Scientists ‘mystified’ over Fukushima radioactive waste found in Pacific Northwest — Washington Official: “I have no idea how it could get there” — Professor: We need to monitor if it’s building up in food web

Published: March 18th, 2014 at 11:09 am ET


Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Mar. 12, 2014: It came from Fukushima, but how the heck it got so far up the Fraser River Valley in British Columbia has scientists mystified. […] [Krzysztof Starosta, of Simon Fraser University] said the big mystery, since they have just that one sample taken from a beach so far upriver, is how it got there. It could have been airborne, landed on a hill or mountain and been washed down to the river. […] When asked if a bird could have pooped it out there, he audibly shrugged. The mystery “indicates the need for further study,” he said. […] Ocean currents are driving those nuclear particles […] from Japan to our coastline, and more radiation is likely to be dumped into the ocean […] there is concern that the accumulation, especially of the long-lasting cesium-137, will eventually be harmful to sea life and us.

Metro News, Mar. 13, 2014: Radioactive waste believed to have come from the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan has been found in B.C. soil, but researchers say there’s no cause for alarm. […] “It’s actually quite unexpected that we found it in soil so far inland,” [Starosta] said. “Common wisdom would be that Caesium would come through the ocean.”, Mar. 13, 2014: More testing needed to learn impact of soil radioactivity — Further investigations of soil are needed to understand any possible impacts posed by small amounts of radioactivity, following the testing of a soil sample near Kilby Park in the Fraser Valley, according to the Simon Fraser University researcher who studied it. […] Currently his group is working on improving sensitivity of the detection of 134Cs to further investigate its presence in B.C. soil.

Juan Jose Alava, Simon Fraser University: “We shouldn’t be worried now, but we need to keep monitoring in the long term to see whether these levels are building up in the food web.”

Mike Priddy, supervisor of Washington’s Environmental Sciences Section: “I have no idea how it could get there … there’s a lot of things that could happen to get it up there.”

See also: [intlink id=”scientists-raise-alarm-radioactive-metal-from-fukushima-detected-in-pacific-northwest-concern-about-long-term-impact-on-humans-west-coast-ecosystem-indicates-continuing-contamination-cross” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: March 18th, 2014 at 11:09 am ET


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151 comments to Scientists ‘mystified’ over Fukushima radioactive waste found in Pacific Northwest — Washington Official: “I have no idea how it could get there” — Professor: We need to monitor if it’s building up in food web

  • Doc Lemm

    Nothing except background in Ocean Shores, Wa and that includes the beach….

    • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

      Really? Who says? Where's the uncut video of the testing from start to finish? How many microSieverts/hour? What did the spectrum analysis turn up? How many days did it take to test for the presence of strontium? Not a single alpha partical missed?

      Where's the historical data for that location, and how far back does it go?

      What's the understanding of "background" in regards to radiation measurement?

      These and many more are all things that would be done and understood if full testing was carried out. In some of these cases, "full testing" would require so much time/energy/resources as to make it unproductive. Some of this has to do with the inherent difficulty of accurately identifying things that you cannot see/feel/smell/etc.

      This is no excuse!

      In fact, it is one more straw of proof that the creation of radioactive material by mankind must be abolished forever.

      There are barrels all over this world…
      We each must protect and guard the barrels that have our name on it.
      For some of us, this is a lot of barrels…

      Our children inheret our barrels when we die…
      Along with all of their own.
      Once we start to abolish nuclear…

      Though the topic is grim the future can be brighter than imagined. It is very bright indeed if we each take responsibility for ourselves.

      Reject all polution. Boycott all businesses that polute in any way!
      Boycott all taxes, mortgages, insurance payments, and utility bills until nuclear begins…

  • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

    Interesting idea, the bird manure. Last November during the 'background' spike we were up by the CA – OR border. Wonderfully low background and I remember commenting to my spouse that the 'hottest' thing around was the goose poop.

    Although, with the Pacific NW, I think I'd put my money on ocean salmon that had gone upriver, spawned died and decomposed. It's a neat way to get bio-accumulated ocean elements upstream.

  • Nuclear-Free-Zone

    Well garsh and gee whillikers… I wrote to several coastal science marine types and the HEAD of the operation "didn't know" anything and one of his understudies said there'd been NO TESTING on the OR coast for 18 months or so… and at that time all the "Albacore was within USDA safe limits"….
    I guess We The People" are going to have to buy our own equipment and get out there.. Our broke, broken, and broken-down gov't jus' cain't afford to…

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Our government…wants its trust back. But jus' cain't afford to…

      Meanwhile back in reality. Our local police department is getting free Humvees from the U.S. Military. The article I read quoted a police person saying that they were lucky to get the Humvees. If we don't get them, they get DESTROYED (paraphrase) he said.

      "Yup, don't need this old Hummer no more," Uncle Sam said. "I guess I could sell it and buy some radioactive testers, but well. The cops said they don't want it. We can't find nobody to take it. (THWAAAK-BUZZZ BAAAANG POW THUD CAARAAAASH) That's better. Demolished. Good for the environment."

      Hey, Uncle Sam, that's worth about $40,000 bucks worth of truck you just smashed up. What gives? You said you were BROKE. Where's that $5.00 you owe me, ya chiseler.

  • Nick

    Test not what your country won't test for you!

    Ketchup is a vegetable.

    Ours is a government for the rich and nothing but the rich so help us all.

    The great Pacific Salmon Industry is surely trying real hard to help
    delay tests results.

    Cesium the day. Tomorrow is gone.

  • last august I called up a surf shop in seaside oregon to discuss fuku and the impacts that will be felt on the coast.
    the owner of the surf shop basically told me he was not interested since his business IS putting people IN the water and sarcastically asked me if he should just shutter his business.
    the people selling the coast for tourism, the fisheries & processing, the real estate crooks and the governors will delay reality well past the point of people dropping dead.
    all for paper. paper.

  • Sol Man

    Now they've really done it, Ollie because we're
    Burnt Toast in Space!

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    It Came From Fukushima

    There we have it. The name of our movie.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Juan Jose Alava, Simon Fraser University: “We shouldn’t be worried now, but we need to keep monitoring in the long term to see whether these levels are building up in the food web.”

    Ever see that movie, "Skinwalker Ranch?" Monitoring. Just…monitoring.

  • Lily Jumper

    I have personally been involved with a site that has been filled with barrels of God only knows what kinds of waste! The hydro electric dam built in Niagara Falls in the 1950's,while under construction the debris and any waste product was put into barrels and buried in the front of what is now developed and landscaped into the world famous(if you ask the N.P.C.)Floral Clock.
    Consequently soil testing has shown positive for lead and arsenic. The Ontario Hydro Company shared this study with the Niagara Parks Commission so they could protect their employees but they just like the Simon Fraser guys chose to believe no worries!! Well I always begged to differ especially after I lost coworkers to cancer, coworkers who had children born with cancers and more who were stricken with cancer. Out of 11 people who worked extensively in this area I am saying 5 people, let me repeat 5 PEOPLE suffered because nobody saw anything to worry about! Except the Hydro workers who said and I quote, "I wouldn't work around there without proper PPE." NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT???? THEN OR NOW……

  • Yes, the tooth fairy put it there.

    End of Official Report.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Scientists are supposed to be inquisitive .. not mouth gaped open ..mystified.

    Groundwater in deep layer possibly traveling between sea and land / Tepco not to investigate it anymore
    March 18 2014

    I thank Mr. Mochizuki for keeping up with this subject and in REALTIME.

  • Sickputer

    Guess those scientists up north forgot about the jetstream. Like a lot of other people. They just can't fathom that a single nuclear disaster 5,000 miles away can kill them.

    Few humans are aware of the predictions by nuclear scientists decades ago that a major release by a nuclear megaplex could wipe out the Northern Hemisphere. Fukushima Daiichi was one of the largest nuclear complexes in the world. Nearly 4 million pounds of nuclear fuel inside 6 reactor buildings and one huge Common Spent Fuel Pond. A lot of that has been released into the atmosphere. The jetstream air currents reach Canada within several days for the highest speed winds.

    This is the 1 PM video feed from yesterday:

    That haze is deadly radiation rising into the atmosphere. Forever. Get the picture? I do.

    And the water leaching over three huge melted nuclear fissile cores is gushing by untold gallons a day into the Pacific. The water contamination is slowly poisoning the salt water ocean that encompasses Mother Earth.

    The whales know something is wrong. Certainly a human ape with Buck Rogers technology should too. But only a very few have realized the extent of the damage. RIP humans. We conquered outer space, traveled to the moon, but couldn't keep our own environment healthy. There is no hope left in Pandora's Box. We have met the enemy and he is indeed us.