Scientists present links between unusual Alaska seal deaths and Fukushima fallout — Skin lesions, hair loss, lethargy — ‘Pulsed release’ when built-up radionuclides were set free as ice melted — “Wildlife health implications” due to radiation exposure discussed (PHOTOS & MAP)

Published: January 25th, 2014 at 10:40 am ET


Alaska Marine Science Symposium (pdf), Jan. 20-24, 2014 (emphasis added): 2011 Fukushima Fall Out: Aerial Deposition On To Sea Ice Scenario And Wildlife Health Implications To Ice-Associated Seals (Dr. Doug Dasher, John Kelley, Gay Sheffield,  Raphaela Stimmelmayr) — On March 11, 2011 off Japan’s west coast, an earthquake-generated tsunami struck the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant resulting in a major nuclear accident that included a large release of airborne radionuclides into the environment. Within five days of the accident atmospheric air masses carrying Fukushima radiation were transiting into the northern Bering and Chukchi seas. During summer 2011 it became evident to coastal communities and wildlife management agencies that there was a novel disease outbreak occurring in several species of Arctic ice-associated seals. Gross symptoms associated with the disease included lethargy, no new hair growth, and skin lesions, with the majority of the outbreak reports occurring between the Nome and Barrow region. NOAA and USFWS declared an Alaska Northern Pinnipeds Usual Mortality Event (UME) in late winter of 2011. The ongoing Alaska 2011 Northern Pinnipeds UME investigation continues to explore a mix of potential etiologies (infectious, endocrine, toxins, nutritious etc.), including radioactivity. Currently, the underlying etiology remains undetermined. We present results on gamma analysis (cesium 134 and 137) of muscle tissue from control and diseased seals, and discuss wildlife health implications from different possible routes of exposure to Fukushima fallout to ice seals. Since the Fukushima fallout period occurred during the annual sea ice cover period from Nome to Barrow, a sea ice based fallout scenario in addition to a marine food web based one is of particular relevance for the Fukushima accident. Under a proposed sea ice fallout deposition scenario, radionuclides would have been settled onto sea ice. Sea ice and snow would have acted as a temporary refuge for deposited radionuclides; thus radionuclides would have only become available for migration during the melting season and would not have entered the regional food web in any appreciable manner until breakup (pulsed release). The cumulative on-ice exposure for ice seals would have occurred through external, inhalation, and non-equilibrium dietary pathwaysduring the ice-based seasonal spring haulout period for molting/pupping/breeding activities. Additionally, ice seals would have been under dietary/metabolic constraints and experiencing hormonal changes associated with reproduction and molting.

Left: Location of sickened seals; Right: Blue line is radioactive plume from Fukushima in mid-March 2011

Two of the four authors will be appearing on an Alaska radio program this Tuesday January 28 to discuss radiation from Fukushima:

Radiation from Fukushima, APRN (Alaska Public Radio Network), Jan. 24, 2014: They’re having trouble sealing up the leaking nuclear power plants in Japan and they’re also having trouble disclosing what is going on there. Is this a reason to distrust Alaska seafood? […] GUESTS: Professor Doug Dasher, Environmental Oceanographer, University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Fisheries and Ocean Science — Dr. John Kelley, Professor Emeritus, University of Alaska Fairbanks, former Director, Naval Arctic Research Laboratory — Post your comment before, during or after the live broadcast (comments may be read on air). […] LIVE Broadcast: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. […]

 See also: [intlink id=”researchers-ulcers-seals-walruses-alaska-after-fukushima-never-observed-before-reports-similar-problems-seals-northern-japan” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: January 25th, 2014 at 10:40 am ET


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232 comments to Scientists present links between unusual Alaska seal deaths and Fukushima fallout — Skin lesions, hair loss, lethargy — ‘Pulsed release’ when built-up radionuclides were set free as ice melted — “Wildlife health implications” due to radiation exposure discussed (PHOTOS & MAP)

  • retali8 retali8

    finally!! its about time, how long have we waited for this to come out? geez.

    Video for Fuku severity to be understood by new users coming to enenews;

    first hand nuclear nightmare from a japanese point of view;

    no matter where you are, remember a piece of Fuk-U-shima is everywhere!
    check this…

    Chernobyl had 180 tons of nuke-fuelrods in that blown reactor, and only 3 tons of that burned and contaminated 77,000 square miles of Europe.

    Fukushima has 2200 tons of some much nastier rad-toxics still festering and spewing on the beach.

    hows your plutonium fibers? enough to go around for everyone to enjoy.

  • Securitize

    The report is very long. It cites several individual studies. The one regarding gamma analysis of muscle tissue to detect Cs134/137 is from the report: "2011 Fukushima Fall Out: Aerial Deposition On To Sea Ice Scenario And Wildlife Health Implications To Ice-Associated Seals."

    I cannot find this report online. Were other radionuclides detected? I doubt that Cs-134/7 was causing the sickness, rather the shorter-lived isotopes like I-131.

    • Sickputer

      The Fukushima report is on page 222 (or page 233 counting Preface) in the conference PDF document. I didn't see this presentation in the lineup of workshops so it is pretty buried. Dasher was mentioned on one other research project with snow crabs on an earlier page.

      The obvious question for the Jan. 28 radio broadcast:

      What were the cesium 134 and 137 readings?

      "We present results on gamma analysis (cesium 134 and 137) of muscle tissue from control and diseased seals, and discuss wildlife health implications from different possible routes of exposure to Fukushima fallout to ice seals."

      SP: The world wonders… And yes… What about the other isotopes? Strontium-90? Iodine?

      If anyone can answer that…then Doug is the man:

      "Radioecology is another interest. I have done surveys at the Project Chariot and Amchitka underground nuclear test site in Alaska. Dr. John Kelley and I have established a UAF ESTES and SFOS gamma spectroscopy laboratory for environmental radioactivity studies. In 2012 this laboratory will complete quality assurance quality control development to support gamma counting of Cesium-137 and Lead-210 for sediment core dating application."

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Baby Weddell Seals Have the Most Adult-Like Brains in the Animal Kingdom

    The newborn seal pups possess the most well-developed brains compared to other mammals, but that advantage comes with a cost

    Born keener than Humans..
    Die keener than Humans.

  • Daisy207

    Stop looking for the big hitters like CS, Pu, etc – look for tritium in the water and uptake of tritium in the plants and animals. All this water coming out has to be tritiated – its a beta source and probably highly concentrated and has a half life of 12+ years. If that is there so are the other nastys in the cocktail from hell.

    • utahruss utahruss

      Yes Daisy I agree 100% that we need to remember all of the lessons from past "global events' and recognize that they are very good at getting us to look over here when what is really happening is over there.

      Why isn't anyone talking about the side of the equation-the chemistry side!

      I am doing so here

      Everyone Please watch and read associated short info paper and give me a critique please


      "The Gross symptoms associated with the disease included lethargy, no new hair growth, and skin lesions"

      The pictures indicate something much more directly in contact with the skins/fur surfaces, plus Hydrofluoric Acid would also explain the vast differences in the exhibited symptoms and the strange shapes of the damaged areas.

      Pulsed Release? What the heck is that? How about we apply Occums Razor, like real scientists would, and if we really are scientist/radiation experts we would know the other side of the equation and not have to make up ridiculous stupid science

      • body signs also match beta radiation burns…

      • I'd also think cesium hydroxide would be an issue. Cesium reacts explosively with water and the resulting compound melts glass and corrodes stainless steel.

      • Shaker1

        utahruss, I believe that the information you've posted there is very good and should give a glimpse into the idea that a little less telescopic vision could open one's eyes to the gross dangers associated with nuclear and its products. It's not just radiation. To even the casually informed nuclear technology on its face doesn't can't meet the most basic accounting regarding its expense, and is even more telling when one is informed further.

        On a side note, sorry, I didn't watch the video. I have a great aversion to Adobe and its products and have purged/made innocuous all of its components on my machine. If one thinks that Google tracks, Adobe is much worse. Besides, reading is much faster and a bit of imagination/comprehension can bring just as much awareness as most vids.

      • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

        utahruss…"Pulsed Release? What the heck is that?"

        Just another code word for "controlled spent fuel rod burning".

        • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

          And I suppose it could also be a term used with "iodine pitting", as that is exactly how the rogue coriums would operate.

          • weeman

            I believe they are referring to the radioactive isotopes landing on sea ice and then when ice melts all that is in suspension in the ice would be released to water.
            When it is on the ice it is not diluted, it has not mixed with water, is that why we are see the effects on sea ice dwelling animals? Question to the congregation.

            • Shaker1

              Weeman, that's how I understood the phrase 'pulsed release' also. I might think that what could be happening is that the elements without much penetrating energy can be somewhat sequestered in the ice and snow, maybe even layer-like, material deposited, then covered in a successive snow/ice event in which deposition isn't so great. The animals may not exhibit effects as long as the layer of lesser deposition is present, then with melt of that layer, exposed to the previously, more heavily contaminated layer. We see atmospheric events here vary through time, so I would assume the same happens there. It's just that there those atmospheric events are captured in the snow/ice rather than disperse or dilute as with much more quick atmospheric conditions or as run-off. Mind you, this is a guess of the imagination.

              • weeman

                Seals burrow into the top layer of snow with flippers and place head in hollow to protect from wind? Maybe why we see it around head and flippers? Long shot.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Hi Weeman, during part of the early releases (March-April 2011), the plume split into two parts. One part passed over (roughly) Washington State (US) northward up as far up as the Arctic (as it traveled roughly eastward). T

              The other part passed over Southern California, Mexico, and parts of Central America.

              I want to say that was sometime around March 22, 2011, but I'm not sure. Have a screen shot of it somewhere. It is a map showing where the plume went on the date when it was split.

              The plume behaved differently, depending upon the date/time, and whatever the jet stream was doing.

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                Of course there has been airborne deposition since then. And we don't know how much contaminated water has made its way into Alaska and the Arctic region.

                A recent Enenews article showed how currents might have already carried contamination into the Atlantic, through the Arctic Ocean, then the Bering Strait.

        • StPaulScout StPaulScout

          I think they are saying that much of the radiation got locked up in the sea ice itself, then when it melted, boom, they got a large release or 'pulse' of radiation entering the water. Just my interpretation.

  • Jebus Jebus

    This is, your daddy's failed nuclear technology.

    This is not, your daddy's nuclear fallout…

    Measurement of Radioactive Fallout from the March 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Incident

  • Ontological Ontological

    This term, "pulsed release". I have awaited some use of it. This describes the weird swings in radiation since 6 months or so after 311. I think the term may refers to more than just the yearly ice flows. Microwave energy may be in use to "regulate" averages by decreasing incoming solar irradiance. And the modulated, near lased (radio frequency "laser" MASER) would have a, "curtain in the wind" effect like auroras in magnetic flux.…335..976C

    • name999 name999

      Ontological…Solar Radiation Management. Chemtrails. Geoengineering.
      Finally, some admonition.
      And no doubt, a good deal of experimentation in Africa, India, and now more obviously in US.
      Astonishing to consider the evidence of fossil fuels destruction of the planet and choose to block solar radiation rather than address the real problem of of huge volumes of waste destroying our habitat.

      I would have less than "medium confidence" in such decisions.

      Thanks for posting this.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        name999, Ontological, did you see my posts re: pictures I took on Dec. 18, 2013, when I thought pulsing might be taking place? See the Non-Nuclear Forum, link to the pics is there.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Radiation measurements in the Chiba Metropolitan Area and radiological aspects of fallout from the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plants accident.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Fission Products in National Atmospheric Deposition Program—Wet Deposition Samples Prior to and Following the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Plant Incident, March 8–April 5, 2011

  • Jebus Jebus

    Arrival time and magnitude of airborne fission products from the Fukushima, Japan, reactor incident as measured in Seattle, WA, USA

  • orsobubu orsobubu

    Big news from cold fusion yesterday, there is also Blackstone Group behind, since LENRs don't release radiations at all, it is important to dismiss fission and hot fusion forever. There are rumors "this has been guided and backed federally. Obama was in Triangle Park last week paying a visit. Too much of a coincidence not to be"

    • The Paper Fantasy And Real Dangers Of New Generation Nuclear Reactors; via @AGreenRoad

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      orsobubu. Nuclear advertiser. And when was advertising by the nuclear industry ever truthful? Nuclear promises are and can never be fulfilled.

      Cold fusion is extremely hot and is nuclear. Pave the path to death and destruction with gold bricks for the 1% who are too dumbed down by exposure to radiation to recognize their own suicide to greed and power. Did't you ever hear about the goose that laid the golden egg. Or maybe the story of the Midas touch. Without clean water, air, and land to produce clean food, there is no life on earth for anyone including you and all your elitist foolish friends.

      Even the aborigines in Australia knew to stay from the place of dying, where they are not mining uranium. The psychopaths of today have to knowledge to match native peoples. So-called civilization is now filled with baby killers who would sacrifice all children in the world for their dreams of gold.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        And we all know that Obama is just a pawn of the nuclear industry. He is an advertiser for death People hate him because he is deceitful, untrustworthy, and the epitome of the nuclear industries lies and lack of compassion for all the deaths caused by the nuclear dementia. And this includes very hot fusion mislabeled cold fusion.

      • Skip Intro Skip Intro

        Cold Fusion is completely safe, unless you are one of the suckers who invests in it and doesn't get out soon enough.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      By "broadly based" they have said that there should be a nuclear reactor in every house and every car.

      Rossi's technology has already been exposed to be nuclear and unworkable and a huge fraud. How much did the new company pay or this technology? Probably next to nothing.

      There is nothing new about this technology. It was shown decades ago to be unworkable. And it does indeed use nuclear fission. And is there any information about experiments reduplicated? The first experiments were extremely secretive because the technology does release radiation and create nuclear waste.

      This is just another scheme to channel taxpayer money into the hands of the elite and to rob them of not only money, but life itself.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      “A coveted new energy technology has apparently slipped out of American hands to China

      “<A HREF=""&gt; It appears that a cold fusion project coveted by the Defense Dept. will instead go to the Chinese</A>, who announced last week that they are creating an industrial park where the so-called Energy Catalyzer, or E-Cat, a nickel-hydrogen (NiH) reactor invented by Miami-based engineer Andrea Rossi, will be built. The Sino-US Science and Technology Innovation Park will be located in the city of Baoding, in Hebei province in eastern China. According to a Defense Intelligence Agency report, "….LENR power sources could produce the greatest transformation of the battlefield for U.S. forces since the transition from horsepower to gasoline power.” LENR stands for Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, a form of the once-discredited "cold fusion" process stifled by academics (see links below) in 1989 and subsequently, but avidly followed by US Navy and other military research programs….”

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        "could produce the greatest transformation". Still "might", "could", "would" if it worked. Just another name for nuclear fission.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Obama was at Triangle Park as part of a voter registration drive, not to promote cold fusion.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Well, did Rossi sell everything twice, once to the Chinese and once to Industrial Heat, LLC?,_LLC

      Or is Industrial Heal located in China?

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      China is not holding its breath waiting for Rossi's falsely advertised, failed technology to work:

      “…As China has met previously stated goals, it has revised plan targets upward. In early 2008, PRC officials raised their projections for China’s installed nuclear capacity to 60 GW and for nuclear power to account for 5 percent of electricity production by 2020. In July 2009, China Daily reported that the State Council was considering raising the 2020 target to 86 GW of installed capacity, and recent statements reported in the Western press indicated that a revised nuclear plan in the works would raise capacity targets to more than 70 GW by 2020….”

      Who is going to be downwind when China has nuclear accidents as it had with the latest huge earthquake? And will we even get the news?

  • Jebus Jebus

    Here's the only data Barry blinked at…

    Managing for the Future in a Rapidly Changing Arctic
    A Report to the President

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    As well as humans, kids, pets.

    U.S. should fix Fukushima and avoid becoming a wasteland.

  • ftlt

    This is news worthy. Let's see how far it gets in the mainstream media.

    It is startling proof that nukes kill.

    It will be ignored.

  • weeman

    Why is the damage that is visible on the seals, located mostly around head and flippers?
    WesternKyMan stated that cesium can change to other compounds like cesium hydroxide, just by adding cold water, the seals breaths through mouth and water vapour in breath may be mixing with cesium to produce hydroxide or other compounds, it does look like burns to skin. I want to see the lung damage in seals.
    WesternKyMan can you elaborate.
    Out on a limb.

    • Jebus Jebus

      What happens when every chemical known to man, gets washed off the shores of an island, in some of the most industrialized ports in the world, into the Ocean, at once, in volumes, and then is joined by the greates.. err, the largest continous radionuclide release in human history?

    • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

      weeman…"Why is the damage that is visible on the seals, located mostly around head and flippers?"

      Good observation and good question.

      The head could mean that the radiation is floating more on the surface of the water, while the flippers may have picked it up from the ice or rocks.

      • weeman

        No at time of accident the Sea ice in bearing sea etc, was covering ocean, particles fell on ice, not ocean and were blown around on surface or entombed in ice untill it melted and hense, pluse realease when ice melted?
        Seals spend a good amount of time on surface of ice, more than in water?
        Why mostly around head, perspiration in breath, radionuclide are alkaloid? I think please correct.

  • ftlt

    This is not mainstream… BP keeps on giving too it seems

    • pattersonp

      Yet how many readers here will SCREAM "Fukushima" even though the BP oil well 5KM down is still leaking… and the Corexit is still in the environment.

      • GOM GOM

        patter. We got methane bubbling all over. People in the bayous seeing it. Fishermen seeing it. Word has it that gulf bacteria is seeking out oil in the wells causing pressure problems, and is self-fracking its way into Bayou Corne causing huge problems. Well, thats what caused the sinkhole to start. Seismic activity increasing with constant tremors, think its caused by collapsing chambers inside the domes. Putting pressure all the way up New Madrid. They destroyed the seabed in the Gulf so who knows. Chemical stew now radioactive. I am 273 miles from the 'Devil Pit'. If that sucker blows? Hey Admin how about Bayou Corne updates?

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Yes, destabilizing the New Madrid area not a pretty thought. Last time I read about Bayou Corne, the sinkhole was still growing, taking more streets and lots of trees with it.

  • bozzy54

    25 more pilot whales dead on kice island, florida.

  • Socrates

    Surprise, surprise.

    You can only cover up the truth for so long and Mamma Nature comes along and kicks you as a swift one.

    O bummer has some 'splain' to do. He just finished Bush/Cheney's third term and is into the fourth. He accepted campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs and Exxon as his biggest and headed for South Am after 3-11. Meanwhile, all the EPA monitors were shut off. How many died as a result of that. Mangano and Sherman say 30,000 or more from the Iodine-131.

    There needs to be a congressional investigation about what they knew and when. Then we have hot particles in Seattle. These "folks" don't count.

    I saw the baby seals dying on the beach. Pelicans looking for food. People will be dying. This is the ugliest scandal in US history.

    • Jebus Jebus

      Bingo, give this man a drink…

      • Socrates

        I quit drinkin'.

        We are told to sweat out Assad chemicals in Syria while these fools kill the Pacific food web. They were warned again and again. GE knew the design was extremely dangerous in the 70s from their own engineers. This the fault of American corporations and politicians.

        The UN does nothing but promote more nuclear.

        • pattersonp

          When will you take repsonsiblity for your own life and stop pointing fingers at coporation x or organization y run by comittee from Mars?
          Elites will always run the top of any power-structure pyramid. Get over it, and live your few yrs on this earth as best you can. This has been the case since Egyptians and before that… Do you really truly think this will change with 7 billion people and technological slavery in 2014 (and beyond)?

          We know from 1945 how 'dangerous' nuclear derived 'energy' was. We knew in the 1800s how dangerous gunpowder was. We knew in 5000 BC how awful slavery was… And yet 5000 years on we still have slavery, and more weapons to hurt eachother with. Doesn't stop me from waking up everyday with a smile and getting on with my day.

    • Socrates

      Not Exxon be nuclear power companies.

    • name999 name999

      Our President as a senator opposed the war in Iraq, courageously and openly. I stood with 30,000 people in Portland OR, while hundreds of thousands more stood together worldwide to stop that war. We didn't matter.

      If Americans were making more of this openly it would give Obama a platform to address. But the media has been stifled for many years now, worse now than ever. That is not Obama's doing. Especially as we are talking about military programs that operate outside of what most Americans recognize as rule of law. This transformation took hold long before President Obama took office. There are forces at play that an American president has no power over. In some of the most politically empowered decision making bodies of US power, the president is the only elected official of only a handful of people.
      I am pretty sure that at this point our president knows his limitations as he has been attacked and undermined within the whole duration of his presidency. Anyone paying even the slighted attention would recognize this. I have posted many times over that this kind of deep corporate military information relating to nuclear energy as one example but not the only one, is held in secrecy, with very tough, lethal repercussions if that secrecy is breached.

      • Socrates


        Iraq is not the issue. I heard all of those speeches, too.

        You seem to say that (1) POTUS is not the only elected representative (2) that the deep military state operates outside of the rule of law.

        If you are saying that there might be secret nuclear programs in Japan that are beyond the control of the POTUS, then it would not matter how many people took to the street because "platforms" would not matter.

        If we live under a dictatorship, would a large show of disapproval mean anything? I am confused. I timid dictatorship is an oxymoron. You appear to be excusing and diffusing responsibility. You also could be right. But how to change this is important.

        • name999 name999

          The lawsuit of our US Navy people in the aftermath of their exposure in Fukushima will be an important legal battle.

          I believe that all US history and certainly US wars are embedded into the bigger problem we face of human survival.

          I respect your views, wishing dissidence had some traction in the US, but not seeing it
          or feeling it. I don't know how to change this now…very advanced cancer…

          • Socrates

            People don't vote let alone take to the streets. Even if they take to the streets, they are photographed. Crowd control of today would have stopped most riots in the 50s and 60s.

            Sports and television are the games of the bread and games of ancient Rome.

            I certainly respect your views. A good lawsuit or a million lawsuits and congressional hearings will happen when everyone is sick and dying. Until then, more television, sports and smart phones.

            The steeple need to all get sick before they get mad. If the damage is that bad from Fukushima, that will happen. Too late of course.

            • Stacy

              You are correct, people rarely take to the streets or even desire to protest. My question is this: What can we do…those of us in this "community"? I have watched this for years now and wonder if we shouldn't be working towards a more formal way to inform people. So far, it feels like we all have been holed up in our corners, sharing information to be sure, but what responsibility (if any) do we have for the majority of people who are oblivious? Would love your opinion as well as Heart of the Rose and some of the other folks who have been on her for a long time. I know some have other sites for informing, but I wonder if there needs to be more. Any thoughts?

              • GOM GOM

                Stacy. Excellent point.

              • clamshellernh clamshellernh

                It's called apathy .
                I am all for taking to the streets but the press distorts the mission , also there's proof that the gov sends in people to cause violence to discredit , all it takes are a few .
                I am for peaceful demonstrations . There will always be those that are so frustrated that they feel that the whole system needs to be destroyed .
                That makes things messy .
                I am on the fence however with working with the system to get things fixed .

              • flatsville

                If you live in Japanese consular city, ORGANIZE a protest infront of theit building/offices for the 3rd Anniversary. Develop a press plan to get covrage.

              • Socrates

                Interesting article in Japan Times. Abe Shinzo and nuclear technology companies are pushing to sell their technology to India. Russian sold some bad parts to India that were used in nuclear reactors. Nuclear energy turns out to be more expensive and unsafe.

                Some of you questions can be answered from this article about how, despite the millenial damage from nuclear holocausts in Japan, one from war and one from peaceful atom, that the government of Japan, and the American/Japanese technology companies, along with Japanese militarists wishing to "confront" China, want to profit in third world countries.

                Abe's wife and many highly intelligent Indian scientists are criticising the nuclearization of the energy in India while so many in Japan oppose nuclear energy in Japan!

                Democratic considerations are absent in nuclear. ABOVE ALL ELSE NUCLEAR INDUSTRIES WANT NO LEGAL LIABILITY. The article makes it vlear that all contracts totally exonerate these companies inadvance while such clauses are probably unenforceable.

                The moment theses companies are legally liable gor damages is the day nuclear power ends. Remember, Japan kept using asbestos until the late 90s.

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  Our legal brain trust appears to be on a direct "bee line" mission. 🙂

                  The Extermination of Planet Earth via Nuclear Technology! 🙁

                • Stacy

                  All very true. Maybe we need some more attorneys to help make a case for all this. Liability does equal loss of revenue in this case…..which then may help rope in the insanity. I've noticed the changes in mutations of fruit etc (for example) to illness in people since 2011 and for most people the changes seem slow moving, so they adapt…stupidly…and don't even question. My favorite saying as of late is "We have always been at war with Oceana" because that is exactly what it feels like to me. Sigh.

                • Angela_R

                  Abe Shinzo and nuclear technologies companies are pushing to sell their technology to India.
                  I repeat a statement made by the then US Deputy Secretary of Energy:
                  "It affirms the US intention to be reliable trading partner thus helping to ensure the continuation and growth of US Nuclear Exports, including maintaining our share of the Japanese enrichment market."

                  From the little I have read of the US-Japan Nuclear Cooperation Agreement, I am inclined to wonder whether it is actually the US government that is in partnership with the Japanese in nuclear ventures.
                  There was a link left on my reply to Obewan earlier today.


    Re-thinking nuclear. The United States maintains nearly 1600 nuclear missiles and a triad of systems- bombers, intercontintal ballistic missiles, and submarine-launched ballistic missiles-to deliver them. Current plans for modernizing all three legs of the nuclear triad is at a cost to the taxpayer of 100 billion dollars….Nuclear welfare- There are currently 400 [-/+] nuclear power plants in the US. Government loan/subsidies is at 80% per construction project. The Price-Anderson Act protects the industry from liability if damages from an accident exceed a certain amount. Nuclear Environment- Effects including air, water, ground and biosphere [people, plants and animals]. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission [NRC] does not address the myriad of effects caused by nuclear activities. The question that remains is, what if Fukushima had happened here?

    • Socrates

      Fukushima DID happen here.

      So what are we going to do about that fact?

      I would sue those corporate entities in the US who were responsible. To date, little proof of causation. Give it tens years and the corporations will say the statute of limitations has run. By then, there will be many many fatalities and pathology and autopsies…

      I hear GE is moving assets offshore. Japan does not want to pay compensation either. EPA shut down monitors…. hm… Who gave those orders or was it just carelessness.

      I would sure like to investigate in deposition with documents in front of me. We need truth trials.

        • SadieDog

          I disagree with you. Do you have absolute 100% proof that it there was not some intenttional action somewhere that contributed to this accident? Don't get me wrong I don't have proof that there was, and I don't agree with all of the theories but I will listen to any sound argument.

          • GOM GOM

            Sadie. 50/50 on this. As AmericanPhoenix has brought up a sore spot with me. 911. I have watched the vids in great detail and there is no doubt that 911 was masterminded to usher in a police state, which is what we have now. So, regarding Fuku, what geoengineer would have ever gave the go ahead to build this massive plant on a fault? We found out, regarding the BP fiasco, who gave the OK for drilling in an extremely dangerous area. The bi*ch had ties to BP, Standard Oil, and the Whitehouse, where she currently works. The roar of revolution is just under the surface, can you hear it?

            • SadieDog

              @GOM it doesn't sound like your 50/50? It sounds like you don't buy the BS and neither do I. Not sure how I sounded.

              • GOM GOM

                Sadie. OK. Truth or dare. Logically, as I don't know the process, I assume many, many engineer types have to 'scout' an area before building. In reality it would have been shot down, the building of Fuku in this region. Go from there Sadie…

                  • GOM GOM

                    Sadie. Where in the hell did you get that? I started reading but realized one cannot 'just read this'. So it is safe in my documents and I will read it tonight. I did notice that the site was "mudrock", clay and silt. That says it all. Hold on to this because when the SHTF you will never see it again. Thanks a million.

                • SadieDog

                  "The good news is that the radioactive water leaking from the plant will not be able to spread towards the Japanese inland and the Abukuma plateau due to the downward slope of the geological layers. The bad news is that there exists a fault which appears to be active right under the Fukushima Daiichi plant itself: this allows, and will continue to allow, radioactive pollution of aquifers over a depth of several hundreds of meters, as it runs through the different "waterproof" strata (4). This also means that the radionuclides will naturally be carried towards the sea by this underground water stream flowing through the permeable layers of sandstone. Sandstone is indeed the ideal rock for aquifers, as it is both permeable and fractured, providing easy movement of water. And finally, there is the problem of the type of rock on which the plant was built being rather "soft", meaning that an earthquake can only destabilize the buildings.

            • name999 name999

              good points.

        • American Phoenix57

          After 911 WTC7 absolutely anything is possible.

        • American Phoenix57

          For those who still doubt that such devastating secret weapons have been developed, here is an intriguing quote from an article in New Zealand's leading newspaper, the New Zealand Herald: 1999.

          "Top-secret wartime experiments were conducted off the coast of Auckland to perfect a tidal wave bomb, declassified files reveal. United States defense chiefs said that if the project had been completed before the end of the war, it could have played a role as effective as that of the atom bomb. Details of the tsunami bomb, known as Project Seal, are contained in 53-year-old documents released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade."

          If the military secretly developed a weapon which could cause a tsunami over half a century ago, what kind of advanced deadly weapons might be available now? And why is it that the general public still doesn't know about secret weapons developed over 50 years ago?

          Clearly the military has the capability to cause a tsunami and likely to cause earthquakes and hurricanes, as well. It's time for us wake up and realized we don't know jack about a lot of things.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Pretty sure your taxes collected paid for it all.. nice!
            "And why is it that the general public still doesn't know about secret weapons developed over 50 years ago?"
            Certainly it's all out of control by now.. 🙁

          • Shaker1

            Having worked on projects for the national labs, I don't doubt anything. The people who work there are highly educated and imaginative. I guarantee that anything that you can personally imagine that has some measure of practicality within the current dogma was/is entertained or considered, maybe even went through viability studies, at one time or another. One other thing that I learned to expect is that for an individual such as myself who might not have been through clearance vetting is that what I was seeing was the outcome of the process which might have some measure of visibility simply because these were somewhat mature processes and one could assume that there were multiple generations of the process that may not be visible at all. For instance, I worked on a prototype for years through development, knew of its intended use and was able to assemble all the parts but the electronics. The thing had to be sent half-way across the country to install the battery packs which just slid into an intended space before the electronic techs who had clearance could finish.

            By the way, all brought to you by the DOE. I do wonder how huge the DOD budget would be if the work done by the DOE were actually placed where they truly belong.

            • name999 name999

              these budgets are highly protected under the National Security defense, but some info can be gleaned with diligent research and they are huge budgets that get partially hidden within the reported budgets in other catagories like WHO or healthcare programs for example. Then much goes unreported for NSA, would give our
              enemies too much information is the logic used.

          • name999 name999

            and when you find out some of this stuff, what to do with the information?
            Watching a train wreck but can't stop it.

            It weighs heavy on the soul.

        • American Phoenix57

          Waking up only hurts if you're edumacated.

        • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

          My point was without proof beyond a doubt, this conspiracy will be used to label anti-nuke people as insane (truther, birther, etc) by the pro-nuke crowd. Then they'll just laugh at you (more than they may already do).

      • GOM GOM

        Socrates. I WILL find out about the compensation issue. Although my nuclear knowledge is limited, my follow-the-money mindset is not. It is IMPERATIVE that we know who is behind these nuclear abominations. Who is supporting this. Who is ignoring this. And why. I always say, watch "them", i.e. GE moving offshore.

        • Stacy

          I like this idea and am wondering if a thread dedicated only to a "follow the money" type of charting could be put on this site. One day it may be most valuable. No opinions, only facts that can be discovered and then named. From survey of the land to present…who did what and who owned what. (If it can be discovered) It might be interesting to see if this community can build a business picture of this life changing event for our planet.

      • name999 name999

        Socrates, I completely agree with your approach but the laws now in America do not support the ideals of truth and justice we are seeking.
        American law now protects corportations and military strength above all else, citizens, scientists, presidents, babies, the natural world.

        Where are the sympathetic aliens who are supposed to save us? What would it take, if anything
        could save the planet now?

        • Socrates

          The trade Treaties usually limit consumer legal remedies. Yes, we are in a multinational corporate governance with inner circle of inner circles. Coup completed!

        • Mark Wonclunker

          If the aliens exist, then they stood by and let us build 450 NPPs, 600 military reactors and lots of bombs. They did nothing. No advice, no warning and no intervention.

          This can be interpreted as they either don't care or actually want a dead radioactive planet, but I cannot understand why.

          The Black Knight satellite will probably issue a continuous radio warning "Dead planet below – extreme danger – do not enter".

    • weeman

      Mad = mutually assured dementia, in other words nuts.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      It means we here are in deep dodo. 🙁

      The Arctic Vortex is bringing tons of radiation contamination directly to the midwest and if you have people living there it's probably best to warn them to take proper precautions.

      None of this Nuclear will end well for us or our planet… 🙁

      • James Tekton James Tekton

        "The Arctic Vortex is bringing tons of radiation contamination directly to the midwest and if you have people living there it's probably best to warn them to take proper precautions."

        Last nights outdoor check was 62 CPM.

        Today, it is at 60 CPM.

        Indoor count as at 52 CPM at the desk here.

        Looks hazy outside as if we are catching lots of chemtrail action to keep the cranked up weather distractions on the east coast going.

        A noticeable upping of the Counts Per Minute today. Why? Is fukushima steaming causing this?




  • A bunch of fish died in the Philippines due to a large amount of rain. The mayor told people to bury the fish, not eat them, even though everyone is running out of food to eat, on account of the potential danger.

    There have also been a couple algal blooms in the last couple weeks, in New Zealand and South Africa.

    • GOM GOM

      Trex. This report is a real eye opener. When everything is highly contaminated and becomes a biohazard, "just eat the fish, what other choice do we have". The state government there doesn't eat it. And the people really have no choice, they are starving.

    • name999 name999

      heartbreaking…how much of our food supply has become or will soon contain lethal contaminants.

      • GOM GOM

        name. My friend has a grandmother who visits her son at the embassy in DC. These people, I am told, live at places like the Four Seasons [while working] and everything they eat and drink is the finest in the world. They never cared about us. It was a grand illusion. All I know is most won't outrun radiation. And somehow that makes my day…

  • American Phoenix57

    It has been almost three years since Humanity hit the nuclear iceberg at Fukushima and over the next few years, or perhaps even less, millions will die slowly from this planetary calamity. I am afraid that we are only just beginning our lessons in worst-case scenarios playing out in our lives.

    Anyone with a cow’s worth of sense can understand we are in the grip of political insanity, financial terrorism and biological warfare.

  • American Phoenix57

    Robbed blind and half dead from moral cancer and industrial disease at the hands of the Global Banking Mafia, the awakened Earthlings muster a last minute surge of adrenaline charged insight and wake up to the diabolical hidden agenda of the greedy bastards, mad scientists, evil geniuses and whack-job power freaks utilizing their fabricated fear and forces in an attempt to co-opt the planet for their own murderous intentions.

    It’s time to spin our caps around and dig in Humanity, It’s time to spit and swing for the fence America. This is our last ups. . . let’s make it count.

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    It is a real shame that George W. is no longer President as he could have done a lot explaining all this to the American people. And some needed unintentional humor would have entered the picture. Obama does too good a job of sounding knowledgeable and sincere — when of course he is neither!

    • American Phoenix57

      Here a couple of my favorites. . .

      "You can fool some of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time and those are the ones we wanna concentrate on."
      – George W. Bush, Gridiron Club dinner, Washington, D.C., 03-24-2001.

      "You know, I actually believe my own bullshit," Barack Obama March 20. 2008 as qouted in "Renegade, The Making Of A President " by author and Newsweek reporter Richard Wolffe.

      Different wings of the same banker owned bird.

  • A consoling {{Hug}} to EneNews readers: Greenpeace has tanked:


    At least this Alaska Marine Science Symposium article has appeared almost simultaneously with Jan Beránek's propaganda.

    • zogerke zogerke

      Say Whut? No Plausible Mechanism? Hunh?

      <<We have checked these stories and our conclusion is clear: these are not stories based in fact. For example, while unprecedented amounts of radioactive cesium have ended up in the Pacific Ocean, significantly contaminating sediments and fisheries along the Japanese coastline, there is no plausible mechanism that could transport significant levels of contamination across the Pacific to reach beaches in the US or Australia.>>

      • pattersonp

        Yes, water flow/dilution on its own is not a long-range transport mechanism 5000 miles over an ocean that is miles deep.

        the debris from Japan for example could be a 'mechanism' for transport of radionuclide, but the water itself is not sufficient unfortunately. Even air transport over 5000 miles is not a life or death scenario when we are all living with such means with nuclear reactors in our backyards and oil wells fracking our physical drinking water.

        Just can't say Fukushima meltdown + Ocean transport = seals dying or California beaches polluted. There's 1000s of other point-sources that are in the immediate area of say, California or Alaska for Fukushima-source rads to be ruled out quite quickly.

    • name999 name999

      I worked for Greenpeace many years ago and ended up quitting because they (in San Diego CA) would not take a public stand against nuclear energy. 1980's…

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        name999…Neither Greenpeace nor the Sierra Club would take a stance when a wealthy developer in San Diego was allowing raw sewage to flow into Alpine Creek. The developer was well connected from a "trust fund" family with deep pockets. I had pictures and everything…both entities refused to investigate.

  • bozzy54

    Unbelievable !!!

  • bluetick

    Well the truth will soon be known….Will there be a 2014 Season of

    DEADLIEST CATCH and will the name now be justified!!

    I expect these guys to die/get sick soon as the crabs are great bio accumulators of radioactivity…and they are right in the middle of it all..

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    Personally I think we should have a test of alarm and panic. The gov would be wise to tell the truth about something and then study this paroxysm of the citizens who will presumably behave like stampeding cattle. Why wait until a real disaster like Sandy or Katrina? Or for that matter 9/11.
    I think Greenpeace like everyone else with a public voice is imitating the wise old doctor who tells the dying patient he will be up and around soon.

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    Marine Mammal Unusual Mortality Events
    Elevated strandings of California sea lion pups have been observed in Southern California in the following counties:

    Santa Barbara County
    Ventura County
    Los Angeles County
    Orange County
    San Diego County

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    Graph of Sea Lion Deaths


    I watch in awe as Muslims rise up to defend Allah, over a cartoon; as Greece rises up to defend against austerity; as Egypt riots against food costs; Italy against government whoremongering; and the people of the once great United States march silently into oblivion…

    • zogerke zogerke

      GOM are you advocating violent protest as your model for change?

      Personally I go with the Quakers:
      I am, have always been, solidly non violent in all I do.
      And i have successfuylly made changes in the industries i worked within. And I have paid the cost in spades. And it is worth it. And, non violence is the Way.

      • name999 name999

        thank you for your service to humanity, bows to you.


        well said, zogerke. What most need to understand, violence is exactly what fuels the military-industrial-police-state.

        Lately, I've been monitoring several online talk shows and noticed outright calls for violent overthrow of our (so-called) government. What most of the listeners are not aware of, the hosts of these talk shows are being 'run' by the CIA. Then there's the black dude who worked for the DHS that ran a website calling for the murder of whites? When his actions were brought to the attention of DHS, they simply ignored the fact that one of their employees was inciting racially motivated violence! After much prodding (about a year went by), the DHS was 'forced' to dismiss this guy from their ranks.

        So, the question becomes, why would the 'government' want people committing acts of violence? Well, it's not a matter whether grass roots violence will bring about change. We know it does. The real issue becomes, is it the kind of change that's needed?

        You have to go back to the days of the Nixon administration and the anti-war movement, to see how public opinion was manipulated by the Manson crew's murder of innocent people. It was later discovered, an undercover agent ("Tex" Watson – later 'mind-wiped' by 'unknowns') participated in those headline murders. America sat in stunned awe at the Tate-LaBianca murders, while the Vietnam war dragged on for many more years.

        Know your enemy…

      • Shaker1

        I'm not sure that GOM is doing anything but pointing out the contrast political societies in his examples, while I might point out, too, that the Muslim portion of the example is not quite congruous to the others cited beyond the protest aspect.

        But, myself, I personally agree with you the way to peace is through the 'force' displayed by non-cooperation and exposure of 'untruth'.

        “It is not possible for a modern state based on force non-violently to resist forces of disorder, whether external or internal.”

        ….the public and political realm is that where issues are decided in a way worthy of free man: by persuasion and words, not by violence. Violence is essentially wordless, and it can begin only where thought and rational communication have broken down. Any society which is geared for violent action is by that very fact systematically unreasonable and inarticulate…The first principle of valid political action in such a society then becomes non-cooperation with its disorder, its injustices, and more particularly with its deep commitment to untruth.
        Thomas Merton

        In the examples, one must ask if in any but a non-violent case if the new boss is much different that the old. I believe non-violence is the only clear choice to avoid that.


          exactly Shaker1. It's about maintaining the moral high ground. The anti-nuke movement – must – remain consistent in its objective: the protection of all life on this planet. Calls for retribution will only allow the opposition to highlight philosophical inconsistencies in our purported goals. While I'd be the first to confess rage at the rampant destruction being caused by the nuclear power, I know, the moment I step over the line and accept any form of violence against those who support nuclear power (or the destruction of its related property), I've played right into the hands of the enemy. It's about remaining consistent!!! And anyone who doesn't get this, is need of a timeout in the corner…

      • GOM GOM

        Z. Just saying we are always silent. And now we are irradiated, fukin glowing-in-the-dark silent. Internment camps are not for immigrants, my kids owe how much?, and Obama flys in steaks from S. America on my dime! All the while Americans just accept a Fascist takeover of their lives. I have been shouting for years that America is a corporation, not a country. Nothing changes. It is probably too late anyway. So does it matter that one would suggest violence?

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          There were no nuclear reactors in the US for 30 years because of the anti-Nuke movement. People are not silent in this country. Fukushima was caused by the mismanagement and corruption of the nuclear industry in another country.

          Can it happen in the US or anywhere else in the world. Yes. That is why we are working to shut down all nuclear reactors. Germany is doing it. We can also. It is already happening. We will do it with our representative and democratic institutions, through education, through the courts, through our economy which knows that nuclear energy is exorbitantly expensive and unfair, and through our legislation which does listen to the people. I sign petitions all the time for change. They are sent to me through e-mail and my representative and senators answer me.

          The US will never shut down the internet. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. There are many, many alternative news sources in the US and they can all be read on the internet. There huge numbers of independent news sources and journalists and writers of books. If I want to list all the books that have been written against the nuclear industry there are many and they are all freely available at and at libraries throughout the US. There many anti nuclear books that are totally available on the internet. The US doesn't have to be draconian as some countries are in the world. There is still the freedom of information act, there is habeas corpus in…

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            in the courts. There are many, many links on this website. People are already dying, 1 in 2 get cancer even before Fukushima.

            And you do not see rioting in the streets. I don't have enough income for food, but I go to a charitable food bank run by a church in my community. There are 2 other charitable food stations in my small town. Americans and very generous. The US government has many programs for the poor including an earned income credit for those with children.

            Whatever your experience is in another country, the US is for the most part peaceful. There is free education for all its children, in Colorado, until someone is 21 they can go to high school for free. There is much governmental and private financial help for the poor to go to college.

            Many people still immigrate to the US to find a better life.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

              Americans are very generous, even generous to other countries with gifts of foreign aid and volunteers in the Peace Core and Vista.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                or Peace Corps

                We have lawyers who are free and who fight for economic and environmental justice and for corporation responsibility to consumers.

        • zogerke zogerke

          we are not silent.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      GOM has another agenda and seems to be wanting to discredit the anti-nuclear movement.

      Non-violent protest is the only successful protest. Violence only begets more violence. Egypt is much worse after the Arab Spring movement. The US, even after the Revolutionary War, is still under the thumb of the British monarchy.

      I am totally against violence and question the motives of anyone who suggests violence.

      Look at the failure of new nuclear plants around the country. No investors even want to invest in nuclear anymore. No people want nuclear energy.

      The pro-Nukers will do everything underhanded to change public opinion. But nuclear is dead and only brings about death.

      • guevara3712

        i've read enough of GOM's posts to know that comment was not a suggestion of violence, but merely a comment on America's apparent apathy. i see people jumping on her about that comment and i want to know how many of you non violent activists pay your power bills every month.

        • guevara3712

          cuz guess what if you pay a corporate power bill, you support nuclear energy, no matter what your mouth says.


            first, guevara3712, that example of American 'apathy' is set against clear examples of violence. Next, while nuclear power has a clearly inordinate impact on our living environment, are you aware that it only provides a small percentage of our nation's energy portfolio? I ask, because you make the assumption that we're hypocritical, when we pay our electric utility bill. And that assumption (on your part), doesn't take into consideration if some of us are utilizing off-grid renewable energy sources. Some of us actually are. And even if those who are using off-grid energy sources are more the exception than the rule, what choice were any of us given? None! Sure, we can vote with our dollars, but until such time as we're afforded equitably competitive means to make that choice, we must make every effort to end the use of this deadly technology. I, for one, will 'shamelessly' use this communications medium and every available power source to access it, to make that happen…

          • GOM GOM

            guevara. EXACTLY. That is why i am leaving the "grid" for solar. You get a gold star.

          • flatsville

            If you give them more money than you absolutely have to, you are complict. Change out your lighting to LED. Use the savings to contribute to a group fighting nukes in your oen backyard. This isn't rocket science.

            I bet that 95%+ of posters to enenews don't beling to ANY anti-nuke group.

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA


        • tsfw tsfw

          Guevara agreed I've never read anything alarming from GOM. I don't understand how people don't see what he/she meant by that. It was a comparison, not a suggestion. If you want to pick apart the comparison go ahead, but don't jump down his/her throat. We don't all come here spending 30 mins editing each post as though it were an essay. Read between the lines- you all do it so well with the articles. Seems everyone gets accused of ulterior motives in here the moment they say something some people don't like. And I see people reacting to 'violent' posts with more anger and hostility than the poster- the poster is angry about Fuku- SAME PAGE GUYS- then you go and make it personal. People get angry, people vent. Ignore it and let the person come back to earth. I love and respect this site- but I'm not the only one who thinks the paranoia level is on the up. It's understandable, but it's not justified. I'm even certain that I'' be accused of being on the wrong side in some way or another for writing this. Ridiculous. I've been less than perfect in here, but I've owned it. People who come here are aware of what possible horror awaits them and their families- no wonder they have moments, I'd be concerned if that never happened. Seems like all normal reactions to an abnormal environment to me. We all have a million differences- but we all hate nuclear. That has to be enough for now or what's the point?


        spot one, anne…

      • GOM GOM

        anne. You are a brillant poster and a credit to this site. But don't make me some nuclear suck ass. Do you not realize that Fukushima was the ace in the hole they needed to usher in martial law? Are you friggin kidding me? NSA, DHS, they are foaming at the mouth. ACA now owns you and your family. Gunships training over Miami firing blanks! Strip searches at highway check points! All because we chose to stay silent. Good luck to you and yours. Your gonna need it. p.s.- the jews stayed silent…

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          GOM, excuse me, but your argument seems to be inconsistent. They can't use Fukushima to usher in martial law when they are ignoring Fukushima and pretending that the radiation won't hurt anyone.

          And you post confirms your primary agenda, including your use of language which really is revealing.

          More Christians and other non-Jews were killed in WWII than Jews. All they need to control everyone is drones and robots which they have quite apart from Fukushima.

          Fukushima is a nuclear accident that proves once again that nuclear technology is a failed technology and should be stopped immediately. Arguing that it is a conspiracy is a mark of the nuclear industry which doesn't want to pay out any indemnity for causing so many deaths and the destruction of the environment.

          And I am speaking out even more than you against the nuclear industry and those who support it. Are you afraid of the nuclear industry, and hence covering up their mismanagement and falsifications of all their safety checks, and even more the lethal and deadly use of MOX fuel which will, if it hasn't already succeeded, destroy the entire earth?

          • GOM GOM

            anne. Think. When people get sick en masse, their kids, and pets. When they wake up and see the animals dying off and other strange things they do not understand. THAT is when the problems will start. And THAT is when Americans will be silenced. The true horror is they will shut down or have limited internet so we will be in the dark and become Japan. On a personal level, I just ripped into someone on behalf of this board and it's posters. If I am going to painted as something I am not, you should at least go through this thread and read my posts. They are easy to see due to my avatar. Thanks for nothing anne.

            • zogerke zogerke

              when i was involved in anti nuke and non violent civil disobedience activities, there would be core of folks who knew each other for while, and there would be trainings, very disciplined, in consensus decision making; and what groups of people- up to 3000 of us at once- would do before staging protests at the fences of NPPs Shoreham or Seabrook or Indian Point or others, was hold meetings and make decisions about how to proceed using consensus. There would be agent provacateurs. They would be the hot heads, the ones to try and always incite violence. They would try and make themselves the spokesperson if media was around…they would try and get cameras on them. They would take arguments and unhappiness of the group and accelerate it. up the ante, and try to foment violence. They would attack the police. They would throw things. They would instigate and then get out of the way, so it was not THEIR head that got cracked by a policeman's baton. They would stoke rage and not ever try and change crowd energy into a grounded calm place. Strength in political action came from us when we were grounded, organized and unified…I distrust those who promote violence and use popular sentiments of unhappiness to push for violent response… does not do us ANY good. it only serves to get people targeted for retribution.

              • zogerke zogerke

                And I have many political opinions I hold back on this board, in part because they would be unpopular and I am being self protective; and in part because they are off topic. But try growing up dirt poor, and not white, or not Christian, and not with stable parentage…and perhaps you already KNOW- have known for generations what it is to live in the USA without in camps, under martial law, under attack, your family targeted for punishment and destruction. Some folks who still choose peace and non violence have been living without much privilege for decades and decades and decades, for centuries in this country. IMO There is no excuse to BECOME the thing you detest, in order to annihiate that which you detest.

                • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

                  Zog…Thanks for sharing and giving insight into why non-violence is the only way to go,…I agree. I think sometimes people who are new here go through a grieving process and anger is one of those processes. From what I've seen GOM has not posted violent messages, but by you sharing your experience it might give a different point of view how it could be misconstrued.

                  Russell Means put out a video called Americans Are The New Indian …he said thought it was interesting how everyone in the USA was starting to scream about not having rights, when all along the people who lived on this continent from the beginning were interred on reservations when Europeans came and stole their land, and systematically wiped out their language, culture, family, and in many cases just killed them.

              • bo bo

                Hi zogerke… I agree with you.
                I do not have the first hand experience in protesting NPPs as you, but here is a great interview of Taro Yamamoto on non-violence in nuclear protest.


                With the situation in and anger of the people building up in Japan after fukushima, it is very easy for protests to become escalated. Here he recounts protesting the restart of GenkaiNPP in Saga. The people had entered the building of the power company, and finding that the employees had created barricades with desks and chairs, some protesters attempted to break throuh the barricade. Taro stopped them.

                When you listen throuh his story, you can almost see how these things are set up. If they did not want the protesters in the building, why did the guards open the door in the first place ? He notes how somehow 'the guards opened the door'.. in my opinion, the barricades were set up to get exactly this type of 'anger reaction'. Fortunately, they had Taro stopping them from falling for it.

                • bo bo

                  If anybody actually cares to listen through the whole interview, I really like how he points out there has been absolutely ZERO hollywood stars raising awareness on fukushima or any nuclear issues. Taro was a tv actor and celebrity before. When he started to talk about fukushima on air, he wad immediately taken off of all his tv shows.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          GOM, please calm down. Get a grip.

  • w

    I really enjoy n appreciated(the education) the intelligent n compassionate communications that's going on here. Just finished a 2-days argument on the effects of Fukushima's continuously leakage of radionuclide with a Nuke-Numbed-Nut (NNN) on Facebook. From the on set, he wants to know my source of information. When I told him most of my sources r from Fairewind Associates, enenews, YouTube, Dr. Helen Caldecott and Dr. Christopher Busby's books he told me they were bullshit, but he himself has no sources that he can refer to for his pro-nuke stand. I told him on the first day that he was going to use "the vastness of the Pacific Ocean can dilute all the radionuclide from the Daiichi's leakage" as one of his pro-nuke defense before he posted it, on the second day. What I gathered here, coupled with my previous encounters with the NNNs, besides being shallow in their knowledge about the nuclear field, and particularly about the aftermath of the effects of nuclear accidents such as TMI n Chernobyl, they r tunnel visioned. Finally, lack of defensive strategy, he criticized my quoting of Dr. Helen Caldecott, saying what does a pediatrician know about nuclear power. But at the end he realized he was outwitted and outgunned, he deleted all he's posts from our 2-day argument and ran.


      good story, W. Not every battle ends in a definite victory. But it's reassuring to know, you held your ground. And those NNNs are usually nothing more than self-appointed guardians of – their – realm. They see nuclear power as integral to maintaining American preeminence [insert snicker here]. They have no idea how badly it's long-term effects (literally and figuratively) have been on our economy and technical competitiveness. They don't realize, an international corporate cabal controls it and licenses other corporate entities to manage the power plants, themselves. They're still thinking it's an American technology that needs protection from 'tree-huggers'. Try to forgive them. They know not what they know…

  • pattersonp

    What exactley did they find in this study? Was there Cs-134/137 in the tissue of the sea lions found DURING this study? Is it so hard to take tissue samples, put them in some testing facility and find the % ratio of Pu, Cs, etc?

    Sounds like these scientists are riding the wave of alarmism from Fukushima right now and somehow trying to attract a new audience rather than being non-biased and actually looking for answers, they are assuming the ice trapped Cs, or that the seals are dying from Cs… Not very good science here. And before I get called a troll or 'schill' or whatever else, I just want to know since there's no actual information presented here but an advertisement for some QA on Jan 28….

    Sounds like they are deducting that since Cs was in ice, then therefore it has to have caused this from say ice-melt but don't really 'study' the actual mechanism.

    ALot of these comments and lots of hot air as usual on here… Admin should definitely limit replies to 3 or so for each user as opposed to the same people constantly replying over and over and over. It gets very very tedious to actually engage in discussion with 100 replies with most of them just ramble about how bad nuclear is. Like I saw a reply up there about George Bush…. How is that at all constructive to this website and its aims whatsoever?

  • pkjn

    Fukushima Fall Out: Aerial Deposition On To Sea Ice Scenario And Wildlife
    Health Implications To Ice-Associated Seals
    JANUARY 24, 2014 Alaska Marine Science Symposium

    Atmospheric air masses carrying Fukushima radiation were transiting into Alaska.
    Gross symptoms associated with the disease included lethargy, NO new hair growth, and skin lesions, with the majority of the outbreak reports occurring in Alaska.

    Scientists present results on gamma analysis (cesium 134 and 137) of muscle tissue from control and diseased seals, and discuss wildlife health implications from different possible routes of exposure to Fukushima fallout to ice seals.

    Sea ice would have acted as a temporary refuge for deposited radionuclides; thus radionuclides would have only become available for migration during the melting season.
    The cumulative on-ice exposure for ice seals would have occurred through external, inhalation, and non-equilibrium dietary pathways.

  • califnative califnative (NY)

    MSN video by Annie Gaus downplaying the high radiation readings at Ocean Beach San Francisco – "Fukushima is Here, Not so Fast" calling it rumors and saying what's the big deal?
    She also says there are RUMORS that wildlife is dying! Disgusting! Please respond to her tweets and show ENEnews link.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    There are few things which bother me as much as seeing innocent animals suffering, bleeding, and dying due to man-made causes. Now back to read your comments.

  • califnative califnative (NY)

    I looked up Daniel Hirsch (scientist?) and his website mentions – The Committee to Bridge the Gap is a non-profit nuclear policy organization focusing on issues of nuclear safety, waste disposal, proliferation, and disarmament.

    The downplaying I was disgusted about is MSN telling everyone Fukushima isn't a big deal and there are NO animal die offs happening. Typical mainstream news encouraging the public to play at the beach when the unseen nightmare continues.

    HoTaters – this bothers me the most too watching animals suffer and die.

  • jec jec

    Wonder if the seals are showing signs of neutron radiation. The face of the one seal.the red burned looking skin sure looked like the poor sailors 'sunburned' leg. Seal and Human both has similar looking skin condition. Unless someone has a very expensive fancy gas analysis system for neutron contamination..and I am not sure how that system works..neutron radiation is not picked up by geiger counters. Most dosimeters do alpha, beta and gamma..but likely NOT neutron. And we saw neutron rays for sure..those sudden bright blue flashes of light..scary beautiful lights from Fukushima reactors. Wonder if USS Reagan had a way to measure neutron radiation on board..if not..those poor sailors..

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Ya..Looks like beta burns to me..mucous membrane involvement..contaminated 'emitting' ice…contaminated water…sun…

  • califnative califnative (NY)

    That reminds me, when I became aware of chemtrails three years ago the sun burned intensely on my skin, even the bushes had burn spots on the leaves. Perhaps the radiation intensified the atmosphere and made it worse, like the seals skin. I noticed more sun spots on peoples forearms than ever before.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    How will it help everyone to know that they are being exposed to deadly radiation. There is no way to mitigate all the radiation in the world. Investors are already investing in other forms of energy than nuclear energy. It would help if the government were to refuse to allow all radioactive goods into the US. It would help is government officials were to listen to the people and stop all subsidies of nuclear energy and to make the industry totally responsible for all costs associated with nuclear energy including decommissioning and compensating the victims fully for radiation exposure, etc.

    Pueblo, CO voted to turn down a new nuclear energy plant. Iowas did also. Indiana is abandoning a new nuclear power plant because there is no utility that wants to invest in one. The US government is no longer bankrolling the Savannah River project and no utility will invest in it. The US also turned down a project that French Areva wanted to construct. A federal judge has said no new licenses without a plan for nuclear waste, which will never be known. Several nuclear power plants have been shut down because they were too expensive for the utility to manage. And several have been shut down by activism; SONGS and Vermont Yankee.

    People do have a say in the US. And in other countries, e.g., Germany and Italy, the voters have said no to nuclear energy. It is quite possible through elections and the courts and through education to stop all future nuclear energy.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      This website is still running without government censorship. And it is educating people and making a difference to bring an end to nuclear energy.

      • SadieDog

        YEAHH !!!!

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        Anne in agree with you on that
        I was a lurker for years and brought over here regarding the BP nightmare and what followed with the sinkhole .
        I have always looked to commentary to get a better understanding , Fukushima compelled me to join in so I am relatively new to doing this .
        And I am getting a crash course on how to do this.
        While I feel that the gov has not shut it down I do feel that there are those brought here by them .
        We do have the upper hand on that though .
        Thank you for having me as I navigate the world of forums .
        Thumbs up folks !

      • sunpower

        Anne's right, the industry is beginning to crumble from economics, safety, and waste issues. San Onofre proved people could stop it. In the end the Hollywood moguls probably called Boxer and pleaded that lotus land be spared. Jaczko was there too helping. Every disaster sets back the industry. If there is one Fukushima Daiichi in the US (not counting Santa Susanna etc)more, that is it for nuclear power.
        The real issue I see is disagreement on how to safely put the nuke industry where the sun don't shine. We had a big debate over SFP4 and then there came out a picture of a damn corium hanging off the north side of unit four. yeah a pool burned, the equipment pool. I mean people are believing we do not know where the coriums are, and saying they burn down forever,and there's a picture of an elephant's foot hanging off the building two stories up, solidified not molten, just like Chernobyl.
        That's our little discussion. The nuke industry meanwhile never had a plan for meltdowns, they just ignore them and try to make believe nothing is wrong.
        I'm doing rad testing where I live. I disagree with Arnie about the San Mateo beach radiation situation. Folks need to get devices and start answering the basic questions.
        We need to know the Navy wants to go all nuke. And about DU.
        Anne is as always a total asset to all of us for her info.

    • Angela_R

      Anne – "How will it help everyone to know that they are being exposed to deadly radiation…."
      It appears many don't want to know, those that do, may chose to attempt to get out of the way or see if they can come up their own solution.

      "There is no way to mitigate all the radiation in the world."
      Anne, they are still planning and building Nuclear Reactors!"

      How many listened to the people around Hanford,; most people are insular until it effects them. And before that, how many people tried to raise the alarm and were howled down!
      89 sieverts! How far down? 4 sieverts are considered lethal. and yet they continued to hold tests, make nuclear weapons, to build reactors and they denied the murder and maiming of the innocent.

      What were people doing before Fukushima, sleeping?
      Decrying and scoffing at those that denounced the Nuclear Industry?
      Swallowing the platitudes and allowing it to continue until…..
      and they are still not listening

      but some of us are here, we're here – staring at the Beast

    • zogerke zogerke


  • shamwow shamwow

    The amazing thing about all this is how few people want to know about it.

    It is almost a defense mechanism; if you don't know about it it I is not happening.

    Looking at what has happened since 9/11 I am not surprised any more by the reaction of the Germans to the Holocaust. The majority of people don't want to know. It is easier.

    • humptydumpty humptydumpty

      Ignorance, complacency, apathy, distraction, denial, entrenchment — human failings manifest throughout history. Until it hits them, they would rather not deal with it. It's not their problem. Let the authorities handle it. Power hungry men take full advantage of those failings.

  • pure water

    I have a question – is there a way to demand the same tests for other animals?

  • Socrates

    The best arguments against nuclear energy are economic. By adding civil liability to the costs is not only fair and just, it takes the profit out of being nuclear pimps…..

    The free market forces operate on principles of market discipline. If you market a dangerous product or service, you need to stand behind your produce or service financially.

    The right to sue is in our constitution. The founders were astute to see that those with connections could get special favors. Regulation could be offshored.

    Those providing products and services can obtain liability insurance and pass back these costs to consumers. Underwriters assess the risks at arm's length and charge accordingly. Nuclear energy got a free ride in the Cold War to promote their WMD. Price Anderson Act of 1957 and all the government subsidies were a gift that made nuclear energy a sacred cow. Time to end the gift. Time to end the sacred cow status. Just have nuclear energy pay the real costs. Have underwrters assess those costs, not nuclear pimps. Pay up for Fukushima. Cut the crap. Quit trying to make the people pay for eternity. Change these laws and there will be no profits.

    I do not advocate violence, by the way. This issue is self-evident. Nuclear kills and requires slaves to be thrown in the pit. The mining and milling are dangerous. Get rid of it before it kills us all. Sue it out of existence.

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      All this goes without saying of course. And as far as not advocating violence – good for you. I don't advocate suicide.

      • Socrates

        In the movie On the Beach, suicide was the only solution. It is rather difficult to fight back with physical force.

        The pen is mightier than the sword. He who lives by the sword will die by it. Vengence is mine sayeth the Lord.

        Hurt 'em in the pocketbook. Sue the bastards…. take the profit out of their business plan. Change the laws to fovor consumers. Bring the perpetrators to justice. Expise them in the media. Educate the public. Win at the ballot box.

        I supported amcongressional candidate who ran against Derryl Issa. Jerry went to demonstrations in San Clemente against SONGS. It was shut down. We can and do win.

        • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

          Who said anything about living by a sword? George Washington was an example of someone who was a warrior that wielded tremendous power at the end of killing his enemies in a war, yet gave it all up and went home. Even King George praised his ability to "lay down the sword" when he could have become an emperor. This to me is what is and should be American exceptionalism. Sue them? Really? So how does that work? Class action so everyone gets $5.23? Sue them individually, assuming you can, and when they go bankrupt you get what? Nothing. Suing worked well for the sailors on the USS Reagan, didn't it? And you do realize the gov't aids and abets drug cartels and gun runners? The gov't has given total immunity to the nuke industry, so they're never going to see justice, You know this right? Change the laws?? Expose them in the corrupt media. You still think you live in a republic with a true representative government? Like your namesake, you'll drink the poison evidently. But I refuse to. I'm an old testament kinda guy.

        • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

          Passivisim worked well for Neville, didn't it? And who paid the ultimate price?

    • Socrates

      I see the seal pups dying on the beaches, the pelicans flying north and south looking for food, the starfish dying up and down the coast. In "normal" operation, huge amounts of "permissible" discharges pollute the ocean environment. This is without a major accident!!!!! Wildlife on the West Coast is severely threatened by SONGS and Diablo Canyon, and now Hanford and Fukushima.

      A whistleblower at SONGS said that he was writing to the president and to Senator Boxer. I said, "Aren't you afraid for your life?"

      He replied, "Don't you understand that if the pressure tubes explode at San Onofre, that will kill me and family anyway. It will kill you and your family as well as 8.5 million other people within 50 mile radius.!"

      He had been the nuclear safety expert there for about 15 years.

      I send my thoughts to the NRC and request that they be published in the Federal Register. Regulators cannot protect us properly against and industry will little or no legal liability where causality is hard to prove in the individual case. The revolving door, trade agreements, Price Anderson Act, bribes, falsified paperword and and unbridled profit motives must be cheched by responsibility. Tort liability is the best adjuvant plus you get discoverg of documents and can take testimony under oath. Sunlight into a dirty deadly industry, and then application of the conscience of the community – the jury.

    • Horse Horse

      Socrates, the legal system is used to protect corporations not people. Changing the law is how they put in place the protections offered by the Price Anderson Act. Now they require further legality with the (TPP) Trans-Pacific Partnership.

      "Critics of the investment protection regime argue that traditional investment treaty standards are incompatible with environmental law, human rights protection, and public welfare regulation, meaning that TPP will be used to force states to lower standards e.g., environmental and workers protection, or be sued for damages"

  • pjrsullivan

    A couple of commentors asked, "Wheres the extraterrestrials to help us?" Answer: They have helped us, they've pulled the thousands of nuclear blast rounds off of us and they have shut down every nuclear blast that has been planted in our cities.

    They have advised us well to, "STRIKE THEM OUT." If we are serious about saving ourselves we need to take our purse away from those who use it to poison out our planet with nuclear weaponry and waste.

    Is Hitachi-GE really and accident or could it be a well laid plan to wipe out the entire surface of planet earth disguised as an accident? The same folks that built it are the same people that built the tens of thousands of nuclear weapons to wipe us away in an afternoon of shooting.

    Read more about the kind extraterrestrials that have stepped in to spare us from nuclear blast war at: