Sailor talks Fukushima’s Impact on Pacific: “It’s dead… for thousands of miles there was nothing” between US & Japan — “Like sailing in a dead sea… everything’s all gone” — “Just talking about it makes me feel like I want to cry” — “No birds, no fish, no sharks, no dolphins, no turtles, nothing” (AUDIO)

Published: October 23rd, 2014 at 3:00 pm ET


Excerpts from newly uncovered interview with yachtsman Ivan Macfadyen:

Skeptoid (emphasis added): This is the third in a series of pieces debunking the scaremongering and hysteria regarding the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant… The ocean is broken. This is the title of an October article from Australia’s Newcastle Herald, chronicling the journey of Ivan Macfadyen [The Sidney Morning Herald]… it went viral, with over half a million views in three days. People connected the dots and linked the dead, garbage-filled ocean that Macfadyen encountered on his trip to Fukushima and the piece has been used as part of the exaggerated story since then. But the link between the two doesn’t appear to existThe story is also not at all about the nuclear plant, but the damage done from overfishing and plastic pollution.

See also: After we left Japan, it felt as if the ocean itself was dead – Nothing alive for 3,000+ mi.

Full interview with Macfadyen here

Published: October 23rd, 2014 at 3:00 pm ET


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777 comments to Sailor talks Fukushima’s Impact on Pacific: “It’s dead… for thousands of miles there was nothing” between US & Japan — “Like sailing in a dead sea… everything’s all gone” — “Just talking about it makes me feel like I want to cry” — “No birds, no fish, no sharks, no dolphins, no turtles, nothing” (AUDIO)

  • Bill Duff

    If you still think Obama, Congress, SCOTUS & the CDC are working for you …

    Viruses 2012, 4, 2115-2136; doi:10.3390/v4102115, ISSN 1999-4915, ‘A Characterization of Aerosolized …’
    Elizabeth E. Zumbrun …, Center for Aerobiological Sciences, U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) et al, (Virology, Toxicology, Pathology) Divisions, USAMRIID, 1425 Porter Street, Fort Detrick, Maryland 21702, USA,

    Excerpts: … “Filoviruses are members of the genera Ebolavirus, Marburgvirus, and Cuevavirus.” “Filoviruses are relatively stable in aerosols, retain virulence after lyophilization, and can be present on contaminated surfaces for extended periods of time.” “Filoviruses, which are classified as Category A Bioterrorism Agents by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Atlanta, GA), have stability in aerosol form comparable to other lipid containing viruses …” “Filoviruses in aerosol form are therefore considered a possible serious threat to the health and safety of the public.”

    • Ya nice to know they want to bring all Ebola victims to USA


      • Bill Duff

        States’ Rights

        ‘New York, New Jersey Set Up Mandatory Quarantine Requirement Amid Ebola Threat’, October 24, 2014 5:00 PM, News, NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP),

        New York and New Jersey have set up a new screening system that goes above and beyond the guidelines already set up by federal officials. Christie: “New Policy Has Already Been Used At Newark Liberty International Airport.” “We believe it’s appropriate to increase the current screening procedures from people coming from affected countries from the current (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention screening procedures),” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Friday afternoon. “We believe it within the State of New York and the State of New Jersey’s legal rights.” Under the new rules, state officials will establish a risk level by considering the countries that people have visited and their level of possible exposure to Ebola. The patients with the highest level of possible exposure will be automatically quarantined for 21 days at a government-regulated facility. “Voluntary quarantine – you know it’s almost an oxymoron. This is a very serious situation.” Cuomo said. “Voluntary quarantine – raise your right hand and promise you’re going to stay home for 21 days. We’ve seen what happens.”

        ‘Lock Down’ Quarantine

    • Dick Shenary

      Medical experts keep saying that Ebolavirus is not air borne. This may be somewhat true but this virus can be aerosolized. There is a difference.

      • Ya, they are playing a game also. Sneezing particles can float on air for half a day….personally I would call that airborne.

        Disgusting how we get lied to at every level.

      • Bill Duff

        Ambient Temperature & Relative Humidity

        To be SPECIFIC, Ebola is not airbourne in hot-humid environments and Ebola IS AIRBOURNE in cool-dry environments such as … the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains.

        Should the interested reader choose to review the literature.

        In Brief: Team Øb☭ma is somewhat sparing with the truth.

      • We Not They Finally

        Dick, "aerosolized" is a big territory. Chemtrails spray us with aerosolized poison every day of the week. Notably aluminum, which ups the alzheimer's and autism rates in the populace. But really there is no disclosure so there is no protection.

        We'd like to think that TPTB would not dare to aerosolize a deadly disease onto the populace, but (if they are going to do it) rather use at least some partly voluntary means like a vaccine. But the reality is that bad people have a lot of secrecy, a lot of money, and a lot of power. And they are not about to start using the "R" word, so it may have to be "something else."

        I don't like thinking this way. I actually don't. Am just somewhat apprehensive over the upcoming future and an unwitting populace.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          WNTF, you can start your investigation with Serratia marcescens. in 1951 and 1952 the US Army conducted the experiment “Operation Sea Spray” in which S. marcescens was used to study how wind currents carried biological weapons. In this experiment, balloons were filled with the bacterium and then burst over San Fransisco. However, shortly after the study area doctors noticed a significant increase in the cases of pneumonia and urinary tract infections. There is a striking resemblance of S Marcescens to the pink fibers found in morgellons sufferers. The other two common colors are a cyan blue and a teflon white. A certain cyan microbe turns out to be an excellent transfer mechanism for DNA. Im not making any conclusions mind you.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Garth Nicholson, M.D., has documented how Texas inmates were infected with Mycoplasma and forced to be "study" participants against their will.

          Who's to say this wouldn't be done on the general population?

          After all, weren't the downwinders "tested upon" by the military and DOE during the infamous Hanford "Green Runs" ????

          California Skywatch has reported (as well as results from Shasta County, for example, in California) elevated levels of Barium have been present in water samples for several years.

          Barium levels in the small northern CA town where I lived suddenly became elevated in 2007 or 2008. Our water came from the Eel River. As the water was tested by a private company (small community water system) the officials shrugged their shoulders and stated in their report they thought the Barium had come from some naturally occurring source.

          Those of us monitoring water results and California Skywatch think otherwise.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            DARPA does not admit to using Barium in its white papers on "climate studies" but their papers do discuss the use of aluminum compounds and other ionizing substances. These substances, used in the geoengineering programs, are highly corrosive, highly oxidizing. And highly toxic.

            I've watched some video reports from aquatic biology experts who claim freshwater organisms are being decimated by the substances raining down on us from the geoengineering programs.

            If memory serves, a by-product of one of the compounds being used for these "climate studies" is sulfuric acid.

            Cannot personally attest to whether or not this is true because I haven't read any studies, nor have I gotten the names of any of the scientists monitoring this situation. (It wouldn't surprise me if it's true.)

      • Bill Duff

        Those who repeatedly, and uncategorically state that Ebola is not an airbourne contagion are somewhat less than:

        A) Convincing
        B) Informed
        C) Clever
        D) Candid
        E) Ethical
        F) Educated
        G) Trustworthy
        H) Capable
        I) Intelligent
        J) Honorable
        K) Moral
        L) Some Combination of the above

    • We Not They Finally

      Bill, so-called "terrorists" would not have the means to process and deliver aerosolized death over more than (and even that, "God forbid") a very small territory.

      I think we may have bigger problems here. Hate spelling stuff out, of course.

      • We Not They Finally

        What if chem trails carry nana ebola and deliver their package all over the world?That would lead to a massive panic and the public clammoring for fema to protect them???T Im quite sure would lead to mass extinction of the worlds population.

        totally un necessary as a dying earth will destroy not only human populations but all life on earth..This is just evil for the sake of evil and will certainly lead to the celebration of Satan ..

        • aunavoz

          I miss admin's moderation as well ..

          This conspiracy fringe shit is off topic and just as useless as you all shouting at a computer proram 24/7.

          Bring back the religious wars as well.

          Jebus .. we rarely agreed .. but you really are a smart man and everyone here should either be wishing you well should you leave .. and hoping you return.

          I do wish you well .. and maybe have a little more quiet time just for you.


        • califnative califnative

          aunavoz a.k. MF/Factchucker/Pig you are so full of it, your not fooling anyone here especially Jebus. I sure you recall when he drove you to MF Meltdown during one of your blithering drunken nights using rhymes and riddles you couldn't comprehend because your an inhuman bot.

          Condescending psychopath, yah right, regards to you asshole.

        • name999 name999

          wntf, the worst thing is that radiation poisoning looks like many infectious diseases. Great cover.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Stock up on Colloidal Silver and anti-viral herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and homeopathic meds. Plus food and water. Be prepared to weather an outbreak lasting 4-6 weeks, or longer.

      • Bill Duff

        This may require some highly advanced biochemistry, physics, engineering and medical expertise … or not.

        1) Drape an EVD (Ebola) patient over an IED or drop in wood-chipper, on a crisp, cold, winter's eve.
        2) Energize


    • name999 name999

      bill duff…obama? This is a broken ocean. Not about Obama.

      • Bill Duff

        Obama LIED about Fukushima Dangers & Ebola Dangers.

        9,158 excess Fukushima deaths in the USA!

        ‘Why New Studies Are Needed Now!’, The Fukushima Health Crisis, Weekend Edition August 1-3, 2014, by JOSEPH MANGANO and JANETTE SHERMAN,
        The 2010-2011 change in deaths in the four months after Fukushima was +2.63%, vs. +1.54% for the rest of the year. This difference translates to 9,158 excess deaths … The five Pacific and West Coast states, with the greatest levels of Fukushima fallout in the U.S., had an especially large excess. So did the five neighboring states (Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Utah), which received the next highest levels.

        A pattern of DANGEROUS lies.

  • Dick Shenary

    MBP got me into a sort of biblical frame of mind. Does anyone see a parallel between the Egyptian Pharaoh's slavery of the Jewish people and the nuclear industries slavery of the capitalists. No, well I knew it was a stretch.

  • Maybe they heard that panties are the new terrorist weapon of choice, so they had to raid the local panty shops and confiscate them all?

  • Nukers are dog haters! how sad is that

    "Maybe I'll put a little doggie in the target of the spout." per the tob

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    From an ecological perspective, which is a big picture perspective, the North Pacific Ocean Ecosystem has now been dealt a death blow from human activity, culminating three years ago with the Fukushima Disaster.

    I had a good friend in college, a law student, who I would talk with endlessly about the horrible misuse of the commons by government and industry.
    When I was finished, he used to ask the question:
    "But Phil, what does it all mean?"
    This insistance on clarity helped make me the big picture guy I am today. 🙂

    Fukushima is about contaminated water.
    The reactors are in the ground.
    An underground river runs through all this nuclear material left by the passage of 3 molten cores.
    Highly contaminated groundwater flows into the Pacific Ocean, spreading death for thousands of miles.
    Today, the Pacific Ocean Ecosystem is dying.
    Tomorrow, the entire Biosphere may be threatened.

    Just recently, in 2010, it was announced that men in the US had an almost 50/50 chance of being diagnosed with cancer during their lifetimes.
    What will Fukushima push these odds up to?
    My guess is something on the order of 75%.
    What are the economic implications of such rapid spread of cancer throughout the population?
    "Pigs" will probably point to the expansion of the healthcare industry to meet this challenge as a good thing.
    I would counter with the obvious loss of productivity by absent workers, and loss of highly skilled workers from the workforce, as they quit their…

    • We Not They Finally

      Philip, good to see you posting again. (At least hadn't seen you for a while.) The NIH has apparently already been pushing their new creed about cancer: It's just overdiagnosed! Too much diagnosis, too much treatment. Don't even call it "cancer" unless it is "life-threatening." (Stage four?)

      Can't make this stuff up.

      See that maybe you are no longer pushing the "impermeable wall" as do-able. And maybe it was a great idea, but no one over there seems to have done ANYTHING constructive. Technically, they need engineers, but really they need to start with a conscience. They don't seem to do anything to protect anyone from anything. And yes, the hugest cost will be in illness.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "…as they quit their jobs to fight cancer."

  • Bill Duff

    Deathbed Confessions:

    ‘Former Kansai Electric Power executive reveals 18 years of secret payments to prime ministers’, July 28, 2014, THE ASAHI SHIMBUN,

    A former top official at Kansai Electric Power Co. has come forward to reveal a nearly 20-year history of doling out "top secret" huge donations to Japanese prime ministers, funded on the backs of ratepayers. Chimori Naito, 91, a former KEPCO vice president, said that for 18 years from 1972, seven prime ministers received 20 million yen (about $200,000 now) annually from Yoshishige Ashihara, who served as both KEPCO president and chairman.

    "As I began to think about my own death, I also recalled the course I had taken in life," Naito said. "A reporter (from The Asahi Shimbun) came just at the time when I began feeling that I wanted to talk about matters I had never spoken about until now. I thought it would serve as a lesson for future generations."

  • Dick Shenary

    MBP – bot logic – "I cant live with the ignorance or arrogance the antinuclear community has foisted on mankind." I know it is just terrible and you can no longer put up with it. So why don't you just go ahead and reboot. Clear those memory chips out and start all over. Then come back here as maneatspig or just plain bacon.

  • Dick Shenary

    BD – Corporations all over the world have learned to pay "baksheesh" to obtain regulatory advantages and monopolies. In this country baksheesh is illegal so to circumvent this problem corporations make campaign contributions and secret donations which is still considered to be baksheesh no matter what they call it.

  • pigsay–I put it on the line every day. You just sit on your brains and type.

    Another classic socref
    I guess he lost it today and just didnt care about exposing his true self.

  • pig can I get a verification of your address, my lawyer does recommend a restraining order.

  • There is no blue pill, only stupidity and denial

  • WesternKyMan

    Holy crap I love these forums and I hope they never ever go away.

    It's right up there with Honey Boo Boo and Real Housewives.

    A fascinating study of human emotions, ignorance, paranoia, egos, lack of common sense, drama, comedy..all in one place.

    It's a TV show just begging to be made.

  • rogerthat

    ''A fascinating study of human emotions, ignorance, paranoia, egos, lack of common sense, drama, comedy..all in one place.''

    – sounds like washington, or london, or peyton place, or anywhere there are human beings. like radiation, it's natural ha ha ha

  • rogerthat

    What's erupting? List & map of currently active volcanoes

    Ring of Fire (Kurile Islands to Philippines):
      Shiveluch (Kamchatka)
      Karymsky (Kamchatka)
      Zhupanovsky (Kamchatka, Russia)
      Nasu (Honshu, Japan)
      Sakurajima (Kyushu, Japan)
      Suwanose-jima (Ryukyu Islands, Japan)
      Nishino-shima (Volcano Islands, Japan)
      Bezymianny (Central Kamchatka Depression, Kamchatka)
      Rasshua (Central Kuriles, Kuril Islands)
      Chirpoi (Kurile Islands, Russia)
      Medvezhia (Kurile Islands, Russia)
      Ontake-san (Honshu, Japan)
      Aso (Kyushu, Japan)
      Kuchinoerabu-jima (Ryukyu Islands, Japan)
      Mayon (Luzon Island, Philippines)
      Kliuchevskoi (Kamchatka)
      Kizimen (Kamchatka)
      Gorely (Southern Kamchatka)
      Chirinkotan (Northern Kuriles, Kuril Islands)
      Ketoi (Kurile Islands, Russia)
      Grozny (Iturup Island, Kuril Islands)
      Tiatia (Kunashir Island, Kuril Islands)
      Kusatsu-Shirane (Honshu, Japan)
      Mt Fuji (Honshu, Japan)
      Hakone (Honshu, Japan)
      To-shima (Izu Islands, Japan)
      Miyake-shima (Izu Islands, Japan)
      Kirishima (Kyushu, Japan)
      Kikai (Ryukyu Islands, Japan)
      Iwo-Tori-shima (Ryukyu Islands, Japan)
      Iwo-jima (Volcano Islands, Japan)
      Taal (Luzon, Philippines)
      Bulusan (Luzon Island, Philippines).

  • califnative califnative

    Sounds like your approaching another drunken stupor melt down Pig. Here is a highlight from your previous MF's Finest Hour:

    July 14, 2014 at 1:02 am · Reply
    Geez you got it bad for nuckear types. I bet you go to bed at night fantasizing a hot fuel rod shoved up your ass.

    July 14, 2014 at 1:07 am · Reply
    His wife is dying of cancer. MF, you are truly disgusting.

  • Bill Duff

    ‘Why New Studies Are Needed Now!’, The Fukushima Health Crisis, Weekend Edition August 1-3, 2014, by JOSEPH MANGANO and JANETTE SHERMAN,

    Final figures became available this week. The 2010-2011 change in deaths in the four months after Fukushima was +2.63%, vs. +1.54% for the rest of the year. This difference translates to 9,158 excess deaths … The five Pacific and West Coast states, with the greatest levels of Fukushima fallout in the U.S., had an especially large excess. So did the five neighboring states (Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Utah), which received the next highest levels.

    Fukushima radiation is the same as fallout from atom bomb explosions, releasing over 100 chemicals not found in nature. The radioactive chemicals enter the body as a result of precipitation that gets into the food chain. Once in the body, these particles harm or kill cells, leading to disease or death. Once-skeptical health officials now admit even low doses of radiation are harmful. Studies showed X-rays to pregnant women’s abdomens raised the risk of the child dying of cancer, ending the practice. Bomb fallout from Nevada caused up to 212,000 Americans to develop thyroid cancer. Nuclear weapons workers are at high risk for a large number of cancers.

  • Alan Reid Alan Reid

    Retarded trollbott. it's programmer IS afraid of death. I like that.

  • Bill Duff

    Nuclear Troll (Version 1.0) is Theodore M. Besmann, an Oak Ridge employee since 1985.

    Beginning at least as far back as 1978, Ted Besmann has had published under his own or others' names dozens of nuclear love songs in newspapers across the country, from The New York Times, Austin American Statesman, San Francisco Chronicle, The Washington Post, Houston Chronicle The Christian Science Monitor ("Nuclear: The Environment's Friend," appeared in the Monitor in 1994). Ted Besmann moonlights as a paid consultant to Potomac Communications Group, the Washington PR firm that works for the Nuclear Energy Institute.


    • PlowboyGrownUp

      His picture looks like a sly guy alright.
      Very interesting stuff Bill D.

    • Sickputer

      +311 Bill Duff 🙂

      I sent that link to my brother (UT grad). Kudos also to the Austin newspaper for integrity and courage to stand against the well-oiled nuclear machine.

      Yes, probably many of the reactor sites would have been forced to close in the past 15 years if they hadn't dumped 500,000 barrels of waste at WIPP. They would love to dump "hot casks" of fuel rods there if they thought they could do it secretly ("salt crystals will gently envelope the waste over centuries").

      Theoretically anyway…which is a scary thought for the future generations within 500 miles of WIPP. Bye, bye Dallas…you just got WIPPED.

  • Bill Duff

    Peter Bernstein is Troll V: 2.0 for the Nuclear Village.

    Bernstein is Vice-President of the Washington D.C. based NEI lobby's PR firm, Potomac Communications Group. Bernstein’s prose stylings and inexhaustible pen, have been cloned by nuclear scientists and engineers from Oregon to Florida.

    For example, Oregon State Climatologist and Oregon State University professor George H. Taylor publishes under his name columns written entirely or in part by Bernstein. Says Taylor: "There have been people who have sent me things and said, 'We just want you to say that you wrote this’.” His op-ed that appeared in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on April 9, 2002 closely echoed a handful of other op-eds published previously. Each of those other columns, published under similar headlines ("Nuclear Power Provides a Cheaper, Cleaner, Safer Alternative" is representative) and different bylines in The San Diego Union-Tribune, The Detroit News, The Beaumont Enterprise, Richmond Times-Dispatch (and after Taylor's, in Florida Today, Melbourne, Fla.)


  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    It should have been this: 🙂
    ("Nuclear Power Provides an Ungodly Expensive Non Solution, While Always Spewing Poisons, Awful Long Term Alternative" is representative)

  • Bill Duff

    Trolling 4 Trolls

    Leslie Corrice at his Hiroshima Syndrome Blog is about as bad as it gets, in the troll world.

    Hormesis, Lying, Distortions, Ignorance and CONSTANT attacks on rational discussions. Leslie Corrice moves from blog to blog. He disrupts every thread he can find.

    Leslie occupies the bottom hog cage at the feedlot. IMHPO

  • Bill Duff

    Round Up the Usual Suspects

    Whenever there is an obnoxious, over-bearing, ignorant-liar, such as Man-Bear-Pig; Leslie Corrice is always on the Short List of Suspects. He is a Nuclear Village 'groupie'; one step below a crackho.

    Leslie is a bottom-feeding TROLL

  • Bill Duff

    $27.6 billion

    During the past four decades, nine of Japan's top utility companies spent a combined 2.4 trillion yen (US$27.6 billion) to purchase media advertising to promote nuclear power, according to an investigation by the national bilingual newspaper Asahi Shimbun.

    Presumably, the USA nuclear propaganda is similar in size.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    What a scam! 🙁

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    This massive mess will not ever go away..unless we change the direction now.

    • melting mermaid melting mermaid

      God help us, we have blindly and irreversibly damaged our ecosystem. I weep for our children and theirs, if they are not all sterile by then. What a crappy legacy we have left them.

  • Bill Duff

    Richard A. Muller, Ph.D., UCB Lying-Troll

    The Panic Over Fukushima, By Richard Muller, Updated Aug. 18, 2012 11:05 p.m. ET,

    “Looking back more than a year after the event, it is clear that the Fukushima reactor complex, though nowhere close to state-of-the-art, was adequately designed to contain radiation. New reactors can be made even safer, of course, but the bottom line is that Fukushima passed the test.”

    —Dr. Muller is a professor of physics at the University of California, Berkeley. This essay is adapted from his new book, "Energy for Future Presidents: The Science Behind the Headlines."

  • Bill Duff

    Barack Hussein Øb☭ma is a 2-Bit lying-Troll for the Nuclear Village.

    BHO is a dangerous pathological liar across the board.

    Two-BitHO category Lying Troll

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    The science behind the millions of cancer it! 🙂

  • Bill Duff

    How do the Nuclear Village sheep bleat?

    “… Nobody died, got sick, radiation is good for you, it only causes cancer, everybody gets cancer, airplanes, bananas & Denver, internal & external doses are the same, laugh & smile for immunity, can’t happen with our new model, next year it will be safer and cheaper, never mind the routine refueling release, no proliferation danger, Chernobyl wildlife is healthy, reactors can't have atomic explosions, magic containment, magic venting, magic water filtration, no immediate public danger, Tritium is harmless, KI & Radiogardase have side effects, Peak Oil, Evil Carbon, NOX, Acid Rain, Green, Ozone, Global Warming, Flooding, Climate Change, New Ice Age, … Repeat“

    Every word from the Nuclear Village has ALWAYS been a lie.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Excellent Summary! 🙂

  • Bill Duff

    Dr. "Brainwasher" Yamashita Speaks 1: "Radiation Won't Affect People Who Are Smiling" (Mar. 21, 2011)/山下俊一・許せない発言集1「笑う者に放射能は来ない」

    Dr. Shunichi Yamashita was Radiation Health Risk Management Advisor of Fukushima. He was Professor at Nagasaki University when appointed. He now is Vice President of Fukushima Medical University and in charge of the Fukushima Residents' Health Survey.

    He and other Advisors preached "safety" through their many brainwashing lectures in Fukushima Prefecture during the early critical period and sucessfully prevented many people from evacuating from Fukushima. This video clip is part of his memorable first lecture as Advisor held in Fukushima City on March 21, 2011 and includes his now-infamous comment "Radiation won't affect people who are smiling."

    For more information on Yamashita and how the brainwashing was done in Fukushima, EX-SKF blog:

  • Bill Duff

    Always a STRONG contender, in the radiation bullCheate category


    Good morning, Mr. Chairmen, ranking Members, and Members of the Subcommittee. I am pleased to discuss the possible health implications of radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident in Japan. … My remarks will cover five areas:

    1) Fukushima is not Chernobyl.
    2) The health consequences for Japanese workers and public appear to be minor.
    3) The health consequences for United States citizens are negligible to nonexistent.
    4) Blah Blah
    5) Blah Blah Blah

    And testiLYING B4 one of the larger assemblages of liars in human history.

  • Bill Duff

    Japan P. M. Shinzo Abe is a Nuclear-Village Street-Hooker.

    Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says radioactive water flowing into the sea from the crippled Fukushima atomic station is being contained within the plant’s harbor, a view maintained by operator Tokyo Electric Power Co.

    And he bagged the Olympics for Tokyo

  • Bill Duff

    Ann Coulter is a Whoremesis Monger

  • Bill Duff

    Coulter is a Cesium Courtesan

  • Bill Duff

    Senator Lindsey Graham SUCKSHARD for MOX!

  • Bill Duff

    "There's money for MOX," Graham said.

    On Monday, U.S. Sen. Tim Scott said that congressional budgets have the money to keep the mixed oxide fuel project from being suspended, at least in the next fiscal year.

    "It won't go to cold standby as far as we can tell," Scott said, saying that a House proposal already includes money to keep the project open, while a continuing resolution that will likely be hashed out in the Senate will have the funding, too.

    "There's money for MOX," Graham said.

  • Bill Duff

    Lindsey Graham is a Nuclear Village Street Pimp

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    There is no money! Where are they getting the money? 17 trillion+ debt states the U.S. has no money!

    All Nuclear funding must end immediately..there is no money for this foolish industry.

    The U.S. is broke! They spent it all and more! 🙁

    • Bill Duff

      The USA Dollar status as the world reserve currency has allowed fiscal madness for several decades.

      Great Britain Pound status as world reserve currency allowed them to do the same thing, until the Pound was rejected as the basis of the world financial system; following WWII. Financial madness destroyed the USSR.

      Other nations have ALWAYS done the same, when they had the opportunity and the power.

  • Bill Duff

    Obama tells dangerous lies about: Fukushima, Ebola, Open-Borders, BP Blowouts and ISIS-ISIL.

    Øb☭ma is a DANGEROUS LIAR!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Gee, I forgot its OK.. spend anything you want, anytime you want. None of it is your money..

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    you are free to contact for more information on how it work and samples of pass work of any country
    Contact us via
    EMAIL (
    SKYPE (Slung.weed)

  • medonakrain

    OTHER DOCUMENTS NOT MENTION note (not FAKE documents) real as other
    documents you got from your country government
    contact our facebook page for more details, how to get to us directly

    ( )

    Thanks Asian Brothers Association Network

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