“Awe-Inspiring”: Latest footage from inside massive protests at Prime Minister’s residence — Battle between people of Japan and their gov’t “just seems to intensify more and more” (VIDEOS)

Published: June 23rd, 2012 at 8:04 am ET


Via Portirblog translated by EXSKF:

“Minister, there is a huge demonstration right now outside the Official Residence, against the Ooi Nuke Plant restart…” What do you think?

  • “No comment.” -Edano
  • “I’m in a hurry now.” -Hosono

Footage via hyperballad2011:

Asahi TV:


Footage via freedomwv (English narration):

“To be honest it’s a bit amazing to be here and see this right now… To be here in the middle of the this is kind of breathtaking and awe-inspiring”:

The video ends with this, “Young, old, businessmen, college students, housewives, everybody is out here… really amazing just how many different types of people are here. For anyone that thinks the Japanese are not fighting, they are fighting. The thing is they cannot do things by themselves. Sadly the world is not paying attention to these people…”

Published: June 23rd, 2012 at 8:04 am ET


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41 comments to “Awe-Inspiring”: Latest footage from inside massive protests at Prime Minister’s residence — Battle between people of Japan and their gov’t “just seems to intensify more and more” (VIDEOS)

  • yogda yogda

    Stand up Japan!
    We love you!

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    Stand up Japan! We stand with you!

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Yep, make 'em turn off the deadly radiation plants. And that goes for (everywhere).

  • mungo mungo

    neither reuters nor the bbc even mention this

  • mungo mungo

    nor Russia Today nor aljazeera… good job there is utub…

  • markww markww

    Main Stream Media and the US and Canadian Government do not say anything about the Fukushima Incident. Hillary Clinton made a pact to keep things all quiet. No one is checking foods either or the cities or beaches no warnings NOTHING what is wrong with the American Government People being radiated on the west coast and hot spots in places.


    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      Hi Mark. And this is the major bit of proof that makes me think this situation is so far out of control that nothing can be done to contain it. We are screwed and they know it, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. How many TONS of MOX, Uranium, Plutonium and countless other highly toxic elements were blown up, vaporized, turned into microscopic particles that are now blowing around the world with the wind, circulating around the oceans with the currents, poisoning ALL life they come into contact with. We will never really know….

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Mark, it has been reported since almost Day 1 post-Fuku that Ms. Clinton made the trade agreement with Japan. It was said the agreement is such that the U.S. will allow the import of Japanese products w/o checking for radioactive contamination.

      Do you know if there is published proof backing up that statement? I'm not challenging you personally — this has appeared all over the internet almost since Day 1. However, I've never seen FOIA information, or any documentation backing up the statement such an agreement was ever made.

      If it truly happened, it's very serious. I'd just really like to know who discovered that, and where the documentation lies …. Mike Adams was one of the people who reported on this, early on.

      Do you know of any resources or documentation on this? Thanks.

  • mikael

    Ask your self this, where are the Eco people, the enviriomentalistas, the "green movments" that screems about CO2, where are Thu.

    You may not agree with me regarding AGW(Hoax in essens, and notions), the AGWs are inbedded with the Nuklear Industry, always have and thats the reasin they are silence and absent.

    Thats why I call them Parasitts and liers, pimping a systemic fraud, solely to gain ecomic power, thru manufacturing consensuss and in esens Rule the world thu Cap and Trade, a result of the CO2 hoax.

    Never belive them again, they are not our freind, not the people of Japan either, we are on our own on this, and the people of Japan makes me optimistic.


    • Thank you mikael, I had not realized this!

      The silence of the greens, the eco environmentalists and the human-caused Global Warming crowd on the Fukushima catastrophe indeed exposes them as tools of statist propaganda. If they were really concerned about the health and well-being of humans and other species on this planet, they would be shouting even louder about this than about all the rest.

      The fact that they are not, shows that all they are after is more power for the state and more control over people's lives. I wish more knew about Marshall Rosenberg's NVC, to turn this thinking around.

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      Where does all of that rage come from? Why project at greens?

      Greenpeace is a green group and it is in the trenches at Fukushima, measuring, announcing, and reporting. They were the FIRST to measure ocean radiation off the FUKU complex.

      They ARE reporting this… They deserve an apology from you. Without them, this story would have been buried, deep, deeper, deepest.

      Maybe the anger that is felt should be directed at the proper target…

      Top Global Warming Denialists Funded By Corporations; via A Green Road

      The Psychopathy Of Corporations; "I Am Fishhead"; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/04/psychopathy-of-corporations.html

      • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

        Another exception to the 'green' groups not saying anything about FUKU…..

        There are plenty of anti nuclear groups all over the world, speaking out about the evils of nuclear power. Most of them are oriented in a GREEN direction, advocating for solar power, and other zero carbon solutions.

        Bottom line, huge corporations control mass media.

        Blame corporations for lack of FUKU coverage, not green groups that are locked out of elections, media coverage and representation.

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Greenpeace Fukushima…May 3 2012
          Nine views..geeze.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            Greenpeace…March 6 2012..
            Si Fukushima arrivait près de chez vous

          • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

            Corporations don't like environmental or green groups, so mass media does not show what they do.

            Those who watch mass media 'programming' are programmed to think and believe that global warming and climate change has nothing to do with CO2.

            Corp 'believers' are programmed that more radiation is GOOD for you.

            They are programmed to believe that GREENS and ENVIRONMENTALISTS are at fault for EVERYTHING that is going wrong, when it is actually the corporations doing all of the polluting, radiating, cutting, burning, and killing.

            Just the medical monopoly kills the equivalent of a jumbo jet full of people EVERY DAY. Do you ever see this in the news? Nope.. just the shoe bomber, who FORCED us to remove our shoes forever and ever before flying.. Wait until they try and bomb and airplane with chemicals in clothing, or mixed in the hair..

            Then everyone will have to get nude and shave before boarding an airplane…. FOREVER.

            Terrorists are WINNING, and we are LOSING our freedoms, democracy and bottoms up people/community based way of life.

            Corporations program/feed the FEAR, making everyone VERY AFRAID of EVERYONE, except for the ones actually to blame.

            The answer?



        • HoTaters HoTaters

          There is a grassroots movement to make the facts available to the public. Many people are working behind the scenes right now. Be aware they are working against a lot of inertia, a concerted effort to keep them from gaining access to information, an uncooperative media, and uncooperative government and business institutions.

          There is interest in moving forth with legal action as well. It takes time. Just because we don't all see the fruits of these efforts doesn't mean there are no efforts.

  • In India a child that had fallen into a borewell under construction(a common happening due to the safety culture prevailing)made news on all the tv news channels continuously but absolutely no news on the people's protests against nukes in India or of the massive protests against restart of nukes in Japan in front of PM's official residence in Tokyo. Modern Civilization has reached its nadir with this.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Rama, the news reporting here in the U.S. follows almost the exact same agenda. The story of a child fallen into a well in the U.S. took precedence over much more important international news stories, a number of years ago, here in the U.S.

  • Reactor Reactor


    Could somebody please calculate the number of kilowatts of electricity saved for every 10,000 protestor-hours of daytime outdoor demonstrations? Please assume an ambient air temperature of 30-degrees Celsius.

    Using the above figure, we can determine exactly out how many protesters are needed for how many hours every week to eliminate the need for the Oi reactors to be restarted.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Reactor, thanks for injecting some much needed humor here.

    • @Reactor June 23 2012 859 AM:
      The devil like the ICRP deduces nukes are safe by witchcraft as Busby et al point out in ECRR 2010. The devil in this protest-a pronuke Trojan Horse. Nip them in the bud by making even bigger protests all over the planet. Lets make it happen. And incidentally save electricity. You are a distributed grid! What a perfection of generating isothermal electricity at 1.2 Volts and hundreds of amperes of current! If only human beings can be convinced of their power- that electricity is within them! And the purest form! Let knowledge bring forth facts and lets all act to convert facts to value- awe inspiring and healthy. Love the power of living energy- completely returns and gets reborn in love. Negentropic at every turn.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Opps..that didn't work ..I wanted to take the photo from this article..without giving any press time to the pro-nukers in Japan.
      In fact.. there is a pro-nuke element…
      (May they drop off..somewhere).
      Scrolling down..there is a great picture of a pro-nuke and anti-nuke sign.
      Great photo.
      Kudos to EXSKF

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        We fight the good fight and numbers are growing..
        These numbers will give others courage to stand up and join in.
        This is a fight we can't afford to lose.
        I am encouraged by such a large move forward.

        • Whoopie Whoopie


  • nedlifromvermont

    This takes time to build, and all the while the Nukers will try and kill off the protest … distract us … atomize us …

    Many new folks have joined us, however, and even Governors and legislators … so never give up, never give in to the lies of Big Nuke …

    They fear us, for a distributed grid means the end of Big Nuke …

    Keep the faith and spread the truth around …

    Nuke is: NOT necessary, NOT safe, NOT green and NOT CHEAP …

    Memo to Big Nuke: It's not even "New" anymore … it's old … So it should be called "Oldclear" …

    You wouldn't use a Buggy Whip to drive a car, would you? Would You?

    Peace, newsers. In admiration and love, for all that all of you do …

  • minkxy minkxy

    Ok now that I've shook off being creeped out . Seems their "leading' chanter is part of the color revs. The creepy twinkle fingers and patty heads. Kindergarten stuff.
    Those 10 woman were honorable. And this many could be effective in the same manner. speak what you mean…..don't follow.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    “I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

    Robert Frost

    Don't let the corporate controlled mass media program you and control your thoughts.

    Take the road less traveled.

    Create your own trail, so others can follow

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven


    September 20th, 21st and 22nd

    SEPTEMBER NO NUKES convergence on Washington D.C.

    "It’s time to really FOCUS on nuclear power issues BEFORE the 2012 presidential election! The Coalition Against Nukes is organizing an anti-nuclear convergence in Washington, DC, Sept. 20-22, 2012 to FULLY EXPOSE the nuclear crisis in Japan and its relevance to the insidious nuclear industry in the United States. This is a GRASSROOTS effort and we need YOUR INVOLVEMENT for these events to be successful! We must maximize AWARENESS before the election to bring attention to the dangers of nuclear power."

    "We call on citizens across the country to mobilize their communities by working from now until September to get to Washington, DC for these events. We also urge you to call or email your elected representatives and URGE them to attend the congressional briefing. C.A.N will also invite our congressional representatives to the briefing on Sept. 20th at the Cannon Bldg, Rm 121, 2-4pm."


  • Jebus Jebus

    Let 'em vote on it!

    Fukushima Watch: Japan Mulls Referendum on Nuclear Power

    By Mitsuru Obe

    Do Japanese want nuclear power? Why not find out in a referendum?

    That’s what proponents of putting the nuclear question to the people are saying, pointing out that similar polls have been held in the United States(?), Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Sweden.

    Trade and industry minister Yukio Edano is one prominent proponent. Even before his ruling Democratic Party of Japan came to power, “I’ve been calling for referendums to decide important issues,” said Mr. Edano in a recent radio interview in response to a question about whether he favored a poll on nuclear energy. As industry minister, Mr. Edano oversees Japan’s power industry.