Scientist back from Japan: I’ve seen data showing highest radioactivity levels in ocean that have been observed recently — NHK: Nuclear waste may be leaking “directly from buildings” not only going into groundwater via tunnels (VIDEOS)

Published: January 28th, 2014 at 10:32 pm ET


MIT presentation — Ken Buesseler, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Oct 24, 2013 (at 38:15 in): I was quoted as saying it’s silly to think it’s not getting out of the harbor. It’s getting out of the harbor, it’s measurable […] Last month we were there, our highest number is 150 Bq/m³ […] I have seen some of the highest numbers in the Tepco data in the last month at the coast recently of about 1,000 or 2,000 Bq/m³ for cesium.

Slide from Buesseler’s presentation: Highest Cs closest to shore, associated with locations of higher groundwater input — Even higher in September 2013

Buesseler’s full presentation available here

NHK, Jan. 28, 2014: [Tepco] is to begin work at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant to stop radioactive wastewater from flowing into the sea. The task of creating underground frozen walls is due to start at the Number 2 and Number 3 reactors on Wednesday. Massive amounts of water are being poured into the reactors […] and is leaking from the damaged reactor containment vessels. The water has accumulated in the reactor buildings, adjacent turbine buildings and underground tunnels. TEPCO believes the water is leaking from the tunnels, seeping into the ground and reaching the sea. […] Engineers cannot go there because of the radioactive water […] TEPCO is also digging wells in the compound to see whether water is leaking directly from the buildings.

Watch NHK’s broadcast here

Published: January 28th, 2014 at 10:32 pm ET


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54 comments to Scientist back from Japan: I’ve seen data showing highest radioactivity levels in ocean that have been observed recently — NHK: Nuclear waste may be leaking “directly from buildings” not only going into groundwater via tunnels (VIDEOS)

  • OldFool

    How about measuring the Strontium-90? Building a second breakwater perimeter?

    • OldFool

      More than two billion people obtain at least part of their protein from the Pacific Ocean. Since the total loss of it would be somewhat inconvenient, why not to fence in the radioactive water inside a second harbor perimeter built of zeolite and concrete?

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Pretty sure the gates are wide open and the bulls have already been let out/loose to run free… 🙁

        Going to be some "hot protein" showing up in the near future for about 2 billion people! 🙁

        • atomicistheword

          obe my friend, five years those tanks working life. Given a duct tape or two. For some reason I don't hold up much hope for their titanic solution. They are trying desperately to find other prefectures to take their atomic waste.


          If filling the breached containment vessels with solid gold was an option, do you think they would do it? or would they leave us all to die (including themselves) for the worship of the god that THEY trust.

      • mairs mairs

        Where would the constant flow of groundwater go, though? Fresh water moves from the land into the ocean there. Remember the underground river?

      • OldFool

        If the underground river outlet can be located, then the zeolite harbor perimeter could be built to include and enclose the outlet to filter the radioactive water. Japan and Tepco and the entire world doing nothing about this for all these years will be seen in the future as the most colossal blunder of all time.

        • artika rama

          Oldfool instead of trying to deal with the outlet of the underground water wouldn't it be better to do something about water flowing into the plant ,, before it gets contaminated .

          • Shaker1

            Isn't zeolite only temporary mitigation? Like all filters, it will become eventually saturated with what it's intended to capture, and therefore like having nothing at all. Think of a water softener, which is basically a tank of zeolite and brine tank. The zeolite traps the minerals, but occasionally needs to be flushed with brine or a comparable material, to refresh the zeolite.

            Fukushima Diary has posts that refer to filling the lagoon.


            and a follow up of this post:


            Iori doesn't appear to have time to translate these beyond his summaries. I went to Tepco's site to find an English version of the PDF cited for the first post, and it appears that they didn't have it. Physicsforums had a dedicated translator there, so maybe he's done that. The second post has a movie link, but again appears to be only in Japanese.

            It's been my opinion, as many others here, that water diversion into the site was a necessity, though some have pointed out that fooling with the hydrology might compromise the structures further.

            I might ask once again if one needs to point out a lack of effort? Acting like kids so engrossed in their video game that even fidgeting won't hold their water, it doesn't seem to occur to them eventually they're going to piss their pants.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              Shaker, its a possibility that man will have to resort to the most inexpensive and natural methods to deal with Fukushima. Volcanic ash, zeolite and the clays, diatomaceous earth….these are the cheapest materials to use. Cover the entire place, filling the entire lagoon. Plants growing in this may sequester it, if they can survive. When its no good, you have to replace. An upstream barrier must be built. Then in time, if man survives, he can work on higher tech methods. With Japans economic future almost certainly doomed, with an impending lack of food and water, the situation is dire. Technologists had their chance, and they should keep trying. In the meantime, lets get natures ways in on this

              • Shaker1

                Code, we are in total agreement. I was just pointing out that the logic of using zeolite demands the next step in reasoning, which is diverting as much as possible the upstream flow to minimize the accumulation of contaminated zeolite and its problems. I'm well aware that sometimes one creates a different problem while solving another. Seems an immutable law that no god of which I'm aware has been able to avoid, that when one creates light one also creates a shadow, but the aim should be consideration for both at the same time. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear about that.

                My basic bitch about what has gone on beyond the obvious poisoning is the lack of effort, or, better said, the lack of focused effort. The amount of low tech stuff that could be done there is staggering. Much of that not only relies upon proven methods, could be done in environments that aren't as hazardous as working in direct proximity of the reactors themselves. Every project relies upon a base that is fairly simple that one could liken to a pile of rocks technically. The sad fact is the eventuality that such will in any case be done, so why isn't it begun? As one who has run projects, it's painful to watch.

        • OldFool

          Yes, obviously the zeolite or other filter material will need to be replaceable. The perimeter dam could be designed to allow filter replacement – but basically no new technology development would be needed. The perimeter dam would also need to be very resistant to earthquakes and tsunamis, but again no new technology would be need to be developed to do this. The cost would be in the tens of billions of dollars, but it can be done in a couple of years. The main point of all this is that there are two rad threats to the Pacific Ocean – the cumulative daily increase and the one-time major release of radiation when all the water tanks collapse from the next medium-sized earthquake and release their contents into the Pacific. The Cs-137 is truly dangerous, but the Sr-90 will be 100 times more vicious than the Cs-137 for at least 130 years if the German Rhine reactor simulation was correct.

      • I hope they at least try this. We need to do something to mitigate the radioactive particles that are contaminating our ocean and seafood. Life on our planet depends on our oceans. The zeolite and other filtering mechanisms should be in place within a perimeter along the pacific coast line. In the mean time we should be careful with eating any seafood from the pacific region, unless you test it with a dossimeter or like device. Also purifying your drinking water should be highly imperative at this point. We can survive this but we do need to take some actions and precautions.

    • retali8 retali8


      Japans Cancer cover up law – Quietly enacted and now in place?
      Whilst Japans new secrecy law was being unveiled, under the noses of the big international NGO`s and Global press scrutiny (sort of), a little known Cancer
      Registration Law was quietly brought into being.
      The In this law all the hospitals in Japan are required to notify the specific “cancer registry “ department;

    • EPA Covered Up And Hid Fukushima Radiation Plume Hitting USA; via @AGreenRoad

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Ruining the ocean and land for three years. Something needs to be done, but so far, total fail.

    Nuclear countries, especially U.S, needs to stop the vast amounts of nuclear radiation that's destroying life.

  • Jack Jack

    Ice wall. Busy work. I think that we can ignore anything TEPCO and the Japanese government do or say from now on and hope that more talented help arrives from without. But without any leaders currently holding leadership positions, I doubt that that will happen. Total insanity.

    • ENENews

      NHK's new 'leader'… Asahi, Jan 28:

      "The highly controversial remarks made by Katsuto Momii, the new chairman of Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK), have raised serious concerns […] In his inaugural news conference as chief of the public broadcaster on Jan. 25, Momii expressed views and opinions that sounded like a faithful echo of the government’s positions. He showed enthusiasm for the idea of using NHK’s partly state-financed international broadcasting as a means to relay to overseas audiences the government’s positions […] “It would not do for us to say ‘left’ when the government is saying ‘right,’” Momii said. […] Momii indicated his willingness to accept the government’s argument for the [state secrets] legislation. “Since the government explained there was a need for the state secrets protection law, we can only wait and see how it will turn out,” Momii said. […] he made clear who calls the editorial shots at NHK, saying his green light will be needed for any program on a controversial subject […] If its programs are regarded as government propaganda, NHK will lose credibility with overseas audiences."

      • James Tekton James Tekton

        "NHK will lose credibility with overseas audiences."

        Howdy hey. bro.


        Like, NHK LOST credibility in the first months of this disaster.

        One has to seriously wonder if any of the reporting is correct, or it is not carefully contrived state propaganda like what is spoon fed to the US citizenry in the nightly home living room couch-church on cnn, and fox, etc, all lying dying lame stream media that has been complicit in the whole sale murder of the entire planet's population. That includes the animals too. They are sadly going first.

        Heck, if you were guilty of complicity in the greatest Holocaust Crime in human history, would you admit it? (not personally speaking, just generally speaking)


        • NHK has been airing a number of tsunami disaster videos, pulling on the heart strings of viewers. They talk a great deal about the tsunami, but not ONE word about the Fukushima radiation disaster and aftermath.

          It is like Fukushima never happened.

          The secrecy law is working well, as designed.

      • weegokiburi weegokiburi

        This man is a serious hard core right winger.
        He was in trouble a few days ago about remarks minimising and justifying the issue of women forced into prostitution during ww2

        • Shaker1

          My guess would be it's easier when one is a prostitute to justify the prostitution of others. The fact is that it's not always true, but those who do not use such justification might not do so out of some sense of respect and true justice. That he would make such remarks should be enlightening regarding his editorial style and the coming policy.

      • Socrates

        Lock – stepping, left, right… become goose – stopping.

        When the press is in lock – step with the government, which is in lock – step with the nuclear village, you have a totalitarian form of government. It is being rumored that physicians could also be fined and/sent to jail for releasing medical information to other than an official registration controlled by the government.

        Japan lacks it's own oil and gas. It is highly dependent on nuclear energy. It is willing to trade the health of its people for wealth and power. It is militarized and moving toward the right.

        WW II contained Japan. The consolation was the peaceful atom. Now, the Asian Pivot may encourage both militarism and more nuclear.

        Meanwhile, seafood, tourism, and agriculture industries will suffer.

        The entire planet will be adversely affected. Confrontations with China may result. These events are deeply disturbing.

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    Buesseler is an Army lifer…his presentation means nothing and is repeptitive. The NHK broadcast should be the focus….
    "TEPCO is also digging wells in the compound to see whether water is leaking directly from the buildings."

    In others words they don't know what the he** is going on.

    Ice wall:
    How long will this last?

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      thanks newsblackout for pointing out Ken is an Army man. Seems like they are working him full time for PR interviews. Wonder if he had that beard in the service?

      Funny that Ken says

      "I have seen some of the highest numbers in the Tepco data in the last month … 1,000 or 2,000 Bq/m³ for cesium."

      When we just got this;

      "Seawater concentrations …180 million Bq/m³ on March 30, with an associated 47 million Bq/m³ of 137Cs (measured 330 m offshore)

    • maybesomeday

      What is that picture of?

  • artika rama

    Jack thumbs plus . But I still do listen to what tepco and the japane gov have to say ,, just to have an idea how things are NOT in Fukushima 😉

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Hummm…thot a post was made here.



    The gist of it was, this looks like another distraction from what is hitting the west coast now in the air, water, and sands of the Pacific Ocean. It appears there is a full on defence put up against the real deal that is happening on the doorstep of American produce and hollyweird mind kontrol.

    Look!…out in the street…past the front lawn…never mind that burning bag of dog shirt right in front of your face.


  • The news is understated, to say the least. The poisoning of the Pacific will continue. The economy is more important then some dumb old ocean right?

  • Sickputer

    The underground sandstone fissures are possibly enlarging from three years of water erosion. The mysterious Swiss graphic of the corium suggests the idea we advanced here for years that tidal flow is hitting the three coriums and mountain fresh water in underground fissures is also leaching nuclear particles off the coriums.

    This double scrubbing action makes for a huge mess of radiated water gushing into the lagoon. Maybe far more than the daily 300 ton estimates. Tepco has been such a lowball liar since the beginning that the true figure could be enormous.

    That water flow is creating super radioactive hotspots on the shoreside at Daiichi, creating no go zones for humans. This may be the beginning of the end of human workers at Daiichi except for suicide workers.

    They better hurry up and invent that vaunted "new technology" they promise will help them meet their 40-year "decommission" timeline. >;->

    Decommission is an impossibility at reactors 1-3. The use of the word is a big lie. They can't even contain the leaking of air emissions or water emissions. You have to stop a runaway nuclear train before you can take it apart.

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Why is Fukushima Reactor 4 Videos Being Faked by CBS ? – YouTube
    This new tonight
    Dana takes a lot from this site and puts it in a good presentation for us

    • atomicistheword

      I don't think the technology has been invented yet to do such a clean up job. It's unbelievable, astounding, amazing.

      The Japanese government has increased the consumption tax, they can't even get irradeated without paying for it.

      Sometimes humour is the only consultation in an insane world.

      Dana if your watching please make some more shorter clips for us mobile guys….

  • razzz razzz

    TEPCO getting desperate. Wonder what they aren't telling us this time around and what they are really worried about?

    Building ice-walls around tunnels, what could possibly go wrong? Let's see; ice expands, salt lower the freezing point, ocean acts like a heat sink, upstream water table level is higher than the ground, hope any blocked water knows to go around and not up and over, the few hazards I can think of for starters. Results in a couple months. Hope it works even partially. Won't stop any radioactive rays but humans can't work in the vicinity anyway.

    That news video showing purple as radioactive water traveling in every tunnel on site and the level of the purple shown in the reactor drawing is covering only a small percentage of the pedestal where most of the melt should be, doesn't leave much hope of ever getting any containment back.

    If they drill anymore well holes, the ground is going to cave in on itself so eventually they can paint the entire Daiichi plant site purple.

  • jec jec

    Maybe that is why they are filling 13 wells(while filling up the port)..and leaving just two to test the entire site.Could be an "i give up" tactic since NONE of the 13 wells gave the results TEPCO wanted to see…

  • Socrates

    Fukushima is a festering g nuclear abscess for the entire world for all eternity. This is at least strike three for the nuclear power industry with TMI and Chernobyl being strikes one and two.

    Actually, there have been so many other strikes the crooked referee did not even count. The game is rigged. Nuclear regulation is an oxymoron.

    Now we need to attack blame in court, in my opinion. Only by having to pay the full freight charges will this industry be stopped. Politicians are bought and sold like commodities by big energy consortiums. Regulation can be offshored, bribed, hired into and out of industry in revolving door – descent from heaven practices.

    We saw meltdowns of Wall Street. We saw the BP Gulf Spill and now we see Fukushima. The same people have overlapping interests.

    If you cannot shift the losses back to those who cause the losses, their course of conduct pays off. Crime pays!

    Our leaders always tout the economy as their talisman. When the ecosystem collapses, you can wipe your backside with paper currency or even gold. But the greedy tapeworm in their souls wants even more.

    It is such a nightmare for present and future generations, if any.

    Take the profit out in court and they stop. No regulators can do this without lawsuits. It is THAT simple.

  • weeman

    If X percent of the release from Fukushima is from trenches and tunnels, why do they not just freeze the water in these channels?, is that possible or does the radioactive isotopes create there own heat and you can not freeze, if case what is the good of freezing ground?. Need answer, don't know.
    Why not start freezing trenches and see what the outcome would be?
    What about when cesium comes in contact with cooler water and the compounds change to cesium hydroxide or other compounds, that will eat through glass never mind ice, concrete, and steel?
    I doubt the ice wall will work to any great degree or worth the effort, just no other avenue to pursuit.

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    A team of civil engineers, physicists, nuclear engineers, etc, could be gathered from around the world–and the best solutions determined and applied. But this will not happen for various economic and political reasons–some of these involve the USA. Did Obama mention Fukushima in the SOTU speech last night? No, because everyone is working hard to keep Daiichi a very local problem that barely touches the rest of the world.

    Stupid? Yes, of course. The average world leader is not that bright or foresightful. Not that resourceful. A quick glance at history confirms this over and over again. For example, WWII could have been avoided. Without all the much effort.

    We will have to make the best of it. The full story of Chernobyl will only be told if ever in another fifty or one hundred years. In the meantime Japan can draw on that affair for guidance in how to keep as much as possible hidden.

    Even if TEPCO were handed a number of practical solutions do you really think they could apply them well? I don't.

    • Socrates

      The government wants to clean up the image of nuclear energy by censoring the press, restart reactors to sell electricity, and sell nuclear technology overseas. Meanwhile, Japan wants to increase military spending and inflate currency.

      Japan plans to survive economically be doing this while the Pacific Ocean food web gets thrown under the bus.

      Ice walls cost money that the government of Japan does not wish to spend. 500 billion dollars would have to be spent right now, according to Arnie Gundersen. Big US companies would have to be brought in and would earn those yen. That would be a blow to nuclear sales.

      Japan could become our forward military base in East Asia and "confront" China. These are the reasons that Japan wants to restart reactors and service loan payments.

      The US owes Japan money. The trade agreement that a Obama wants will promote this agenda, force us to accept radioactive food and products, and eliminate consumer and environmental protection in favor of multinational corporations.

      Corporations are the citizens of the New World Order. They buy politicians wholesale. SCOTUS says this is legal. Free speech, don't you know!

    • nedlifromvermont

      Great video link razzz!!! Ted Weymann rocks!!! Telling it like it is … U238 is a nuclear weapon. So it is!

      thanks again!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Look at the mock-up..there is no impetus for the corium to remain in this location..kinda laying there..all smeary-like.