“Radioactive metal from Fukushima” detected in Pacific Northwest — Professor: “That was a surprise, it means there are still emissions … and trans-Pacific air pollution… It’s a concern to us, this is an international issue”

Published: March 12th, 2014 at 10:51 am ET


Vancouver Sun, Mar. 12, 2014 at 9:31a ET: Nuclear radiation found in B.C. may pose health concerns; Discovery of Fukushima radioactivity raises concerns for local marine life, and the effect it may have on humans — A radioactive metal from the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster in Japan has been discovered in the Fraser Valley, causing researchers to raise the alarm about the long-term impact of radiation on B.C.’s west coast. Examination of a soil sample from Kilby Provincial Park, near Agassiz [approx. 100 km east of Vancouver coast], has for the first time in this province found Cesium 134, further evidence of Fukushima radioactivity being transported to Canada by air and water. […] Its presence in the environment is an indication of continuing contamination from Fukushima. […] [The sample was taken] near the mouth of the Harrison River, on Nov. 16, 2013. Samples of chinook, sockeye and chum spawning salmon nearby are also being analyzed for evidence of radiation. […] Cesium 137 […] may negatively affect the immune system or endocrine system, [Professor Juan Jose] Alava said. […] The results raise concerns for aboriginal people who maintain a diet heavy in fish. […] Alava noted the plant continues to leak radiation, meaning that the problem is not going away soon.

Professor Juan Jose Alava, school of resource and environmental management at Simon Fraser University: “That was a surprise. It means there are still emissions … and trans-Pacific air pollution. It’s a concern to us. This is an international issue.”

See also: [intlink id=”experts-areas-along-west-coast-may-be-affected-in-a-significant-way-by-fukushima-plume-in-coming-months-impact-cannot-be-accurately-predicted-coastal-currents-to-produce-complex-result” type=”post”]Experts: Areas along West Coast “may be… affected in significant way” by Fukushima plume in coming months — Impact can’t be accurately predicted, currents to produce complex results — Radioactive materials can be ‘fairly concentrated’ even after crossing ocean[/intlink]

Published: March 12th, 2014 at 10:51 am ET


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128 comments to “Radioactive metal from Fukushima” detected in Pacific Northwest — Professor: “That was a surprise, it means there are still emissions … and trans-Pacific air pollution… It’s a concern to us, this is an international issue”

  • bf9 bf9

    All of us here have known this the whole time…just goes to show you that 99.9% of what has been said here presently is or becoming true.

    • shamwow shamwow

      Wish we had been wrong all this time.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        This is true.
        Hypothesis ..indicated that this would be an affect of the accident.
        The fact that there is indication ..of on-going contamination ..should surprise no one.
        After ..months and months of news concerning leakage..daily leakage..(no consideration yet given to corium being in contact) with the groundwater ..how is this a surprise?

        I haven't said this in a bit..
        There is no joy in being right.
        In fact the opposite.
        We bear great sorrow.
        Tremendous sorrow.

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          Heart of the Rose- I agree..I would gladly give up being right. Fukushima and nuclear contamination is an ongoing wide-awake nightmare, with no hope of improvement. Yes, we all "bear great sorrow."

        • M_111 M_111

          Rose, I have always read your posts with great interest, but this is my first time posting here. I am in CA and I have to say I know how you feel about being correct and that there is no joy in it. I have been "preaching" about it since the day it began. NO one wanted to hear it. Heck, I just posted on CNN for the first time ever under the article about Cancer becoming the #1 killer in the next few years. I mentioned Fukushima, among other things, and I was met with disdain or downright denial. Normally, I would post back, something, ya know? I walked away. I just don't care about the readers of MSM anymore. I used to have empathy for those who were in denial, I don't now. I am not a cruel person, I just can't be bothered with trying to convince people of the obvious anymore. I learn so much here and cannot thank the posters who contribute regularly.

          P.S. I went to the beach Sunday for the first time in over a year (I don't live far from it at all either) It made me sad to think that as beautiful as it is and how normal it appears, you just never really know. I haven't eaten fish since about 2 years ago. I miss it. I used to eat Sushi several times a week. I just don't anymore. It's not just a fear of radioactive isotopes, but also of what else is in our food, the govt lies all of the time. We have begun growing our own vegetables and unfortunately cannot yet provide our own eggs/meat. But even then, they are only as healthy as the environment…

          • M_111 M_111

            I just accidentally reported my own comment instead of replying to my last one as an addition. Internet: 1 M: 0

            • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

              @ M_111..Welcome..
              Thanks for your comments.

              There are many regular bloggers her …competent and worthy of being heard.
              I'm rather sporadic.

              I thank them all.

              Also Admin..

              • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                PS. Typo's are my friend..lol.
                ..many regular blogger "here".
                Thousands and thousands of hours spent ..trying to get out the news.


                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  Yes, Heart is right. Lots of excellent bloggers post here. And there are many activists among us, and those whose role is to educate others on the street, wherever one meets them. I admire all of these people. Everyone can do something to try to help raise awareness and implement change — even if it's just a "small thing" one does.

                  As for me, I'm often too weak or tired to take on blogging. But I enjoy doing research and often post findings and pet "hypotheses" here. You never know who might be reading here.

                  Sometimes we think we're occupying just a small part of the cosmos and don't have much visibility, or much ability to change what is. But many people on Facebook and Twitter post links to Enenews, and follow Enenews.

                  There were just over 12,000 followers of Enenews sometime between late October, 2013, and January, 2014. We're now up to 21,374 followers as of the time of this post.

                  That, to me, shows awareness of this issue is being gained by many people. Who cares what MSM says or does? Social media is HUGE, and if we're being followed on social media, what we say and do here is important.

                  But most importantly, Admin has spent the time and effort ever since the Gulf Oil Spill to put this site together and to cover these important energy related issues.

                  I'm grateful to have found this site, even though it's painful to know the truth of how badly we've handled most matters related to energy production & distribution.

                  • HoTaters HoTaters

                    That is, I'm often too challenged by health concerns (chronic fatigue is one issue) to take on something major like blogging.

                    I write to local, state, and national officials when I can, and call my local government representatives. When time allows, I write to local media outlets who feature stories on Fukushima and nuclear-related issues. Even though these are short-term efforts, they have an impact.

                    I call nuclear regulators and ask them lots of questions, then report back here so we can fill in some of the "information gaps." But I wouldn't call myself an "activist" by any stretch of the imagination.

                    Every "little" thing we do makes a difference. We can educate each other, share information, encourage one another, and in the end, a lot gets accomplished.

                    It just takes awhile for our efforts to bear fruit. Never give up; it's worth fighting the good fight, even when things look hopeless.

                  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                    Whoa ..whoa..Hi Hotaters ..
                    I'm not sure what posseesed yout ot say these things.
                    But please don't talk about me.

                    Did I imply hopelessness..when mentioning only minimal conversation is required here.
                    "It just takes awhile for our efforts to bear fruit. Never give up; it's worth fighting the good fight, even when things look hopeless.'

                    I appreciate your listing your activities ..it does not mean others are not engaged as well.

          • We Not They Finally

            M-111: We just stopped by the customer service department of Costco's today. They were running a sale on Japanese green tea, and there were Japanese characters right on the box so it had been imported directly from Japan. We asked if their own local store could at least refuse imports from Japan, and told them that EPA standards have become WORSE than Japan and that there is no protection of the American food supply.

            They didn't know that but they did seem to listen and sent the feedback to "somebody." And maybe it will do nothing, but we can't not speak up even at these seemingly "small" things. Every person who DOES listen may be someone who winds up better protected.

            • PurpleRain PurpleRain

              On the topic of tea… a family member really enjoys that Boatsomething Vanilla Chia tea (don't know if I spelled it right)..(probably didn't cuz I don't want to get in trouble for naming brands)… I had sent an email to the company about three or four months back asking them where the tea comes from… they would not say USA…. didn't even say China..but my daughter said just tonight at the grocery store that she didn't want to have it anymore because last time it made her sick. We all need to be cautious about where our food is coming from now.

              • whatamessa

                PurpleRain I have noticed where I shop (CANADA) the Oranges are from U.S.A. now,not Florida or California as they used to be labelled …..more deception!

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              WNTF, what you did serves the valuable purpose of educating people who probably had no idea there was any problem with incoming Japanese food/tea imports.

              Even if corporate HQ doesn't take heed, you have helped to raise awareness.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Heart, agreed. There is no joy in being right about the damage done by the wrecked Fukushima Daichi plant. None at all.

          Hopefully you'll get some encouragement and solace in knowing you're not alone, and many of us here feel much the same as you about this.

          Innocence lost. The air will never feel clean again, I'll never enjoy walking in the rain. I'll always wonder what is clinging to my skin when my hands come into contact with the soil. I'm an avid gardener, and for me, gardening will never be the same again.

          Much has been taken from us. It is a sorrowful thing to contemplate.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Yes, the endocrine system intertwines and knows no boundaries and loves to communicate with all organs found in the body up close and personally.. 🙁

  • Canuck1

    That way my entry to this site, emailed last night. Incredibly the sheeple will still eat the fish and swim in the water. The odd thing I have noticed are the people I know around me, have been sick for MONTHS. I had warned them about eating the fish and they laughed at me. I took great precautions with zeolite and vit c as well as Nascent iodine for years..

    • Gradius

      There is nothing we can do, just checking for coffin prices. This is why they ignore it.

    • lickerface lickerface

      Test your zeolite/betonite because mine from Nevada is radioactive. > 100 CPM…

      • Canuck1

        The company I use is Zeoforce, they check for radiation, all metals as well as any GMO products..according to them..

        • We Not They Finally

          We wanted to use zeolite, but froze when we found out that one company's zeolite [allegedly] from the pristine Himalayas, complete with glossy ad, was really from a contaminated mine in Pakistan. That said, I hope your product IS pure. Zeolite's tricky because it is hard to know what it has already absorbed before it got to YOU.

          You can always look up reviews to see what other people have said.

          What we do use (make it ourselves) is liposomal vitamin C, which is 80-90% absorbable, as opposed to pills or even capsules, which are only 20% absorbable. There are a lot of youtubes showing how to make it. It is said to compare to the effectiveness of intravenous vitamin C.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            WNTF, yes liposomal Vitamin C is good stuff. Lots of people with Lyme disease use it to help flush the neurotoxins out of the body.

            In case you haven't tried it, red root tincture is made from a type of maple tree which grows in the U.S. (North America). The tincture is inexpensive, can be found in most natural food stores, and is very, very effective at flushing out the lymphatic system.

            Lots of people with Lyme (who are very ill) get Myers Cocktail infusions. It's a vitamin and mineral complex which is given by IV. The largest component of a Myers Cocktail is Vitamin C. It has tremendous value for detoxification.

      • MVB Michael Van Broekhoven

        @ lickerface: Re. "radioactive zeolite"…. Much depends on the composition of exchangeable cations residing in the zeolite. Exchange sites on natural zeolites are primarily occupied by 3 major cations: potassium (K), calcium (Ca), and sodium (Na); and magnesium (Mg) may also be present). Exchange sites on a particular zeolite may contain nearly all K, nearly all Na, some Ca or Mg, or a combination of these. It is important to take these differences into account when assessing which zeolite to use for a particular product. Zeolites dominated by exchangeable K for example, may be well-suited for plant growth applications while those dominated by Na should be approached much more carefully as Na in high concentrations can be detrimental to plants. (Source: http://www.zeoponix.com/zeolite.htm )

        If could contain a fair amount of K, which implies some K-40 by default = it will show in its radioactivity when measured with a decent Geiger Counter; When used for detoxification, the cesium will get trapped in the zeolite (and eliminated) in exchange for Potassium. On why that's good, find "Cs-137 vs. K-40" in http://wp.me/puwO9-2tf

        My test of various Japanese seaweeds showed they were radioactive, but lab tests revealed it was all due to very high potassium content. If in doubt: have a radioisotope analysis done. Japanese seaweed test results: http://wp.me/puwO9-2rz

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    IT'S IN THE AIR . . .

    Carried by wind, everyday, non-stop, 24/7.

    Canada and U.S. government ignore it. Pitiful situation.

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    ~~~Build a Bigger Breakwater, now please~~~


    The amount of work required to build this breakwater is less than building a new cloverleaf intersection of two highways.

    Graphene-filter electrodialysis can desalinate and decontaminate the seawater trapped inside the impoundment.



    graphene aerogel electrostatic capacitive deionization can decontaminate the air.

    • vicky13 vicky13

      Hi 21stCentury,,

      Have you submitted these great proposals to IRID??

      here is their website,,


      Is in Japanese, but should translate OK with google translate.

      • 21stCentury 21stCentury

        THX vicky13 for your approval..
        yes, I have looked at the RFP's..

        YIKES.. I need a secretary, and I need to get myself cloned..
        barely have enough time to read enenews and spit out a few comments here..

        …now someone is out on the driveway honking their horn and ringing my phone, gotta run !!!

        • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

          I didn't check your links, but your idea of the breakwater is good. I agree that a really good breakwater can be constructed very easily.

          As Century 21 noted in another thread…concentric rings of breakwaters are ideal.

          The earthquake and tsunami destroyed the flimsy breakwater (especially the northern sections), and showed that it would have required a breakwater that was fifty feet tall above sea level to effectively deflect that surging tsunami (estimated).

          I imagine a ring of earth surrounding the existing breakwater, built up about fifty feet above sea level, and as wide as necessary to remain intact. Kind of like a huge swale…and I guess it would create a bay that contains the existing NPP port.

          That type of work is so easy, and shold be a given. It sould begin right away. Keep making concentric rings outward as far as possible.

          Geez, if they aren't going to be spending any money to build new tanks for contaminated water storage, they might as well through a few of those extra bucks toward the mega-breakwater.

        • vicky13 vicky13

          Hi 21stCentury,,

          I think you should get some of your ideas in as proposals to IRID.

          If you contact the folks at SimplyInfo,, they might be able to help you in the process.

          They have submitted several proposals to IRID and they are going to be implemented.

          Here are a few they submitted,,




          I would suggest contacting their team, they have many people who could probably give you a hand getting the data and documents together.

          Can't hurt to ask them, right?

          • 21stCentury 21stCentury

            Thank You Vicky13 … will do..
            and, I did find a telephone number for the office at IRID in Tokyo… my Japanese speaking skills are at the Funny or Die stage.. so, when I get in touch with my friend who speaks Japanese fluently I will call the main office of IRID.
            xoxoxo, peace&health

    • Sickputer

      I agree there needs to be a dam built around Fukushima Daiichi, but the estimate of a highway exchange for the cost?

      I have a much bigger number in mind that is huge…gargantuan in fact. And I don't know if even that can stop fissures under the water in that porous sedimentary subsoil. There is no bedrock on the east coast of Fukushima. At least not as deep as anyone has drilled. No offense, take my comment for how much you paid to read it. Everybody has an opinion.

      So far they are crapping by their admission a million dollars a day in a losing effort. I think the effort should be 100 times that.

      World War III efforts and expenditures are required IMHO. World War II cost $4 trillion just for the USA (in 2009 dollars):

      "If Congress approves a request for another $87 billion, the Iraq war will have cost about $694 billion. The Vietnam war cost $686 billion in inflation-adjusted dollars; World War II cost $4 trillion.


      SP: To have any chance at capping Fukushima Daiichi I project expenditures over 15 trillion US dollars. And I may be way low. YMMV

      • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

        I agree on the 15 trillion or more…and that's just by todays worth of the dollar. This event will go on for thousands and millions of years…so the cumulative expenditure of Fukushima over the course of even just 50 could be, literally, anything. Nothing would be shocking.

        That being said…because of the circumstances of Daiichi…Any expense could be justifiable.

        But I think that–with full disclosure of the situation to the world–there would be many interested and able parties that would even volunteer to conduct direct, positive, environmental duties on and around the site.

        Century 21 has some good ideas for projects that could be done with existing technology for far less than the full 15 Trillion.

        I still think that the Japanese economy is going to circle the Daiichi drain until it dries out and shrivels up. Secret deals that filter money toward 'decontamination' contractors.

        The money in the pockets of every citizen in Japan–and elsewhere around the world–is being drawn like gravity toward vacuum that is Daiichi.

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        'Nough said, Sickputer. Fukushima effort needs to be many orders of magnitude greater than at present.
        Many thanks to 21stCentury and others working on fixes to Fukushima.
        Dome would be made of lightweight materials.
        Just to block air movement.
        Like Chernobyl's new cover.

  • Sol Man

    The ocean has been a huge concern, but the transport is only three days by air. So, it has been here.

    At this point we can do some small things for ourselves and the ones that we love, but I hope that the things we do will have some kind of positive effect. It doesn't look good.

  • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

    prof of resource and environmental mgnt. is "suprised and concerned"…after 3 years, i must be a friggin einstein.

  • Go Flying

    And so, without any mainstream media fuss, the pacific continues to sicken.

    It would seem that neither Canada, nor the US have the stomach to confront Japan, and until Japan is confronted and controlled, it will continue to use the pacific as it's' toilet.

    Boycott everything Japanese, everything Japanese owned, and all those companies investing in Japan. That unfortunately is the only way to make governments and corporations sit up and take notice.

    We should assemble a list of those products and companies to be boycotted.

    • blackbuddha blackbuddha

      “That was a surprise. It means there are still emissions … and trans-Pacific air pollution."
      Surprise??? For whom??? For experts and scientists. They are marvelous

    • NondiPloom

      What good would having the governments and corporations take notice do?

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      That is an EXCELLENT IDEA! Please make a list of all food products esp that come from Japan. I'm not so sure what we can do about tracking the raw ingredients that get bought up and imported to be used as ingredients in other food-stuffs, but we should be able to put a list together of actual Japanese food companies… even when it comes down to stir-fry sauce. None of us should purchase anything that would make our families sick.

      • bo bo

        One could start by working on this for starters:

        “Allowable” limits of Cesium 134 + 137 —> 

        U.S. = 1,200 Bq/kg
        European Union = 1,000 Bq/kg
        Singapore = 1,000 Bq/kg
        Phillipines = 1,000 Bq/kg
        Canada = 1,000 Bq/kg
        Taiwan = 370 Bq/kg
        South Korea = 370 Bq/kg
        Japan = 100 Bq/kg

        And that’s just for Cesium 134 and 137.
        There is also Srontium-90, Iodine-131, Plutonium, Americium, etc. to consider.

        Regarding radionuclides in food, Dr. Yuri Bandazhevsky once said:
        “The extraordinarily high Japanese government standard for food contamination limit of 100 Bq/kg is equivalent to low level radioactive waste that is supposed to be stored in drum cans."

        ….so what does that make a 1200 Bq/kg salad in the U.S. …?

        Thanks mack, I saved your post from a while back.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Many thanks, Go Flying. Boycott everything Japanese. Should be a website on this by now. 😉

  • Sol Man

    It is astounding, isn't it?
    That the most clueless people in the room are the highly esteemed scientists, corporations ceo's and their paid help in government that opened all of the doors for their egregious behavior.

    While all of The People hope for the best against the mounting odds
    and must, keep paying.

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      I feel compelled to offer another explanation for the "ignorance" of so many of the scientists and talking heads on the Fuku topic.

      I think it is very unlikely that they are aware of the wealth of up to date information here at ENENEWS.

      Know that the geeky types can be so immersed in their research and studies of what they do that they can be oblivious to "the outside world"….that being anything outside of what their academic focus is. Passionately learning more and more about less and less.

      The classic Hollywood stereotype for the scientist is a guy holed up in his lab isolated/insulated from the world outside.
      He has poor communication skills.
      The stereotype is a very real one.
      I write from experience…I used to be one.

      My career spans decades immersed in cutting edge technology development. What took a long time to accept (not condone) was that the best and the brightest were very predictable in their MSM choice for "news"….Fox News.
      I was considered a kook for accepting ANY information from a source
      other than Fox News.
      And the Fox News focus spanned all levels of education.
      Technician to PhD.

      So I think it is a bit naive to expect the "scientists" to be fully cognizant of the real time reality of Fuku.

      Are they capable of understanding it better than the rest of us?
      Yes, predictably.
      Are they informed?
      As a rule, no.

      Not unlike an MD of the 60s/70s/80s addressing the topic of nutrition when they typically had few credit…

      • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

        Not unlike an MD of the 60s/70s/80s addressing the topic of nutrition when they typically had few credit hours on the topic.

      • name999 name999

        fireguyjeff…these things keep the people who could make the difference out of science.

        Appreciate this candid viewpoint.

      • invisible ELEphant in the room

        Anyone with normal intelligence that's seen the movie "The China Syndrome" can somewhat grasp the severity of Fukushima. Yeah, that Hollywood is all the education you need.

        You want to let the "scientists" off the hook by making the excuses that you're making? That doesn't make any sense to me.

        Kevin Blanch claims that they are threatened into silence and that they're delusional about the whole thing, Jeff Rense says that they're not saying anything because it would be too embarrassing for them to admit that they can't do anything about Fukushima…

        Those two theories make sense to me but the two that I think make the most sense are probably the most frightening:

        1. Ubiquitous denial

        2. Invasion of the body snatchers

        Fukushima Denial and Suicide

        • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

          Maybe you have missed some of my other posts, like
          Scientists lay eggs for politicians to hatch
          R. Buckminster Fuller

          By no means am I making "excuses" for the behavior.
          I am simply explaining how the real world of technical/academic culture happens to work.

          No different than explaining what the world view of a meth junkie is.

          Anne Wilson Schaef (recovering psychotherapist) has some great lecture vignettes about how science is a fundamentalist religion.
          She has first hand experience dealing with the tunnel vision and rigid thinking of main stream scientists. She makes it clear that they make fundamentalist Baptists seem liberal.

          Recall that Nazi soldiers belt buckles had the phrase
          "God With Us" ("Gott Mit Uns").
          Paper pushers of the 3rd Reich no doubt bought in to the propaganda and became part of the horrors, yet personally never "did" anything. Many never knew about the atrocities until after the fact. And after any chance to make a course correction in their work.

          Needless to say, scientists are just as easily influenced by blind mentors as any one else immersed in a closed culture based on erroneous/fabricated/delusional beliefs about "reality", what ever they may be.

          Nuclear weapons were thought to be able to "save" us from Communist take over.

          I suggest you go watch Dr…

      • humptydumpty humptydumpty

        It is willful ignorance due to hubris and delusion of infallibility. I say it is inexcusable.

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        Agree with you wholeheartedly about those scientist-types.

  • Socrates

    When you flush your toilet, it goes down the sewer. That sewer goes somewhere. The West Coast is the place where the Japanese sewer empties their nuclear garbage because we are down wind and down current.

    The attitude of Japan is one of placing their economic interests of their elite above the interests of their own people and our people. Globalization permits corporate interests to trump all else.

    The financial interests of multinational corporate elites and a few families with inherited wealth trump all else on the planet. Big companies in Japan want to restart while big companies in the US, France,the UK, Australia, China and Russia all want to take the same risks for profits. Safety of people is irrelevant. The big companies do not have to pay the damages so it's all profit and no downside.

    This technology is being sold to the third world. We can all see where this is going. Dirty energy controls the planet. The ocean is contaminated. Next, food and water will be under tight corporate control. They contol the monetary system.

    • Ontological Ontological

      Water is 9 dollars US a bottle in many places on the LV Strip now. Yikes! Don't eat out is a good policy these days also. Your buck has very little bang anymore, and the 'new cost effective recipes' are bland food, and the price is anything BUT cost effective for the customer. It is not worth the risk due to uncertainties if it is GMO, and in level of contaminants/radionuclides to consume corporate food or water. Doesn't leave much left I know. Bugs are the food of the future, and are already staple for millions.

    • Homolumina Homolumina

      This is an excellent summary of the global status quo regarding power structures, as far as I can comprehend it considered the complexity of the world we live in: there is too much I do not know. So, thank you Socrates. What would you suggest to do – we – as the public ? What is realistic ? I feel I need leadership here, much of what I do might be futile and childish. Many people turn away from the problem, saying there is nothing they can do. I cannot do this, but want to be effective based on, and rooted in, a solid reality assessment. I am grateful for any input here from anybody, who has some inspiration here

      • Bones Bones

        We need to organize, incorporate, and develop technologies for profit to live and grow the companies to at least allow people to know real-time data concerning contamination in the air, water, soil, food, plants, ocean, etc. We won't be able to stop the melted cores, but we can at least work on getting data out there and allowing people to get their own data real-time as well for like food. If we turn the empowerment and education of radiation exposure and it's effects on humans and ecosystem into a business model through developing technologies to enable this, I honestly think we could make a living actually working on filling the data gaps and getting the TRUE picture from our own equipment and people. Protecting and empowering people concerning radioactive contamination and turning it into a career. That's my two cents. Just an opinion. We could have tens of companies all working along the same lines, but working on different projects and production. Just a dream. lol Basically, turn ourselves into scientific entrepreneurs and engineers so our CAREERS would be doing what needs to be done. Make our own market at this point, since so many are away. There is one fact though, and that is that none of the testing is free if anyone would have a problem with making a business out of this.

      • vital1 vital1

        Here are some practical things you can do, just commenting in these forums keeps this information in a closed loop.

        Get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is
        quickly, and efficiently. You don’t need to explain anything just distribute the lifesaver.pdf or create your own, hand it out, mailbox it, Facebook it, Twitter it, or email it. Think outside the box, put it on public notice boards, hand it out to people, or put it into letter boxes when you go for a walk.

        The more people we educate the sooner change will happen.


        Or use these resources Chemfood has provided. All you need is a printer, scissors, some thumb tacks and … walla! We all are info dispersers as well! Put them on notice boards everywhere in the community. Get your local church or community organisation to help.


    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Socrates, my old friends at the Environmental Defense Fund used to use the motto. "Sue The Bastards." They were talking about polluters. Fukushima/TEPCO/Japan is the bigest polluter of all time. You wouldn't happen to know any good lawyers, would you, Socrates? I for one, would like to see Japan and its nuke industry put out of business permanently. 😉

  • Cisco Cisco

    Gee, whoda thunk!

    Professor Juan Jose Alava, school of resource and environmental management at Fraser University said, “That was a surprise. It means there are still emissions … and trans-Pacific air pollution. It’s a concern to us. This is an international issue. […] The Canadian government is the one that should be doing something, should be taking action to keep monitoring to see how these contaminants are behaving, what are the levels, and what is next…There’s going to be a long-term exposure to organisms building up in the marine environment.”

    And so, what are you going to do about that Professor? Or, have you already used up your quota of public disclosure remarks, before you are terminated?

  • Socrates

    First Nations will suffer most because they are dependent on food from the oceans. 134Cs measurements indicate ongoing fissioning; 137Cs measurements indicate long-lived potassium mimic radionuclides that bioaccumulate and concentrate in heart, muscle tissues, pancreas, thyroid, according to Chernobyl studies.

    Millions will die; tens of millions will be sick. Mutations and developmental problems will increase. Immunity will weaken. Then the 90Sr will seek childrens' bones and teeth since it mimics calcium and children need huge amounts. Lactating and pregnant women have legitimate fears.

    This onslaught will continue for 150 years. Sardines contain bones with 90Sr.

    We need all testing results to be released by all governments immediately. China banned our seafood on a pretext because they are nuclear, too. South Korea has the details.

    Cat's out of the bag now. Further lying will not help. More people will be exposed by further lying.

    Follow the money in NuclearGate. This is a crime against humanity.

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    Today's reading suggestion–

    Toxic Substances Portal – Ionizing Radiation

    There is a great deal of information. Ideally it should be memorized as though one were taking a course in medical school and had a major test on the material coming soon! For some it may make the difference between life and death.

  • Pete

    120 Miles from here…I guess stupid minimizing statements like:

    "The models suggests that in 30 years, Cesium 137 levels in the whales will exceed the Canadian guideline of 1,000 becquerels per kilogram for consumption of seafood by humans — 10 times the Japanese guideline."

    are still better than the State of Washington's statement:

    " "

    • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

      yesterday i was reading articles dated january and february of this year saying the west coast is fine, the fish is safe, nothing to worry about, dilution blah blah blah, as if people's lives didn't depend on it. some people are panicking and begging people to leave the west coast as if there's somewhere safer to go.

      • Bones Bones

        The more "noise" there is the harder it is to find some truth. It's always misinformation, disinformation, and all kinds of psychological warfare they wage on us through the media. The CIA loves editors since they have the final say. Not everyone, including the journalist, needs to be in on it. Check out Amber Lyon who used to be at CNN and she left due to her editor not allowing a piece on some government to air since that government paid CNN to not air it. It might be Bahrain, I can't remember. Some Muslim country where the people are violently oppressed by their royal family.

    • Seraphine Seraphine

      *sigh* Yeah. 🙁
      Seattle's culture and the military & nuclear (& govt-sponsored academic) complexes nearby require blinders to cope with each other. Still, I'm actually surprised and royally pissed that Washington has dropped the ball like a blob of corium on disclosure & testing.
      It's been rainy as all hell this week – in fact, I've exclaimed "It's like Japan!!" more than once – & sadly, I was out in the worst of that rain moving into my new place. No idea if the weather in the city (Seattle, that is) has been just as bad. There's a decent amount of wildlife here, though!
      As if being in the rain weren't enough, I had 4 x-rays done on a finger in the meantime.
      *sigh again*

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    Regardless of the subject the scientific community is functioning under the thumb of The Corporation. As a result people need to do their own research. Dr. Roger Anderson's material on the locale of WIPP indicated the area to be quite undesirable–so they got rid of him back at the time it was being planned. The research was available but ignored.

    It is the same with toxicology of ionizing radiation. We have to study the research because that material will be ignored or distorted.

    All that is required are good reading habits and some reflection.

    • Socrates

      Academics must be corporate "Yes Men."

      If they can't use you, they can't use you.

      Those Robber Barons want control of the energy. They control university endowments, think tanks, NGOs, campaign contributions, food, water, the monetary system….

      Now that the Soviet Union is gone, there is no other choice (TINA). Neocon or neoliberal, they make the rules.

      • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

        The robots will replace us. Wealthy men will have super sophisticated female robots. Wealthy women, super super sophisticated male robots. Some will be bi-sexual of course with frequent updates! Only a few million actual people will be needed. This will be the New Age prophesied in the 1960's by the LSD prophets. For the "lucky" psychotic few there will be drugs that simulate empathy. And true intelligence.
        These robots will be so well done that almost no one will be able to tell the difference between them and people. That couple next door may turn out to be just two robots that have seized control of a small lucrative business. Take care not to criticize them. Robots are not impressed by people and would like to eliminate them save a few for zoos.

  • Nick

    The entire Pacific Ocean needs a thorough ongoing testing effort.

    Canada and the USA are not exactly on top of the terrestrial side with respects to Fukushima fallout.

    Raising the background levels to reflect "actual" background does only evil people a favor.

    Evil people are the ones covering up Fukushima.

    And to think I used to NOT exactly believe in evil as a human trait!

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    It would be unscientific to claim that Plutonium can not be neutralized. Plutonium like everything in the universe contains desire. That is the real explanation of gravity. Even "inanimate" matter draw close to the other. The problem Plutonium has it that it scares the other generally, especially when it is of the so called animate order.
    How to communicate with Plutonium? It is kind of the ugly duckling. It may have friends about which we do not know. But if we could induce Plutonium to fall in love . . . then the problem would be solved. It is spring after all in the Northern Hemisphere.
    At the point where Plutonium developed a strong desire to unite with his appropriate mate we could go about contaminated places with these attractors. The same for Cesium. Etc.
    Soooo, who does Plutonium have a crush on?

    • name999 name999

      capt nemo, what a funny post!

      Methinks plutonium, a man made particle, does not "feel" the way natural particles "feel".

      Sounds like a joke, but that is the core of the problem. This unnatural particle has no love.
      That must be why it kills. Poor plutonium. Poor us.

      • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

        I question the use of unnatural. Surely human beings are natural products of the universe. That human intervention was involved in the creation of Plutonium 239 should not condemn Plutonium to a life of lonely & unnatural singelhood. My idea though cloaked in animistic terms does nonetheless have creative potential. How might Plutonium be lured? If we were talking of iron fillings we would think of large magnets. What might draw Plutonium? What does iron lack that it flies to the magnet? Why would iron fillings leave their contentment lying on the ground and fly through the air? Is it abduction, kidnapping? 'Here kid is some candy if you get in the car'? 'Iron fillings, we have a tasty treat for you?' We just need to regress back to the elements and have a chat.

    • humptydumpty humptydumpty

      If PU would fall in love with the 29,000 rubber duckies, then it could turn into duckyballs.

  • weeman

    The Canadian government treats the aboriginal people like second class citizens as it is, now they are going to use them in a open air experiment.
    Canada gives millions of dollars to third world countries, but fail to recognize there own third world population, not right they deserve better.
    My personnel apology to the indegious people everywhere.

    • name999 name999

      weeman, that is how the nuclear industry has operated from the start…still pouring through
      Kate Brown's book, Plutopia.

      No, it doesn't feel good to be right about this. But it is important to see it for what it is.
      Important to take a stand against it.

      Beyond what we can know, we can only guess why human beings repeatedly do this stuff.

  • Cisco Cisco

    Robert Jacobs, Associate Professor of the History of Nuclear Weapons and Scientific Technology at Hiroshima City University and Nuclear Historian said in a interview* today with Russian Television, "I think the general feeling is that TEPCO and the government are only admitting what they are unable to deny and that they are not forthcoming with the information at all."

    The interview is a good short read and it's worth the 5 minutes or less. I thought this particular phrase "only admitting what they are unable to deny " could be a strong descriptive front end or back end phrase we could use repetitively. I.E. A response to a pro-nuclear pronouncement offered by some nucleocrat or an “official” report promoting a "not to worry, be happy" offering with some "official" data (inaccurate and under stated) tied to their latest concocted data/test results, could be…"It’s been established and documented by their own admissions to covering up information and understating test results that, they* (*TEPCO, industry, governments and NGO's, academia, and/or all the rest of the other shills that support nuclear proliferation) are ‘only admitting what they are unable to deny’”.

    * Interview transcript: http://rt.com/op-edge/fukushima-decontamination-nuclear-threat-338/

    Robert Jacobs bio:

    Note: Just piddling right now, and appreciating what time I have left.

  • Blue Blue

    I'm new here and wondered if there has been any calculations as to the medical implications and time line for populations to see the symptoms of cancer, etc.? I live on the West Coast and I realize that it is impossible to make such predictions but I do wonder how one's life line will be affected and when it would be likely to see symptoms–and what would we be likley to see?

    This is a great site for information.

  • YukonRadiation YukonRadiation

    So 3 years into it here we sit? i read this 3 or 4 times a day waiting for something good or a final cat out of the bag story? but nothing but rants? there is alot of very smart people on this site , smarter then they let on . i have one question for all? What do we do next ? how do we convince our friends and family? any ideas as to what is next or are we going to watch as time runs out? what can I do?

    • Blue Blue

      I don't think we are going to have or see something good in relation to what is happening in Japan and throughout the world.

      As far as what we can do next, which I think is a very individual and profound action, this may lie in your heart. I have been following Carolyn Baker who has asked questions such as yours and she suggests that we are in a "world hospice" and how we ultimately act (or not act) will be examining ourselves as to how we want to use this time (regardless of how long. Her site ties in global warning, eco collapse, and the after effects of Fukushima and I find it comforting and not fear based for finding one's solutions.

      I have found that when I have attempted to speak to friends about the current situation, most are in denial and their comfort factor with reality is zero. Baker's site speaks to this too and I heartily recommend reading some of her posts.

      I wish you gentle space on your journey…

      • bo bo

        Hi Blue, welcome !
        I am not as knowledgeable as some others here, but I saved this response that I received on enenews from Sickputer when I asked a similar question a while back, when I was sitting in the corner chewing my fingernails ( though my question was more about Tokyo ). There are many projections but the short answer is probably – nobody really knows. But inspite of many other wrap-ups I've read before and after, this one stuck with me because of its simplicity and the much needed calm in delivery of this reality.

        ( posting separate since it's long)

        • bo bo

          Leaving aside political action…if you mean survival advice then it varies based on several factors.

          Distance from epicenter: Those closer get sick, propagate sick babies, and die faster. If you are within 100 miles I suggest permanent relocation. That relocation radius will widen over time if the plant remains out of control. In ten years a 1,000 mile extreme danger zone radius is possible. Tokyo metro area is within 2 years of being an extreme danger zone because of aerial bioaccumulation.

          Farther away is better obviously. Tierra Del Fuego is looking nice. West coast North America will degrade in this decade. Hard to say when it would considered an extreme danger zone…we need to see what happens over the next two years and then there will be a better database of how this bioaccumulation is progressing.

          North Africa and Eurasia will fare better barring any massive new releases, but imported foods will be subject to close inspection.

          Follow the cardinal rules for avoiding as much as possible inhaling contaminated air, and ingesting contaminated fluids and foodstuffs. If you don't know those rules look in the archives if Enenews using Google as your friendly helper.

          Take care, be positive, we're not dead yet.

        • Blue Blue

          Thanks, Bo!

          Awesome avatar!

    • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

      It seems to the next step is to study very diligently the material available on radiation sickness. From my research it appears that one plutonium atom, for example, is not enough to cause cancer (taking Dr. Caldicott's statement). We need to know things like this. It is wise to take precautions but which? The gov is not going to help, and besides Dr. Caldicott how many medical doctors have the information ready at hand. There must be a ton of data from Chernobyl–mostly in Russian and Ukrainian. So finding a good Russian doctor with experience and knowledge would be desirable. What to eat? Etc. Beyond a certain point worry will weaken the immune system. Yoga and lots of raw food will strengthen it. Presently I think there are lots of false opinions floating around. We don't want to run from shadows. Imagine a small well written book with all the info one needs. A survival guide. Imagine software that with accurate data can show the dangers for each environment in the world. After all the GMO's are also on the march along with the vaccines and prescription drugs that are killers. There is a corporation money grabbing onslaught in progress. Ultimately people are going to need to find and use intuitions to survive.

  • As answers come and truth prevails there will be questions.

    YukonRadiation's questions:

    1. What do we do next?
    One would think that our leaders and agencies would be helping. Instead they have chosen to ignore the obvious far too long now. In the meantime, remain calm. Be aware. Research mitigation. Love the ones your with like there's no tomorrow.

    2. How do we convince our friends and family?
    You don't convince them. Advise them that you are open to discussion when they are ready for information. That's all you can do. The time will come.

    3. Are we going to watch as time runs out?
    Some will. Some may search for an inner peace and chase their bucket lists. Some will turn fear into anger and fight for justice. Others may hold onto hope that generations to come may solve this debacle. Many will take the 'red' pill. (suicide)

    4. What can I do?
    Remember that there are 2 primary emotions. Fear and Love. All issues can be solved with love. Fear, which is anger, has never solved anything.

    (disclaimer: these are just my humble opinions)

  • more propaganda money spending……


    “We would like people to forget about the radioactivity over time, but (now) we are plagued by the lingering impression of ‘contaminated Fukushima produce,’” the prefecture’s agricultural product distribution division said in a statement.

    meanwhile,, japans unit 731 gets a shout out here:


  • isogoodhumans

    Asa graduate of Simon Fraser University, I am continually underwhelmed by the output of their scientists. After a Professor Sarosta from SFU took a few kelp samples around Vancouver, testing for Iodine – 131 just after Fukushima, I started to take notice. Then he went suspiciously quiet and even the media reported he was refusing interviews. Hmmm.


    In 300 years there may still be a few humans with chromosomes undamaged by ionising radiation, so that the human race might carry on and improve itself.

    My sense is that the average person on the street has simply caved in and succumbed to whatever the government and nuke industry will throw at them. Why have so many given up so easily?

    I still decontaminate with Zeolite, support cell repair with Vitamin C, and take my Vitapect to remove Cesium, but if the majority have thrown in the towel, will it matter? What will background radiation be in 50 years?

    • Socrates

      Michael Collins reports high radiation detections in land, sea, and air are met with media derision and denial.

      This lengthy article debunks the debunkers. It is worthwhile to know the truth about the data being hidden and what you can do to protect yourself and your family.

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      I wrote about this yesterday here . Have you read it in its entirety ?
      Sure does a blasting job on us and I am still tring to find out what the intent is .
      Please read and let's us know your take on the enenews end . And comment on it there . Look up my name and you will see the whole comments on it from me here .
      Thanks as it's bugging me me only a few have done so .

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