Safecast Blog: I was surprised to see my family members suddenly fall ill, they had not had any major diseases

Published: December 29th, 2011 at 9:06 am ET


From last month but still quite informative

My present state (from KS in Fukushima)
, Safecast Blog by naozumi, Nov. 11, 2011:

[…] My family members experienced health problems around three weeks after the nuclear disaster. My grandmother suffered a cerebral infarction caused by high blood pressure although she used to have low blood pressure. My grandfather, who insisted on eating budded leaf vegetables harvested from his contaminated kitchen garden, suffered from very bad diarrhea and lost weight rapidly. My mother’s voice became raspy just like a boy at puberty. I am not an expert and cannot tell if exposure to radiation directly caused these changes, but I was surprised to see my family members suddenly fall ill because before then they had not had any major diseases. I also felt weary and I felt light-headed for about a month after the explosions at the nuclear power plant. […]

I measured radiation levels around my parents’ house with a radiation counter that I managed to purchase. It measured between 1.2 and 45.0 μSv/hour outdoors depending on the area. The counter made a continuous noise from the speaker as radiation hit the detector tube. Despite the elevated radiation levels, the neighboring areas looked peaceful and life was going on as usual. […]

While I had the radiation counter (that I bought) inside the car, the alarm kept going off, but children in front of me were sitting on the ground and enjoying fishing, elementary school students were running in the water in a roadside ditch as they played tag and a little child and mother were enjoying strolling around.

I did not know if that particular place was dangerous at the time, but the place was marked with red and brown when I later saw the Safecast measurement map (colors closer to red and brown indicate higher radiation levels). I realized that the general public does not know that a large amount of fallout came down on the area. It made me very sad and at the same time, I felt angry at myself because I could not solve any of these problems. […]

Read the whole post if you can:

Published: December 29th, 2011 at 9:06 am ET


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17 comments to Safecast Blog: I was surprised to see my family members suddenly fall ill, they had not had any major diseases

  • Ken31ONCA

    The whole situation has mad a lot of people angry and it should make everyone mad, the way it has been handled is unacceptable and the only way to protect our familys and future generations is to learn from it, and make sure it never happens again. Everyone here knows its B.S. That the government has practically done nothing for the people there but we also need to understand now that our governments will do the same thing.They have been working on underground bunkers for the government and the bankers to live in for over a decade now and they built them for disasters and or for when a finanical collapse comes and that doesn’t seen very far away at all. Stock up on calcium tablets, botteled water, storable foods, get a small solar panel for if the power grid ever goes down, stock up on vitamins, medicines anything you think u will need and have the tools to protect yourselves (board up windows/doors from looters) and also have some sort of weapon to protect yourselves. Not to scare anyone or anything but none of us can take the chance that our governments will be there for us cause after katrina and the japan tsunami and time and time again our government are proven incompitent.

  • Ken31ONCA

    I meant to say made not mad, its hard to type on my tiny smartphone buttons sometimes since the spelling police like to comment here alot

  • or-well

    It is stories like this that help draw the whole situation into our livingrooms and our lives…

    “personal interest” stories that the mainstream media usually slobbers all over…

    but not when they’re victims of nuclear.

  • Bobby1,
    Do you have a new EXCESS DEATHS IN U.S. UPDATE ?

    • Bobby1


      I’m planning a year-end summary. This is the latest one:

      It is several weeks out of date. The last analysis had 49,000 deaths, but I didn’t update the pdf. The recent data since July will have to be analyzed and I will look for manipulation or other data problems- more work, a lot more. That’s why I haven’t done it lately.

      San Diego suddenly dropped from 200 deaths a week to 11… things like that.

      • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

        Hi Bobby, I’ve been looking at cities in PA and trying to match up death notice/obits against the numbers reported and have found some inconsistencies in all 3 weeks I checked so far. I’ve been busy this week but was going to call the locals for exact parameters for their reporting as for example one week there were 32 deaths in the city when only 23 were reported (and I excluded suburban deaths) but I wanted to sift through them all before I called so I knew what I was talking about and had the data, names etc before it could possibly change. I’ll try to get on it this weekend. If you need help with anything, let me know I’d be happy to. and admin can feel free to share my email with you. Gotta run for now, you all have a super day!:)

      • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

        All of the people I know that had health issues have gone down stream fast.. just learned that my friend’s neighbor in Redmond Wa was just diagnosed with very nasty cancer.. young.. 6. and it is behind his eye.. she tells me she has heard of more children being diagnosed with horrible un-treatable cancers this year.. maybe no relation to Fuku..but my gut makes me think otherwise.. I think many deaths will be because of the radiation, but will be attributed to ongoing unrelated health issues.. I think many people have lost years of their/our lives… Friend in Tacoma..lot’s of lung spots just found.. on and on..

  • Ken31ONCA

    They slobber all over casey anthony, hermain cain, barack obama (the whole family) anthonys weiner and his twitter affairs but they never report on important stories anymore like fukushima,occupy wall st, banking collapse(2+ billion)jon corzine.. Eric holder and the false flag attack on the constitution (fast and the furious) and fema camps to open soon, obamas new bill to detain anyone without due process… And on and on it is pathetic! Mainstream Media and Bankers and the number 1 skumbags along with the criminals taking over the governments.

  • truthseek truthseek

    -WOW- I am aware of every stinking mention,
    but put directly into this sharp perspective.

    Info-tainment indeed prevails over the truth.
    We are SO screwed over… its scary…

    (sheese – can’t spell of type)

  • seriousme

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  • StillJill StillJill

    Too funny B&B,…I saw your “Go Away” post for a nano-second,…and smiled about how succinctly you write and think,…:-)

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hey Jill, look, Admin fixed it already!! 🙂
      I’m very busy at the moment and don’t have enough time to do research myself, so I just read all the stuff you good folks post here….


  • Of course the nuclear industry will not count any of these deaths when they happen, because they were not exposed to instant death causing EXTERNAL radiation, standing right over the reactor.

    Never mind that these are all low dose internal radiation caused problems… The nuke industry has an explanation that discounts all harm caused, so that they are NEVER on the hook or to blame for ANYTHING, or ANY DEATHS OR DISEASES. They don’t even believe that internal radiation causes ANY harm, EVER. And they will not study the issue either. They avoid this altogether, like it is the plague…. (it is a plague).

    With pride they CLAIM that FUKU has NOT caused ANY deaths… uh huh.. Sorry, I am not drinking any of that, and I am choosing not to take that pill.

    In the camps, the prison guards and camp commanders obeyed orders to exterminate millions of people. After the war, they claimed that they were just ‘obeying orders’. That does not work for me, or for the courts. I hope someday this all goes to court and the justice system will actually bring some justice and truth out in the open, where it belongs.

    Maybe all of these people can go to small claims court and sue for damages. If millions of people do this, it will bring the industry down eventually.

  • brilli

    I’m sure the shock of a major disaster, economic natural or otherwise doesn’t help things, and may be a confounding influence.

    Not discounting the nuclear pollution whatsoever, just saying.