Sardine population plummets along U.S. West Coast — AP: Collapse of species feared — “Canadian Pacific fishermen catch no sardines in 2013”

Published: November 4th, 2013 at 12:15 am ET


Orange County Register, November 3, 2013: A steep decline in West Coast sardine populations prompted regulators on Sunday to approve sharp limits on commercial fishing for the species in 2014. At a public meeting, the Pacific Fishery Management Council set a catch limit guideline of […] less than half the limit for the previous year. […]

Fishery Nation, November 3, 2013: Pacific Fishery Management Council – deep cuts for Sardines […] The decline in West Coast sardine populations saw regulators on Sunday approve sharp cuts on commercial fishing for the species in 2014. […]

AP, October 29, 2013: Conservation groups fear sardines declining on West Coast, call for halt to fishing species […] Concerned sardine numbers may be starting to collapse, conservation groups are calling on federal fishery managers to halt West Coast commercial sardine fishing […]

Truthdig, October 21, 2013: Canadian Pacific Fishermen Catch No Sardines in 2013 […] Commercial fishermen off the coast of British Columbia came home this fall without having caught a single sardine, an outcome that suggests a $32 million fishery has collapsed. […] “They’ve given up looking, pulled the plug,” confirmed Lorne Clayton, executive director of the Canadian Pacific Sardine Association. […] Aside from the apparent displacement of humpback whales, a report in The Vancouver Sun said nothing about the effects of the disappearance on the ecosystem.

See also: [intlink id=”troubling-mystery-sardine-population-inexplicably-and-completely-collapsed-on-west-coast-of-canada-around-vancouver-official-this-was-unexpected-expert-humpbacks-whales-rarely-seen-t” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: November 4th, 2013 at 12:15 am ET


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63 comments to Sardine population plummets along U.S. West Coast — AP: Collapse of species feared — “Canadian Pacific fishermen catch no sardines in 2013”

    • Oncewaslost Oncewaslost

      I have lived on the coast of BC for 33 years. I ran a marine mammal monitoring program. There has never been this many dolphins in the Georgia straight to my knowledge. Not that superpods are unheard of, they are just rarely this large and in this location, a sort of inland straight.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    This nuclear disaster really needs to be fixed. All eyes are on the worldwide nuclear community, you people need to fix it.

    • Oncewaslost Oncewaslost

      They lie to us in order to placate the populace and avoid panic, then eventually the time comes where they have to ease into the truth.

      I say such a process causes anger, which is probably more difficult to manage than the resulting human response to a natural disaster.

      Its the difference between Holy Fukushima and FUK-U.

      Their management strategy or "institutional lying" will incur blowback. Blowback resulting from proper information regarding protecting the health of you and your family will involve a great deal of anguish but also respect in terms of being equipped with the knowledge you need to do the right thing.

      Being lied to and hence putting your life and the lives of your loved ones in great danger will be met with violent anger and therefor they are committed to unending lies, not for you or your interests but to save their own damn hides.

  • VoIPEng

    There is no fixing this disaster. There is no fixing Nuclear Power.

    Man created a Technology that we cannot control, cannot contain, cannot maintain, cannot operate safely and cannot properly store its deadly waste.

  • VoIPEng

    The only hope we have to save this planet is to shut down every Nuclear Plant on the planet, dismantle them and never build another.

    All energy going forward should be harnessed using solar, wind, thermal & water power…all free and all clean. It is what we should have done in the first place and we wouldn`t be in this mess.

    Just imagine how awesome this planet would be if all power was from clean green sources. It`s time for the greedy a$$holes to step aside. We see what mess they made, now it is up to us to do it right. I give them a "F-" for FAILURE.

    • jump-ball jump-ball

      Idealization, social and energy re-engineering, will NOT stop the current spread of Fuku radiation from wiping out, first, Japan, and then the world.

      • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

        That doesn't mean we just sit back and do nothing. is right: Make them all step aside and take over. Even if it's too late to escape going over the waterfall, there is dignity, respect, and redemption in throwing the captain overboard, turning the ship around, and giving it everything you've got.

        • jump-ball jump-ball

          'Make them all step aside and take over'.

          The reason why 'we' did not do this 2 years and 8 months ago. but chose instead to just sit back and do nothing, is beyond me, except to consider that it was the result of a fascist government-corporate-media-educational complex unable to socialize the costs of engineering, containing and decontaminating the Fuku disaster, as opposed to the approach taken in the building of the $2 Billion Novarka Arch by the consortium of those effected by Chernobyl.

          • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

            Ever see the video of the caterpillars that migrate by lining up, perfectly end-to-end?

            Sometimes, the head of the line finds the last in line and begins to follow…

            Who is steering humanities ship right now? I bet that if any one of us went above-deck and took a look at the wheel, we'd see it swinging back and forth, all alone.

            And if there happens to be someone there, just say, "okay buddy, go dry off and get something to eat, I got it from here."

  • Alpha1

    IN the words of Einstein Once our oceans die Man will die shortly after. Wow everyone is still busy in thought about the asses and keystone cops we call the NRC, The NRCS, IEAA and much much more. Lets not speculate there has never been an accident like this.

    They do not know what to do and will never be able to stop it even robots can not go within 1500 yards of this tragedy without dying. Unless there is intervention by some other species we can not fix the mess. Hell ZARDOZ looks like it is more realistic than the movie ever could have played out.

    I am getting my house in order with myself and my Lord, as we all should prepare for the death toll to go up insanely over the next 20 months there will be 100's of millions dying including the billions of fish species.

    • We Not They Finally

      Alpha 1..Einstein tried his hardest to stop the attempt to heat water with nuclear energy. He saw full well unless humanity spiritually evolved to the pt we could avoid destroying ourselves than all would be lost.Yes we are also getting our house in order.fortunately i have spent many yrs in seeking beyond the horizon and hanging out with ecstastic souls called Avadhoots in India and else where but in the end we must stand where we are dancing our last dance.My hardest task is to leave vengeance to God and go naked into the night without any further baggage…

      • lovE lovE


        A fellow seeker. Glad to hear about your questing. I found my anchor in Jungian psychology. Nature is all about evolution and as a species we are devolving. It seems giving humans intelligence was a Natural blunder. But… it will be corrected. I have read on a forum that Nature says, "Make a difference or hit delete." You choose.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        My stance is simple..well kinda..
        A cowgirl that practices the martial arts.

        I'll go out fighting.
        "Splain later…"

        • jump-ball jump-ball

          My life stance has been off balance, using my energy and resources to try and practice the marital arts; I look forward to remediation efforts I can make in the survival battle with Fukushima.

    • deedles deedles

      Yes, I can't believe I live at the end. I pray for God to help all in His creation.

    • Socrates

      And the honeybees, Einstein said. We're there already.

      See Queen of the Sun on Netflix. Colony collapse.

      Friends of the Earth helped shut down SONGS and works on colony collapse.

  • lovE lovE

    ENE NEWS may have to morph to ELE NEWS the way Fukusall is panning out.

  • We Not They Finally

    So who lasted longer us or the dinasours? Both eliminated by an extinction level event.Whatever the cause and that no longer matters.The result will be extinction.Let others decide what their fates will be and I will leave that to God.Meanwhile Im for changing ENE news to ELE news….

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The least kept to their reptilian ways..
    and went out do to natural occurrence.
    They did not..stand up right and pretend to be like the they destroy all that was given them to live and thrive on this paradise called Earth.

  • Socrates

    This burning nuclear inferno at Fukushima certainly cannot be "fixed." There are too many core melts and too much fuel, much damaged.

    There is no option to leave the fuel in the pools because of the deteriorating condition of the buildings, periodic earthquakes, and necessity to keep the spent fuel rods covered with water 100 feet up.

    I have no idea of the condition of fuel rods in SFP #4. If the NRC documents were correct, the water boiled off. I suspect that photos were taken before the boil off and are being passed off as post-boil off condition of SFP #4. That would explain NRC documents and photos showing debris atop the fuel but with little color change to the metal on the assemblies and cladding that one would expect with great heat that would accompany prolonged dry SFPs in #4.

    I plan on preparing for the alternative hypothesis, namely that TEPCO will begin pulling damaged fuel rods in SFP #4.

    If the rods have already burned off, as per NRC documents, our fate is sealed. If not, beginning November 7, 2013, you had best be prepared to shelter and/or do an On the Beach Swan Song exit.

    The threat of climate change is being used to boost nuclear energy despite this never-ending and evolving mess. Talk about sitting on a tree limb sawing off the branch!

    Gasser needs to do Summertime – "Fish are dying, and the water is high…."

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      I have an to what I consider the condition of Unit 4.(scientific hypotheisis ..still allowed in the USA)…TOTALLED.
      So no..I'm not no the edge of my seat..because I believe what they are waiting for has already occurred.

      It's all the 'end game'..minus the suspense.

  • SpiritualGrowth

    Everyone, please see:


    From Chapter 2: "You have made your bed; now you have to lie in it; or
    remake it. The world is your bed."

    Read this book, it explains everything, including why all this has happened and what needs doing now if we are to survive.

  • VoIPEng VoIPEng

    After the removal of SFP4`s fuel rods (assuming it is a success), the US Military should evacuate the area and drop some big a$$ nukes on the Diachi Plant and be done with it.

    Yes there will be fallout immediately'after but it would stop the continuous flow of radioactive water into the ocean seemingly forever.

    I am afraid that the scale had already been tipped too far and is still falling, meaning we have already killed most life in the Pacific and still poisoning it. It goes without saying but the island of Japan should be deemed non habitable. We live in the Dallas Texas area and 3 out of 4 of our kids experience random unexplained nosebleeds. This is happening all over Japan.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      The only discussions ..I have read is this very strange article.
      Certain questions come up?

      Clearing a 25 to 50 km radius of people in a highly-populated area of Japan will not be an easy task, either. Most will evacuate easily, but some will have handicaps that will make that challenging, and others will be stubborn, not wanting to leave. How much of a window of time do you leave for checking to make sure everyone is out? How much advance warning do you give? How many days, weeks, or months?

      How much in tact will their homes and businesses be when they return? Will the wood disintegrate to powder? What about plants, leather, cotton, etc.? How much rebuilding and repair are we talking about? What about plastic, will its properties change? Will something that today is an insulator become a conductor?

      Who's to say which animals get to be evacuated, and which need to remain? Who's to say that a radioactive human gets to be evacuated, while a radioactive animal must stay behind to be purged?

      Will the removal of water (if that is indeed one of the effects of a neutron bomb) for a (diminishing effect) radius of 25 km create a tidal wave from the inrush of ocean to replace the removed water?"

      This doesn't even cover the geological the CORUIM..would have to be neutralized..and so forth.

      I want to say a couple things here..but have to go out for a bit…

      Link?..wait for it..LOL

    • readytosnap

      please STOP advocating the use of nuclear weapons to solve the FDNPP crisis. blowing it to kingdom come will not make anything better. imho a world wide full out effort could do many things to mitigate this crisis, if tptb were willing to spent the $.

    • nohobear nohobear

      Agree with another poster, stop with the bombing suggestions, unless your goal is to die quicker and take more people with you. Blowing the plant up does not make it go away. All you would be doing is vaporizing all the radioactive elements (including tons of plutonium) and dispersing it far and wide in an accelerated fashion both in the ocean and atmosphere. Efforts need to be made to isolate the cores, or what remains of them. A daunting, perhaps impossible task, but it must be tried. What you advocate is lunacy, a variation of "sweep it under the rug-out of sight out of mind".

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    NO.. I did not..this is a discussion as to the problems of it's use.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    But it is discussion that needs to be nimrods in the future won't complain that we should have used the bomb.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    (con't)… "*x* says that yes, neutrons do transmute uranium. The problem is that it will take a lot more than a neutron bomb will deliver. To do anything with that uranium, you would have to steadily bombard it for years with a high degree of neutron flux in a very specific part of the neutron spectrum. And in the process you will be creating radioactive products in the rest of the environment.

    He says the bomb idea is not good because the neutron flux will not be large enough and last for a long enough time to make much difference, you'll only get about 10% efficiency of the nuclear material contained in the bomb because the rest of it will be thrown all over the place, and you'll create a huge number of new unwanted nuclear products in the environment.

    So the word from these nuclear experts from NASA is: No go on the nuclear bomb idea…. unless *Y* has information that would convince us otherwise. Uranium operates for years in a high neutron flux environment in a reactor. That is an indication of how tough it would be to bombard it with enough neutron flux to transmute it to a safer material."

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Not my's from some folks pushing LERN.

  • Ron

    I keep hoping that this is some bad, dystopian dream, or a bad joke. That I'll wake up to find that none of this has actually happened, and that the world still has time left to get its house in order.

  • weeman

    To me with the on going unexplained mortality of apex organisims that the radioactivity is moving up the food chain at a unexpected accelerated rate, why underestimated initial realease of contamination, much more was vapiourized than admitted to? Majority end up in pacific ocean.
    Plankton becomes contaminated, krill eat plankton, fish eat krill, seals eat fish, bear eats seal, man eats bear.
    Let's put it all together, off course it is much more detailed as I outlined?
    It's only just begun.

    • Socrates

      What is required are people who understand many scientific disciplines.

      I was in the field in paleontology in the early 60s. I have been involved in environmental issues before that.

      You need to understand biology, genetics, engineering, marine biology, geology, law, etc. One must be a generalist. There are tunnel-vision specialists who cannot see the forest for the trees.

      There are many vectors transporting the radiation at human beings.

      We must act now! Real estate stigma will cause beach prices to fall. That argument convinced the San Clements City Council to pass a resolution to shut down SONGS.

  • ftlt

    Gee Willikers… I didn't realize that nuclear power was the cause of everything bad, until I started reading EneNews replys..

    There is a reality disconnect on here far too often..

    This article goes far beyond the nuclear issue, gang..

  • Funny how no sardines in the Pacific does not rate a CBC headline.

    • In fact the Fukushima disaster highlights the shortcomings of media.
      We have hard evidence through all the news stories posted by Enenews management that shows beyond a doubt that harm is being done on our planet, the foundation of life itself. But CBC, arguably one of the most trusted mainstream news source decides political intrigue is what we should really be worried about, Mayor of Toronto's substance abuse issues, (big deal even Jesus turned water into wine) and the ongoing Senate scandal, ( big deal we all know politicians are a bunch of crooks). This policy of looking inward all the time is orchestrated. Few realize our Ocean is in big trouble.

      Link of trivial headlines for those curious in Puzzling Evidence.

  • Mica

    This reminded me of John Steinbeck's novel, Cannery Row. When published in 1945, Monterey, CA was a huge sardine canning site – with 18 canneries working 24/7. But by 1946, the sardines were totally gone. Some blamed overfishing. But 1946 was also when the US started nuclear weapons testing in Bikini Atoll in the Pacific. Many of the submarines & destroyers involved were afterwards brought to San Francisco & docked there until 1948 when they were sunk off-shore using rocket attacks & explosives – some because they were so radioactive.

    Then fast forward to September 2013, also in Monterey Bay. Locals just observed "epic" numbers of anchovies passing thru, and hundreds of humpback whales seen chasing them. A researcher said she hadn't seen that many whales in 26 years. The number of anchovies were said to stretch 2 miles long, 1 mile wide and 20-30 feet deep.

    • Socrates

      I lived on the bay in Bellmont Shores, Long Beach area beginning in 1954. I lived in Malibu for almost 10 years and in San Diego for thirty more. I have sailed to Catalina and belonged to the Conservancy. I spend time on Santa Cruz, Monterey, Laguna Beach _ I have surfed all over the Baja and the Pacific Mainland of Mexico, windsurfed Hawaii, the Carribean. Diving and snorkling, hiking..

      The ecosystem is in rapid decline. Over fifty years .Morro Bay ,- no fish, San Diego – no tuna, certainly no salmon runs.

      Before California I lived through some testing in Nevada. What a bummer! I witnessed what was and is no longer. No clams in most of Southern California. Pismo Beach is an exception.

      The entire coastline shows negative impact in the number of species. We saw young deals dying last summer. The immune systems weaken…. Opportunistic infections.. it all is from MAN. Salmon populations failing. Really breaks my heart.

      • Mica

        Yes, Socrates, California in those days was magical. I've also lived all along the coast – Vancouver, Seattle, SF, Los Angeles and even Baja. I have a very hard time believing that this is happening…Heartbreaking indeed.

  • VoIPEng VoIPEng

    I don't disagree blowing the place up would spread radioactivity and actually I did state that it would but allowing groundwater to pass through molten cores and into the ocean for hundreds if not thousands of years until all life cease to exists is not a viable plan. The only other option is to somehow tunnel to the cores and remove them, cool them and store them.

    Bottom line is we never should have created a technology that we can not control. The fact that there are plans to build EVEN MORE Nuclear Plants is absolutely ludicrous. We should be globally agreeing to shut them all down and dismantle them. Greed is outweighing common sense. There are MANY better ways to make money. Nuclear Power is an added bonus to a bomb factory that no one except the evil ones in charge want.