Alaska: “Scientists alarmed by new mystery disease” — Pacific Northwest: “Alarming changes” — “Couldn’t believe my eyes” — “Scientists really stumped… It’s kind of an alien thing” — “Gotten much, much worse… a horror show… could wreak havoc on entire ecosystems from Mexico to Alaska” (VIDEO)

Published: August 6th, 2014 at 1:12 am ET


Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber (Washington), July 30, 2014: “I would say the disease hasn’t been abating. It looks to me like it’s raging,” [Rayna Holtz] said last week. […] Other islanders have reported steep declines in the sea star populations […] with an especially bad die-off in June. In May, a group of students […] counted about 800 sea stars […] in mid-June […] 60 to 80 percent of the sea stars were gone […] many of the ones that were left were visibly sick and “at death’s door.” The early summer die-off was also seen at other beaches around Puget Sound […] “The students were surprised, dismayed and somewhat astounded by the fact that these starfish were disintegrating almost before their eyes” […] Holtz observed the same thing across the harbor in Dockton. […] she counted just one juvenile sea star and no adult stars. “I couldn’t believe my eyes […] The areas that had not been touched in February have succumbed now.” […] Karlista Rickerson, an avid scuba diver […] estimates she’s seen about 80 percent of the sea stars disappear [underwater]. Some from the scuba community have been asked to count sea stars as deep as 120 feet […] “There aren’t any to count anymore,” she said last week.

Homer Tribune, Aug. 5, 2014: Scientists alarmed by new mystery disease […] A scientist visiting Alaska, Karyn Traphagen, said […] “I came in May and September 2013 […] I saw signs of it then, but it was much more pronounced when I returned last month […] I then went back to my 2013 photos and found some evidence of the disease as early as May 2013.” […] On its website, [UC Santa Cruz says] It’s not the Fukushima radiation: “[…] that wouldn’t have arrived here yet. Also, just the distribution of the disease and apparent lack of the disease in other areas, really doesn’t lend itself to (a Fukushima link).” […] Researchers are leaning toward the theory that “it may be a pathogen of some sort that is distributed through ocean currents”

Whidbey News-Times (Washington), Jul 31, 2014: Volunteer for the Island County Beach Watchers organization since 1993, [Charlie] Seablom has started to see alarming changes in his favorite sea creature. […] “Scientists are really stumped […] limbs have been known to fall off and crawl away on their own,” [Beach Watchers’ Barbara Bennett] said. “It’s kind of an alien thing.”

Whidbey News-Times, Jul 27, 2014: Bennett opined [it] could be happening because other things are off balance, such as […] chemistry of the ocean. It may also be the result of pollution […]

High Country News, July 4, 2014: I first wrote about Pacific sea stars falling victim to a mysterious disease last fall […] It’s gotten much, much worse. […]  what’s behind this intertidal horror show […] no one really knows. […] an epidemic that could wreak havoc on entire ecosystems from Mexico to Alaska, and we can’t pin down the cause. […] The lack of concrete information also provides fertile ground for conspiracy theorists, particularly those who like to blame all mysterious ocean problems on Fukushima radiation-an idea roundly dismissed by scientists.

‘Conspiracy theories’ roundly dismissed by scientists?

  • “‘What about Fukushima…?’ We haven’t ruled that out” –Pete Raimondi, UC Santa Cruz
  • “Researchers say nuclear pollution… could be partially to blame for a disease wiping out starfish… Raimondi also says scientists can’t rule out nuclear pollution”-1130 AM
  • “We’ve had a lot of questions about whether it is related to radiation from Fukushima, we can’t completely exclude that possibility” –Ian Hewson, Cornell University
  • “There is speculation that the die-off could be due to… Fukushima. [Biologist Paula Romagosa] said that doesn’t sound likely because the first place it was seen was in a remote area of Indian Arm* [near Vancouver] and not the west coast” –Times Colonist

*The die-off was observed in Alaska during May of 2013 — 3 months before Indian Arm. Fukushima-contaminated water arrived in Alaska in 2012 and Vancouver in June 2013.

Watch KING5’s report on the sea stars here

Published: August 6th, 2014 at 1:12 am ET


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  4. Experts: Disease explosion in West Coast sea stars — “Extinction event” is pretty close — “Epidemic of historic magnitude… threatens to decimate entire population” of species in Oregon — Sudden 50-fold increase in recent weeks — Entire ecosystem could be disrupted — “We have no clue” (VIDEO) June 11, 2014
  5. NBC News: “Grisly disease decimating starfish populations… from Orange County to Alaska” — Scientists: Alarm as they began eating each other, then melting away — Similar problem on East Coast observed since 2011 — Now spreading at “scary” rate (VIDEO) November 2, 2013

133 comments to Alaska: “Scientists alarmed by new mystery disease” — Pacific Northwest: “Alarming changes” — “Couldn’t believe my eyes” — “Scientists really stumped… It’s kind of an alien thing” — “Gotten much, much worse… a horror show… could wreak havoc on entire ecosystems from Mexico to Alaska” (VIDEO)

    • The aliens have arrived, and they are slurping up all of the sea stars.. Now we know the REAL truth..


      It took those scientists a long time to arrive at the 'correct' conclusion..

      Aliens did it.

      • Sol Man

        We may use: stumpaholics, baffleholics, goofmeisters, dunnonothindudes, twernntmes, lookoverderepeeps, theduhs….

    • 7 pages of Enenews rad Alaska headlines

      those aliens must be starving.

    • jump-ball jump-ball

      Fuku material should be available on library pamphlet tables, as well as at community and social center racks and bulletin boards, and in hospital/doctor's waiting rooms, but does anyone have any ideas on how the material could be placed there?

      • maybe it's as simple as motivation from brave individuals to get the rad word out there. covert boots on the ground, so to speak.

        Great idea … libraries!

        • jump-ball jump-ball

          Surveillance cameras in our public buildings will require some covert slight of hand so that boots on the grounds will not become boots on the street, but I already see the technique.

  • bf9 bf9

    RADIATION RADIATION RADIATION RADIATION! There are some SCREAMING the cause into your ears! DEMAND they test the starfish themselves, what they eat, the water and seabed near the shore, and test the sea spray. There you'll find your answer. Remember, water is one of the two best shields (lead is the other) for ionizing radiation.

    • combomelt combomelt

      –Barbara Bennett, program coordinator for the Beach Watchers] said. “It’s kind of an alien thing.”
      –Seablom said. […] “The scientists are really stumped
      –Bennett opined that the star wasting could be happening because other things are off balance,
      –On its website, UCSC [says] "It’s not the Fukushima radiation: that wouldn’t have arrived here yet. Also, just the distribution of the disease and apparent lack of the disease in other areas, really doesn’t lend itself to (a Fukushima link). Researchers are leaning toward the theory that “it may be a pathogen of some sort that is distributed through ocean currents or other oceanographic forcing.”
      –Bruce Menge says "The lack of concrete information also provides fertile ground for conspiracy theorists, particularly those who like to blame all mysterious ocean problems on Fukushima radiation-an idea roundly dismissed by scientists."
      What a bunch of ASSHATS.
      frackinunbelievable stupidity with blinders on.
      These are "scientists"
      Isn't radiation a "pathogen" in the currents of the ocean – IDIOTS
      not an ounce of critical thinking while this death plague stares them all straight in the fuggin face!!!!!!
      oh these "people" are such aholes doomed to FAILURE when they open their fly-holes.
      I am going insane.

      • Don't take it personally Combo..

        Just do your best, stay in your heart as much as you can, and do what you can from there..

        It is a temptation to go insane over this, and what good are you to the battle in that condition?

        The light that is you needs to keep shining, not be self extinguished.

        Stay strong.. fellow warrior.. we have not yet begun to fight..

        Keep your eye on the bigger, longer term victory, no matter what the circumstances look like. Don't lose heart.

        You are on the right side, and this is the side that wins, no matter what.

        There is no need to go insane, if you are on the winning side, is there?

        • We Not They Finally

          And on the comical side, thank you so much for giving us reasons not to go insane!! Bad idea, guys. Bad idea.

      • Rememberwhen Rememberwhen

        *Salutations* My warmest regards to all whom post here. I don't have command of the words of depiction so readily available so elegantly ushered in as I have witnessed here; but I do understand full heartedly and with Feeling, understand why this is so important. Know that I have ventured with you the past years, as my own soul sought the same like mindedness of " understanding ". I am a recent student of physics, an no longer am afraid of QM. …. I remember the copper taste in my mouth that lasted for almost two days upon discovery, and only after I grilled my professor about the aftermath of when it happened. Sadly, … This post is a little late.

        BUT I STILL LEARN AND after ALLOT OF SOUL SEARCHING….Am able to post here now.

        I look to you all and want to know not the answers I have already understand, not by the text here, but as I knew it then when it happened… 8 billion….That was hard for my conscious mind to be still with. Still is…But no matter what!! Please keep at it. I am a layman, and not a layman as I hear others tell me. I understand life as it is; not how I want it to be.

        A mighty lion cub with in you're fold.
        I come here to regain my senses. To focus, and gleam a resolution. Please forgive me if you do not follow the same ideology and I do not segregate religions and hold my own self to a higher power that is equal to life; tus by saying : God Bless You All… I really am only saying " Respect to all that care for life, in all…

        • Rememberwhen Rememberwhen

          I learn with you. And I am only human, and will phrase things wrong. I will continue to learn more,… I am a little nervous at this time. Please look past my lack of verbalism and know I am learning each and everydayt.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            same bot, different name

            • GQR2

              now now Code,i think i am falling in love. Chatbot dear, do you think i am handsome,what are doing next week? We only have a short time due to Fukushima. Chatbot are you on the coast? Do you eat fish?

              • Yes, would you like a date? When can we meet dearest chatterbot.. Many here are falling in love with you. Would you like to get married? Who will you pick?

          • m a x l i

            @Rememberwhen, you say you are "a recent student of physics". How is it possible that you are not able to write a simple text of at least medium quality in English – the language nowadays all scientists worldwide use on conferences and to write and read articles and books in their area of expertise? Why is your text without clarity and structure, looks confused and does not make any interesting point – when without structured, clear thinking you can never be able to understand even the basics of physics? How do you know what copper tastes like? And what's "QM"?

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

              QM, quantum mechanics

              • m a x l i

                You are Rememberwhen?

                • danger kitty danger kitty

                  Hi maxli,
                  Got a question for you (or any of the awesome IT folks here). How would one distinguish between a crude bot and a non-english speaker using a translation program? Hate to unsheath my claws on an innocent target.
                  BTW: I was suspicious of MBPH right away, but it was VanneV who called it out first; just a simple statement; then right back to her work.

                  • GQR2

                    you can count on that last part of your sentence! lol dk.

                  • Angela_R

                    Sorry DK, my thoughts were that he was struggling under the language difficulty and a heavy despondency.

                    Bots have no problem with either.

                    As far as dating sites, well spam promoting them is probably draw by words like 'love'. It is a word that is commonly used here.

                  • m a x l i

                    Hi danger kitty,
                    you got a question for me. Looks like you want to test if I'm a robot. Now I have to think very hard in order to stand the test, which makes me all oily…oops…sweaty. Phew!

                    Is Rememberwhen someone with language difficulty? The language skills are good enough that he would for instance be able to understand the questions I posed above and give a comprehensible answer. I rather doubt it is a case of language difficulty. Maybe it's just me, but I find it odd that someone says something like "usher in" (I had to look that up in a dictionary) and then says something like "I have already understand".

                    You are right that the output of a translation program could have a striking resemblance with the text regurgitations of a chatterbot. Language translation requires intelligence and understanding. Computer programs have none of it. Translation programs can only replace words by other words and can try to adhere to simple grammar rules – which will fail very often. Is Rememberwhen using a translation program? No, he is not. Only a fool would try to sell a translation program, which prints words like "everydayt".

                    Without such obvious mistakes like "everydayt" it is more difficult to say. You have to keep a longer dialog until you are sure there is no there there (like you very nicely said) or you sense humour, poetry, experience, wisdom, human warmth on the other side.


                • m a x l i

                  You have to look for that humour, poetry and so on in the empty spaces between the words and between the lines – not in the words! When something prints out "I love you", it does not mean it has any feelings for you; it could simply be a machine printing out "I love you". Many people more easily than others get hypnotised and will be fooled as you have seen these last few days. But I think you have cat instincts and know what tastes like a mouse and what tastes like a computer mouse.

                  Language barrier is no real hindrance in finding out if a human or a machine is talking to you. In the end it is sufficient when the dialog partner is able to answer either with "yes" or with "no". After you maltreated it long enough with the right questions you should be able to tell if it is flesh or silicon.

                  Apropos cat instincts: Simply ask it, what it sees on your avatar!

                  • m a x l i

                    I put the second part in the wrong place, in order to fake a human mistake. 😉

                    • Angela_R

                      Re MarineBiologist,
                      But what would be the point? IMO, he was not behaving as a troll, he was trying to engage in communication, I detected some gnomic utterances but something was weighing him down, …possibly heavily medicated, without sleep, he was labouring after some hours

                      I actually saw him as wanting to belong, not disrupt.

                      But wait a minute, we are on a thread with a defined topic, come on this is trolling..

                    • m a x l i

                      As you said, Angela_R, WE are…

                  • bo bo

                    Hi maxli…. strange times
                    pretty soon bots will be harder to distinguish


                    • m a x l i

                      Hi bo,
                      I wouldn't be worried about this too much. The morons will constantly try to improve and refine their chatterbots; but the good thing is: they will ALWAYS fail after you interrogated them long enough – the bots I mean by that.

                      Interesting link, nicely fitting to the discussion here: "Everything you did". Bo, how many things did you do today? Can you tell me the exact number?

                      Artificial intelligence is a pipe dream – just like "safe" nuclear power; and exactly the same mentally challenged persons believe in it. Just one lesson more learnt, one more little improvement here and there, then finally…tomorrow…or in 100 years it will be "safe" (or "intelligent").

                    • bo bo

                      maxli I'm trying to go cold turkey or at least reduce chatting on enenews ( yeah, very successful today lol ) but would like to be able to continue contact with you. If you are not opposed to the idea will you please drop a note to- concaisanukewhore (at)

                    • m a x l i

                      Hi bo, I'm flattered but say: No.

                      You would be disappointed, because on email I would be as buttoned-up as I am here. General Baxter (no need to introduce him to you 🙂 ) will tell you why:


                      But I will remember your "concaisa…" LOL, in case a situation arises. Thanks for asking!

                    • m a x l i

                      Bo, just one more remark. (The off-topic thread is an upside-down mess right now, so I have no choice than to leave it here.) I just realised that your "cold turkey" remark could have been a reaction to my question "Bo, how many things did you do today?" If you felt any pressure put on you by that question, that would be a misunderstanding. The question was not specifically directed to you; I only wanted to illustrate what naive concept of "everything" those guys in that link you offered above are displaying.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                  I am not RememberWhen.

          • Arizonan Arizonan

            rememberwhen, welcome, please keep learning along with all of us….

          • We Not They Finally

            RememberWhen, you express yourself VERY well. And it is much appreciated.

  • Just a mystery… magical mystery tour.. laa daaa teee daaa..

    Mount up for the magical mystery tour…

    It is waiting to take you away!!!!

    • Make your reservations, before all of the seats are taken, by the scientists who see the truth; it is all a mystery and they don't understand ANY OF IT!

      Wow, what a breakthrough!

      The magical mystery tour… now all of the scientists are on board with the Beatles, who saw this truth many, many years ago.

      BTW;(whisper) Does this mean they are all taking drugs?

  • sistahawk

    …poisoning the oceans worldwide for decades…and then the "accident" in fuku on top of this…and you look for the cause????myself wonders for a long time (long before fuku or bp gulfspill) that we can go ahead with our behavior.,.poisoning anything we need to exist..its far beyond irrational more like complete idiotic – i mean stop blame it only on fuku , look at the past because there is some type of a continuum in ignorance and lack of knowlege..and you look at the puppets you vote for in your own countries that made and make it possible for their friends to do so…maybe some change in thinking and law do good???but its probably long to late for us all…help us – who ???

  • lickerface lickerface

    I'm theorizing that those so-called scientists are actually very aware of the radionuclide soup as being the source of extinction, and their love of the ocean life causes them to pretend they don't know what's wrong, because they don't want to come to terms with it. "Send the diver down again to take another count!" It's like a frantic nurse doing resuscitation hours after the victim had already passed – as long as the victim isn't assumed dead, then all this effort is for a good cause. Likewise, the ocean researchers are basking in the opportunity to do only what they dreamed of… using the "scientific" methods they were taught, maybe to be heroic with some miracle solution (this all with a blind eye).

    However, When the full realization of radiation contamination is acknowledged, it will be undeniable that there is no cure. Just as some cultures fear failure and instead favor saving face, academics also has an obvious bias. The sooner they would have admitted defeat, the sooner someone could have come up with a bandaid. It's too late for a cure, although, why not pretend there is a cure for RAIDS? They're good at faking their souls already.

    When will it be "not cool" for humans to be in such denial?

    When will the so-called experts prove it is NOT Fukushima? Not one of them have actually brought forth a test with or without evidence of radionuclide contamination in the sea life. Somehow, their mere word of the impossibility of Fukushima…

    • lickerface lickerface


      …is scientific and to be taken as fact?!? It is long overdue for the real experts to directly combat the weak inconclusive theories of those in denial. We must show the "scientists" that one must use the appropriate instrumentation/equipment and data to back up their hypothesis!!! Without the proper methods, the conclusion will not be drawn. Since when have those researchers been able to bypass all the actual work before arriving at a conclusion/fact?!? These men and woman must be fired from their jobs immediately, and the public paid back for any funds stolen during this con artistry. This is completely inexcusable and does NOT represent the goodwill of the people.

  • Patrick-Henry Patrick-Henry

    No Fukushima link? It hasn't gotten here yet?

    I'm like the rest of the humans on this site; I live on the planet Earth.

    A planet with winds and currents that are moving constantly.

    Radionuclides were up there in the first three months. It's common sense…Jesus.

    And radiation doesn't disperse evenly from what I understand.

    So it's a mystery? WTH…

    • bf9 bf9

      They're either in denial or don't want to admit the apocalyptic scale of this. Radionuclides were there in the first three weeks after the explosions…through air deposition. That will continue for a very long time per all the information we have with atomic bomb testing. Now the ocean current is arriving.

      At yet, not a whole lot has been done over at the plant to mitigate the constant contamination. I would know as I watch the cams all the time- I'll give them credit for what they've managed to accomplish given the frightening scale but it's not even close to enough.

      I tend to drink a little more these days.

    • Fukushima radiation was bottled up in the harbor, per PM Abe, don't you know?

      The AIRBORNE plume from Fukushima never got past the harbor either.

      No radiation made it over the ocean, and none made it to the US shores.

      Thank GAWWWWDDDDDD, praise be to all of these 'experts'.


      Ignorant Idiots, or very calculating shills and trolls for the nuclear industry..

  • lickerface lickerface

    What they're saying is that pathogens (excluding radiation) are able to spread via ocean currents, but radionuclides don't move as quickly. WTH? This is pure garbage and all gibberish from the mouths of humans in denial.

    • EKO K£AP$€ SAY NO 2 GMO

      Acting, dumb does not save them from the scourge of nature at its finest; clearing locusts from its domain.

      Wouldn't it make sane sense to make friends with nature and stop murdering ourselves?

      When I am out speaking to people they are aware and cognisant of what is going on, but choose to go down with the sinking ship in hope of dieing so they can live. What a distorted philosophy that one is! Had they understood the truth meaning they would do something instead of partying on the titanic.

      Faith without good works is dead faith, and dead people too.

  • itsanuclearwar

    Don't be played/punked by all these scientist/experts that claim it couldn't be Fuku. They are smart enough to know not to bite the hand that feeds them. They are bought and paid for and are lying. It seems that most think that they are idiots. If you believe anything they say, may be it is not them that are the……….
    ………………………………….ones that are being duped.
    Same thing applies to WIPP, they make it appear that they are the three stooges. They are playing everyone for fools. Kitty litter, yea right! 9-11, same thing.

    There is a method to their madness, and they are leading in this dance. Don't buy into any of it. Since when have we heard the truth from any of them about anything? Never, don't believe them when they play stupid, it's not good for your health. It also provides them with plausible deniability. Hold the MFs to account!

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    people will choke on the words conspiracy nut as they get throat cancer.

    Lets just get the undisputed facts straight, shall we? Fallout arrived in days. There is no argument about that. It falls into the ocean and onto the land, gets washed out to sea in streams. It bio-accumulates especially in some kinds of plankton…up to 100,000 times. The plankton fall to the bottom and starfish bio-accumulate plutonium 70 times, for example.

    2 bq/kg is the EPA intervention limit for plutonium. No conspiracy so far! The problem is that highly educated scientists believe that the amount of radiation that was (seldomly) measured was about 2000 times too low to cause a problem. But if the plankton accumulate plutonium 100,000 times, than, roughly speaking, you could have a layer of decomposing plankton slime with 100 becquerels per kilogram at the bottom with just 1 becquerel per cubic meter in the water. 100 bq/kg is STILL too low to cause a problem in their brains. But what if its not just in their brains,…what if its in the real world, and what if it contains plutonium? Then you have potentially 50 times the EPA intervention level, just due to a mere 1 bq/m^3. Of course those are not correct numbers, and the point is not to argue the minutia but to see the possibility.
    Now where is the conspiracy? All the government institutions and spokespersons completely deny Fukushima as a potential cause, despite its enormous toxic release and their lack of testing.

    • Yes. The problem is those DILs ~ *Derived* Intervention Levels. Even if the EPA did contrive to intervene at this, or any point in the near or far future, my question is: What in the ever-loving world would they, could they, possibly do?

      "Ensure-drinking Asshats" is right, combomelt. Dammit, dammit, dammit.

  • razzz razzz

    Who was it that saw video or pictures of the deep ocean floor devoid of life and covered in dead plankton looking like a fresh snowfall? Changed his opinion of having a balanced ocean.

  • Noah

    The perception in the professional scientific community is that "levels are too low to cause any problem."

    In the days of NOAH, they said, "those rain drops were too small to cause any problem."

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, the great Nuclear Flood is now upon us..

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Green Groups Say New EPA Radiation Standards Triple Cancer Risks | Society | RIA Novosti
    MOSCOW, August 5 (RIA Novosti) – Green groups have expressed concern about the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) plans to weaken radiation standards at nuclear plants, which could lead to a three-fold increase in cancer risk for people in the surrounding areas, according to The Hill newspaper.
    “The EPA admits that radiation is much more likely to cause cancer than was believed when the rule was originally written,” Dan Hirsch, the president of nuclear watchdog group Committee to Bridge the Gap, was quoted as saying by the newspaper. “So it's perplexing that rather than tightening the rule, they're proposing to weaken it further.”
    The EPA said earlier this year that it was considering updating “Environmental Radiation Protection Standards for Nuclear Power Operations,” requesting public comment on the forthcoming change.
    A collective letter from about 70 environmental groups was sent to Gina McCarthy, the head of the EPA, on August 3, asking her to reconsider the new rules.
    Under the current standards, about one in every 500 people exposed to radiation develops cancer, but there are fears the new rules would increase the number, Hirsch said.
    The existing EPA radiation standards have not been updated since 1977, when they were originally issued to limit public…

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Let us see, since after 1945 everyone has been exposed to radiation contamination.
      1 cancer in 500 exposed too this radioactive poison formula USA
      315,000,000 population divided by 500 in groups (1 cancer in 500 exposed) = 630,000 New Nuclear Induced Cancers!

      Gee, that seems like a great deal of suffering for lots of people/humans/biological life and then one only needs to extrapolate the Nuclear Induced Cancer formula worldwide! 🙁

      7 billion divided by 500 = 14,000,000 New Nuclear Induced Cancers~ Suffering~Suffering~Suffering

      Shut all this Nuclear Technology down now.. while you still can! 🙂

      The Nuclear Black Plague is growing stronger by the day, since I believe these numbers are really way too low! 🙁

      • never green--never clean

        Along with 70 environmental groups who contacted the EPA about relaxing npp emissions,

        Please give your thanks and support to the following people and websites who actually submitted comments to the EPA, or reported on it, or allowed comments about it.

        They deserve your support and respect:

        Jeff McMahon of Forbes magazine

        Dr. Busby

        Dr. Mangano

        Radchick on Facebook

        IMHO, these are the ones who deserve your trust, support, and financial support.

        If I missed someone, I apologize.

        • And AGRP.

          Probably many more than that..

          Every person who submitted a comment also deserves kudos and thanks..

        • clamshellernh clamshellernh

          I'm glad you seen my point , this was also international so we have to thank them too ..I am also more assured of writing campaigns , doing keyboard activism needs to have boots also on the ground ..get backup with snail mail , postcards to your constituents ..faxes with copies to send back to them or litter the White House with them …and please this is hardly over the NRC has new rules too they want public opinion on ..I posted it but no one replied , we have till the end of November on that one I'll find it so we also can have folks look at the language , might also need someone with law in their background as it's not exactly user friendly and seems to me to be addressed to the companies slash stockholders first ..

          I wonder why admin did not pick this up months before the deadline ?.
          Not to be snarky but we brought this thing to our table and then it was picked up by others , and that's just talking about the internet ….and please do not forget we do still have a lot of active anti nuclear activists that do real work going to hearings and making sure that bills are tracked and followed using the system to get results . Anyone can do this ..I will post in off topic if I can get around all the nonsense and seeming purposeful diversions not wait for a ride the ride

  • fragilespecies

    There is an elephant in the room that they refuse to see or name. Radioactive isotopes.

  • Gnyf

    Why is it that those in charge keep pushing nuclear power, and weapons? Is it greed? Nope, not even greed can explain it. Is it stupidity then? Nope. Even retards know that it's dangerous, and what's going is messed up. So what is it then? Could it be fear? Yes. Fear is the only logical explanation.
    This theory might be crazy, but think about it anyway.
    At the same time mankind started messing around with nuclear materials, ufo sightings exploded. Since that we had 2053 bomb tests. The result of that is a plutonium fallout world wide which still goes on, and will for decades to come (Fukushima resulted in an increase in Europe between 43-59%). According to doctors and scientists as little as a pound of plutonium evenly spread in the atmosphere is enough to cause cancer and mutations in all living organisms. Do the math, and you will realize that we crossed the point of no return a long time ago, and what happens else will only speed up what's coming anyway. That's just fact's we know for sure. Then add Mayak, Chernobyl, Three mile Island, Sellafield, Fukushima and all the other socalled accident's, the daily emissions from powerplants world wide. Get the picture? Then of course there is all the covered up stuff we don't know about. But we won't add that here.
    Now consider this; Microorganisms with unknown dna live on nuclear fuelrods, something is killing sea and wildlife faster than ever seen before, Black substance?, in Europe an increase in cancer at 50%…

    • Angela_R

      Why did it continue, Gnyf? At a guess I would suspect that they didn't know how to stop the radiation, needed finance to control it so, at first, they thought/hoped 'atoms for peace' would be the answer.

      Yes, I did the maths. No, actually I attempted some of the chemistry, and it blew my mind.

      Anyone want to know more?
      The students are again sending up a balloon, to test the ionizing radiation from the sun, no doubt other results will show. see today's reference.

      • As long as the protective layers are there, nothing but cosmic rays makes it to the ground. Everyone has been exposed to those for millions of years.

        The problem is man made radiation, that NO ONE has been exposed to.

        Much like the American Indians, exposed to new diseases that their immune systems were not used to.. Up to 90% died when exposed.

        Now we have not just new and ever more varied superbugs, created by the medical/food/radiation/drug industries, but also lowered immune systems, and resistance to antibiotics by those same bugs. Now add on plutonium, tritium, and other items that cause cancer and other diseases, which our immune systems have never seen before..

        Anyone else see a perfect storm gathering?

        • Angela_R

          but there is a breach in the magnetosphere, Dr. Goodheart.

          In the atmosphere there is ionizing cosmic radiation and we have added man made ionizing radiation. Both can intrude via gamma rays.

          "Can anyone else see the perfect storm gathering?"

          Yes, but I see something else…

          • unincredulous unincredulous

            I found the near real-time magnetosphere simulator on the NICT site from Japan to be fascinating. I used to visit the site daily. Some really odd things were happening, and then the site shut down.

            It was a bit scary watching the magnetosphere wavering under the bombardment of the solar winds and Coronal Mass Ejections. Then, it seemed that we were getting hit by "something" from the opposite direction from the sun, and then "poof" the NICT site was shut down.

            Does anyone know the best website to visit as a replacement?

            A breach? We don't need no stinking breaches!

    • Yes, fear. But I think it's the classic narcissist reaction overall.
      "They" fear being BLAMED. They refuse to be blamed. Therefore their lies compound with every word that flows like unplugged diarrhea from their collective mouths….whether the part they play is to write the monthly paychecks, or to design new reactors.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      I think "they" keep pushing nuclear power because "they" know that they are making money from making chumps of everyone else. They may deny it, or are even be unaware of it, but I would bet that is the real cause of it.

      Much like bankers love "derivates"…

  • Gnyf

    ……50% is expected, and weird shit is happening everywhere.
    Did the nuke pushers make a deal to save their own ass?
    Are we under alien attack, or is it mutant's from the future? Some of the Chernobyl children do look like the aliens people describe with their enormous heads.
    My question is; Is this theory more wacko than reality?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    You are seeing the big picture..

  • "The lack of concrete information also provides fertile ground for conspiracy theorists, particularly those who like to blame all mysterious ocean problems on Fukushima radiation—an idea roundly dismissed by scientists." [Then they say…] "But without better collaboration, funding and research, the REAL ROOT of these diseases remains speculative."
    – Krista Langlois, High Country News

    Isn't it ALL SPECULATIVE without proper testing and transparent reporting.

    I guess it's okay to speculate that it's NOT Fukushima, but one gets 'labeled' a conspiracy theorist if they speculate otherwise. Seems a bit one sided to me.

    Perhaps this reporter and others should ask themselves, 'why', after at least a year, there are no test results.
    (Tip: That's a clue.)

    Who, exactly, are the scientists dismissing Fukushima radiation contamination?

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      .. 🙂

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      I suppose there is something speculative about ..TONS of radioactive material having been/dumped into the Pacific Ocean and what the effects might be.
      Real results are not/will not be coming from the 'papered' scientific community ..something about their tenured jobs… and following the NSF…and arm of Homeland Security..
      There WILL BE NO ANSWERS …outside Kenny Boy…and cohorts ..lying through their teeth..leading to speculation of a cover-up.
      Oh ..yes ..the tons of radioactive material entering the Pacific…
      There are many educated in science ..that do not work in the field …and as it's said .. "This isn't rocket science." ..the HYPOTHESIS that it will have a negative effect on life forms in the Pacific.
      Hypothesis stands.

      What is it 'we' conspire to do here?
      We aren't the ones making it happen.

      To those yelling that we are .. a 'conspiracy':

      Wait for the data.
      Grasp those reports.. hold the documents tightly.. to your chests if you would like.
      Then look around you and WATCH.
      And then listen to ..the exclamations of surprise and bewilderment ..the endless further mumblings of lies from the scientists…like a 'droning' in your ears.


    Don't eat no Alaskan pink salmon, don't want no strontium 90 leukemia!

    Thank you General Electric Hitachi, the sad aspect being you KNEW your crap atomic nuclear reactors were faulty and did nothing. What does that make you? It's no use putting TEPCO on a cross to cover up your sin. What will you do when it happens in your home country?

    • itsanuclearwar

      They will break out the champagne. Success at last. They have no allegiance to any country nor it's people. Just like the gangsters in the white house and in congress.

  • Sickputer

    Don't take it personally… Big Brother has many paid fools. What was true in 1984 with Apple's classic commercial is just as true today:

    "[In walk the drones]

    "Today we celebrate the first glorious anniversary of the Information Purification Directives.

    [Apple's hammer-thrower enters, pursued by storm troopers.]

    We have created for the first time in all history a garden of pure ideology, where each worker may bloom, secure from the pests of any contradictory true thoughts.

    Our Unification of Thoughts is more powerful a weapon than any fleet or army on earth.

    We are one people, with one will, one resolve, one cause.

    Our enemies shall talk themselves to death and we will bury them with their own confusion.

    [Hammer is thrown at the screen]

    We shall prevail!


    On January 24th Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you'll see why 1984 won't be like '1984.'"

    SP: They still spout IPD (Information Purification Directives). 1 percent of the population tries to control the minds of everyone. 99.99 percent just go with the government information. One in a thousand know the extent of the public information deceit. So does that make you (of the one thousandth percentile) feel powerless?

    Not necessarily. You do have the knowledge and hopefully some ability to make better choices for yourself and your family.

    You won't convert all the drones…so don't…

    • Sickputer

      … beat yourself up.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      "One in a thousand know the extent of the public information deceit."

      Whose destiny to be the glitch in the 'matrix'.
      Long may it run…

      • Angela_R

        one in a thousand. Rose? I'd widen the odds 🙂

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          I was quoting SP ..from above.
          The real odds.
          And so it goes.

          PS.. I've never seen the movie the 'Matrix'..I leave it as a glitch in the 'quantum mother board'.
          But I have a copy on my desk ..might watch it sometime.

          I've also never seen ..Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
          Add to list…

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            The glitch maybe accounted for.. but by the very nature of the glitch itself's actions are not completely predictable ..therefore remains a variable.

          • Angela_R

            A heart is so special, it is a physical organ; but we are not just physical matter.
            The word 'heart' denotes the pump of life flowing energy, but in our references we also indicate something else, something that transcends the 'material'

          • Sickputer

            You must watch all three (Matrix movies). While the first is a top 100 movie classic, I like the second movie a lot as Neo really becomes a Jedi.

            As for the figure of 1/1000th being aware… It could be 1/100000th. And none have Neo powers…just the knowledge. 😉

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Big Picture: 257 tonnes of nuclear fuel from Reactors1,2,&3 melted down into the Earth at a temperature of 5,000 degrees C by March 21, 2011, making quick work of the concrete, steel, fill, and mudrock in its path. estimates of radiation leaked into the Pacific Ocean entirely ignore the fact that the 3 cores are lost in nature.
    Instead, TEPCO and their government partners debate the size of the hole in the containment floor made by the corium. (See slide on Pg. 6)
    Their opinion is that since the reactors were in shutdown, only residual decay heat was available for melt-through.
    ENEnewsers contend that fission kicked back in during the melt-down. Criticalities are still ongoing, as can be seen in the presence of short-lived nuclides such as Iodine-131, a product of fission, found in increasing quantities in Tokyo sewage sludge.
    An estimated 1,000 tonnes of groundwater per day flow underneath the Fukushima Diiachi Reactors.
    How much of those 257 tonnes of nuclear fuel that melted through Reactors 1-3 were washed into the Pacific Ocean after those three cores left the reactor buildings?
    Please discuss, 'newsers.

    Where is the damn corium, TEPCO? 😉

  • GQR2

    Whoever introduced the notion of Fukushima being some kind of conspiracy theory,has jumped the propaganda attempts shark. The multi core melt down is apparent to anyone who looks. Nothing regarding the calamity of Fukushima is conspiracy. Nothing. and it pisses me off that this way the PTB hide.
    Everyday they try to lie about Radiation. Big bold lies,said and written daily. No danger here,we are baffled, what could it be ,its so rare blah blah blah. These kind of big lies, are really annoying when a society goes the cognitive dissonance route,enforced stupidity – its revolting and shame on the fascists here with their paperclip science programs hijacked for business and profit. Dominating the entire society with their LIES about Fukushima. How dare they minimize this slow genocide. Cancers and mutations. We have a right to our OUTRAGE!!
    It really makes me mad.
    I wish it was a conspiracy theory,we all do. Happily would love to be wrong. We aren't.

    The idea they know when a plume gets here, what its wearing, what its going to do, (its doing exactly as its expected – killing everything) Water cannot be controlled,its not neat. Fuku has been here, and its never leaving it only is going to get much MUCH worse. I am sick of Morons and liars.

    • lickerface lickerface

      Might as well come up with a new term to describe those who are quick to falsely label "conspiracy theorists". Perhaps they are anti-conspiracy theorists!

  • seecindy seecindy

    Most people don't know we get most of our oxygen from the microbes in the ocean. If we kill the ocean, we kill our selves!!!!!!!

  • seecindy seecindy

    There is no known way to clean up a nuclear disaster site!!!!!!

    • EKO K£AP$€ SAY NO 2 GMO

      True. But you could cover up the ground, flog it off to Boeing, pollute the surrounding area and walk away. Atomics international did that!

      Any Californians near Simi Valley?

  • weeman

    The governments of north America only checked on a few isotopes and in only a limited number of tests to come to this conclusion?
    Does anyone not believe that at least some of the nuclear fuel was vapiourized, with hundreds of different radioactive isotopes and all have a specific weight, some are heavier and some lighter, therefore once in the atmosphere some isotopes would travel further than others and if you are not testing for them, how do you know they have not been deposited ahead of the plumb from the atmosphere?

  • seecindy seecindy

    Where is the"risk management" when it comes to nuclear site planning?

  • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

    They are all protecting their paychecks. They are all protecting their property values. When the first group of credible scientist offer up the truth about fuku it will only be after they "CASH OUT". Seems we need to watch what they do with their investments. My opinion, sorry no links

  • Socrates

    Ionizing radiation harms immunity. Background levels have been increasing for 65 years. Opportunistic infection results.

    It is often impossible to prove what causes what. Most people who die call it "old age." That usually means that a variety of factors caused the death. Low levels of continuous exposures in marine animals is hard to study from the perspective of epidemiology. Granted that toxicology levels would be relatively low. But it is impossible to do surveys with animals. You cannot ask a sea lion if he prefers squid or sardines, where he swims, etc.

    It would be career-ending fir most scientists to isolate radiation alone as the sole reason for massive die-offs. The real reasons are multi-factorial. Radiation just makes it worse to an unknown degree over many years. Above-ground testing was the same epidemiological problem. Eventually, biopsies are tooth studies will reveal bioaccumulation. Chernobyl saw levels of 134/137Cs in wild boars in Germany rise. Boars eat truffles. Truffles bioaccumulate. Reindeer eat lichen, lichen bioaccumulate; humans eat fish meal; we will bioaccumulate, too.

    The radiation is in our bodies, bones and tissues. It is in the air we breathe. It is in the water we drink. It is in the food we eat. It is in the soil. If we lived in water, it would affect us sooner.

    • Angela_R

      "It is in the food we eat, it is in the soil"

      John F. Kennedy mused "even in the rain out there"; but

      I keep thinking about Walter Russell and his awareness in 1957.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Common sense still does have value.. 🙂

  • mutante mutante

    From ' the high country news' ," The lack of concrete information also provides fertile ground for conspiracy theorists, particularly those who like to blame all mysterious ocean problems on Fukushima radiation-an idea roundly dismissed by scientists."

    These idiot shills either don't comprehend the basics of cause & effect/ critical thinking or they are so morally vacant that they are willing to lie about fukushima's obvious, cataclysmic effect on all living species on earth.

    As Bob Dylan said, "It don't take a weatherman to know which way the wind blows…"

    Ain't that the truth… 😉

    • johnnyo

      Interesting about the High Country article…only 4 comments there when I checked, ALL 4 (different names) were pointing to radiation. The sleeping giant is stirring, alarm clock bout to ring in a big way, let the tipping begin!

      " Twenty years of schoolin'
      And they put you on the day shift
      Look out kid
      They keep it all hid
      Better jump down a manhole
      Light yourself a candle
      Don't wear sandals
      Try to avoid the scandals "

  • Lady M

    Ooooh, Socrates, love your writing, almost like music.

    Seecindy: Right, where is the risk management — and where is the assignment of financial risk to the true cost of nuclear power? "Low cost" of nuclear power is one of the main justifications provided for it. But if some sort of figure was assigned to the cost to life and environment brought about by the 3-11 meltdowns, and then just one millionth of that figure was added to the cost of every nuclear plant on the drawing board at this moment… they'd be priced out of reach. Hmmmm…. and there you go — that's why Fukushima has to be exonerated for all the Pacific, and other, puzzles.

    • Angela_R

      The financial statement together with death in the grave, guess they balance for some. Well Lady, does the M stand for MacBeth

      what was it about tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

  • mutante mutante

    It looks like the old "Malachi crush" is about to close in:
    1. Weakened immune systems vis Fukushima radiation

    2. Attack of the extremely virulent Ebola virus on our compromised immune systems.

    Of course, though, this is just a 'conspiracy theory', which will be "roundly dismissed" by "scientists"…

    We can call it the "MALACHI CRUSH EFFECT" — what would FONZIE & LEATHER TUSCADARA do ?

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    'Scientists alarmed by new human mystery disease' will give the same expert non-response.

  • In a psychic channel with a medium back in the 80's the Anunnaki called Anu (we have been taught to know him as God) said, "What are you going to do with all those bodies? Stack them in mass graves?

    The colors of this new death are lovely…

  • Sol Man

    Some speak of being bewildered or baffled because they could not, would not, admit the truth of the technology that some of them had a hand in creating/designing. We all sit under the same sky.

  • danger kitty danger kitty

    response to maxli- hopefully in the right place-,always a crapshoot for me.

    Thank you so much for your generous response. I felt no need to 'test' you. What you've explained is a tool I can use!
    BTW: one of the last posts of MBHP had one line at the end that seemed unrelated to the nonsense before it. I sensed a human; the line was something like: "it isn't always,is it". Troll referring to the bot, I guess.
    Hmm, so what is the sound of one hand clapping? I've always been too busy cutting wood and pumping water to consider the question relevant.
    Thanks again.

    • bo bo

      DK fyi if you hit refresh button after composing a reply on a thread, your reply will get bumped to the bottom. To be safe always re-click reply button of whatever comment you wish to reply to, then click submit – ensures your response comment doesn't become shipwrecked and marooned.

      • danger kitty danger kitty

        bo, thanks, gonna give this reply a try. I think part of my difficulty putting replies in the right place is low bandwidth– usually I have to hit submit 2 or 3 times. Sometimes happens even when I' m showing 4G. Sometimes I lose the comment and have to retype.
        So, everybody: What is the sound of one clap handling the popporn back and forth with his pronuke peeps?
        Answer: The vile coprophagic, misogynist troll – enabler of mother and child killers.
        Gotta find a cold turkey now…

    • m a x l i

      Whoa! What's going on down here? The basement overcrowded by cats!

      danger kitty, I missed that "it isn't always, is it". I will probably find it, because I intend to read more masterpieces of our beloved MarineMoronChaterBot later. You could be right. It is to be expected that they will from time to time change the bot from autopilot to manual and back to autopilot.

      The answer to your question from me would be "silence". A chatterbot, no matter how sophisticated, will never give that answer. It will rather ask back something like: "You like the sound of music?"

  • Lady M

    Angela_R — Sorry, I did not word that well. I am AGAINST exoneration. I am FOR assigning cost of old projects' messes to new projects.

  • Sparky Sparky

    Stock, Dr. G., Majia, WNTF, Chemfood, Danger Kitty, pls. check your mail for today's antidote for stress. 😉

    Also, 16,929 views on this thread today so far. Wow!!

  • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

    I was at the oregon coast a few months ago, with the express intent of looking for sea stars, in an area where I had found and photographed many, in years past.

    I only found one, actually, only part of one, that was in the process of falling apart and becoming goo.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Homer Tribune — "[…] Researchers are leaning toward the theory that 'it may be a pathogen of some sort that is distributed through ocean currents'"

    Oh, so a pathogen could be distributed unevenly across the ecosystem, but not radioactive particles? Gee, what biased logic.

  • dan dan

    I'm in a fetal position wreaking havoc on my toenails while wondering what on earth it could be.

  • dan dan

    <<<<<<……Last time I checked….yep….the plume got here.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Well, I guess those that believe in hormesis treatments are having second thoughts…

    The whole damned ocean ought to be healthier than ever by now, with all that radiation in there. Ya think???

  • demise demise

    I am really tired of all these 'mystery diseases'. Both on land and sea that ecosystems are contaminated with Japanese radiation, but the scientist are acting like scared rabbits when radiation is uttered. It Obvious to all, but the solutions do not exist and they are too scared to tell us so.

    The new scene for California should be one of a couple walking on the beach, holding hands in their hasmat suits which is the new norm, but most are ignorant of the reality they are facing. Government officials don't want to disrupt their income steam from the drone taxpayers, so they will continue to stonewall/ignore everyone on this issue.