Unpublished Data: Plutonium levels ‘slightly elevated’ in Pacific after Fukushima — Scientist: It’s ‘most likely’ flowing from plant into ocean — 2.5 trillion Bq of plutonium released to air in four days after 3/11, almost all blown out to sea (AUDIO)

Published: November 26th, 2013 at 2:38 pm ET


Dr. Alex Rosen, MD via TEPCO: 2,500,000 MBq [2.5 trillion Bq] estimated Plutonium-238/239/240/241 emissions from March 12-15, 2011

The Real Lessons of Fukushima, March 11, 2012: Also almost all the Np-239 and Pu-239 have been carried over the ocean.

Unpublished data from Kenna, Masque, Buesseler et al.

Press Conference, March 27, 2011: REPORTER: According to NISA, the stagnant water in the nuclear power plant, whether the water contains plutonium has not been investigated by the Cabinet I believe, and I think extensive investigation is necessary don’t you think? CHIEF CABINET SECRETARY EDANO: […] the soil within the nuclear power plant premise is now being investigated. I have been reported that the measurement is not easy […]

Ken Buesseler (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA) and Michio Aoyama (Meteorological Research Institute, Japan), Aug. 4, 2012: Surface ocean in June 2011, see slightly elevated Pu -from direct discharge?  -Pu removed on sinking  particles, so Cs/Pu ratio increases over time (Kenna, Masque, Buesseler et al. unpublished) […] Seafloor sedimentation is small, but important sink for Cs (Pu?)

Ken Buesseler Interview on WCAI, April 13, 2011 (at 6:45 in): As we basically cool these reactors down with seawater and that seawater leaks back directly into the ocean, through discharge canals or through groundwater, that also is most likely carrying with it things like plutonium.

Listen to the broadcast here

Published: November 26th, 2013 at 2:38 pm ET


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81 comments to Unpublished Data: Plutonium levels ‘slightly elevated’ in Pacific after Fukushima — Scientist: It’s ‘most likely’ flowing from plant into ocean — 2.5 trillion Bq of plutonium released to air in four days after 3/11, almost all blown out to sea (AUDIO)

  • Nick

    Plutonium is only toxic to depressed people.

    There HAS to be some safe level of this stuff. Right?

    Talk about Japan having the Northern Hemisphere by the balls.

    (Plutonium tends to aggregate in testicles)

  • Go Flying

    Safe level of plutonium….

    Sure, dream on.

    • pattersonp

      "EPA drinking water standard for cesium-137 is 3,700 Bq/m3"

      From the article: "By the time tuna are caught in the eastern Pacific, cesium levels in their flesh are 10-20 times lower than when they were off Fukushima. Moreover, the dose from Fukushima cesium is considered insignificant relative to the dose from naturally occurring polonium-210, which was 1000 times higher in fish samples studied, and both of these are much lower relative to other, more common sources, such as dental x-rays."

      This Ken Buessel is an absolute schill of the highest order, wow.

      • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

        C'mon, don't you remember that film of P-210 you'd have all over your mouth as a kid after getting x-ray'd for your wisdom teeth?

        You DON'T?

        Regarding the fish; the elements from the fallout get incorporated into the fish's flesh as it grows; let's assume it doubles in size after it leaves the area of contamination. And, maybe 10 or so of them are so short lived they completely decay into stable isotopes by the time the fish gets to the US. So there is some 'dilution' within the contaminated flesh.

        So, using Ken's figures (& ignoring the mixing and matching), if you stood a 100% chance of incorporating unstable isotopes into your flesh eating the fish right outside the Fukushima-Daiichi plant…you only stand a 1 in 20 chance of the same happening eating it once it gets to California!

        What's not to like about that? It's like getting pre-cooked fish *and* a spin at the roulette table, all in one meal!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Esimations via TEPCO..worthless.
    It would be nice to see the data on which they based their estimations.

    'Interesting' to note..it's 4 types of plutonium.


  • Sol Man

    There is nothing else like Pu. Way too bad for the entire world that the most brilliant among us had to go and create this one.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Yes..there are also many other types of radioactive materials being released..and need to be accounted for.

      This man's words in in my ears….

      SOS from Minamisoma part 2 "What is the most dangerous?"
      Aug 8 2011


    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Almost all plutonium in the environment is due to man-made activity. Almost all, but not all:


      Glenn Seaborg first synthesized it in the lab, during the Manhattan Project.

      From Wikipedia:

      "A team led by Glenn T. Seaborg and Edwin McMillan at the University of California, Berkeley, first synthesized plutonium in 1940 by bombarding uranium-238 with deuterons. Trace amounts of plutonium were subsequently discovered in nature. Producing plutonium in useful quantities for the first time was a major part of the Manhattan Project during World War II, which developed the first atomic bombs. The first nuclear test, "Trinity" (July 1945), and the second atomic bomb used to destroy a city (Nagasaki, Japan, in August 1945), "Fat Man", both had cores of plutonium-239. Human radiation experiments studying plutonium were conducted without informed consent, and several criticality accidents, some lethal, occurred during and after the war. Disposal of plutonium waste from nuclear power plants and dismantled nuclear weapons built during the Cold War is a nuclear-proliferation and environmental concern. Other sources of plutonium in the environment are fallout from numerous above-ground nuclear tests (now banned)."

      • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

        One other source: Plutonium was also created around 1800 million years ago by chance in a natural reactor in a mine called, OKLO, near Franceville in south-east Gabon (West Africa).

        (Radiation trivia factoid #873)

    • pattersonp

      " stood on a ship two miles from the Fukushima reactors in June 2011 and as recently as May 2013, and it was safe to be there (I carry radiation detectors with me) and collect samples of all kinds (water, sediment, biota). Although radioactive isotopes in the samples and on the ship were measurable back in our lab, it was low enough to be safe to handle samples without any precautions. In fact, our biggest problem is filtering out natural radionuclides in our samples so we can measure the trace levels of cesium and other radionuclides that we know came from Fukushima."

      From Ocean insittute, wow this is mind boggling… Now naturally occuring ones are more abundant…

      • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

        It's getting harder and harder to find accurate information due to the increase in background bullsh*t levels ™ that's being shoveled out…

    • dosdos dosdos

      I would state it this way: "The most brilliant among us discovered it. Lesser intelligence created it."

  • SteveMT

    With a half-life of 24,000 years, this ‘slightly elevated’ level of Plutonium ain't going anywhere except through every living thing on this planet.

  • yummy radionuclide

    they say 90 kg of [insert p-word here] is enough to kill all life on earth.

    I really hope they are not true. In fact I believe they are not true as I believe in God.

    And the Bible says wormwood kills one third of humanity, so it isn't all life on Earth.

  • Alpha1

    Lets take a look, PU 233,234,235,237,240 Cs 131, 133, 137, Ri 122, 123, 129, 137, Strontium 70 through 90, cobalt 42, 45, 47, yttrium 238, tritium, Uranium, Uranium Mox, Potassium 45, Americium, just to name some of the 500 types flowing into the ocean.

    I could go on and on but the only ones they talk about and you seem to see is Su, Cs, Ri we never have seen them talking about other things more deadly than a 30 year and 90 year half life. The numbers they give are screwed and lies they repeatedly state 300 MT of water hourly and then now it is 400 tons they have f U SHima the whole world and now come out with shit like this.

    Fuk U Japan and US gov.. Shame on you I hope watching your own young and grandchildren die is enough for you to see your error and the ways of greed and power. Wait when you are dying in pain with cancer and you watch your youngest die before your eyes maybe then it will make you see!!!!!!

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Alpha1, was that 300 (changed to 400 tons) hourly or daily? Thought the stats they gave were for daily releases.

      400 tons * factor of 24 (difference)

  • Alpha1

    Lets take a look, PU 233,234,235,237,240 Cs 131, 133, 137, Ri 122, 123, 129, 137, Strontium 70 through 90, cobalt 42, 45, 47, yttrium 238, tritium, Uranium, Uranium Mox, Potassium 45, Americium, just to name some of the 500 types flowing into the ocean.

    I could go on and on but the only ones they talk about and you seem to see is Su, Cs, Ri we never have seen them talking about other things more deadly than a 30 year and 90 year half life. The numbers they give are screwed and lies they repeatedly state 300 MT of water hourly and then now it is 400 tons they have f U SHima the whole world and now come out with shit like this.

    Fuk U Japan and US gov.. Shame on you I hope watching your own young and grandchildren die is enough for you to see your error and the ways of greed and power. Wait when you are dying in pain with cancer and you watch your youngest die before your eyes maybe then it will make you see!

    • SS4U SS4U

      I cannot disagree with you, Alpha. You speak for me, too.

      Greedy, reckless, power-hungry soulless psychooaths. The only upshot is they die too.

  • weeman

    Slightly elevated is enough for me to be more than concerned, considering you are talking about one of the most toxic element in the universe, I beliieve 1/50,000 of a gram is lethal to humans.

    Another ones gone and another ones gone, another one bits the plutunium dust.

  • Alpha1

    Worms wood Chernobyl means that and the engineering group running it TEPCO not the first but the first of a sequence and that kills a third what about the life in the sea and the air. I wonder if you know what the skies turning red means at the webs will fall like the deceptive lies and hypnosis they have woven.

    And yes it is a fact that 1KG of plutonium in the atmosphere will kill all life so get ready guys we have just started our bucket lists here.

  • Patrick-Henry Patrick-Henry

    Slightly elevated?

    TEPCO estimates?

    What the hell? Do any of these people have a brain?

    Seriously…good God…

  • Bones Bones

    Even Neptunium isotopes – good lord! The real impact will never be known because the thousands of nuclides released are not being monitored. Are these dead fish tested for plutonium and other alpha and beta emitters? I know it's not easy to test, but governments have the equipment to systemically do testing. I'd also think Japan itself has massive amounts of Plutonium dumped on it as well. I'm sure it's a much worse situation than we know. Add in Hanford and all the like and we have a completely destroyed ecosystem. Good job, Governments of the world! So called leaders, excellent work!

  • Patrick-Henry Patrick-Henry

    I am so tired of the shell game out of Fukushima…

    There's no Plutonium…oh wait there is Plutonium…oh wait it's only a little Plutonium…

    The reactors are in cold shutdown…oh wait they aren't in cold shutdown, but they didn't melt down…oh wait, they melted down, but not much…oh wait, they melted down and we cannot find the cores…

    And on and on…

    It's right up there with the "unprecedented" and "$64,000 dollar question" comments by "scientists" concerning the wildlife showing up en mass on our shores.

    People with worthless degrees being peddled as experts to assuage the populace into a sense of safety that does not exist.

  • Plutonium readily bonds to oxygen and hydrogen molecules to create plutonium oxides and plutonium hydrites. One atom of plutonium lodged in the lung has enough energy to mutate enough cells to create lung cancer. I would imagine plutonium in your sushi could generate cancer of some kind. The airborne plume dropped crap on west coast but most (hopefully) droppedinto the pacific and this superfine metalic plutonium dust being heavier then normal metals dropped to the bottom of the ocean and hey presto! Mushy dead starfish and bloody eyed fish and disapearing sardines. Ocean got radiated once with fall out. Now when a tuna tests positive for cesium a gamma emmitter that doesnt mean they tested for alpha emmitting plutonium. Did the radiation come from the airborne plume the water born plume or both? Did plutonium bond with oxygen in air or water? You need so little internally as less alpha energy will affect tissue then gamma or beta. And plutonium has thousands years half life. And who even what government has technology to detect one atoms worth of plutonium? The truth may never be known.

  • Alpha1

    Hey Mark PU is a 7.2 billion years half life, Mox 7.6 billion years

  • JimSavetp

    Hello, First Post. I’m into solutions but I need to ask some questions. Have been following for a few weeks. I know zilch about the intricate technicalities of radionuclide but I do have at least one trick so I need to know a few things from you more learned types.
    The Plume about to reach the North West coast of the US sometime soon is depicted generally in a way such that it maintains a shape suggesting that the rads “stick together”. 1st question. Does this mean that the plume stays as a connected mass of radiation ? (given that diminishing concentrations surround and the density reduces at the edges). 2nd question. If it does, are the “mechanics” the same (or similar) in air ?
    3rd question. If there was (hypothetically) a source of power which was scalable to any extent and which contributed negligible emissions to the atmosphere, would it be possible to filter the radionuclide into a singular mass of seawater i.e. increasing the radionuclide density towards infinity within a given manageable volume (located, say, on a fleet of purpose-built ships / floats) ?
    4th question. Could a similar process be implemented (storage in a given volume of containment) for air as in 3 ?.
    5th question. In the case of air, could a similar principle be employed to filter other contaminants from air ? e.g. CO2, methane etc. as in 4.
    Just wondered…

    • bwoodfield bwoodfield

      1)The flow of radioactive particles is being carried by the North Pacific Current across the ocean. Like a hose laying in a puddle, anything caught up in the flow gets moved along it. You do get some that "falls out" the sides but the majority stays as a group. There is no attraction between the particles.
      3)You would have to filter the entire ocean…

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        "Alpha, beta, gamma or neutron radiation can be released by nuclear reactions or decay. All four types can cause ionization of atoms, usually by knocking an electron loose from an atom, and giving the rest of the atom a net positive electrical charge. Neutrons can cause already existing chemicals in air, water or other nearby materials to become unstable and radioactive. As these unstable forms of natural materials return to their normal stable state, they also can release ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation can damage living cells: in particular it can alter reproductive material such as DNA, making it permanently defective. DNA contains the directions for making new cells. When it becomes defective, the new cells and their new DNA will be defective, and the damage will be passed from one generation to the next, indefinitely."

  • When exposed to moist air, it forms oxides and hydrides that expand the sample up to 70% in volume, which in turn flake off as a powder that can spontaneously ignite. It is radioactive and can accumulate in the bones. These properties make the handling of plutonium dangerous.

  • Gradius

    Pu244 can last over 808 MILLION years! The mention about "half life" is all just a bad joke! Even after 808 MILLION years it continues to be DEADLY! So there is absolutely no point to talk about "half life". If we have 80 years on this planet… I would say: "wow! that's a LOT!".

  • Alpha1

    I do not want to disagree with you but MOX plutonium in weapons grade has a 7.2 billion year half life and that is what I was talking about. Enriched Plutonium which is what they used at FUK U Shima I know this because I refueled there and did the retrofits for GE Alsthom you can say and get what you want from wiki not always the true nature of the beast within!!!!! Not only there but Dainai Ichi also burns while attention is on FUK U SHIMA not a word from Dainai 1,2,3,4 as there are 2 of the reactors there that have melted but will never been seen in the news!!!!

  • Alpha1

    However like you 80 just as well so let us see 80 half 40 then half 20 then 10 then half 10 then 5 then half 2.5 wow we are all fucked either way!!!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Based on these ongoing massive radiation releases and the ever increasing background radiation levels those pesky aliens should be landing pretty soon and I sure hope they are very hungry! 🙂

    Soon they will be able to walk amongst us and the culling should be quite spectacular!

    Big box office hit watched live from the ivory towers!

    Why else would we humans create radiation contamination and then pollute such a wonder gift we call Earth with the same?

    Be ready for anything! 🙁

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Fukushima Watch: IAEA Starts 2nd Review of Decommissioning
    Nov 25 2013


    This reeks of a purchased news article.
    IAEA..completely denying the true conditions.
    Their reviews..absolutely worthless.

  • Alpha1

    Thank you Babbo,

    I only come here and look because of my understanding being a nuclear engineer over 22 years before I got sick and almost died and lost my pension and was kicked out of the industry. I love to see the lies and how many are hypnotized by the media mass BS and ever changing stories.

    I know that there is little time and I have wondered why people are not uniting for march or something against the US gov. NRC EPA FDA and many others I would be calling for impeachment but I can not so alone. United We Stand Divided We Fall. I would invite all to join us not only at http://www.gdr.org and radiationalerts.blogspot.com but at fb at Radiation Alert from Japan and other failed reactors with solutions. and standing with us on fb as we are trying to create awareness and cures for all things especially our deteriorated and disintegrating cell walls from over ALARA LEL levels of back ground radiation and radiological acquired immunity deficiency syndrome we are all about to face from the long term exposure levels over and above A.L.A.R.A given by the us government as for radiological workers and we do not work in plants..

  • pattersonp

    "Global fallout as of 1970 290 ± 30 PBq a
    Estimated N. Pacific pre-Fukushima 69 PBq b
    Fukushima direct discharge 3.5-15 PBq c
    Fukushima atmospheric release 10 – 16 PBq d
    Fukushima deposition on land 2 – 2.9 PBq e
    Total Fukushima in ocean 14 – 31 PBq
    Chernobyl global release in 1986 85 PBq f
    (only 10-20% of Chernobyl fallout in oceans = 9-17 PB"

    From The Article link…

    260-310~ PBq (1970)
    Fukushima (110 PBq~ including 'existing' plus 'new' fukushima input). They are fudging the numbers…

    • pattersonp

      "1) Confirmation by multiple international and independent labs will build public confidence in Japan (and increase scientific insights)

      2) Easier to measure Cs than to determine health effects "

      So that's their game… keep doing studies so people 'trust' Japan more by spreading that 'dillution' and CS/PU/SR is not a concern?

      They used TEPCO and MEXT data /facepalm

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Jack the ripper should commission a study, wherein lies proof via a study of the harmless effects of steel compared to plutonium knife blades. He should petition Sherlock Holmes to testify on his behalf in a court of law that his steel blade is not an immediate risk to pubic health, as he turns the blade in Mr. Holmes' gut.

        Tepco as prosecuting attorney argues that plutonium get diluted on entry, so the steel is arguably still quite lethal. Semantics is getting old… anything else in this old tool box?

        • pattersonp

          I'm just trying to find these guys 'angle'…
          he's obviously pro-nuclear as all his studies keep pointing to "existing radioisotopes" in all major oceans, and that anything from Fukushima is dilluted…

          Really weird person I cannot even email him directly…

          He wants us to foolishly trust TEPCO again by following studies like this that use TEPCO data to under-report and then go in circles about "more research needed".

          He also claimed that anyone on the water experienced NO risks even though we know the USS navy and the lawsuits definitely got sick…

  • Alpha1

    phenomenon was caused by the thermal motion of water molecules, and in 1905 Albert Einstein produced the first mathematical analysis of the motion.[20][21][22] French physicist Jean Perrin used Einstein's work to experimentally determine the mass and dimensions of atoms, thereby conclusively verifying Dalton's atomic theory.[23]

    A year later, Lise Meitner and her nephew Otto Frisch verified that Hahn's result were the first experimental nuclear fission.[42][43] In 1944, Hahn received the Nobel prize in chemistry. Despite Hahn's efforts, the contributions of Meitner and Frisch were not recognized.[44]

    In the 1950s, the development of improved particle accelerators and particle detectors allowed scientists to study the impacts of atoms moving at high energies.[45] Neutrons and protons were found to be hadrons, or composites of smaller particles called quarks. The standard model of particle physics was developed that so far has successfully explained the properties of the nucleus in terms of these sub-atomic particles and the forces that govern their interactions.[46]These studies denote that atomic particles such as uranium, plutonium, cesium, strontium, yttrium none dissolve in water they increase like a magnifier ever increasing the radioactive decay of all things around them.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


  • Alpha1

    Years after his mathematical theory Einstein stated that in theory this would be a good way to make steam for energy but in practical factors it would be the end of all mankind. WOW the inventor and visionary that invented steam from atomic motion said it will be the end of all mankind….

  • babbo dorian babbo dorian

    You are very wellcome Alpha1.
    I come here for getting good information since I am fully concerned personally en all this stuff.
    I know how the business of this murderous people works from ínside, from where the decisions are made.
    And I would like to get involved in any activity related to stop, or whatever in order to be living in a safer planet, specially for tour children but, also for us but ……. I think it is too late, that all we can do is talk to others, take measurements according to everyone's situation and help… as you do.
    Correct me if you feel otherwise please.
    And personally, I read carefully your posts and can say you're very intelligent, knowledgeable and caring of others…
    Good to know you … at least at this place…..
    Good luck,

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    WIND AND SEA . . .

    One particle of plutonium can kill.

  • Alpha1


    I belong to a group of scientist and engineers and people that feel we are a great creation and can do anything we put our minds to. We have of coarse invented many things and together we are working on ways to clean up certain radiant particles and make them inert, unlike the worlds best we are the worlds out of the box guys that have proven such things like crystalic fusion, water vortex motors and maglev motors that need no outside source to create energies and in a huge fashion.

    Yes I feel we can protect ourselves, it is a matter of can we fix the damage already done, that I am not sure of. I am sure that if we place our minds together we can come up with solutions that can help a great many. I feel so does our group that they should have bombarded the plant with Glassified concrete with boron 10 days after the natural disaster hit. Made a giant sarcophagus much like they did with Chernobyl this would have bought time for human kind our children and our families. The eco system they are damaging is what all life starts from. We are at an end for sure, we can ban together to make things happen instead of study the effect of the worste disaster in human history.

    Hell in the history of time itself.

    Thank you brother for your concern and hey help, we need good minds..

    • babbo dorian babbo dorian

      Really great to read that Alpha1.
      I lack of that so much profound knowledge but, I am expert in problem solving, global strategy, business worldwide, etc.
      So, if some day you and yours think I can be of help, ……. babbo.dorian@gmail.com
      I live in BCS, México…..

    • weeman

      You and groups like you are our best hope as you have no obligation to anyone but yourself and out of the box thinking is the only route to take, as anything that will be helpful does not exist at this time.
      Good luck and we owe you our gratitude.

  • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

    TEPCO estimates? Is there any logical reason why the government of Japan which ostensibly regulates TEPCO hasn't been making it's own measurements? And here in the US, well, I realize the EPA, FDA, and all the other "Protection" agencies are just PR moderators for multinational corporations. And I realize that we *are* continuously monitoring radiation worldwide, from land, sea, air and space to ensure no rogue nation gets possession of so much as a sneeze of fuel. But why, why won't they share any of this data with the people -the citizens- that are going to bear the brunt of it with their very lives?

    Something is very, very wrong here.

    • deedles deedles

      They have to be evil. Greed and corruption don't explain this.
      Population reduction of 'useless eaters' (that being us)?

  • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

    also…neptunium-239 has a half life of 2.4 days, right? And most previous reports say that the fallout reached the US Coast five days after 3/11. Which means that all that neptunium-239 was freshly created plutonium when it hit…

  • Daisy207

    SLIGHTLY ELEVATED?????? = ALMOST PREGNANT. From what level. What are average concentrations in mg/L and over what period of time? When were measurements made and where – and how many samples were collected and at what depth? How often is it measured and by who? Don't give me radiation counts – that could be sourced to any radioactive metal of the same type of reactivity. The weasel words are astonishing. I would not even allow such thoughts to be quoted or printed without real numbers. WHERE'S THE BEEF?

  • zardoz2012 zardoz2012

    On the bright side: The number shark attack incidents in the Pacific will decrease dramatically over the next few years.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    I read somewhere today that calling a nuclear death machine a nuclear power plant makes it sound like part of nature. From now on I'm calling it the Fukushima Daiichi Death Machines.

  • Nick

    I have tried to grapple with how radioactive particles are so toxic. My pea brain has a hard time visualizing the very small.

    But when you consider that all matter is made up of mostly empty space, tinkering with the very fabric
    of matter is instinctively not a very good thing.

    Perhaps what has been unleashed is a tear in the fabric of space time, the cascading energies overwhelming life-forms causing the effects that some folks are realizing is taking place?

    Think of an never-ending fountain of energy emmanating from a single point, That's how radiation
    makes other atoms radioactive.

    We are talking about an event (3/11) that will effect us all, for the rest of time (as we know it).

    If electrons are particles that have a tendency to exist (but are mere fluff when compared to the rest of the atom), then radiation may be a flipside of normal matter.

    I know my musings are crude but I can't help but think that somehow we have created a nightmare
    from which there is no waking from.