sounding smart. Not much different than the banana comparison.

        Most here, at enenews, know better and hopefully those who read enenews will know better now thanks to you.

  • pattersonp

    Stephen Hosea lectures for money on infectious diseases including HIV, and profits off fear-mongering.

    Also he quoted 1 study from 2011 that found elevating cesium levels. yay, time for the fear mongering crowd to celebrate and tell everyone their lives are meaningless and the world is over.

    p.s. background radiation in Iran is higher than what most exposure levels have been in Fukushima… and people live there for 50+ years from birth-to-death.

    lets flock to ANOTHER fear-mongering scientist who profits off fear… who will flee (more fear mongering) somewhere to escape… LOL come on guys wake up.

    • JMR

      I think the point is that he's worried about an event in SPF 4. Don't think we're going to have "normal background radiation" if such an event occurs.

  • Where exactly would he go to? South America?

    SPF 4 removal will last over a year, not 2 weeks.

    The removal process could result in some criticalities, but these would likely be "small"

    "I am not sure what the preparations are that we should make"

    ANSWER===Make and double check your shelter in place boxes. If there are criticalities at Fuku 4, it will go airborne and 2 to 7 days later will pelt the mainland USA. And then last for less than a week. The practical solution is to Shelter in Place.

    Here is a link to a Shelter in Place checklist of supplies. FREE

  • lyvette

    Is it possible that the WORST has ALREADY happened with SPF#4 and the whole "removal" is just for theatre??