Nowhere to Run: Hot radioactive particles in Seattle at 50 percent of levels seen in Tokyo — Latches onto lung tissue (VIDEO)

Published: June 8th, 2011 at 6:58 am ET


Japan’s radiation twice as bad, CNN, June 7, 2011:

Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen talks to CNN’s John King about the dangers of the radiation situation in Japan.

Published: June 8th, 2011 at 6:58 am ET


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124 comments to Nowhere to Run: Hot radioactive particles in Seattle at 50 percent of levels seen in Tokyo — Latches onto lung tissue (VIDEO)

  • BlackRain

    Breathe deep the gathering gloom.

  • Benjo Honcho

    Keep up the good work John King & CNN, the public needs to be informed of the deadly serious radiation problem from Japan. The MSM needs to tell people how to help themselves in everyway possible. Keep it up Arnie, you have been right since the problem started.

  • DrNature

    CNN: Owned by Time-Warner TBN, Major contributor to Bush and Obama Campaigns
    Ceo’s, Advisors and Board of Directors move back and forth between Carlyle Group (Major Nuclear Player) and
    Time Warner
    Time Warner representatives partner OFTEN with Carlyle Group

    Their reporting is After-the-Fact and too late to save lives when it counts. They do manage to buy the market players plenty of time and excuses!

  • irradiated californian

    i don’t mean to sound critical of enenews, i think it is a great site…but it seems now that it is beginning to regurgitate info it has posted before, just worded differently or in a different context, but it really is the same thing being said. i know any info is good, but when you repeat info that has been said and posted here, in one way or another, it will begin to mix and merge with the actual breaking news, would it not? i just don’t think it is best for the site, as it may cause confusion for some…

    • blackmoon

      As the popularity of this site grows there are always new members who might have missed this info.

      I’m sure that they appreciate ANY info available to them, even if it’s old news to us.

      • This is why I am including links to show what was known early on,
        ( in days that it happened )
        in these man made catastrophes !
        Out of site out of mind !

        • Steven Steven

          We have a saying in Australia which is appropriate, in light of your courageous and constructive efforts;

          ‘good on ya mate’.

        • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

          Would someone enlighten me? It is my understanding that TEPCO had a legal obligation to notify an international agency (which one?) and to keep them apprised of any incident under their jurisdiction. This international agency (I can’t recall which one, although I read about it long ago) must then notify the government in every country in the world.

          It is then up to the government to advise their citizens as to the ongoing crisis. The international agency is forbidden to do so??? They can only advise the governments. Is my understanding not correct?

          Our government’s response was to stop monitoring radiation levels which they said were too low to monitor, and to stop monitoring radiation levels in food and milk.

          It was our government’s responsibility to keep us informed—not the mainstream media. It was our government which failed us, not TEPCO, the IAEA, or the media.

          Our people are being irradiated and the government has still not addressed us. Why? Does anyone here have any idea why not?

          • Here are some early IAEA’s

            *Breaking* IAEA confirms core damage at reactors No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 – “Very serious”
            March 16th, 2011

            IAEA: Explosion at Fukushima plant may have affected integrity of main containment vessel
            March 15th, 2011

            Radioactivity is being “released directly into the atmosphere” – IAEA at 12:15 am EST
            March 15th, 2011 at 02:44 AM
            Japanese authorities also today informed the IAEA at 04:50 CET that the spent fuel storage pond at the Unit 4 reactor of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is on fire and radioactivity is being released directly into the atmosphere.

          • 1984

            i won’t be able to help you out no prev. i guess the elitists of this site decided that we can’t talk about anything but the israel led nuke job thats killing us.

          • James Tekton James Tekton

            Hello good hearts,

            The reason is simple.

            They do not want to panic the sheeple herd into a stampede.

            Immediately, there are many things one can do to protect themselves, their foods, and water. Much of that has generously been shared here.

            Please do all the homework you can to protect yourselves.:




            What this reporter has found and has evidence of is the truth that the radiation fallout has been coming at many parts of the USA even before the Japan disaster.

            It has already been reported and will be again here about the radiation being even higher BEFORE Fukushima. Places like Las Vegas, Amarillo, TX and Billings, MT are getting hit with so much that the measuring is shut down. There is more.

            In the long run it falls upon each individual to protect themselves or remain blissfully discontent in the herd mentality. Choose well to ignore the truth, or to become an info-warrior and DO all you can to first make people aware and then, to change the babylonian processes that are at the heart causes of all the chaos.

            STAND UP PEOPLE AND GET JIGGITY or continue to do nothing and be the same sheeple they were in germany just before WW II. America, are we collectively smart enough to learn from the two previous cycles of world war? Crash, depression, war all with a twist of self-inflicted false flag events. After making war on so many for oil and profits all over the world for ten years, guess who is Nazi Germany this time?

            Perhaps those who make war for profit already know the US is toast and the present radiation is not going to matter compared to what is coming. Even now they plan and plot in Switzerland at the Bilderberg conference. More World War is on the plate and still, the mass mind allows these evil things to perpetuate the wickedness they…

          • That thought would seem similar to whats has/is going on in the GOM, apply what you may know about why it is not in the MSM. Out of sight out of mind to most of the population so it needs not be addressed by the powers that be !

          • James Tekton James Tekton

            Part 2:

            Perhaps those who make war for profit already know the US is toast and the present radiation is not going to matter compared to what is coming. Even now they plan and plot in Switzerland at the Bilderberg conference. More World War is on the plate and still, the mass mind allows these evil things to perpetuate the wickedness they portray upon the worlds people while watching the mind-controlling TV and doing nothing.


            Of course, there is always Jericho on the plate too and after this happens…


          • Anthony Anthony

            Actually you appear to be as enlightened as most of us who end up here discussing the facts as NOT PRESENTED….

            Welcome aboard!

    • sirasa

      Where was this story reported on enenews before?

    • BlackRain

      You may submit “fresh news tips” in the right column on every page.

      Besides, this story is breaking news (not a repeat).

      Admin. does a wonderful job of digging up fresh news stories — many of which “seem old” to us, thanks to astute comments made at this website.

      Commentators here “figured out long ago” much of what is coming to light only now in the mainstream press.

      Did anyone read (at this website) the comment today about groundwater mixing with fuel at reactor 1? Even TEPCO has admitted that possibility — but where can you find that information in the mainstream press?

      Headlines are important. Comments are essential.

      Even “repeat headlines” make room for fresh comments. News that seems “repeat to you” would drop the jaw of the average Joe who pays this site a visit.

    • Ruffcut

      Regardless of the info quality, the more successful blogs need to keep a certain posting flow.
      If there are no constant flow, then the forum gets clogged up, like on monday with over 500 posts. Then many will not revisit, as often.
      This is the best forum where people share their concerns about the crisis.

      • Sortski

        A lot of political drivel in those 500 plus as well!

      • extra knight

        this isn’t about success, it’s about survival. it’s about being free from the iron grip of the dumbed down mass media marketplace and the mind-numbingly dull propaganda of the corporate elite. it’s about having access to truthful and honest information, no matter how dire and how severe. it’s about acting in a reasonable manner, and being able and willing to accept the consequences of ones actions and choices. it’s about the unstoppable radiation being emitted from the destroyed reactors at fukushima dai-ichi. and how that affects us all.

    • Do you think the Governments want the world to hear….

      Experts: “May be worse than Chernobyl” — “It’s high time that Japan comes out with a correct assessment of the situation”
      March 14th, 2011 at 02:58 AM
      “The explosion must have caused radioactive materials and gases to emit into the air”

      Radiation around Fukushima nearing levels where “humans vomit uncontrollably” and “hair can be stripped from the body”
      March 14th, 2011 at 02:32 AM
      Authorities admitted this for the first time – The Sun

    • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

      One reason why you see “repetitive” reports on this site is that Enenews publishes information way before the MSM does. Then, when the MSM finally reports the information, Enenews publishes that. When the MSM story is published on Enenews, the real news is that the MSM is finally, at long last, reporting the story.

    • extra knight

      the truth comes in all shapes and sizes.

      Nuclear Boy is Sick

  • tony wilson

    what yummy titbit of real news did john king go onto after this so called report.
    a blipvert of infonews.
    what obscene haste to get away from the subject.
    so arnie nothing to worry about here then.
    only 5 cute specs of plutonium twinkling in seattles lungs.
    fully charged locked and loaded waiting for the day to take over your body.
    what news items are more important to leave uncle arnie in such haste.
    time for uncle arnie to tell us about the plutonium.

    • BlackRain

      Well said, Mr. Wilson.

    • BlackRain

      3,650 Particles Inhaled Annually

      Each person breathes 10 hot particles daily.

      365 days X 10 paticles = 3,650 hot particles per year for every person.

      But, on the bright side, if they melt down the dead, maybe they can reclaim the fuel and rebuild Fukushima.

      • tony wilson

        if they melt down the dead, maybe they can reclaim the fuel and rebuild Fukushima.

        are yo kiddin have you seen the price of plutonium,this stuff is worth serious money.
        we need to kill the host.
        and use a giant orange press to squeeze every drop of twinkling precious plutonium fluid out.
        anyone got the tel no for tropicana,sunkist or mr del monte.
        i smell a money opportunity.
        and mr delmonte he say yes to dis.

    • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

      At least King is giving Arnie a forum. I don’t know of anyone else in the MSM who is doing this.

    • BlackRain

      My source for “10 hot particles per day.”

      Arnie Gundersen: Well, I am in touch with some scientists now who have been monitoring the air on the West Coast and in Seattle for instance, in April, the average person in Seattle breathed in 10 hot particles a day.

  • Analyst: What we have already is the worst case scenario at Fukushima
    March 15th, 2011 at 09:25 AM
    The whole globe will be affected. This radiation will cover the whole globe.

    Radiation expert: It’s “the beginning of the catastrophic phase” — “Maybe we have to pray”
    March 17th, 2011 at 03:59 PM
    Sebastian Pflugbeil, from the private German-based Society for Radiation Protection, said Japan’s efforts at

    Fukushima 1 plant signalled “the beginning of the catastrophic phase”.

  • We are witnessing an “apocalypse” in Japan says Germany’s Foreign Minster
    March 15th, 2011

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    Who would have thought that the Angel of Death would have such a kind face. Of course he was saying this long ago, and it is now mainstream ‘news’ because I suppose people will start showing the effects soon enough. Myself among them. No one seems to care about whether ‘hot particles’ are on the EAST coast, but I presume they are here. And with my bad lungs, I suppose I know how I’m going to go.

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    An Amazon search for “N95 valve facemask” shows the following:

    “PLEASE NOTE: Due to extremely-high current demand and limited supply available to general public, please limit purchases to no more than ten masks. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) approved N95 disposable particulate respirator…”

    Well, the recent declines in housing and industrial production numbers tell me increased demand is coming from civilian use, and of course the feds.

    I am addicted to my daily 15 mile CA bike ride, and will soon be wearing a mask, which will both draw attention and cause others to give me more leeway. Wish the masks would be available in face color; dyeing it beige will no doubt ruin the micron filtration capacity.

    • Novamind

      Do not worry what others think, write 3-11 on the face of the mask and wear it. Spread the word if asked.. I wear one if outside for lawnmowing etc..

    • Godzilla

      Fitting those masks properly is vital – they’re pretty much useless if even a tiny amount of air goes around the seal. Google to find directions on fitting them.

  • Professor: “This disaster is even more dangerous than Chernobyl” — Particles “can wander thousands of kilometers”
    March 14th, 2011 at 07:39 AM
    Hebrew University Professor Menachem Luria, an expert on air quality and poisoning, told Channel 2 on Saturday:

    “This is very worrying. There is no doubt that we have not seen anything like this in years, perhaps ever since

    nuclear experiments were conducted in the atmosphere in the 1950s”

    • Ruffcut

      That is an excellent reference. THe big problem is what the comparison is for world wide distrubution.
      Localized within even, a hundred miles of the plant may have issues, two plus fold, that of chernobyl.
      I wish I remembered someones link/post here that the an estimated 2000 nuclear denonations since the onset of this fun stuff. Maybe they were rather small but the numbers would accumulate the nasties, over time.
      I think more people could tolerate this condition if they were truthfully informed. But I still don’t see that anyone in power that gives a shit.

  • matina matina

    what kind of misleading question is this: “do you believe that there are enough of them (hot particles)that people of the W Coast should be worried”?
    Its like asking should we worry if we get a little bit of cancer or moderate cancer or multiple cancers?
    They managed to downplay the issue…….. It is sad but truth is that West Coasters are exposed…….5 particles a day… breath even more air in………Is it ok to breath 5×30= 150particles a month?

  • matina matina

    Wash your vegetables?
    Autoradiograph of dandelion leaves picked since the disaster.
    An autoradiograph is an image created by placing a specimen in close contact with X-ray film. If radioactivity is present it will darken the image.
    This image is from Professor Bin Mori of Tokyo University Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences. There are more autoradiographs on his blog site. He says the pictures show that radioactive materials have been absorbed from the roots and distributed throughout the plants. (That is why the entire leaf shape can be seen.) He thinks the dark dots on the dandelion leaves are where radioactive material landed on the leaves. We don’t know where the dandelions were growing.
    The dark dots indicate the presence of hot particles. It is not possible to say how large they are. The size of the spots here indicates the spread of the radiation tracks emanating from the particles. It is very likely that the leaves were separated from the film by foil, as the film must be protected from light. Alpha particles from Uranium and Plutonium will not pass through the foil, so the exposure here is to beta and gamma decays. However, from the first explosions, we have predicted that Uranium and Plutonium would be found. Alpha spectrometry and mass spectrometry can confirm the composition. This is the next step, which should be carried out by the Japan authorities (and must have been done, though as far we know the results have not been published.)

  • matina matina

    After Fukushima citizens must take control of health research

    The Fukushima 5000 study

  • matina matina

    where hot or warm particles or Plutonium or Uranium are located in body tissue
    or where sequentially decaying radionuclides like Strontium 90 are organically bound (e.g. to DNA) “dose” means nothing.
    This is massively significant. Official radiation risk agencies universally quantify risk in terms of dose. If it means nothing the agencies know nothing and can give no valid advice.

    Their public reassurances fall to the ground. They can no longer compare nuclear industry discharges with the 2 millisieverts we get every year from natural radiation, or the cosmic rays you’d receive flying to Tenerife for a holiday.

  • sailor

    CNN cut some of the most crucial aspects of this video. Here is the transcript of the cut portion:

    KING: And we have some video — this is from TEPCO, the Tokyo Electric Power Company and it is of unit one. And I want to show this video and I want to ask you, Arnie Gundersen, when you look at this video — as someone who understands the design, the engineering in here — what are you seeing?

    GUNDERSEN: It frightened me. What it’s showing is that the nuclear reactor core has melted, and it’s somewhere down below the floor. And you can just see boiling water and boiling steam coming out of that hole in the floor. It’s the closest yet they’ve come to approaching that radioactive core. So, that was the first thing.

    The second thing is that the robot — these were taken with a robot — measured a dose in that room of 400 rem per hour. We call that LD 50/50. And what that means is that it’s a 50 percent chance you’ll get a lethal exposure in one hour.

    KING: So, if somebody was in that room for an hour or more, they’re likely dead or seriously —

    GUNDERSEN: Yes. If they’re in that room for an hour, it’s a quick death. It’s not 10 years out. It’s a 50/50 chance you’ll die within a week.

    KING: And so, let’s take everything we’ve talked about in this conversation over the last several minutes, and take us back to the beginning, when we had conversations and you were critical about the size of the expansion zone, how far out people were when they were evacuated. Is it — do you have proof now to say they should have done this and what is “this”? GUNDERSEN: Well, there’s a lot of proof coming in, largely because of the Internet. We’re not getting it from the Japanese government or from the U.S. government. But we’re finding in trenches along the sides of roads, roadside ditches — exposures on the order of 200 times normal. They found plutonium off site about a mile away from the gate.

    So, this accident is severe. And the cost of…

  • sailor

    Here’s the rest with link:

    So, this accident is severe. And the cost of cleaning it up is going to be astronomical. I’m betting that it’s going to exceed $200 billion with a B dollars.

    KING: Remarkable.

    Arnie Gundersen, we appreciate you coming back to share your insights tonight. And we’ll continue to track this story in the months ahead. It’s important not only for the people of Japan but for nuclear industry here in the United States and around the world.

    Mr. Gundersen, thanks again you for your help and your insights.

    • Ruffcut

      It was posted on here before.
      The most interesting part of his theory is that the lack of destruction after the quake and before the tidal wave. No cracks in the road, no cracks in the buildings etc. 9.0 quake should of made a bigger impact.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Radiation Blog: Fukushima in Our Food, Part 1
    Submitted by Steve Hoffman on Tue, 2011-06-07 14:02

    ****Radiation detected in milk, fruit and vegetables in California

    Nuclear energy is clean … until it isn’t.

    The emerging reality of the ongoing nuclear reactor crisis in Fukushima, Japan – now in its third month after a devastating earthquake and tsunami caused nuclear explosions at the plant 150 miles north of Tokyo – is that it is not under control at all.****

    • Anthony Anthony

      Next: How radiation is entering the U.S. food Chain

    • Ruffcut

      It appears the media can’t spin it, so they avoid it, like a pile of pluto.
      I wish I knew something about hydroponics. The new growth industry?

  • Mica

    My geiger counter arrives tomorrow. If I can figure out how to use it, I predict that the results will either scare the hell out of me, or be oddly reassuring. It is criminal that people should have to pay for relatively expensive (and difficult to find) testing equipment, when the government should be doing this. I’m in CA – inland. My son is nearer to the Coast. I’ll post what I find. Anyone else here testing in CA?

    • ocifferdave

      What model of geiger counter are you receiving?

      • Mica

        It is called the Rad*Scanner 500. It is a small, pocket-size digital model that I hope to use to monitor food, ground water, milk, etc.
        I hope it is helpful. If not, then everyone here can benefit by my mistake. If anyone has any input, please share. Thanks.

    • Net

      I live in CA – the Bay Area. Please keep us posted. Thank you very much.

  • War Is Peace

    How about if everyone starts posting constructive suggestions as to what an individual can do to mitigate the damage from the fallout, which will be impossible to avoid as it is everywhere. We need to be proactive and protect ourselves and our loved ones. An environmental MD friend of mine said this:
    “Many studies done by our own defense department and NASA have shown that radiation (and heavy metals, for that matter) kill you by increasing oxidative stress in the body. Those smart enough to take measures to lower heavy metals and oxidative stress will live, those who, for whatever reason (intellectual, emotional or financial) won’t will see a dramatic increase in almost every chronic disease and death. I think that is what they are trying to do.”

    • radegan

      Besides moving to Montevideo, oxidative stress is best countered with anti-oxidants, vitamin C being the best for the buck. If you want the most powerful antioxidant, you want hydergene, the most potent antioxidant available and measured in micrograms rather than Vit C’s milligrams. It’s also a cousin of lysergic acid but no tripping and according to some studies, can grow new brain cells. I’m guessing we’ll need them.

  • chrisk9

    Arnie has been a great source of information from the start, but I wonder about his use of the term “Hot Particles” For radiation safety workers (health physics) like I used to be this was first used when workers at San Onofre were found contaminated entering the plant back in 1981. They surveyed some of their motel rooms and found particles as large as several rems each (although the size was pinhead like)

    If their are hot particles or fuel fleas floating around the world that are plutonium or other heavy isotopes we are in big trouble. And someone would have to ingest only one particles to cause severe damage if it was large or strong enough in dose rate.

    We need real government monitoring and information released to the public. As someone who has worked in many nuclear plants in the United States and worldwide including Fukushima I know that every nuclear plant monitors air borne radiation constantly for miles around their plants. Where is the information and why is nothing being released?

  • cwilkes

    Living in Seattle with two small children….is it time to sell everything and relocate them?

    Expert and non-expert opinions appreciated!

    • radegan

      I would be moving, but where?

      • Damn. I live just north of Seattle.

        I’d like to pretend this is not happening.

      • Mica

        I don’t know where I came across this link below (did someone here post it?). It concerns some people who are starting up a community in the NM desert.
        They advertise that.. “Radiation follows gulf stream, we are far south of the stream — no radiation detected yet.”
        I know nothing about this group. But it made me wonder if there really are areas outside of the Gulf Stream (in the Northern hemisphere) that might be protected somewhat from radiation. I wonder how you would find out about this kind of thing.

    • Ruffcut

      Exactly, move where?
      If you don’t have a house to sell and a better place to go, job etc. then it is best look for getting out the city, first.
      I trade the capital markets for living and starting blogging years ago. Made a chunk on top the housing collapse in 2007. I told people that lehman bros was trash, wamu bankrupt, and the like. I have never seen so much tragedy in a clusterfuck multitude, as this.
      It is turning to a parabolic pile of bullshit.
      Introduce to the kids some bentonite, high quality vitamins. get last crops apples and decent foods which have the least amount of cotamination problems.
      It tastes crappy, but almond milk may be much better. And remember, the one that really needs cows milk, is a calf. God bless your children.

    • My heart really goes out to you, with children ! You may want to move away from harder hit regions and look for work and find it before the move, I know, timing and the job market pick a bad time to go south also !

    • tony wilson

      how about you folks in america making a bit of noise in the obama about you start making a racket.
      that stooge took his daughter swimming in the gulf last year as proof it was safe.
      the guy is a liar.
      at least in england are posh twit has avoided the subject.
      obama has the potential to be as big a murderer as prime minister no kanicanadoanything.
      as has been stated the us is japans army,navy and air force.
      unless somebody in america starts creating noise this useless golf playing bastard obama is going to get back in a do some more pillage.

      here endeth the ron paul commercial.

  • Noah

    Stunned by Failed Policy (repost)

    Those who are aware of the extent and scope of the worldwide DNA holocaust now underway are stunned and angered by the Failed Policy of their governments to protect public health during this crisis.

    However, it is not failed policy, but policy implementation that is unfolding.

    During a nuclear or biological event of this scope and magnitude, the policy in concept, is simply “quarantine in place”.

    News blackouts are following crisis protocols, to contain the populace within the crisis area, in order to dampen mass migration.

    The information around the Fukushima event was controlled so effectively, that the policy succeed without the use of military force or police action.

    The populace exposed to the plumes stayed in place, reflecting the successful out come of the immensely tragic & criminal policy.

    • Noah

      No Call for EVACUATION

      The Nuclear crisis response policy to the 311 event of “quarantine in place” is now unfolding in Japan.

      For this reason, the general public will not hear a call to evac in a nuclear crisis such as Fukushima or event such as a nuclear strike against major cities.

      No evacuation orders, “quarantine in place”.

      It is incumbent upon the leaders of family units to thoughtfully consider and weigh the factors present here, and issue an evac order to their own families, when the time is right. Should it come down to this.

      What I am doing

      As stated in previous posts, I am preparing for the worst. Surprisingly, though the topic is discussed, few are acting on the information they possess. The logical implication of inhalation dangers, for example, are lightly regarded. For myself, I wear filtration when ever I am outdoors.

      The clean food supplies we have will last us, one to two years tops, but beyond this point, two years out, I see evac/migration is the only option for my family.

      That buffer period may be cut short by a escalation of atmospheric particle emission by the Fukushima Nuclear volcano.
      And we must then move up our plans.

      As my past posts reflect. I have spent the past several weeks securing my home. I now direct my attention to the issues of migration.

      Back to work.

      • cwilkes

        Noah, your post has you well prepared. very good for you and your family. I have been doing some preparing myself but do not have enough food and water to last me a year, probably 6 more months.
        I will do anything to protect the health of my children. I have secured renters in our home for the next year. My husband has agreed to quit his job and follow me with the kids. Not his 1st choice but he understands my concerns. Financial security for the kids will mean nothing if they have cancer in 10 years. I just don’t know where to take them. I have researched New Zealand but not feeling really safe there either with the earthquakes and possible flooding of the island. I don’t vaccinate my children and would under no circumstances vaccinate them so does that mean we are stuck in the US? I feel so crippled about what to do. I wanted to get out of here the first week Fukushima exploded but I thought we could just hunker down for 2 months (and we did) then it would be over. Not so! So, now what is a mother to do with her babies ? Arnie Gunderson did 2 interviews this past week and specifically discussed the Northwest (Seatte). This has me sleepless in Seattle, sorry that was silly. Seriously though, I can hardly enjoy my babies because I’m on the computer non-stop trying to get as much information as possible to protect their health. I really don’t care about using our life savings and leaving everything behind. If I knew a place I could take them, I would go in a months time. Some one posted about New Mexico? I have considered Australia, seems like a fairly easy place to immigrate to, perhaps even w/out immunization?

        • ocifferdave

          Your family is doing awesome because of you, cwilkes, and you Noah.

          Vaccine info:

          btw, my son had 8 shots at once at 18mo old 6 years ago. VERY AUTISTIC. Lost his words he had and eye contact. Slowly regaining it. Other kids won’t get vaccinces.

        • Noah

          New Defensive Strategy

          cwilkes, your children are blessed to have a true warrior, who will fight for their defense.

          In War College, you are taught about the great change in defensive strategy that occurred because of the failure of the French Maginot Line. The Maginot line was a stationary line of static fortifications and fixed defenses. But, the Maginot Line failed, because of German mobility. The Germans, merely by flanking the Maginot line, simply went around it. Defensive strategy totally changed, modern technology made fixed defense obsolete.

          Mobility, therefore is the best defense. At this very moment a class of citizen is arising from every nation, who is fully mobile, who have developed multiple safe locations through out the world in which to choose from. They do not spend time building one fixed fortress, but see the increasing value of having options available. Without options, choices, we are not truly free. When there is trouble here, you flee there, trouble there, you flee elsewhere, etc.

          Your choice of Australia, is an excellent one, it is #1 on my short list. Australia, is self sufficient, English speaking and sits on its own continental plate, the “Australian plate”. The “shakey isles” of New Zealand’s south island rest right on the fault-line between the Australian and Pacific plates. That fault-line runs almost right through Christchurch, expect more seismic movement there.

          Australia is easy to get to, without having to cross US borders. It would be a safe place, to observe the coming war. And they have safe ice cream too.

          In the future, it will be important to avoid travel through the US.

          My grandmother came alone, set sail as a picture bride as a teenager, she was born in 1900. I think about her, her courage to go where there was no family, alone but full of courage and a sense of adventure. (Mrs. Noah says she is ready to go now, and wants to know what’s taking me so long.)

          All our forefathers…

          • Noah

            All our forefathers had courage to come alone, that same kind of courage will be required of you.

        • AZANGEL

          I researched Australia but you have to be under 45 and have a skill on their list. Retired you have ro invest 500k in their government and have over 55k income a year. Let’s me and my family out. Just what I found out.

  • cwilkes

    Noah – How did you get food to last 2 years. My pantry and fridge is stocked and we even got a deep freezer for the garage that is now full. My husband thinks 6 months out is overboard. I’m pretty sure there are days he thinks I’m crazy and has had enough of all my nonsense (in his mind).

    My understanding from Gunderson is that if Reactor 4 explodes or goes down structurely, it will be too late for us in Seattle to get out fast enough.

    Noah are you taking K1?

    I got Zeolite and Betonite but I’m worried to give this to the kids as they are so young. 1 yr and 3yr.

    • ocifferdave

      For far in the future when we all eventually get cancer (hopefully 50 years down the road if we are cautious now instead of 5 years) look into hydrazine sulfate, DCA, and gluconutrients.

      • Mica

        Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the government health nazis at some point outlaw any supplements that may be of help to us.

        And as for bugging out in a year or so, I fear that they might make leaving quite difficult as well.

        And then there is always the real probability that the economy will collapse and you simply won’t have the funds to buy supplements or leave the Country if you wanted to.

    • AkDave AkDave

      cwlikes, I’m working on two years of food it’s a mix of canned, dried, and 30 year freeze dried. From what I here south of the equator is the place to be, but that being said there are thing you can do here unless things go from bad to SHTF then time to bug out… in time even the south will become bad changing from winter to summer from what I here?? others might know more.

    • ConcernedMom

      Emergency preparedness, food storage, and self-sufficient living is a way of life. My journey began a few years ago with the threat of pandemic flu and wanting to protect my babies. Like you, I felt a sense of panic over a situation I had no control over. My emergency preparedness helped ease my fears by giving me something I did have control over. My advice to you is to stop, take a deep breath, and focus on the things you can control without becoming overwhelmed. Here are a few web sites with good information to get you started:
      Food storage for at least a year is a good investment, a hedge against inflation, and provides security in these uncertain economic times.

  • cwilkes

    Thanks Ocifferdave.

    My husband just found out today his Dad has Mantle Cell Lymphoma with 3yrs to live. I just looked up the DCA after your post and turns out there is a board of people with this type cancer who are curing themself with DCA. I just text him about it. His father is a stubborn man so he is going for chemo and will probably kill him but I can keep trying to get thru to him by fwd the literature. Sharing is a powerful and loving thing to do.

    • ocifferdave

      A young priest wife (dudes can marry before they become priests after seminary school in the Orthodox Christian church) at our church has some bad cancer all over her body. chemo city 🙁 However, I gave her some of that gluconutrients (physician desk reference calls it by its marketing name of Ambrotose) and an oxygen concentrator (have a “portable” hyberbaric chamber for our autistic son) and she is kicking some butt.

    • ocifferdave

      btw, that hydrazine sulfate is great when the cancer patient has like no energy left. Cachexia. Hydrazine sulfate makes your enzyme that changes lactic acid into sugar stop. Tumors poop out tons of lactic acid as waste. it takes 18 glucose molecules to turn one lactic acid molecule into 1 glucose molecule. Thus the lack of energy. Friends dad lived 3 extra months full of energy he hadn’t had in a loooong time because of eating right and hydrazine sulfate.

      btw, National Cancer Institute hates Hydrazine Sulfate. Find out why.

  • cwilkes

    Maybe we should start with a move to the East Coast and then the Southern Hem. I just feel we in the NW are getting hit with this radiation that we can’t see, can’t measure and really very difficult to mitigate.

  • Plumplechook

    Just in on NHK:

    Survey: strontium widespread in Fukushima

    Soil samples from around Fukushima Prefecture have revealed concentrations of radioactive strontium.

    Japan’s science ministry conducted a survey for radioactive substances at 11 locations in 10 municipalities from late March to mid-May.

    It says strontium-90 was detected in all 11 locations.

    In Namie Town, the reading stood at 250 becquerels per kilogram of soil, while in Iitate Village the reading was 120 becquerels per kilogram. The readings in the other locations were between 2 and 18 becquerels.

    Strontium-90 is generated during the fission of uranium in fuel rods in reactors.

    With a comparatively long half-life of 29 years, the radioactive substance poses a risk of accumulating in the bones if inhaled, because its properties are similar to those of calcium. If this happens, it could cause cancer.

    The ministry says the survey revealed that strontium was detected even in the city of Fukushima about 60 kilometers from the plant, suggesting wide-spread contamination.

    It says higher doses of strontium were spread northwestward from the plant, along with other radioactive substances, because of the prevailing winds.

    The Nuclear Safety Commission says the detected doses of strontium were minimal, compared with those of cesium found in the region. It says the substance does not pose any immediate health threat.

    Doctor Osamu Saito is a radiation expert at a hospital in Fukushima City. He says even though only small quantities of strontium-90 were detected in the survey, it still poses a high health risk because it can accumulate in the bones.

    He is urging the government to increase the number of observation points throughout the prefecture, so as to help ease public anxiety.

    The ministry says it is considering taking samples from additional locations in the next survey.

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    You’ll get tired of a guy who types too much, but, here goes.
    A know of a Story fitting for this Migrate/evacuate/flee
    moment. A successful French Doctor, world traveler, saw by 1938 that Europe was going bad, and he thought to secure
    his Family by finding a nice out-of-the-way location to
    avoid the obvious troubles coming. So after much thought
    and conversation with people from around the world…
    he moved to a little, out-of-the-way island called

  • Dr.Stranglelove

    Strontium in Seattle.

  • cwilkes

    Strontium in Seattle…OK, you have my attention. I’m so scared for my kids. I made a huge mistake and caved when hubby decided we would take a trip to Cannon Beach this past weekend. 1yr old daughter and 3 yrd old son on the beach playing in the sand, sand in the mouth, hair and all over. I tried to just let all my worries for a day go and just have fun with my perfect happy healthy family. Hoping praying that day will not haunt me.

  • cwilkes

    ConcernedMom thank you for the food storage link. I’m questioning how much more food I should get as I’m very serious about possibly moving the family. I’m trying to get my head around the idea that when we go….we go with a few suitcases and that’s it. Everything else stays in Seattle and we start over. Wow! A lot to think about.


      My daughter told me Costco has food for long storage, not sure if MREs or what but an idea. A lot of our forefathers had to make the same decision to save themselves and their families,for other reasons. There is also a site called ready We have to be brave and do what we have to. More power to you and God Bless and give you the courage you need. That goes for all of you out there.

    • ConcernedMom

      You’re welcome, cwilkes. I don’t know that we can run from it, as radiation will eventually be everywhere. I am taking precautions to limit my childrens’ exposure to radiation by using powdered milk (MorningMoo and Provident Pantry powdered milk tastes as good as fresh milk), and growing this years’ vegetables in a greenhouse. I will be getting my normal fruits from Michigan this year for canning, but will be washing them thoroughly. No way to completely avoid radiation, and the anti-oxidant properties of fruit are important. We have to eat. I also try to keep them out of the rain as well as buying pre-3/11 food where available. Fortunately, my freezers are filled with pre-3/11 meat. I am not in a position to move and don’t know if I would even consider it unless required to evacuate. I think that once the accident is contained (somehow), then after a year or so the food will be safer, but that’s just my opinion. You have to weigh the pros and cons of what you do, and I am trying to keep from disrupting my childrens’ lives as much as possible and keep from frightening them.

  • cwilkes

    Noah – In the future, it will be important to avoid travel through the US.

    What does this mean? Apologize, I’m not astute in this area.

    Christchurch is where I had my eye on going until the earthquake there earlier this week.

    Australia seems like a logical place to go. Husband and I are skilled, we should find jobs but is there concern for Australia under water?

  • Lunger

    I was diagnosed with COPD in 2009. On or about March 17 here in Seattle I noticed a dramatic increase in my symptoms for COPD !

    As of today I can hardly breath anymore and sleep is impossible ! I’m TOAST !

    I’ve had a good life and no regrets but I never thought I would go down in a situation like this ! its like being in a movie … the future looks like a real Mofo ! bye bye


      I just read about fulvic acid. Worth a try. I’m going to get it from this site there is a lot of info. I’m an RN and read all the medical studies. It’s a supplement now. You can read about it and see what you think.I found it looking for books on radiation on Amazon. It’s supposed to be a cheating agent for heavy metals and radiation. I’m sorry your condition is not good. Hope this helps. I’m not selling it btw. Just trying to help. God Bless.

      • Lunger

        Thx Angel , I will look into it. Wonder if anyone is selling “blue pills on the beach” ?

  • justhelping

    It’s my understanding, that hot particles are too small for your meter to pick up. Just a FYI!

    ConcernedMom, its going to take much longer than one year to get it contained or fully cleaned up.

    I would say atleast 60 years or more to get it cleaned up and properly contained. Spending over 200 billion in this clean up is very doable.

    I guess people living in areas with hot particles that could cause cancer is not news worthy.

  • I purchased a little 80’s Toyota Motorhome and am on my way from Seattle to the Florida Keys (different jet stream there) with my brother and two cats. Our lungs are definitely inflamed; hope it’s not too late. We also flew to Miami in late march for a week and a half to avoid some of the plume.

  • It’s quite a lift to move your life into an RV but it feels great to be doing something.

  • cwilkes

    @Keys – I envy what you are doing. We have two small children, it’s not so easy to pick up and go. aaaack, what to do what to do.

    Somedays, I tell my husband quit your job tomorrow we are leaving the NW.

    But, then he calms me down and I think about what that can me for us in this economy and would we even be better off?

    Are there experts on this board that want to step forward and make an opinion?

    Is the danger bad enough to warrant a financial plunge by leaving employment and moving.

    And where? Florida doesn’t seem much safer with all the hurricanes.

    Ugh! Where? If I knew where to take our kids, then I could get some traction.

    • At least you get warnings for a hurricane. You don’t for a major earthquake, which the Pacific Northwest is more than due for. I took my retirement to help me get by for a while. I’m 30, and don’t think the current economic paradigm will survive this anyway, so I don’t believe any job is security, especially on the west coast. There is a tragic information gap going on at the moment, but at least the people that are willing to face the unthinkable can still easily get prepared for what is coming. If I had kids, I would at least get them off the west coast for awhile. There is imminent danger on the west coast, this takes precedence over everything else IMO

    • Anthony Anthony

      I think man has used up all the easy answers. Your move will be a tough decision, we have to factor in the potential of the NE becoming unstable and potentially polluting the entire river system on down to the gulf if it goes nuclear. I google mapped FT Calhoun to see the proximity to myself. It is a sobering realization to see how little livable land we might end up with in North America if NE joins Fukushima and radiates our environment. Check out a map and factor in the Gulf problems too and you will see how limiting the choice is becoming to relocate anywhere in North America.

  • It took about a month for me to find my RV and tie up all the loose ends. I was the Television Director at City of Seattle’s municipal TV station and made really good money with “job security”. Everyone in Seattle thinks I’m crazy, but unfortunately not for too much longer.

  • StillJill StillJill

    good for you Keys!

  • Aodhan

    I just returned from Orange County, CA with my toddler son. I have some questions for some of the people who really understand this. I was there during the week of June 5-12. I read before I left that the winds turned south at Fuku about June 4. Would we have been ok during this last week? There were morning marine layers and misty rain early in the morning. I couldn’t help feeling like it was an aerosol of hot particles, but if the winds changed direction would that not be the case this last week? Also, how far inland does one need to be to not be in danger? I reside in Salt Lake City, UT. Is that far enough from the coast to avoid most of these hot particles?

  • Dry hacking coughs and asthma
    I am seeing people who normally have no allergies or respiratory problems have problems here in Northern CA. My asthma and allergies are normally gone this type of year. Even the pharmacist said they have never seen anything like it and believe it is mold, pollen etc etc.
    I want to believe that but after Gunderson reporting…