Scientists: Over 60,000,000 killed by nuclear fallout… More than 120,000,000 cancers from radioactive releases… Doesn’t include millions more dead babies and fetuses — Professor: “Horrifying… This is a war crime far greater in magnitude than any that has occurred in recorded human history” (VIDEO)

Published: May 5th, 2016 at 12:38 pm ET


Transcript excerpt from the documentary ‘Atomic Wounds’ – see IMDB page (emphasis added): Starts at 50:00 in — “Since the explosion of the first atomic bomb in 1945, there have been several thousand tests in the atmosphere and underground… Hundreds of supposedly secured nuclear sites are still active and the atomic waste they cause are dispersed everyday… The official number of deaths from cancer due to nuclear activities since 1945 is 1,000,100. Taking into account low level radiation, European researchers have upped this estimate to 61 million. In other words 60 times the UN official figure.”

European Committee on Radiation Risk (ECRR’s Wikipedia page), 2010 (pdf): Global consequences of exposures from nuclear project based on UNSCEAR figures up to 1989… ECRR yield: Cancer death – 61,619,512; Cancer total – 123,239,024; Infant death – 1,600,000; Foetal death – 1,880,000

Latvian Academy of Science, presentation by Prof. Chris Busby of the University of Ulster, 2009 (pdf): ECRR calculations show that this has resulted in more than 60 million excess cancer deaths worldwide due to exposures up to 1995… The ECRR 2003 model makes clear that the contamination of the environment from nuclear discharges comes at a very great cost in human suffering for those now living and their descendants.

Prof. Chris Busby, University of Ulster, 2009 (pdf): The global death yield of the nuclear age to 1992 has been horrifying. According to objective calculations by the European Committee on Radiation Risk… 61 million cancer deaths; 1,600,000 infant deaths; 1,880,000 foetal deaths; There has been a loss of life quality of 10% (in terms of illnesses and ageing effects). The blame for this can be squarely placed at the door of those scientists and administrators (WHO, UNSCEAR, ICRP) who developed and supported the scientific risk models. This is a war crime far greater in magnitude than any that has occurred in recorded human history.

See also: CIA Agent: Gov’t covering up effects of radiation; I hope public becomes more aware of threat to their health — Study: Actual radiation risks are “orders of magnitude greater” than official estimates; “Completely changes the picture… a serious public health hazard” (VIDEO)

And: [intlink id=”secrecy-agreement-between-fukushima-and-iaea-revealed-by-tokyo-newspaper-iaea-has-a-history-of-hiding-information-about-health-effects-in-chernobyl-same-thing-could-happen-to-fukushima” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Watch the documentary ‘Atomic Wounds’ here

Published: May 5th, 2016 at 12:38 pm ET


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453 comments to Scientists: Over 60,000,000 killed by nuclear fallout… More than 120,000,000 cancers from radioactive releases… Doesn’t include millions more dead babies and fetuses — Professor: “Horrifying… This is a war crime far greater in magnitude than any that has occurred in recorded human history” (VIDEO)

  • Sacrifice Zones, Nuclear Power and the Sacrificial Victims System Is Spreading Globally As Part Of Predatory Capitalism; Nuclear Industry Has Sacrificed 60 Million People, Caused 120 Million Cancers

  • The only war crime where no one is ever punished, no one ever goes to jail, despite genocide on a global level..

    Man made heavy metal radioactive poisons spread all over the world…

  • How are they getting away with genocide and claiming that no one ever dies? Hmmmm

    Radiophobia – IAEA Blames Victims For All Cumulative Radiation Damage And Negative Health Effects, Claims All Man Made Radiation Heals People Via Hormesis

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      The IAEA implements the ICRP radiation risk model which does not include hormesis theory. In the event that the official guidelines were changed to include hormesis, it would be a new low in scientific error which is already evident in the existing model.

      Fixating on hormesis as the official justification for allowing nuclear pollution is like saying the law allows people to walk dogs because dog bites are good for you

      • The IAEA blames “Radiophobia” for ALL symptoms of low dose radiation exposure. They are calling for an end to all radiation victim or radiation refugee aid programs. In an IAEA report from 2005, they claim that radiophobia creates a victim mentality in a totally healthy population. This IAEA claim is not only cynical, but potentially very dangerous for the health of the affected population, especially if they live in a very radiation contaminated area, where they are eating radiation contaminated foods and drinks.

        Radiophobia is pretty much the same as hormesis, wouldn't you agree Code?

        Here is the source material…

        Are you defending the IAEA by the way, and what they do, plus how they do it?

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Does the IAEA "Claims All Man Made Radiation Heals People Via Hormesis"? If so, I havent seen it.

          The IAEA is not the only official body adopting the ICRP no threshold linear model.
          "The United States National Research Council, the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements, and the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Ionizing Radiation (UNSCEAR) all agree that radiation hormesis is not clearly shown, nor clearly the rule for radiation doses"

          Blaming radiophobia on low level radiation effects is an incredible criminal act. No doubt many authorities believe it.

          The people that implicate hormesis theory for the failure of our lawful radiation standards do a disservice to the anti nuclear community. It is not factual for one, but moreover they lend support to a no threshold linear dose model. Busby et al are staking their professional careers on fighting this model.

          Thousands of studies show some kind of hormesis effect from various stressors. Oxidative stress, exercise etc. What good does it do to dismiss it all? Thats like censorship or letting emotion rule inquiry.

          before your unfounded accusations take off, let me repeat; hormesis is no justification for poisoning people and the planet, nor do I think low levels of anthropogenic radiation are good for life

          • One needs to be very careful when trying to equate sunshine or bananas with radioactive heavy metal poisons, which is what most hormesis promoters attempt to do.

            Quotes By Medical Doctors, Scientists, Spiritual Leaders And Nuclear Experts About Low Dose Cumulative Radiation Dangers

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              Dr G, you still have the problem of background radiation. If you incriminate all radiation sources equally as you do, and as does the IAEA, then you are stuck with the comparison of background to man made. You tried unsuccessfully to confront this by claiming man created the background radiation too. That move was damaging. Instead, you could have focused on the differences of radiation. I dont care how many of our respected scientists say there is no safe dose because it doesnt change the fact that nature has always lived and thrived in a sea of radioactivity.

              "we live in a sea of radiation, the danger was insignificant until man added new radioisotopes.–Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds–"

              70 bq/kg of constant internal radiation from potassium was not harmful but 70 bq/kg from cesium-137 causes irreversible lesions in organs. I can see this causes cognitive dissonance. You wave the flag of hormesis, you think I am supporting the IAEA, you scramble to come up with answers and fail, not even realizing your error blithely maintaining your position without correcting the mistakes

              • from a distance from a distance

                Code, are you understanding the distinction?

                When we are talking about hormesis, we are talking about the false lie of MAN-MADE-RADIONUCLIDE hormesis.

                There is no hormesis effect from MAN-MADE radionuclides.

              • from a distance from a distance

                Code, once again you blur the distinction.

                When scientists like Dr. Gofman say there is no safe dose of radiation, they are referring to MAN-MADE-RADIONUCLIDES produced from fission in nuclear power plants, nuclear meltdowns, atomic testing…

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  from a distance…you twisting my peanut? So when I say "70 bq/kg of constant internal radiation from potassium was not harmful but 70 bq/kg from cesium-137 causes irreversible lesions in organs."


                  "we live in a sea of radiation, the danger was insignificant until man added new radioisotopes.–Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds–"

                  That is blurring the distinction for you?

                  Science and educated citizens like Ian Goddard will tell you there is no difference between a beta or gamma or alpha whether its man made or natural. What is YOUR cogent reply to that?

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            We have identified a major fault in nuclear science; they unquestioningly group all sources of radiation and extrapolate effects therefrom. But each chemical is unique. This is dramatically shown by the radiation density, or specific activity. This alone is adequate proof that all radionuclides should not be grouped together into one model. Animals and nature make accumulated point sources of radiation from high specific activity radionuclides which is impossible for ones of low specific activity. This does not even address the chemical toxicity, frequency effects or any number of known or unknown factors.

            This is no small point and its relevant to the subject and even to hormesis.

            Weve raised this idea too many times, but it seems to have no effect; The idea is that natures standard has always included radiation. We would be brazen to assume we know everything about natures standard. Who would be audacious enough to remove all of natures radioactivity if they could do so? In a nutshell, life was thriving before the nuclear age. No somatic morbidity or genomic instability evident after untold generations.

            Now man lumps all radiation sources and proclaims fallout is safe because the radiation is low compared to background. There is an assumption. So called experts assume that morbidity from low measured levels of fallout must be psychosomatic because after all, they get more radiation from background sources and this is all proven by the ICRP linear no threshold…

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Correct! 🙂

              • oldster

                Dr G, I am truly puzzled and frankly just a bit, actually a tiny little bit, disturbed by your continued stance, as represented by your question to Code as to whether he supports the scumbag IAEA. If you were a mere bot, programmed to ask such questions, one could understand: there goes that bot again; my eyes roll.

                But you do elsewhere seem to genuinely be attempting to reach for a union of the ethical/spiritual and the intellectual/scientific. And you do a prodigious amount of work, much of which I think is on track and helpful.

                So I am led to wonder if what underlies the seeming antipathy of your stance re Code on this general topic is either your suspicion that Code is a clever troll, and so you must cross word/swords,or, that you find it difficult to navigate rethinking a position, since that might include correcting your previous positions shortcomings, which is a frequent, and perhaps overwhelmingly normal, human characteristic. At any rate, from my perspective, whether Code be troll or saint or seer or some other kind of guy, what he has been putting forth on this subject seems on the whole clear, understandable, and correct, in my opinion.

                • from a distance from a distance

                  oldster – you must have missed the rude comments from Code to Dr. G in the past

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    yes, Code was rude. Im sorry. But not very sorry because there seemed to be uncalled for impedance when pointing out the background radiation issue. They'll be callin you a pro nuclear hormesis pushing radical.

                    Im flawed, I wish it werent so

            • danger kitty danger kitty

              Code, I can't understand why people don't get what you are saying regarding heavy metal radionuclides. I can't follow all the scientific details, but from a layman's point of view you are right on the money.
              My body is intimately familiar with heavy metals. My take is that it's the synergy of radiation and heavy metals that does the bodily damage. Particularly regarding internal dosage. Remember the guy that discovered plutonium said it was "fiendishly toxic"
              My experience: mercury makes you feel antisocial…and sick
              arsenic makes you feel itchy & scratchy…and sick
              lead makes you feel dumb…and sick

              • danger kitty danger kitty

                And last time I checked, potassium 40 is NOT a heavy metal

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                Hi danger kitty. Yes, heavy metals seem to be a big problem even without radioactivity. Pity the orca!

                I guess I would re-emphasize the specific activity (radiation per mass) and unnatural – new to the earth- nature of fission products, even despite the metal aspect. The fact that they can determine the different isotopes radiologically proves that even the radiation is different -not as simple as alpha beta gamma etc. (Whether frequency and sub harmonic effects make a difference has yet to be determined.)

                These fission products have a way of creating point sources of radiation and ionization. Uneven distribution like this is something barely considered in mainstream science


                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  I dont think people realize the implication of grouping all radiation sources. They think its an unimportant side note, when they believe that the nuclear industry is blasting the planet with radiation. But the significance is revealed in the official position; make sure you read the last sentence.

                  'Overall, the worldwide average effective dose rate from natural background is about 2400 microSv anually or 2.4 mSv a. For comparison, worldwide average effective dose rates from weapons fallout peaked at 113 microSv a (about 5% of natural background) in 1963 and have since fallen to about 5.5 microSv a (about 0.2% of natural background). >> These values perhaps serve to emphasise that even gross insults to the natural environment from anthropogenic releases of radioactive materials are likely to be of limited significance when set in the context of the ambient radioactive environment within which all organisms, including humans, have developed.<<'


            • from a distance from a distance

              Nuclear science and nuclear agencies are intentionally funding studies which blur the line between anthropic radiation and man-made.

  • m a x l i

    Over 60,000,000 killed by nuclear radiation…and THEY know it. There's a reason why the nuclear cultists and their troll army are carpet bombing (or wall papering) every place where a discussion on nuclear matters could be ongoing. To think it's all about money is thinking too short.

    "Coincidentally" there are some comment-placing problems (no reply button) going on right now.

  • demise demise

    How do they get away with it? The system is rigged, fixed and corrupt. Too many bought off politicians, officials and CEOs have bought and sold their souls so the system has been rigged in their favor. This game has been devised and the rules wrote in the 1950's think tanks, mainly attended by the Harvard elite.

    The enforcers stand behind government badges fed by propaganda and false patriotism. Russia and are not part of the Western cabal, but aware of it. Japan, Europe and NA are the task masters. Control of the Mideast and South China Sea are the current flash points, but the Financial bust will be here very soon and a weak US will fall apart.


  • demise demise

    Triple meltdowns, a plethora radiation leaks and lack of enough clean water supplies worldwide are the cherry on the rotting cake.

  • harv33021

    In today's 112th Keshe workshop, Keshe covered how to clean the radiation from your body and rid yourself of cancer caused by it. Also, how to protect yourself from heavy doses of radiation from nuke accidents like Fukushima. He also had a lot to say about the gold that was being removed from the cleanup operation. You can make everything you need to remain safe from the radiation at home and for less than $100. Worth listening to.

  • Sol Man

    Note that the ECRR study measures victims only from 1945 to 1989!

    I assume that Dr. Busby's study reports from the same study.

  • dunkilo

    My good friend in NC passed yesterday…She has been fighting cancer for 9+years.Both breast removed,then it got her brain.
    Rest now sweet woman,you are one of the bravest people i've had the honor to know.Your spirit ,energy,life force, moves on from this world.I cant wait to embrace you on the other side :)….

  • nedlifromvermont

    A brave report and great links to the previous "show stopper" reports

    Thank you and Kudos to our Admin!

    Going on six years now; are the Sheeple ready to hear why they are dying?

    The AEC lied about the actual sheep deaths in Utah (John Fuller's great book, "The Day We Bombed Utah," in addition to his classic "We Almost Lost Detroit," Wherein he details the Lewis Strauss cover up of the original Ivy League (Brookhaven Lab) sponsored reactor safety analysis; which if it had been made public would have sunk the atomic power industry aborning in the 1950's;

    The institutional lies at MIT and Harvard run so deep; it is very upsetting!

    Why, Harvard College (my alma mater,) do you continue with the "Veritas" logo when you have no interest in these truths about human suffering brought forth by the unwise use of uranium fission reactors?

    War crime? Crime against humanity? Does that sort of thing make you feel good about yourselves?

    The AEC used fake "surprise inspections" at the Kerr McGee Cimarron plutonium rod facility, before they murdererd Karen Silkwood and tried to cover that up, too!

    Some folks high up at GE, Westinghouse and Monsanto (they ran Oak Ridge for the AEC after the war) sold our collective soul to the devil;

    A Trump presidency is risky but he's not as dirty on uranium as Hillary; Bernie Sanders has come out against the federal subsidies for Big Nuke!
    And he wants all the clunkers shut down pronto, and cleaned up.


  • VyseLegendaire VyseLegendaire

    The first man-made mass extinction, well under way.


      No my friend; that game has been played for ∞ years.

      Look at this generation…

      You only need look at whom patents plagues of their own invention.
      Atomic ionised radiation.
      Machine A.I. men.

      GOD can you imagine man making machine men, they can't even make a toaster that lasts more than a year before failing!

      • PlowboyGrownUp

        Short-lived toaster, yes they can make one that lasts a long time. They make them to fail so people will buy new ones. Same with (GE)light bulbs, washers, dryers, and on and on…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    As long as this manmade mass extinction event does not interfere with the 24/7 shopping which helps props up the taken be force tax base supporting all those in government..we will be OK.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    I recently went to the Dentist and once again, the Hygienist left the room when she x-rayed my teeth. What is wrong with her.

  • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

    Well if I am correct the data in the studies is only up to 1995 or 1992. Then one could speculate that the number of deaths after 2011 over the next 50 years or so would be 200 or 2,000 times the 60,000,000 deaths and 120,000,000 cancers? That's a lot of zeroes. And what if there is an increasing rate due to other death as in animals and plants leading to starvation. I think the number = all future life on this planet after x years. The variable is: where is the curium and how much is still there?

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      we note that Busby does not think Fukushima is 200 to 2000 times worse than the bomb test era. Of course he could be wrong….but so could our estimate. At least he made an educated guess

  • Sol Man

    How many atomic-cancer suicides have there been?

    There are no numbers, just like the fetuses that did not make it.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Quality of Life.

    The global issue is the diminished quality of life, for all life.

    On so many billions of levels.

    We all be decaying away, out on the road to hell on Earth.

    Hey look! The gardens on fire.

    Oh GE, I hope it doesn't happen to me… 😐

  • Jebus Jebus

    Sure, we can chemically strip and ionize the atmosphere around Earth, forever, or till all the charged particles make it through and are swirling around our heads…

    Starts to seem obvious as to why the recent accelerated changes in our biosphere…

    Starts to seem obvious as to why they are spraying H2O+ way up into it…

  • Sol Man

    Things had gotten so quiet that they didn't know that they were leaving.

    Hey! Who's playing this weekend!

  • Cooter

    Comments of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (Docket NRC-2015-0057) on the IEER comments, 19 November 2015 by Arjun Makhijani, Ph.D.

    Petitions for Rulemaking (PRM-20-28, PRM-20-29, and PRM-20-30)
    regarding radiation risk models and permissible maximum radiation exposures to the public and to workers.

    From the report:

    "Endorsing hormesis or even a threshold of cancer risk as the basis for regulation of exposure to ionizing radiation could lead to a public health disaster that would be difficult to control,
    especially if promoting radiation exposure becomes entrenched in the economic system. The petitioners, who exhibit a considerable amount of contempt for scientists who support the linear no-threshold view (“hogwash”, “no science here” “reminiscent of the Catholic Church at the time of Galileo”23), have entirely ignored the possibility that they are the ones who may be wrong, that their speculation that “radiation may be hormetic”24 could lead to widespread illness, dislocation, and death."

  • rogerthat

    happy 21st century: wall to wall cancer , cures available only to the rich.

  • some good news, at least for the short term.
    I refused to go to the ocean since 2011. 2010 fuku dust expected?: I saw telemetry and radiation detection equipment at ocean shores, 4 wheel motorized with dishes and precise gridding… probably mapping any hot spots from other tests, dumps, accidents…I believe it was to establish a baseline.
    But who knows.

    Then of course there's more bad news
    (good news is always best first):

    safety first the sign says DAMNIT!

    I saw this one earlier today but struggled to find the link with normally straight TV in Seattle on the Hanford issue (KOMO?)
    anyway, it turns out it was on RT, who covered the 100,000 people evac of Ft. MacMurray Alberta
    here it is:

  • rogerthat

    30 groups show radioactive soil levels to address Fukushima fears
    By MASAKAZU HONDA/ Staff Writer
    May 6, 2016

    … The coalition’s website, titled the East Japan Soil Measurement Project, shows radiation levels in soil samples taken from more than 1,900 sites in Tokyo and 16 prefectures, from northeastern Japan to the Pacific side of the central Japan.

    The project was started partly because parents were concerned that local governments were using only airborne radiation levels to determine if outdoor areas were safe for children. …

    “We cannot feel safe without data on soil contamination because children play with earth, wipe the mouths with their dirty hands and inhale dirt blown up by wind, exposing themselves to the risk of internal radiation exposure,” Sugawara said about why he undertook the project. “If local officials would not bother to measure soil contamination, we decided to do so on our own.” …

  • rogerthat


    The biggest radioactive hazard to the Pacific Northwest might not be in Japan


  • rogerthat


    Will Congress Reject the Administration’s New Plan to Dispose of Excess Plutonium?
    Stephen Young, Washington representative and senior analyst | May 5, 2016

    After several years and multiple studies, the Obama administration—led by the Department of Energy (DOE)—finally has a new plan to get rid of the excess plutonium generated by the U.S. nuclear weapons program: dilute the fissile material with non-radioactive materials and dispose of it in a geological repository.

    This “dilute and dispose” (D&D) approach is a significant improvement over what has been the plan for more than a decade: mix the plutonium with uranium to produce mixed oxide (MOX) fuel for commercial nuclear reactors and dispose of the resulting spent fuel in a geological repository. …

  • rogerthat

    28 April 2016

    Defunct gov't agency exempted from indictment over Fukushima crisis
    TOKYO, April 28, Kyodo

    A judicial panel of citizens said Thursday it has voted to support prosecutors' decision not to indict three former senior officials of the now-defunct nuclear safety agency over the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster.

    The decision by the Tokyo No. 1 Committee for the Inquest of Prosecution, dated April 14, means that the then government agency in charge of regulating nuclear safety has become effectively exempt from criminal responsibility for allegedly failing to prevent one of the world's worst nuclear crises.

    The three, who have been accused of professional negligence resulting in death and injury, include Yoshinori Moriyama, former deputy director general for nuclear accident measures of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency. …

    (subscription required)

  • rogerthat


    Japan, U.S. agree to study on quake safety for N-plants

    May 02, 2016
    Jiji Press
    KITAKYUSYU (Jiji Press) — Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Motoo Hayashi and U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz agreed Sunday that the two countries will jointly conduct a study on measures to protect nuclear power plants from earthquakes. …

  • rogerthat

    Tepco’s compensation payments have reached nearly 6.125 trillion yen.

    2.65 trillion yen has been paid to the more than 70,000 mandated evacuees that were ordered to abandon their homes by Tokyo in 2011.

    This means that every man, woman and child has accrued roughly 380 million yen.

    At the average exchange rate over the past five years, each evacuee has made roughly $350,000 (USD). Further, this does not include the $1,000 per month being paid-out to each evacuee for mental anguish, which was grandfathered back to the summer of 2011, which would bring individual earnings to nearly $640,000 (USD).

    Beyond the individual compensation payments, nearly 3 trillion yen has been disbursed for property and business compensation.
    Records of Applications and Payouts for Indemnification of Nuclear Damage

  • Alberta:

    here's a hidden gem I stumbled on, My friend Dr. Barrett was interviewed last fall and he said it it never aired on TV (RT) but it surfaced a couple days ago here:
    any search of RT website gave me nothing when I wanted to send it Mr Barrett. I refound it here:
    it isn't on rt.ccm but grtv on youtube! (Gee!)

  • rogerthat

    Over 10,000 workers staying for a year or longer for Fukushima nuke plant decommissioning
    24 April 2016
    At least 10,000 workers are scheduled to stay in Fukushima Prefecture for more than a year to engage in decommissioning work at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant of Tokyo Electric Power Co.

    This was disclosed on April 23 in a report on the outcome of a survey by the Reconstruction Agency during a meeting of experts advising the central and local governments on the future outlook of 12 municipalities evacuated in the aftermath of the 2011 nuclear accident at the plant. The meeting was held in the prefectural government office in Fukushima city.

    It was the first time that the realities of long-stay workers have come to light. Many of them desire to have a secure living environment and means of transport. The agency will reflect the survey results in its policy measures to improve working conditions for smooth progress in the nuclear plant decommissioning.

    The survey, conducted from Feb. 25 to March 29, covered about 30,000 workers at 24 selected companies involved in the decommissioning work, including subcontractors. …

  • rogerthat

    Fishermen in Fukushima’s Soma city resume "asari" clam fishing after 6-year hiatus
    21 April 2016

    Fishing for "asari" Japanese littleneck clams in Matsukawaura, a lagoon off Soma city, Fukushima Prefecture, was resumed on April 20, ending a self-imposed ban in place since the 2011 nuclear accident at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima Daiichi plant. The first asari haul in six years enlivened a local port.

    A total of 25 fishermen from the Soma-Futaba Fisheries Cooperative Association set sail on 10 boats shortly after 8 a.m. Clad in waterproof pants fitted with boots, they used long-handled dredges to scoop the shellfish. Their combined catch of the day was about 300 kilograms, equivalent to a daily target on one voyage.

    The haul was subjected to screening for radioactive substances, but none was detected, according to the association. The clams are left alone to allow them to discharge sand and other impurities before shipment to supermarkets and restaurants on and after the following day.

    The central government has not instructed local fishermen to refrain from asari fishing since the disaster, but the association will regard the restart as "test fishing" in light of consumer concerns over radioactive contamination of the seashell species. Fishing will be conducted once a week through August. …

    • rogerthat

      Before the disaster, Matsukawaura used to be crowded with people seeking to gather asari. There is no prospect in sight of lagoon tideland being restored as a shellfish-digging beach because recovery work has not made headway.

      (Translated by Kyodo News)

  • rogerthat

    Kyushu Electric assures public that nuclear plant is safe
    April 29, 2016

    Kyushu Electric Power Co. brushed aside safety concerns expressed in thousands of phone calls and e-mails, saying its Sendai nuclear plant in Kagoshima Prefecture faces no danger from the quakes rattling the southern main island. …

  • rogerthat

    Colley Testified Nuke Worker Compensation Protocol Broken

    Sunday, May 1, 2016 Updated 2 days ago

    National Nuclear Workers for Justice Co Founder Vina Colley testified at the first National Energy Advisory Board meeting on April 26th 2016.


    My name is Vina Colley and I am a sick worker from the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion plant in Piketon, Ohio. I am also a Co-Founder of National Nuclear Workers for Justice (NNWJ). I would like to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to speak today about the Site Metric System (SEM) database and injustice it is causing both former and current workers. …

  • rogerthat

    Record number of Hanford workers sickened by toxic vapors
    Susannah Frame, KING May 05, 2016

    An unprecedented number of workers at Hanford have been exposed to dangerous chemical vapors since Thursday, April 28. In one week's time a total of 47 people either sought medical attention after suffering symptoms due to chemical vapor releases or as a precautionary measure.

    Symptoms reported by workers include a headache, burning nose and throat, nausea, a metallic taste in the mouth, elevated blood pressure, and dizziness. Experts hired by the Department of Energy, which owns Hanford, have found even a short burst of exposure to chemical vapors can cause long term health effects such as brain damage and lung disease.

    Workers sickened by the sudden release of toxic gasses at Hanford has been a problem for nearly 25 years, but those familiar with the nuclear site cannot remember so many people falling victim in such a short period.

    “What’s happening at Hanford isn’t right, and I am exploring further legal options to keep our workers safe,” said Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

    Ferguson filed a lawsuit in September against the U.S. Department of Energy and its contractor, Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS) over the lack of protections …

    • rogerthat

      for workers. Ferguson filed the suit after an eight-month investigation by the KING 5 Investigators, “The Human Toll of Hanford’s Dirty Secrets”. The 2014 series exposed that the federal government and its contractors hid information about the adverse health effects of vapors to workers for decades and to this day aren’t following their own expert’s advice on how best to keep workers safe.

      Local Union 598, which represents Hanford pipefitters and welders, and the Seattle-based advocacy group Hanford Challenge, also filed a lawsuit to force protection for workers on the same day as the Attorney General.

      “The events of the past several days are a disturbing illustration of why I filed a lawsuit against the federal government to protect Washingtonians who work at Hanford,” said Ferguson, who will visit the site on Thursday. Ferguson also called the continued episodes of worker exposures “shameful.”

      On May 4, two more evacuations were enacted at the site after workers smelled odors and experienced symptoms. Nine workers went to Hanford’s onsite medical clinic. On May 5, an additional five workers went to the onsite medical clinic due to exposures suffered earlier in the week. ….

  • Sol Man

    "Save disposal of nuclear waste" must cease to be a topic of discussion, as it is impossible to accomplish.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

    Mass Animal Deaths, April 30 to May 6
    5th May 2016 – UPDATE: 40,000 TONS of Salmon and 8,000 TONS of Sardines have washed up dead, due to red tide in Chile.
    5th May 2016 – 30+ TONS of dead fish appear in a lake, 'people in shock' in Hainan, China.
    4th May 2016 – 39,000 turkeys killed due to avian flu in Missouri, America.
    3rd May 2016 – 2,600 Turtles and thousands of sea birds found dead during past 6 months in southern Brazil.
    3rd May 2016 – Massive fish kill in Lake Thunderbird in Oklahoma, America.
    3rd May 2016 – Hundreds of TONS of fish suddenly die in Lake Toba, Indonesia.
    2nd May 2016 – 200 TONS of fish found dead in a lake in Alfenas, Brazil.
    2nd May 2016 – Thousands of dead jellyfish found washed ashore, 'a rare phenomenon' along Odisha coast in India.
    2nd May 2016 – Hundreds of dead fish found in a lake in Florida, America.
    30th April 2016 – Millions of dead molluscs found washed up on beaches, 'a disaster' in Los Lagos, Chile.
    30th April 2016 – 14 TONS of dead fish found in a lake in Xiamen, China.

    • fukushima is revelation fukushima is revelation

      I read your comment an when it mentioned China it made me weep for a billion poor Chinese souls have already been forced to receive 6+6+6=18 digit public identity numbers as names fulfilling Revelation 13.

      Revelation 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

  • Sol Man

    Let us digress, k? Put on the earphones.

    We rock while we can.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

    Photos of recent 7.0 earthquake in Japan, also felt at Fukushima:
    Jeff Rense & Yoichi Shimatsu – Mega Quakes…West Coast Next?
    Apr 20, 2016
    Please visit for updates and information you will never see on Fox News!

    Clip from April 19, 2016 – guest Yoichi Shimatsu on the Jeff Rense Program. Full program available in Archives at

  • rogerthat

    off topic:

    German Study Proves It – 95% Of Greek "Bailout" Money Went To The Banks

    … Some 95 percent of the 220 billion euros disbursed to Greece since the start of the financial crisis as loans from the bailout mechanism has been directed toward saving the European banks. That means about 210 billion euros was eventually channeled to the eurozone credit sector while just 5 percent ended up in state coffers, according to a study by the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) in Berlin.

    “Europe and the International Monetary Fund have in previous years mainly saved the banks and other private creditors,” concluded the report, published yesterday in German newspaper Handelsblatt. ESMT director Jorg Rocholl told the financial newspaper that “the bailout packages mainly saved the European banks.”

    The economists who took part in the study have analyzed each loan separately to established where the money ended up, and concluded that just 9.7 billion euros – less than 5 percent – actually found its way into the Greek budget for the benefit of citizens.

    “This is something that everyone suspected, but few people actually knew. That has now been confirmed by the study.

  • rogerthat

    simply outstanding:

    Dr Liz Maly, Assistant Professor in the International Research institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS), Tohoku University

    May 3, 2016
    Fukushima and the Right NOT to Return: Nuclear Displacement in a System for “Hometown Recovery”

    Dr Liz Maly’s work centers on disaster recovery, housing reconstruction and community-based recovery planning. She has previously researched post-Katrina and post-Sandy housing recovery and land use policy in the USA, as well as the Central Java Earthquake in Indonesia. Dr Maly continues to work on long-term community recovery for groups impacted by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. Her website ‘Recovering Tohoku’ is highly recommended, and you can follow her on twitter here.

  • rogerthat

    6 May, 2016 Noriyuki Ishii
    Chugoku Electric Power to End Decommissioning Shimane-1 by Fiscal 2045

  • rogerthat

    MAY 2016


    Fukushima: A Nuclear Story was selected to participate in competition at the Uranium Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The film is being shown at the Modern Art Museum on May 24
    at 6,30 pm.

    The International Uranium Film Festival is dedicated to all films that tackle the issue of nuclear power and the risks of radioactivity, ranging from uranium mining to nuclear waste. The horror of atomic bombs and uranium weapons, most evident in the nuclear accidents that happened at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl or Fukushima should never be forgotten, nor repeated. This annual festival has global reach. The Uranium Film Festival was founded 2010 by the non-profit arts and cultural organization, “Yellow Archives”, based in Rio de Janeiro. The next International Uranium Film Festival will be in Rio from May 20 to May 29th: 50 films from 22 countries.

  • rogerthat

    Field Notes from a Nuclear Nerd via Toxic News
    Professor Gabrielle Hecht is based at the Department of History at the University of Michigan, where she has also directed the Program in Science, Technology, and Society. She has authored several award winning books about ‘nuclear things’.

    My obsession with nuclear things began as a teenager. In 1978, my family moved to Zurich, where for two years we rented a suburban home. Following Swiss law, the house had its own fallout shelter in the basement, complete with a thick lead door.

    We never talked about this room, any more than we talked about the rifle that my father kept in the attic, issued to him as a member of the Swiss army reserve. Both reflected the fears of a landlocked nation. Squeezed between the shelter and the rifle, surrounded by mountains, I sometimes found it difficult to breathe. …

  • rogerthat

    Anti- Metsamor NPP campaign launched in Azerbaijan via AzVision
    Special Facebook page and event as wells as Twitter account were created to run the #StopMetsamor campaign.

    The initiators of the campaign appealed to the World Community, the UN and the IAEA to shut down the Metsamor NPP as it is hazardous for the region and the World, as well as a source for dirty bomb and nuclear materials smuggling.

    We call all our readers to join the campaign and like and share the created pages.

    Note, Metsamor NPP which is built on out-dated technology is a serious danger to the region because of its location in seismic zone. There are five tectonic cracks around the station and one of them is located 500 meters from the station.


    Metsamor NPP is located 16 kilometers from Turkey, 60 kilometers from Iran and 120 kilometers from Azerbaijan and Georgia border. …

  • curly

    Everything is moving along as planned. The only thing left to do is contact the Utopia Corporation and send a check for your berth in our facility. Capitalism has made it possible for those with money to survive the purging and live on into a new world where capitalism will see huge profits again.


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    What's with the headlines about Hanford being more of a threat than Fukushima?

    What's not to understand about the 'double dead baby bubble up'?
    Ya, gore.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

      Radiation is bio-accumulative. Bio-accumulative up the food chain, and bioaccumulative in an individual. The nuclear industry divides the different radiation sources. But a person is subjected over a lifetime to all the sources and they act synergistically to harm a person multitudes of orders above just one exposure. And they act synergisticlly with all the other electromagnetic radiations sources and all the toxins and dioxins.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Part of cognitive dissonance is allowing the mentality to remain in the quagmire of comparison.
    The soothing balm ..of 'apples to oranges'.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Mental wanking..
    Ya, rude.

    • DUDe DUD

      @HEART , hoi , sorry i have a OT question.. do you happen to have ever readed or are otherwise aware of an somebody's work that say's a thing or two about

      "BALANCE" , that are totally out of the box thinking ? Philosofically or otherwise..something..i need fringe aka original language..anything that can help visualising the matrix of the lifeblob differently.. its interconnectedness allows for it to be visualised as a matrix.. but i need something..some input..totally unknow..accidently fitting lol..

      I think i'm on to something..but i'm trapped at the intuition/philosofical try and error formulating possibilities level..i feel posessed by a aha-erlebnis trying to be born lolol.. i think the alogoritme(s) that directs the evolution of the Universe..contains a piece of code that is vital for a potentially unlimeted bunch of things..

      That piece of code that i feel must exist.. and once understood i think has tremendous capabilities.. is for example something that is both responsible for shaping our planetairy lifeblob in to being/consience and is at the same time to be mandatory obeyed by the matrix as a whole and equally by each of its building blocks/crossroads.. the balance of the whole matrix of interconnected balances..obey's a certain law truout its lifeseeking/complexifying evolution.. the evolution of the universe..

      I ask you because of that link you once posted (and that i lost but would like back) about being "battery's"..thinking free like…

      • DUDe DUD

        Sorry continuation got misplaced..

        • DUDe DUD

          Free combining in original way's is what i need..

          In a lifeblob..there is something that makes the combination a working lifeblob there is a commoniality..a specifik way of relating to eachother.. and it is part in the determination within every "life" blob/ matrix of what parameters every balance/polarisation has to exist and evolve by ..and at the same time there must be a specifik way of relating towards eachother.. an inherent very specifick condition/parameter that allows a form of mutual compatibility that works the same on the micro level as the makro above so below.. a compatibility that allowed the specifick flow of conscience that is shaping the planetary evolution on the big scale to merge with the specifick conscience flowing tru the lifeblob.. and become one..

          I feel like there is with mathematical certainty a piece of code..that NEEDS to be understood by humanity.. everything within a succesfully evolving lifeblob is obeying the same law ON ALL SCALES SIMULTANIOUSLY !!

          By being overpowerd by the system as a whole or free will does not make a difference for the outcome.. but disobedience of that specifik "behaviour code" is with absolute certainty a destructif force..

          The sudden popping up of a species within a perfectly selforganising lifeblob..a species that is a combination of absolute blindness for that Holy principle that rules balances ..and the capability to take the whole matrix with it in its WRONG…

          • DUDe DUD

            In its wrong balance..that garanties a deadly disbalance for the whole system..

            Our sudden popping in to existence reinforces the need to muse about some outside interfering that resulted in our presence..and our illogical incompatibility with the thusfare perfectly evolving/organising in obedience of the Holy pricipal..Lifeblob/matrix of balances that gave birth to us..

            • DUDe DUD

              Just like it is possible to determine a difference between a sum that is nothing but the sum of the building blocks..and the sum where the outcome becomes more then that..a synergetic effect occured at a specific combination of variables that generates a is like that..the Universe/Life evolves towards complexity..constantly increasing the possible amount of combination's that can be formed..the amount of possible shapes for matter or energy..determines the amount of shapes that can be used by conscience..etc

              On an infinite long as that certain code is obeyed..there is no logical limit at the amount of shapes conscience can flow limit at the possible size of a conscience system/being..and ultimately no limit at the amounts of conscience system's that can merge/fuse togheter and become more then the sum of the parts yet again..

              • DUDe DUD

                There has to be a set of parameters wherein , the relation of one unit , one self , with the self and the self in relation with the whole..if "positioned" lack of a better word..becomes mutual beneficial..for the self and for the whole..looping..and reinforcing

                Mutual beneficiallity is mandatory..for life.. you can weave many things you can call a webb..but the lifeweb..has mutual beneficiallity presence one way or the other everywhere..

                Its not our blindness that makes us unique..its the specifik combination of specifick blindness with specifick powers/capability's that makes us the ultimate nightmare of life..we are so capable that we can stumble offroad..where our own indicidual balance no longer resonate as an harmonics with the specifick lifesupporting balance of the whole..stumble and survive long enough to believe our blindness is actually a vision..and get stuck in that selfexterminating checkmate disbalance..

                We try to compensate in our blindness with violence..

                What we have to do is to find the piece of code that dictates the evolution/transformation from basic conscience energy towards an infinitly complex, infinite divers expression of merged unlimited expression of selfawareness on all levels..

                That code , if understood , can make visible what is unvisible..and what is visible can become transparant..and what will also become transparantly clear to understand..
                Is the need to integate that piece of our…

                • DUDe DUD

                  ..and what will also become transparantly clear to understand..
                  Is the need to integate that piece of our…

                  Compass/Vision/Selfawareness.. like putting on glasses that improves your vision to such levels that you can not only find your correct position and behaviour back in this lifeblob..and be able to see what it needs to restore its selfhealing capability..
                  but that also allows you to travel freely truout the universe and other liveblobs without ever have to create damage..ever again..

                  Because it has become transparent..

                  • DUDe DUD

                    Our survival instructor back in the day's used to say.. whatever situation you find yourself has its own set of rules..find , understand , respect and play along with the your best chance to survive..and eventually thrive..evolve..transformate
                    from an ignorant stranger to a symbiotic presence in whatever whole you become a part of..or if you fail to understand the rules..perish at best or damage/destroy the whole at worse..

                    Regarding that..What all difficulties dissapear..if every life-matrix becomes transparent..

                    • DUDe DUD

                      A give and take interaction , like every balance can be stretched to extreme polar disbalance and it has also an maximum balance it can be in..before it destroy's itself or cease to exist.. (but never can anything be 100%)

                      There is an optimal balance for the self , there is an optimal balance between intake and (usable) output..that determinates if a relation has a symbiotic quality , meaning by its own shape promotes sustainability..

                      OR it is only giving or taking..that can create the illusion of benefit for those that fatten up fast..but eliminates longterm sustainability..

                      BALANCE…a creature blessed/cursed with free will..mandatory has to understand balance.. or perish with mathematical certainty..

                      Every single unit , a balance , has some wiggleroom that is allowed and counted on..but at the same time there are parametres it has to stay within.. the optimal point of balancing that allows positive resonation tru the interconnected whole by feedback..

                      I guess there is a formula waiting to be discovered.. that also can be equally used to determine the point where inequality becomes a matrix destroying sinn..lolol

                      Or to promote life..and the conditions it below..

                    • DUDe DUD

                      Allowing nuclear technollogy to evolve on this one of the most significant symptom's of our blindness..close to 100% blind..close to 100% selfdestruction..

                      Its oke to be long as it is combined with altruisme..balance..parameters never to cross..

                      Selfawareness..the selfimage is ALWAYS to be observed embedded in..mandatory..that vision is to be maintained during every decision proces you are going tru..without interconnectedness that is will be blindly satisfied picking from possibilities choices that will bring the whole out of balance..

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