Russian Experts: Fukushima pollution spreads all over Earth, clearly a large amount of fish, seaweeds, and everything in ocean has been polluted — These products are the main danger for mankind as they can end up being eaten by people on a massive scale

Published: December 25th, 2013 at 11:17 pm ET


Maxim Shingarkin, Deputy Chairman of Russia’s State Duma Committee for Natural Resources, Dec. 26, 2013: “Currents in the World Ocean are so structured that the areas of seafood capture near the US north-west coast are more likely to contain radioactive nuclides than even the Sea of Okhotsk which is much closer to Japan. These products are the main danger for mankind because they can find their way to people’s tables on a massive scale. […] Air emissions were not projected either on the Sea of Okhotsk, or Sakhalin, or the Far East, or the Kuril Islands. So airlifting cargoes does not seem dangerous so far. I mean so far because not all the nuclear fuel has been taken out of the power generation units. This means that radioactive emissions into the atmosphere are possible as a result of heating.”

Vladimir Slivyak, Co-chairman of the Ecodefence international ecology group, Dec. 26, 2013: “The Russian government planned to restrict fishing in the Far East. As far as I know, no such restrictions have been introduced so far. Still it is possible that some steps will be taken. […] It took years after Chernobyl to make detailed conclusions about the scale of nuclear pollution. We are having a similar situation with Fukushima […] We’ll probably know the consequences of this accident in 10-15 years. It is clear that a large amount of fish, sea weeds and everything the ocean contains has been polluted. It is clear that pollution spreads all over Earth. It is clear that vast territories have been polluted in Japan itself. All this is generally clear. But we need research to provide more details and this will take a long time.”

More from Shingarkin and Slivyak here: [intlink id=”official-expect-more-airborne-radiation-releases-from-fukushima-seafood-catches-off-u-s-pacific-coast-more-likely-to-be-contaminated-than-ones-far-closer-to-japan-gravest-danger-to-public” type=”post”]Expect airborne radiation releases from Fukushima to increase — Seafood catches off U.S. Pacific coast more likely to be contaminated than ones far closer to Japan — ‘Gravest danger’ to public is if they eat these products[/intlink]

Published: December 25th, 2013 at 11:17 pm ET


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138 comments to Russian Experts: Fukushima pollution spreads all over Earth, clearly a large amount of fish, seaweeds, and everything in ocean has been polluted — These products are the main danger for mankind as they can end up being eaten by people on a massive scale

  • "But we need research to provide more details and this will take a long time.” [10 – 15 years?]
    – Vladimir Slivyak

    No we don't!
    IMO – For the most part, these 'long term' research studies are just delay tactics.

    Because of what he just said… it should be VERY CLEAR.

    1. "It is CLEAR that a large amount of fish, sea weeds and everything the ocean contains has been polluted."
    (where 'polluted' = 'radioactive contamination')

    2. "It is CLEAR that pollution spreads all over Earth."

    3. "It is CLEAR that vast territories have been polluted in Japan itself."

    4. "All this is generally CLEAR."

    This is really CLEAR to me…
    THREE meltdowns continue to spread and accumulate radioactive contamination into the atmosphere and sea. Going on 3 years with no end in sight.

  • lickerface lickerface

    …and Canadian seaweed with radioactivity did find its way to my table. Also hemp protein powder which reads "up there" (50-60CPM) – Product of Canada.

    Coverups here in the USA are in full force. Oranges and apples say "Product of USA" instead of the state they once said. There's no way to know where anything is being harvested, and the local distributors of our produce are to blame for purposefully not disclosing the state which it was grown.

    I remember O-Cha tea company in Iwaki City (very close to Fukushima) using the evacuation zone map data to their advantage. They had said in 2011 how "our tea is safe because we are outside the evacuation zone, and there is ZERO radiation in our tea. USA has limits which are 12 times higher, so out product is safe!" After more truth came out, I saw this statement removed from their site. I imagine that USA growers would use misinformation to their advantage too, even while running around like a chicken with their head cut off when they have radiation illness and are rallying against nuclear/government in Japan. Double-standard…

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Government leaders must announce the end of nuclear. No time to waste.

  • Lion76 Lion76

    Fukushima is way worse than Chernobyl, and always was. Every day, it gets exponentially worse because it will never be contained like Chernobyl at least was after some time. Also, seawater… also, 3 reactors (at least)… also, spent fuel pools… also, MOX…

    This is the end of "ignorant bliss" take a good look because the pre-fukushima world is dwindling away fast.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Lion76, the world as we knew it ended on March 11, 2011. And whatever our collective fate will be, it was sealed when the Reactor 4 SFP went dry, Reactor 3 blew up (esp. bad, the MOX). Three melted out reactor cores, well, yes.

      The Pre-Fuku world disappeared on 3/11/11.

      Actually, the design of the plant and the known issues go back 40 years. It was always an accident waiting to happen.

      How could those who built the plant, who approved its construction, have been SO BLIND?

      Robert Oppenheimer probably knew we'd reached the end of ignorant bliss when he declared, in 1945, "Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds." An obvious reference to the Hindu God called Shiva, the Destroyer. (Not a religious comment, just historical reference.)

      The first atomic bomb was detonated on July 16, 1945, in the Trinity test in New Mexico; Oppenheimer remarked later that it brought to mind words from the Bhagavad Gita: "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

    • MGLLC

      We don't have many years to see how bad it will be, the Pacific Ocean will be 100% toxic and dead by the end of 2015. The oceans are a source of our food chain, and of oxygen. The Gulf of Mexico is already dead, thanks to BP Oil.
      I am a historian and have often wondered why great civilizations vanished seemingly overnight……, I know. Once fools and greedy guts get into power, all brains and sense goes out the window.

  • ManWithThePlan ManWithThePlan

    Hmmm… speaking as a Russian myself, there's one thing my country doesn't do and that is exaggerate. Slivyak could have meant the "full" consequences of the disaster. Why he didn't phrase it like that I don't know, but Russia depends quite a lot on the Eastern seas for their fishing. Besides the freshwater fish, the only other places to get fish and seaweed (both widely consumed), are the Eastern and Northern coasts (seaweed may become a serious deficit in Russia after this).
    I have a feeling that unless the Russian government act like total fuckwits and decide to not ban east-coast fishing, Russians will have to rely solely on their rivers and Pre-Baltic/Scandinavian fish… Then again, Putin usually listens to his environmental advisors these days. Even if he acts PC and denies it like all the rest, Russians are nowhere near as trusting of their government as the Japanese are – I recall the article that I read about today about the Fukushima mother and her children; it still shocks me that millions of people in Japan, upon being told by their government that there is no danger from radiation, shrugged it off and went back to eating the poisoned produce. I'm not criticizing the Japanese people (on the contrary, mostof my friends are Japanese), but if the president told this to people in my country, he would get an October Revolution overnight. There's a huge gap in mentality between the two countries, with Europe/the U.S. somewhere in the middle(approaching total…

    • ManWithThePlan ManWithThePlan

      I will give both of them credit for actually acknowledging that there has been fallout/widespread contamination, whereas Obama is still mincing his words and trying to please both sides of the Pacific with his false 'diplomacy'.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      ManWithThePlan, approaching total what? Just curious. Your comment very interesting to me, as a U.S. native.

      • ManWithThePlan ManWithThePlan

        Ah, sorry about that! Being a passionate individual, my messages get cut off quite frequently without me noticing.

        I kind of forgot my train of thought by now, but I was probably trying to say something like:

        "There's a huge gap in mentality between the two countries, with Europe/the U.S. somewhere in the middle(approaching total fascism)"

        Meaning the U.S. and Euro governments want to make themselves seem as left-wing as before, but, in my eyes, are steadily moving into a far right direction.

        'Righting' their past wrongs, so to speak…

    • MGLLC

      Depending on fresh water creeks and rivers is fallacious. We have discovered our snow fall in Nevada is 100-200 times more full of radiation than ever seen before. Nevada had lots of nuclear tests in the 1950s, so 15X in radiation is normal….not 100-200.
      The radioactive poisons, plutonium, and the others are flowing everywhere, and the fools don't know how to stop it.
      I wish Japan had accepted Russia's offer of help, but Russia would reveal the truth, so they came to the US instead. Russia has more experience than anyone with such disasters………but, oh no, we need liars to support our lies……..the US is good at that…..lies are second nature.

  • AllenH AllenH (Scary, but not alarming !?)

    They just don't want to say that we in deep shit. I think they feel its not their job to do that, it the cowardly Japanese governments job.

  • harengus_acidophilus

    "the main danger for mankind"

    It's the accumulation in the foodchain.

    "But we need research to provide more details
    and this will take a long time."

    Hey, come on! You will have billions of guinea pigs,
    maybye you work a little bit faster.


    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Yes bio accumulation is a dire concern when you add up all the nuclear accidents and bomb testing we have been consuming tainted food our entire lives and now with Fukushima it's clearly envitable it is in everything. I really think we need to develop new technology in order to adapt to our radioactive reality as this will continue and worsen simply stated.

      • humptydumpty humptydumpty

        Now there's a business opportunity. Invest in some good testing gear and offer food radiation testing and consultation to farmers, markets, meat packers, dairies, distributors and importers. Before long, everybody's going to want to know if their food products are safe to sell and eat.

        Another idea: let's get petitions going for an initiative referendum in California and other states for mandatory food labeling to include not only GMO content but also radionuclide levels. I bet that would pass easily and Monsanto / Agribusiness would have a hard time arguing against that.

  • Nick

    I had a conversation with a woman whose brother triggered her to become a powerful voice for
    suicide research and prevention.

    But, when things die, no amount of research can or will verify, why the organism terminated.

    The causes of hate and self-loathing permeate our lives. We constantly struggle with self-doubt and our paranoid States, add to the fear.

    We have waged war for so long, we neglect the means to wage peace.

    Instead of food study to determine how insidious radiation contamiNation is, let's just admit the truth and wage peace instead, all day, everywhere, for all time.

    Waging war has meant the death of us all, Don't we all actually want to live? To laugh? To watch the children play?

    I don't need to research the history of warfare, the roots of fission dreams that are now our nightmares.

    What I need, is for others to wage peace. But peace is not a war we'll win.

    • soundmind

      I am not so certain that it is not a war we'll win. Certainly the survivors of the final calamity would tend to disagree with you. I will agree however, that it "looks" insurmountable and there are many people that are of a mind set to be losers before the first shot is fired. You can't win with a loser mentality. Remember: "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can." At least you'll start out with a 50% chance of winning where otherwise you'll have a 100% chance of losing.

      • artika rama

        I dont think loosing is an option here . We have to win this one , for the sake of the future of the planet .

        • MGLLC

          How? The fools don't know how to fix it, and the radioactive poisons continue to spread. We have to win this? I think it is too late, we have fools in power who serve greedy corporations, not us. Russia might have been able to help, but they would have told the truth, and Japan doesn't want that, so they turned Russia down. Recently, they agreed to let the US help, the US lies all the time, too.
          You are thinking of a mindful leadership…..and we don't have one. Nobody does, fools have taken us over the cliff. It is too late.

      • artika rama

        Either we win , or we are doomed. No matter how hopeless it gets , we must not give up . i sometimes feel that its a lost war too , but we owe it to the future generations to make a change .
        Keep informing everyone you know about this catatsrophe thats going to damage the whole life on this planet .
        Do not expect anything from the governments or politicians or media to do anything about it . They are too busy filling thier pockets .
        This is where the real fight is , on internet . By chatting , discussing about it , learning from each other .

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Exactly..lots of people say ..we are just key strokers.
          We would not be even this far..without the internet.
          This is an info war.
          And ..yep.. we keep on ..because I for one.. do don't want to say to future generations ..we did nothing.

        • vital1 vital1

          "By chatting , discussing about it , learning from each other."

          I agree, but we have to do more than just comment in these forums. The more people we educate the sooner change will happen.

          Get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is quickly, and efficiently. You don’t need to explain anything just distribute the lifesaver.pdf or create your own, hand it out, mailbox it, Facebook it, Twitter it, or email it. Think outside the box, put it on public notice boards, hand it out to people, or put it into letter boxes when you go for a walk.

          Another enenews member created this.

          Another way to help get this important information to the world community.

          Looks like you only need a printer, scissors, some thumbtacks and the motivation to find every community bulletin board in your town.

        • andagi andagi

          Dear artika rama,
          Yes!! Folks keep reading, posting and sharing wonderful ENENews -generating change worldwide, 24/7 🙂

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Nick, well said. Agree we need to wage peace. As many of us as possible. Enlighten. Educate. Persevere. Probably a good idea to measure the contamination of our food, water, air, too. And develop technologies to help ourselves to adapt, ASAP.

      What a world.

      • rakingmuck

        There are days when I struggle with this very decision. Then I come to my senses again and realize it is the only way forward. Governments are not with us in this journey. It is for the citizens of this world to creep out of the ties that bind us, that are intended to keep us separate, to seize openly this is OUR world and only through acting together is there hope.

    • rakingmuck

      Well said Nick. I am so grateful to see this at ENE. I can only speak for myself and from my soul. As long as I am breathing there is hope and I will allow no fear to take that from me or act upon it.

  • Nick

    Sometimes I look at mankind and see polarities similar to electrons/photons or electron/proton/neutron exchanges,

    Matter. Anti-matter.

    In a sense, Japan/USA is such. For awhile we tried to coexist as a neutron, buy our electrons and protons are now forever, I mean forever, till the end of time, altered.

    Was it worth it?

    This story goes for other theatres of war, all over, back into time.

    Our addiction to warfare, to hate itself, without aknpwledging some sense of humanity on those we kill, ourselves or others, is now our suicidal slouch into the abyss.

    Is it worth it to cling to the machines of war now?

    Or might it be nice, to once again, aim for the stars?

    • Jinglepots jinglepots

      The situation seems impossible. It is not. First of all, it helps to see that there are and have been true peace-lovers, people who refuse/d to harm another human, though threatened with both suffering and death. Here is a personal favorite of mine. His testimony is refreshing and heart-warming. Please, click past the unedited breaks. It begins at the 2 minute mark.

    • artika rama

      I have lost my hope in humanity long time ago .
      We will not survive as a species and as we go we will take a huge part of life (or whatever is left of it on this planet ) with us .
      We are supposed to be the evolved species , what a joke 🙂

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        You should watch the tv show Doctor Who on BBC. Fighting crazy monsters and traveling in a time-machine….it's fun and hopeful and packed full of good attitudes and good fighting spirit. Never give up, etc. etc. One of the few things that lifts my spirits. 🙂

        • MGLLC

          Life in the US is virtual reality. TV shows, and lying 24/7 cable news that isn't channels. Lying financial channels, and lots of junk about courtrooms, food, and other trivial matters. Who murdered whom? How and when? Who needs a trial, just listen to dark spirits like Nancy Grace……
          Sorry, a TV show isn't the answer. Your post tells me the US quest for virtual reality for all is working. You don't even cite the actions of a real person or event. Like too many Americans, you are showing you are not differing truth from entertainment. Folks like you are a dictator's most useful subjects.

          • Anti Psychotic


            +100 As an American, I am saddened by my countrymen.
            While some are trying to become more aware and awake concerning fukushima and the illusions presented to them by the PTB, the vast majority are content to remain willfully ignorant. When presented with very credible evidence they will still deny, deny, deny. I no longer waste my time on those who choose to remain captured by the illusions.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        artika rama, am sorry to hear you have become so jaded. Maybe you need moral support? Hope you can find it here. I understand your disappointment in humans as an "evolved species." Some are more "evolved" than others.

      • Mark Wonclunker

        Carbon-based lifeforms and radiation cannot co-exist, at least at levels anticipated here. [At the natural long-term background level, yes indeed. The proof is that we evolved.]

        But man has unleashed high-level radiation on the planetary surface, and that will be our undoing unless he removes it.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      "Is it worth it to cling to the machines of war now?

      Or might it be nice, to once again, aim for the stars?"

      Keep a couple rockets for the 'stars'..turn the rest into farm equipment..join the crowd trying to provide clean food..

      To luck to us.. with that.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Good luck to us with that…. let's spend a few billions right here on Earth first.
    Doing something for the masses..not just a select few.

    Let's save the eggs..of the brown pelican..before we worry about sending Human 'eggs' into space..
    Frankly..Human potential isn't great enough to warrant it.

    • Ya, the monkeys, pelicans, the vast majority of humans are not getting off this amazing blue sphere. It's a relief the Russians are leaking information. And we can do the same, all of us here. A printer, scissors, some thumb tacks and … walla! We all are info dispersers as well!

      Japan Radiation Memo to All Citizens PDF×2%20PDF.pdf

      Japan Radiation Memo to All Citizens JPEG (for social media upload)×2%20JPEG.jpg

      I've had great reception from business, churches and bars to tacking them up. 22 so far. It will be exciting to go back and see if anyone has taken the information and put up more. Wherever a community space is available, we all can put them up. There is also Viral1's document (doesn't even need scissors!), designed to warn parents

      There are many day cares and various non-profit offices in my town (maybe yours, too), so I'm going to see if any of them are receptive to hanging up this information as well. All parents should know. It's just that right now they don't. I know we all get overwhelmed and frustrated trying to approach individuals with all of this overwhelming beyond concerning situation. These documents give us a practical way to reach more citizens, more concrete opportunities to play a real part in raising the current…

      • These documents give us a practical way to reach more citizens, more concrete opportunities to play a real part in raising the current very real rad Iron Curtain.

        Who said "Let's do this thing"?

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Thank you for these.. Chemfood..
        Monkeys tend to be more practical than Humans.
        The people need info..whether they know it or not.

        Most of us.. aren't going anywhere.
        And will die toiling on this Earth..
        It's ok.. for some of us…digging in the soil..trying to make something grow.. was all we ever wanted anyway.
        Trying to raise our families in peace..the goal.
        We may fail the goal…but we gave all we had to this fair Earth and that which and those whom we love… upon it.

        The boots on the ground stuff is so hurtful.. folks that know you looking as if you are if truth might bite them.

        It's a good way..of dropping info without interaction.
        I'll try it.

        Otherwise..I'm spending a lot of time watching lonely birds circling in the sky…
        (what birds there are)

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

 neighbors..typical small town know -it- alls.
          It's ok…I've lived here 15 years..and they never acknowledged me…not a see.
          Wouldn't believe it unless it came from the 'Farm and Market' report.

          If this wasn't important.. I'd let 'sleeping dogs lie'.

          • oh gosh…even the monkeys don't want to know … most. caught a brother over the holidays…he knows. But was more concerned to distract his child with Disney shows so he could enjoy the day with basketball…with the rest of the family. so grrr …

            my town. slightly more progressive. those in the know refer to it as "White Trash Boulder" so at least we have a state school. we can reach the students and snotty professors. even shrink the generation gap…maybe a little. I've been thinking a lot about that lately. older folks' homes have bulletin boards

      • vital1 vital1

        chemfood, posted above without realizing you had allready posted similar info in your post. Great to see new ideas for educating, and reaching people.

    • artika rama

      unfortunately we wont be able to save most of the lifeforms on the planet , they will be lost forever and with them our hopes of survival will be gone as well . They say by the end of this century more than the half of all the species will be gone if nothing is done .

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Heart, yes. I agree, aim for the stars. And keep some of those boots firmly planted, grounded in and on the earth. I'll be out there with the farmers, skywatching when I can look up from the dirt.

  • Wardy

    Keshe foundation claims to have technology to clean up this mess. It is claimed this tech. was offered to Tepco day after event. Why is it not being used? Here is a short 6min video introducing this amazing technology.

    • artika rama

      Its is still not proven to work in real life situation ,,even if it works it would only work under controlled conditions in enclosed space ,, and even then how are you going to collect the radioactive particles , isotopes mixeing into the atmosphere ,, into soil ,, into the ocean and so on ,, ?

    • Mark Wonclunker

      I watched the video, but in despair when I saw that he claimed a neutron contained dark matter.

  • markww markww

    BREAKING RADIATION WEST COST REPORT : Alaska Air’s Been Fuked! Cancellations Due To Fukushima Radiation Rather Than The Flu?


    • artika rama

      thanks mark . Great info .

    • AllenH AllenH (Scary, but not alarming !?)

      Shocking, but thanks for the info, this is just the beginning.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      'Wouldn't surprise me, Mark. Airline people stick together. They have always shared a special type of camraderie. They're mostly very intelligent people, well traveled, well informed.

      I'd expect pilots to monitor the jet stream. Most commercial pilots are well informed about physics, weather, climate, aeronautics, the nature of the atmosphere, temperatures, radiation levels at certain elevations and altitudes, & have some knowledge of meteorology. One has to be very savvy to be a commercial pilot.

      They're the type of people who could read Enenews, do their own research, and come to very sound conclusions about their own personal safety. 'Especially after the reports of airline crews getting radiation or "mystery" illnesses after long flights, and during certain periods of time. Many pilots are the type of people who would find out what the "big picture" meant for travel, and conditions in the air.

      My Dad once told me (1980's) some airline flights had been re-routed to avoid getting too close to the holes in the ozone. The Polar Routes, in particular. He said the radiation levels were considered to be unacceptably high in and near the ozone holes. So they were avoided. Pilots know about these things.

      Pilots are, as a group IMO so cohesive you probably couldn't pry some info. out of them with a crowbar. I'd be surprised if this story could even be verified. Honestly surprised to see the story. Wondering what the source of the information truly is …

  • jamal shrair

    It is high time to save our planet and get ride of the myth.
    Green (non radioactive) nuclear energy is not only possible but can you believe it is the energy that the Sun produces. If the energy radiated from the sun is based on thermonuclear fusion then life would be impossible on the face of the Earth. Jamal Shrair author of Helical Universe

  • pkjn

    Japanese government watching international media coverage over Fukushima issue / Le Monde, Washington Post, Guardian etc..
    Fukushima Diary

    The contaminated water management team of Japanese government is watching the international media coverage to control.
    From the material of their latest meeting of 12/18/2013, they discussed how the international media covered Fukushima issue after this August.

    For example, they picked up the article of Le Monde on 8/27/2013 that Japanese government remains passive to Fukushima issue but more forward to restart other nuclear plants or export it.
    Also, the article of the Washington Post on 10/22/2013 was picked up that the contaminated water is affecting the wildlife and the food chain, least Japanese people believe the government to say controlled discharge is safe.

    It is likely that they discussed the future countermeasures for the media coverage.

    • Socrates

      We are watching what they do, they want to know what we think and say. The saving grace for nuclear power is that few people are aware of the dangers. Anything that is complicated or unpleasant causes most people to ignore it. Dick Cheney smoked three packs per day for thirty years. He could be considered living proof that smoking does not kill you.

      Japan wants to restart 50 reactors to earn the most to "fix" the problem, and avoid buying oil and gas. Pretend and extend.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Yes, Socrates. Japan hasn't mastered green energy yet. Or doesn't want to make it fully feasible for the public. Not a nation with energy "self sufficiency." Not much in the way of oil reserves, natural gas, coal (if any to speak of).

        But think of all that potential geothermal, wind, solar, and tidal energy going to waste in Japan.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    The Japanese people/citizens and their nation is in the process of dying and with a 1.36 birth replacement ratio it won't be long. 🙁

    With the advent of this recent Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima this "death" process will now rapidly speed up for all of them and the rest of those living downwind/down current. 🙁

    • MGLLC

      You are spot on. I really appreciate those who have the strength to recognize and speak the truth. The lies around this disaster continue daily.
      Over two years ago, one of the biggest financial houses in the world, I forget which one, let the most expensive property in Tokyo go into foreclosure…..they obviously realized it will be unlivable very soon (if it isn't already). It showed me the greedy guts in power are aware of the disaster, and some recognize Japan will be dead.
      According to some scientists, so will the Pacific Ocean and the western part of the US and Canada. How did they deal with the disaster? Three weeks after the disaster started, US, Canada and Norway shut down their radiation monitors…….
      Thanks for a clear and truthful observation.

  • Obe, more people will get sick and life expectancy will decrease but more kids will be born. This is why they have chosen to keep the economic engine humming at the expense of the health of Japanese and to a lesser degree the world. Not just nuclear pollution but mercury in ocean and freshwater, plastic genetically modified food cigarettes deisel fuel, pollution from fossil fuels gasoline fumes you breath in at the self serve too much fast food white sugar I'm sure we could add to the list. Its a mindset. Not trying to minimizefukushima just to say collectively we have let them get away with too much. People want to belong and it is too much to ask them to even speak up about unpopular things like too much radiation in your sushi. Only a very few wired to take a stand like Nelson Mandella. Where is the Rabble Rouser for the nuclear cause?

  • FXofTruth

    If one plant can pollute the entire planet then, the 430 (and counting) nuclear plants worldwide, can pollute 430 times greater….what a great way to kill off a World!

    Are we sure that the beings that create and support this exotic, deadly technology are from this planet? It seems like these beings have a death wish for all species on Earth and Fukushima is the beginning of the global genocide. Prove it wrong!

    • Mark Wonclunker

      The evidence seems incontrovertible that mankind will die the Radiation Death, it's just a matter of when. And with regard to your count of 430, don't forget the military reactors on ships and submarines, rumoured to be about 600, plus all the oddments such as reprocessing facilities, and the out-of-control waste sites, perhaps world-wide about [say] 8 and all the stuff in drums on the sea-bottom waiting to corrode and leak….

    • bf9 Fitz

      I don't think so, I just think we're just THAT stupid and susceptible to the tricks played by any well funded special interest group. Just look at the actions of everyone around you. For example, the littering problem before those laws were passed several decades ago…people would just throw shit right out of their car window to the point where you couldn't drive on an interstate for 30 seconds without seeing trash. Or so I've been told by my elders, I haven't been alive all that long. lol. You're 100% correct though, Fuku is absolutely the beginning of the unilateral extermination of life on this planet. March of 2011 was the time to begin doing something about it, and we really are running out of time. This plant may not be the end of it all, but the next one will be. We're on life support, time to call in our best men and women.

      • bf9 Fitz

        The way I look at it is that all of these nuclear mishaps (including dumping) have been like wounds to one's body. For example Chernobyl was a moderate stabwound, Fukushima was a shotgun blast to the chest. Still survivable, yes, but we need our best 'surgeons' NOW because we're bleeding out. The next one will be right through the jaw.

  • amberlight amberlight

    As further evidence of West Coast contamination, I was losing hair for several months starting last spring and tapering off in the fall. I live in coastal northern California. My daughter-in-law in Eugene, Oregon, reported the same problem and voiced concern (without any prompting from me) that it might be from radiation. Why else would two healthy women, one of them in her 30's, be pulling wads of hair from our hairbrushes? According to medical sites, radiation-induced hair loss only occurs in the area directly treated. That tells me that rain and air-borne fall-out are the probable cause. The timing with spring rains is about right.

    Fortunately we both have thick manes, but the implications of radiation poisoning portend far more serious conditions than thinning hair. My hair isn't coming out any more, but I have an annoying persistent cough without a cold.

    It's time to leave the West Coast, but where to go in our increasingly poisoned world? The southern hemisphere is the logical choice at present, but the prospect of leaving grandchildren behind rules out that option. I can't see myself living in relative safety while my children and their children struggle through the advancing nightmare. None of them has the wherewithal to relocate, although when things get really bad they will be forced to evacuate. And then where will all the nuclear refugees from North America go?

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Wow, Amberlight, funny you should mention the hair loss. I lost a lot of hair last winter, and up until July. I moved in late July from Fairfield, California, inland to Sacramento. Energy levels improved a short time after getting here, and most of the hair loss stopped.

      Still feel pretty bad when airborne rad levels get high, though. My Fuky-lungs can tell the difference, too. It couldn't have been good to have breathed all the Xenon gas, etc., back in 2011. And I sheltered indoors for about three weeks, most of the time from 3/15 onward. And then some, whenever NILU forecasted high levels of contamination coming in on plumes.

  • jackassrig

    I know this not the place. Can someone tell why all the cranes at FUKU don't appear on the cam?

  • jec jec

    Fukushima to be hit with hurricane force winds in 48 hours or less. Just remember those waves on Dec 22 that went over the sea wall! This will be worse..and will throw that radiation right on top of Russia and China.

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Denial Bargaining Anger Depression and Acceptance. I think I'm at the fourth stage.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      There has to be some sort of baseline..
      Acceptance.. not a favorite word around here.
      Still..if we are to get on with our lives.. we have to accept conditions as they are.

      There is a huge difference between giving up and acceptance.
      Acceptance allows one to see things sum things up.. and search for appropriate response.

      The die is cast.. what is done is done.

      • rakingmuck

        Heart of the Rose I agree with you completely,would only add one thought. Acceptance for oneself does not preclude hope for the billions of young people who inhabit this world. Yes the die is cast and what is done is done. No one here or anywhere can say with certainty that this is an ELE that will effect all people at the same time and poof we are all gone. Like most things in life and in death this "done is done" will happen over 30-50 years. It is MY responsibility to not abandon hope that after I am gone I have left a legacy that inspires others to continue to seek measures to mitigate a fully deceased earth.

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          I never said it was an ELE..I just stated.. it's existence.
          It has happened.
          Not what is going to happen.

          Now we watch carefully for consequence…maybe yes ..maybe no.
          My level of acceptance will differ from others.. the majority of the population is not even aware of the situation and will be reaching for appropriate response.
          I have to have modicum of acceptance just to get on with life.

          Each person will have to reach for acceptance (or not) as they see fit..

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Radiation from 25m underground → Cesium-134/137 density increased 2.9 times within 8 days/ Tepco not to analyze Sr-90
    Dec 27 2013

  • Daisy207

    With all the volcanoes in Japan, may I ask why they are not generating all their electricity entirely using geo-thermal. You drill wells until you get steam, you turn turbines – pretty easy – and yes every once in awhile a volcano blows and you lose a power plant. Drill more wells.

  • Visionary Visionary

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    it also destroys VIRUS's ability to infect you (video)

    Created when volcanic lava meets seawater, "Zeolite" has a hollow soccer-ball shape with a negative charge. It attracts the positively charged toxic heavy metals, trapping them inside. The body cant process it so it is expelled and therefore transports the metals out.
    It is the answer to purging your body from Uranium and all other toxic metals. I have to share this so I could save all of our lives. I decided to distribute this now, and so if you click my link above ( ) that's all I request back for bringing you this amazing product. I'm confident it will save you from this mess we are in…


      @Visionary: while your product(s) may be a welcome addition to those who are in need of healing and/or protection from rad-toxins, dumping eleven notices on this site, in one day, is not. These posts are nothing less than spam. Rather than risk the ire of those who frequent this site, I'd suggest your posting to the forum on Best Practices and Combating Effects of Radiation [ ] once a day.

      Please understand, I'm not questioning the value of what you're offering. My primary concern (and that of others) rests with protecting this site from being trashed with spam; as was happening several weeks ago. It was not received well when it was happening back then and as such, likely won't be tolerated by others…for much longer…

  • pkjn

    Former Japanese prime ministers Hosokawa and Koizumi speak to reporters after they met in Tokyo as Hosokawa will run Tokyo gubernatorial election.
    February 3, 2014 japanCRUSH
    Russia’s national defence force released a top secret document. In Fukushima, on December 31, 2013 story that said there was actually steam rising, and thinking ‘something is odd’ about this story.

    Russia’s national defence force's analyses are saying that it was absolutely a meltdown. America is delivering 15 000 bags of iodine, from the beginning of February 2014. Iodine's arrangement has begun. There are now polar bears, seals and other animals and plants dying, an article about an explosion was released. Another animals and plants in large numbers in the Arctic Sea and other various places. This is surely because of the influence of Fukushima.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Suspicious gooey giant jellyfish washes up on Australian shore

    Looks like the gooey starfish disease

  • Mirko

    Unfortunately, two of the biggest stores in my city are selling polluted fish, almost 50 per cent below the regular market price. Its being sold as a local product, but when you take a closer look, the information on the back of the box shows that the fish comes from FAO Zone 61. Be aware my brothers and sisters..! Best regards from Serbia..!

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