Scientists: Over 60,000,000 killed by nuclear fallout… More than 120,000,000 cancers from radioactive releases… Doesn’t include millions more dead babies and fetuses — Professor: “Horrifying… This is a war crime far greater in magnitude than any that has occurred in recorded human history” (VIDEO)

Published: May 5th, 2016 at 12:38 pm ET


Transcript excerpt from the documentary ‘Atomic Wounds’ – see IMDB page (emphasis added): Starts at 50:00 in — “Since the explosion of the first atomic bomb in 1945, there have been several thousand tests in the atmosphere and underground… Hundreds of supposedly secured nuclear sites are still active and the atomic waste they cause are dispersed everyday… The official number of deaths from cancer due to nuclear activities since 1945 is 1,000,100. Taking into account low level radiation, European researchers have upped this estimate to 61 million. In other words 60 times the UN official figure.”

European Committee on Radiation Risk (ECRR’s Wikipedia page), 2010 (pdf): Global consequences of exposures from nuclear project based on UNSCEAR figures up to 1989… ECRR yield: Cancer death – 61,619,512; Cancer total – 123,239,024; Infant death – 1,600,000; Foetal death – 1,880,000

Latvian Academy of Science, presentation by Prof. Chris Busby of the University of Ulster, 2009 (pdf): ECRR calculations show that this has resulted in more than 60 million excess cancer deaths worldwide due to exposures up to 1995… The ECRR 2003 model makes clear that the contamination of the environment from nuclear discharges comes at a very great cost in human suffering for those now living and their descendants.

Prof. Chris Busby, University of Ulster, 2009 (pdf): The global death yield of the nuclear age to 1992 has been horrifying. According to objective calculations by the European Committee on Radiation Risk… 61 million cancer deaths; 1,600,000 infant deaths; 1,880,000 foetal deaths; There has been a loss of life quality of 10% (in terms of illnesses and ageing effects). The blame for this can be squarely placed at the door of those scientists and administrators (WHO, UNSCEAR, ICRP) who developed and supported the scientific risk models. This is a war crime far greater in magnitude than any that has occurred in recorded human history.

See also: CIA Agent: Gov’t covering up effects of radiation; I hope public becomes more aware of threat to their health — Study: Actual radiation risks are “orders of magnitude greater” than official estimates; “Completely changes the picture… a serious public health hazard” (VIDEO)

And: [intlink id=”secrecy-agreement-between-fukushima-and-iaea-revealed-by-tokyo-newspaper-iaea-has-a-history-of-hiding-information-about-health-effects-in-chernobyl-same-thing-could-happen-to-fukushima” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Watch the documentary ‘Atomic Wounds’ here

Published: May 5th, 2016 at 12:38 pm ET


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453 comments to Scientists: Over 60,000,000 killed by nuclear fallout… More than 120,000,000 cancers from radioactive releases… Doesn’t include millions more dead babies and fetuses — Professor: “Horrifying… This is a war crime far greater in magnitude than any that has occurred in recorded human history” (VIDEO)

  • Sol Man

    Yea, fiat profits
    but too bad dead world
    no one home.

  • ISeePinkClouds

    Yes. Can a person get brain damage if he follows every link on ENENews, or can he get brain damage if he doesn't follow every link on ENENews? Just checking.


    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Every human already has massive brain damage..links only clarify the degree of damage rendered. 🙂

    • Sol Man

      Yes, a person could.

      • Gasser Gasser

        Barry Manilow: Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head


        Cesium 134 raindrops keep fallin' on my head
And just like the guy whose feet are too deformed for his bed
Nothin' seems to fit

        Those Cesium raindrops are fallin' on my head, they keep fallin'

        So I just did me some talkin' to the Land of the Rising Sun

        And I said I didn't like the way they got things done
Lyin' on the job

        Those Cesium raindrops are fallin' on my head, they keep fallin'

        But there's one thing I know

        The Cobalt 60 blues they send, have defeated me
It won't be long
        Til sadness steps up to greet me

        Cesium raindrops keep fallin' on my head
But does that mean my eyes will soon be turnin' red

        Cryin's is for me
        Cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'

        Because I'm no longer free, ….everythin's worryin' me
        It won't be long
'Til sadness steps up to greet the world
        Cesium raindrops keep fallin' on our heads

And that does mean our eyes will soon be turnin' red
Dyin's all for us
'Cause were never gonna stop the reactors by protesting'
        Because were all screwed, everythin's worryin' the world

        But there's one thing I know
        Plutonium particles keep enterin' our lungs
        And it won't be long
        Til' deep breaths escape us all

        Actinides keep pollutin'….they just keep pollution'

        And that worries the liven' shit out of………

        ~Gasser Classic~

  • ISeePinkClouds

    Yes. CodeShutdown. Ty.

    Nuclear weapon testing: 1,138 million
    Nuclear weapon production: 3.2 million (84% local or regional)
    Nuclear power production: 21 million (76% local or regional)
    Medical production and use: 4 million

    Military 16 million
    Civilian 15 million

    Total Military: 1,156 million
    Total civilian electricity related: 36 million
    Total medical: 4 million
    GRAND TOTAL: 1,200 million

    Reality is a heavy burden.

    One foot in front of the other.


    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

      This article by Dr. Bertell was written in 1999. It is exponentially worse 17 years later. 1000s of times more plutonium floating around and lots more uranium floating around and Strontium 90, Krypton-85 and Cesiium 134 and 137 and radioactive iodine and all the other 2,000 – 3,000 radionuclides. And the nuclear waste keeps accumulating exponentially. The nuclearist cult is a death cult, a Luciferian cult.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Bertell's estimates are health effects, not quantity of radiation. If we say things are exponentially worse now, what exponent are we thinking of? Note that her figures equal about 1/7 the population of the earth. That statement of exponentially worse does not fit here. Now if you are talking about quantity of plutonium ejected into the atmosphere, maybe you can start to use an exponent

        My point here is that we should strive for good ballpark estimates. It doesnt do any good to say Fukushima is a zillion times worse than the bomb test era, unless of course if it is, in which case we should all be dead now.

        If the fallout is (bomb era)^2 then there is no use posting here PJ

        For the stray reader alighting on this blog I would refer them to Busby and later papers if you can find them

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          The bomb test era was equal to about 40,000 Hiroshima bombs. 40,000^2 (picking a random exponent of 2) would equal 1.6 billion Hiroshima bombs.

          If you look at some papers;
          Busby Fukushima released 9x noble and volatile gases and about the same amount of C-137 as Chernobyl

          or this one which uses three different methods to estimate Fukushima release, equivalent to roughly 10,000 hiroshima bombs

          It appears Fukushima isnt anywhere millions or billions of Hiroshima bombs. Its been pointed out that bombs and nuclear meltdowns/explosions are not comparable anyway. But if we are going to give to the world our estimate how bad Fukushima is, we use something for comparison

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            so, very roughly ballparking, if Bertell is about right that the bomb test era will sicken/kill 1/7 the world population…and we note thats quite a discrepancy from the ECRR 60,000,000 which is less than 1/100 the global population…but anyway, we could broadly extrapolate that it takes 300,000 Hiroshima bombs of fallout to wipe out mankind (7 x 40,000; test era killed 1/7th, and equal to 40k hiroshima's). That would mean the bomb test fallout with an exponent of 1.2 should do it.

            We better hope that Fukushima alone isnt going to kill all the people or there isnt much reason to shutting down the nuclear industry

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              Maybe it should be pointed out that the estimates of death from the nuclear weapons test era vary widely. From 11,000 to a billion is a pretty big range. Science! If I were to pick one quickly, I would go with the ECRR.

              'A 1991 study by the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) estimated that the radiation and radioactive materials from atmospheric testing taken in by people up until the year 2000 would cause 430,000 cancer deaths, some of which had already occurred by the time the results were published. The study predicted that roughly 2.4 million people could eventually die from cancer as a result of atmospheric testing'


              'A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/ National Cancer Institute study claims that nuclear fallout might have led to approximately 11,000 excess deaths'

              • Jebus Jebus

                My guess is that the lower end sum of deaths is from the proponents of nuclear's false perception by quantification of the damages from radioactive fallout only. ie. They only quantify radiation exposure damage.

                The upper scales of millions and millions of deaths, birth defects and unbirths, are from those actual medical professionals like Busby and Caldicott, et al. They see the peripheral damage, disease, and the diminished quality of life, under fallout. ie. They take the whole and quantify…

                The truth is the result is always the sum of all the parts. Period.

            • ISeePinkClouds

              Yes. CodeShutdown. Ty. This statement is thought provoking.

              "so, very roughly ballparking, if Bertell is about right that the bomb test era will sicken/kill 1/7 the world population…and we note thats quite a discrepancy from the ECRR 60,000,000 which is less than 1/100 the global population…"

              The number of deaths from radiation exposure is between 1/100th to 1/7th of the population.

              That pretty much nails it.


              • ISeePinkClouds

                Yes. I don't think the situation presented by Fukushima is going to be good for the Human Race in the future, either; simply considering it's potential to release thousands of tons of radiation into the Environment.

                This is especially noted in light of discoveries of ongoing fission by MVB, webcammers, recorded on radiation monitors, our witnessing of the death of the Pacific Oceans, and all the radiation related illness and death now occurring in Japan and in the United States, and elsewhere.

                Up until the present this disaster has been a "worst case scenario" in every respect. With the silliness of the Ice Wall, genocide of people being forced to move back into contaminated zones, with more contaminated water tank dumping planned, and otherwise, incompetence on a World Wide Scale. The contamination increases; the death toll increases.

                The sad thing is that we cannot see atoms, and their components. That is one of the Nuclear Industries "Ace(s) In The Hole." It seems the Nuclear Industry protects itself from the public in the same way we are told by them to protect ourselves from radiation…

                Time: Dead Plaintiffs
                Distance: Too Big to Fail
                Shielding: James Conca. Ken Buesseler, Jay Cullen

                This yields no good.

                Very sad.


      • ISeePinkClouds

        Yes. PraisingJesus. Ty.

        All day I could not escape the thought that Dr. Bertell's total only went up to the year 2000. That is sixteen years of health effects that are not counted. It records less than half the time that Chernobyl has been affecting the health of residents in the contaminated zones. Severe health effects could be seen in Japan immediately after the meltdowns at Fukushima. These past five years of health effects are not included in Dr.Bertell's total.

        Also, on my mind today has been the results of food testing.
        from a distance (Ty) posted this link on radiation contamination of food. These test results are in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

        View with caution. I wasn't compelled to shop for food today.

        This quote is from the above link:

        “If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called
        research, would it?” ~ Albert Einstein

        "I got Chemtrailed today." ~ Me


    • unincredulous unincredulous

      "One foot in front of the other."

      six feet down.

      Stray thought animal: Islamic people are insulted if you point the bottoms of your feet at them. Do they bury their dead in the upright position? Do foot doctors beat the crap out of their patients? Oh, I'm digressing. It's difficult work looking for radiation spikes. You would think they would have radiation satellites with 2000 channels to choose from. Oh, that's right we're gonna build a wall.

  • Oom Werner P. Oom Werner P.

    When only approximately 1.38% of the fuel actually fissiones immediately inside the mushroom, this is to be believed.
    Slow death tops fast death = dirty bomb. That is where E = M x C x C fails dismally.(Don't tell the experts, they want to get it right – and simply cannot)

    • Gasser Gasser

      Mike and the Mechanics
      Don't even read down there till you hear up here
      Take the children and Geiger counter

      And hide out in the cellar

      By now the plume will be close at hand

      Don't believe the Professors and experts

      And everything they tell you

      Believe in yourself, your the high command.

      Can you hear us, can you see us?

      Can you see us posting…can you hear us calling you?
Can you hear me…can you hear me actualizing?

Can you hear me logically…can you hear your Spirit calling you?

      There's a gun and ammunition
Just inside the doorway
Use it only in emergency
Better you should load it now

The Father and the Spirit
Can't protect you from up there.

      Can you hear us…can you see us?

      Can you see us posting…can you hear us calling you?
Can you hear me…can you hear me factulizing?

      Can you hear me logically…can you hear your mind calling you?


      • Gasser Gasser


        Don't pay attention to any red flag
        Whatever false red flags they offer

        Never hide at what you really feel

Teach the children common sense

        For some day your sons and daughters

        Will rise up and fight while we stood still.

        Can you hear us…can you see us posting?

        Can you read our bloging…can you hear us calling you?
Can you hear me…can you read me posting?

        Can you hear me crying…can read my sing-say-songs to you?

        Can you hear us…can you see us?

        Can you see us posting…can you hear us warning you?
Can you read…can you read enenews factulizing?

        Can you hear them logically?…your spirits calling you
Can you all hear…can all you hear us brain storming?

        You can hear us power thinking…needing inventors like you?

        Can you hear Blanch!…he's F—-ing telling you?

        Listen up! mofo's hear me…hear me dude's! informing you
        Can you hear scientist lying.…hear them bullshitting you?

Can you read my word-smithing…see me posting you?

        Calling you, pleading to you

        ~Gasser Classic~

        • or-well

          Gasser, TY for inspiration.
          Also Mike & Mechanics
          In The Living Years

          Every generation
          gets bullshitted more
          by the global nuke-cult
          who just want to build more.
          They make us all their prisoners
          to the nukes they hold so dear,
          they make all Life a hostage
          killing Hope, denying tears.
          I just wish that we would crush them
          before Extinction rears.

          Corrupt and false faux-science
          filled with deadly lies,
          captured regulators,
          all while our children die.

          They say – all of us need it!
          ( it's the profit that they want )
          They'll deny every danger
          until as ghosts we haunt.
          They all talk the nuke-cult language,
          talking out their ass.

          Say it loud, say it clear,
          you can't kill all we hold dear!
          It's too late, when we're fried,
          if we must we will see Nukers die!

          So they open up the quarrel
          using laws and the police,
          but we'll sacrifice our Presents
          for a Future for all kids!

          So don't yield to their bullshit!
          See through all their threats!
          See your life with new perspective!
          Don't fear your Ego-death!
          And if you don't give up and don't give in,
          Earth may just be OK!

          Say it loud, say it clear,
          you can't kill all we hold dear!
          It's too late, when we're fried,
          if we must we will see Nukers die!

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Gasser, you are really outdoing yourself lately. Good show, some of my favorite tunes, too. Mike & the Mechanics, and your version of the "Industrial Disease." You go, Gasser! Your vids are a gas, too.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      I would keep Sendai NPP high on suspect list for any 'mysterious' radiation detections. Only running nuclear power plants in Japan… seventy five miles from epicenter of a level 7 (Max on Japan's new scale)

      Japan proven to be lying retards about anything that threatens the sainthood status of St. Nuke

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    60,000,000 R.I.P.

    Atoms for Rest in Peace

    Zirconium clad Cornucopia of death.


    Almost 3,000 years ago the Prophet Amos warned those who “trample on the poor, and take taxes from him of wheat… For I know how many your offenses, and how great are your sins— you who afflict the just, who take a bribe, and who turn aside the needy'

    Norman Askew, Chief executive of British Nuclear Fuels, is wanted for crimes against the planet..

    A Forgotten £40.5 billion BNFL Nuclear Taxpayer Fleece: “Liabilities Management Authority”, 2002; More Nuclear Fleecing Planned

  • DUDe DUD

    Free combining in original way's is what i need..

    In a lifeblob..there is something that makes the combination a working lifeblob there is a commoniality..a specifik way of relating to eachother.. and it is part in the determination within every "life" blob/ matrix of what parameters every balance/polarisation has to exist and evolve by ..and at the same time there must be a specifik way of relating towards eachother.. an inherent very specifick condition/parameter that allows a form of mutual compatibility that works the same on the micro level as the makro above so below.. a compatibility that allowed the specifick flow of conscience that is shaping the planetary evolution on the big scale to merge with the specifick conscience flowing tru the lifeblob.. and become one..

    I feel like there is with mathematical certainty a piece of code..that NEEDS to be understood by humanity.. everything within a succesfully evolving lifeblob is obeying the same law ON ALL SCALES SIMULTANIOUSLY !!

    By being overpowerd by the system as a whole or free will does not make a difference for the outcome.. but disobedience of that specifik "behaviour code" is with absolute certainty a destructif force..

    The sudden popping up of a species within a perfectly selforganising lifeblob..a species that is a combination of absolute blindness for that Holy principle that rules balances ..and the capability to take the whole matrix with it in its WRONG…

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      DUD, those misfits that are controlling/destroying the world…many would come back to alignment if they spent time in nature, eating off the land. They are disconnected from the source and also results of their actions. Civilized, stuffed ways, and dont underestimate diet, are the underlying forces of this disease

      Did you read core energetics?

      • DUDe DUD

        Hi Code , thanks for the link , reminds me of bioenergetica as it should sinds it is related lol.

        After my survival course and observing how it opened my eyes further , i used to visualise putting "blind" rats aka "misfits" on a camping in harmony bootcamp or something..and fantasised about the results..

        But now that i've watched for five years at humanity's response after it dealt another major blow , so severe in itself logic can not combine it with longterm survival of the whole , to the perpetual balance restoring machine aka living planet..

        The dept of our sickness aka disconnectedness as a species in general..and the incredible size and dept of the evilness of those individuals that exploit as a way of living for generations , our vulnerabilities coming from our sickness ..

        They can't be cured by putting them togheter with nature and let love do its job..that is for people that are never completely lost..
        Those hardcore "misfit's" at the top of the pyramid..have nothing left in them worth trying to save..if you tryed..nothing would work.. expecting anything good from them is like tickling black holes and expecting it to send rainbows in all directions..and sing a lovesong at the same time..

        But i get why you mentioned can be a real good eyeopener for many people like ourselfes..

        But there are different stages of evil..regular people like us can only know about by observation..not by empathy..


    Edgar Cayce predicted Putin would stop WW3..

    “You must rise above the endless desire to dominate. You must stop acting out of imperialistic ambitions. Do not poison the minds of millions of people; like there can be no other way but imperialistic politics.” –Vladimir Putin

    Putin is directing our attention to the 800 pound gorilla in the room that no one else seems willing to talk about: America and the West no longer have any moral superiority in the world.

    Cayce also made comments about America’s future moral decay:.

    Psychic Edgar Cayce Predicted Putin Would Save World From WW3

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Only fools would embrace and participate in any WW3.

      The world needs to end/outlaw/ban all war and violence.

      Just like Nuclear Power.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

      Cayce died in 1945 and Putin was born 1952.

      Putin wants all the oil newly discovered in Israel. He is responsible for the deaths of many, many people. A thug and a dictator and a murderer, whatever peace he brings is a ruthless dictatorship with freedom only to a few oligarchs.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

        There is no way Cayce could predict anything about Putin because Cayce died before Putin was born.

      • PJ, do you have any links to specific killings of foreign leaders that Russia under Putin ordered?

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

          The Russians took credit for Fukushima.

          Many journalists have been killed by Putin's orders.

          Putin used to be head of the KGB.

          All the videos about Russian brutality against the Chechyans seem to be censored where I am.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

            The death of a former KGB operative is a reminder of Vladimir Putin’s past life as a spy
            “…Putin would eventually join the KGB in 1975, at age 23, and spend the next 16 years working for the intelligence agency…
            "’I was most amazed by how a small force, a single person, really, can accomplish something an entire army cannot,’ he [Putin] said, according to the Telegraph. ‘A single intelligence officer could rule over the fates of thousands of people. At least, that’s how I saw it.’…
            “The KGB-style assassination — which has been described by a British parliamentary committee as "a miniature nuclear attack on the streets of London" — will "sharpen the focus on other suspicious deaths among Putin’s foes," according The Post's Griff Witte and Michael Birnbaum.
            On his death bed, Litvinenko himself accused Putin of organizing his murder, as well as other crimes as wide-ranging as terrorism and pedophilia….”
            “Years after his sudden and stunning rise to power, a question remains: How did Putin's time working for the KGB shape his worldview and how does it continues to influence his leadership?…
            “To his fiercest critics, the strongman's authoritarian impulses are contemporary reflections of the ruthless Cold War security apparatus that molded him into a master spy. Putin — as the Russian journalist Masha Gessen told the Telegraph in 2012 — is 'a supersize model of the KGB."
            “Communist ideology has gone, but the methods and psychology of its secret police have…

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

              remained,’ Alexei Kondaurov, a KGB general-turned-politician, told the Economist in 2007….

              "’I don’t think he is a very smart man, nor a very educated man, the journalist Gessen added. ‘He’s an average Soviet functionary with stronger than average emotions, and higher than average vindictiveness.’…
              "’Putin today displays an open contempt for Russian public opinions and an uncaring disregard for the economy-damaging sanctions and international disapproval that his Ukraine adventure has provoked, traits that befit a drunken gambler.’…
              “’ He’s a very vengeful man — that’s one of his particular traits of character. And that vengefulness has carried through. He’s pursuing a vendetta against everybody who was ever opposed to the Soviet Union.’…

              "’He’s a tiny, mean guy who will bite you if you get too close; and that’s the kind of country he’s tried to build," Gessen said. "And that’s been the extent of Russian foreign policy for the last 12 years.
              "What is Russia’s foreign policy agenda? You can’t figure it out from who Russia becomes friends with or sells arms to or negotiates with, because it’s really simple. Russia wants to be feared. That’s it.’"

              • Also heard that he NEVER backs down.

                Corner him and he will lash out. Poke him in the eye, and he will come at you.

                Exactly what the US is doing to him now… cornering him and poking him in the eye…

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                  Stasi Files Shed Light on Putin's KGB Past
                  “DRESDEN, Germany — The East German secret police had a favor to ask of their KGB comrades: Could the Soviet Union recruit a man who lived next to a German Communist Party guesthouse in Dresden and ask him to spy on visitors there?

                  "’Comrade V.V. Putin to accomplish this,’ a Soviet official scribbled by hand on the secret 1987 letter from the Stasi, referring to KGB agent, now president, Vladimir Putin.

                  Later, another Russian note suggested the recruitment did not go ahead: "To be returned, unaccomplished."

                  “Whether Putin failed or whether his KGB bosses later simply refused the mission is unclear. Another handwritten Russian note says curtly the document is to be destroyed: Unichtozhit.

                  “Yet the letter survived. It was one of hundreds of pages of previously unpublished documents obtained by Reuters on KGB-Stasi activities in the Dresden area from Germany's vast archives of Stasi material. They cover 1984 to 1990, when Major Putin was a junior member of a small team of 10 to 15 KGB agents in Dresden, East Germany.

                  “In keeping with the protocol of the times, the letters are mostly between the top Stasi and KGB officials, and Putin is rarely mentioned by name. But the documents give insight to the cloak-and-dagger world where he lived much of his adult life.”

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                  We thought the wall would never come down. But it did.

          • Its All True Its All True

            Dear Praising whatever it is your praising today : You sir/madam are what is politely known in the trade as a certifiable nut job. With all due apologies to Brian, you should pull your tinfoil hat down over your face until breathing becomes at the very least, difficult…

            • AirSepTech AirSepTech


              But as she says,

              "I have 3 graduate degrees including a Ph.D. and 2 bachelors' degrees And I have a lot of education since then. I now have 59 years of college education. Attacking me is ridiculous."

              Crazy,,,,like a sxxthouse rat. x2.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                CYBERSTALKING ATTACK #10,157. I never said that. You are lying again for the fourth time. The last time you didn't quote me, you just quoted your other previous lies.

                I said it is ridiculous to call me uneducated.

                There i s something terribly wrong with you if all you can do is just lie over and over again.

                It i s called a straw argument and an ad hominem attack.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

              CYBERSTALKING ATTACK #10,158.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

              I'm obviously not worried about government surveillance. It seems you are projecting your own fears.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

              And who is Brian? Anyone who thinks Putin is the leader of the world is the certifiable nut job. Why are you blogging where there is freedom of speech? Why don't you live in Russia where there is no freedom of speech or any other freedom either?

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        The entire Meditteranean basin apparently holds enormous oil and gas reserves.

        The reserves are vast and if oil can't be gotten from Israel, it can be gotten elsewhere. Russia has immense natural gas reserves.

        Why do you state Russia is eager to gain access to Israeli reserves? Just curious. Got links?

        Yes, the area IS a geopolitical hot potato, all of the above being said. No doubt about it.

        Let's consider the big geopolitical and geological picture.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

      How many wars of enslavement has Putin already initiated?

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

        Cayce was totally wacko.

        “…Edgar Cayce
        Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) has been applauded as one of the most impressive prophets of modern times. At the age of six or seven he was seeing “visions.” Cayce claimed that by sleeping with his head on his school books, he could absorb knowledge, which enabled him to advance rapidly in his education. He claimed psychic healing powers (three almonds a day is a cure for cancer!), taught the doctrine of reincarnation, and advocated a number of bizarre theological doctrines (e.g., Jesus and Adam were the same person), and said that he (Cayce) wrote the Gospel of Luke in a previous life. As a prophet, Cayce was a catastrophic failure. For instance, he prophesied that during the early portion of a forty-year span (1958-98) a tilting of the Earth’s axis would produce drastic physical alterations of our planet. “The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea,” etc. (Stern, 1967, p. 37). Cayce’s apologists claim that he predicted World War II. And yet, Jess Stern, who did more to popularize Cayce than any other writer, wrote: “Edgar Cayce was as stunned as anybody else when the bombs dropped on Pearl Harbor” (1967, p. 16)….”

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

      If you love Putin so much, why don't you go live near Mayak like a good little slave?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I'm very interested in this conversation ..and need to think about it a bit.
    Be back in the early morning.


    Heads up!! Oil Sands Fire, Alberta evacuating, Royal Dutch Shell and 2 others shutting down. 100k evacuated, Fort McMurray burning down. Spreading to other city as second evacuation starts. Fire Chief sees grim situation as heat and low humidity fuel this " massive inferno"

    Oil Tankers on Highway lined up next to fire. 6 hours ago


    Oil Sands Fire–Evacuation Convoy Trapped, Stopped by flames/heat

    4 hours ago

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Don't petroleum products in all forms and the fumes thereof..burn?

      Add some Nuclear Fallout and things will necessarily get real/very bad quickly…

      Feel so sorry for those caught up in this raging manmade inferno…

      • Sol Man

        Having a metalized atmosphere from chemtrails or from nuclear meltdowns that has settled out onto the trees and brush seems to make a flammable situation, explosively worse.

        The countless dead and dying trees all over the west are prime kindling for this kind of situation.

  • or-well

    Anti-nuke rap from 1950.

    Old Man Atom

    • +1

      "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are cremated equal"
      – lyrics from song

      IMO – 10 generations from now the ESTIMATED 60,000,000 PEOPLE killed by Nuclear FALLOUT will be deemed a severe underestimate.

      We know and the Nuclear Industry knows, it's not just the deaths, it's the suffering and the unborn too. Not to mention all life's DNA, from amoebas to sea lions.

      The risk to everything was never worth it.

      • Jebus Jebus

        "We know and the Nuclear Industry knows, it's not just the deaths, it's the suffering and the unborn too. Not to mention all life's DNA, from amoebas to sea lions."

        "The risk to everything was never worth it." – ChasAha


        "We" should never be afraid to teach our children, and our grandchildren, this message…

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        "Peace in the world, or the world in pieces."

        Priceless. Heard that one years ago, on the Dr. Demento show, I think. Have been trying to find it again for years. Couldn't remember who the artist was who performed it.


    "It's like Armageddon here"

    5/06/2016 — Canada fires near Alberta Oil Tar Sa…:

    • 😐

      I can't help but wonder if the Fukushima Fallout over the last 5 years has damaged those forests. Maybe more dead trees than usual. Anybody else think of that?

      I also had to think about the leaves and bark that have soaked up the Cesium. The radioactive contaminated brush burning and reentering the atmosphere and becoming airborne FALLOUT again. There has to be some.

      These spreading of various FALLOUT Transport Vectors will become clear as time and radioactive contamination march onward.


    "It's like Armageddon here"..

    5/06/2016 — Canada fires near Alberta Oil Tar Sa…:


    Having big issues posting..someone doesn't want ENE talking about this fire.

    Dutchsinse has an amazing video on this, he thinks might be tectonic magma induced fires vs the weather.

    Also, this carcinogenic wind is blowing over the US. Little known in 2014, these areas were being abandoned due to petroleum saturation. Hoards of mass illness/death.

    Please don't let this story die..

    • ENEnews is now filtering out mastadons, because they are too heavy and cost too much to feed. Plus they make a lot of racket when going through the subway turnstiles.


    • ISeePinkClouds

      Yes. GOM. Ty. I thought the fires were arson. Dutchsinse has me rethinking that. It is well known that when quartz bearing rock fractures, it sparks. Could the flash fires be the result of gas, or oil, under tectonic pressure, migrating to the surface in fault gaps? Could further fracturing of the rock under pressure ignite the gas? Even the unimaginable is commonplace today. Peace

    • Its All True Its All True

      Good stuff, Doc. How did you get it past the ENE sensors?

      • Pretty simple really. Bought a subway ticket, got through the turnstiles ok, due to not being a mastadon and then plastered the heck out of the side of the subway car with the above links, which showed up here. sarc

        There is always a way to get through if one is determined enough.

        Serioiusly, there are lots of errors and glitches on ENEnews these days.. One has to be persistent and/or come back later, try again.

        All of these errors may be the reason for much less comments.. pretty frustrating sometimes.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Chernobyl released the equivalent of 400 Hiroshima bombs' radiation in ten days, which is less than a chest X-ray.

    Fukushima had three reactors each three times as big as the reactors at Chernobyl. Also several spent fuel rod pools on the roofs of several reactors that blew up and they have been releasing radiation for more than five years, and fuel from inside the reactors were found outside the plant. This is also less than a chest X-ray…

    Damn, I'm not gonna take any more chest X-rays.

  • rogerthat

    this is a lot of mercury:

    DOE pulls plan for mercury testing center in park

    … The release of mercury, a toxic liquid metal, from the Y-12 National Security Complex, a nearby nuclear weapons plant, into East Fork Poplar Creek has been a vexing, expensive DOE problem for decades.

    About 24 million pounds of mercury were brought to Y-12 in the 1950s to process lithium for use in hydrogen bombs. Some 700,000 pounds were lost to the environment and the government can't account for another 1.3 million pounds of the stockpile. …

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    They want to remove Andrew Jackson from the twenty dollar bill.

    They should put Fukushima Daiichi on the back, and Barack Obama and Jeffrey Immelt giving each other high fives on the front. Maybe some three-eyed encephalitic children with extra arms and legs and Hanford nuclear site on the ten and Anne Coulter and Shinzo Abe on the five. The hundred should have Monsanto Execs and some dead bees and the Federal Reserve building itself needs some dead whales and birds and shit. Obama promised change. I don't think the treasury secretary should sign the bills, either. Cursive writing isn't being taught in schools anymore. Who needs that shit? Quarter dollar coins should have Brawndo and machine guns…

  • Sol Man

    Mass media with crowd psychology and herd behavior are pushing humans to and over the edge of our ability to survive. The additive principle assures that the accumulation puts us past our personal tipping point.

    It starts early on with vaccines, to tainted food, polluted water to drink, toxic sports fields to play on (for the kids and the pros,) bad drugs with deadly side effects, propaganda to deceive, leaf blowers used almost universally keeps the crap in the air we breathe, turf chemicals, organophosphates on the food and the cotton crops for bad chemicals in the fabrics, q-tips, feminine hygiene products, uv radiation so strong that it cooks in relatively short order…

    We, and our shared home, are crossing the river Styx.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Yes, what is this sustainability?
      Sustainability of resources for the masses..
      Who are these assets being saved and protected for, if survivability is the true question?
      Are TPTB interested in survivability beyond the selfish concept of burying their heads and arses in the sand?
      No, they are not.
      I would qualify this as a 'point of contention'….

      • DUDe DUD

        "..Yes, what is this sustainability?.."

        Balance is the key..balance is the glue that keeps living systems togheter..more specifically for life..balance that is symbiotic..between the cells , between the organs , between body's , between species and even between the lifeblob and the planet..and the planet and the Universe..the Universe in the Multyverse..

        For every thing that your existence "cost's" somewhere in the whole , you give , tru your existence , something back..your body when you a few "services" during your living spreading seeds..or excrementing oxigen or whatever..

        Before humans..existing was usually enough..if not , natural selection did the rest..

        The only road towards something that can be called sustainability of life on this restoring the balance we broke..and return ourself to a state of being , a way of existence that is symbiotic to the whole..that is the natural mandatory way of maintaining longterm sustainability and room for evolution..

        Plus we have to find way's to undo the damage/imbalance we created..the unsustainability..aka the damage to sustainability..

        Everything exponential further damaging expression of our matter what words are used to sell it..what intentions are faked..

        • DUDe DUD

          Humanity does not give back , it is not even aware or in denial that is the price of live..making its own existence usefull in return for what you are allowed to the energy transformation/recycling machine that every lifeblob is..

          What we do "give" back..on top of all the other destruction we bring very aggressively in to this place to keep our "economy" "growing" is energy brought to a state that is toxic..from being toxic by non-bio-degradebility aka "suffocating" extremely agressive deadly toxic.."given" in way's that it can spread freely truout the perpetual optimal balance seeking if it were not even there..

          So much for symbiose/sustainability..with us disconnected ego powertripping around..

          • DUDe DUD

            Es , ich , uber-ich

            should from now on be..:

            Es , ich , uber-ich , all..

            The need for balance between balances does not stop with an "ich"..

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            Bingo ..lack of consciousness of the (what I call) the original matrix.
            You called life blob..
            Wordage is limited and due to the ..ummmm ..quantum physics thing about pinpointing, changing the object, but if mental consciousness can be held for any great length of time, a second, a moment .. it provides not only they concept of connectedness on a physical plan.. the moment of not listening to our own yapping provides nirvana or grace.

            • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

              And supposedly ..we were to 'move out' from there.
              Understand the balance ..understand the duty.
              And as I have was to be done well.
              As displayed by Heaven and Earth.

              • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                Humans been too well gifted?
                Humans were supposedly given dominion above all the species because of the gift of self awareness.
                Yet move even far enough to understand that those different of their own species are not be hated.
                Let alone understand the universal colleciveness ..of all things.
                Let alone wonder if our collective thought processes might advance the species by understanding this collectiveness.

                LOL..we're kind of out there a ways..DUD.

                • DUDe DUD

                  "..Let alone wonder if our collective thought processes might advance the species by understanding this collectiveness.."

                  Its the only way..logic dictates so..that shift in our awareness the life-matrix is breathlessly waiting for should take place while we still have some resources and energy available to do what needs to be reforestation and massively kickstarting renewables etc..

                  "..LOL..we're kind of out there a ways..DUD…"

                  Oh well , i never liked the inside of the box..that was created to keep the truth outside our perception..

                  We can not release others out the box..but we can shout tru the walls what they need to know to find their own way..;)

                  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                    Oh, logic..
                    Human logic..
                    It's failing us ..DUD.
                    I wish I was more optimistic.

                    • DUDe DUD

                      I know Heart , i share your lack of optimisme..

                      This "balance" thing that hitted me again a few day's ago , that angle/filter to look at it all..has made even more clear then ever before , how freakyly deep in "Failure" we are buried as we speak..

                      But , we both keep posting..meaning , as individuals , we did not part yet from our last spark of hope..

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      I don't know ..DUD.
                      I don't to what end ..our spark of hope.
                      But like ..any child in the land of wonder..
                      What I see ..I'm going to tell.
                      I think maybe you understand.

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      Typo ..I don't "know" to what end.
                      I think that for many is open ended in a way, our ancestors never knew.
                      I'm not comfortable with that.
                      Who in their 'right mind' would be?

                    • DUDe DUD

                      "But like ..any child in the land of wonder….What I see ..I'm going to tell.
                      I think maybe you understand.."

                      Yes , i think so..

                    • DUDe DUD

                      "..I think that for many is open ended in a way, our ancestors never knew.."

                      But i'm unsure what you mean with this one..cyborg ?

                    • DUDe DUD

                      Eliminate the need for balance once and for all.. scary indeed..

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      I entity is meant to tell the tale.
                      Hope is optional.

                    • DUDe DUD

                      Yes i think i understand..but still at the same time..on a biological/instinctive is still an activity that has the potential to increase the chances of one own's survival by group survival..

                      Hope or on a lower level instinct to survive does apparently not need the full rational support by hope of the individual ego..

                      Is it possible for humanity to change its balancemurdering way's without having a change of perception/awareness of the self and the whole ?

                      No !

                      Is it possible to survive if humanity dont changes it ratracing predatory behaviour ?

                      No !

                      Is it possible humanity has that mandatory awareness shift ?

                      Individuals above so below..

                      Yes !

                      Will it be in time ?

                      Only the time to come can tell..but every better understanding we create inbetween , increases our changes to be accurate when we finally let go of seeking happiness by mass destruction and see if we can find survival or even happiness in being healers too..

                    • Its All True Its All True

                      Heart, human logic fails us because for quite a few generations now, Children have not been taught how to think. When a child shows a spark of originality of thought, he or she is marked as "difficult", "hyperactive" etc., and given drugs to subdue the tendency…

                      "A psychotic is a guy who's just found out what's going on". – Burroughs

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      PS…DUD.. We got a long ways out.. mostly on intuitive.
                      Maybe there is hope ..lolol.

                    • DUDe DUD

                      Over here the sun is shining like midsummer , bouncing back from the leafs..there is a flowery scent in the air , and the seeds are floating in the winds.. i have no choice but to keep hoping..hoping for hope..
                      Earth has a electromagnetic field to protect its life..maybe Time has also a way to protect itself from occassional evolutionary deviance like us..without having to sacrifies all the beauty it already nurtured in to being..or something..

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  It's OK, Heart, we grok its fullness.

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          The first peoples around the world understood the imbalance that was brought by their presence as they broke for summer camp leaving the marking of Human presence to be washed away by nature and time.

          Balance is shown in every natural occurrence in our ecosystem ..both on the micro and macro level.
          Humans have always had the capacity to destroy this balance.
          There is a tipping point.

          • DUDe DUD

            So true Heart..our existence is a real strange phenomen.. for example..the more the whole is fallen apart by using our existence wrong or "biological immoral"..the more we speed up/increase our capability to destroy the balance..

            Well , logic dictates that if we can , by choice , have a negative impact on sustainability of that specific miraculus balance we call life..the opposite should also be true too some degree..

            We should at least start trying..once the negative tipping of the whole needs more to be reversed to positive , then what we can influence if we try with all our might..its done..

            How hollow the memory of all our chestpounding will sound then..the echo of the lies we used and still use to tell ourself to make the disconnection a glorious achievement..and keep ourself on the path to selfdestruction..that one direction street where the walls slowly start closing in near the end to be a last warning for the coming wall..and we respond with wasting resources on turning it in to a highway..

  • laconic93 laconic93

    Flash Traffic from our RUSSIAN friends.

    Radiation levels at the Hanford, Washington nuclear waste site have spiked to “elevated risk” after thousands of gallons of toxic waste leaked in April. The site occasionally “burps” radiation, which now reached levels requiring evacuation, RT has learned.

    The recent readings from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) obtained by RT have revealed that a sharp spike in the radiation level had been registered in Richland on the morning of May 5.

    The readings show the random jump when the toxic fume rates briefly reached around 410 CPM [counts per minute], nearly the highest possible level. It equals to around 4 microsieverts (uSv) per hour, a common measurement of radioactivity. To put this into perspective, the single lifetime human dose should be between 0.71 uSv/hour and a maximum of 5.7 uSv/hour, according to Radiation Survival.

    Speaking of public health, levels between 2 uSv/hour and 5 uSv/hour are considered “elevated risk” which requires taking “safety precautions” and relocating “as soon as possible.”

  • pornapart pornapart

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    • rogerthat

      – that's all i can send on this. more gets me error 404

      • rogerthat

        this is how it ends:

        … Statistics on how many workers have been injured at Hanford over the years are lacking, but those who used to work there claim that vapor incidents happen all the time when radioactive waste is being transported between tanks.

        “There are people with very serious brain injuries as a result of exposure to these chemicals. We have 300 cases of exposure but many people don’t even report it,” Tom Carpenter from the Hanford Challenge, a Seattle-based advocacy group for Hanford workers, told RT. “People who report these exposures get harassed and find themselves on the next ‘Wanted’ list.”

        Ellingsworth said he is afraid to file a claim.

        “Because a lot of doctors around here won’t see you if you have a claim. I heard too many stories of people who got sick, got a claim, had to fight over getting benefits just to see the doctor and they weren’t getting treatment. I just want to get treatment,” said Ellingsworth.

    • or-well

      “They [workers] only wear masks when they really have to. They don’t encourage it. They don’t want people to do it. It slows down work,” Ellingsworth said. “The ones who chose to upgrade and wear it even though they don’t have to, well there is pressure on them and they are taken off the jobs… management doesn’t like it, they will trade you out with someone else. That makes you look bad, like you are not a team player.”

      • rogerthat

        hi, or-well, we appear to have a resident evil, this is the second time a story has been blocked.

        • or-well

          hi rogerthat, I've not had a prob – so far! -with the stories that have glitched for you.
          dunno y…

        • rogerthat

          Contamination Revealed at Largest US Air Force Base in Asia: Kadena, Okinawa
          Friday, 06 May 2016
          By Jon Mitchell, The Asia-Pacific Journal | Report

          Located in the center of Okinawa Island, Kadena Air Base is the largest United States Air Force installation in Asia.

          Equipped with two 3.7 kilometer runways and thousands of hangars, homes and workshops, the base and its adjoining arsenal at Chibana sprawl across 46 square kilometers of Okinawa's main island. Approximately 20,000 American service members, contractors and their families live or work here alongside 3,000 Japanese employees. More than 16,000 Okinawans own the land upon which the installation sits.

          Kadena Air Base hosts the biggest combat wing in the USAF — the 18th Wing — and, during the past seven decades, the installation has served as an important launch pad for wars in Korea, Vietnam and Iraq. Given the long history of Kadena Air Base and its city-sized scale, it is easy to understand why the USAF calls it "The Keystone of the Pacific."

          But until now, nobody has realized the damage the base is inflicting on the environment and those who live in its vicinity. Documents obtained under the US Freedom of Information Act …

          • rogerthat

            reveal how years of accidents and neglect have been polluting local land and water with hazardous chemicals including arsenic, lead, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), asbestos and dioxin.

            Military authorities have often hidden this contamination, putting at risk the health of their own service members and the 184,000 Japanese civilians living in neighboring communities.

            Japan-US Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) and the Environment

            In Japan, there are 130 US bases — 32 of which are located on Okinawa — but the Americans who serve upon them and local residents know nothing of the dangers these installations pose to human health or the environment.

            At the root of the problem lies the Japan-US Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) which makes no allowances for Japanese officials to conduct pollution checks within US bases — nor does it hold the military responsible for cleaning up land returned to civilian usage.

            In 2015, Washington and Tokyo tagged a supplementary agreement onto SOFA giving local authorities the right to request a base inspection following a spill. However so far, the Pentagon has failed to green-light any such checks.

            Since SOFA absolves the US of all financial responsibility to clean up contaminated land, the costs are borne by Japanese tax-payers. The financial burden of military contamination is particularly heavy on Okinawa, Japan's poorest prefecture, where US bases take up roughly 20% of Okinawa's main island but contribute …

            • rogerthat

              only 5% to the prefecture's economy. …

              JON MITCHELL

              Jon Mitchell is a Welsh journalist based in Japan. He is the author of Tsuiseki: Okinawa no Karehazai (Chasing Agent Orange on Okinawa) (Koubunken 2014) and a visiting researcher at the International Peace Research Institute of Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo. Mitchell is an Asia-Pacific Journal contributing editor.

              RELATED STORIES
              FOIA Documents Reveal Agent Orange Dioxin, Toxic Dumps, Fish Kills on Okinawa Base
              By Jon Mitchell, The Asia-Pacific Journal | Report

              In Preparation to Join US Wars, Japan Dismantles Freedom of the Press
              By Jon Mitchell, Freedom of the Press Foundation | News Analysis

              Drunk US Marine's Dump of Toxic Foam Among Accidents Polluting Okinawa Water Supply
              By Jon Mitchell, Asia-Pacific Journal | News Analysis

              – long, detailed, seriously good workl from The Asia-Pacific Journal.

        • rogerthat

          yes it's weird but so far there appear to be ways around it.

  • Cdog Cdog

    It probably took 4 to 5 hundred million years of cooling and the luck of magnetic shielding to create an environment in which the DNA genome could become sustainable. It only has taken man 80 years to completely hot up the planet again. Without the miracle technology of filtering the environment all life on this planet is doomed. Went to the beach in Santa Cruz yesterday and pointed out to my mother no birds, seals, otter, crabs, or anything alive at all. Dog did find two dead birds.

    • ISeePinkClouds

      Yes. Cdog. Ty. "Without the miracle technology of filtering the environment all life on this planet is doomed."

      We find that, or some other way.

      Stopping the radiation at Fukushima from contaminating the environment would be a good start toward saving mankind.

      It's an uphill battle.

      Soldier On.


    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Nothing unusual there, dog. The background level of death has a always been there. Birds, seals and other anomalies were the exception and not the rule.

      Their loss is insignificant in the shadow of the uranium economy. More extravagant lifestyles for the wealthy are what's important. The rich need more high end sports cars to take their children to the zoo and the beach to see the animals. We do need to stuff the dead animals and chain them to the beach so kids won't be disappointed, though.

      Nothing like a day out with the kids. Don't forget to chain them up before heading back to work at the nuclear plant. The kids that is. — yours truly, Nuclear Bob

  • Jebus Jebus

    A mic drop in the pond…

    Wave of dead sea creatures hits Chile's beaches, experts blame El Nino

  • Jebus Jebus

    Science community losing its edge as problems mount

    By James Gover And Edward Graham / Former Members Of Sandia National Laboratories Management – Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

    Americans want the federally funded science community to impartially address problems important to the public while concurrently making innovations leading to long-term economic growth.

    This community is not meeting public expectations; furthermore, global warming communications, failures such as the LANL kitty litter debacle at WIPP and widespread public anger at government have helped compromise its public trust.

    Instead of addressing this and other shortcomings of federal R&D, this communities’ Mafia-like lobby spends its time generating reports to persuade policymakers that our 1940’s science policy is somehow critical to national prosperity.

    The problems with the federal science Mafia include:

    …(nine bullets)

    We think that it is time for the federal science community to get its act together, clean its house and address areas important to the public, stop its misguided lobbying efforts for increased funding and reestablish its respect for and by the public.

  • Jebus Jebus

    And then there's this little gem from, "No more kool-aid, I'm gettin' me some reality Rod".

    Public is rational about radiation; the industry isn’t

    Either radiation is really dangerous, even at levels well below those voluntarily accepted at historically popular health spas with radium laced water emanating radon gas, or natural radiation has a different effect on human health than radiation released from nuclear power plants, or the decision makers are completely nuts by imposing enormous costs and destroying thousands of lives by forcing people to leave their homes, communities, and businesses.

    Seem's it takes a dying planet to rewrite the nuclear playbook…

    Ever notice how press piece sounds like precipice? 😐

  • Jebus Jebus

    Think of the mildly radioactive Earth as a shielded life boat, with a natural hole in it, sitting in the intensly radioactive Ocean of space. You don't know radiation till you escape Earth's shields.

    For millions and millions of years life has kept itself afloat by adapting it's biological systems to keeping the natural radioactivity inside the boat somwhere in between where life could thrive in a balance. Some primary functions have even utilized the natural radioactivity to their advantage. They had to, to survive. Other functions find it very detrimental to be exposed too much. But life went on with this, adapting and surviving it through many iterations over very long periods of time.

    You are here. Post manmade nuclear. Your mileage may vary… 😐

  • ISeePinkClouds

    Yes. Jebus. Ty. "You are here. Post manmade nuclear. Your mileage may vary…" Genius. QoLx. Brilliant.

    QoL=Quantity of Life.

    How many breaths granted by birth. How many breaths expended. How many breaths remain. Ratio exposure to C137 at X amount for Y time = (number) breaths expended from radiation.

    Simply subtract that from at birth breaths, minus the previously expended breaths, and death can be predicted to occur down to minutes or seconds.

    It's a no brainer.

    (I hope I didn't leave out anything.)


  • ISeePinkClouds

    Yes. (One way to ascertain the number of breaths granted by birth, is by counting backwards from death.)

    Simple Math.

    It's a no brainer.


    • The new norm; massive radiation spikes and no one says anything.

      Melt downs and nuclear disasters, completely hidden and out of sight.

      Nothing to see here, move on.

      Watch some more 'programming' and be happy.


    • bf9 bf9

      I think there has been a recent major European or perhaps Russian event with a total news blackout, and I agree with your analysis. This should be urgently evaluated by as many others as possible. My personal readings in the western US haven't been out of the ordinary but I'm seeing massive spikes all across Europe.

    • bf9 bf9

      Could also be Fukushima, hard to say without more data. I am in complete agreement however that you shouldn't be detecting that anywhere without some kind of major release.

    • bf9 bf9

      Also, was it ever totally 100% confirmed that the Sendai plant was unscathed from the EQ's? I don't think there was all that much ground acceleration at it's distance from the epicenter of those bigger ones last month but something is definitely happening somewhere.

  • anyone know how to make starch solution to test for radioactive iodine in rain water?

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    NLP Neuro Linguistic Programing… Every single news story about a nuclear accident always ends up saying, "No immediate threat to public health, or "less than a chest X-ray."

    It ls an immediate threat, and it's more than a chest X-ray. Deprogram yourself. Say it: "It ls an immediate threat, and it's more than a chest X-ray." Say it. Put an extra bead on your Rosary

    • DUDe DUD

      The delussional state of mind of disconnected overpopulating ratracing humanity is the biggest immediate threat to everything..all other ELE-triggers are just a logical result..

      Nevertheless 60 000 000 individuals have been murdered by the nuclear industry..that means 60 000 000 individuals defending/profiting from nuclear should be in jail for life..

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    the 24 hour animation of Kyushu Island, Japan on NETC shows many radcon 3 and radcon 4 symbols . Fukushima Prefecture in Honshu also.

    oookie dokie

  • No immediate threat to your health like smoking cigarettes, unprotected sex with a hooker or using dirty needles drunk driving or exposure to nuclear radiation a disingenuous way of describing a situation.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      There's a hormesis effect for " smoking cigarettes, unprotected sex with a hooker or using dirty needles drunk driving" Builds up immunity. sarc

  • Sol Man

    I hope that we understand before we are gone.

    Real leaders aren't in the game for the pay-off.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Shh. Don't tell anyone. Keep it quiet. Hush. Conspire with us. $$$. Ca ching! Brother!

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Tokyo area area is hot . NETC.

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