Scientist: “The melted core cracked the containment vessel, there really is no containment” at Fukushima reactors (VIDEO)

Published: February 25th, 2013 at 4:33 pm ET


Title: Professor Steven Starr Interview
Source: Trunews
Published by: Rick Wiles
Date: Jan. 21, 2013

At 40:00 in

Steven Starr, Director of the Clinical Laboratory Science Program at the University of Missouri/Senior Scientist at Physicians for Social Responsibility: The Japanese basically lied about what happened with the reactors for months. They said they were trying to prevent a meltdown, when in fact they knew within the first couple of days Reactors 1, 2, and 3 at Fukushima Daiichi had melted down, and they actually melted through the steel containment vessels.

So there was a worst case scenario that they were trying to hide, they even knew that at that time enormous amounts of radiation were released over Japan and some of it even went over Tokyo […]

The melted core cracked the containment vessel, there really is no containment. So as soon as they pump the water in it leaks out again.

Full broadcast here

Published: February 25th, 2013 at 4:33 pm ET


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27 comments to Scientist: “The melted core cracked the containment vessel, there really is no containment” at Fukushima reactors (VIDEO)

  • Fred

    As this is international in nature, endangering life on the planet, why not try the major liars at The Hague, in the international courts?


      with you on the thought Fred. Problem is, corruption and collusion must be overcome. If you can get that far, then comes enforcement of the judgements; which brings us full circle to the corruption and collusion. There's no one looking out for the people or the environment. Like peasants of old, we're totally on our own and completely expendable…

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Yes, me too. Was discussing this with my doc yesterday. He's really ticked off because he's aware information is being deliberately withheld from us. He says it's interfering with his practice of medicine, and he has a right to know, so he can properly address his patients' issues. I'm so thankful people in the medical community are beginning to be aware of the potential (likely) ramifications of having multiple reactors and containments blown to smithereens, burning spent fuel pools, etc., ad nauseum. We had a long talk about the "chain of evidence" clearly showing information has been withheld from us, on an international basis.

        People in the medical community (some portions of it anyway) are now beginning to demand answers. This is a positive development. There is growing awareness the problem isn't just limited to Japan, although the situation is dire in parts of Japan.

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          The greater public awareness will come from the medical community, and it's happening now.

          The CDC can skew the reporting, but there's no stopping tens of thousands of pissed off doctors.

    • bonsairebellion bonsairebellion

      I'm right there with you Fred. Refusing to fall into apathy as a defeatist or just use this sight to vent anger instead of doing something constructive. Where do we start.


        if you're so sure, bonsairebellion, that an international court will respond to an appeal, you don't need anyone to answer your question…

  • Dominion, the owner of Kewaunee stated a main reason for shutting down is that the nuclear plant can't compete with traditional energy sources, and that the current rate were "low", when in fact they are the highest ever.

    Hmmmm, I just wanted to check on that statement. It seems that the truth is, the rates are the highest they have ever been in history, and nuclear cannot compete. Wow.

    Here is a chart that shows the lies, and the story, and some gratuitous whales off of Molokai from this Saturday

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    "So as soon as they pump the water in it leaks out" into the ground water and our breadbasket the Pacific Ocean. NO NUKES

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Three Reactors at Fukushima melted through, and out of, the Containment Vessels. Many thanks, Steven Starr, for telling the truth. Admit it, TEPCO. You can't SOLVE this problem, if you don't ADMIT the problem.

  • jec jec

    If Japan and TEPCO had asked for assistance at the beginning..allowing the world to see the issue, we would not be at this junction. Now, after saying for two years, ITS FINE, noone will listen to Japan asking for assistance. They have made their beds and now we all have to sleep with the bedbugs…


      not true jec. It's not a matter of securing cooperation after they've admitted to the problem. The could've done so long ago. The answer to your question, requires the following premises:

      (A) the international military community was fully apprised – from day one – as to what was going on at Fukushima.

      (B) Japan is essentially a post-war occupied nation, under the control of the United States. Therefore, it is not a fully autonomous decision making entity.

      (C) The disclosure of a triple-meltdown to the world community would not bode well for the vested nuclear technologies industry.

      With these three points in mind, could the Japanese government be under pressure to downplay the significance of this catastrophe?

      Regardless whether the U.S. military wittingly-or-unwittingly put its naval personnel in harms way (during the initial days of this catastrophe), there's no way in hell they've been kept in the dark (by TEPCO or the Japanese government) since then. Given how deeply invested the military-industrial complex is in nuclear technologies, there would be limits to TEPCO's ability to prevent the U.S. (occupational) government from knowing the real truth of these meltdowns.

      Is TEPCO and the Japanese government being forced to limit their disclosure of this catastrophe? It's obvious the news blackout within American MSM would find them at a loss to answer this question…as well…

      • jec jec

        Guess you are right, I keep looking for the bright side of the human condition. Must admit is getting difficult with the radiation spewing out.

      • andagi andagi

        Dear Aftershock,
        Thank you for such powerful points!

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        President Ike Eisenhour was right when he said that the "military-industrial complex" could negatively affect democracy. In his farewell speech, Ike warned America to beware of the military-industrial complex. "The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist." Nuclear bombs and nuclear power, brought us TMI, Fukushima, Savannah, and Hanford. Here we are.

    • Fury Fury

      Thank God they did not ask for assistance! I have worked for the types of companies that would have gone over there. They would have never gotten started on cleaning or solveing anything! They would still be trying to figure out what was happening , much less what needed to be done . and lies about they were getting done? They would be the worst!

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Outside assistance would take awhile to get started. Cost-benefit analysis and such. Some agreement on the pie division…sorry for the cynicism. Just had it up to here with the failures of the corporation as a person.

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    Japan can drill to the mantle of the Earth, out in the cold Pacific, to the tune of $1 billion dollars, but can not, will not, drill down under their coriums.. why is the world ok with the "NO plan" Plan??

    Why isn't the giant program to drill to the mantle of the earth,(for what???) redirected to drill to the bottom, or underneath the coriums? Don't they want to save lives and DNA integrity?

  • WindorSolarPlease

    there really is no containment

    I don't believe there has been, for quite a long time now. Japan and Tokyo are not the only place that is getting contaminated.

    Even if there wasn't a disaster, all of these plants are really never fully contained. They spew and there is waste.

  • snowwy snowwy

    the news after the news became old stories.

    first of all, i am by no means an expert but i have seen how it went in Chernobyl, back in 1986.

    back then they did not know what will happen but found out that the melting corium combined itself with sand etc and died down. they tried drilling a tunnel underneath and hoping that the disaster corium would not get in touch with the ground water.

    this is pure speculation of mine but maybe the Japanese atomic messers wonder if they are lucky enough to find a deadened corium in a nice neat "elephant foot" as well. but the USSR had one advantage back then. as an openly totalitarian state they could command the soldiers (liquidators) and the miners to they almost certain death. this is not so easy in a covert totalitarian state (almost all of our governments today). the illusion has to be maintained, nobody can afford to be ruthless enough and those who caused this terrible catastrophe as surely not going to put on a lead suit in order to shovel debris and neither will they live just outside the tiny exclusion zone either… i almost fear politics more than radiation these days, though both seem to go hand in hand.

    but yeah, i told my house mates and counted the hours when the cooling officially stopped at fukushima and i was sure that the melt down/melt through had occurred after reading up on timing and using a calculator (they didn't believe me then, they do now)…. no, those are not news.

  • c

    The film '311 Surviving Japan' is screening March 11-18 in NYC, LA & selected cities. It's an insider's account of the Japanese Tsunami and Fukushima disaster by an American volunteer worker.

    Tickets by advance sale here:

  • Fury Fury

    Too bad most people won't believe the REAL truth and always insist that everyone is lying to them. THAT's why Tepco etc. won't give out information any more. Everyone (almost) takes their information and turns it around, takes everything out of context, changes it to look like something which did not happen, calls them lyers when they aren't. More lies are being made up by these socalled experts who know nothing about a reactor or the Fukushima incident than the accident itself ever could have been. The real video in reactor 1 and 2 show NO melt through at all. Quit trying to scare people just to get someone to listen to you. You will all be proved wrong.

  • Fury Fury

    I do wish all these so called "doctors" would stick to " doctoring" and quit "doctoring" the true information! They are'nt very good at reporting the truth, or apparently even seeing the truth.! I am glad he's not my doctor! The videos and other evidence show that the cores have NOT melted through the reactor vessels. Stop calling everyone, ( Tepco, etc. ), liers until you look in the mirror and say the same thing about yourself.


      tell us Fury…what does the sound of one hand clapping make?

      • Sickputer

        Blast from the past:

        October 2, 2012 at 2:33 pm · Reply
        Or any where else in the world for that matter!! The stock won't behave, the Forex either, and I don't have enough money ine em to make more, I'm going deeper in debt and can't get a loan to get out!! And everyone is saying Fukushima is moving closer than Geologic processes allow!!!

        Report Comment

        October 2, 2012 at 2:34 pm · Reply
        And then i've got popups that won't quit on my computer!

        SP: "There is an old Bill Mauldin cartoon in which two elderly gentlemen are sitting in a gentlemen's club. One leans forward and speaks: 'I say it's war, Throckmorton, and I say, let's fight!'

        How's them apples?

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Fukushima was an inside job. The people in charge felt it was a private party. They get all the benefits, and no one else has a reason to know. No one else is in the club. If everyone knows they are too drunk with their power to run things responsibly, the party will end. Oh. Same as with the powers all over the world. They had it good. Really good. It's all over. They can't just call in some minimum wage workers to make the mess clean, for next week's party. Too bad. So sad. Wankers.