Scientists mystified by unusual strandings of large sea creatures on West Coast — TV: “In 3 weeks, 5 dead whales have now beached along the Northern California coast” — “It’s totally something new, something strange”… “This is kind of eerie, what are the odds of two dead whales in same place?” (VIDEO)

Published: May 11th, 2015 at 2:40 pm ET


San Francisco Chronicle, May 5, 2015 (emphasis added): Beach mystery: Another dead whale washes up in Pacifica — For the second time in three weeks, a dead whale has washed up on [the same beach]… “Something’s going on with nature,” said Ralph Clement… “This is kind of eerie. What are the odds of two whales in the same place? It has to mean something.”… “This is just not supposed to happen,” [Courtney] Patterson said. “It’s very unnerving. Is this caused by a lack of food?”… Jane Nahass said she has been walking on Pacifica beaches for 26 years and never saw two dead whales so close together. “Something’s going on,” she said.

NBC Bay Area, May 5, 2015: The 32-ft humpback is only a 5 minute walk from the decomposing sperm whale… Witness: “This is totally something new, something strange.” The Marine Mammal Center calls the beached whales a coincidence [and that it’s] an expected spot for marine life to wash up… But for a small crowd on the beach, the whale was anything but expected. Witness: “I’ve never seen this before in my whole life.”

KTVU, May 5, 2015: Anchor: Yet another dead whale was discovered today [at] almost the exact same spot where another huge whale washed ashore… Reporter: In 3 weeks, 5 dead whales have now beached along the Northern California coast.

KRON, May 6, 2015: Scientists conducted a necropsy on the 42-foot adult female humpback… if the whale had been struck by a ship, the scientists would have expected to see more broken ribs, so the exact cause of death remains unknown

NBC Bay Area, May 5, 2015: John Valentini, 74 [said] “I have no idea what’s going on.” Sue Pemberton with the California Academy of Sciences [said] she doesn’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with the ocean, or that there is an epidemic of dead whales… Scientists still don’t know what killed the adult sperm whale [from April]… the Marine Mammal Center… has responded to 21 humpback whales and 17 sperm whales that washed up… in its 40-year history.

Press Democrat: Apr 20, 2015: A rare stranding of a 26-foot-long killer whale… the third cetacean to become stranded along the Northern California coast in less than a week… a common dolphin [was] found dying early last week… [It’s] just the sixth time in 40 years that the center has responded to a call about a stranded orca, [a Marine Mammal Center official] said.

San Jose Mercury News, Apr 22, 2015: Stranded killer whale mystifies scientists

CBS Bay Area, May 5, 2015: Fifth Dead Whale In 3 Weeks Washes Ashore NorCal Beach… two whale strandings occurred on the same beach… a killer whale also beached [in a] rare occurrence… April 24, two gray whale carcasses washed up on a Santa Cruz County beach.

KCRA, Mar 6, 2015: Massive Humpback whale washes ashore in Santa Cruz County

Dolf DeJong, vice president at Vancouver Aquarium, May 4, 2015: Grey Whale Washes Up On [Vancouver Island]… a dead marine mammal on shore is not a frequent occurrence… This was the first dead whale I had ever seen [and it] died far too early… we do not know the cause…

Xinhua, May 8, 2015: Workers bury a gray whale at the seashore [10 miles from San Diego]

Watch News Reports: NBC Bay Area | KTVU

Published: May 11th, 2015 at 2:40 pm ET


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  5. “Unprecedented”: Largest animal on earth found dead on West Coast, “very sick… very emaciated” — TV: Food supply is being “killed off… many sea creatures affected” — Expert: Most whales we’ve been tracking for past two years are not doing well… “I think we’re going to see more of this” (VIDEO) November 12, 2015

228 comments to Scientists mystified by unusual strandings of large sea creatures on West Coast — TV: “In 3 weeks, 5 dead whales have now beached along the Northern California coast” — “It’s totally something new, something strange”… “This is kind of eerie, what are the odds of two dead whales in same place?” (VIDEO)

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "mystified as the numbers of animals deaths increase.
    Try visualizing all the dead sea life just showing presentation since Fukushima.
    Let alone what we don't sea, out in the ocean.
    Imagine them all laid out on one beach.
    Imagine wave after wave of jellyfish type creatures…
    How many 'canaries in the coal mine' is it going to take for the scientists to admit that there is something more going on that the usual sources of contamination?

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Typo..a good one.
      What we don't see, out in the sea.

    • I do wish they'd stop using that expression, "canary in the coal-mine", when they are so obviously not taking heed.. (which is what the danged expression tells them to do!)

      They cannot see what it out at sea because they have blinders on..

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Cognitive dissonance covered by smugness.
        Brains that can't think hard enough to think outside the box.
        Only finger-pointing will do.

        I don't know what to call this..
        A Twitter versus Facebook war?
        The guy says don't believe facebook..
        Like it's an entity or something.
        Nice photo of an actual nuclear explosion.

        Facebook conspiracy theorists – halal, mind control and the New World Order

        I don't believe in aliens, Corey.
        Welcome to hard cold scientific truth.

        Mate a lot, yes?
        Yes, but not with you.

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          "I mentioned religion, gun nuts, halal certification, 9/11 and anti-vaxxers in my column about conspiracy theorists. I'll be popular".

          Here you are, little man.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Great post, Heart, you are too funny. I guess I should start wearing my tinfoil hat and posting my pics on Facebook.

          Just love the "conspiracy theorists" website.

          Thank you for the validation, skeptics. You have just proven our point.

          We are a force of nature, a force to be reckoned with.

          Just love how TPTB use this hokey label. Instead, they should be proclaiming, "Conspiracy? I resemble that remark."

          Guess we're making an impact or they wouldn't bother poking fun at people who see the Emperor has no clothes.

        • Jebus Jebus

          It's interesting that the piece was written around the Fukushima event to tag it as a conspiracy…

          Reality, best expressed by the article's quote…

          'Writer Alan Moore once said conspiracy theorists believe because it is more comforting than the alternative."

          “The truth of the world is that it is actually chaotic. The truth is that it is not The Iluminati, or The Jewish Banking Conspiracy, or the Gray Alien Theory. The truth is far more frightening – nobody is in control. The world is rudderless.”

          And up a creek called denial…

          • Not rudderless. An evil crap eating demon is at the rudder daring you to remove him.

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            I was surprised by that quote Jebus.. since it is so in contradiction with his masterpiece V for Ven…..Alan Moore is a anarchist and an intellectual..

            It's on wikipedia at the bottom.. amongst a few other's less easy to abuse..

            "I believe that all other political states are in fact variations or outgrowths of a basic state of anarchy; after all, when you mention the idea of anarchy to most people they will tell you what a bad idea it is because the biggest gang would just take over. Which is pretty much how I see contemporary society. We live in a badly developed anarchist situation in which the biggest gang has taken over and have declared that it is not an anarchist situation – that it is a capitalist or a communist situation. But I tend to think that anarchy is the most natural form of politics for a human being to actually practice.
            Moore described Occupy as "ordinary people reclaiming rights which should always have been theirs"[110] and added:

            I can't think of any reason why as a population we should be expected to stand by and see a gross reduction in the living standards of ourselves and our kids, possibly for generations, when the people who have got us into this have been rewarded for it – they've certainly not been punished in any way because they're too big to fail. I think that the Occupy movement is, in one sense, the public saying that they should be the ones to decide who's too big to fail. As an anarchist, I believe that power should be…

        • Yep.

          Did you watch the video of graffitied whale? If I had a chance to paint on it, I would've written:
          Hey, SCIENCE: Buy a CLUE about #FUKUSHIMA!

          Instead, it was supposedly some motorcycle club? Or, was someone trying to pin something on them? Who knows?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Add: anchovies

    Thousands of Dead Anchovies in Santa Cruz Harbor Prompts Emergency Declaration

    The harbormaster is asking for volunteers to help scoop up floating fish
    Aug 1 2014

    • You mean, add anchovies; AGAIN. This is the second mass die-off for anchovies. But, one thing I found when researching deaths of sardines, anchovies flourish (and visa-versa). So, since sardines died off, why are anchovies not doing great?
      Well, according to, "Science", there just isn't enough OXYGEN– in the OCEAN!
      Seriously? Not enough oxygen! That's their latest theory….
      But, what depleted the oxygen? Oh, that was the dead fish.. and what made the fish die? Lack of oxygen.. And, what caused that lack of oxygen???
      Chicken or egg theory? Again?

      Science sux cuz they're stupid.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Yup. And when sea stars disappear from an area, local mussel population is supposed to explode. From what Dana Durnford reports, the explosion was a dud

  • Byrian420 Byrian420

    They weren't smiling enough and ate too many bananas!!!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    They used aerators and the fish still died.
    Let's get our 'mystery' on.

  • Seriously. First they were shocked.
    Next, they were baffled.
    At one point, I am sure they were confused.

    Now, they are, "mystified".

    Might we please remove the title of, 'scientist', and/or, "expert", from these dolts, today?

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    I think it was the bananas…

    The whales where eating the bananas, became delirious from the radiation carried by the bananas, slipped on the banana skins, knocked themselves out, and drowned…

    See, it's simple !!!

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    I'm not entirely sure which disturbs me more…

    The thought that they believe us to be stupid enough to continuously swallow these pathetic excuses.

    Or, that they really are so stupid, that they don't know the truth about what's really causing this.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Radiation floats freely throughout the nirthern Pacific Ocean.
    Living things take the radiation in, but cannot excrete it.
    The fish eat phytoplancton and zooplancton.
    The radiation is concentrated.
    The fish are eaten by larger fish.
    The radiation becomes more highly concentrated.
    The larger fish are eaten by predators, including mammals.
    The radiation gets very concentrated.
    The mammals die and wash ashore.
    The scientists are "mystified".
    The press can find no answers.
    The public is confused.
    But we are not.
    (Where are the Ecologists?)
    Hiding in the library?
    Probably. 😉

  • RadLion RadLion

    Bribed and baffled.

  • SadieDog

    Shell oil gets permission from (guess who) Obama to drill near Alaskan arctic…

    • SadieDog

      "Shell proposes to drill up to six wells in water about 140 feet (40 meters) deep, using two vessels that can serve as relief-wells for each other in case of an emergency.

      "We have taken a thoughtful approach to carefully considering potential exploration in the Chukchi Sea," said Abigail Ross Harper, the director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, in a release."

  • earthsmith earthsmith


    mystified, crystallized
    no more salt left in these eyes
    expected coincidence
    scripted insidiousness
    unhinged maliciouness
    dirty laundry never cries
    wombs left to fry
    money gods pushed to the sky
    lies of vividness
    stolen wilderness
    no one can hide
    to the universe we all abide
    these grand creatures will have their time
    for which the death dealers will have no bribe

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Plug in directions Red Wing, Minnesota to Oak Grove, Minnesota.. to find Waldo!

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      We just had born in our extended family a baby girl who has Downs Syndrome and a hole in her heart.

      Betcha it's related to radiation.

      This is my grand niece.

      I just feel sick ….

      • i am seeing many more downs syndrome and severely autistic babies and children at the flea markets i sell at every weekend, more so than in the past. much more. the babies born today really got the short end of the stick from the baby bombers, paying for bailouts, nuclear waste, disease and cancers everywhere, and that is just the ones healthy enough to work, my heart aches for them and their parents. what a horrible legacy.

      • Homolumina Homolumina

        Send to:
        Health Phys. 1997 Dec;73(6):882-93.
        Down syndrome and ionizing radiation.
        Verger P1.
        Author information
        This review examines the epidemiologic and experimental studies into the possible role ionizing radiation might play in Down Syndrome (trisomy 21). It is prompted by a report of a temporal cluster of cases of this chromosomal disorder observed in West Berlin exactly 9 mo after the radioactive cloud from Chernobyl passed. In approximately 90% of cases, Down Syndrome is due to the nondisjunction of chromosome 21, most often in the oocyte, which may be exposed to ionizing radiation during two separate periods: before the completion of the first meiosis or around the time of ovulation. Most epidemiologic studies into trisomies and exposure to ionizing radiation examine only the first period; the Chernobyl cluster is related to the second. Analysis of these epidemiologic results indicates that the possibility that ionizing radiation might be a risk factor in Down Syndrome cannot be excluded. The experimental results, although sometimes contradictory, demonstrate that irradiation may induce nondisjunction in oogenesis and spermatogenesis; they cannot, however, be easily extrapolated to humans. The weaknesses of epidemiologic studies into the risk factors for Down Syndrome at birth (especially the failure to take into account the trisomy cases leading to spontaneous abortion) are discussed. …..

      • Homolumina Homolumina

        "One in every 691 babies in the the United States is born with Down syndrome, making Down syndrome the most common genetic condition. Approximately 400,000 Americans have Down syndrome and about 6,000 babies with Down syndrome are born in the United States each year."
        Down syndrome is caused by radiation exposure, not age of mother. Huge amount of Down syndrome in areas with high background radiation. Near nuclear power plants, young women give birth to Down syndrome babies. Older women have more accumulated radiation in their bodies.
        Genetic instability is high in Ramsar, Iran, and places in India and China. Women in Ramsar, Iran get breast cancer 10 earlier in age 5han women in the West.
        100. Radiation causes hermaphroditism and Down's syndrome
        More radiation causes MORE incidences of hermaphroditism and
        Jun 1, 2010 –
        “More radiation causes MORE incidences of hermaphroditism and down's syndrome.
        “My point is that ADDING nuclear emissions and effluents into our air and water INCREASE THE GENETIC MUTATIONS!”
        Study links low dose radiation and Down's syndrome
        BMJ 1995; 310 doi: 29 April 1995)
        “A new study has provided evidence of a link between fallout from the testing of nuclear weapons and Down's syndrome.

        • Homolumina Homolumina


          Study links low dose radiation and Down's syndrome
          BMJ 1995; 310 doi: 29 April 1995)
          “A new study has provided evidence of a link between fallout from the testing of nuclear weapons and Down's syndrome. It found that women in the Fylde area of Lancashire had higher rates of births of children with Down's syndrome during periods when fallout was particularly heavy. The report also noted that a fire at the nearby Windscale (now Sellafield) nuclear power station in 1957 was followed by a surge in cases of Down's syndrome….”

          What Doctors Don't Tell You © (Volume 5, Issue 6)
          “Down's syndrome in babies may be caused by the mothers' exposure to radiation, a major German study has discovered.
          “Researchers from the Freie University in Berlin have discovered a direct link between the syndrome which suddenly increased six-fold in the city in January, 1987 and the Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident which happened nine months earlier.

          • Homolumina Homolumina

            “These women were breathing in high levels of radiation especially iodine 131 for two weeks after the accident during which time they conceived.
            “The researchers were able to discount the usual theory that Down's syndrome is related to the age of the mother. In 1987, the average age of a mother with a Down's baby was 27.2 against the 10-year average of 27.4, and the percentage of mothers over 35 was 11.5 against the 10-year average of 11.2 per cent.
            “After making the discovery, they uncovered other studies which supported their conclusions. Incidents of Down's syndrome increased dramatically in Kerala, India and Yangjiang County, China after women were exposed to similarly high levels of background radiation from the soil.
            “The study group, led by Profesor Karl Sperling, accepts its evidence ‘contradicts current textbook opinion.’ Writing in the BMJ (16 July 1994), they say that any exposure to ionizing radiation, especially around conception, should be avoided. The age of the mother per se would not seem a reliable indicator of Down's syndrome except that the older mother may have a higher build-up of radiation.
            “Their findings add evidence to the argument that Down's syndrome is a
            result of environmental factors and not simply age. A major study in
            1990 (The Lancet, 1990; 353:747-50) discovered that Down's syndrome babies had higher levels of aluminium in their brains. “

      • Marcie

        Sorry, Hot. We had never had any downs syndrome babies in my family until around 1995…suddenly there were 3 in a row.

      • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

        hole in the heart of babies = Cesium exposure in utero
        reference the Chernobyl studies linked here on Enenews

  • What's also really hard is finding out what the west coast states are disposing of all this death. Seems to be very little USA info as to where they put dead things they clean up daily…

    “Disposing of a large marine mammal like this is no small feat. Multiple agencies are working together to determine the best course of action,” said Dr. Claire Simeone, a veterinarian at the Marine Mammal Center.

    I can find zero information as to what this typical empty statement actually deciphers down into.


    Scotland just chucks em in a landfill, as is the USA I am sure.

    How long before beached whale meat appears on sea food restaurant menus?


    The Marine Mammal Center is in Marin county, the wealthiest district in the US. Who runs it you ask? Same people who worked with the Kennedys and Clintons. It's Fed based and supported. Next. What else?

    Don't get all mopey and mushy. Fight back with political knowledge. Follow the money, and agendas of these aholes.
    Are the Clintons involved with Japan? GE? HOW?

    They have murdered your only home and all its inhabitants.

    I am so over the constant reminders of who died from what radiation..The need to change tactics is critical, before it's too late. Of course the political tie-ins must pertain to nuclear and it's affects. If you want to go down this road I will stand with all of you. It's not rocket science or hard work. I just can't go on whining and not accomplishing. This looks nonsensical to outsiders.
    Anybody else?

    Stock, what's the verdict?

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    I know this is North Atlantic, Newfoundland to be exact, but you may as well add it to the tally of unexplained…

    Blue whale found decaying on Hunt's Island off Newfoundland's southwest coast

    After all it's not as if the oceans are separate are they, and whatever is causing the Pacific mortalities, may also be in the Atlantic too, in fact, it may be global now.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    .. 😉 You bet!

  • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

    In 2000, they had a cluster of 19 Greys dead in SF Bay.

    At that time, it was believed the NAVY's Sonar Tests were to blame (1999-2000).

    This is north bound migration time for the Greys…March-May.

    Most Grey strandings occur in the Summer months June-Aug.

    Hard to find current data on the Greys, but there was a time (1990's) when an average of 9-16 average died on the California Coast each year, with a high of 58 in 2000.

    The older whales heading back north at this time, have had little to eat since last winter. Many are with calves, further depleting their energy reserves.

    Looks like there is somewhere between 20,000 to 30,000 Greys making the journey every year.

  • Part 1
    Part 2

    Its pretty obvious the pacific blob is related to fukushima. Its pretty obvious that the PR agencies involved are starting to release these admissions. It should also be expected that "Recent findings" will suggest the Fukushima Nuclear crisis, as the primary cause of these incidents.

    Too angry lately to use much energy with banter. I have a few segments so far that I am working to add to this video project / documentary. If anyone has thoughts / suggestions feel free to add them. I am happy to add your ideas and insights into the videos. The more the better.

    Will be offline most this week. Going through a pretty difficult time right now in life, but I miss ya guys. Look forward to your replies, and I am sorry if I am not able to get back to anyone as quickly as usual. Take care, and enjoy your days.

  • Folks i need some help, the Conca shill has gone to far. Don't whine to the choir, pound on the Conca shill

    I disagree, based on obvious economics. The article state 5 cents per kWH , but then why is Ginna extracting $185M from the rate base to keep its doors open, this is $185M EXTRA, when the reatil market is 14 cents per kWH

    Solar without subsidies AND on small scales if 9 cents per kWH

    Why was Kewaaunee closed "due to economic reasons" when selling in a rate base of 13 cents per kWH and a main customer Madison went after solar aggressively.

    And why is Exelon in Illinois extorting the citizens to pay them more because they are "special" adn 3 of their plants can't turn a profit. Turns out these 3 plants production is actually sold out o f state. So they are stealing from the Illinois people to support production that is not even needed in Illinois

    Enough said. Nuclear is a lie out of the gate.

    • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

      I got your back amigo. I'm creating a new profile to go battle the Forbes Conca propaganda articles. Conca has been a busy little pro nuke beaver lately… so many lies to shoot down!

  • harv33021

    The only thing mystifying to me is how the "experts" can be so fuc*ing stupid. Actually, that's wrong. I suspect they are too frightened to tell the truth. Tell the truth and they may run the risk of having to look for a new job while living in a tent city. Probably better to keep their mouth shut. Times are tough. "Shelter in Place," pray and kiss your glowing a$$ good bye.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    We are scientists we are baffled
    Guess we ate too much bafflegab
    We are scientists
    We are mystified
    Guess we'll stay that way
    Until everything including us, has died

  • Pete

    Well at least there are no mystified scientists in Washington State.

  • amberlight amberlight

    I'm still in Florida taking care of my mother, but my husband told me about the orca on the Mendocino coast. He was at Mackerricher during the time it was lying on the beach. The migrating pods up and down the Pacific coast are mostly gray whales, which I have often seen, including a dead one on the beach, but I have never seen an orca in our area.

    There is a program to compost large dead sea critters on the north coast, and it looks like they are going to do that with the orca. I don't suppose they will test for radiation before reducing it to fertilizer. 🙁

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Then they can test the produce sold by home gardeners, and throw them in jail for selling contaminated produce. They can use the money collected from fines to subsidize the nuclear industry, and to test the evil home gardeners, organic farmers,and raw milk producers.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    A motorcycle gang can get to a dead whale and paint grafitti all over it. Why can't someone take samples of dead "stranded" marine life and have them tested?

    Kevin Blanch says he has an army. Kevin Blanch walks up and down California beaches, says he's been to every pier. Has a camera running 24/7 apparently, but I've seen zero footage of one tide pool. I love Kevin and his work, but at times I admit, I am baffled and mystified. Why can't this army of his beat the motorcyle gang to these carcases, take samples, and spray paint "Mosaics" and a test sample number viewable by air?

    What about that Connecting dots fellow? Where is he? He's been taking donations. Where is his ass? I am befuddled. Dana shows us the beef.

    The government does NOT test. Anti-nukes almost make their testing look good. I'm bewildered, perplexed, lost, stumped, discombobulated, stuck, baffled, mystified, clueless, bollixed, nonplussed, and mind-blown.

    I am too poor to do anything, don't have an army, live paycheck to paycheck, or hand to mouth. I don't have working parking/emergency brakes, my seat belt doesn't work, my airbags don't work, my speedometer light is too dim to read the speed at night. Ask yourself, "what can I do?"

    All I can do is bitch! I hope it helps

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Oh, Connecting Dots is busy chasing money, creating infomercials, and running down Dana Durnford. He's supposedly working on getting rid of negativity. He's trying to be happy, I guess. Well, that should protect him from radioactive damage. I think he wants to open a corporation and move to the Bahamas (start his own bank?)

      I don't suppose he might test some whales. I wonder why he would move away from the the Pacific Ocean?

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        He is so full of himself.

        I have yet to see this guy make a video of all the insects on the road, on his car, etc. I guess he hasn't collected enough Paypal contributions to fund a trip to the local car wash to show us all the economic damage that has been foisted on the public, by the bugs on everyone's cars…there in B.C.

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Connecting dots ..wants to be top dog, even if he is wrong.
          His impetus is very apparent.
          I don't think Dana has the same goals in mind.
          Willful ignorance ..failure to connect the dots ..fails to serve.

      • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

        we met kevin when he was passing through here in santa cruz, he is doing plenty, he is going to austria soon to protest there, he is getting the word out, sometimes it seems he is the only one doing anything about this

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          I know, and agree. I also know he has stated, in his videos, that he not a reporter… He's an artist. And I watch his videos, and appreciate his work. He said he's recording history.

          Having said that, it is still an irritation, and, to me anyway, a hole in his work that nags me — no videos of tide pools. Being "on his side," I hope this will be taken as constructive criticism:
          Dana is in a wheel chair. Kevin is not. He has been sleeping "where the sun always shines" right on the coast. He's hiking where many can not. He's said he has been to every pier. He has a video camera going all the time. Maybe he presents his tide pool video in another presentation, or project I don't know about.

          I'm sure those "on the other side" would point out this gap. As is often said, no pictures – Didn't happen.

    • SadieDog

      Uni, The govt does test. They just don't share their information.

    • i posted pix of tide pools, not much in it.

    • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

      we met kevin when he was passing through here, he is doing plenty, he is going to austria soon to protest there

  • Cdog Cdog

    I grew up in Santa Cruz and the changes have been obvious. Pre 3/11 it was impossible to walk along the beach without being a stones throw away from some type of critter.. Now everything is dead or just gone. No seagulls so deadf cascaras litter the beach. Dead birds, dead fish, dead sailor jellyfish, dead sea cucumbers. No clams, muscles, crabs, starfish, otter, etc….Only a few seal's huddling together. When the beach is littered with dead fish and no birds will touch them shouldn't this raise an alarm? Clearly mass media is controlled by the nuclear industry. Clearly the nuke industry knows theres no solution so it's full steam ahead. Live in the now, there is no future.

  • amberlight amberlight

    Sigh. That last comment was in response to Sadie Dog's comment: "BRF, "Radioactive substances may or may not be searched for in tissue sample tests that may or may not happen." 🙁
    Thanks for the extra effort on your part! :)"

    Why are comments showing up in the wrong places?

  • Cdog Cdog

    I doubt Radnet would publish the info anyways. I figure before 3/11 an average count was 7 to 15cpm. If 15, then say 1/2 were neutron and Gamma radiation from the sun making it through the electromagnetic field. Radiation that we've evolved in and can usually tolerate. Half of the other 15 was man made Alpha and Beta stuff and natural radium and a few others. Now we hear of readings twice the past, or even higher. For me this quantifies how bad Fukushima really is, and the growing trend for a much more radioactive world. Again not that terrifying for the average person that cannot see the obvious causative nature between radioactive isotopes and cancer/heart/stroke. As long as R#1 and R#2 bleed into Big Blue were going to have more and more background radiation as a byproduct of evaporation. When will it stop? Maybe 1000 or 2000 cpm? Terrifying! The genome really has no chance in a highly radioactive world. Our only hope is that some scientist is working on a way to filter it all away before it's too late.

  • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

    These "scientists" must also be mystified when their wives or girlfriends get pregnant. ……

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

    Fukushima: Radioactivity in the Pacific Ocean, Diluted, But Far from Harmless
    December 08, 2013
    “Given that the Fukushima nuclear power plant is on the ocean, and with leaks and runoff directly to the ocean, the impacts on the ocean will exceed those of Chernobyl, which was hundreds of miles from any sea,” said Ken Buesseler, senior scientist in marine chemistry at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts.
    “’My biggest concern is the lack of information. We still don’t know the whole range of radioactive compounds that have been released into the ocean, nor do we know their distribution. We have a few data points from the Japanese — all close to the coast — but to understand the full impact, including for fisheries, we need broader surveys and scientific study of the area.’
    “Buessler and other experts say this much is clear: Both short-lived radioactive elements, such as iodine-131, and longer-lived elements — such as cesium-137, with a half-life of 30 years — can be absorbed by phytoplankton, zooplankton, kelp, and other marine life and then be transmitted up the food chain, to fish, marine mammals, and humans. Other radioactive elements — including plutonium, which has been detected outside the Fukushima plant — also pose a threat to marine life. A key question is how concentrated will the radioactive contamination be. Japanese officials hope that a temporary fishing ban off the northeastern Japanese coast will be enough to avert any danger to human…

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

      health until the flow of radioactive water into the sea can be stopped.
      “But that spigot is still running. Since the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, and the resulting damage to the reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, huge quantities of water have been poured on four stricken reactors to keep them cool. Thousands of tons of radioactively contaminated water have then been released from the Fukushima complex into the ocean. And even though the Japanese this week stopped a leak of highly radioactive material from the badly damaged Reactor No. 2, the water used to cool the reactor cores continues to flow into the sea. In addition, atmospheric fallout from the damaged reactors is contaminating the ocean as prevailing winds carry radioactivity out over the Pacific….”

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Post where Kenny Boy talks about plutonium ..P.

      "Fukushima: Radioactivity in the Pacific Ocean, Diluted, But Far from Harmless"

      It's dispersion via advection ..not dilution !

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

        He is just talking about plutonium in the ocean water, not bioaccumulated in the marine animals or atmospheric dispersion. Scientists just talke about their own scientific specialization. They don't speculate about the fields about which they have no specialization.

        How many updates have we received about additional information about radioactive releases?

        If TEPCO doesn't release information, where does the information come from?

        Radiation detection of the air and water and ocean.

        Who is doing a better job of testing the radiation in the ocean?

        Who is even doing any testing of the ocean besides Buesseler?

        It is informative to compare studies. Where are the comparable studies of ocean water being done by other scientists?

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Better job?
          Why ask when there is an evidently a limited field of play and players?
          Willing to take diluted data out of gratitude?

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            They would have to differentiate.
            Is this a latte or a mocha?
            Cesium or Am241 or strontium.?
            Like that.

            • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

              In this differentiation ..surely ..levels are read.
              Might we know them ..Kenny Boy?

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                Ken uses some kind of resin collection system that specifically grabs cesium…the rest is washed out. Why not grab a cup of sediment from the bottom and test the whole dang thing while you are at it? He knows because he did that in the black sea. It will be thousands of times more radioactive

                • bo bo

                  Interesting point about sampling meyhod, code – & funny u should mention that because last night I was looking through and finding a whole slew of citizens guerilla monitoring groups in Japan.

                  Here was one group of sailors ( handful of adults and many middle school students) near Osaka that took samples from bottom of the sea along Osaka coast.

                  They tested for cesium & strontium. Huh.
                  They found, for example, radiation is higher on the east side of Awaji Island than west. Awaji island is off the coast of Osaka. The island most likely blocks some of the fallout.

                  I wish I had more time to link all the groups and posted data.

                  Another good one was of beach sand along Tohoku/Kanto. And yearly progression of how cesium concentrations travel deeper underground, each year ( yes, they measured in same spot each year to get a 'control')

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

            I think the point is, if they find cesium 134, the rest of the radionuclides from Fukushima are there also.

            The last I heard the US is going bankrupt. If one test is less expensive they are going to do that test first. They can hardly test clear across the Pacific at the bottom of the ocean for every radionuclide, like more than 1300.

            In a few years when more tests are positive for cesium, then they will probably test for more radionuclides. They didn't expect the ocean current driven radiation to reach the West Coast before 2015. And I don't know the speed at which various isotopes are dispersed by ocean currents. I read somewhere that they don't even know what compounds are coming from Fukushima into the ocean.

            They should have never allowed wide-spread use or any use at all of nuclear technology when all they know is just horrific side effects.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

              TV: Gov’t approves plan to ‘drain’ Fukushima nuclear waste into ocean — Professor: Monitoring necessary to detect ‘worrisome signals’ — Expert: “It’s completely unsafe… impossible to remove 100s of radioactive materials” — 1,200 radionuclides, only 62 reduced — Fisherman: “We can’t trust Tepco” (VIDEO)
              Published: January 21st, 2015

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                “…Dr. Gordon Edwards, court-certified nuclear expert, Aug 8, 2014 (50:00 in): It can’t be dumped into the ocean, because it’s completely unsafe because of these fission products. They have built over 1,000 large tanks, huge tanks… that contain this very, very radioactively contaminated water. At the moment they’re trying to filter out these fission products… It’s impossible for them to remove all those hundreds of radioactive materials. They know how to remove about 62 of them, but there’s other ones that they cannot.”

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                  Experts: Plutonium and uranium flow into ocean from Fukushima — “Heavily contaminated” water is leaking out of plant — Melted fuel releasing hundreds of different radioactive materials — Officials refuse to investigate 90% of these (VIDEO)
                  Published: August 19th, 2014
                  “…Tim Deere-Jones, UK-based marine radioactivity consultant (pdf), ‘Fukushima Marine Radioactivity Issues‘, August 2013: The current operating marine environmental monitoring regimes in the relevant sea area are focusing on a very small number of radionuclides, principally caesium, iodine and strontium. These represent less than 10% of the total inventory of nuclides… I can see no justification for refusing to investigate the concentrations of approximately 90% of the radioactive material (all of which are capable of contaminating environmental media and delivering doses of radioactivity to wildlife and human populations)… there can be little doubt that a range of other isotopes including actinides/alpha emitters (probably 4 or 5 isotopes of plutonium, 3 of Uranium, and also Americium and Curium) will also have been released and entered into the marine environment.
                  “Interview with Dr. Gordon Edwards, court-certified nuclear expert, Crystal Kids Radio, Aug. 8, 2014 (at 50:00 in): They have to pump about 400 tons of water [every day] down into the cores of those reactors… They’re going to have to do this for at least 7 or 8 years, maybe longer, maybe 10 years… It can’t be dumped into the ocean, it’s…

            • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

              "I think the point is, if they find cesium 134, the rest of the radionuclides from Fukushima are there also."
              Well ..duh ..P.

              Too expensive.
              When nuclear labs across the country could spit this data in no time.
              The FDA ..broke ..after shoveling sugar and cheese upon the masses.

              I know..I know let's ask the Navy.

              Naval Research Laboratory Dedicates Marine Meteorology Center
              Oct 12 2012


              "A rooftop observation platform and aerosol/radiation laboratory will host a suite of state-of-the-art instruments to collect atmospheric aerosol optical and radiation properties for the Monterey Bay area. This will complement the weather and climatological meteorological observations made by the adjacent National Weather Service Forecast Office."

              • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                Umm ..this seems to be about atmospheric.
                Does the modern Navy get it's feet wet?
                Sure it does ..and ought to cough up (literally) some results.

              • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                Sugar and fat.
                Thanks to lobbyists from the industries involved.
                When there was a call by the public for skim milk, I caused a glut of cheese.
                Behold .. more cheese ..cheese on everything.
                When the public called for low fat foods.
                The industry responded by lowering the calories minimally ..but to do that, they thought they had to enhance the flavor via artificial colors and flavors .. and more sugar.
                This leading to metabolic syndrome in millions, precursor to a whole host of diseases.

                Sugar and artificial coloring.

                Extreme Heat Exposes The Icky Inside Of A Jawbreaker In This Mesmerizing Video


                • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                  One of the diseases caused by too much sugar is diabetes.

                  "And behold, alarming news is coming in from northern Israel in the wake of their use of depleted uranium in the recent war in Lebanon. In recent months a sharp increase has been noted in the number of new patients suffering from juvenile diabetes in the north. This is reported by the juvenile diabetes department at Ziv Medical Center, Safed. The staff of this department still has no numerical data on the dramatic increase in the number of new patients, since they continue to arrive at the hospital every day. "The children who have come to us over the past weeks live in Safed and other communities in the Galilee-populations that have not shown such a high incidence of the disease in the past," said Dr. Orna Dali-Gottfried, director of the department of pediatrics, juvenile diabetes and endocrinology at the hospital. The truth seems to indicate that American depleted uranium munitions nuked both Israel and Lebanon."

                  Diabetes, Mercury and Radiation Linked
                  Sept 1 2010

                  And what of whole population that are predisposed?

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          I couldnt find Kens test data on plutonium. Hes like the premier radiological oceanographic chemist…hes been around. If he says its safe, and you think he is honest and reliable, I guess I will have to take his word for it

          Our Radioactive Ocean….huh, I guess it always has been way more radioactive then the tiny addition from man….sheesh, thanks Ken! He really makes you think

  • Shaker1

    Methods for source determination in the context of the
    CTBT radionuclide monitoring system

    Notice how the title contains 'in the context'?

    They are watching particular radionuclides. Nuclear explosions and the event at Fukushima both emit such radionuclides. I also got the impression looking into this (it's been a few weeks since I did) that they must tweak their baselines of radionuclides depending on backgrounds. If Fukushima adds to the background, the CBTB must do that tweaking to continue to albe to be effective in measuring low levels from nuclear explosions. Detecting nuclear explosions is the purpose, not to just generally quantify data. They give no numbers in their charts to what might be there below their arbitrary threshhold level. So it seems to me that though they would be capable as any organization to assess concentrations of particular radionuclides that nuclear plants and bombs don't share as well as those that they do, it's not part of the job description.

    Concerning the CBTB station that Bo cited, seems that there are two others, I believe they were RN58 and RN60, that I looked into, too, for comparison. I wasn't looking to go too far, so I didn't find any output from those two stations. Maybe MichaelVB with his experience knows where one might find info from them.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Shaker, I just read on a CTBT website that providing information to the public about power plant accidents IS one of the things they take pride in

      • Shaker1

        Code, considering the nature of the beast, the bindings of their contracts, and the statement of pride, your cynical nature wasn't piqued? 🙂

        Mine was, but I'll admit to you and all that I have a difficult time remaining objective anymore. While I appreciate that there are no disinterested parties, I get sometimes uncomfortable with the nature of their interests.

    • bo bo

      Bingo, Shaker1.
      So – the system put in place 'to help us detect radioligical events' ( ie: jacking up lowest limits) might actually be helping them HIDE numbers, and could THAT be behind the mystery behind I-131 vanishing from Takasaki data..?

      Using that sneaky method, numbers vanish to N/D, but technically, nobody can say they are lying.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        bo keep in mind the fast half life of I-131. But the have a level of sophistication…especially when the data gets fed through Livermore supercomputers, that is sci fi. We will never get to see it

  • razzz razzz

    Why it is even China covers world news better than US media outlets?
    The link to the beached whale in Mexico being buried is interesting.

    Following the links on that page lead to this:

    Beautiful animal, a killing machine. First picture shows him blending right into the landscape. Scary. You would never see him coming.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I wonder..
    See the area where the California current and meets the equatorial currents and the Peru current.

    3,000 Dolphins Found Dead on the Coast of Peru
    April 2 2012

    Thousands of shellfish found dead in Peru
    May 25 2012

    Peru: warmer seas are blamed for bird carnage.
    May 15 2012

    I also wonder if after a few stories ..governments are stifling stories.
    Of, course they are.

  • rogerthat

    … Some said they were scared, and others said it was an omen of something or other. …

    – for ever and ever, omen

  • The new incoming president of of the NWP Nuclear Waste Partners was announced 2 days after the admission of a plutonium accident in Idaho. They covered it up for 6 month and then fessed up after a whistleblower threatened to blow the story wide open.

    The new president for WIPP was in charge of the Idaho coverup.

    So they move him to WIPP

    I am not joking

    • dan dan

      So Stock, let's get this clear.
      When they elect a new president Of the NWP……….if they don't come to a unanimous decision in the closed company board meeting, they send a puff of mixed isotopes up the chimney at WIPP?………and when they successfully settle on their new pres……they shoot off a 200 foot fireball in New York just to keep us in the loop.
      Have I got it right?

  • Nick

    2015: Scientific mystification of Pacific Ocean mortality events baffled all WHO scratched their collective heads as unusual became the norm.

    2016: Mystified scientists became more baffled over unusual mortality events in the Pacific.

    2017: Unusual sightings of living marine animals were mystifying baffled scientists as the dead Pacific Ocean

  • Nick

    I remain convinced that, globally, human brain functions are becoming increasingly bizarre and baffling.

    People have relayed to me changes in sleep patterns, attention issues, emotional fragility, etc.

    We tend to focus on the macro, the dying and diseased animals, etc. But what truly frightens me beyond what I can relay via these pixels is a chronic dementia permeating everywhere.

    It is relatively easy to get upset over dead animals washing ashore, but less so when it comes to our mental health.

    It should be TATALly obvious by now that GMI is spreading.

    THAT may be the greatest legacy of our nuclear/toxic loaded era.

  • Nick

    "Inhaled plutonium can land in the lungs, where it can lead to cancer, but it—and any that is ingested—can also find its way into the blood stream where it is slowly absorbed into the body.

    New details about this toxic process are now emerging. "Plutonium is a toxic synthetic element with no natural biological functions," Mark Jensen, of the Argonne National Laboratory, and his colleagues wrote in a new paper, published online June 26 in Nature Chemical Biology (Scientific American is part of Nature Publishing Group). Not only is it useless to the body, "it is strongly retained by humans when ingested," primarily lodging in bone and liver cells, where it can release harmful alpha radiation. "

    Got Fukushima?


  • Checkmate

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    Microsoft is currently rushing to provide Windows 10. Could it be that Windows 8 isn't any good or is greatly lacking???

  • mojoyoyo

    No se si alguien ya lo habra comentado antes pero, han probado a usar un contador geiger con los cetaceos?…

    • DebbyS-AbqNM DebbyS-AbqNM

      In the event this reply posts where it shouldn't, On May 12, mojoyoyo commented: "No se si alguien ya lo habra comentado antes pero, han probado a usar un contador geiger con los cetaceos?…"

      and this translates to:

      "I don't know if anyone has already commented on this, but have they tried using a geiger on the whales?"

      I don't know either (but there are no whales near me; just a few sharks in our big public Aquarium). I imagine that the carcasses have been tested for radiation, but if any was found, those who did the testing are not reporting, or if they reported publicly, their reports have not been found yet. Governments in countries other than Canada and the USA may report valid findings, so their government reports and local newspapers can be monitored.

  • radiophobia

    At least NASA researchers are not mystified
    – crowdsourcing ideas for radiation protection to avoid cancer in astronauts

    Astronauts diagnosed with radiophobia?
    New problem for the "experts": why is radiation dangerous for astronauts but not on earth?

  • rogerthat

    Pope Warns "Powerful People Don't Want Peace Because They Live Off War"

    … Via RT:

    Many powerful people don't want peace because they live off war," the Pontiff said as he met with pupils from Rome’s primary schools in the Nervi Audience Hall.

    Talking to children during the audience organized by the Peace Factory Foundation, he explained that every war has the arms industry behind it.

    "This is serious. Some powerful people make their living with the production of arms and sell them to one country for them to use against another country,” the Pope was cited by AGI news agency as saying.

    The head of the Catholic Church labeled the arms trade “the industry of death, the greed that harms us all, the desire to have more money."

    “The economic system orbits around money and not men, women,” he told 7,000 kids present at the audience.

    Despite the fact that wars “lose lives, health, education,” they are being waged to defend money and make even more profit, the Pope said.

    “The devil enters through greed and this is why they don't want peace," 78-year-old Francis said.
    For those who are curious, here are the top 20 'evil' profiteers who dabble in the death trade: …

  • rogerthat

    …About 200 tons of uranium would be extracted from the mine daily during its three- to five-year lifespan, according to the Phoenix New Times.

    Much concern has been raised about the mine’s potential effects on groundwater—damage that would be irreversible—as well as the threat it could pose to tribal sacred sites. In addition to the Havasupai Tribe, the land that the ore lies under includes sites sacred to the Hualapai, Kaibab Paiute, Zuni, Hopi and Navajo tribes.

    “Canyon Mine threatens tribal cultural values, wildlife and endangered species, and has the potential to contaminate the aquifers and streams that sustain the Grand Canyon and Colorado River with toxic uranium-mining waste,” said the Center for Biological Diversity in a statement announcing the appeal.

    But the company is "extremely confident that there will be no impact on ground water," Energy Fuels spokesperson Curtis Moore told the Phoenix New Times.


  • rogerthat

    Meeting To Discuss Arkansas Nuclear One Rating Of Nation's Worst

    Entergy's nuclear power plant, Arkansas Nuclear One, is currently the worst in the country, according to a ranking by the federal regulators. The reasons for the poor performance rating and plans for improvement will be discussed Tuesday night at 6 p.m. during a public hearing in Russellville.

    “The meeting is the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s end-of-cycle public meeting, which occurs every year. And the significance of this particular meeting is that since the last public meeting Arkansas Nuclear One has been placed in 'Column 4' of the reactor oversight process,” said Sarah Millard, a spokeswoman for Entergy's Arkansas Nuclear One.

    Column 4 is the lowest rating a reactor can receive without being shut down. The poor evaluation of the plant resulted from an accident in March 2013, which left one worker dead and eight others injured. It happeened when a massive piece of an electric generator was dropped while being transported inside the facility. The accident also damaged a water main causing flooding in portions of the site.

    An investigation of the incident led to citations for “Failure to follow the Materials Handling Program” and “Inadequate Flood Protection”. …

    • rogerthat

      Lara Uselding of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission says Arkansas Nuclear One is the only reactor in the country with a Column 4 rating.

      “There will be significant oversight by the NRC. There’s been a new branch created that will be performing inspections and follow up inspections at the site. There will also be additional public meetings held in the area for members of the public to see how progress is happening at the site,” said Uselding.

      According to reports by Entergy and the NRC, the accident occurred in a non-radiation area of the plant and there was no danger to the surrounding community. Uselding pointed out that performance reviews for all of the country’s nuclear reactors can be accessed by the public at

  • rogerthat
    $19 Billion Later, Clean-up of WWII Atomic Waste Site Still Stalled

    CR Douglas: Missed deadlines at Hanford
    KCPQ – Seattle

    The Fiscal Times
    May 12, 2015
    For nearly 25 years, the federal government has struggled to clean up a massive stockpile of World War II era nuclear waste.

    The Hanford facility in Washington state has already cost taxpayers about $19 billion, and still the plant has failed to treat a single drop of the 56 million gallons of radioactive waste that’s been sitting underground for decades.

    Related: Nuke Waste Facility Could Go $40 Billion over Budget

    Management issues and poor planning have sent the facility’s costs soaring over budget, and now federal auditors say lax oversight will likely tip the project even deeper into the red and behind schedule.

    A new report from the Government Accountability Office, which examined the Department of Energy’s progress on the project, said that work supposed to be completed by 2011 now wouldn’t be done until at least 2019. The DOE still hasn’t agreed to any new deadlines.

    The GAO blamed mismanagement and technology problems for the delays and cost overruns. “Contractor data indicate that significant, unresolved design issues remain, and recent internal and external reviews show that some facilities may require extensive and expensive rework,” the GAO said. …

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    They need to cap off that spewing plant, animals are dying, what species will be next?

  • razzz razzz

    This is the second pressurized water reactors there. It is not really about producing (unneeded) electricity but supplying the Department Of Defense with nuclear materials for nuke bomb making and maintenance. There is no other justification for such expensive electrical power generation. Return On Investment will come from taxpayers' subsidies with more spent fuel safe storage to deal with in the long run. More $ from taxpayers.

    'Inside Watts Bar Nuclear Plant — One of The Longest Building Projects in US History'

    "…The second reactor, meanwhile, was mired in its own delays, including construction costs that ballooned to $4.3 billion over the last decade (2007 estimates projected the costs would total about $2.5 billion)…

    ..The second Watts Bar reactor is slated to become operational late next year."

    'Tritium production'

    "…TVA began irradiating tritium-producing rods at Watts Bar Unit 1 in the fall of 2003. TVA removed these rods from the reactor in the spring of 2005. DOE successfully shipped them to its tritium-extraction facility at Savannah River Site in South Carolina. DOE reimburses TVA for the cost of providing the irradiation services, and also pays TVA a fee for each tritium-producing rod that is irradiated…"

  • arnoldo arnoldo

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